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Full text of "Various Artists - The Past Inside The Future - A Tribute To Philip K. Dick"

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Various Artists (--)

Das Gritli Moser
Der Reisende
TV Victor
Vgalaxy Orchestra
Herwig Holzmann
SSH Visor
Jon Eriksen
Sascha Neudeck
Tomoroh Hidari
Karlheinz Essl
Tofita Extofita
KABELTON vs. elle p.
Hano Aaruk vs. Wortwerft
Rokko Anal

The Past Inside The Future - A Tribute To Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick (1928 - 1982) is considered one of the most influential and visionary science fiction writers of our time. His novels and short stories embrace topics of philosophical, religious and political matter and thererfor transcend all genres.

Aside his iterary achievements Dick was inapt to master the hurdles of everyday life. It is this character trait that seems to makes it easy to adopt Dick as an idol. His ability to turn around his deficits and make use of them in his work shows his unparalleled creativiy - a special well of inspiration.

Over the past years Philip K. Dick was considered a "patron" to electronic musicians specially. The filmic atmosphere perceived reading his novels seems to be a notable inspiration for composition in this music genre.

Philip K. Dick as a source of inspiration: For our first label-sampler we have asked 19 artists to contribute works based on a part of Dicks opus they considered important. As the outcome covers a broad spectrum of electronic music from abstract explorations to subtle beat-excursions to spoken word there remains the unifying perimeter of the often questioning and melancholic outlook on Dick's world.

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