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too much I suppose. Poor John and his liver and
Eddie. Eddie is darling, anyway. He is cute, I'd
better take the luminol
She made a face at herself in the glass.
* You'd better take the luminol,5 she said in a
whisper. She took the luminol with a glass of water
from the chromium-plated thermos carafe that was
on the locker by the bed.
It makes you nervous, she thought. But you have
to sleep. I wonder how Eddie would be if we were
married. He would be running around with some
one younger I suppose. I suppose they can't help
the way they're built any more than we can. I just
want a lot of it and I feel so fine, and being someone
else or someone new doesn't really mean a thing.
It's just it itself, and you would love them always if
they gave it to you. The same one I mean. But
they aren't built that way.  They want someone
new, or someone younger, or someone that they
shouldn't have, or someone that looks like some-
one else* Or if you're dark they want a blonde*
Or if you're blonde they go for a redhead. Or if
you're a redhead then it's something eke. A Jewish
girl I guess, and if they've had really enough they
want Chinese or what do you call therm or goodness
knows what*   I don't know.   Or they just get
tired, I suppose*   You can't blame them if that's
the way they are and I can't help it John has
drunk so much he isn't any good. He was good.
He was marvellous. He was. He really was. And