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Issue 49 
April 12, 2013 




The Presidential Search Committee have selected 
four candidates to bring on campus to meet faculty, 
staff, students and administrators. Four campus 
visits will take place between April 17 and 26. 
Candidate bios and their visit schedules are posted 
on the college website, and on the electronic board. 




Tuesday, April 16th and 
Wednesday, April 17th 


Thursday, April 18th and 
Friday, April 19th 


Monday, April 22nd and 
Tuesday, April 23rd 


Thursday, April 25th and 
Friday, April 26th 

Omi BOOK, 

Steve Pemberton, author of A Chance in the World, 
which is our ''One Book, One Campus," selection for 
this academic year, spoke to members of the 
College Success sections on April 12, 2013, in the 
Media Arts Building. Professor Derek Washington 
and his students were instrumental in getting Mr. 
Pemberton back to campus. As many of you will 
recall, he was our commencement speaker last 
year. It was clear that the book has made a 
dramatic impact on our students, and they spent 
well over an hour asking him the most insightful 

The RCC Weekly 

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The Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent Salvador 
Lamothe will visit Roxbury Community College 
on April 17. Students, Faculty and Staff are 
Invited to have a Conversation with the Prime 
Minister. Food will be served. 

WHEN: Wednesday, April 17, 2PM - 5PM. 
WHERE: Multipurpose Room at the Reggie 


A Roxbury community group is 
planning to hire four, unpaid 
interns this summer to work at 
Bartlett Events. It's only an eight 

hour per week commitment, so interested students would be able 

to have another job, should they apply for this one. 

For more information, visit their website at 

A community based art and culture series 


On behalf of the Roxbury 
Community College 40th 
Celebration Committee, we 
would like to express our 
sincere thanks to those 
who were able to take the 
time out of their busy work 
schedule to attend our Tea. 
With all the challenges we 
have had over this past 
year, it's nice to take sit 
back and enjoy a wonderful 
afternoon with friends and 

Jackie Glenn's conversation 
with the audience was thought provoking and encourages all of us 
to take our wings and fly. Thanks for your support and we look 
forward to next year's Tea at RCC in April 2014. 

FROM Tllli! 

Be sure to check out the new library 
research guide on the timely and 
provocative topic of Economic 
Inequality. Just click HERE to open it. 
It brings you to websites, databases, 
ebooks and lists of paper books— all 
about Economic Inequality and all 
available through the RCC library. 
Also, take a look the new book 
display on Economic Inequality next 
to the library circulation desk. 

If you don't have time for this, do 
yourself a favor and look at this short 

Wealth Inequality in America . 6 min. 
Arguably the best video on economic 
inequality ever made. 

mm I mmu 

niui it rH mti Hai it ehmiku 


The RCC Weekly 

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^^^m Michael Motley, received the SAME/ 

^^^ Boston Post Scholarship in the 

^ ' amount of $2,000 for the 2013-2014 
■^ " school year. He competed with other 

2 and 4-year Engineering students 
throughout the greater Boston area for this 

Society of 

Michael and a 
guest will attend 
the Award Dinner 
at the SAME 
American Military Engineers Boston Post Spring 
Meeting on May 7. 

Congratulations, Michael! 


Roxbury Repertory Theater presents its 
6^*^ annual production of 6 Playwrights In 
Search Of A Stage, six new plays by 
playwrights: Cliff Blake, Barbara 

Blumenthal-Ehrlich, George Freek, Grant MacDermott, Laura 
Neubauer, and Trevor Suthers. The 10-minute plays will be 
performed on April 26 and 27 @ 7PM at Mainstage in the Media 
Arts Building. The performances are free and open to the public 

We are pleased to announce playwright Wendy Kesselman as our 
2013 Playwright Laureate. She joins the growing group of 
playwrights laureates including, Jon Lipsky, Michelle A. Gabow 
and Kate Snodgrass. We will present two of her new quartet of 
plays. The Graduation of Grace and SPIT. Later in the year, 
Roxbury Repertory Theater will perform Ms. Kesselman's 
adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities. 

For more information, contact Pamela Green at 617-541-5380. 

Conne Enjoy the Pleasure of Our Company 

sjiiM mms 

In the spring semester of 2012, we began an initiative at 
Roxbury Community College to incorporate current 
pedagogy into our study sessions to improve student 
performance and retention. We attempted to implement 
Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) and 
Problem Based Learning into our Chemistry study 
sections. Participating instructors taught facilitated study 
groups (FSGs) for their own science sections. The courses 
selected were Principles of Chemistry I and General 
Chemistry I. Participating faculty prepared a teaching 
module and we reported our results to the faculty at the 
end of the semester for professional development days. 
There were variable results comparing exam scores and 
FSG attendance. In some sections of General Chemistry 
attendance clearly correlated with exam performance 
when either the POGIL or PBL methods were 
implemented. We often observe a cluster of excellent 
scores and a cluster of poor scores in these courses. 
Current studies are focused on how to close this gap in 
student performance. Students who have poor 
attendance in general (at-risk students) are not being 
reached by the FSGs and are therefore unable to benefit 

from this academic support. In sections where the 
majority of students were motivated the data showed a 
clear correlation in FSG attendance and exam 
performance, but other sections the two parameters did 
not correlate. In conclusion, this spring semester (2013) 
we have begun applying POGIL within the lecture time to 
reach all students registered for our classes with equity. 
We are collecting data on student's attitude towards the 
subject material and performance in these courses 
before and after the POGIL experience. We are currently 
seeking external funding to support these efforts. 

Upcoming Presentation 

Presenter: Dr. Tala Khudairi 

The talent gap and demand for 1.2 million jobs in STEM 
fields are issues the nation is addressing. The Mass Space 
Grant Consortium (NASA sponsored grant) has provided 
support for the past five years to RCC to recruit and 
retain students in STEM programs and careers through its 
popular "STEM Speaker Series". Learn the attributes of 
its success!! 

Items for 'The Weekly'' 

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please submit it (by Wednesday afternoon) to Jacqueline Lynch at