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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'I wish I would have let them.'
'I don't think it would make much difference/
said Professor MacWalsey in the odd way of
speaking he had. 'If I annoy you by being here I
can go.'
'No/ said Richard Gordon. 'I sort of like to be
near you.'
'Yes,' said Professor MacWalsey.
'Have you ever been married?5 asked Richard
'What happened?'
'My wifedied during theinfluenzaepidemicin 1918.'
'Why do you want to marry again now?'
*I think I'd be better at it now. I think perhaps
I'd be a better husband now.'
'So you picked my wife.'
'Yes,' said Professor MacWalsey.
'Damn you,' said Richard Gordon, and hit him
in the face.
Someone grabbed his arm. He jerked it loose and
someone hit him crashingly behind the ear. He
could see Professor MacWalsey, before him, still at
the bar, his face red, blinking his eyes. He was
reaching for another beer to replace the one Gordon
had spilled, and Richard Gordon drew back his
arm to hit him again. As he did so, something
exploded again behind his ear and all the lights
flared up, wheeled round, and then went out.