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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'You run along, too,' he said to him. 'You just
get in trouble here.5
'My jaw's broken,' the cooled one said thickly.
Blood was running out of his mouth and down over
his chin.
'You're lucky you aren't killed, that wallop he
hit you,' the thick-set young man said. 'You run
along now.'
'My jaw's broke,' the other said dully. They
broke my jaw.'
'You better run along,' the young man said.
'You just get in trouble here.'
He helped the jaw-broken man to his feet and he
staggered unsteadily out to the street.
Tve seen a dozen laying against the wall over
there on a big night/ the red-headed Vet said,
'One morning I seen that big boogie there mopping
it up with a bucket. Didn't I see you mop it up
with a bucket?' he asked the big negro bar-
'Yes, sir/ said the bartender, 'Plenty of times.
Yes, sir. But you never seen me fight nobody.'
"Didn't I tell you?' said the red-headed Vet.
'With a bucket.' <
'This looks like a big night coming on,' the other
Vet said. 'What do you say, pal?' to Richard
Gordon. CO.K, we have another one?'
Richard Gordon could feel himself getting drunk.
His face, reflected in the mirror behind the bar, was
beginning to look strange to him.