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Issue # 57 



October 4, 2013 

RoxMAPP Launch 

On September 30 th , eighteen students from Madison Park High School 
began taking their first college class at Roxbury Community College as 
part of the RoxMAPP initiative. Madison Park faculty and administrators, 
as well as Dean Charles Diggs, ceremoniously walked the students across 

the street from 

Photo courtesy of Gerald Chertavian, Board of Trustees Chair 

Madison Park's doors 
to the Academic 
Building, Room 102. There to greet them were Governor Deval Patrick 
and Mayor Thomas Menino. Several other government officials also 
attended, including City Council members Ayanna Presley, Tito 
Jackson, as well as mayoral candidate John Connolly. 

The students are taking our College Experience course, taught by 
Professor Angela MacDonald. Additionally, they are engaged in an 
Accuplacer Boot Camp, under the direction of Gary Kaplan, Executive 
Director, J FY Networks. 

Congratulations to RCC's 
Newly Certified Tutors. 

Over the summer, Johanna Jacobson completed the National 
Tutoring Association (NTA) Train-the-Trainer program and 

satisfied the academic 
requirements for NTA 

Trainer certification. In 
the past month, more 
than twenty RCC 
faculty, both full time 
and adjunct, have been 
trained using NTA 
curriculum and all are 
now certified tutors. 
Congratulations to all! 

For more information on NTA, visit their website at 

Mark Your Calendar 

October 7: Symposium: The State of Community 
Colleges in an Urban Setting 

October 8: PTK Spirit Day 

October 10: PTK Open House 

October 10: Community Work Day 

October 10 & 11: Sprint for Success 

October 11: 40th Gala 

October 22: Community Career Fair 

October 29: "Careers In Quality" Panel 

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ISSUE # 57 


RCC Partnership 
Provides Campus-wide 
Online Technology 


RCC has recently 
partnered with Atomic 
Learning (AL), award- 
winning provider of 
online technology 
training and support. Through this partnership, RCC is able 
to provide learning opportunities that make it easy for 
students to embrace technology and develop critical skills 
for success at school, at work, and in life. 

Research shows 3 out of 4 students feel their institution is 
not using the technology it has effectively. 1 Students' style 
of learning is different today especially in regard to 
technology. Instructors not only need to understand how 
to use technology in their teaching, they need to 
understand how to help students use technology to help 
guide their own learning. 

RCC is dedicated to bringing technology training to all 
learners on campus through this partnership. With Atomic 
Learning, we can provide faculty, staff, and students 24/7 
access to technology training resources. Featuring a 
guided, step-by-step path through online workshops on 
topics from MS Office, the internet and Moodle, Atomic 
Learning provides valuable educational resources as well 
as just-in-time training and support on over 200 
applications. Atomic Learning's online resources simplify 
campus technology training and support. 

Students can log in using their college log-in credentials. 
Faculty and staff can log in using their email address as 
their user name and "learn" as their password (change the 
password after logging in). If you have any problems 
logging in, please contact Matt in the IT Department. 
More information about AL trainings coming soon. 

About Atomic Learning 

Founded in 2000 by a group of technology educators, Atomic 
Learning serves over 16 million individuals in more than 45 countries 

worldwide. Online and on-demand, Atomic Learning's award- 
winning resources for technology integration and support, student 
training, and 21st century professional development create flexible 
training opportunities that make it easy for learners of all ages to 
embrace technology. Visit Atomic Learning online at 

1 ECAR study of students and information technology in higher education 

RCC-MIT International 
Fellows Presentation 
Series— Fall 201 3 

RCC faculty and students are invited to attend the 
presentations listed below, which will be held in 3- 
424. Please encourage interested students to join us. 
If you have questions, please contact RCC Faculty 
Advisor, Prof. Nasreen Latif. 


1. Waqar Hussain Shah, Pakistan: Energy Policy and 
Sustainable development 

Wed. 10/16, 9:00-11:00 am 

2. Chipo Gift Mubambe, Zambia: Water demand 
and Supply, Management and Sanitation 

Wed. 11/6, 9:00-11:00 am 

Urban Economics 

1. Elena V. Korotkova, Russia: Affordable Housing 
and Policies 

Tues. 10/8, 10:30-11:45 am 

2. Latha Chhetri, Bhutan: Urban Planning and 
Community/Municipal Development 
Thurs. 11/21, 10:30-11:45 am 

3. Cristian Navas Duk, Chile: Transportation System 
and Urban Planning 

Thurs. 12/5, 10:30-11:45 am 

The /I 



Please join us and help make Roxbury a greener, 

healthier, and stronger neighborhood. 
When: Thursday, October 10, 10am— 12pm 
Where: RCC Garden (Behind Building 4- Cedar 

SPECIAL ACTIVITY: Yoga Class at 10:15am by Ms. 
Laura Wulach. Bring your yoga mat or towel and 
water bottle with you. 

For more Information, please contact Prof. Nasreen 

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ISSUE # 57 



Roxbury Repertory 

A Soldier's Play, Roxbury Repertory Theater's 
2013-2014 fall production, will run October 
23— November 2, with matinee and evening 
shows. It is directed by our own Marshall 
Hughes. This event is free for RCC students. 

For more information or reservations, contact 
Pam Green at 617-541-5380 


Coming Up Soon... 

Entering Midterm Grades in MyRCC 

This workshop provides an overview of the 
college's grades policy and instruction on how 
to enter final grades in MyRCC. Basic 
navigation and updating your profile will also 
be covered. 

WHEN: Monday, 10/21, 2:30-4pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Drop-in Training Sessions 

These sessions are for anyone who wants to 
drop in to learn more about using the 
technology in our learner-centered classrooms. 
If you want to know the basics, learn some more advanced 
features, or just practice using the technology, come on by! 

WHEN: Wednesday, 10/9, 8-10am & 12-2pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Learner-Centered Teaching with PowerPoint 

In this workshop, participants examine learner-centered strategies 
that promote interactions with PowerPoint slides. Participants will 
explore design options that apply polls, video, and whiteboard 
capabilities. Recording and handout options to promote learning 
will be discussed. 

WHEN: Wednesday, 10/23, 3-4pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Weekly Moodle Drop-in Sessions 

These informal drop-in sessions are open to any and all faculty at 
any level of Moodle experience. 

WHEN: Every Monday & Thursday, 12-2pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Roxbury Repertory Theater 





Directed by: Marshall Hughes 

Seriography: Mirta Tocci 

Tliurs, Fri Oct 24 & 25, 10am & Spin 
Th ill's, Fri - Oct 31 & Not 1, 10am & 8pm 
Sat, Oct 26 & Nov 2, 12pm 

Tickets: $10, Adults, $5, Students & Seniors 

For Reservations and Group Rates 
Please contact: 
Pamela Green @ 617 541-5380 
or email: 

Roxbury Community College . 1234 Columbus Ave. Roxbury, MA 02 120 

Sprint for 

On October 9 th and 10 th , 
from noon to 6 p.m. each 
day, the Language Lab will 
spearhead Sprint to 
Success, an academic 
support initiative designed 
to make College support services especially 
visible to students and faculty. The Writing 
Center, the Learning Center, the Math 
Clinic, and the Library are joint participants 
in the Sprint to Success, which will be held 
on the second floor corridor of the Academic 

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ISSUE # 57 




In the final week 
celebrating RCC's 40 
Anniversary, an Academic 
Symposium: Transforming 
the Urban Community 
College for the 21 st 
Century will be held next 
Monday. Please come, 
along with your students, 
for a timely and relevant 
panel discussion on the 
future of our urban 
campus. A distinguished 
group of speakers has 
been assembled. Even 
more important than 
hearing from them is 
hearing what faculty, staff, 
students and community 
members hope for their 

Judy Kahalas prepared 
some worksheets for 
faculty who plan to bring 
their classes and who wish 
to prepare them. One 
includes suggestions for 
preparing students for 
dialogue and analytical 
thinking. The other is a 
neighborhood survey on 
RCC. She emailed the 
worksheets on September 
27th. If you are unable to 
locate that email, please 
contact Judy at 

Roxbury Community College 


Transforming the Urban 
Community College for 
I I the 21 st CentunJi 

Please join us for an informative 
discussion on ways the urban community 
college can address the needs of the 
community and its students. 

October 7, 2013 

Media Arts Build ing, Mainstage 
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 

You are cordially invited to participate! 


Dr. Thomas Bailey 

Director -of the Community College Research Center 
Columbia University 

Dr. Richard Freeland 

Massachusetts Coeamis-sioner of Higher Education 

Mr. Tito Jackson 

Boston City Council 

Prof. Ruth Kiefson 

English Faculty, RCC 

Dr. Linda Turner 

Former Interim President, RCC 
Former President, Urban College 

Ms. Beatriz McConnie Zapater 

Read of School , Boston Day ana Evening Academy 


Prof. Everest Onuoha 
Prof. Judy Kahalas 
Prof. David Updike 

Put the Community 
into Community College! 

Items for "The Weekly" 

If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, 
please submit it to Jacqueline Lynch at 

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