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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'It is a nice clean little yacht basin/ said Wallace
Johnston. 'Is it true Tommy Bradley's impotent?'
'I shouldn't think so. You hear that about every
one. He's simply broad-minded,'
'Broad-minded is excellent. She's certainly a
broad if there ever was one.'
'She's a remarkably nice woman,' said Henry
Carpenter, 'You'd like her, Wally.'
'I would not,' said Wallace. 'She represents
everything I hate in a woman, and Tommy
Bradley epitomizes everything I hate in a man.'
'You feel awfully strongly to-night,'
'You never feel strongly because you have no
consistency,' Wallace Johnston said. 'You can't make
up your mind, You don't know what you are even,'
'Let's drop me/ said Henry Carpenter. He lit a
my should I?'
'Well, one reason you might is because I go witli
you on your bloody yacht, and at least half the time
I do what you want to do, and that keeps you from
paying blackmail and one thing and another, to the
people that do know what they are, and what you
'You're in a pretty mood/ said Wallace Johnston.
'You know I never pay blackmail'
'No. You're too tight to. You have friends like
me instead/
'I haven't any other friends like you/
'Don't be charming/ said Henry. 'I don't feel up to