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As the taxi pulled up even with him, Professor
MacWalsey got out and went up to Richard Gordon
who was lurching along the sidewalk.
'Come on, Gordon/ he said. 'We're going home.'
Richard Gordon looked at him.
'We?5 he said, swaying.
'I want you to go home in this taxi.9
'You go to hell/
'I wish you'd come/ Professor MacWalsey said,
*I want you to get home safely.'
'Where's your gang?' said Richard Gordon,
'What gang?5
Tour gang that beat me up.'
'That was the bouncer. I didn't know he was
going to hit you/
Tou lie/ said Richard Gordon. He swung at the
red-faced man in front of him and missed him.
He slipped forward on to his knees and got up
slowly. His knees were scraped raw from the side-
walk, but he did not know it.
cCome on and fight/ he said brokenly.
'I don't fight/ said Professor MacWalsey.   elf
you'll get into the taxi Pll leave you/
'Go to hell/ said Richard Gordon and started
down the street.
'Leave him go/ said the taxi driver, 'He's all
right now/
'Do you think he'll be all right?'
'Hell/ the taxi driver said. *He*s perfect/
Tm worried about him/ Professor MacWalsey said*