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Issue # 60 


October 3 1, 2013 

to Mark Lawrence 

Library Director IVIarl< Lawrence retires from 
RCC, after twelve years, on Novennber 6^*^. 

During tliat tinne, 
lie brouglit new 
life to our 
library, and with 
the acquisitions 
of thousands of 
books and nnany 
works of art, 
nnade the library 
the showcase it 
is today. 

We wish hinn a gratifying and happy 
retirennent. He will be nnissed. 

Mark Your Calendar 

November 1 & 2: Invitational Tournament 

November 4-7: Cradles to Crayons 

Collection Drive 
November 7: Celebracion 2013 (Mainstage) 

November 13: Silences of Black Urban 
Political History: Africville, 
Hogan's Alley, Roxbury (4-200) 

Who is David Walker? 

On Tuesday, October 29^^ RCC hosted a synnposiunn on the life and 
writings of David Walker, an educated, free African-Annerican 
abolitionist who lived in Boston during the 1820s . The publication of 
his noted work. Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World, raised 
the ire of the pro-slavery faction around the country, especially in 
Boston. He died at the age of 34, under nnysterious circunnstances, 
and is buried in an unnnarked grave in South Boston. It is unclear 
whether he died of natural causes. 

The synnposiunn was sponsored by 
the David Walker Mennorial Project, 
under the direction of Kevin Aylnner, 
adjunct professor at RCC. A group of 
distinguished panelists presented a 
fascinating progrann about David 
Walker's life and tinnes. The 
panelists were: Dr. Barbara Lewis, 

Director of the Monroe Trotter Institute for the Study of Black 
History and Culture at UMass Boston; Peter Hinks, Associate Editor 
of the Frederick Douglass Papers at Yale University, and author of To 
Awaken My Afflicted Brethren: David Walker and the Problem of 
Antebellum Slave Resistance; L'Merchie Frazier, a teacher of cultural 
diversity, who teaches visual and perfornnance art at the Museunn of 
the National Center of Afro-Annerican Artists; Kevin Aylnner; and 
David Lee Hines, psychology major at RCC and a nnennber of Phi 
Theta Kappa. 

Roonn 121, the site 
of the synnposiunn, 
was standing room 
only, with members 
of the David Walker 
Memorial Project 
Committee, RCC, 
UMass Boston, and 

Laboure College faculty and students in attendance. 

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ISSUE # 60 


Celabracion 201 3 

Live from Guatemala! A performance of traditional 
Mayan music and dances tells the cosmic metaphor of 
the world's creation 

Celebrate our Latino and Native American Heritage 

WHEN: Thursday, November 7 at 1:30 pm 
WHERE: Media Arts Center Mainstage 

Refreshments to follow the concert. This accessible 
event is free and open to the public. 

Careers in Quality 

A ''Careers in Quality'' Industry Panel sponsored by 
Roxbury Community College, the American Society for 
Quality (Boston Chapter) and the Skilled Careers in Life 
Sciences (SCILS) Initiative, was held at RCC on Tuesday, 
October 29^^ It was jointly organized by the Boston 
Private Industry Council and RCC. 

The event was a huge success! 
There were 75 people in the 
audience - an excellent turnout! 
The panel of five represented 
Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Morgan 
Scientific, Genzyme and Lumina 
Care Solutions companies. 

The audience included community 
members, students and 
professors and from RCC, Bunker 
Hill Community College, Mass Bay 
Community College, Just-A Start's 
Cambridge Biomedical program 
and students from BU's 
Bioscience Academy. There were 

Live from Guatemala! A performance 

Of traditional Mayan music and 
dances tells the cosmic metaphor of 
the world s creation. 

Refreshments to follow the concert 
This accassible event is free and open to the public 

^°^f^o ^"'J^ Celebrate o"J„,i*flC|C'- 
. """rfJVative American HeTlWa 

also representatives from Norwood and Framingham 
Career Centers, the City of Boston, and the Mass Life 
Sciences Center. 

A video of the session will be posted on YouTube soon, 
so stay tuned. 

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ISSUE # 60 



The Big Four in Your PowerPoint Slides 

Applying the basic four graphic design principles to your 
slide deck is the focus of this workshop. Participants will 
evaluate visual elennents and nnake appropriate changes 
to slides as needed 

WHEN: Wednesday, 11/6, 3-4pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Weekly Moodle Drop-in Sessions 

These infornnal drop-in sessions are open to any and all 
faculty at any level of Moodle experience. 

WHEN: Every Mon & Thu, 12-2pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Let's Put it to a Vote 

This workshop will introduce you to an online polling site 
that allows you to turn your students' phones into a boon, 
instead of a curse. Find out where your students stand on 
various issues, uncover the opinions and attitudes of your 
class that often stay hidden and give thenn, sonnething to 
do with those devices besides checking Facebook all day! 

WHEN: Tuesday, 11/19, l:30-2:30pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Drop-in Training Sessions 

These sessions are for anyone who wants to drop in to 
learn nnore about using the technology in our learner- 
centered classroonns. If you want to know the basics, 
learn sonne nnore advanced features, or just practice using 
the technology, conne on by! 

WHEN: Wed, 11/13, 8-10am/12-2pm 

WHERE: 3-207Q 

Cradles to 

Thanks to all who have donated 
to date. The collection will 
continue through Novennber 7^ 

Most needed itenns are 
Baby Board Books (with 
thick rigid cardboard pages) 
Boys Tops 2T-18/20 
Girls Tops 24nnos-3T 
Sneakers up to Size 5 

Donations can be dropped in the 
boxes around cannpus or 
delivered to Ms. Nancy 
Hernandez (3-401) or Ms. Use 
Hagen (3-353) 

For more information about this 
collection drive, please contact 

Professor Charlotte Belezos: For more 
information about Cradles to 
Crayons, visit 


RCC Sports 

The RCC Wonnen's and Men's basketball teanns will open 
the season at honne in the RCC Invitational Tournannent 
this weekend. Teanns fronn New York and Maryland will participate in the 
tournannent. Last year wonnen's teann finished the year ranked 3''^ in the country 
and is led by All-Annerican candidate Annanda Hoover. The nnen's teann is led by 
sophonnore Tyrus Weaver, who led the teann in scoring as a freshnnan. 

Both teanns have been very successful nationally and nnany of our student- 
athletes have nnatriculated to four year colleges and universities over the years. 
Over the past five years, graduates have nnatriculated at Bentley University, 
Franklin Pierce, UMass Boston, UMass Annherst, St. Peters, Curry College, 
UMass Lowell, University of Wilnnington, Caldwell College, UMass Dartnnouth 
and nnany other 4 year schools. 

Also, during the Novennber 19^"^ gannes, we will recognize the 2000 NJCAA Men's 
National Channpionship teann and all the previous All-Annericans since the 
inception of RCC during our double header televised gannes. 

Please come out to support your RCC Tigers! 

Tournament Schedule 





Fri, 11/1 

6:00 PM 

Monroe vs. Montgomery 


8:00 PM 

Monroe CC vs. Roxbury 


Sat 11/2 

10:00 AM 

Dean vs. Cayuga 


12:00 PM 

Dean vs. Cayuga 


2:00 PM 

Monroe CC vs. Monroe College 



Roxbury vs. Montgomery 


6:00 PM 

Roxbury vs. CCRI 


Items for "The Weekly" 

If you have something of interest that you would like to share with the college community, 
please submit it to Jacqueline Lynch at 

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