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Issue # 50 


mr . -Mm 


April 26,2013 

The RCC Weekly is 50 ieeuee old! 

Garden Project 

The 3'^ annual RCC Garden Project and 
International Celebration, which took 
place on April 17th, was a huge success! 
Thank you to Professors Nasreen Latif, 
Veronica McCormack, Randy Foote, Ted 
Thomas, to the members of the Garden 
Group, Prof. Latifs classes and the students and 
associates of the International Multicultural Institute. 
Bravo! (see photos on page 2) 

Presidential Candidate 
Campus Visits 

The Presidential Search Committee selected four 
candidates to bring on campus to meet faculty, staff, 
students and administrators. 

Three campus visits have taken place. Dr. Evon 
Walters' visit has been rescheduled for Thursday, May 

Candidate bios and their visit schedules are posted on 
the college website, and on the electronic board. 

Career Fair 

RCC's Spring 2013 Career Fair was 
held on Tuesday, April 23rd in the 
student building. 

Almost 40 employers participated. 
Their feedback on their experience 
in the career fair has been 
outstanding. The organizations were 
intensely diversity minded and 
dedicated to community. They came 
from a spectrum of professions, 
industries, non-profits and 

community organizations. 

An additional 20 employers very 
much wanted to be at the Career 
Fair, but scheduling obstacles 
prevented this. They have given 
their commitment to participate in 
our next fair. 

Over 300 people attended the 
event. They comprised RCC students 
and alumni, RCC faculty, staff and 
community residents. 

I want to accentuate highly the 
individual contributions of our 
Students Ambassadors. They 
worked tirelessly to keep the event 

running smoothly. Each rolled up 
their sleeves and worked like true 
champions. They toiled as one, as a 
team, and group of truly special 

Woody Vainqueur 
Janelle Green 
Shaoyu Chang 
Kervintz Noel 
Walter Flores 
Maha Abdelrahim 
Genesis Cabral 
Samantha Henry 
Natasha Placide 
Jerome Allen 

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ISSUE # 50 


RCC Garden Project and International Celebration 

Rofbu",' Comniinity College Garden 

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ISSUE # 50 


Professional Development 

The Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) Conference on 
eLearning: Sharing Best Practices allows attendees to 
explore, discuss, and understand how MA colleges and 
universities are exploring online education to improve 
teaching, learning, interacting, and communicating with 

WHEN: Wednesday, June 5th, 8:30am— 3:30pm 
WHERE: Bridgewater State University 

For more information about the conference visit the 
conference website at 

The Teaching and Technology Center's 6th annual 
conference celebrating teaching with technology best 
practices is back! 

WHEN: Thursday, August 15th, 8:30am— 3:30pm 
WHERE: Moakley Center, Bridgewater State University 

Seminars and workshops are scheduled throughout the 
day, and are being presented by faculty and 
administrators from BSU and other higher education 
institutions from around Massachusetts - come support 
your colleagues, engage in the discussions, and learn 
something new! 

Register online at to reserve 
your free seat. Lunch will be provided. Stay tuned for the 
full schedule with titles and descriptions. 

Prime Minister's Visit 

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Laurent 
Salvador Lamothe visited Roxbury 
Community College on April 17. 
Students, faculty and staff were Invited 
to have a Conversation with the Prime 
Minister at the Reggie. 

Read about the Prime Minister's visit in the April issue of the Gazette web.pdf 

Mark Your Calendar 

April 26: 6 Playwrights in Search for a Stage 

April 30: VP meeting with faculty 

May 2: "29 Who Shine" {State House) 

May 4-9: Finals Weei< 

May 17: Commencement 

June 5: MCO 

August 15: Teaching and Technology Conference 

Roxbury Repertory 

Roxbury Repertory 

Theater presents its 

6^*^ annual production 

of 6 Playwrights In 

Search Of A Stage, six 

new plays by 

playwrights: Cliff Blake, Barbara Blumenthal- 

Ehrlich, George Freek, Grant MacDermott, 

Laura Neubauer, and Trevor Suthers. The 10- 

minute plays will be performed on April 26 

and 27 @ 7PM at Mainstage in the Media 

Arts Building. The performances are free and 

open to the public 

We are pleased to announce playwright 
Wendy Kesselman as our 2013 Playwright 
Laureate. She joins the growing group of 
playwrights laureates including, Jon Lipsky, 
Michelle A. Gabow and Kate Snodgrass. We 
will present two of her new quartet of plays. 
The Graduation of Grace and SPIT. Later in 
the year, Roxbury Repertory Theater will 
perform Ms. Kesselman's adaptation of A Tale 
of Two Cities. 

Come Enjoy the Pleasure of Our Company 

Items for "The Weekly" 

If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, please submit it to Jacqueline Lynch at 

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