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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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*What's your name?* he asked the tall Communist.
'Jacks/ the tall man said. 'Nelson Jacks.'
'Where were you before you came here?'
'Oh, around/ the man said. 'Mexico, Cuba,
South America, and around.'
'I envy you,5 said Richard Gordon.
'Why envy me? Why don't you get to work?'
Tve written three books,' Richard Gordon said,
I'm writing one now about Gastonia,'
'Good,'said the tall man, 'That's fine. What did
you say your name was?'
'Richard Gordon/
<Oh/ said the tall man.
'What do you mean, "Oh"?1
'Nothing,' said the tall man.
'Did you ever read the books?' Richard Gordon
'Didn't you like them?'
'No/ said the tall man.
'I don't like to say.'
'Go ahead.'
'I thought they were só/ the tall man said and
turned away.
'I guess this is my night/ said Richard Gordon.
"This is my big night. What did you say you'd
have?' he asked the red-headed Vet. 'I've got two
dollars left.'
'One beer/ said the red-headed man* 'Listen,