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I DON'T know, Marie Morgan was thinking, sitting
at the dining-room table, I can take it just a day
at a time and a night at a time, and maybe it gets
different. It's, the goddamned nights. If I cared
about those girls it would be different. But I don't
care about those girls. I've got to do something
about them though. I've got to get started on some-
thing. Maybe you get over being dead inside.
I guess it .don't make any difference. I got to start
to do something anyway. It's been a week to-day.
Fm afraid if I think about him on purpose I'll get
so I can't remember how he looks. That was when
I got that awful panic when I couldn't remember
his face. I got to get started doing something no
matter how I feel. If he'd have left some money
or if there'd been rewards it would have been better
but I wouldn't feel no better. First thing I've got
to do is to try to sell the house. The bastards that
shot him. Oh, the dirty bastards. That's the only
feeling I got. Hate and a hollow feeling. I'm empty
like a empty house. Well, I got to start to do some-
thing. I should have gone to the funeral. But I
couldn't go. I got to start to do something now
though. Ain't nobody going to come back any more
when they're dead.
Him, like he was, snotty and strong and quick>