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The fiance is a Skull and Bones fraternity man, voted
most likely to succeed, voted most popular, who still
thinks more of others than of himself and would be
too good for anyone except a lovely girl like Frances.
He is probably a little too good for Frances too, but
it will be years before Frances realizes this, perhaps;
and she may never realize it, with luck. The type
of man who is tapped for Bones is rarely also tapped
for bed; but with a lovely girl like Frances intention
counts as much as performance.
So, anyhow, they all sleep well and where did the
money come from that they're all so happy with
and use so well and gracefully? The money came
from selling something everybody uses by the
millions of bottles, which costs three cents a quart
to make, for a dollar a bottle in the large (pint)
size, fifty cents in the medium, and a quarter in the
small But it's more economical to buy the large, and
if you make ten dollars a week the cost is just the same
to you as though you were a millionaire, and the pro-
duct's really good. It does just what it says it will and
more besides. Grateful users from all over the world
keep writing in discovering new uses and old users are
as loyal to it as Harold Tompkins, the fiance, is to Skull
and Bones or Stanley Baldwin is to Harrow. There are
no suicides when money's made that way and every-
one sleeps soundly on the yacht Alzira ///, master Jon
Jacobson, crew of fourteen, owner and family aboard,
At pier four there is a 34-foot yawl-rigged yacht
with two of the three hundred and twenty-four