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make it safely, Madame, and the^i he shampooed it,
and put a wave in, and I was afraid to look even
for fear it would be terrible, and he waved it parted
on one side and high behind my ears with little
tight curls in back, and it still wet I couldn't tell
how it looked except it looked all changed and I
looked strange to myself. And he put a net over it
wet and put me under the dryer and all the time
I was scared about it. And that when I come out
from under the dryer he took the net off and the
pins out and combed it out and it was just like
And I came out of the place and saw myself in
the mirror and it shone so in the sun and was so soft
and silky when I put my hand and touched it, and I
couldn't believe it was me and I was so excited I was
choked with it.
I walked down the Prado to the cafe where
Harry was waiting and I was so excited feeling all
funny inside, sort of faint like, and he stood up
when he saw me coming and he couldn't take his
eyes off me and his voice was thick and funny when
he said, 'Jesus, Marie, you're beautiful'.
'And I said, "You like me blonde?"'
'Don't talk about it,' he said. 'Let's go to the
And I said, 'O.K., then. Let's go.' I was twenty-
six then.
And that's how he always was with me and
that's the way I always was about him. He said