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you're my pal. I think your books are fine. To hell
with that radical bastard/

'You haven't got a book with you?5 asked the
other Vet. 'Pal, I'd like to read one. Did you ever
write for Western Stories, or War Aces? I could read
that War Aces every day.'

'Who is that tall bird?9 asked Richard Gordon.

'I tell you he's just a radical bastard/ said the
second Vet, 'The camp's full of them. We'd run
them out, but I tell you half the time most of the
guys in camp can't remember.'

'Can't remember what?5 asked the red-headed

'Can't remember anything,' said the other.

'You see me?' asked the red-headed one.

'Yes,' said Richard Gordon.

'Would you guess I got the finest little wife in the

'Why not?'

'WeU, I have/ said the red-headed one, 'And
that girl is nuts about me. She's like a slave. "Give
me another cup of coffee," I say to her. "O.K.,
Pop," she says. And I get it. Anything else the
same way. She's carried away with me. If I got a
whim, it's her law.'

'Only where is she?' asked the other Vet.

'That's it,' said the red-headed one. 'That's it,
pal. Where is she?'

'He don't know where she is,' the second Vet