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smart five years ago, and in a little while, at his age,
the wish to change what can no longer be undone,
will open up the gap that will let worry in. Only
suckers worry. But he can knock the worry if he
takes a Scotch and soda. The hell with what the
doctor said. So he rings for one and the steward
comes sleepily, and as he drinks it, the speculator is
not a sucker now; except for death.
While on the next yacht beyond, a pleasant, dull
and upright family are asleep. The father's con-
science is good and he sleeps soundly on his side, a
clipper ship running before a blow framed above his
head, the reading light on, a book dropped beside
the bed. The mother sleeps well and dreams about
her garden. She is fifty but is a handsome, whole-
some, well-kept woman who looks attractive as she
sleeps. The daughter dreams about her fiance who
comes to-morrow on the plane and she stirs in her
sleep and laughs at something in the dream and
without waking, raises her knees almost against her
chin, curled up like a cat, with curly blonde hair
and her smooth-skinned pretty face, asleep she
looks as her mother did when she was a girl.
They are a happy family and all love each other.
The father is a man of civic pride and many good
works, who opposed prohibition, is not bigoted and
is generous, sympathetic, understanding and almost
never irritable. The ciW of the yacht are well-paid,
well-fed and have good quarters. They all think
highly of the owner and like his wife and daughter.