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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Can we get you anything, boy?' the captain
asked him.
Harry Morgan looked at him.
'He don't hear you,' said the mate.
'Harry,' said the captain, 'do you want anything,
He wet a towel in the water bottle on a gimbal by
the bunk and moistened Harry Morgan's deeply
cracked lips. They were dry and black looking.
Looking at him, Harry Morgan started speaking.
ŁA man,' he said.
'Sure,' said the captain,  'Go on.'
'A man,' said Harry Morgan, very slowly, 'ain't
got no hasn't got any can't really isn't any way
out.' He stopped. There had been no expression
on his face at all when he spoke.
'Go on, Harry,' said the captain. 'Tell us who
did it. How did it happen, boy?'
'A man,' said Harry, looking at him now with
his narrow eyes on the wide, high-cheek-boned
face, trying now to tell him.
Tour., men,' said the captain helpfully. He
moistened the lips again, squeezing the towel so a
few drops went between them.
'A man/ corrected Harry;* then stopped.
'All right. A man,' the captain said,
'A man,' Harry said again very flatly, very
slowly, talking with his dry mouth. 'Now the way
things are the way they go no matter what no.'
The captain looked at the mate and shookhishead.