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THE BUSINESS OF FINANCE.                 6s. net.

Second Impression.

" He treats of the subject mainly in its relation to industry,
and smooths the path for those who find the way rather thorny.
Timely and instructive."—Financial Times.
OUR MONEY AND THE STATE.         3*. 6d. net.

Second Impression.

1' It should be read at once by every taxpayer.   Mr. Withers'

latest book can be most heartily commended. "—Mornittg Post,

STOCKS AND SHARES.                              6s. net

Fifth Impression.

" It is a good book, it is sure of its public."—Morning Post.
THE MEANING OF MONEY.                          6s. net.

Eighteenth Impression.

" Will supersede all other introductions to monetary science; a
safe and indispensable guide through the mazes of the Money
Market."—Financial News.
MONEY CHANGING.                                    6s. net

Second Impression..                   "   "

'' Mr. Withers makes the topic interesting in spite of its obvious
and irrepressible technicality.    Occasionally he renders it really
amusing,"—Fina?icial News.
POVERTY AND WASTE.                             6s. net.

Third Impression*

"Views its subject from the advantageous position of an im-
partial observer, the respective cases for capital and labour, rich
and poor, being brought to the reader's attention in a convin-
cingly logical manner."—Fijiancial Times.
WAR AND LOMBARD STREET.                  6s. net

Fourth Impression.

" Nothing could be clearer or more enlightening for the general
reader."—The Times.
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE.                         6s. net

Third Impression.

"We heartily commend a timely work dealt with in popular
and simple style, a standard financial work."—Morning Post.

LOMBARD STREET.                                   6s. net>

Third Impression.

A Description of the Money Market, by WALTER BAGEHOT.
Edited with a new Preface by HARTLEY WITHERS. "There
is no city nt]an, however ripe his experience, who could not add"
to his knowledge from its pages."—Financial News.