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Then he was standing in the doorway of Freddy's
place. His head was ringing, and the crowded room
was unsteady and wheeling slightly, and he felt sick
at his stomach. He could see the crowd looking at
him. The big-shouldered young man was standing
by him. 'Listen,' he was saying, 'you don't want to
start any trouble in here. There's enough fights in
here with those rummies.'
'Who hit me?' asked Richard Gordon.
CI hit you,' said the wide young man. 'That
fellow's a regular customer here. You want to take
it easy. You don't want to go to fight in here.'
Standing unsteadily Richard Gordon saw Profes-
sor MacWalsey coming toward him away from the
crowd at the bar. I'm sorry,' he said. 'I didn't
want anybody to slug you. I don't blame you for
feeling the way you do.'
'Goddamn you/ said Richard Gordon, and
started toward him. It was the last thing he remem-
bered doing for the wide young man set himself,
dropped his shoulders slightly, and clipped him
again, and he went down, this time, on the cement
floor on his face. The wide young man turned to
Professor MacWalsey, 'That's all right, Doc,' he
said, hospitably, *He won't annoy you now.
What's the matter with him anyway?'
Tve got to take him home,* said Professor Mac-
Walsey. Will he be all right?'
'Help me to get him in a taxi/ said Professor