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height of 5500 feet without a parachute, he would
land safely with his knees under some rich man's
table. But he gave value in good company for his
entertainment and while it was only lately, and
rarely, that he felt, or expressed himself, as he had
to-night, his friends had felt for some time that he
was cracking up. If he had not been felt to be
cracking up, with that instinct for feeling something
wrong with a member of the pack and healthy
desire to turn him out, if it is impossible to destroy
him, which characterizes the rich; he would not
have been reduced to accepting the hospitality of
Wallace Johnston. As it was, Wallace Johnston,
with his rather special pleasures, was Henry
Carpenter's last stand, and he was defending his
position better than he knew for his honest courting
of an end to their relationship; his subsequent
brutality of expression, and sincere insecurity of
tenure intrigued and seduced the other who might,
given Henry Carpenter's age, have easily been bored
by a steady compliance. Thus Henry Carpenter-
postponed his inevitable suicide by a matter of
weeks if not of months.
The money on which it was not worth while for
him to live was one hundred and seventy dollars
more a month than the fisherman Albert Tracy had
been supporting his family on at the time of his death
three days before.
Aboard the other yachts lying at the finger piers
there were other people with other problems. On