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Issue # 58 

The RCC 


October 16, 2013 

Display of Fine Art 

In collaboration with The Art Connection, 
Inc., faculty, staff and students are invited 
to a reception to celebrate a Display of Fine 
Art at Roxbury Community College 

WHEN: Thursday, October 24 

WHERE: RCC Library, I s 
Study Room 

Floor, Group 

The reception will begin with brief opening 
remarks and introductions to be followed 
by refreshments and an opportunity to 
meet the artists. There will be a guided tour 
highlighting recently added works of art 
throughout the campus. 

Artists and donors of recently added pieces: 

Adria Arch 
Julie Baer 

Prilla Smith Brackett 
Rebecca Brown 
Timothy Burgers 
Geoff Carr 
Susan Collins 
Caroline Di Nunzio 
Laura Evans 
Thomas Glannon 
Nita Goldstein 
Frances K. Grossman 
Eva Kaniasty 

Betty Frank Leahy 
Julie Angela Theresa 
Leslie Miller 
Henry Olds 
Mark Peterson 
Hope Ricciardi 
Susan Schwalb 
Anne Silber 
Maria Termini 
Bobby Vilinsky 
Patricia Wiley 
Abby Zonies 

Sprint for Success 

Students from all over RCC visited the Learning Center, Math 
Center, Language Lab, Library and Writing Center as they held 
their open house "Sprint For Success" last Wednesday and 
Thursday. More than 12 students won prizes by participating in 
contests at the various centers. The bulletin board outside the 
Library has a display featuring some of the many languages 
spoken at RCC. 

Community Career Fair 

Following last year's very successful Career Fair, more than 35 
employers will again be in attendance and representing careers 
in Healthcare, Retail, Education, Government, Non-profit, Life 
Science, Information Technology, Mass Correction, Law 
Enforcement, Insurance, Banking, and Hospitality Management. 

WHEN: Tuesday, October 22, 12-4pm 
WHERE: 4-200 

Mark Your Calendar 

October 22: Community Career Fair (4-200) 
October 24: Art Reception (Library) 
October 29: "Careers In Quality" Panel (4-200) 
October 29: David Walker Memorial Project 

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ISSUE # 58 



Learner-Centered Teaching with PowerPoint 

In this workshop, participants examine learner-centered 
strategies that promote interactions with PowerPoint 
slides. Participants will explore design options that apply 
polls, video, and whiteboard capabilities. Recording and 
handout options to promote learning will be discussed. 

WHEN: Wednesday, 10/23, 3-4pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Weekly Moodle Drop-in Sessions 

These informal drop-in sessions are open to any and all 
faculty at any level of Moodle experience. 

WHEN: Every Monday & Thursday, 12-2pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Entering Midterm Grades in MyRCC 

This workshop provides an overview of the college's 
grades policy and instruction on how to enter final grades 
in MyRCC. Basic navigation and updating your profile will 
also be covered. 

WHEN: 10/21 (2:30-4pm), 10/22 (3-5pm), 10/23 (12- 
1:30pm & 4:30-6pm), 10/24 (10:30-3pm), 10/25 
WHERE: 3-207Q 

Drop-in Training Sessions 

These sessions are for anyone who wants to drop in to 
learn more about using the technology in our learner- 
centered classrooms. If you want to know the basics, learn 
some more advanced features, or just practice using the 
technology, come on by! 

WHEN: Wednesday, 10/30, 8-10am & 12-2pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 




The RCC garden had its 
first outdoor yoga class on 
10/10 at 10:00 a.m. 

Our yoga instructor, Ms. 
Laura Wulach, is a 500- 
hour certified yoga 
teacher and public health practitioner. She loves sharing her passion 
for yoga with communities in the Boston area. 

The RCC garden promotes locally produced fresh fruits and 
vegetables and a healthy lifestyle in the Roxbury neighborhood and 
beyond. It has a plan to offer a meditation class during the final 
exam period for the students/faculty and staff in room 3-424. The 
date will be announced soon. Stay tuned! 

If students are interested in pursuing yoga, there is a yoga class at 
the Reggie Lewis Center (free access for students) on Wednesdays 
from 7-8pm: . Also, 
there are free yoga classes at Boston Medical Center in the Moakley 
Building from 6-7:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays: 

Panel Discussion 

"Careers In Quality" Panel (Focusing on the 
Life Sciences) 

WHEN: October 29, l:30-3:00pm 
WHERE: 4-200 

This panel will provide opportunities to 
learn how six individuals entered the Life 
Sciences Industry and built a career around 
the Quality Systems that are so critical to 
the consistent manufacturing of safe 
medicines and medical devices. The 
audience will have the opportunity to ask 
questions of the panelists and network with 
them afterwards. Light refreshments will be 

If you have any questions about this event, 

please contact Irina Galatskaya, 
igala tska ya @ rcc. m ass, ed u, 617-933-7455. 

Symposium at RCC 

There will be a symposium on David Walker at Roxbury 
Community College on October 29. Topics will include 
Walker's seminal role in the abolitionist movement, 
the significance of The Appeal, and how Walker 
typifies the "hidden history" of Massachusetts. 

Walker was a prominent leader of the Black 
community and the abolitionist movement in 
Boston, where he spent his most influential 
years. He is buried in an unmarked grave in a 
South Boston cemetery. 

Read more about David Walker: 

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ISSUE # 58 


40 th Anniversary Celebrations 

The 40 th Anniversary Celebration culminated in two final 
events last week: an academic presentation and the 40 th 

On Monday, October 7, the entire campus was invited to 
a symposium, "Transforming the Urban Community 
College for the 21 st Century." A distinguished group of 
panelists presented their ideas on what changes were 
needed and how to effect these changes. Led by Dr. 
Thomas Bailey, the Director of the Community College 
Research Center at Columbia University, members 
included Dr. Richard Freeland, Commissioner of the 
Bureau of Higher Education in Massachusetts; Dr. Linda 
Turner, former Interim President of the College and 
former President of Urban College; Ms. Beatriz McConnie 
Zapater, Head of School at Boston Day and Evening 
Academy; the Honorable Tito Jackson, Boston City 

Back row: Tito Jackson, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Turner, Dr. Freeland. 
Front row: Dr. Valerie Roberson, Dr. Everest Onouha, Professor Judy Kahalas, Ms. 
Beatriz McConnie Zapatar, Dr. Kyrsis Rodriguez, and Dr. Brenda Mercomes. 

Council; and Prof. Ruth Kiefson, RCC faculty and Co- 
President of the union at the College. Each panelist 
suggested transformative actions that varied from 
institutional change to marketing strategies. The audience 
of students and faculty participated in an open forum 
after the presentations. The event was chaired by Prof. 
Judy Kahalas, and co-chaired by Professors Everest 
Onuoha, David Updike and Kyrsis Rodriguez (Emerita). 
Rashida Jenkins, Phi Theta Kappa, represented the 

The 40 th Anniversary Gala, co-chaired by Ms. Carol Bliss- 
Furr and Prof. Judy Kahalas, was an evening of great 
celebration for the 200 guests who attended. There were 
friends from the community, the College, and 
Commonwealth who enjoyed great food and music (thank 
you to Elizabeth Clark!), an interesting guest speaker, and 
a warm reception that honored our founders 
and local activists whose energy helped launch 
the College. 

Dr. Augustus White, a faculty member of 
Harvard Medical School and an orthopedic 
surgeon at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical 
Center, was the guest speaker. Prior to the main 
event, he was available at a cocktail reception 
on the second floor of the Reggie Lewis Track 
and Athletic Center, to meet guests and to sign 
his new book, Seeing Patients: Unconscious Bias 
in Health Care. 

Six community members whose energy, passion 
and commitment to the African American quest 
for equal opportunities through education led to 
the construction of this College were honored 

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From left: City Council member Tito Jackson; Dr. Linda Turner, former interim RCC president; Dr. Thomas Bailey, Director Community College Research 
Center, Columbia University; Dr. Richard Freeland, Commissioner, Board of Higher Education; Beatriz McConnie Zapatar, Head, Boston Adult Day and 
Evening School; Professor Ruth Keif son -Roberts; Dr. Roberson, and Professor David Updike 

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during the evening. These included Mel King, long- 
time activist and former State Representative; 
former State Senator William (Bill) Owens; the late 
Senator Royal Boiling, Sr.; Ms. Doris Bunte, former 
State Representative; Mr. Donald Stull and Mr. 
David Lee, the architects who designed our 
original building; and our "Unsung Heroes/' 
Audrey and Marvin Butler, whose supportive and 
tireless work deserved recognition. 

The 40 th Gala concluded our year-long celebration. 
Ms. Bliss-Furr and Ms. Kahalas wish to thank all 
the members of the committee whose hard work 
made all the difference: Miguel Coren and Colleen 
Spence (Homecoming Event); Nurse Ruth Hines 
and Autumn Haag (archivist) for delving into RCCs 
history; Jacquolyn Payne-Thompson for 
researching individuals to be honored; Marshall 
Hughes and Pam Green for marketing; Milton 
Samuels and Phuong Tang for publicity and 
marketing; and Elizabeth Clark for all the work 
throughout the event and particularly on the 

Editor's Note: Dr. Augustus White's book is 
available for purchase through the office of Carol 
Bliss-Furr, (3 rd floor Admin. Building) for $30. 

Pictured in photos (clockwise): Doris Bunte with Carol 
Bliss-Furr, Dr. Roberson with Bill Owens, Deborah 
Boiling with Dr. Roberson, Bill Owens with Doris Bunte 
and Mel King, Dr. Augustus White. 

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