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Then I thought it was better to leave it just exactly
like it was so long as the weather was light.'
'It was right to leave it/ the sheriff said. 'What's
become of the other man, Albert Tracy, the fisher-
'I don't know. This is just how it was except for
shifting those two/ the skipper said* They're all
shot to pieces except that one there under the wheel
laying on his back, He's just shot in the back of the
head. It came out through the front. You can see
what it did.'
cHe's the one that looked like a kid/ the sheriff
'He don't look like anything now/ the skipper said,
That big one there is the one had the sub-
machine gun and who killed attorney Robert
Simmons/ the sheriff said, 'What do you suppose
happened? How the devil did they all get shot?'
They must have got fighting among themselves,'
the skipper said. They must have had a dispute
on how to split the money/
'We'll cover them up until morning/ the sheriff
said. Til take those bags.'
Then, as they were standing there in the cockpit,
a woman came running up the pier past the coast-
guard cutter, and behind her came the crowd.
The woman was gaunt, middle-aged and bare-
headed, and her stringy hair had come undone
and was down on her neck although it was still
knotted at the end. As she saw the bodies in the