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MacWalsey. They carried Richard Gordon out
between them and with the driver helping, put him
in the old model T taxi.
'You're sure he'll be all right?' asked Professor
'Just pull on his ears good when you want to
bring him to. Put some water on him. Look out he
don't want to fight when he comes to. Don't let
him grab you, Doc.'
'No/ said Professor MacWalsey.
Richard Gordon's head lay back at an odd angle
in the back of the taxi and he made a heady,
rasping noise when he breathed. Professor Mac-
Walsey put his arm under his head and held it so it
did not bump against the seat.
^Where are we going?' asked the taxi driver.
'Out on the other end of town,' said Professor
MacWalsey. 'Past the Park. Down the street from
the place where they sell mullets.'
That's the Rocky Road,' the driver said.
*Yes,' said Professor MacWalsey.
As they passed the first coffee shop up the street,
Professor MacWalsey told the driver to stop* He
wanted to go in and get some cigarettes. He laid
Richard Gordon's head down carefully on the seat
and went into the coffee shop. When he came out to
get back into the taxi, Richard Gordon was gone.
'Where did he go?' he asked the driver.
'That's him up the street,* the driver said*
'Catch up with him.'