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the taxes then without any juggling, and if he had
only done so he would be all right now. So he lay
thinking of that and finally he slept; but because
remorse had once found the crack and begun to
seep in, he did not know he slept because his brain
kept on as it had while he was awake. So there
would be no rest and, at his age, it would not take
so long for that to get him.
He used to say that only suckers worried and he
would keepfromworryingnowuntilhecouldnotsleep.
He might keep from it until he slept, but then it would
come in, and since he was this old its task was easy*
He would not need to worry about what he had
done tb other people, nor what had happened to
them due to him, nor how they'd ended; who'd
moved from houses on the Lake Shore drive to
taking boarders out in Austin, whose debutante
daughters now were dentists5 assistants when they
had a job; who ended up a night watchman at
sixty-three after that last corner; who shot himself
early one morning before breakfast and which one
of his children found him, and what the mess
looked like; who now rode on the L to work,
when there was work, from Berwyn, trying to sell,
first, bonds; then motor cars; then house-to-housing
novelties and specialties (we don't want no
pedlars, get out of here, the door slammed in his
face), until he varied the leaning drop his father
 made from forty-two floors up, with no rush of
plumes as when an eagle falls, to a step forward