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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Eddie is. But now he's tight. I suppose I'll end up
a bitch. Maybe I'm one now. I suppose you never
know when you get to be one. Only her best friends
would tell her. You don't read it in Mr. WinchelL
That would be a good new thing for him to
announce. Bitch-hood. Mrs. John Hollis canined
into town from the coast. Better than babies.
More common I guess. But women have a bad time
really. The better you treat a man and the more
you show him you love him the quicker he gets
tired of you. I suppose the good ones are made to
have a lot of wives but it's awfully wearing trying
to be a lot of wives yourself, and then someone
simple takes him when he's tired of that, I suppose
we all end up as bitches but whose fault is it?
The bitches have the most fun but you have to be
awfully stupid really to be a good one. Like Hel&ne
Bradley. Stupid and well-intentioned and really
selfish to be a good one. Probably I'm one already*
They say ydu can't tell and that you always think
you're not There must be men who don't get tired
of you or of it There must be. But who has them?
The ones we know are all brought up wrong.
Let's not go into that now. No, not into that.
Nor back to all those cars and all those dances.
I wish that luminol would work. Damn Eddie,
really. He shouldn't have really gotten so tight. It
isn't fair, really. No one can help the way they're
built but getting tight has nothing to do with that
I suppose I am a bitch all right, but if I lie here now