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back from her tanned forehead, and pulling the
robe tighter around her, her nipples rising in the
cold, notices the lights of a boat coming along the
outside of the breakwater. She watches them moving
steadily and rapidly along and then at the entrance
to the basin the boat's searchlight is switched on and
comes across the water in a sweep that blinds her as
it passes, picking up the coast-guard pier where it lit
up the group of men waiting there and the shining
black of the new ambulance from the funeral home
which also doubles at funerals as a hearse.
I suppose it would be better to take some luminol,
Dorothy thought. I must get some sleep. Poor
Eddy's tight as a tick. It means so much to him
and he's so nice, but he gets so tight he goes right
off to sleep. He's so sweet. Of course if I married
him he'd be off with someone else, I suppose. He is
sweet, though. Poor darling, he's so tight. I hope
he won't feel miserable in the morning. I must go
and set this wave and get some sleep. It looks like
the devil I do want to look lovely for him. He is
sweet. I wish I'd brought a maid. I couldn't
though, Not even Bates, I wonder how poor John
is. Oh, he's sweet too. I hope he's better. His poor
liver, I wish I were there to look after him. I might
go and get some sleep so I won't look a fright to-
morrow, Eddie is sweet So's John and his poor liver,
Oh, his poor liver* Eddie is sweet. I wish he hadn't
gotten so tight* He's so big and jolly and marvellous
and all. Perhaps he won't get so tight to-morrow,