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Take it or leave it,* said Henry*   Tve been
doing both all my life.5
"Good night,' said Wallace Johnston hopefully.
Henry  Carpenter  did  not  answer.    He was
listening to the Bach,
'Don't go off to bed like that/ Wallace Johnston
said. 'Why be so temperamental?'
'Drop it/
'Why should I? I've seen you come out of it before/
'Drop it.'
'Have a drink and cheer up,'
'I don't want a drink and it wouldn't cheer me up,'
'Well, go off to bed, then.'
'I am/ said Henry Carpenter.
That was how it was that night on the New
Emma //, with a crew of twelve, Captail Nik
Larson, master, and on board Wallace Johnston,
owner, 38 years old, M.A, Harvard, composer,
money from silk mills, unmarried, interdit de sijour
in Paris, well known from Algiers to Biskra, and
one guest, Henry Carpenter, 36, MA. Harvard,
money now two hundred a month in trust fund
from his mother, formerly four hundred and fifty a
month until the bank administering the Trust Fund
had exchanged one good security for another good
security, for other not so good securities, and, finally,
for an equity in an office building the bank had been
saddled with and which paid nothing at all Long
before this reduction in income it had been said of
Henry Carpenter that if he were dropped from a