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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'How's Daddy, Mother?'
'Don't talk to me,' Marie said. 'Just don't talk
to me.'
'Shut up, Honey,' said Marie. 'Just shut up and
pray for him.' The girls began to cry again.
'Damn it,'said Marie. 'Don't cry like that I said
pray for him.'
'We will,' said one of the girls. 'I haven't stopped
since we were at the hospital.'
As they turned on to the worn white coral of the
Rocky Road the headlight of the car showed a man
walking unsteadily along ahead of them,
'Some poor rummy,' thought Marie. 'Some poor
goddamned rummy.'
They passed the man, who had blood on his face,
and who kept on unsteadily in the dark after the
lights of the car had gone on up the street. It was
Richard Gordon on his way home.
At the door of the house Marie stopped the car.
'Go to bed, you girls,' she said. 'Go on up to bed.'
'But what about Daddy?' one of the girls asked.
'Don't you talk to me,' Marie said. Tor Christ
sake, please don't speak to me.'
She turned the car in the road and started back
toward the hospital
Back at the hospital Marie Morgan climbed the
steps in a rush. The doctor met her on the porch