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Esthonians who are sailing around in different parts
of the world, in boats between 28 and 36 feet long
and sending back articles to the Esthonian news-
papers. These articles are very popular in Esthonia
and bring their authors between a dollar and a
dollar and thirty cents a column. They take the
place occupied by the baseball or football news in
American newspapers and are run under the
heading of Sagas of Our Intrepid Voyagers. No well-
run yacht basin in Southern waters is complete
without at least two sunburned, salt bleached-
headed Esthonians who are waiting for a cheque
from their last article. When it comes they will sail
to another yacht basin and write another saga.
They are happy too. Almost as happy as the people
on the Alzira HI. It's great to be an Intrepid Voyager.
On the Irydia IV, a professional son-in-law of the
very rich and his mistress, named Dorothy, the
wife of that highly paid Hollywood director, John
Hollis, whose brain is in the process of outlasting his
liver so that he will end up calling himself a
communist, to save his soul, his other organs being
too corroded to attempt to save them, are in bed.
The son-in-law, big-framed, good looking in a
poster way, lies on his back snoring, but Dorothy
Hollis, the director's wife, is awake and she puts on
a dressing-gown and, going out on to the deck,
looks across the dark water of the yacht basin to the
line the breakwater makes. It is cool on the deck
and the wind blows her hair and she smooths it