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coaming and the other dark one by the side of him
1 was on the other bench, the port side, hunched over
on his face. Watch out. Don't light any matches.
She's full of gas.'
'There ought to be another body/ said the
'That's all there was. The money's in those bags.
The guns are right where they were.'
'We better have somebody from the bank to see
the money opened,' said the sheriff.
'O.K.,' said the skipper. 'That's a good idea.'
'We can take the bags to my office and seal it.'
'That's a good idea,' said the skipper.
Under the floodlight the green and white of the
launch had a freshly shiny look. This came from
the dew on her deck and on the top of the house.
The spiinterings showed fresh through her white
paint. Astern of her the water was a clear green
under the light and there were small fish about the
In the cockpit the inflated faces of the dead men
were shiny under the light, lacquered brown where
the blood had dried. There were empty -45 calibre
shells in the cockpit around the dead and the
Thompson gun lay in the stern where Harry had
put it down. The two leather briefcases the men
had brought the money aboard in leaned against
one of the gas tanks.
'I thought maybe I ought to take the money on
board while we were towing her,5 the skipper said.