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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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They went out through the crowd and Richard
Gordon got in beside the sheriff in his car.
'What do you suppose happened in Morgan's
boat?5 he asked.
cGod knows,5 the sheriff said. 'It sounds pretty
'Didn't they have any other information?5
'Not a thing,5 said the sheriff. 'Now look at that,
will you?'
They were opposite the brightly lighted open front
of Freddy's place and it was jammed to the sidewalk.
Men in dungarees, some bareheaded, others in caps,
old service hats and in cardboard helmets, crowded
the bar three deep, and the loud-speaking nickle-in-
the-slot phonograph was playing 'Isle of Capri5. As
they pulled up a man came hurtling out of the open
door, another man on top of him. They fell and
rolled on the sidewalk, and the man on top, holding
the other's hair in both hands, banged his head up
and down on the cement, making a sickening noise.
No one at the bar was paying any attention.
The sheriff got out of the car and grabbed the man
on top by the shoulder.
'Cut it out/ he said. 'Get up there.'
The man straightened up and looked at the sheriff,
' Tor Christ sake, can't you mind your own business?'
The other man, blood in his hair, blood oozing
from one ear, and more of it trickling down his
freckled face, squared off at the sheriff.