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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Who did it, Harry?' the mate asked.
Harry looked at him.
'Don't fool yourself,' he said. The captain and
the mate both bent over him. Now it was coming,
'Like trying to pass cars on the top of hills. On that
road in Cuba. On any road. Anywhere. Just like
that, I mean how things are. The way that they
been going. For a while yes sure all right. Maybe
with luck. A man.' He stopped. The captain shook
his head at the mate again. Harry Morgan looked
at him flatly. The captain wet Harry's lips again.
They made a bloody mark on the towel.
'A man/ Harry Morgan said, looking at them
both. 'One man alone ain't got. No man alone
now.' He stopped. 'No matter how a man alone
ain't got no bloody chance.'
He shut his eyes. It had taken him a long time to
get it out and it had taken him all of his life to learn
He lay there his eyes open again.
'Come on/ said the captain to the mate. 'You
sure you don't want anything, Harry?'
Harry Morgan looked at him but he did not
answer. He had told them; but they had not heard,
'We'll be back/ said the captain* Take it easy,
Harry Morgan watched them go out of the cabin.
Forward in the wheelhouse, watching it get dark
and the light of Sombrero starting to sweep out at