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She went below and found her way to her cabin,
and sitting before the mirror commenced brushing
her hair a hundred strokes. She smiled at herself in
the mirror as the long bristled brush swept through
her lovely hair. Eddie is sweet. Yes, he is. I wish
he hadn't gotten so tight. Men all have something
that way. Look at John's liver. Of course you can't
look at it. It must look dreadful really. I'm glad
you can't see it. Nothing about a man's really ugly
though. It's funny how they think it is though.
I suppose a liver though. Or kidneys. Kidneys en
brochette, How many kidneys are there? There's
two of nearly everything except stomach and heart.
And brain of course. There. That's a hundred strokes.
I love to brush my hair. It's almost the only thing you
do that's good for you that's fun. I mean by yourself.
Oh, Eddie is sweet. Suppose I just went in there.
No, he is too tight. Poor boy. I'll take the luminol.
She looked at herself in the mirror. She was
extrabrdinarily pretty, with a small, very fine
figure. Oh, Til do, she thought* Some of it isn't
as good as some of the rest of it, but I'll do for a
while yet. You do have to have sleep though.
I love to sleep. I wish I could get just one good
natural real sleep the way we slept when we were
kids. I suppose that's the thing about growing up
and marrying and having children and then drink-
ing too much and then doing all the things you
shouldn't. If you could sleep well I don't think
any of it would be bad for you. Except drinking