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CI wonder what the derivation is,' Professor Mac-
Walsey s;ud.
CI don't know,.' said the man. Tve always heard
it called the old rale since my first enlistment. Some
call it rale. But usually they call it the old rale.'
Td like to know/ said Professor Mac Walsey,
'Most of those terms are old English words.'
'Why do they call it the old rale?' the Vet next
to Professor MacWalsey asked another.
'I don't know/
Nobody seemed to know but all enjoyed the
atmosphere of serious philological discussion.
Richard Gordon was next to Professor Mac-
Walsey at the bar now. When Red and Poochy had
started fighting he had been pushed down there
and he had not resisted the move,
'Hello,' Professor MacWalsey said to him. 'Do
you want a drink?'
'Not with you,* said Richard Gordon.
'I suppose you're right,* said Professor Mac-
Walsey. 'Did you ever see anything like this?*
'No/ said Richard Gordon,
'It's very strange,' said Professor MacWalsey,
'They're amazing, I always come here nights,'
'Don't you ever get in trouble?*
'No. Why should I?'
'Drunken fights.'
'I never seem to have any trouble.'
*A couple of friends of mine wanted to beat you
up a couple of minutes ago/