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Now the woman was screaming, * Albert! Albert!
Oh, my God, where's Albert?'
In the back of the crowd two young Cubans who
had just come up and who could not penetrate the
crowd stepped back, then ran and shoved forward
together. The front line of the crowd swayed and
bulged, then, in the middle of a scream, Mrs, Tracy
and her two supporters toppled, hung slanted
forward in desperate unbalance and then, while the
supporters wildly hung to safety, Mrs, Tracy, still
screaming, fell into the green water, the scream
becoming a splash and bubble.
Two coast-guard men dived into the clear green
water where Mrs. Tracy was splashing in the flood-
light. The sheriff leaned out on the stern and
shoved a boat hook out to her, and finally, raised
from below by the two coast-guardsmen, pulled
up by the arms by the sheriff, she was hoisted on to
the stern of the launch. No one in the crowd had
made a move to aid her, and, as she stood dripping
on the stern, she looked up at them, shook both her
fists at them and shouted, 'Basards! BishesP Then
as she looked into the cockpit she wailed, cAlber,
Whersh Alber?'
*He*s not on board, Mrs, Tracy,* the sheriff said,
taking up a blanket to put around her, Try to be
calm, Mrs* Tracy. Try to be brave/
*My teeth/ said Mrs. Tracy tragically. 'Losht my
'We'll dive them up in the morning/ the skipper of