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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Say,' said the sheriff, 'if you're not doing any-
thing come along with me a little later. The coast
guard's towing in Harry Morgan's boat. A tanker
signalled it up off Matacumbe. They've got the
whole outfit.'
'My God/ said Richard Gordon. They've got
them all?'
They're all dead except one man, the message said.'
'You don't know who it is?'
'No, they didn't say. God knows what happened.'
'Have they got the money?'
'Nobody knows. But it must be aboard if they
didn't get to Cuba with it.'
'When will they be in?'
'Oh, it will be two or three hours yet.'
'Where will they bring the boat?'
Into the navy yard, I suppose. Where the coast-
guard ties up.'
'Where'll I see you to go down there?'
Til drop in here for you,'
'Here or down at Freddy's. I can't stick it here
much longer.'
'It's pretty tough in at Freddy's to-night. It's full
of those Veterans from up on the Keys* They
always raise the devil.'
Til go down there and look at it/ Richard Gor-
don said. Tm feeling kind of low.'
'Well, keep out of trouble/ the sheriff said. Til
pick you up there in a couple of hours. Want a lift
down there?'