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and like some kind of expensive animal It would
always get me just to watch him move. I was so
lucky all that time to have him, His luck went
bad first in Cuba. Then it kept right worse and
worse until a Cuban killed him,
Cubans are bad luck for Conchs,  Cubans are
bad luck for anybody. They got too many niggers
there too. I remember that time he took me over
to Havana when he was making such good money
and we were walking in the park and a nigger said
something to rne and Harry smacked him, and
picked up his straw hat that fell off, and sailed it
about half a block and a taxi ran over it, I
laughed so it made my belly ache.
That was the first time I ever made my hair
blonde that time there in that beauty parlour on
the Prado. They were working on it all afternoon
and it was naturally so dark they didn't want to do
it and I was afraid I'd look terrible, but I kept
telling them to see if they couldn't make it a little
lighter, and the man would go over it with that
orange wood stick with cotton on the end, dipping
it in that bowl that had the stuff in it sort of smoky
like the way it steamed sort of, and the comb;
parting the strands with one end of the stick and the
comb and going over them and letting it dry and I
was sitting there scared inside my chest of what I
was having done and all Fd say was, just see if you
can't make it a little lighter*
And finally he said, that's just as light as I can