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HARRY MORGAN knew nothing about it when they
handed a stretcher down from the pier, and, with
two men holding it on the deck of the grey-painted
cutter under a floodlight outside the captain's cabin,
two others picked him up from the captain's bunk
and moved unsteadily out to ease him on to the
stretcher. He had been unconscious since the early
evening and his big body sagged the canvas of the
stretcher deeply as the four men lifted it up toward
the pier.
'Up with it now,5
'Hold his legs. Don't let him slip/
'Up with it'
They got the stretcher on to the pier.
'How is he, Doctor?' asked the sheriff as the men
shoved the stretcher into the ambulance.
'He's alive/ said the doctor. That's all you can
'He's been out of his head or unconscious ever
since we picked him up,' the boatswain's mate
commanding the coast-guard cutter said. He was
a short chunky man with glasses that shone in the
'floodlight. He needed a shave. 'All your Cuban
stiffs are back in the launch. We left everything
like it was. We didn't touch anything. We just
put the two down that might have gone overboard.
ft                               241