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as he came out through the screen door. He was
tired and on his way home,

'He's gone, Mrs. Morgan/ he said,

'He's dead?'

*He died on the table/

'Can I see him?1

*Yes/ the doctor said. *Hc went very peacefully,
Mrs. Morgan* He was in no pain.1

*Oh» hell/ said Marie, Tears began to run down
her cheeks. *Qh/ she said, 'Oh, oh? oh/

The doctor put his hand on her shoulder.

'Don't touch me,* Marie said* Then, *I want to
see him/

*Gome on/ the doctor said. He walked with her
down a corridor and into the white room where
Harry Morgan lay on a wheeled table, a sheet over
his great body* The light was very bright and cast
no shadows* Marie stood in the doorway looking
terrified by the light.

'He didn't suffer at all, Mrs, Morgan/ the doctor
said. Marie did not seem to hear him.

*Oh, Christ/ she said, and began to cry again,
'Look at his goddamned face/*