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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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all night and can't sleep I'll go crazy and if I take
too much of that damned stuff I'll feel awful all day
to-morrow and then sometimes it won't put you to
sleep and anyway I'll be cross and nervous and feel
frightful. Oh, well, I might as well. I hate to but
what can you do? What can you do but go ahead
and do it even though, even though, even anyway,
oh, he is sweet, no he isn't, Pm sweet, yes you are,
you're lovely, oh, you're so lovely, yes, lovely, and
I didn't want to, but I am, now I am really, he is
sweet, no he's not, he's not even here, I'm here,
Pm always here and I'm the one that cannot go
away, no, never. You sweet one. You lovely.
Yes you are. You lovely, lovely, lovely. Oh, yes,
lovely. And you're me. So that's it. So that's the
way it is. So what about it always now and over
now. All over now. All right. I don't care. What
difference does it make? It isn't wrong if I don't
feel badly. And I don't. I just feel sleepy now and
if I wake 1*11 do it again before I'm really awake.
. She went to sleep then, remembering, just before
she was finally asleep, to turn on her side so that her
face did not rest on the pillow. She remembered, no
matter how sleepy, how terribly bad it is for the face
to sleep that way, resting on the pillow.
There were two other yachts in the harbour but
everyone was asleep on them, too, when the coast-
guard boat towed Freddy Wallace's boat, the
Qy,em Conch, into the dark yacht basin and tied up
alongside the coast-guard pier*