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Th e RCC Week I y 

Issue 44 
March 1, 2013 

In Memor iam 

Dr. Randolph Bromery, former 
interim President at RCC from 
2002-03, died on Tuesday, March 
26 th in Danvers, Massachusetts. 

Born on January 18, 1926, in 

Cumberland, Maryland, Dr. 

Bromery was a member of the 

famed Tuskegee Airmen during World War II. After the 

war, he earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and 

physics from Howard University. During the 60's, he 

received a master's degree in geology from American 

University and a doctorate in geology from Johns Hopkins 


Dr. Bromery had an illustrious career in higher education 
in Massachusetts. At the University of Massachusetts 
Amherst, he held numerous positions: Commonwealth 
professor of geophysics, chairman of the department of 
geology and geography, vice chancellor for student affairs, 
chancellor of the Amherst campus, executive vice 
president of the University of Massachusetts system and 
retired commonwealth professor emeritus. From 1992 to 
1999, he was president of Springfield College. 

As a leader in the business community, Dr. Bromery 
served as a member of the boards of directors with the 
Exxon Corporation, NYNEX/Bell Atlantic Corporations, 
New England Telephone Company, Northwestern Mutual 
Life Insurance Company and The John Hancock Life 
Insurance Company. He served as president of Weston 
Geophysical International Corporation and the Geoscience 
Engineering Company, a jointly owned geological and 
geophysical consulting business. 

In February 1997, he was honored by the National 
Academy of Sciences as one of the nation's outstanding 
black scientists and his portrait was hung in the Hall of 
The National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. 

Dr. Bromery is survived by his wife of 65 years, Cecile 
Trescott Bromery; his sons, Keith M., Dennis R., David T. 
and Christopher J. Bromery, and a daughter, Carol Ann 

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Spring 2013 

Urban Economics/Economics 

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Nasreen Latif 


Date: Wed, 3/13 | Time: 9:00-11:45 am | Room: 3-424 

Presenter: Anush Hovakimyan, Armenia 



Date: Thu, 3/28 | Time: 10:30-1:15 am | Room: 3-424 
Presenter: Dewi Shinta Soebari Putri, Indonesia 

Date: Thu, 4/18 | Time: 11:00-2:30 am | Room: 3-424 
Panel Discussion: Ofer Lerner, Israel (SPURS Fellow), 
MIT Faculty and Community Partner 


Date: Thu, 4/25 | Time: 10:30-1:15 am | Room: 3-424 

Presenter: Liliana Pimentel, Brazil 

Political Science 

Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Randall Foote 


Date: Fri, 3/8 | Time: 9:30-11:00 am | Room: 3-424 
Presenter: Ofer Lerner, Israel 


Date: Fri, 3/15 | Time: 9:30-11:00 am | Room: 3-424 
Presenter: Muhammad Hanif GUL, Pakistan 
Ibrahim Etem Ertem, Turkey 


Date: Fri, 4/15 | Time: 9:30-11:00 am | Room: 3-107 
Presenter: Liliana Pimentel, Brazil Patricia Cezario Silva 
Maria Cecilia Paredes Castro, Ecuador 

Event is sponsored by the RCC/MIT-SPURS 
Collaboration Program and RCC Economics 
Club Faculty Advisor: Prof. Nasreen Latif 


The RCC Weekly 

Th e Roxies 

The RCC 

The Roxies Valentine's Day Bazaar 
and Auction was a success. Enough 
money was made to support 
student textbook purchases for 
another semester. Thanks to all 
who participated: those who 
donated, those who made purchases, and 
those who volunteered (especially our 
students) their time and expertise to help 
organize and run the event. Our students wi 
from your kindness and generous spirit. 

The winners of the raffle are listed below: 
Salvatore's Restaurant: David Parkinson 
All Kylian Ballet: David Parkinson 
Dream Catcher Wreath: Clinton Cromwell 
Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar: Randy Foote 
Wine Tasting at the Fireplace: Judy Kahalas 
Brunch for Two at Henrietta's Table: Alfie 

Spring Palette Quilt: Dr. Linda Turner 
Free Photo Shoot of your Family: Michelle Harrell 
Five Ballet Lessons at Boston Ballet: Kristin Laird 
Whole Foods Gift Cards: Milt Samuels 
Brunch for Two at Moo at XV Beacon: Chiso 

Overnight Stay at the Liberty Hotel: Veronica 

The RCC Weekly 

Page 3 

Tit I e III Pr of essional Development 

Facilitated Learning 

Facilitated by Ruth Ronan 

35-Hour Stipend Paid Workshop 
From March 30 to June 1 


The Title III team is recruiting 
applicants for Facilitated 
Learning, which is the new and 
improved Getting Results 
professional development 

program under the Title III 

This is a ten-week blended- 
format workshop that explores 
characteristics of the adult learner and instructional best 
practices in the community college setting. It focuses on 
the principles of adult education, variables that affect the 
community college learner, appropriate learner-centered 
instructional methodologies, and outcomes-based 
assessment procedures. Mastery of these teaching 
techniques has proven to significantly increase 

educational impact and sustain student success. 

This 35-hour workshop is being offered from March 30 to 
June 1. Each module begins on a Saturday. There will be 
three 4-hour face-to-face meetings, two 2-hour virtual 
meetings, and one 2-hour face-to-face debriefing session 
(18 hours). The remainder of the time will involve 
asynchronous activities and forum posts via Moodle (17 

Training on all technology applied will be provided. There 
are no prerequisite skills required other than a desire to 
participate in a graduate level educational experience. All 
are welcome to apply, including participants from 
previous cohorts. 

For more information, please contact: 
Ruth Ronan 
Course Developer 
Academic Technology 
Room 3-207L 

Phone: 617-708-3557 

Teach ing, Lear ning, and 

St udent Devel opment 

Confer ence 

Middlesex Community College will host this year's 
Teaching, Learning, and Student Development Conference, 
on April 5th, at their Lowell campus. This year's theme is 
"Preparing Socially Responsible Leaders and Learners." 
Everything will be on line exclusively. 

If you're interested in attending, please register online at . Once 

you've registered, please email Shelly at SJohnson- to start the payment process. Each 
college is responsible for the number of faculty and staff 
who attend. We will also order a bus for those of you who 
would rather not fight the morning traffic. This year, Title 
III professional development funds will be used to cover 
the cost of sending 30 RCC faculty and staff members to 
the conference. 

RCC Faculty and staff are presenting a number of sessions 
at the conference. Read their session descriptions that 


. 'I*[KU4 umitt lSI|lil[IIT!Lir»Hl 

2013 cowmjiutt colleges: 
%Y/* i iii turn 

Assessment Strategies that Promote Student Engagement 

Ruth Ronan, Course Developer and Tia Juana Malone, 

English Professor 

This session will present strategies for applying rubrics 
to increase student engagement and promote 
inclusiveness. Effective rubric design with online tools 
will be applied to: communicate course, assignment, 
and evaluation expectations; develop self and peer 
assessment skills; collaborate with tutors; and 
guarantee grading consistency across students and 
course sessions. 

I Can See My House from Here! 

David Perkinson, Classroom Technology Specialist 

This workshop introduces Google Earth and 
demonstrates how it can be used to encourage and 
strengthen our sense of social responsibility. The 
presentation includes an exercise students can do on 
their own to better understand the complexities of the 
world around them. 

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Congratulations to the RCC Men's and Women's 
Basketball teams for winning the state championships 


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A Collaborative Approach to 
Assessing the Impacts of Service- 
Learning on Retention and Success 

Charlotte Belezos, Professor of 
Information/Office Technology and Social Science and 
Department Chair, in collaboration with faculty from 
Bunker Hill CC, Middlesex CC and Salem State 

This session reports on a multi-campus 
investigation of service-learning and its 
relationship to students' growth and success in 
the first and second year of college. Results from 
our spring 2012 pilot study involving five 
campuses suggest that well-designed service- 
learning opportunities can improve students' 
perceptions of their own learning abilities. 

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Thompson, of Tallahassee, FL, Amherst, MA, Ellicott City, 
MD, Lynn and Baltimore, MD, respectively. He is also 
survived by 11 grandchildren and three great 
grandchildren. His older sister, Bettyjane Coker, lives in 
Lanham, MD and his younger brother, Robert M. Bromery, 
lives in Bowie, MD. 

Calling hours will be held Wednesday, March 6, from 4 to 8 
p.m., at Douglass Funeral Service, Amherst. A memorial 
service will be held at UMass Amherst at a later date. 

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be 
made to the Bromery Endowment Fund for the Du Bois 
Center, UMass Amherst Libraries Development Office, 154 
Hicks Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9275. 

The obituary and memorial register can be found at 

To sign a Guest Book, express condolences and share 
memories go to 

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