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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Everything's just like it was. The money and the
guns. Everything.*
'Come on,' said the sheriff* 'Can you run a flood-
light back there?'
Til have them plug one in on the dock/ the
dockmaster said. He went off to get the light and
the cord.
'Come on/ said the sheriff. They went astern with
flashlights. 'I want you to show me exactly how
you found them. Where's the money?5
'In those two bags.5
'How much is there?5
fil don't know, I opened one up and saw it was
the money and shut it up. I didn't want to touch it'
That's right/ said the sheriff. /That's exactly
'Everything's just like it was except we put two
of the stiffs off the tanks down into the cockpit so
they wouldn't roll overboard, and we carried that
big ox of a Harry aboard and put him in my bunk.
I figured him to pass out before we got him in.
He's in a hell of a shape/
'He's been unconscious all the time?'
'He was out of his head at first/ said the skipper,
'But you couldn't make out what he was saying.
We listened to a lot of it but it didn't make sense.
Then he got unconscious. There's your layout.
Just like it was only that niggery looking one on his
side is laying where Harry lay. He was on the
bench over the starboard tank hanging over the