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wooden pier to the teak deck of the New Exuma IL
In the main cabin they sat in big leather chairs
beside a long table on which magazines were spread,
and one of them rang for the steward.

'Scotch and soda/ he said. 'You, Henry?*

'Yes/ said Henry Carpenter.

'What was the matter with that silly ass at the gate?'

'I've no idea/ said Henry Carpenter.

The steward, in his white jacket, brought the two

'Play those disks I put out after dinner/ the
yachtsman, whose name was Wallace Johnston, said.
Tm afraid I put them away, sir/ the steward said.
'Damn you/ said Wallace Johnston. 'Play that
new Bach album then.'
'Very good, sir/ said the steward. He went over
to the record cabinet and took out an album and
moved with it to the gramophone. He began play-
ing the 'Sarabande'.
'Did you see Tommy Bradley to-day?' asked
Henry Carpenter. CI saw him as the plane came in.'
'I can't bear him/ said Wallace. 'Neither him
nor that whore of a wife of his.'
'I like Hel&ne/ said Henry Carpenter. 'She has
such a good time.'
'Did you ever try it?'
'Of course. It's marvellous.'
'I can?t stick her at any price/ said Wallace John-
ston. 'Why in God's name does she live down here?'
'They have a lovely place.'