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steward and drink a little too much and go to bed.5
'What's gotten into you?' said the other, standing
up. 'Why are you getting so damned unpleasant?
You're not such a great bargain, you know.'
'I know,' said Henry. Til be oh so jolly to-
morrow. But to-night's a bad night. Didn't you
ever notice any difference in nights? I suppose
when you're rich enough there isn't any difference.'
'You talk like a schoolgirl.'
'Good night/ said Henry Carpenter. Tm not a
schoolgirl nor a schoolboy. I'm going to bed.
Everything will be awfully jolly in the morning.'
'What did you lose? Is that what makes you so
*I lost three hundred.'
'See? I told you that was it.'
'You always know, don't you?'
'But look. You lost three hundred.'
Tve lost more than that.'
'How much more?'
The jackpot,' said Henry Carpenter. The
eternal jackpot, Fm playing a machine now that
doesn't give jackpots any more. Only to-night I just
happened to think about it. Usually I don't think
about it. Now Fm going to bed so I won't bore you/
'You don't bore me. But just try not to be rude.'
'Fm afraid Fm rude and you bore me. Good
night. Everything will be fine to-morrow.5
'You're damned rude.5
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