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Meanwhile at the Marine Hospital Harry
Morgan's wife, Marie, and her three daughters
waited on a bench in the receiving room. The three
girls were crying and Marie was biting on a hand-
kerchief. She hadn't been able to cry since about
'Daddy's shot in the stomach,' one of the girls
said to her sister.
It's terrible/ said the sister,
'Be quiet,5 said the elder sister, Tm praying for
him. Don't interrupt me/
Marie said nothing and only sat there, biting
on a handkerchief and on her lower lip.
After a while the doctor came out. She looked at
him and he shook his head*
cCan I go in?* she asked*
'Not yet,' he said. She went over to him. cls he
gone?' she said,
Tm afraid so, Mrs. Morgan,'
*Can I go in and see him?'
'Not yet. He's in the operating room/
*Oh, Christ/ said Marie. *Oh, Christ. I'll take
the girls home. Then Fll bs back/
Her throat suddenly was swollen hard and shut
so she could not swallow*
'Come on, you girls/ she said* The three girls
followed her out to the old car where she got into
the driver's seat and started the engine.
'How's Daddy?* one of the girls asked.
Marie did not answer*