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As Richard Gordon watched himhc felt asickfeeling
in his chest. And he knew for the first time how a man
feels when he looks atthemanhis wifeisleavinghimfor,
'What's the matter, pal?5 asked the red-headed Vet.
'You don't feel good, I can tell you feel bad.'
'No,' said Richard Gordon.
'You look like you seen a ghost.'
'You see that fellow down there with a
moustache?' asked Richard Gordon.
'What about him?' asked the second Vet.
'Nothing,' said Richard Gordon. 'Goddamn it.
'Is he a bother to you? We can cool him. The three of
us can jump him and you can put the boots to him.'
'No,' said Richard Gordon. 'It wouldn't do any
'We'll get him when he goes outside,' the red-
headed Vet said. 'I don't like the look of him. The
son-of-a-bitch looks like a scab to me.'
'I hate him,' said Gordon. 'He's ruined my life/
'We'll give him the works/ said the second Vet.
The yellow rat. Listen, Red, get a hold of a couple
of bottles. We'll beat him to death. Listen, when
did he do it, pal? O.K., we have another one?'
'We've got a dollar and seventy cents,' Richard
Gordon said.
'Maybe we better get a pint then,' the red-
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