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TheWhite Man's Bible 

©1981 Ben Klassen 

01. Goals of Creativity: The Four Dimensional Religion 

02. Never Again Through the Serpents Eyes 

03. Recognizing Your Enemies — A Matter of Life and Death 

04. The Hoax of Medicine 

05. Salubrious Living - The Creative Way to Super Health 

06. Frugivora— Finding Our Category in Nature's Dietary Scheme 

07. Natural Nutrition — The Key to Creative Super Health 

08. Most Ailments Stem From Toxemia 

09. Fasting — Nature's Most Effective Means of Restoring Health 

10. Sugar — The Most Damaging Narcotic in the History of Civilization 

11. The Medical-Drug / Chemical Complex 

12. Breaking the Bonds of Medical Tyranny 

13. A Sound Environment - Getting Back to Organic Farming / Living Soil 

14. Recovering our Precious Topsoil — Organic Farming 

15. On a World-Wide Scale: The Encroaching Desert 

16. Natures Model for Organized White Society on a Global Scale 

17. Only a Homogenous Society Can Be Governed and Can Endure 

18. The Melting Pot — The Ugly American Dream 

19. Civilization Without a Racial Religion — A Self-Destructive Process 

20. The Glory and the Catastrophe that was Rome — A Lesson For all Time 

21. Colonization — A Basic Urge in Every Creature of Natures Realm 

22. The Magnificent White Race 

23. White Mans Criminal Negligence in Protecting the Survival of His Own Kind 

24. The Will to Live — The Underlying Basis of All Life 

25. Goal and Soul 

26. We Have the Genes 

27. Protecting our Gene Pool 

28. Creativity and Eugenics 

29. Who Needs Niggers? or, Elimination of the Black Plague 

30. The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo — A Forerunner for White America 

31. The Racial Spectrum — From Primates to the White Race 

32. We Shall be Masters of Our Own Manifest Destiny 

33. The War With Mexico 1846-48 An Unfinished War 

34. Parasites and Predators — The Majority in Nature's Scheme 

35. Unrelenting Warfare Between the Parasitic Jews and Their Unfortunate Victims 

36. World Jewry Declared War on Germany Before They Took Action Against Jews 

37. The Six Million Lie 

38. Russia, Israel and the United States 

39. Israel's Dastardly 1967 Attack on the U.S.S. Liberty 

40. The Brutal Truth About Inflation and Financial Enslavement 

41. The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race 

42. Henry Ford and the Jews 

43. Confessions of a Jew — The Devastating Ramifications of Paul of Tarsus 

44. The Story of the Emperor's New Clothes 

45. Superstition and Gullibility — The Achilles Heel of the White Race 

46. Gullibility Rating Quiz 

47. The "Christianity" Hoax — No Spooks in the Sky, No Historical Evidence 

48. Fear and Terror as Christianitys Ultimate Weapon 

49. Hell — The Ultimate Horror Concept of a Depraved Mentality 

50. Observations About the Devil and Hell 

51. Thumbscrew and Räck 

52. The Spooks in the Sky Swindle 

53. The Curious Relationship Between Father, Son and the Devil 

54. The Lonesome Ghost Blunder Bioopers all at the Expense of Suffering Humanity 

55. A Concocted Old Testament — The Foundation of Jewish Solidarity 

56. A Few Obvious Questions We Would Like Christians to Explain 

57. Why We Indiet Christianity So Strongly 

58. Our Frame of Reference in the Universe 

59. Life, Death and Immortality 

60. Quo Vadis? Racial Loyalty, Racial Treason 

61. The Guilt Complex and the "Fairness" Neurosis 

62. Love and Hate 

63. The Self-Destruct Relationship Between Helper and Recipient 

64. Law and Order vs. Violence, Terrorism and Self-Preservation 

65. Enabling the White Race to Protect Itself from a Hostile Government 

66. The Sixteen Commandments 

67. A Declaration of Independence from Jewish Tyranny 

68. Creativity and Creators — What We Are and What We Are Not 

69. Creativity and Government 

70. Two Chapters Continued 

71. Questions and Answers about Creativity 

72. Our Organizational Goals 

73. Fight or Die! "We Can't Win!"— The Most Common Alibi of the Cop-Out Mentality 


This, our second publication, is a companion book to our first, Nature's Etern al Religion, 
first published on February 21, 1973. In the first book we laid down the fundamental creed and 
program of our religion, Creativity and thereby founded the Church Of The Creator. In this 
second book we build on the creed of the first, reinforce that creed, amplify and expand it into 
new dimensions. 

Whereas Nature 's Eternal Religion was basically concerned with race and religion as it 
applied to the White Race, in this, The White Man 'sBible, we expand this concern to our 
physical health and well being, as well as the protection of our soil and environment on a 
worldwide basis. We believe these areas of concern are extremely important to the survival, 
expansion and advancement of the White Race-especially so since we consider the whole Planet 
Earth as the one and only home of the White Race. We can therefore say that in Creativity we 
have a truly all-inclusive religion, a four dimensional religion based upon the philosophy of A 
Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. 

The Church Of The Creator was founded with the publication of Nature's Eternal 
Religion in February of 1973. It was incorporated as a non-profit religious organization låter 
that year and we received a charter from the State of Florida on August 16, 1973. We applied for 
and received a letter of Tax Exempt Status from the I.R.S. on May 30, 1974. Because of the 
animosity of the Jew-controlled government that status has been under attack for the last year, in 
violation of the First Amendment Rights under the Constitution. As we go to press we still have 
that tax exempt status. With your support, we mean to exercise our First Amendment rights, 
Jews or no Jews, at all costs. Anyone who denies us those rights is violating the Constitution and 
thereby themselves become arch-criminals, to be hunted down and brought to justice the same as 
any other common criminal. 

Since publishing Nature 's Eternal Religion this book has gone out all över the world and 
we have supporters and correspondents all the way from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa to 
Alaska and Hawaii. The intervening years since 1973 have been extremely productive in the 
response and feedback I have received from our thousands of readers, supporters and church 
members. To my surprise, 99% of that response has been favorable, most of it extremely 
enthusiastic. I now know we are on the right track and that we can build a worldwide religious 
movement for the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race such as our race has 
never ever even dreamed of before. I am now convinced that in Creativity we have the Total 
Program, the Final Solution, the Ultimate Creed. The response from our White Racial 
Comrades has thoroughly confirmed my conviction that in the creed and program of Creativity 
lies the road to the resurrection and redemption of the White Race. 

From the traditions of Ancient Rome, not the Catholic Church, we have adopted the title of 
Pontifex Maximus as head of our church. Just as it was once the time honored title of the head 
of the state religion in Ancient Rome, so are we now picking up the threads of history from that 
grand and glorious White civilization and marching forward to new heights, leaving the Dark 
Ages of Christianity and superstition behind us to build a finer race, a more beautiful civilization, 
and a better world. Each chapter illuminates a fundamental part of our creed and program and 
together they form the building blocks of our religious dogma. They thus constitute the body of 

our religious doctrine, and instead of calling them chapters, we have designated each as a 
Creative Credo with an appropriate number. 

Our insignia was designed to reflect our emphasis on racial polarization. The "W" of course, 
stånds for the great and noble White Race. The crown indicates that we are the aristocrats of 
Nature's creation. The halo reaffirms our vow to guard and sanctify our precious blood lines as 
the most sacred value on the face of the earth. Let no man stånd in our way in accomplishing our 
goal — the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. This is the ultimate, the 
highest, the loftiest, and to us the most sacred cause in the universe. 

Members of our religion are called Creators whether men, women or children, and the 
religion itself is known as Creativity . Since the English language is devoid of a suitable word 
that includes both men and women (except perhaps the word "person" as used by the E.R.A. 
libbers) I repeatedly use the term White Man as an alternate to the White Race. In so doing, I 
want it understood I am using this word to include equally both White Men and White Women, 
and that I deem White Women of at least equal importance to our race. 

Many of the ideas expounded in this book are so totally unfamiliar to most of our White 
Racial Comrades that I have deliberately used repetition and utilized it extensively, as I did in 
Nature's Etern al Religion. Just as in our early school days we were repeatedly drilled first in 
the alphabet, then in words and spelling, in the multiplication tables as well as other key tools of 
learning, so too have I repeatedly hammered away from different angles at the key ideas, key 
issues, the natural laws that must become part of us, if the White Race is to survive. In fact, both 
this book and Nature 's Eternal Religion should be read and reread several times until the 
innermost creed of this movement becomes so thoroughly ingrained it becomes a living part of 
each of our White Racial Comrades. 

If there is one thing that sets Creativity apart from all other religions it is the fact that we 
go directly to the Eternal Laws of Nature as the supreme authority for the formulation of all our 
creed and for the answers to all our questions, including our moral values. It is one of the 
stränge anomalies of history that the White Race, the most intelligent of all creatures, has in the 
past ignored the wisdom of Nature in its social and moral laws, and for this we have paid dearly. 
Tragically, the White Race has instead looked to some man-made Jew-concocted "bible" riddled 
with lies, superstition and ignorance as the supreme "authority" in this tremendously important 
segment of its life. 

The White Man has made astounding, yes fabulous, progress in the field of science and 
technology in the last few centuries and especially so in the last few decades, all due to the 
process of "experiment", that is, probing Nature with set questions and accepting her answers, 
and then using reason and common sense in fitting together those answers into an ever widening 
mosaic of knowledge. This the White Man has done, superbly well in what started as an 
extremely slow process after the Dark Ages of Christianity slowly eased its grip on his shackled 
mind. Gradually, and piece by piece, the White Man's knowledge in science and technology 
burgeoned until today it has become a runaway process far outstripping his social apparatus to 
either utilize or even cope with this väst array of knowledge. 

In contrast his social and moral progress has been at an absolute standstill since the days of 
the Ancient Greeks and Romans In fact, in this area we have gone backwards, and are not even 
as well equipped as were our ancient forefathers of two thousand years ago. 

In Creativity we have changed all this. In questions of morality, in questions of values, 
and in social organization, we have gone directly to Mother Nature with our questions and come 

up well rewarded with sure and bountiful answers. We feel certain that by so doing we now are 
at the dawn of a great new age in which we can now progress as rapidly in the field of morals, 
genetics and social advancement as we have done in science and technology. And we mean to 
capitalize on all these multiple advancements for the benefit of Nature's Finest — the White 

We don't ask anyone to take anything we say on faith. We ask you to check it out against 
the real world as it is. Check it out against history. Check it out against the realities of Nature. 
Check it out against your own personal experiences in life. Then think about it with an open 
mind and come to your own conclusions. 

One thing more. This book is not meant to be a scientific discourse, nor an historical review 
of the White Race. I make it very clear throughout: this book and Nature's Etern al Religion 
are conceived as a religious creed and program written for the masses, clearly and simply, so that 
anyone with an open mind and a modicum of common sense can understand it and grasp its 
import. It is meant to awaken, to clarify, to give direction and to arouse men to action. Our goal, 
I repeat, is the survival, expansion and advancement of the great White Race, in short, the 
resurrection and redemption of our people. 

The need for härd and decisive action by the total forces of the White Race is great indeed, 
and it is extremely urgent. We have no more time to lose. Aroused, organized and united we are 
ten times more powerful than all the Jews and other mud races combined. Divided and 
disorganized as we now are, we are heading for certain destruction and total oblivion. The Jews 
are feverishly accelerating their program of mongrelizing the White Race here in America, and 
everywhere else in the White Man's domain. They are importing (at the initiative of the United 
States government) Vietnamese, Haitians, Cubans, Mexicans and other mud races by the 
hundreds of thousands and by the millions. No civilization, no race can stånd such an onslaught 
for long. Unless we take urgent and decisive action we will soon be reduced to a mongrelized 
mäss of miserables, as in Haiti, or in India. 

Now that we have the foundations of our creed and program completed, we must build from 
there. We now have the powerhouse to do the job. First of all we must have the widest and 
fullest dispersion of our creed. This means that every reader, supporter and member must 
become a zealous distributör of this, our sacred book. Secondly, we must organize and expand, 
until we embrace the Planet Earth. Thirdly, as we do so, we must wrest control of our total 
destiny from out of the hands of our enemies, into the strong and firm hands of our own race, the 
White Race. 

Creative Credo #01 

G oals of Creativity: The Four Dimensional Religion 

Building a beautiful New World. We Creators are builders. We are dedicated to the idea 
of building a beautiful world so different and so superior to the present one that we Creators of 
this generation will go down in history as the revolutionaries who ushered in the Golden Age of 

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. This, in 
one simple phrase sums up the heart of our program. That is why we call Creativity a four 
dimensional religion. 

Far-reaching. Whereas this all may sound simple, in its ramifications our program is so far- 
reaching, so thorough and so revolutionary that its full implications will not be totally 
comprehended for some time to come. 

Whereas the idea of a sound mind in a sound body was already entertained in the philosophy 
of the Ancient Greeks, we are rounding out that basic idea into including a sound society, a 
sound race and a healthful world environment on this Planet Earth. This sum total embodies the 
whole philosophy as the basic dogma of our religion. Furthermore, our thinking in all matters is 
on a global scale and embraces the whole Planet Earth. 

Our Golden Rule. Whereas we are tremendously proud of the accomplishments of the 
White Race throughout the spän of history and civilization, we are not particularly proud of the 
cowardly and idiotic position the present generation has allowed itself to degenerate into. 
Nevertheless, the White Race is Nature's Elite, the highest living creature it has produced in all 
the eons of time. We Creators , being members of this Elite, are supremely interested in the 
welfare and the future for the White Race. We are interested in saving the White Race not so 
much for what it is today, but what its brilliant future potential can be if it will proceed on a 
deliberate program of upbreeding itself and improving its world. Our program and our creed are 
designed to promote those best interests of the White Race so that it can achieve the tremendous 
potential that is its true destiny. Therefore the heart of our creed is this: What is good for the 
White Race is the highest virtue; what is the bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin. We 
call this our Golden Rule, and have emphasized this basic creed several times in our first book, 
Nature's Etern al Religion. 

Resurrection and Redemption of the White Race. The White Man is tremendously 
creative. He is the greatest builder the world has ever known. He is the builder of the world 
civilizations and world empires. Unfettered and unhampered, what the White Race can 
accomplish collectively when properly organized is truly phenomenal and earthshaking. It is the 
goal of the Church Of The Creator to develop and bring about this tremendous potential. 
Bringing out this prodigious potential is what we mean by the resurrection and redemption of the 
White Race. Our supreme goal is advancing the best interests of the White Race. No cost is too 
high, no struggle too härd. We gladly intend to pay the price to accomplish this noble goal, 
whatever the price. 

A World Revolution brewing. Whether we like it or not (and we Creators accept it) a far 
reaching revolution is now in the making. Whether we like it or not, the impending upheaval is 
going to turn upside down the immediate affairs of mankind completely and irrevocably. The 

coming revolution is either going to totally degenerate mankind into a hörde of miserable misfits, 
or could usher in the beautiful Golden Age of the Superman and a brilliant future beyond. We 
Creators are riding the wave of the future, and by foreseeing and planning that future we are 
determined to help mold it in such a way that we, our children and future generations can look 
forward to a Whiter and Brighter World of such magnificence as to stagger the imagination. 

The Future World we intend to build. Briefly, here are just a few of the broad outlines of 
the better world we are determined to build. 

A Brighter World of beautiful, healthy people. A world without cancer. A world without 
heart disease. A world in which there will be much more emphasis placed on building health 
rather than curing disease, and in which excellent health will be the norm rather than the 
exception. This we intend to accomplish by a program we call Salubrious Living. We will have 
several chapters on this subject. We foresee a future world in which the intelligence of the 
average individual will be significantly raised in each ensuing generation. A world free of insane 
asylums, idiots, or morons. A clean world in which there will be very little pollution of the 
environment. A world virtually free of crime in which any man, woman or child can walk any 
time of day or night without fear of assault; a world of law and order; a world free of poverty; a 
world in which every person will be creatively and gainfully employed, in one way or another 
during their total lifetime, a lifetime that will be prolonged beyond that of the present world. 
However, let me quickly emphasize we are not nearly as much interested in prolonging life as 
increasing the individual' s health and quality of life as long as it lasts. Longer life is only a 
secondary benefit as a result of superior well-being. 

Racial problems solved. The future world as we envision it, will have no racial problems, 
no language barriers and no fratricidal wars. It will be well fed, but will have no problems of 
over-population or crowding. Nor will it have scarcities of food, energy supplies or resources. 
There will be abundance for all. A happy, affluent and well-rounded life will be within easy 
reach for everyone. 

Superstitions gone. We see a world in which superstition, fear of hell, and "spooks in the 
skies" will be buried with the superstitions of our barbarian ancestors. No longer will 
superstition be exploited for profit by con-artists to torment and dominate the minds of the 
gullible. We look forward to a world where a man and woman can join in raising a family of 
fine, beautiful, healthy, intelligent children in economic security. They will have the guaranteed 
prospects of a stable future world in which they can expect that their children, too, can look 
forward to having that same opportunity when they grow up. 

Bringing Dreams to Reality. This is the future world of Creativity that we envision. A tall 
order, you say? Fantastic? An impossible Utopia only contemplated by dreamers? Perhaps. 
But we not only envision it, we are determined to do our best to bring it into being. We are not 
merely dreamy visionaries, but on the contrary, we have the specific plans, realistic programs 
and a militant creed to bring it about. You are part of that program, my dear White Racial 
Comrade. With your help we not only can do it, we must do it and we will do it. It is our 
religion, our faith, our reason for being. Just stay with us to the very last page and the very last 
word of this, the White Man 's Bible, and you will learn how it will be done, and why it must be 
done, and how you can be a major participant in history's most exciting and creative enterprise. 

Today's World in Upheaval. We have already stated that a drastic revolution of the whole 
world is now in the making, a revolution not of our doing. The trouble with most revolutions in 
history has been that usually they have been highly destructive, and left an aftermath of death, 
destruction and anarchy. It is to prevent such a major catastrophe from happening to your 
children and mine, and their future descendants, that the hopes and plans of the Church Of The 
Creator have evolved. It is a religious program such as the White Race has never before 
imagined in all its brilliant but tragic history for the last 6,000 years. 

Sick World. If we look at the world of today in the last quarter of the 20th century we find it 
is a very sick world. It is bodily sick, mentally sick, spiritually sick, socially sick, economically 
sick. It is racially and eugenically sick. Not only is it sick in all these aspects, but it is seemingly 
getting worse each year with no visible solution in sight. This is especially so in the "civilized" 
portion, which basically encompasses the White Race. 

Bodily Sick. Cancer is now the number one killer not only of adults, but also of children. 
Heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases are killing more people than ever before at 
an alarmingly increasing råte, with no visible solution in sight. Hospital and medical costs are 
spiraling at an impossible råte and no one knows where it will all end. People are swallowing 
billions of pills and ingesting poisonous drugs at a råte never contemplated before, but they are 
not getting healthier, they are getting sicker. Mental hospitals and insane asylums are 
overcrowded and burgeoning as never before in history. People, as we have said, are sick in 
mind, in body, and in spirit, and getting sicker. 

Failure of Medical Science. "Accepted", "orthodox medical method" have not been solving 
the problem. In fact, as we shall show låter, they have been compounding the problem and 
making it worse. 

But do not despair. We of the Church Of The Creator have a thorough and total solution. 
It is well worth your while to hear us out to the very end, and then dedicate yourself to bring 
about the Golden Age we mentioned earlier. Just keep an open mind and read on. And above 
all, think. 

Economically sick. Let us now look further at the problem. We said the world is also sick 
economically, and getting sicker. Let us now look at America in particular, which at this point in 
time is still the richest, most affluent country in the world and still the dream and hope of all the 
backward mud peoples of the world. Not only is it still the hope and envy of the world, but 
through its largesse, it is now (foolishly) subsidizing över one hundred and twenty other 
countries and helping (a) to compound the population explosion of the backward mud races, and 
(b) wrecking and mortgaging its own future into bankruptcy. But although it is No.l, in 
America, as in the rest of the world, the economy is sick, sick, sick, and getting sicker. Our 
national debt is skyrocketing into astronomical figures. That increase is not stabilizing, but on 
the contrary, accelerating at an impossible råte that can only spell economical collapse and a 
worthless currency. Unemployment and welfare rolls are growing at a råte that can' t go on. 
This is further exacerbated by a treacherous government which encourages the parasites and 
freeloaders to increase and multiply by making it easier, and in some cases, (especially among 
the blacks) more profitable to breed and not work. Our fuel shortages are becoming more acute, 
and our dependence on imports from hostile foreign sources is increasing dramatically each year. 
Prices and inflation are rising and no end is in sight. 

We could quote reams and pages of statistics, but they would be out of date long before this 
book is published. It is our objective here not to dwell on such but to state as briefly as possible 

a situation that exists. It is a situation of which you are undoubtedly already acutely aware, and 
it is this — that the economy of America and the rest of the world is sick — and getting sicker 
every year. In fact, a third of the world is already starving while the population keeps exploding 
beyond the four billion mark and still doubling at ever increasingly shorter intervals. It cannot 
go on this way much longer. There is already the rumble of a world upheaval and it is coming as 
surely as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow morning. 

Educationally sick. If we next look at the field of education we find that never in our 
history were our schools, colleges and universities in such a state of turmoil as they are today. 
With the Supreme Court and our alien government establishment enforcing a tyrannical program 
of school busing and forced integration of the races as a whole, our total educational program is 
in a shambles. Instead of schools being a serene place where children may learn the finer things 
in life and prepare themselves for a better future, our schools have become cesspools of strife, 
crime, narcotics and in general, a compulsory compound of misery for both teacher and pupil. 
From the parents' point of view, they have become mandatory prisons to which they are forced 
to send their children five days a week at a tremendous and ever increasing expense. At such 
state controlled prisons they can expect their children to learn very little that is either good or 
useful, but know their children will be introduced to crime, drugs, foul language and an ever 
increasing hörde of hostile and semi-savage niggers. 

Colleges ruinous to our Young People, expensive to Parents. On the college and 
university level, parents can expect to pay for a program of miseducation that will bankrupt them 
över a period of four to eight years. What can they expect their now grown children to learn at 
college? For one thing, their children will be subjected to a massive brain pollution program of 
race-mixing. Their receptive, but not too discriminatory young minds will be told över and över 
that they should mix with the niggers, intermarry with the niggers. They will be told that the 
niggers are not only equal to the White Race, but in many ways superior. They will be told to be 
ashamed of their proud and glorious White heritage and be saddled with a tremendous guilt 
complex, since it will be hammered into them time and again that the White Race is responsible 
for all the wrongs of the world, and that the niggers and the mud races are the "emerging" 
heroes. They will be taught to hate their parents, to hate their White heritage, and to hate their 
own race. They will be told that the ideas, manners, modes, customs and traditions of their 
parents and ancestors are old fashioned, behind the times and heap scorn and derision upon them. 
In short, they will be taught to love the Jews, niggers and to hate their own precious White Race. 

Moral codes destroyed. But this not the end of the damage the parents can expect, when, at 
a tremendous sacrifice they send their offspring to college. They can expect that the moral codes 
in which they nurtured their children [for] a lifetime will be badly battered, if not broken and 
discarded altogether. They can expect their personal habits and appearance to degenerate 
towards that of the long haired hippie, the ultimate slob. They can expect that their offspring 
will most certainly be introduced to the use of drugs, with chances high that they will succumb to 
drug addiction and be ruined for the rest of their life. 

The parents can expect that a good percentage will graduate from college without even being 
able to properly read, write or speak the English language. 

Exorbitant price. For all this the parents will pay a tremendous price in economic hardship, 
emotional stress and strain, and in damage to their most precious possessions — their children. 

Truly, education today is extremely malignant and getting more so all the time. Again, 
"orthodox" "accepted" approaches have not solved the problem. On the contrary, they have 
compounded the problem and made it worse. 

Eugenics and Dysgenics. Alarming as the aforesaid sicknesses may be (and it is 
considerable), the most vicious, permanent damage of all is being heaped upon us, the White 
Race, in the area of race and genetics. If the present trend continues, the White Race, Nature's 
highest creation, will be biologically wiped out and exterminated in another one or two 
generations. We have been told över and över about the tremendous population explosion that is 
now going on. But the most significant factor that has been conspiratorially kept from us is this: 
while the mud races are exploding by leaps and bounds, the White Race is not only shrinking 
rapidly, but being mongrelized into extinction. In the meantime, the niggers, the Mexicans, the 
Hindus, the Chinese, the Indonesians, the mixed breeds of South America, and hundreds of other 
mongrelized species of mud races are expanding at a fantastic råte, a råte never before witnessed 
in history. 

Explosion of the Mud Races. And why are the mud races suddenly exploding? Because of 
the White Man's benevolent policies of subsidizing them with food, with medical technology, 
industrial technology, and outright aids of money, grants and gifts, all these at the expense of the 
White Race, all to the detriment of the White Race and to the benefit of the rapidly expanding 
mud races. As we will see låter, such idiotic policies are spelling the suicide of the White Race 
and the proliferation of the subnormal mud races. The consequence of such a suicidal policy will 
be the breakdown of civilization and a world of starving, clawing mud-races, a world of 
chaos, hunger and anarchy. A foreshadowing of such a world can already be seen in a stark 
outline in many places in the world today for anybody that cares to look with their eyes open. A 
few examples are Haiti, India, the former Belgian Congo where the White Man was driven out 
by the treachery of his own (Jewish) government in Belgium, just to name a few. In general, all 
of Africa north of Rhodesia and South Africa is seething with anarchy, hunger and racial 
degeneration. Even South Africa and Rhodesia are doomed to collapse and return to the jungle, 
if the present insane course is pursued. At this writing Rhodesia, aided by treachery from within, 
from England and the United States on the outside, has already been taken över for the niggers. 

Steady Genetic Degeneration. There is one more factor that must be mentioned in the 
racial degeneration of mankind as a whole and the White Race in particular. Even in the White 
Race itself there is a steady attrition and degeneration of the genetic health of the race. Even 
among those of the White Race that haven' t been contaminated by race-mixing with the mud 
races, the genetic pool is degenerating and going down hill. Why? Because of the insane 
policies we have been accepting in medicine, in politics, in education and especially in religion. 

So now we come to the crux of the problem. The world is malignant in all the prime areas 
we have mentioned because basically our thinking has been, and still is, sick. The mind of the 
White Man has become extremely malignant and in fact, suicidal. 

Sick Minds the Crux of the Problem. We will now state a basic premise which we will 
repeat and emphasize again and again throughout this book: most of our problems originate in 
the mind. All solutions to those problems also originate in the mind. 

Remember that we stated right in the beginning that our prime objective is: A Sound Mind 
in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment. Only if we treat the whole we 
will be able to solve our multitude of problems. In so doing, we Creators contend that we 
have to start with the mind. We have to first of all straighten out our thinking and bring our 

minds into the area of health and sanity. Before we can do this we have to cleanse the mind of 
the pollution and contamination that now paralyze and becloud its thinking. Until we do so, we 
are unable to think logically. For example, in the centuries before Columbus, almost all the 
people believed that the earth was flat. Until that erroneous idea was purged from their minds, 
the idea that the world is round could not be entertained in the same brain. And until the idea 
that the world was round was universally accepted, little progress could be made in navigation, 
exploration, discovery and further expansion of the White Man's horizons. 

Clogged with Suicidal Ideas. Similarly in the field of race, religion and eugenics, as long as 
our minds are cluttered with a mäss of sick and suicidal ideas, ideas that are basically false, little 
if any progress can be made in those areas, areas that are most vital for the survival of the White 
Race and civilization itself. Again, we emphasize that the "accepted" and "orthodox" ideas 
about race and religion have not solved the problem. On the contrary, they have confused and 
compounded the problem and are the very cause of it. 

Detoxification of the White Man's Mind. It is one of the purposes of this book to first of 
all decontaminate the White Man of all the garbage, rubbish and poison that has accumulated in 
his mind due to the sick religion and sick education with which his mind has been indoctrinated 
över the many millenniums. It is then our purpose to replace those ideas with healthy, 
constructive and creative thinking, ideas that are based on the ultimate of all truths: the eternal 
and unchanging Laws of Nature. 

Our Four Dimensional Religion. We have said that our goal is the building of a bright and 
beautiful world by achieving a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound 
Environment. We have also said that the real place to start is with the mind. However, in order 
to do so we are going to go about it in a roundabout way and start in the middle — namely how 
we can achieve a sound body. 

Poisonous Drugs basis of modern "Medicine". We all want to have a sound, healthy body, 
don' t we? We want to have a body free of cancer, free of heart disease, free of most of the 
degenerative diseases that plague "modern" civilization, don' t we? In the first part of this book 
we will explain and explore how this is already possible without the use of drugs, surgery or 
radiation, in short, without their "orthodox" program of "cut, burn and poison" that modern 
medicine is so fond of using as a "cure". We also exposé how the American Medical 
Association (A.M.A.), the Food and Drag Administration (F.D.A.), and American Cancer 
Society (A.C.S.) and a höst of their auxiliaries, in collusion with the Jew-controlled news media 
have for years joined in a vicious conspiratorial campaign to suppress all such information from 
either reaching you, or discrediting it if you should accidentally stumble onto it. 

Salubrious Living — our Health Philosophy. In the first part of this book we will have a 
number of chapters not only on the subject of health, but also on the related subject, a clean and 
salubrious environment. The two together and are an integral part of our philosophy for the 
survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. We call this, our philosophy of total 
health, Salubrious Living. 

But before we go into Creativity's philosophy of Salubrious Living and super health, I 
want to devote the next two chapters in first laying down a few fundamental principles derived 
from Nature concerning all life. This will be our point of departure for many more such 
principles låter. 

Creative Credo #02 

Never Again Through the Serpents Eyes 

Consider the following situation. A young pioneering mother living in a primitive cabin in 
the early west with her husband and three children. The youngsters are aged six, four and two 
respectively, and another is on the way. The children are all asleep in the same small room. 

Eternal enmity. One morning to the mother' s horror, she finds a rattlesnake with a newly- 
delivered brood under one of the beds of the children. There is not the slightest doubt in the 
mother' s mind as to what she must do. She immediately gets her children out of the area, 
contemplates getting the biggest club in the woodpile by the fireplace, and clubbing to death the 
rattlesnake and her infant brood. 

Irreconcilable conflict. Now obviously there is a sharp conflict of interest here. Obviously 
the two conflicting parties, namely, the mother and her family on the one side, and the 
rattlesnake on the other side, have immediate, direly opposing points of view. The two 
viewpoints are före ver irreconcilable. They are extremely hostile and laden with emotion. They 
are, in fact, a matter of life and death. The two parties cannot survive in the same bedroom, and 
in fact, from the mother' s point of view, the rattlesnake is, per se, an evil threat to herself and her 
family, no matter where it exists. There can be no negotiation, no compromise, no 
reconciliation, only survival of one or the other. 

Snake's viewpoint. But before we go further into the mother' s point of view, let us look at it 
from the rattlesnake' s point of view. Let us for a moment look at it through the snake's eyes. In 
fact, let us present it from the typical bleeding-heart liberal' s point of view and embellish it with 
some of the tear-jerking, sympathy-evoking clichés that these same bleeding-hearts have become 
so expert at in tugging at your heartstrings. 

Liberal Humanitarian version. Here is the poor rattlesnake in danger of her life. She, too, 
is one of God's creatures, with a right to life, liberty and happiness. She, too, is entitled to 
survival and the right to raise her family in peace, comfort and security. Furthermore, she is a 
mother. She is a good mother trying to pro teet her young off spring. She found a nice warm 
place under the bed and considered it her home. And why not? It seemed more warm and 
sheltered from the elements than the more hostile, cold exteriör. The fact that someone else had 
built the house was of no particular interest to her. This was her nest! This was her home! This 
was where her children were born! 

After all, the snake could reason that she and her ancestors roamed that prairie land long 
before these White intraders came along and started plowing up their land, uprooting their nests, 
and in general, killing and decimating their kind. These White settlers were their most bitter 
detested enemies! Killthem! Strike out at this White mother! Strike her with poisonous fångs 
and inject the deadly venom into her bloodstream as quickly as possible! Rid the earth of her, 
her children and her kind! 

These would be the thoughts that would be flitting through the rattlesnake' s mind if it could 
express itself. Since it can' t express itself in words, a bleeding-heart liberal opinion molder 
would gladly do it for her and spread her point of view throughout the news media of the world, 
especially if thereby he could discredit, weaken and undermine the position of the White Race. 

The Mother's viewpoint. So much for the snake's point of view. At this point, we were 
looking at it purely as seen through the serpenfs eyes. Looking at it from the mother's point of 
view, the snake represented an immediate danger to her, her children and her husband. It was a 
dangerous reptile, equipped with poisonous fångs, a species of varmint that was of no earthly use 
to her or anybody else. It was ugly, reprehensible, instinctively fear-inspiring, and a terrible 
danger to her family. Almost instinctively, she clubbed the rattlesnake and her brood to death as 
quickly as possible and threw the remains out of her house. Instinctively she did that which 
Nature tells each species to do — protect your own kind and destroy that which is a threat to 
you, your family and your own kind. 

In the case of the pioneering mother "her kind" was the White Race. It did not even include 
the whole "human race". It did not even include the hostile savage redskins who roamed the 
land, and who too, were a threat to her family and her White Racial Comrades. 

Eternal Conflict of the Species. This, in clear outline, presents the conflict that each species 
of Nature is confronted with today and has been from time immemorial. It will be so eternally in 
the future. The mealy-mouthed liberals and the bleeding-hearts would have us believe that 
things are different now and that we all have a larger, overall common interest that we share. We 
must learn to live and let Ii ve, they tell us. They even go further and say that we must help 
preserve every species, no matter how harmful to us or how useless. This applies not only to the 
world of animals, birds, fishes and insects, but also the preservation and proliferation of the 
inferior species of that great catch-all: the "human" race. This includes cannibals, Australian 
bushmen, remnant savages that live in the trees in the Philippine Islands, or head-hunting 
cannibals in New Guinea, or in the jungles of the Amazon. No matter how backward, stupid or 
useless such tribes are, it is the "Christian duty" of the White Race to protect, to feed, to nurture 
them, and if necessary, to keep them breeding, even baby-sit for them as we do now for many 
of the American Indians who would soon die out if left to fend for themselves in competition 
with the White Man's civilization. 

Suicidal Christian Philosophy. The Jews and Christians even go further. They not only tell 
us we should "live and let live" but they tell us we should love our enemies and do good to them 
that spitefully use us. Since Christianity basically is indulging in a world of fantasy and make- 
believe, such philosophy is, of course, one of suicide and stupidity. To voluntarily collaborate in 
the suicide of your own Race, is going far beyond the idea of "live and let live"! 

No concern for the White Race. Throughout this whole idiotic bleeding-heart philosophy, 
there strangely seems to be one vital piece missing. Curiously, whereas these do-gooders' hearts 
bleed profusely for the alligators, the rattlesnakes, the Indians and the niggers, there never seems 
to be the slightest concern for the survival of Nature' s most wonderful species of all — the White 
Race. Whereas reams of propaganda have been written about how important it is to preserve the 
last 50 whooping cranes, no bleeding-heart do-gooder has ever publicized that the great White 
Race itself is a declining and shrinking species, that it is truly an endangered species on its way 
to extinction. 

Liberal Philosophy Suicidal. This is singularly peculiar and stränge, since a large portion 
of these liberals, bleeding-hearts and do-gooders who are doing all the shouting, are themselves 
members of the White Race. 

How does it happen that the White Race, whose intelligence in the matter of science, 
civilization and culture is so far ahead of any of the colored mud races, that it is completely 
unaware and unconcerned about its own survival, yet will make such a big to-do about the 

survival and welfare of not only the scum of the earth, but even the welfare of its out and out 

Must get our thinking straight. In order to answer this stränge dilemma, we must first of 
all get our thinking straight. There are a number of factors that have brought the White Race to 
the verge of suicide and self-destruction and not the least of which is the confused philosophy 
which is debilitating the White Man's brain. Somebody has been tampering with the White 
Man's thinking process. Whoever that somebody is, they are not interested in the White Man's 
welfare, but rather his destruction. 

White Race our only concern. So let us analyze the situation as to how we got so confused 
as to aid our enemies and totally lack concern for our own survival. 

When I say "our" survival, I am talking about the White Race, since I am not a bird, or an 
alligator, or a nigger, or an Indian. I am a member of the White Race and as such I am first and 
foremost concerned about the welfare of the White Race, [and] its survival, expansion and 

Survival necessarily at expense of other creatures. Now let us state clearly one overriding 
fact of life: the interest and welfare of one species of life on the face of this earth can be, and 
usually is, in dire conflict with that of another. There is no such thing as "a common good" for 
every creature on the face of this earth. When a coyote brings home a rabbit to his family, it 
makes a good meal for the coyote family, but it spells death and tragedy for the rabbit family. 
When a pride of lions in the African Veldt manages to pull down a zebra, it temporarily spells 
food and plenty for the lion pride, but it is death and destruction for the zebra. When a hörde of 
locusts invades a farmer' s field of corn, it spells destruction for the corn, disaster for the farmer, 
but food and good nourishment to the locusts. The interest of the locusts, and the farmer are not 
the same. They are diametrically opposed. 

Survival of its own kind. And so it is throughout Nature. One creature' s death is the other 
creature' s tasty dinner. Coyotes are not interested in the welfare of rabbits, and suffer no pangs 
of conscience in bringing them home for dinner. Nor should they. Nature tells them that this is 
what they should do to survive. On the other hand, rabbits are not the least interested in the 
welfare of the coyotes and it is a matter of life and death to prevent getting caught by a coyote 
and becoming a coyote' s dinner. 

The obvious conflict of interest extends to practically all other species and even between the 
sub- species. Nature tells each species to look after its own kind. 

Eternal Struggle is the Price of Survival. Those who are too weak or too sluggish to 
competently wage that struggle, fall by the wayside and are eliminated in the grim battle for 

This dictum applies to whole species as well as individuals. Darwin summed it up with the 
phrase "survival of the fittest". 

Nature's Laws Immutable. This implacable Law of Nature also applies to the species as 
well as the individual. Not only is Nature continually upgrading each species by culling out the 
weak, the sluggish, the misfits, the deformed, but över a longer spän of time, Nature culls out 
whole species that could not meet its test in the competition for survival. The dodo is no longer 
with us. Neither are many huge species of the dinosaur family who fifty million years ago 
dominated the landscape in massive numbers. Certain species of the dinosaur family, such as 
iguanas, however, which have adapted to changed circumstances, environment and competition, 

still survive to this day. On the plus side, the shark family with some 250 sub-species has 
survived competition, ice ages, and a changing environment for över two hundred million years, 
a long, long time indeed. 

Survival of the Fittest. The same harsh law of "survival of the fittest" also applies to the 
"human" species. Unfortunately the term "fittest" does not necessarily mean the most capable 
and intelligent, nor the most productive. "Survival of the fittest" means the fittest to survive, 
which has an altogether different connotation. The cockroach as a species inhabited the earth at 
the time of the dinosaurs and is still with us. This does not mean it was better, bigger, stronger, 
or more desirable than the dinosaur. It does mean it has proved itself more capable of 
surviving. As a result it survived, and the big dinosaurs did not. It is important to make this 
distinction when we are talking about the "survival of the fittest". 

White Race Creator of Civilizations. It is important to keep this distinction in mind when 
we consider the "human" species as such. Undoubtedly the White Race is by far the most 
intelligent, capable, industrious, productive race of all races that now live, or ever have lived, on 
the face of this planet. When it comes to producing civilization, practically all known 
civilizations were created by the White Race. Even those such as the Hindu or Chinese 
civilizations of four thousand years ago were created by an invading White conqueror and foisted 
upon an inferior mud race. When through intermarriage the White conqueror s were finally 
diluted and submerged into oblivion, then those same civilizations froze at the initial level or 
retrogressed into decay. This subject is explored in further detail in several chapters of our first 
book, Nature's Etern al Religion. 

White Race an Endangered Species. Despite the fact that the White Race is 
overwhelmingly superior to all the mud races of the world in creativity, productivity, intellect, 
culture, civilization and just about every other category, the White Race is not holding its own in 
the battle for survival. It is shrinking, while the mud races of the world are multiplying and 
breeding like råts. 

Strangely, most White people are tragically unaware of this catastrophe. Many of the White 
liberals whose hearts are bleeding about the survival of the last 50 whooping cranes are strangely 
indifferent about the disappearance and extinction of their own species. 

White Race Programmed for Extinction. And the fact is — the White Race is on a 
collision course with disaster and extinction. Whereas it has taken millions of years for Nature 
to evolve this crowning glory of her creation, unless the White Race soon changes its attitude 
and its course of action the White Race as we know it today will be mongrelized into another 
stupid, incapable mud race within two generations at most. It will be submerged in a flood tide 
of colored masses, from which it can never again extricate itself. Once the White Race is 
mongrelized it can never again reverse the process, no more than a fried scrambled egg can be 
returned into the original egg. 

Let us make no mistake about it — there is a powerful deliberate crash program in force to 
niggerize America! The niggerization of America is undoubtedly the most important fact of 
contemporary history and strangely one of the least realized by the victims themselves, the White 

Jews our Mortal Enemy. Working towards the niggerization of America is the Jewish race. 
Pushing, clawing, propagandizing with a fury unparalleled in history, the Jews are working 
towards their ultimate historical goal — total enslavement of all the races of the world — and 
every Jew a king. Why do they want to reduce the White Man down to a mongrelized moron in 

order to rule the world? The question almost answers itself. Morons are easier to control than an 
intelligent, aggressive and belligerent opposition, such as the White Race has always been. 

Whereas the Jews are pushing for the niggerization of America and the mongrelization of the 
White Race throughout the world as a whole, their program, of course, does not include the 
mongrelization of the Jews. On the contrary, the Jews are extremely race conscious and have 
been so for thousands of years. They are the most fanatically racist-minded of any on the face of 
the earth. Their one fanatic loyalty is toward their own race. Their one unbendable law is: 
what's good for the Jews is good — what's bad for the Jews is bad — period. 

Everything from Jewish viewpoint. They do not make the mistake of looking at the world 
through the snake's eyes or anyone else's eyes. They look at everything through the Jew's 
eyes — everything is examined, explained, promoted and considered from the Jewish point of 
view. As a result of this racial solidarity which is polarized around their Judaic religion, the Jew 
today is in control of the money, the propaganda media, and the governments of the world. 

White Man playing the Defenseless Fool. Here lies the significant difference between the 
Jews and the White Race. Whereas the Jews make no bones about being unswervingly dedicated 
to the interests of the Jewish race, the White Man, through massive application of propaganda, is 
mesmerized into being a charitable do-gooder, busily breaking his neck in an attempt to save the 
rest of the world. He is continually being told that it is "his duty", his responsibility, to subsidize 
the Hindus in India, the Indians in America, the niggers in Biafra, in Uganda or in the U.S. A., or 
wherever they are. He is continually, through Jewish propaganda, being told that he must 
consider the "needs" of every scum on the face of the earth. He is told to look at life and the 
world through everyone else's eyes but his own. He is being programmed, in short, to look at 
the world through the snake's eyes — through the eyes of his deadly enemies. 

Prejudice and Discrimination. There are two key words the Jew uses extremely effectively 
as weapons against the White Race. Those two words are prejudice and discrimination. They 
are always used against the White Man, ne ver against the Jews or niggers. They are used to 
make the White Man feel guilty and thereby batter down his defenses. 

Everybody is prejudiced. Now let me say this about prejudice: everybody who has an 
ounce of brains at all is prejudiced and uses discrimination in their selection of everything — 
associates, neighbors, clothes, food, cars, housing, etc. Niggers are extremely prejudiced in 
favör of niggers, Jews are the most fanatic of all in cheating, lying and stealing if it will favör 
Israel and the Jews as a whole. Judges are prejudiced, legislators and politicians are prejudiced, 
teachers are prejudiced, newsmen are prejudiced. Only an imbecile can go through life without 
being prejudiced, and even that is doubtful. 

Weapon against the White Race. So what else is new? Nothing, except it is only the 
White Race who is always accused of being prejudiced, "racist" and stupidly cringes before this 
idiotic charge like a Pavlovian dog conditioned to salivate. The earmark of any free society is 
the freedoms to choose whom you want to associate with. This obviously also means the 
freedom to choose whom you do not want to associate with and thereby reject. Throughout 
history this freedom of choice has been extremely important to all people, and we Creators are 
determined not to let the Jews and niggers swindle us out of this extremely important right. 

Prejudiced redefined. In its true sense prejudice really means being selective in the 
manifold options and choices that are available in life. In being competent in making such [a] 
choice, common sense would dictate that such a person exercised good judgment — an accolade 
of intelligence. 

Perverted into smear word. However, the Jews and the niggers, in using "prejudice" as a 
weapon against the White Man have perverted it to an altogether different meaning. Through 
years of repetition they have cultivated its meaning into an ugly smear word, an epithet 
connoting a prejudiced individual is cursed with an odd quirk, hang-up, who hates people 
different from himself for no reason at all. 

Alert to clear and present danger. Let us therefore set the record straight. We Creators 
are not obsessed with any particular hang-ups or quirks of any kind. In fact, it is our cold 
dispassionate logic that strikes fear and hatred into the hearts of our enemies. We Creators are 
not particularly concerned about what anybody believes or does as long as it is no threat to us. If 
500 million people want to believe cows are holy and it is no threat to us, we couldn't care less. 
However, when a powerful group, such as the Jewish network, has a creed and program designed 
to destroy our family, our country, yes, and the White Race itself, then we spring to attention. 
We not only take notice, but we take action. It then behooves us to become extremely energized, 
to organize and to defend ourselves at all costs. It is then a matter of survival — a matter of do or 

Racial loyalty. We Creators take this stånd: Yes, we are proud to be racists. Yes, we are 
prejudiced in favör of the White Race at all times, in all things. Only we call this racial loyalty, 
and anyone who is not loyal to the White Race we designate as a despicable traitor to his or her 
own race. We will have more to say about this in låter chapters but I want to make this issue 
indelibly clear right from the beginning. 

Conclusion. The foregoing leads to all the following inescapable conclusions: 

1. Nature decrees that each species look after its own exclusively and guard against its enemies. 
We will call this philosophy to each his own, or racial loyalty, in reference to people. 

2. We must never again look at issues from anyone else' s point of view, not through the 
snake's, not through the Jew's eyes, not through the nigger's eyes, or any other enemies' point of 

We must measure everything from our point of view. We must consider every issue from 
the White Man's point of view, and no one elses. 

3. The third conclusion logically follows the second and it will be the bedrock for our religious 
thinking: namely: what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the 
White Race is the ultimate sin. We have already decreed this as our Golden Rule in the first 
chapter, and we repeat it here. 

Never Again must we be Traitor to our Own. As we proceed to build the philosophy of 
our religion for the survival of the White Race, let us never again look at the world through the 
serpenfs eyes. We are not interested in the serpenfs point of view. We have only one 
consider ation: The White Man's point of view, The White Man's best interest, The White 
Man's welfare. 

To do otherwise is playing the traitor to our own race and an affront against the Laws of 
Nature itself. 

In the next chapter we will take a closer look at each creature's instinctive ability to 
recognize its natural enemy, and what has happened to that instinct in the case of the White 

Creative Credo #03 

Recognizing Your Enemies— A Matter of Life and Death 

Basics for survival. The second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is the one who 
cannot recognize its enemies. The most stupid of all is the one who will defend and collaborate 
with the very enemies that are destroying it and its own kind. 

In the early 1960' s, I saw a science program on television that I have never forgotten. At that 
time, it had not especially dawned on me that the Sermon on the Mount, advocating such advice 
as "love your enemies", "turn the other cheek", "resist not evil", was a really bad, suicidal 

Nature Lesson. The program that has stuck in my mind demonstrated a flock of newly 
hatched baby chicks, not more than a few days old. They were contained in a circular pen, 
probably about 20 feet in diameter, with the walls not more than a foot in height. At the center 
of this circular pen, was a vertical pole probably 8 feet in height, with a horizontal arm extending 
out from the top of the central pole so that the arm could sweep horizontally över the pen in a 
rotary motion. 

The first scene showed the little chicks peacefully feeding in the pen. Then a wooden bird, 
having the outline of a flying duck, was attached to the end of the arm. The arm with the duck 
on the end of it was then swung round and round över the young chicks, simulating a duck flying 
över their heads. 

Completely unperturbed, the little chicks went on pecking at their food. When a wooden 
bird, with the outlines of a flying goose was substituted for the duck, the same results ensued. 
The little chicks couldn't care less. 

Next, a wooden bird having the outlines of a hawk was similarly passed över their heads. 
Immediately the little chicks screamed with fright and scuttled for cover in a hutch in the center 
of the pen. This, despite the fact that there was not even a mother hen to warn them, or reläte her 
experience to the little chicks. 

Instinct inborn. Inborn in those little chicks was the instinctive recognition of the hawk as 
its natural enemy, instinctive fear and instinctive reaction to flee and take cover. Without any 
training, without any conscious thought processes, even a dumb chick, a few days old, 
recognized a clear and present danger — the chicken hawk — even though it was only a simulated 
wooden outline of their enemy passing över their heads. 

This lesson impressed me considerably, and although at that time I had not recognized its full 
significance, I never forgot it. 

Natural Enemies. Since then I have noted, from other forms of animal, bird, insect, or 
reptile life, that just about every creature has one or more natural enemies, and that each and 
everyone of them instinctively can recognize them almost as if they were picking them up on 
radar. A newly born fawn not only instantly recognizes the presence of a mountain lion in close 
proximity, but also knows what to do to avoid being detected. It will, therefore, lie still and low 
in the grass and try to blend into the landscape. Since the fawn has no odör, it hopes it will not 
be detected by its predatory enemy. 

Similarly, practically every other creature, through sight and sense of smell, instinctively 
recognizes its enemies in short order and usually knows what to do to protect itself. Failure in 
this tremendously important function is fatal. A ground squirrel recognizes coyotes, dögs, 
hawks, eagles and several other natural enemies in a flash, and will usually dive for cover into its 
hole in the ground. Other birds, animals, fish, etc, use camouflage, a cover, and basically, fight 
or flight, as some of the many ingenious ways in protecting themselves from their enemies. 

White Man's Instinct Subverted. So now we come to the species with which we are most 
concerned — the noblest and most intelligent of all creatures — the White Race. It, too, was 
born with natural instincts to recognize and protect itself from its enemies. However, when we 
examine the history of the White Race över the last two thousand years, its record in this area is 
so sorry that it is absolutely shameful. If you were to ask the average White Man who his natural 
enemies are, he wouldn't even know what you were talking about, much less know how to 
protect himself. 

Our Natural Enemies. And who are his natural enemies? Number one on the list is the 
International Jew, the whole Jewish network, the Jew as an individual. Number two is the mäss 
of colored races, whom we shall designate simply as the mud races. 

Dumb and Confused. About the dumbest creature in the world is the one that will not 
only refuse to defend itself against its enemies, but will rally to the defense of the very 
enemy that is actively engaged in a program to destroy it. As a famous doctor (about whom 
we will have more to say in a låter chapter) said: "Ålas, no fool is a bigger fool than the fool that 
fools himself." 

The present generation of the White Race fits this description to a "T". Whereas, the Jew, for 
thousands of years, has waged conscious, deliberate, planned, effective warfare for the 
destruction and/or the mongrelization of the White Race, the present generation of the White 
Race has been so confused, so befuddled, so indoctrinated with bad, erroneous ideas about race 
and religion, that the White Man himself is the Jew's best and most effective ally in his own self- 

Origin of our Confusion. How did this come about? Well, it's a long story, and that, 
mostly, is what this book is all about. Briefly, let me say here that when the Jew sold the ancient 
Romans, the epitome of the White Race of that era, on Christianity, it was then that the big 
breakthrough was made. When the Jew convinced the Romans to buy the poisonous advice 
contained in the Sermon On The Mount, namely to "love your enemies", "turn the other cheek", 
"resist not evil", then the Romans became ripe for destruction. 

Death of the Romans. We all know what happened to the Romans shortly after they were 
"converted" to Christianity. With their instincts deadened and their thinking perverted into 
worrying about the spooks in the sky instead of struggling for their own survival and 
advancement, they soon shrank into oblivion. They faded from the scene of history. They paid 
the penalty of allowing themselves to be mongrelized and not recognizing their eternal enemy, 
the Jew. 

Such are the consequences of not recognizing your enemy, and, of course, you can't defend 
yourself against an enemy you can't, or won't, recognize. 

Our Avowed Purpose. It is the purpose of the Church Of The Creator to again revive 
the healthy instincts with which Nature endowed even the White Race and to bring it back to 
sanity so that our people will not only recognize their enemies, but also learn to exercise their 
instinctive urge to overcome them. With all the remarkable attributes of intelligence, creativity, 

productivity with which Nature has so generously endowed the White Race, it will then have no 
problem promoting its own survival, expansion and advancement. 

White Race must Regain its Senses. But first, the White Race must, like all the other 
creatures, again learn to recognize its enemies, or it is certain that it will soon be as extinct as the 
dodo and the dinosaur. 

Let us again make this clear: our every position is and must be from the White Man's point 
of view. From the White Man's point of view the Jews, the niggers, and the mud races are 
his eternal natural enemies. This is as basic and unalterable as the conflict between the 
pioneering mother and the rattlesnake. 

Either Or. At this crucial stage of world history, either the White Race will survive, or 
the Jews and their enslaved mud races. It will be one or the other, and this, too, is a grim 
unalterable fact of life, whether we like it or not. 

It is the supreme purpose of the Church Of The Creator to see to it that it will be the 
White Race that shall survive. 

Must also know how to defend ourselves. There is one more basic idea that I want to make 
abundantly clear at the outset. Looking at every issue from the White Man's point of view and 
clearly recognizing our enemies lays a firm basis for our philosophy, but it is not enough. We 
must now also know how to successfully defend ourselves from our enemies and overcome 
them. The key word is successfully... 

White Teamwork. The answer to that problem, too, is simple and basic. The answer to it is 
Teamwork. We must employ Racial Teamwork. Next we must organize. We must be 
dedicated to Racial Loyalty organized into White Teamwork. 

Basic to even the most ignorant. This is so obvious and so basic that even the most 
ignorant nigger is aware of it. The Cubans are aware of it. In May of 1980 and [the] first two 
weeks of June they risked their necks and hauled more than 1 15,000 of their mongrelized 
brothers across the Straights of Florida in small boats, regardless of rough weather and in 
defiance of our immigration laws. The Jews have been intensely aware of racial teamwork for 
thousands of years and have made a highly sophisticated science of it. Strangely enough, the 
White Race, the most intelligent of all races, has never deliberately practiced it on a racial level, 
and has in fact been programmed to shun it lest they be accused of being "racists". The White 
Man is highly skilled in teamwork in sports, in music, in science, in Christianity, in medicine and 
in any number of other fields, but on a racial level, never. 

Must learn this lesson. So let me explain the basics of this principle to my White Racial 
Comrades so that they may learn this lesson and learn it well. 

When a rookie joins a major football team, (or basketball team, or baseball team) the first 
lesson that is thoroughly drilled into him is that he is not an independent individual, but a 

member of a team. This basic idea is drilled into him relentlessly so that he not only plays by 
the game rules but more importantly, he plays by the team rules. He either learns and practices 
teamwork or he is kicked off the team, no matter what other talents he may have. It is not 
enough that on the football field he may be a good runner, a good passer, a good receiver or a 
good blocker, he must do his given part in a carefully orchestrated team play. He must be aware 
of the other players' moves, the team's strategy, the opponents' moves, when he must block, 

when he must let someone else carry the ball, and dozens of other intricate maneuvers, all of 
which add up to teamwork. And teamwork adds up to victory. 

Team Players are Winners. If a team were composed of the best individual players in the 
country but all played as independent prima donnas they could easily be clobbered by a mediocre 
team which had learned the basics of team play. And so it is in life, in business, and even more 
so with our own racial survival. 

Let me illustrate one more example where there is no room for indulging in idiotic theories, 
and where coming out second best means catastrophe. 

Army warfare another example. Let us picture two armies, approximately equal in size, in 
opposition to each other, squaring off for battle. The one army is well trained, well disciplined, 
has a strategic battle plan worked out in advance and is ably led by a top command who not only 
knows what its battle plan is, but has the nerve, the ability and determination to carry it out. 

On the other side you have another army similar in size that strongly believes in democracy, 
believes in freedom of choice, believes each individual soldier is entitled to his own opinion and 
the freedom to do as he pleases. Each foot soldier is strongly aware of this philosophy and 
supremely jealous of exercising his prerogatives to damn well do as he pleases. Comes the day 
of battle, and each recruit has his own ideas about how this battle should be fought, or if it should 
be fought at all. You have, in short, a disorganized mob. As their well organized opponents 
moved in on them they would be slaughtered. All their theoretical fantasies of freedom, of 
individual dissent, etc. would be wiped out with them. 

Racial survival at stake. And so it is with racial survival. We must learn Teamwork as 
lesson Number One. We must quit playing silly games about how damn individualistic we all 
want to be. Whatever abilities and talents we have must be contributed to the best interests of 
the survival of the race. If we don' t we will be wiped out by inferior races who have learned the 
lesson of teamwork better than we have. 

Unqualified Freedom a Myth. No one is absolutely free in life and the Jews have learned 
to repeatedly bait and hook the goyim with some of the same deceptive catch words. The ideas 
of liberty and freedom come foremost in this category. In the Protocols of the Elders of Zion 
they brag about how they used the slogan "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" as the catch phrase with 
which to launch the French revolution, noting that the goyim were too stupid to notice the built- 
in contradictions in the phrase. They boast further they have used the same idea, basically the 
idea of Freedom and Liberty as a means of sowing ferment and confusion in numerous prior 
revolutions and also subsequent revolutions, using this idea as bait with which to first undermine 
authority, then overthrow it. 

Responsibility, duty come first. The facts of life are such that nobody is free to drive on the 
left side of the road in the name of freedom of choice, to run through red lights when the impulse 
moves them, or to cause children to be brought into this world to starve because he feels free to 
either work or loaf . The fact is everybody in life has a multitude of responsibilities which he is 
obligated to not only accept, but must also be capable of discharging efficiently throughout the 
spän of his lifetime. A good White Racial comrade must think in terms of duty, 
responsibility, honor, not only towards himself but also his family, his community and his race. 
The very ideas of responsibility and unlimited freedom to do as one damn well pleases are in 
direct conflict with each other, and freedom as an unqualified entity does not exist for any 
creature or species on the face of the earth, much less for members of a highly complex society 
such as any responsible member of the White Race would prefer to live in. 

Racial Socialism: Racial Teamwork. In Nature's Etern al Religion I have tried to 
explain this partially under Racial Socialism, in which I try to explain first of all the importance 
of teamwork amongst our White Racial Comrades if they are to survive, and secondly, that 
socialism as such is nothing more or less than Organized Society. I further point out that 
despite all the idiotic stigmas that the misguided Kosher Konservatives have placed on the word 
"socialism" that every organization, per se, whether it be a church, a school, or a Boy Scout 
troop, is inherently socialistic. I repeat: socialism is organized society, and as such, like the 
weather, it can be good, bad, or indifferent, depending on its individual nature. Cicero, the great 
Roman philosopher and writer summed it up succinctly: "We are servants of the law in order that 
we may be free." 

Anarchy the cruelest tyrant of all. I repeat: there is no such a thing as unqualified 
freedom — there is only anarchy. A classic example of morons who believe they have the 
freedom to do as they please is the recent example (May, 1980) of the niggers in north western 
Miami, looting, burning, beating and killing as they saw fit. Such destruction can last only 
temporarily. Then comes the heavy price of retribution for such insanity. We must remember 
our theory of freedom to do as we please is also the anarchisfs freedom to do likewise to us, and 
this might include looting your house, burning it down, and killing you and your family. 

Creativity is White Teamwork. In Creativity we follow the experience of history. 
Eternal struggle is the price of survival. The winners of such struggles are those who organize, 
who have a battle plan, who practice racial teamwork. In Creativity, as we unfold our creed 
and program, we endeavor to furnish the White Race with all these essentials, and more. 

Summary. Let us sum up by saying the following: 

1. In Creativity we emphasize responsibility and duty över a libertine philosophy. 

2. We favör the producer över the consumer. 

3. We have learned from the härd experience of history that all libertine societies end in 

anarchy, and that anarchy is the cruelest and most destructive of all tyrants. 

4. We believe in the fullest exercise of freedom within the context of organized society and 
responsibility toward that society. 

5. We believe that the freest individuals are those within the framework of an organized White 
government, free from alien control and free from pollution of alien races. 

6. We believe history and experience have shown that only on the basis of recognizing our 
enemies, destroying and/or excluding them and practicing racial teamwork can a stable lasting 
government be built for the progress, prosperity and advancement of the White Race. 

Having established these few basic ground rules, we will now return to the subject of 
restoring our physical and bodily health, as we promised two chapters ago. After all, in order to 
survive means to fight, and in order to be a good fighter you must be in excellent health. The 
sickly, the weak and the puny do not fare well in the struggle for survival. The Salubrious 
Health of each member of the White Race is also one of the Prime Goals of the Church Of The 
Creator. In the next several chapters we will explore how we can bring about this happy state 
of well being — Salubrious Living. 

Creative Credo #04 
The Hoax of Medicine 

Naive. Up until the time I wrote Nature's Etern al Religion in 1972 my attitude towards 
the Medical profession was similar to that of the average layman — high respect for their 
"scientific knowledge", and hopefully expecting new "scientific breakthroughs" as time went on. 
I was as naive as the average yokel about "medicine." 

Slow disenchantment. My disenchantment came about slowly. Like the discovery of the 
religious hoax regarding the "spooks in the skies" mythology, it took years to unravel the hoax 
perpetrated on a confused and befuddled public in the field of "medicine". My disenchantment 
probably started or at least given a further boost in about 1975 when I read a book by a British 
doctor called "The Medical Go Around, or why Doctors are so Useless". In it he told the story 
of his own experiences in futility. When patients came in with an ailment, they expected the 
doctor to "do something". Since in practically every case that came in he was unable to know 
what to do, the obvious "do something" was to prescribe a pill, a tranquilizer, potion or patent 
medicine. It wouldn't cure anything, but the patient felt he had gotten something done. 

Medicine injurious. In most cases the "medicine" was worse than useless. Not only did the 
"medicine" not cure anything, but usually it made the patient sicker with continued use, and 
often a habitual dependant on a drag, sometimes a doctor-induced drag addict. 

That was the beginning. But that doctor did not, by any means tell me the whole story. 
Since then I have read probably a hundred more books on the subject of "Modern Medicine" and 
come to some profound and far-reaching conclusions, mostly very disturbing conclusions. 

Medicine a Fraud. To sum it up in a nutshell, it is my irrevocable conclusion that modern 
medicine is a huge multi-billion dollar fraud. There is no "medicine". There are only drags, 
alien and unnatural to the human body that addict, poison and often kill. There are no "miracle 
drags". The whole drag approach is fundamentally wrong. The orthodox medical approach of 
surgery, radiation and drags, which we will call by its proper name of cut, burn and poison, does 
much more harm than good. 

Iatrogenic. Did you know that 40% of all illness and deaths in the United States are 
iatrogenic, that is, caused by the treatment dispensed in the hospital or by the doctor? Did you 
know that when doctors went on strike in Canada, the number of deaths fell sharply? That when 
the doctors went on strike in Israel the same thing happened? Did you know that doctors 
themselves are sicker than the average person that never goes near a doctor? That the number of 
drag addicts among doctors is disproportionately high, as is the number of suicides? 

Dominated by Jews. It has also come to my attention that the medical profession, like the 
legal profession in this country, is totally dominated by Jews. Not only are they in charge of the 
A.M.A. at the top, but, practically every medical association at the local, state and county level is 
dominated by Jews. Not only is the number of Jews in the medical profession (as in the legal 
profession) disproportionately large, but the ethics and thinking are Jewish. This Jewish thinking 
is permeated and perpetuated through the medical schools themselves, where it all begins. 
Needless to say, the medical schools themselves are heavily weighted with Jews. 

Money not the answer. As in the Jewish approach to solving inflation, the problems of 
"poverty", the educational crisis, crime and the many other political and economic foibles foisted 

on us by the Jewish establishment, the more money we spend on solving the "health problem," 
the worse it becomes. The more money we spend on "research," on drugs, or cancer, or 
hospitals, the sicker becomes the population. 

Fighting Effects, Not Cause. Why is this? It is because the typical Jewish approach to most 
problems is fighting the effects instead of going after the cause. Let me illustrate. Suppose you 
had a gäng of pyromaniacs loose in a city setting fires at random. The city then decided to spend 
more money on the fire department, doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the force and the money. 
But the pyromaniacs are not sought after and they merrily go out on their way setting ten times 
as many fires as the firefighters can ever hope to put out, and the city continues to burn, no 
matter how much money is spent on firefighting. The final epitome of the department solving its 
problem of having all those phones ringing to report fires, would be to cut the incoming lines. 
That would solve the problem of ringing phones. 

This, in substance, is the typical approach of suppressing effects rather than eliminating the 

Suppressing symptoms, Aggravating the Malady. The same attitude prevails in the 
medical profession. If you have a headache, take a pain killer. It does not solve the problem as 
to what is causing the headache, but it will smother the symptoms, temporarily, that is. In the 
long run the painkiller will further poison your system, and contribute to more severe headaches. 
So the patient takes more and stronger pills and the headaches get worse and the patient becomes 
more sick, more poisoned. 

Go to the cause. We of the Church Of The Creator in our whole approach to all our 
problems go to the root of the problem. We first of all want to find the cause and then eradicate 
the cause of a problem, whether the problem is one of race, or economics, or health, or whatever. 
We are past the stage of playing games with symptoms, and being hoaxed into the belief that if 
you can ameliorate the symptoms you are contributing to the cure. Usually in all phases of life 
just the opposite is true. 

Drugs never cure. Yet this is exactly the approach on which the whole philosophy of 
"Medicine" is based. Find a "medicine," a drug, a poison, that will "cure" the ailment. The truth 
is there are no such drugs and there never will be. No matter how many billions of dollars the 
profession spends in "scientific research" trying to find a miracle drug to "cure" cancer or 
arthritis or heart disease, or whatever, none such has ever been found and none ever will. 

All drugs are poison. Let me repeat all "medicines" are drugs, are chemicals alien to the 
human body, are poisons. It doesn't make much sense that if a perfectly healthy body will 
become sick from taking these drugs (cancer chemotherapy drugs or any other) that a sick body 
which is already overloaded with toxins, will become well from taking these same drugs. 

Only the body can heal. We take the position that only the body (a wonderfully constructed 
mechanism) can do the healing. All we have to do is give it a reasonable chance, instead of 
poisoning it further with drugs. The chance the body is seeking is (a) a rest to enable it to throw 
off its overload of toxins. This is accomplished by fasting about which we will say more in a 
separate chapter, and (b) building up its resources (once it has thrown off the toxins) with 
nutritious foods. This is basically accomplished by eating raw fruits and vegetables, with modest 
amounts of nuts and grains. We will also elaborate more on this in a låter chapter. 

Search endless and futile. The search for "cures," for the elixir of life, for the fountain of 
youth, for miracle medicines, is older than recorded history. In all that time not a single "cure", 
"miracle drag" or elixir has ever been found. None will ever be found. Yet the belief and the 
search goes on, just as the superstitious belief in "spooks in the skies" goes on. The stränge thing 
about these "cures" that were heralded with great acclaim ten years ago or twenty years ago have 
been replaced by new "cures" which will be replaced by others. 

Valium top addictive drug. Remember the excitement and fanfare about tranquilizers 
twenty years ago? Remember how it was advertised as the "wonder drug" of the century? 
Remember how it was hailed as a great breakthrough — a blessing to mankind, allaying the stress 
and strain of living, alleviating nervous disorders and in general making mankind happier? 

Well, let us look at what one of these wonder drags, valium, the most prescribed, has 
accomplished. Here are a few of its achievements. 

1. It has sent more addicts to the hospital than heroin. In a survey of more than 800 hospital 
emergency rooms and 94,000 drug abuse incidents, the Drag Enforcement Agency found Valium 
the No. 1 drug of abuse. 

2. It is the most prescribed drug in the country (1975), wholesale sales totaling 132 million 
dollars a year. The overwhelming number of abusers and addicts were the result of doctors' 
prescriptions, many of them middle-class housewives. 

3. Valium is addictive and establishes a dependency. Withdrawal symptoms are similar to 
those produced by barbiturates and alcohol. Convulsions, tremors, abdominal and muscle 
cramps, vomiting and sweating may result if the addict abruptly stops taking the pills. 

4. Taken with a martini (which many a middle-class husband or wife may do) it compounds its 
effects and becomes highly dangerous. 

Such are the results of just one of the thousands of highly touted "wonder drags". It has 
cured nothing, but has addicted hundreds of thousands, yes millions, and sent many to their 

Drugs never cured anything. Let me analyze a little further this basic approach of 
"medicine", the orthodox mainstay of the medical profession. 

Besides numbing the pain, just what is a drug supposed to "cure"? Has any drag ever been 
found that "cured" constipation? Indigestion? The common cold? Boils? Gastritis? Hives? 
Pimples? Cancer? Or "cured" anything? Has any drag ever been found that was any more 
effective than the hocus-pocus of the first African voodoo doctor? Not that I can recall. Will 
any honest physician anywhere claim that he has knowledge of a single "medicine" that is a cure 
for even the simplest ailment from which mankind suffers? 

Yet the drug stores of the world are groaning under the load of "cures" that do not cure. 
Doctors across the nation every day are writing millions of prescriptions for "medicines" that are 
not worth a tinker's dam[n], most of them harmful, dangerous and poisonous. I remember when 
our daughter was a year and a half old, had gotten up early and consumed the better part of a 
bottle of "baby" aspirins. We almost löst her and had to have her stomach pumped. 

Search goes on. Despite the fact that a dispassionate analysis of the medicine räcket reveals 
that no drug has cured anything, that yesterday's "wonder drags" are relegated to today's scrap 
heap, the frenzied search for new drags goes on at a multi-billion dollar pace. 

Money, Greed, Jews. The gullible public wildly believes in "cures" and drags more 
frantically than ever. Many still have the same religious faith in their doctors as the primitive 
savage has in his witch doctor, and for equal reason. It is totally unfounded. But the world is 
still thickly dotted with multi-billion dollar research institutions whose business is not only to 
come up with fraudulent new drags, but more to the point — to put up a "scientific" front and sell 
the gullible public on their fraudulent hocus-pocus; 

Behind it all lies the same major motive as selling the "spooks in the sky" idea, or any other 
räcket — money, money, money. Drags cost little to produce yet sell at a high price per 
milligram. And behind most drag companies, pharmaceutical companies are Jews, Jews, Jews. 
They would sell strychnine, arsenic and cyanide in pill form to the general public and 
recommend they take one with each meal if they could make money and get away with it. In 
fact, not only the drug business, but the whole medical profession, county, state and national, is 
top-heavy with Jews. 

Summation. There is much more to be said on this subject of debunking the fraud of 
medicine and we will return to parts of it in other chapters. But for now let us sum up. 

1. All medicines are drugs, are chemicals hostile to the human body, are poisons. 

2. Drugs do not cure anything. At best they paralyze, numb or sedate, offering only 
"temporary relief from pain or discomfort. 

3. All drugs have "rebound" effects or harmful side effects, poisoning the body and 
overloading it with toxins, usually worsening the very malady they are claimed to help. 

4. Many drugs are addictive or cause a state of dependency. 

5. The mystical belief in "modern" medicine is as unfounded as that of a savage in his 
voodoo approach. 

6. The mystical belief in today's doctors is as unfounded as that of the savage in his witch- 

7. The basic approach of orthodox medicine today, founded on the fraudulent belief that 
drugs cure, is an unmitigated hoax. 

8. Only the body itself can heal, given a proper chance. 

9. The age-old frenzy of finding "new cures", "miracle drugs", etc. are a tremendous snare 
and a lucrative räcket. The main driving force behind it is money, and behind this greed 
and avarice in large part, are the Jews. 

Clearing the ground. As I have stated previously, before we can go on to building a 
constractive philosophy; it is first of all necessary to demolish all the superstitions, garbage, 
clutter and shibboleths that have derailed us in the past. This we have attempted to partially do 
in this chapter and we will return to it låter. Since we Creators are more interested in 
constractively building than in demolition, we will proceed directly to what the answer is to 

"orthodox" medicine, a philosophy that has failed utterly and miserably, and left our people sick 
and degenerate. 

A Better Answer. Since we Creators are intently dedicated to building a better world, a 
better race and a better society, we are intently interested in the health of our White Racial 
Comrades, for only with healthy, energetic members can we build such a society and a better 
world. In the next chapter we will plunge directly into the subject on building super health. It is 
called Salubrious Living, Nature's way. 

Creative Credo #05 

Salubrious Living— The Creative Way to Super Health 

Coining Our Own Phrase. For lack of a better term in the health sciences we are herewith 
coining a phrase of our own — Salubrious Living. What do we mean by Salubrious Living? 
Let me make it perfectly clear. What we Creators have in mind is an effective, systematic 
program for the upgrading of the health and vigor of our precious White Race. We call this 
program Salubrious Living. 

"Salubrious" comes from the Latin word "salubris", meaning "healthy; wholesome; sound; 
useful; vigorous". Webster's dictionary defines salubrious as "1. favorable to, or promoting 
health or well being; invigorating; 2. spiritually wholesome; conducive to good results". 

First Become Aware. In Creativity we have a more specific meaning in mind, a life style 
that is conductive to the best in bodily health and spiritual well-being in rounding out our 
concept of "a Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment." We 
want every Creator to follow a life style that will result in the optimum of health, happiness, 
vigor and productivity. We want to spell out the directives by which this can be achieved 
without necessarily going into too much detail, for once our members are conscious of the 
Salubrious Living program, there are now any number of good books that go into further detail 
about various aspects of Salubrious Living. Our church will see to it that we have such books 
available to our members at all times. 

Similar to Natural Hygiene. Our program parallels very closely the philosophy known in 
certain health circles as Natural Hygiene. There is, in fact, an American Natural Hygiene 
Society that has been in existence for many years. I agree wholeheartedly with practically all 
their concepts, except I do not particularly like their terminology. "Natural" can mean almost 
anything, and a pot smoker, for instance, can argue that he is doing his "natural" thing. Also the 
word "Hygiene" implies the subject of cleanliness, and whereas we are all for cleanliness, that is 
not what Natural Hygiene is all about. One further distinction between our terminology, 
Salubrious Living, and Natural Hygiene is that the latter does not at all include racial hygiene (or 
eugenics) whereas we Creators strongly emphasize Eugenics as an integral part of our 
program of Salubrious Living. 

Indebted to Dr. Shelton. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton was an early pioneer in Natural Hygiene 
and has contributed probably more than any other individual in establishing this art or science in 
modern times. He stånds out as a giant of a man in this vital movement. We, the White Race, 
are greatly indebted to him for the dedicated research, promotion and voluminous amount of 
literature he has contributed to this extremely important aspect of our life. 

A.M.A. Hostile. Who invented Natural Hygiene? I certainly didn't. Dr. Shelton didn't. To 
ask such a question is to ask who invented breathing, of exercise. Certainly the A.M.A. and the 
orthodox medical profession didn't. They are, in fact deadly foes of Natural Hygiene, because 
primarily, if everyone practiced it there would be little need for hospitals, clinics, drugs, 
"medicines", x-rays, and most devastating of all to the orthodox medical profession, very little 
need for doctors. It would, in fact, reduce the fraudulent business of "medicine" from a 250 
billion dollar a year räcket to complete impotence and insignificance. Not only that but if 

everyone understood and practiced Natural Hygiene our people would be much healthier, 
happier and more energetic. 

Salubrious Living. Having acknowledged our considerable indebtedness to the Natural 
Hygiene movement and delineated what difference there is between it and Salubrious Living we 
are now going to dröp the term Natural Hygiene and talk about Salubrious Living. 

What do we Creators understand by Salubrious Living? Briefly we can spell it out in a 
few dozen sentences. 
1 We believe in living in accord with our human biological heritage and in harmony with the 

Laws of Nature. 

2. This means eating fresh wholesome food in its natural state as Nature has given it to us. It 
must be uncooked, unprocessed, unpreserved and not tampered with in any other way. This 
further means it must be organically grown, without the use of chemicals. 

3. Availing ourselves of a clean, wholesome environment — fresh, unpolluted air; clean water; 
and the beneficial therapy from the direct rays of the sun, every day. 

4. Some form of strenuous physical exercise several times a week. 

5. Rest and relaxation, both mental and physical, including sound and efficient sleep. 

6. A form of recreation that is gratifying to our sense of accomplishment. 

7. A sense of purpose, security and confidence to fuel our goals for accomplishment and living 
the good life. We must have goals and we must be motivated. 

8. Deliberate self-mastery of our life and our work. 

9. Gregarious living within the framework of our Creative religion, our White society and 
social intercourse with our White Racial Comrades. We are social animals. 

10. Healthy expression of our sexual instincts. 

11. Living in a pleasing and healthful environment. 

12. We do not believe in the use of any "medicines", drugs or chemicals as having any healing or 
therapeutic value. In fact, all medicines, drugs, narcotics and chemicals are poisonous and 
toxic to the human body. Furthermore, and for the same reason, we do not believe in the use 
of vitamin, mineral, or enzyme supplements, nor the use of artificial food coloring, 
preservatives, nor refined or fragmented foods. 

13. We strongly believe in the practice of fasting as the best means of ridding the body of 
accumulated poisons and toxins. We are convinced that fasting is the most natural and 
effective means the body has of overcoming all forms of disease, and restoring itself back to 

14. Living in, and promoting a eugenic White society. This means that we take particular care in 
not only assuring the perpetuation of our precious White Race, but we take deliberate care 
that the misfits are culled and that each generation advances to higher and more salubrious 
levels, physically, aesthetically and mentally. 

Differing from Natural Hygiene. This fairly well sums up our concept of Salubrious 
Living. Except for No. 2, the first 1 1 categories are fairly well recognized by the average 
individual, although not necessarily practiced. 

In No. 12 we radically part company with the orthodox medical profession, and even with the 
"health faddists" who slavishly patronize our so-called "health food" stores dispensing vitamin 
and other supplements, and other unnecessary processed and refined pills and potions. 

In No. 13 we strongly advocate a health practice which is far more effective in bringing the 
body system back to health than all the drags and medicines put together, but unfortunately few 
people are familiar with. 

On the subject of Eugenics, of course we have a great deal to say in this book, since it is the 
heart of our religious doctrine. We will therefore not go into it again in this segment of the book, 
but will have separate chapters on the subjects of fasting, and the subject of drags and medicine. 

However, if there is one particular subject that sets Salubrious Living apart from the "health 
faddists", it is eating wholesome natural foods in its raw, uncooked state. This is very important, 
and we will devote a whole chapter to this subject. 

But first let us examine what kind of animal are we, and what category of foods Nature has 
designed us for. For this we must study our own digestive system in comparison to other 
species. This we will do, and the next chapter determines once and for all what our rightful food 
category really is. 

Creative Credo #06 

Frugivora— Finding Our Category in Nature's Dietary Scheme 

To each his Own. Every creature in Nature instinctively knows what is the proper food for 
it to eat. Cows eat grass. Certain birds eat seeds and insects, others like hawks and eagles eat 
meat. Some creatures are extremely selective, others eat a wider variety. Whatever their food 
line, they know what it is and stick with it. They eat what nature designed their digestive system 
for över the millions of years of their development. Should they do otherwise, they would soon 
be in dire trouble. For instance, zebras eat grass, lions eat meat, though they both might live in 
the same Serengeti Plains of Africa. Should they reverse their diets, both the zebras and the lions 
would soon die. But they don't. They instinctively eat right. 

White Man Confused. The one exception in Nature' s realm that doesn't seem to know what 
its natural food category should be strangely enough is the most intelligent creature of them all, 
the White Race. No creature, not even the most primitive savages, eats a diet of more 
unsuitable food than the White Man. And the more civilized and the wider the selection, the 
worse becomes the diet, and consequently, the worse their health. No one abuses their digestive 
system more flagrantly than civilized man. 

Carnivorous vs. Herbiverous. For years the argument has raged: is man carnivorous like 
the lions, or herbiverous like the cows? Medical writers, it seems, have consistently made the 
mistake of dividing us all into only two categories — these: The carnivore school points out that 
we are not herbiverous like the cows, sheep, etc. We don't have four stomachs, can't chew our 
cud and rightfully point out any number of other differences. The herbivores point out that the 
lions or the dog's digestive system is proportionately much shorter, their stomachs produce up to 
nine times as much acid for quickly digesting meat and moving it on out. 

Both arguments are correct and logical. The human digestive system is neither like that of a 
cow designed for eating grass, nor like that of a dog designed for eating meat. We are neither 
carnivores nor herbivores. We belong in a different category. 

Actually Five Categories. Actually there are roughly five well defined categories among 
animals: besides the carnivora and the herbivora there are the graminivora, omnivora and the 
frugivora. We already know what the carnivora and the herbivora eat. The graminivora are 
animals which live mainly on grains and the seeds of grasses. This takes in mainly certain types 
of birds, although they may also eat insects. The omnivora are animals that thrive on a mixed 
diet, eating both meat and many kinds of plants. Bears are an example. The frugivora are 
animals that live mainly on fruits, nuts, tender shoots, roots and leaves of plants. Their main diet 
is a fruitarian one, or close to it. 

Man is a Frugivora. Now we come to the main question. What is our natural category? At 
first glance it might seem that we belong in the omnivora category, that we eat everything. But a 
more scientific look at our digestive system refutes this. Our digestive system is not like that of 
the carnivores, the herbivores, the graminivores, or even the omnivores. Our category is 
distinctly with that of the higher apes, in the fruitarian or frugivora group. Let us examine 

Meat harmful. Without going into great detail we can plainly see we don' t have the 
digestive system of the grass eaters with four stomachs, called the herbivora. Many people 

however claim that we are meat eaters, at least partially, and do belong in that category. I 
contend that we are not designed to be meat eaters, and that meat is harmful to us (although 
heaven knows Fve eaten tons of it during my lifetime). 

Carnivora designed different. If we examine the digestive system of meat eaters such as 
dögs, wolves, tigers, etc, we find that their digestive tract is approximately three or four times 
the length of their body, whereas that of man is twelve times the length of its body. These 
differences serve specific purposes. The shorter the tract the more rapidly the food is disposed 
of, and the less time it has to putrefy. The longer the tract, the longer it remains in the body, and 
not only begins to putrefy but creates poisonous toxins that pass into the blood stream, thus 
contributing to toxemia. This is exactly what happens when man eats meat. Before the end 
products of a meat diet are eliminated, the process of putrefaction is well advanced and the 
offensive odör of the feces of meat eaters is only one indication of such putrefication. 

Nine times more acid. There are several other major differences in the digestive träets of 
meat eating animals and man, although we don't really want to go into the subject that 
thoroughly. But one other major difference is that the stomach of carnivores produces 
approximately nine times as much hydrochloric acid as does that of man, enabling the carnivora 
to digest meat more quickly and more thoroughly and pass it on and out of the system in short 
order. Thus the carnivora avoids most of the putrefication of meat that takes place in the longer 
and slower digestive system of man. 

Putrefication and Toxins. One characteristic of meat is that it already has built-in toxins 

even when alive. After the animal is slaughtered (as beef, for instance) and rigor mortis sets in, 
the produetion of toxins through decomposition is rapidly increased. Therefore when man eats 
meat he is ingesting ready made poisons that are toxic to him (of which uric acid is one) and the 
lingering putrefication in his own digestive tract greatly increases the amount of toxicity. And 
here we have one other major difference between man and carnivora. The liver of the 
carnivore is capable of destroying or detoxifying fully ten times as much of this poison as is 
the liver of man. Therefore the carnivora, with the shorter and more rapid digestive system, is 
subject to much less toxin from the meat in the first place, and secondly is ten times more 
capable of disposing of the lesser amount than is man. All this goes to point up the fact that meat 
is not a suitable food for man. 

Teeth indicate Category. There are several other differences that point to the fact that 
Nature designed carnivora to be meat eaters, but not man. One major indicator is the dental 
equipment of dögs, wolves, etc, all of which have prominent canine teeth for the tearing of flesh. 
Man's dental equipment is much more in line with the higher primates such as baboons, gorillas, 
chimpanzees, and orangutans, all of which have a dental arrangement of 32 teeth, which include 
12 molars, 8 bicuspids, 8 incisors and 4 cuspids, exactly in the same order as man. All these 
primates in their natural state eat what Nature designed them for and that is the fruitarian diet of 
fruits, vegetables and nuts, some grains. 

Cooked Food Harmful. One important note that I want to mention here is that primates in 
their natural state are long-lived and practically free of all the degenerative diseases that afflict 
civilized man. When in captivity, however, these same primates are fed cooked food, they 
develop cancer, ulcers, constipation and a höst of the same pathological diseases that afflict 
civilized man. We will have more to say about cooked foods in the next chapter. 

Not Omnivora or Graminivora. Let us now proceed and dispose quickly of the two other 
categories, namely omnivora and graminivora. The latter category, which are largely eaters of 

grains and grass seeds is chiefly restricted to the bird kingdom, to which man's digestive system 
bears little resemblance. The omnivorous animals use a mixed diet consisting of both animal 
flesh and many kinds of plants. An example is swine and bears, and their dental structure and 
their digestive systems, too, differ widely from that of man. Besides, we have already examined 
what an injurious effect including meat in man's diet has in the toxification of his system. This 
is largely due to man's inability to handle either its proper digestion, or the throwing off of its 
inherent resulting toxins. 

Protein requirements overrated. There is one other argument that the meat-eaters put forth 
that I feel should be answered here. "Meat is needed to get enough protein!" they loudly protest. 
This just isn't true. For some reason the "health" industry in the last several decades has been 
over-promoting the amount of proteins the body needs. In the first place the body only needs 20 
to 30 grams a day, not 50 or 100. Secondly, too much protein and undigested proteins are a 
major cause of toxemia in the body. Thirdly, proteins from meat carry in themselves certain 
toxins that are harmful to the body: Fourthly, by following the frugitarian diet, the body can 
obtain all the protein it needs. 

Body can convert. There is another argument the meat-eaters pursue and that is: only by 
eating meat, eggs, etc. can you obtain "whole" proteins, and if you pursue a vegetarian diet the 
body will be shortchanged in certain "essential" proteins. This too, is unfounded. In the first 
place, we are not recommending a vegetarian diet but a frugitarian diet which besides fruits and 
vegetables, includes nuts and seeds, many of the latter having a goodly supply of proteins. 
Furthermore, the body is capable of manufacturing the essential proteins it needs though they 
may not be in the diet itself. An example of this process is the cow, which eats nothing but 
grass, yet is the best example of producing hundreds of pounds of protein on the hoof. Whereas 
the human body is not as efficient in converting vegetable matter into protein as is a beef, 
nevertheless it, too, has this ability, and the process is the same. 

High Protein Diets Dangerous. The high-protein liquid (and other) diets that have been in 
vogue during the 70' s and early 80' s for weight reducing are not only harmful but dangerous. A 
number of deaths have been caused by them. I thoroughly discourage them. Instead, fasting, as 
we have described in a future chapter, is much safer, better and more permanent, besides having 
several other health-restoring attributes. 

Diet of Primitive Savages. There is one other area we should examine while trying to 
determine our proper dietary category. That is the dietary habits of our lower relatives between 
the White Race and the higher primates. That is the dietary habits of primitive man, who more 
or less is still living in the mode for which Nature designed him. Furthermore, the primitives in 
their natural life style are, like the baboons and the gorillas, relatively free of cancer, heart 
disease, diabetes, ulcers and all the other degenerative diseases that plague civilized man. 

Primitive Diet Superior. Let me say at the outset that it is my judgment that the primitive 
niggers living in the jungles of Africa or New Guinea, or the Polynesians in the South Sea 
islands, eating their primitive foods, still eat a much more nutritious and much less harmful diet 
than does the highly civilized White Race. In a scale of 1 to 10 I would råte the primitives at 
about 5 or 6 (depending on which savages we pick) and the White Race receiving a shameful 
rating of a lowly 2. 

Serious Indictment. This is a serious indictment of the dietary and eating habits of the 
highly civilized White Race, but nevertheless, this is the disturbing situation we find ourselves 
in. Civilization and bad information are the culprits. 

Civilized Diets the Worst. It is interesting that scientists who have made a study of the diets 
of most primitive races largely untouched by civilization find their diets are actually far superior 
to ours. They have found the diet of the primitives contain at least four times the minimum 
requirement of most vitamins, minerals and enzymes, whereas our cooked and highly processed 
diets fail to provide even the minimum requirements. Add to this all the toxic additives and 
chemicals, (including coffee, alcohol, preservatives, additives, etc.) that civilized man ingests 
with his processed food, and you can perhaps understand why I have rated our dietary habits at a 
lowly 2. 

Our Goal: A 10. If we, the White Race used our brains, our technical knowledge and the 
tremendous food resources at our disposal, surely we could do a lot better than the primitive 
savages. Since the health and vigor of the White Race is of utmost importance to the goals of the 
Church Of The Creator we want to apply all the intelligence and technology at our disposal 
and raise our dietary effectiveness from the lowly 2 to the ultimate 10. It would be a tremendous 
boon to the health and happiness of the White Race. 

We have the means and the intelligence to do it with. That, in part, is what the next 
chapter is about. 

Creative Credo #07 

Natural Nutrition— The Key to Creative Super Health 

Nutrition is The Key. Both positively and negatively, it is what we eat, and what we avoid 
eating that has a tremendous impact on whether we are a sick, walking zombie, or a dynamic, 
healthy Creator, brimming with energy and optimism, and feeling on top of the world. It is 
proper nutrition and the avoidance of the junk foods, artificial additives and chemical poisons 
that makes the difference. 

More study needed. This subject is of tremendous importance for the future survival and 
well-being of the White Race. Since our approach is based not only on the Laws of Nature, but 
also the results from exhaustive scientific studies, we are certain that we are on the right track. 
But I want to add that the study of nutrition, thanks to the road-blocking tactics of the huge 
drug-chemical-medical complex, is still in its infancy, and much study and research need still 
be done to refine the art for our future full utilization. 

Changeover will take time. Similar to our goal of conversion from all the polyglot 
languages of the world in which the White Race of today is fragmented to the ultimate goal of a 
universal Latin language, so too the nutritional change-over may take a generation or two. But 
regardless of how long it takes, the ultimate benefits will be so tremendous, we must plunge full 
speed ahead. Fortunately for our Creative Super Health program, which we call Salubrious 
Living, each Creator can start now and gradually modify his or her own eating habits at 
their own speed. Unlike the transition to Latin, we do not need to wait until the White Race has 
grasped the reins of power and its own destiny into its own hands. You can start today and 
within six months be in vibrant super health, and thereby not only help yourself, but also speed 
the day when we will regain total control of our own destiny. 

Basic Rules. In the past whenever I visited a doctor, not once was I ever asked what I ate, 
nor advised what I should eat. Yet the answer to maintaining excellent health is really extremely 
simple. Three short rules give the essence: 

1. Eat only raw foods in their natural state, basically fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. 

2. Get plenty of physical exercise, preferable the kind that rev up the heart and lungs. Among 
these are jogging, tennis, swimming and similar activities. 

3. Stay away from man-made chemicals of all kinds. This includes alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, 
sugar, preservatives, insecticides, narcotics and drugs of all kinds, whether prescription or non- 
prescription. (For the Total Program, review again the 14 points under Salubrious Living.) 

Raw Foods. It has been said, and correctly so, that man is the only animal that, before 
eating, first ruins his food by cooking it. It is stränge indeed that of the millions of species of 
animals, birds, fishes and insects, man is the only creature that applies intensive heat to his food, 
thereby ruining in large measure the nutritional value of the large varieties of food Nature makes 
available to us. Yes, it is stränge indeed that man, Nature' s most intelligent animal, should be so 
stupid in this most essential factor affecting his health. 

Cooked is Unnatural. To most people it will seem stränge not to cook our food. Eat it raw? 
Yes, that's what every other creature does, and there is nothing stränge about it. Somehow we 

have gotten into this abnormal habit of cooking everything to death, and it is not good for us. As 
I said earlier, we ruin the nutritional value of our food. 

Every Creature eats Raw Food. Nature through the millenniums designed our ancestors to 
eat raw foods, like every other animal, bird, fish or whatever. Somehow we got off onto this 
harmful tangent, and we have been bringing our children up to do likewise ever since, believing 
it is the only way to live. If we had been brought up the natural, healthful way of dining on raw 
foods, Fm sure that we would think it bizarre and ludicrous to go to so much trouble to ruin the 
taste of our food, ruin the nutritional values, and eat a dead, cooked ersatz of the original. It has 
been habit, custom and early training that have steered us onto this unnatural aberration, not 
common sense, or even good taste. 

Live Foods Best. The best foods you can eat are live foods, fresh and uncooked. Modern 
technology has devised a number of other harmful processes of destroying food and making it an 
attractive looking piece of junk by means other than heat. Some of these are: pickling, smoking, 
shredding, homogenizing, pasteurizing, freezing, salting, grinding, adding preservative 
chemicals, adding artificial colors and a höst of other artifices and devices, everyone of which 
renders the raw natural food into a mere shadow of its former self, often making it a completely 
useless piece of junk, and sometimes outright poison. 

Has all the Nutrients. When we eat a raw fruit like an äpple or a banana, or a raw vegetable 
like a carrot, or a raw nut like a walnut or pecan, it has in it all the nutrition that we need, 
carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, fat and other goodies that we haven't yet even analyzed. More 
important, it has all these in the proper organic form that our digestive system can digest and 
our cell metabolism can utilize. But that is not all. It also has all the vitamins in it in live form, 
the natural form that our bodies can make the most of. Furthermore, every live food has built 
into it its own enzymes, a very important factor in its proper digestion, so that our digestive 
system can properly process the nutrition we are eating. 

Has the Right Combination. Nor is this all. In its raw natural form these all come together, 
and they all come in their proper proportion. We ne ver need worry whether we have too much 
potassium driving out the zinc, or whether some of the B vitamins are missing and sabotaging 
the other B vitamins, or a hundred other imbalances that artificial foods inherently have. 

Nature has Whole Foods. In Nature we always have whole foods, and we have them in 
balance. This is of vital importance. Any further "processing" we do, such as cooking, 
shredding, homogenizing, canning, etc, only reduces the nutritional value of the food from its 
original raw state into nothing more than junk food. 

An illustrative example. Let me illustrate this with a rather far-out example. Supposing 
you were to buy an expensive luxury car, say a Cadillac. Its primary purpose is to give you 
transportation, and hopefully in comfort and luxury. Now supposing an essential part is missing, 
say one wheel. Or supposing the key is missing, or the distributör. Or supposing the whole 
motor is missing, or it has no steering wheel. Or supposing there is no gas in the tank. 

Under any of these conditions, it is an incomplete package, and it will not run. It will not 
give you transportation. For all practical purposes an incomplete Cadillac is a piece of junk. It 
is the same thing with food. An incomplete food is not useful to the body. 

Now let's take that same Cadillac again and start out with a completely functioning, 
smoothly running car. But let us "process" it like we do our complete raw foods. We can 
"cook" it, shred it, compress it, pulverize it, homogenize it, etc. 

Apply heat. Supposing we applied heat to the Cadillac and melted it down. We would still 
have all the original materials, more or less, but what good would a melted down Cadillac be? It 
certainly would not provide transportation. It would be a heap of junk. 

Compress it. Or supposing we shredded it. Or pulverized it. We would still have the 
original "ingredients" but it would certainly no longer be a working model of a luxury car. 

Ruin foods the same way. And so it is with our complete natural foods with which Nature 
supplies us originally in such excellent form. When we cook them, can them, shred them, 
pulverize them, homogenize and pasteurize, we destroy an intricate, ideal working combination 
that Nature has put together. We turn it into junk. Our bodies have the utmost difficulty 
processing the junk, and the cells have great difficulty metabolizing the incomplete 
"nourishment" when it reaches them via the circulatory system. As a result we have an 
increasing number of metabolic diseases — cancer, diabetes, ulcers, hypoglycemia, heart disease, 
and a höst of others. 

Must use Proper Fuel. Let us go back again to the analogy of the Cadillac. Suppose its 
motor is designed for the use of high-octane gas only. But supposing we fill the tank with diesel 
fuel instead. Will the motor run smoothly? Would the motor stay in good shape for long? No. 
It wasn't designed for diesel fuel. Let us consider one more variant. Suppose we fill the tank 
with proper octane gas and then also add a cup of sugar to it. What would happen? We would 
have a badly gummed-up motor in short order. The motor was not designed for diesel fuel nor 
could it tolerate sugar in the fuel. 

Bodies, too, must have Proper Fuel. And so it is with our bodies. True, Nature in her 
infinite wisdom has made our bodies much more flexible in the fuel we use and much more 
resilient in getting rid of incompatible poisons and other garbage we stuff into our digestive 
systems. But there is a limit to the extent we can abuse our bodies, and we pay the price for it. 
Like the Cadillac, our bodies function best when we supply it with the proper fuel, and keep out 
harmful additives and poisons. 

What the proper fuel is. And that proper fuel or food is this — raw fruits, vegetables nuts 
and grains. Any processing destroys much of the nutritive values and converts it into something 
else. Any additives like preservatives, artificial coloring and a höst of other chemicals to 
"enhance shelf life" are poisonous and our body has great difficulty throwing them off. 

Poor nourishment. For years America has prided itself in displaying the wealth of choice in 
our plush "super-markets". We have patted ourselves on the back that we are the best fed and 
the best nourished country in history. This simply isn't true. Outside of the fruit and vegetable 
stånds, most of the rest of the food is highly processed, adulterated, loaded with chemical 
poisons to extend shelf life and enhance its eye appeal. It is by and large junk food, not fit for 
human consumption. 

Poisonous Sprays. Even with the raw fruits and vegetables you are not "home safe". Most 
of these have been sprayed with poisonous insecticides, or waxed to give better eye appeal, 
and/or grown with artificial fertilizer, which, as we have explained in another chapter, produces a 
product of inferior nutritive value. The best answer to the fruits and vegetable problem as we 
have pointed out in the Chapter on Organic Farming is to raise organically grown produce. 

Frugitarian Diet Our Goal. These are the goals we are striving for in order to have a 
healthier more energetic White Race. Some of these goals are short term and some are long 
term. One thing I want to emphasize is that we must not lose any time in training our children in 
the habit of eating raw, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. For those of us older people 

whose habits are more inflexible, the least we can do is to revise our eating habits in such a way 
as to approach nearer to the ideal. The more we do so, the better we will feel, and the longer we 
will Ii ve. 

Creative Credo #08 

m ost allments stem from toxemia 

Body Abused. The human body is a most marvelous mechanism. It is wonderfully capable 
of functioning extremely well, of keeping itself in excellent health and restoring itself even after 
it has been subjected to considerable abuse. If this is so, why is the greater part of our population 
in such bad health? The answer is that there is a limit to the abuse with which the body can cope. 
In our civilized society the abuse to which most of us subject our bodies far exceeds that which is 
found in even the most primitive societies on the African continent. 

Toxemia the Result. Unwittingly this abuse stems largely from the poisons we ingest from 
our chemicalized food, air and water. Secondly, the damage is further aggravated by the drags, 
medicines, alcohol, tea, coffee and other outright concentrated poisons we ingest, which we 
know are harmful. Thirdly, it is further aggravated by the overly processed foods we eat, foods 
that have been stripped of most of their nutrients and vitality. The result is toxemia, a condition 
in which the body is overloaded with toxins and poisons, and does not have the strength or 
vitality to throw them off. Let us remember the word toxemia because overcoming it is vital in 
understanding our whole program of Salubrious Living. Toxemia, in short, is an overload of 
toxins, and is, in one way or another, the prime cause of practically all our ailments, from the 
common cold to cancer. 

Dr. John H. Tilden. In understanding toxemia, we owe a large debt to Dr. John H. Tilden 
(1851-1940) who was also the son of a physician. Dr. Tilden was blessed with an analytical and 
inquiring mind, and fortunately, he lived to a ripe old age. It was during the latter part of that 
long life spän he was able to develop his theories on toxemia and thereby make great 
contributions to the health science of Natural Hygiene and Salubrious Living. In fact, Dr. 
Tilden, who was born a generation or two before Dr. Sheldon, might well be considered as the 
Father of Natural Hygiene. 

Dr. Tilden practiced orthodox medicine for many years. But in so doing he was increasingly 
disturbed by the fact that "orthodox" medicine pretended to dispense "cures" when in reality it 
had no cures at all but was at best only suppressing symptoms. He began to question the use of 
"medicine" to remedy illness. Being of a creative mind, Dr. Tilden was determined to pursue the 
deeper meaning of disease, understand its cause, and focus the treatment on removing the cause, 
if possible. His own thinking, combined with his past experience in treating patients, led him to 
the conclusion that there should be some way to live so as not to build disease. From this period 
on his ideas on toxemia began to develop. 

Drugs and Medicines Useless. From the beginning of the time when he moved his practice 
to Den ver in 1890, Dr. Tilden no longer used any medicines, but practiced his theory of 
cleansing the body of toxic poisons and then allowing the inherent healing powers of the body to 
restore health. He followed this up by teaching his patients, once restored to health, to live in 
such a way as to not recreate a toxic condition and thus keep free from recurring disease. 

He published several magazines and practiced medicine for 68 years up to the time of his 
death. Fortunately for mankind and for the White Race, Dr. Tilden had the privilege of devoting 
the last 50 years of that practice towards promoting the benefits of Natural Hygiene. We 

therefore consider him as truly a giant of a man and one of the basic founders of Salubrious 

Medical Establishment Hostile. Needless to say, the great doctor' s immense contribution 
to health and well-being received no support from the ingrained medical establishment, but only 
the strongest opposition and condemnation. 

Germs not the Cause of Disease. We want to pursue Dr. Tilden's ideas further. 

Dr. Tilden says "Medical science is founded on a false premise: namely that disease is caused 
by extraneous outside influences and that this affliction may be permanently "cured or palliated 
by drags." He then adds, in referring to the medical profession, "Ålas, no fool is a bigger fool, 
than the fool that fools himself." Well said, doctor. 

Many years of experience had taught him that germs, bacteria, etc. were not the cause of 
disease itself, whether the disease was the black plague, or smallpox, or cancer. The best proof 
of that was that in the same environment some people might succumb to a disease, others did 
not. Even when the Black Plague ran rampant during the Dark Ages and in some areas killed off 
as much as half the population, why did it, under the same conditions, affect others not at all and 
they survived? 

Enervated Body succumbs to Disease. The answer is that germs, bacteria and viruses may 
be present in our environment at all times (which they are) but a healthy body's immune system 
can cope with them and render them harmless. It is only an enervated, weakened body that 
becomes a höst to disease germs and offers a fertile culture in which they can grow, multiply and 
cause sickness, disease and even death. 

Nerve Energy and Enervation. The systemic strength or weakness of a body in offering 
resistance to disease is best indicated by the availability of its nerve energy. When nerve energy 
is high, resistance is high. When nerve energy is low the body is said to be enervated, and its 
resistance to disease is low. Under extreme enervation it is only a matter of a disease appearing 
and manifesting itself at the body's weakest point, or several weak organs simultaneously. 

The supply of nerve energy fluctuates from person to person, or from day to day, or hour to 
hour, in the same person. We expend nervous energy in all forms of activity, whether it be 
exercise or digesting our food. Stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc. consume and 
reduce the reserve of nerve energy. Emotional stress and strain also contribute to enervation. 
During periods of sleep and inactivity we are able to recuperate and restore nerve energy. 

Must keep a Healthy Reserve. The supply of nerve energy is similar to keeping up a bank 
account. When we keep putting more money into the bank than we take out, our account is in 
good shape. It is healthy. When we habitually keep withdrawing more from the bank than we 
put in, we exhaust our reserves and we go bankrupt. 

It is the same with the body's reserves of nerve energy. When we keep expending more than 
we put in, the body goes bankrupt. It reaches a crisis and it becomes sick. The body itself will 
create a crisis such as a fever, etc, in a vigorous attempt to reverse the process. When it is in 
such a crisis it is a manifestation of what we call disease. But let us remember and note this 
well: the disease is not the cause — it is the symptom, the manifestation of the enervated and 
bankrupt condition the body was in before the crisis was induced. 

Toxemia causes Enervation. What is the most formidable cause of enervation? It is 
toxemia, the word I pointed to in the beginning of this chapter as being of vital importance in 

our battle against disease and our fight for super health. Toxemia is the biggest cause of 
enervation. Toxemia itself is the accumulation of metabolic waste within the blood, the lymph 
and the tissues, beyond the normal ability of the body to throw off and eliminate its toxins. 
Chemicalized food. These toxins resulting from the normal breakdown of tissues and their 
creation is a continuous process. The sum total of toxins however is greatly increased when the 
body ingests or absorbs added amounts of alien poisons from our chemicalized foods, and 
polluted air and water. When the nerve energy is abundant the bodily functions are efficient and 
these waste products are eliminated as rapidly as they are produced. But if elimination is 
impaired, or checked due to enervation, or the load becomes too great for the bodily functions to 
cope with, these toxins begin to accumulate in the tissues, and we have a state of toxemia. 

Excrete or Die. Let us here state a rule of Nature: when an organism cannot, or will not, 
excrete its wastes, it dies. Let us remember this axiom. It also applies to societies, and I will 
have more to say about this in the latter part of the book. 

Enervation similar to Bankruptcy. When a state of toxemia is reached the body fights an 
uphill battle and its health is on a down hill slide. Again we can compare it to the bank account 
from which more money is being withdrawn than being put in, or to a foundering business 
corporation whose expenses are continually greater than its income. Toxemia is a state of 
enervation in which the body has depleted its reserve of nerve energy. It is, in fact, bankrupt. 

Stages of Toxemia. Another financial comparison of the body in a state of enervation is 
comparing such to an individual whose financial reserves are exhausted and they resort to 
borrowing money. Not only do such loans have to be paid back but there is the additional 
burden of interest. Similarly when the body has exhausted its reserve of nerve energy, it not only 
has less energy with which to carry on its regular functions, but has to expend additional energy 
trying to throw off the overload of toxins. Illness is the result and if not reversed will proceed in 
a downward spiral in which cancer may be the final ending of this evolution. It is one of the 
endings of a chain of symptoms starting with irritation, and passing through inflammation, 
thickening and swelling (hardening or induration) ulceration (ulcer formation) and fungation 

Disease Effects, Not Cause. Dr Tilden explains the toxin philosophy as follows: Every so- 
called disease is a crisis of toxemia (self-poisoning). This occurs because toxin has accumulated 
in the blood (lymph, cells, etc.) beyond the toleration point. The crisis or so-called disease (call 
it cold flu, pneumonia, headache, typhoid fever, etc.) has been precipitated by the body as an 
extraordinary means of elimination — a need precipitated because the overworked channels of 
elimination have been unable to handle the overload. Nature is endeavoring to rid the body of 
toxin. Any "treatment" which obstructs this effort at elimination complicates the problems and 
impedes Nature in her self-healing efforts. 

Drugs hinder Natural Healing. An example of the latter is when the doctor advises the 
patient to take an aspirin to bring down the fever. The body has deliberately induced the fever in 
a special effort to eliminate the toxin overload. To burden it with extra toxin (aspirin) and thwart 
its healing effort is therefore doubly counterproductive. 

The Answer. Fortunately there is something extremely constructive that we can do to help 
the body in its effort to unburden itself of the overload of poison. That something is called 
fasting, and we are going to devote the next chapter to this restorative healing process. 

Creative Credo #09 

Fasting— Nature's Most Effective Meansof Restoring Health 

Fasting Effective. In our program of Salubrious Living, the process of fasting is an 
extremely important adjunct. It is undoubtedly the safest, fastest and most effective means the 
body has of restoring itself back to health. It is not a cure-all, but it is amazingly effective for a 
wide variety of ailments that plague the human race. Strangely enough, the orthodox medical 
profession which takes the drug approach towards treating "disease", has been persistently 
stubborn in ignoring the evidence regarding Nature's most effective therapeutic remedy, fasting. 

Opposed and Ignored by Medics. Strangely enough also, although its healing values have 
been known for centuries, the general public is largely unaware of fasting 's marvelous powers 
of healing. This, in large part can be blamed on the medical profession in toto, who have made 
their cut, burn and poison approach to "curing disease" into what amounts to a religious cult; 
despite its repeated failures, despite the fact that it has proved to be totally ineffective and totally 
useless. I will go further than that. Statistics show that 40% of all deaths and ailments are 
iatrogenic, that is, directly caused by the dangerous treatments administered in hospitals and by 
doctors themselves. 

Nature's Therapy. We of the Church Of The Creator reject the so-called orthodox 
medical approach of cut, burn and poison and turn instead to Nature's therapeutic and benevolent 
means of healing. This means is the fast. 

Civilization cause of Degenerative Diseases. Civilized man today is beset with a wide 
variety of pathological, systemic and degenerative diseases that are practically unknown among 
primitive peoples. Among these are: senility, cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart disease, 
cardiovascular disease, ulcers of the stomach and elsewhere in the digestive tract, colitis, 
diarrhea, constipation, nephritis, asthma, the common cold, hay fever, high blood pressure, 
multiple sclerosis, migraine headaches, nervous disorders, insanity, arthritis, eczema, pimples, 
and a höst of others. 

Why is this so? Why does civilized man with his high technical skills of medical treatment 
and wide variety of foods to choose from suffer from a höst of diseases of which the primitive 
savage is practically free? 

Processed Foods the Culprit. The answer by and large lies in our way of life, but mostly in 
the overly-processed and chemically poisoned foods we eat. The truth of the matter is we here in 
America are the most overfed and undernourished people in history. Not only that but the 
burden of poisonous chemicals we carry in our body is beyond the ability of the body to cope 
with. Our bodily system has developed över hundreds of thousands of years and changes 
extremely slowly. The onslaught of cooked, processed foods with all their inherent contaminants 
is something relatively new in the long history of our systemic development, something our 
bodies are not designed for, and therefore incapable of throwing off. The result is most of us are 
walking around with a toxic overload that is making us sick, miserable and destroying our health 
and energy. 

Drugs and Pills Aggravate the Situation. And more pills, medicines and drugs are not the 
answer. In fact, they are a large part of the problem, only adding to the toxic overload, and 
further poisoning our already overburdened body. When you listen to all the highly touted 

medicines and palliatives advertised on television, you will note again and again the ever- 
recurring refrain "temporary relief from." That is all they are — "temporary relief (perhaps), 
only a palliative, but they never cure anything, never remove the cause of your headache, your 
constipation, your asthma, or whatever. In fact, after the supposed "temporary relief they 
intensify your ailment by loading your body up with more toxins and poisons, and you are more 
sick, more overburdened with toxins and poisons, and more dependent on the sleeping pills, 
tranquilizers, nose spray, or laxative than you were before you started taking these nasty 
chemical poisons that are totally alien to the body. The more you take of these palliatives, the 
more you need, and the sicker you get. It is a vicious rat race ending in debility, broken health 
and finally death. 

Drug Approach Basically Wrong. This whole "drug" approach that is the basis of the 
orthodox approach of today's modern medical profession is fundamentally wrong from its 
inception. We of the Church Of The Creator repudiate that concept in its totality. Of all the 
tens of thousands of pills, medicines, drags and chemicals that have been so highly glorified, 
touted and advertised över the last hundred years, there is not one that has cured anything. But 
all of them, and especially collectively, have done a great deal of harm. They have poisoned our 
people to the point where most people, starting with the young, are walking around with a toxic 
overload, a load beyond that with which they are able to cope. The result is the höst of systemic 
and degenerative diseases I mentioned earlier. 

All Medicines are Poison. Let us never forget — a medicine is a drug, is a chemical, is a 
poison. Our bodies were never designed to cope with such chemicals. They are alien to the 
body — they are poison. 

Overfed, Undernourished. How did we ever get into this vicious rat race? It all begins 
with the unnatural, highly processed food we eat. Whereas we pride ourselves on our glorious 
supermarkets, of being the best fed nation on earth, the fact is our highly processed foods have 
been largely stripped of all their natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, leaving a barren mess 
of garbage that our bodies cannot use, leaving us with a mess of empty calories that will make us 
fat, but leave us woefully undernourished. To add insult to injury most of these beautifully 
processed foods are not only stripped of essential nutrients, but are highly loaded with 
preservatives, additives, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring and a höst of other chemicals. To 
mention a few: monosodium glutamate, calcium phosphate, gum arabic, sodium nicotinate, 
stilbesterol (in chicken and beet) and always sugar, sugar, sugar. The end result is we are fed 
foods that look great, taste good, are beautifully packaged, but are essentially stripped of their 
vital nutrients and loaded with chemical poisons. We are eating synthetic, plastic foods, foods 
that are crippled, and poisoned, resulting in crippled and poisoned people. 

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are no answer. We Creators shun all processed 
foods, pills or extracts. This includes the vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplements that health 
faddists love to buy in the so-called "Health Food" stores. All vitamin, mineral and enzyme pills 
are intensively processed, whether they be labeled organic or synthetic. As such the body cannot 
use them and they add absolutely nothing to the natural nourishment of the body. On the 
contrary, they add to the toxic overload that the body is working so härd to reduce. Therefore we 
reject all such compressed supplements as artificial, processed junk food of no value, but actually 
harmful to the body. 

A Good General Rule is that any substance, whether it be onions, garlic, cod liver oil, or 
Vitamin C pills, that you cannot sit down and make an entire meal of, enjoy and easily digest, is 
not good food for the body, even if taken in small amounts. 

This is purely an exclusionary rule, and by no means implies that every "food" that can be 
eaten as a whole meal, without digestive problems, is good food. For instance, you might be 
able to eat a whole meal of white bread, or of cheese, or chocolate bars, and enjoy it without 
immediate digestive problems. But they are not necessarily good foods, In fact, all three 
mentioned are the worst of junk foods. 

Even Savages Eat Better. It is a shameful fact that the primitive savages, untouched by 
civilization, whether in the South Seas or in Africa, eat much better, more nutritious food than 
does the civilized White Man today. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 would råte the primitives at about 5, 
whereas we are far down the scale at about 2. 

So that is where it all begins — the cooked, over-processed, plastic food we eat. As a result 
we are undernourished, overfed and loaded with toxins beyond the ability of the body to throw 
them off. It is a long recognized axiom that any organism that is unable to excrete its waste, 

The Answer. Since I have gone into the subject of nutrition, the hoax of medicine, and the 
evils of pollution in another chapter, I won't belabor this subject further in this chapter. Rather, 
recognizing the unhealthy mess we are in, the question is — what can we do to get back to 
normal salubrious health? How can we unload the body of the burdensome toxins? 

The Answer Is Fasting. 

Let us dwell on the word "cure" for a moment and further try to clarify its meaning. 

No cures for anything. I have already stated that we make no claims that fasting is a "cure- 
all". I will go further than that and flatly state that it does not "cure" anything. In fact there is no 
such a thing as a "cure" for human ailments anytime, anywhere, other than death itself. As long 
as the body lives you can no more be cured of an ailment any more than you can be cured of 
being run över by a Mack truck. To be cured implies that you will never again be susceptible to 
that ailment, be it cancer, or heart disease, or whatever. The truth is there is nothing that can 
make you immune from future ailments. No matter how healthy you might be today, if you 
subject your body to abuses, wrong habits and bad food, you will become sick again and your 
old ailments will return in force. 

Fasting allows Body to Restore Itself. Therefore we shun the word "cure" in our 
discussion. What we do claim about fasting is that it is the fastest, most effective natural way the 
body has of recuperating and restoring itself back to health from a wide variety of ailments, some 
of which I have mentioned, and many more that I have not. I do claim that it is far superior to 
the orthodox medical approach of cut, burn and poison. It is far superior to the drug 
approach that is the darling of the medical profession. Whereas the fasting approach to 
restoring health is a natural, therapeutic, healing process, the "orthodox" drug approach is 
harmful, devitalizing and in itself contributes to the poisoning and toxification of the body. 

Yes, we of the Church Of The Creator do not claim fasting to be a cure-all, but we do 
claim that it is a thousand times superior to the "orthodox" medical approach of cut, burn and 

Fasting Detoxifies, Revitalizes. To the average layman, fasting is synonymous with 
starving. "Go without food for two or three weeks? Fd starve to death." Not true. Not true at 
all. There is a fairly clear line of demarcation between fasting and starving. Most of us could go 
for a month or more and not even begin to cross that line. If you are overweight you could go 
much longer. (All this should, however, be in a clinic under supervision). Most of us would 
come out of such a fast revitalized, rid of many of our pet ailments, allergies, headaches, 
constipation, or what have you. In fact, chances are excellent that you would come out of the 
fast stronger, healthier and much more energetic than you were before going into the fast, after a 
suitable period of eating and rebuilding. 

Relatively Safe. Under proper supervision the danger of starvation or dying while fasting 
are minimal. It is, in fact, much less dangerous than the average stay in a hospital. 

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, who has probably done more to advance the hygienist movement 
(which we call Salubrious Living) than any other man, states that över a period of more than 45 
years he has conducted thousands of fästs and no one under his care has ever died of fasting. 
Some of these fästs ranged from a few days to as long as ninety days. 

Fasting means total abstinence from food of any kind, drinking only moderate amounts of 
pure water, preferably distilled. We hear of people going on "juice fästs" or "water fästs" but 
these are misnomers. If someone is drinking only fruit juice they are not on a fast, but on a juice 
diet. If they are on a "water fast," it would imply they are abstaining from water, which they are 
not. In our terminology a fast means just what I said — abstaining from all food, but drinking 
distilled water. 

Fasting is a Natural Healing Process. In the animal world animals fast not only when they 
are sick, or wounded, but also in many other instances of their natural life cycles. One example 
is during hibernation. Some animals fast during the mating season. Some during the nursing 
period. Some birds fast while their eggs are being hatched. Some wild creatures will fast when 
taken into captivity. Animals survive fästs during periods of drought, snow, cold or long periods 
when game or food is scarce without any harmful effects. Fasting is a natural process in the 
animal kingdom. Mankind too, has been practicing it for thousands of years. It is only in recent 
medical history that it has become less known, probably due in no small part to the efforts of the 
medical profession itself in suppressing this natural restorative. 

When a person fästs, several constructive benefits result. Weight reduction is one of the 
most obvious, but it is only an added dividend to the many other beneficial effects. 

Draws on Reserves. When the body fästs a process called autolysis takes place. The normal 
body provides itself with a store of nutritive materials that are put away in the form of fat, bone 
marrow, glycogen, muscle juices, lacteal fluids, minerals and vitamins. When a person goes on a 
fast, the body draws on these reserves to nourish its functioning tissues. As this reserve is used 
up, the body löses weight. The amount of weight it can lose before these reserves are used up is 
considerable. It is when these reserves are used up that starvation begins. 

Thorough House Cleaning. The body is very selective in the order in which it uses these 
reserves, starting first with the fatty tissues. In so doing, it also begins a thorough house cleaning 
process during which it throws off all the accumulated poisons and toxins that have gathered in 
the cells över a long period of time. Because of the extra energies used in digestion during 

normal periods of eating, and because such foods continually load the body with more new 
toxins, the body has been unable to do its detoxification program efficiently. 

Body Detoxifies Itself. During fasting all this changes. Rest is a necessary adjunct of 
fasting. All the body's energies can now be concentrated in a cleansing process and detoxifying 
its entire system. In this process its healing powers are greatly enhanced. Tumörs are absorbed, 
ulcers, sores and irritated tissues are healed. Toxins and poisons are excreted. During the rest 
and abstinence from food the body is relieved of its digestive drudgery. It can finally get around 
to using all its energies towards this cleansing and healing process and put its house back in fine 

Benefits of Fasting. There are many good reasons for fasting, and restoring the body back to 
health from the numerous diseases we mentioned earlier in this chapter is reason enough. But 
even in the absence of specific diseases there are essentially four good reasons why it is 
beneficial for most people to periodically undergo a fast in order to build up their health, to ward 
off future ailments, and to just feel better. 

1. One of the most obvious is weight reduction. Overweight is the most common problem in 
America today. It is the beginning of the cause of any number of ailments. As I have stated 
earlier, we are a nation of overfed and undernourished people. 

Unquestionably, fasting produces the safest and most effective means available for weight 
reduction. But I want to add that weight reduction is by no means the sole reason for fasting. It 
is only an extra benefit derived in restoring the body to salubrious health. 

2. The second benefit can be termed physiological compensation — conserving its energy for 
the healing process. When food is being taken in, a large amount of energy must be expended 
in its digestion. Much blood must be diverted to the digestive organs and the healing process is 
delayed or neglected. In fasting all this energy is now diverted to the healing process and the 
system can concentrate on getting its house in order. 

3. The third reason is to secure physiological rest, a recuperative process not unlike a bear in 
hibernation. During the fasting process, there being no new food taken in that has to be digested 
and metabolized, the whole system gets a much needed rest, a reprieve, a chance to restore. The 
digestive system, the glandular system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the 
respiratory system all get a reprieve, a chance to rest. All this has a therapeutic and healing 
effect, giving the body an opportunity to restore itself. 

4. The greatest benefit of all is the extraordinary effectiveness of the fast in the process of 
detoxifying itself. Dr. J. H. Tilden, the founder of the famous Dr. Tilden's Health School in 
Denver and who has written several books, says, "After fifty-five years of sojourning in the 
wilderness of medical therapeutics, I am forced to declare without fear of successful 
contradiction, that fasting is the only reliable, specific, therapeutic eliminant known to man." 

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton says "Nötning known to man equals the fast as a means of increasing 
the elimination of waste from the blood and the tissues." 

As the fast progresses, retained wastes are thrown out of the body and the system becomes 
purified. Relief of irritations occur. The body becomes rested and recuperated, and in short, the 
body is detoxified and restored. 

When should a person fast? Basically there are two situations. 

Health broken down. When the bodily health, for any number of reasons, is already broken 
down, a long fast becomes imperative. This may be anywhere from a week to six weeks or 
more. Such fästs should be taken in a clinic under the supervision of a Hygienist. 

Sluggish. The other situation is when a person is not specifically sick, but feels sluggish and 
run down. A fast of four days to a week can work wonders. Such fästs should be undertaken 
after reading a good book on fasting, or consulting with, or under the guidance of, a Hygienist, at 
least for the first such attempt. 

Routine maintenance. Many Mormons fast one day a week as a routine observance of their 
religious practice. This has good merit both for keeping down weight and also in its therapeutic 
value. Many people who are into fasting routinely fast one week a year, just in order to maintain 
good health. In any case, occasional fasting has many solid benefits of which weight reduction is 
only the most obvious added dividend. 

Breaking the Fast Important Step. One very important aspect of fasting is breaking the 
fast slowly. Proper breaking of the fast can determine whether the fast will be beneficial or not. 
After a fast, food should be taken selectively, and at first in very moderate amounts. Many 
Hygienists recommend breaking the fast by drinking orange juice or other fruit juice s in small 
amounts and at regular intervals, then gradually adding solid foods until the regular diet is 
resumed. This is where the expertise of the Hygienist is vital. As a rule of thumb, for every four 
days of fasting one day of gradual "breaking of the fast" is needed. For example, if a fast lasts 
for twenty days a period of five days of gradual dieting will be required to again resumé a normal 
eating schedule. 

Wealth of information available. However, this chapter is not designed as a 
comprehensive treatise on fasting, but only to point up the benefits to be derived from this most 
effective of all therapeutic and restorative processes known to man or animal in Nature. I 
strongly suggest that before entering into fasting for any length of time beyond a few days, our 
members thoroughly verse themselves in this process or place themselves under the guidance of 
a good Hygienic clinic. 

Creative Credo #1 

Sugar— The Most Damaging Narcotic in the History of Civilization 

Narcotics in food. When we reflect on today's "drug-culture" and the flagrant increase in 
drug-abuse, we generally think in terms of alcohol, heroin, L.S.D., marijuana, tobacco, "ängel 
dust", cocaine and a variety of other mind benders. Certainly all of them have been and are 
today the cause of an untold amount of misery, of wrecked lives and the rapid breakdown of the 
health and morals of our race and nation. Furthermore, the lasting damage to the gene pool of 
the White Race is staggering. Needless to say, behind all this is money — the greed for profits, 
and the deliberate, relentless program of the Jews towards the total destruction of the White 

Sugar. There is another narcotic that all of us have been using by the bucket ever since we 
were little babies that has undoubtedly done more damage to the White Race as a whole över the 
last three hundred years than alcohol, tobacco, heroin, marijuana, and all the other "härd drugs" 
combined. It is something that comes disguised as a most pleasant tasting food, that, like 
Christianity, even your sweet, loving mother would administer to you by the bushel. That 
narcotic is sugar — ordinary, refined, crystalline, white sugar you buy at any grocery store. 

Sugar a narcotic? Yes, sugar is a narcotic — an unnatural substance produced by industrial 
processes (mostly from sugar cane or sugar beets) by refining it down to pure sucrose, after 
stripping away all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients. What 
is left is a concentrated unnatural narcotic which the human body is not able to handle, at least 
not in anywhere near the quantities that is now ingested in today' s accepted lifestyle. 

White Sugar, White Flour. When I was a kid I grew up on a farm in Canada. Now you 
would think that anybody growing up on a farm would get an ample supply of fresh wholesome 
food. However, due to our ignorance about nutrition (shared by 99% of the White Race) we 
would every so often load up with a 100-pound säck of white flour and a 100 pound säck of 
white sugar, and store them in the upstairs pantry. Both of these "foods" are extremely 
detrimental to anyone's health, and even råts, who are more hardy than humans, will die in short 
order if they are fed on a menu of white flour, white sugar, or both. 

Sugar Addictive. The average American now consumes approximately 1 15 lbs. of sugar per 
year. This is per man, woman and child. The biggest reason sugar does more damage than any 
other poison, drag or narcotic is twofold: (a) It is considered a "food" and ingested in such 
massive quantities, and (b) The damaging effects begin early, from the day a baby is born and is 
fed sugar in its formula. Even mothers milk is contaminated with it. (c) Practically 100% of our 
civilized White Racial Comrades are addicted to it throughout their lifetime from the cradle to 
the grave. The only exceptions are those few (but growing numbers) who have become aware of 
what a deadly poison is common household sugar. We Creators intend to exposé this 
deleterious narcotic and make such information common knowledge to every child from the time 
they learn to talk. 

Overloaded with sugar throughout our lifetime. It has been said that the criteria as to 
whether a substance (any substance) is harmful or medically beneficial is the quantity in which it 
is used in the human body. To point to a dramatic illustration: we all know that the venom of a 
rattlesnake, a cobra, water moccasin, coral, and other venomous snakes is deadly to the human 

system. There are some snakes whose bite is so deadly it can cause death within a matter of 
seconds. Nevertheless, even snake venom, deadly as it is, has been used for therapeutic, medical 
purposes when used in minute quantities. (We are against it.) Conversely, we all accept that 
water and sunshine are beneficial to our health, in moderate quantities. However, in the middle 
of Lake Superior the average person would soon drown from over-consumption of water, and in 
the middle of the Sahara desert a person could soon die from over-exposure of good old Sol. 

So it is with just about any factor that affects our health and well-being: It is the correct 
amount that is important. However, there are thousands of substances we ingest that are harmful, 
and doing a way with them altogether would be best. 

Extremely Destructive to White Race. Because of the quantities in which we have been 
consuming sugar is the main reason why sugar has been the most destructive culprit that the 
White Man's civilization has produced in all its history. It has all the right qualities for a 
destructive poison: it is sweet and attractive to the palate, you can never get enough of it. It is a 
narcotic and it is addictive. It takes years for the damages to become evident. 

History. Whereas sugar had been around in minute quantities for several thousand years, it 
was practically unknown and formed an insignificant part of the White Man's diet in the 
Classical civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome. The Greeks (who had a word for nearly 
everything!) did not even have a word for it. Even in medieval Europé it was practically 
unknown and then only a rare delicacy in the royal courts. During the last major Crusade that 
ended in 1204 some of the Christian Crusaders were introduced to sugar freely used by the 
Saracens. The Moors when invading and colonizing the southern part of Spain grew sugar cane 
on Spanish soil and refined sugar. When Spain drove out the Moors, it inherited some of the 
cane plantations. It was during this time that Christendom took its first big bite of the forbidden 
fruit and liked it. It was the beginning bite that was to lead to addiction, gluttony and a slow and 
steady degeneration of the White Race, a degeneration that has become an epidemic today. It 
also left a trail of slavery, genocide and organized crime that made väst fortunes, especially for 
those parasites of the human race — the Jews. 

Sugar, Slaves and Rum. Nevertheless it was after Columbus' discovery of the New World 
that King Sugar really came into its own. In this respect, the Portuguese led the race, soon 
followed and replaced by the Spaniards, who in turn were superseded by the English, French and 
the Dutch. The West Indies were the central locale of much of this drama, and soon that vicious 
three cornered triangle of sugar, black slaves and rum became the biggest and most profitable 
business in both the new world and old. Väst fortunes were made in England, France, Spain, 
Portugal, Holland and, last but not least, in the newly emerging New England colonies. For three 
hundred years sugar has run rampant and it has raised hell with the White Man's health, sending 
its victims down a spiraling road of debility, degeneration and disease. 

Sugar an Unnatural Chemical. Why is sugar so devastating to our health? One reason is it 
is pure chemical and (like heroin) through refining has been stripped of all the natural food 
nutritives that it originally had in the plant itself. Heroin and sugar are arrived at by very similar 
processes of refinement. In producing heroin, the opium is first extracted from the poppy: The 
opium is then refined into morphine. The chemists then went to work on morphine and further 
refined it into heroin, proclaiming they had "discovered" a wonderful new pain-killer that was 
non- addictive. So they said. 

Similarly, sugar is first pressed as a juice from the cane (or beet) and refined into molasses. 
Then it is refined into brown sugar, and finally into stränge white crystals C 12 H 22 0, that are an 
alien chemical to the human system. 

Addictive. A second reason that sugar is so harmful is that like heroin it is addictive, and 
being delectable and seductive to the taste, it is also habit forming (there is a difference). 
Starting with sugar in the baby's formula, people not only develop a strong taste for sugar but an 
insatiable craving for it so that they never seem to get enough of this poison. 

Slow but Insidious. A third reason is that the damage sugar does is slow and insidious. I 
remember when I was in grade school my teacher made the statement that if tobacco were ten 
times as harmful it would not do one thousandth of the damage. It took me a while to figure that 
one out. It is the same with sugar. It takes years before it ruins your pancreas, your adrenal 
glands, throws your whole endocrine system out of kilter and produces the multifarious damages 
we have listed in this chapter. 

Foods loaded with Sugar. A fourth reason is the outrageous amounts of sugar civilized 
nations consume. Americans in particular are told how they are the best fed and best nourished 
people on the face of the earth. If we are talking about processed junk food — this is true. The 
supermarket with its tremendous variety of processed packaged food is the ultimate "we point 
with pride" exhibit of how well we supposedly are fed. If you examine the "foods" in any 
supermarket more closely and start reading labels, you will find just about everything contains 
sugar. Most of the foods are loaded with it — from cereals, to soups, to ketchup, to hotdogs. 
Even flue-cured tobacco can contain as much as 20% sugar by weight. Some cereals are as 
much as 50% sugar. 

List of Damages. We have stated that sugar is deleterious to your health: that it is more 
damaging than all other narcotics combined; that it is a long term chemical poison. Just what 
damage does sugar do to the human body? 

The list is endless, but we will cite a few of the insidious ways sugar creates havoc with the 
human body. When we talk about sugar, we are including bad nutrition as a whole, since anyone 
who indulges in sugar has bad dietary habits per se. 

1. Sugar is by far the leading cause of dental deterioration — cavities in teeth, bleeding gums, 
failure of bone structure, and loss of teeth. 

2. Sugar is the main cause of diabetes, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. 

3. It is either a significant or contributory cause of heart disease, arteriosclerosis, mental illness, 
depression, senility, hypertension, cancer. 

4. It has an extremely deleterious effect in unbalancing the endocrine system and injuring its 
component glands such as the adrenal glands, pancreas and liver, causing the blood sugar level to 
fluctuate widely. 

It has a number of other extremely damaging effects on the human body. There are a number 
of books available on the subject, but I believe perhaps the most intere sting one I have read is 
Sugar Blues by William Dufty. It is available in most Health Food stores. I suggest you read it. 

Must Reverse Damage Done. Perhaps we have taken up too much space talking about 
sugar. But since we of the Church Of The Creator are strongly health and nutrition oriented, 
we can hardly place too much emphasis on the evils of sugar. Anyone interested in pursuing a 
healthy and energetic life (and all true Creators are) will have to come to grips with the 
damage that has been done by sugar in the last 300 years. 

Medical-Drug-Chemical Complex. This chapter on sugar will serve as an introduction to 
the väst influence and power exercised över our lives by the Medical-Drug-Chemical Complex, 
of which sugar is just a part. We want to exposé the greed and hypocrisy that permeates this 
power establishment and show how they work hand in glove with the government and the news 
media. The driving force behind it all is money — all firmly in the hands of the Jewish network. 

Creative Credo#1 1 

The Medical-Drug/Chemical Complex: 

A Powerful International Network That Has Sabotaged the Peoples' 

Health and PoisonedOur Planet 

Profit in Merchandising Poisons. In reflecting back on the previous chapter on sugar we 
became keenly aware of how powerful financial forces can (a) make us sickly at a huge profit to 
themselves and (b) by means of their money power can subvert investigations and propaganda 
for centuries so that the victims never know the difference. But although sugar is a multi-billion 
dollar industry, it is only one product out of thousands that is making us sick, and only one 
product out of thousands that is tremendously profitable to the commercial interests that push 
and promote harmful drags, chemicals and poisons to an unsuspecting public. 

Billions in Illicit Drugs. There are other chemicals besides sugar that are tremendously 
profitable to the merchandisers of sickness and death. We are all aware of the tremendous 
expansion of the illicit drag traffic. Living in South Florida, I read every day of drag "busts" in 
tons of marijuana, or heroin, of quaaludes and a multitude of other härd drags that are flooding 
America and destroying the White Race. Even so, the authorities admit that they are catching 
less than 5%; the rest goes through. So huge and so flagrant has this traffic become that it is not 
only a billion dollar "industry", but it now runs into the tens of billions. Nobody knows the full 
extent in dollars. In fact it has become so huge and powerful that it now exceeds in dollar 
volume practically any other major industry of long standing. 

Corrupted all Law Enforcement Agencies. Such a major force has the illicit drag traffic in 
this country become that it has corrupted all law enforcement agencies, and practically all 
government, be they municipal, state or agencies of the Federal government. Our schools and 
educational institutions have been the major targets, until they have now become dens of crime 
and iniquity rather than halls of learning. 

Dope and Integration. In fact it is härd to decide whether dope or racial integration has 
been more disastrous in the breakdown of our educational system. But there is no doubt that 
forced integration, mingling with the niggers and mud races, has contributed tremendously 
towards the proliferation of härd drugs, disease and the destruction of our youth. 

Destruction of the White Race Profitable to the Jews. It is not, however, the object of this 
chapter to dwell on the härd drag traffic, disastrous as it may be. I will make only this 
observation; The government is not trying to stop it. On the contrary. The Jewish power 
establishment is wholeheartedly pushing and promoting the drug traffic and for two major 
reasons (a) it is tremendously profitable and (b) they want to irrevocably destroy the White 
Race. Therefore we can expect no solution, no reversal of this scourge until such time, through 
the program of the Church Of The Creator, we drive the Jews from all phases of power and 
influence and again firmly wrest control of the destiny of the White Race into our own hands. 

The Legitimate Drug Räcket. Having said this much about the illicit drug traffic, let me 
now get back to the medical-drug-chemical complex which operates openly and legitimately but 

does even more damage than the illicit drag traffic because it reaches more people. In fact it 
reaches everybody, including people like you and me who would never go near a sleazy dope 

Three-Legged Combine. The culprits of this complex are like the three legs of a tripod, all 
supporting each other. The three legs are (a) the Medical profession, (b) the pharmaceutical and 
chemical companies, and (c) the Federal agencies "regulating" the former. Actually they all 
work in collusion and none could function without the other to shore them up. All of these are 
highly legitimate and highly respected by the public. If the public only knew what this combine 
was doing to them! 

The Medical Profession. Representing the medical profession basically are the American 
Medical Association (A.M.A.), the American Cancer Society (A.C.S.), and the National 

Cancer Institute (N.C.I.) although there are several smaller adjuncts. These are all under the 
control of Jews at the top. 

The Pharmaceutical Companies are more diversified and vary from small national 
companies to huge international giants. Included in the chemical group is an even wider variety 
of manufactured products. These range all the way from chemical fertilizers, to industrial 
chemicals, to the huge petroleum and plastic giants. We must also include in the group the food 
manufacturers and processors, (of which the sugar companies are a part) since they too 
contribute mightily to the poisoning of our bodies and debilitation of our health. Together the 
commercial groups mentioned in this paragraph are the producers of the "legitimate" drags and 
chemicals that are poisoning our bodies. They are, in fact, poisoning our whole planet, making it 
not only a place unfit to live, but, if continued into the future, will make it a planet in which it 
will be impossible to live. Almost without exception these huge trasts and monopolies are 
owned and controlled by Jews. 

The third leg of this tripod is the government itself that polices the medical profession and 
the drag industries. Basically this is represented by the Food and Drug Administration 
(F.D.A.) and its various state counterparts. Our government too, is in the hands of the Jews. 

News Media act as Protective Umbrella. So there we have the cast of characters. 
Spreading a blänket of respect and protection över this powerful tripod is the fourth estate — the 
news media. Without its benign support and protection the other three components would not be 
able to function. In fact, if the news media were honest and independent, it would readily exposé 
and blow their whole shabby räcket sky high in short order. With the press and news media 
running interference, however, and providing an all-pervasive cover, this unholy complex has the 
general public completely gulled and snookered, worshipping the hand that poisons them and 
takes their money. 

Criminal Complex. There is a tremendous amount of ground to cover on this subject, but I 
do not want to take the space. In order to understand how this criminal combination operates, 
peddling its poisonous merchandise all in the name of health, let us look at the cancer räcket as a 
typical example. 

Milking the Gullible Public. Every year the American Cancer Society (A.C.S.) puts on a 
high-sounding, tear-jerking, heart-rending campaign to collect funds from a gullible public. Its 
noble and commendable aims ostensibly are to raise money to carry on further "research" to find 
a "cure" for cancer. Its praiseworthy goals are undoubtedly credible to a credulous public 

because the A.C.S. is without doubt one of the most efficient fund raiser "charities" on the face 
of the earth. Every year, year af ter year, they manage to extract över one hundred million dollars 
from the same gullible public. Every year, especially before the campaign begins, news stories 
are spread in the press of the great work the Society is carrying on, and how Dr. So and So, or 
such and such a research institute is on the brink of a marvelous breakthrough, or testing a 
miracle drug that has fantastic promises for a long suffering public. 

Phony Battle. But is seems year after year it all remains just there, "on the verge". Nothing 
but promises, promises, promises. Statistics show the following dismal picture över this century: 
In 1900-04 the death råte from cancer was 67.7 per hundred thousand population. In 1920-24 it 
was 86.9. Twenty years låter it was 123.1. By 1950 it rose to 139.8. By 1977 it was 178.4 and 
in a single year (1978) it rose to 181.9. Is the Cancer Society winning the battle against cancer? 
Obviously not. The råte of deaths and disease is increasing despite the hundreds of millions they 
collect. In fact, it is now openly predicted that one out of four of the present generation will die 
from the disease. 

How can the A.C.S. collect (and presumably spend) so much money on and for cancer 
research and have the situation get worse every year? 

Plush Räcket. The answer again is (as I pointed out in the previous chapter) money, money, 
money. The American Cancer Society has not the slightest desire in the world to find a "cure" 
which it knows doesn't exist in the first place. The fact is it has a beautiful, lucrative räcket. It 
has beautiful plush carpeted offices, a battery of telephones; a staff that is paid handsome salaries 
and a number of fringe benefits such as fund-raising balls; and best of all, it enjoys extraordinary 
prestige. If they were to suddenly find a "cure" (horrors be!) it would wipe out their whole 
reason for being and with it would go the plush offices, secure salaries, fringe benefits, prestige 
and all. 

Closed Shop. Not only are they not looking for a "cure" they know doesn't exist, but they 
want to make sure the deluded public never finds out the truth about the causes of cancer. If 
some small honest organization is working towards that end, they rapidly bring to bear all the 
prestige, money and muscle to discredit them, smear them and use the strong arm tactics of the 
A.M.A., the F.D.A., and government agencies to drive such do-gooders out of business. 

National Cancer Institute. Whereas the A.C.S. is a so-called public philanthropic 
organization, the National Cancer Institute (N.C.I.) is a government agency funded with 
taxpayers' money. It spends many times more than the A.C.S. In fact, its budget is 
approximately a billion dollars a year, dollars you pay, like it or not. It accomplishes exactly the 
same thing as the A.C.S. which is absolutely nothing positive, except to keep the people gulled 
from learning the truth about cancer. 

The A.M.A. Working hand in glove and in collusion with the A.C.S. and the N.C.I. is the 
American Medical Association, the A.M.A. Let's face it, the cancer räcket is a very, very 
lucrative räcket. The medical profession can and does extract an average of 35,000 dollars per 
patient (at today's råtes) before the poor victim dies from "treatments". Sometimes it is much 
more, running into hundreds of thousands. What with inflation and other factors escalating 
medical costs into the stratosphere we can be sure it will be much higher each passing year. 
Now we have already said that the way things are going one in four is predicted to die of cancer. 
Out of a present population of 220 million that means 55 million. Multiply that times 35,000 
dollars plus and you can see what a lucrative räcket this is to the medical profession, to the drug 
companies, X-ray technicians, hospitals and the whole system. 

Not Interested in a Cure. Find a "cure"? Give up such a lucrative räcket? Never! They 
would no more do so voluntarily than the härd dope peddlers would give up the marijuana or 
heroin räcket, or U.S. Sugar would stop selling sugar because it ruined people's health. 

There is an Answer. And is there an answer to the cancer problem? Of course there is! We 
have already spelled it out in Salubrious Living. Go after the cause! Stop poisoning the 
multitudes! Cancer is nothing more or less than the last stages of Toxemia — an abused body 
that has been overloaded with toxins and poisons to the point that it can no longer cope. As I 
have said any number of times before and will keep repeating — any organism that cannot 
excrete its wastes, dies. 

Each Victim a 35,000-Dollar Plum. But will the "orthodox" doctor, the cancer specialist or 
any other member of the A.M.A. tell you that? What! And lose his 35,000-dollar prize plum? 
Not on your sweet life! As I have already mentioned earlier, each new cancer sufferer is 
estimated to be worth 35,000-dollars plus to the medical fraternity and allied trades. Instead the 
"specialists" insist on subjecting you to their concocted, routine "orthodox" treatment. 

Cut, Burn and Poison. And what is their orthodox treatment? It is a horrible piece of 

sadism — a veritable torture chamber. They call it surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. We 
call it cut, burn and poison. It is brutal. An already enervated, weakened body overloaded with 
toxins and poisons is now subject to a deliberate brutal assault of the worst kind. 

Treatment extremely harmful. Surgery does not remove the cause. It does enervate and 
weaken an already weakened system and spread the cancer more rapidly. Radiation is not 
selective. It kills good cells along with the bad. Chemotherapy is outright poison of the 
strongest and worst type injected into the body. How in the hell deliberately adding strong 
poison that would kill healthy people is supposed to help an already weakened, poisoned and 
overloaded system, nobody has ever explained to me or anyone else. 

Horrible Mutilation and Pain. Does the treatment work? Well, for the doctor it works 
beautifully. What with health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and whatever assets the patient' s 
family had, the doctor and aides will get their 35,000 dollars, more or less. But for the patient it 
is horrible. It is a living hell. Their hair will fall out, they will repeatedly throw up, their skin 
will look like a dying zombie and they will be in great pain. It is outright criminal. If these con- 
artists weren't protected by their ironclad union (the A.M.A.) such unwarranted criminal torture 
would be punished with 20 years in the penitentiary. 

Does it cure their cancer? No, it does not. It severely aggravates their toxemic condition. 

Shortens Life. Does it lengthen their life spän? No, it does not. It shortens it, as anyone in 
their right mind could readily expect. A medical researcher, Dr. Hardin B. Jones of the 
University of California Department of Medical Physics after 2 years of studying this question 
revealed that people who develop cancer and refuse treatment continue living an average of 12.5 
more years. People with cancer who submit to the orthodox treatment of cut, burn and poison 
live an average of only 3 more years. And, might I add those terminal 3 years are a torturous 
living hell at an expense of 35,000 dollars more or less. 

No Secret. Doesn't the medical profession know this? Doesn't the A.M.A. realize this? Of 
course they must, and they do. Dr. Jones' findings were by no means the first nor the last. 
Everyone in the räcket must be aware of it. But then there is that 35,000 dollar per, and as long 
as the victims are gullible enough, why quit? 

A Better Way. Is there an answer to cancer? Yes there is and we have spelled it out any 
number of times before — Salubrious Living. If we can teach our children to eat properly and 
quit poisoning themselves, cancer will become as rare as it is with the primitive tribes of the 
world — practically unknown. 

This brings us to the next set of culprits — the drag companies and the food manufacturers — 
who manufacture the poisons we ingest. 

Drug Companies and Food Manufacturers. Perhaps I should treat these two entities 
separately. I would like to write a whole book on each, but this has already been done and in this 
book, due to lack of space, it is not possible to treat any subject exhaustively. If I did I would 
have to write a whole encyclopedia, since in our religion of Creativity we cover the whole 
spectram — history, religion, race, health, environment and every other subject that has to do 
with the well-being and best interests of the White Race. Perhaps we will have such an 
encyclopedia some day, just as the Catholics have their Catholic Encyclopedia, and Jews have 
their Talmud. But my purpose is much more modest and that is to lay down the creed and 
philosophy for our members and point the direction in which our best interests can be realized. 
Once we have done that much, the more extensive details can be filled in låter by an army of 
writers and researchers. 

But to get back to foods and drags. It is these that have made our people sick and debilitated, 
and are making us sicker every year. 

Drugs and Food. In our lexicon a drag is not a food, and no decent food should have any 
characteristics of a drug. But in today's world I think we are justified in lumping the two 
together, since more and more of our processed supermarket food is laced with drugs and 
chemicals, and is nutritionally empty. So the dividing line between our processed foods of today 
and of drugs is narrowing to the point where they are almost indistinguishable. Therefore I think 
it is only befitting that we treat them together. Sugar, which we have already gone into, is a case 
in point. 

Processors and Wholesalers. Between the food that the farmer produces on the land and 
what you buy in the supermarket there is a väst array of industries each getting their cut of the 
food dollar. There are, of course, the legitimate costs of the transportation industries, but that 
cost is relatively small. The real money is with the wholesalers and the food processors who 
take the farmer' s produce and process and package it ready to be put on the supermarket shelf. 

Processed to Death. This processing consists of many, many things — heating, shredding, 
blasting from guns, homogenizing, pasteurizing, grinding, adding, subtracting, coloring, 
bleaching, flavoring, adulterating, mixing and a thousand other processes, not the least of which 
is adding preservatives so it will have that ever so important shelf life. And, oh, yes, the 
packaging, that is very important. It must be in a beautiful package that will attract the 
customer's eye, in competition with an array of others. 

Junk Food. By the time you buy the package, it is loaded with toxic chemicals and stripped 
of most of the nutrients the farmer' s product had when it left the field. By the way, the farmer 
may get as little as 5 cents of the food dollar when you purchase that beautifully packaged piece 
of (nowjunk) food. 

Enriched Food Worthless. On the package it will tell you how nutritious the stripped, 
adulterated "food" is, having been "enriched" with all these vitamins that are carefully listed. 

This, too, is a sham and a fraud. These additives are not organic and your body can't use them. 
They are only so much extra garbage for the body to get rid of. Dr. Joe D. Nichols, of Atlanta, 
Texas has done much valuable work in teaching the public about the importance of nutrition and 
organic farming. He tells his patients never to buy "enriched" food. It is similar he says, to 
being held up at gun point by a robber on a wintry night in one of our big cities. Because it is 
cold the victim is completely clothed, heavy overcoat, muffler, gloves, heavy underwear and 
much more. The robber demands the victim' s wallet and watch. Then he orders him to 
completely undress. You can imagine the victim' s plight as he stånds there naked and shivering 
on a cold winter's night. The pistol- wielder then in a burst of generosity says "Fm going to 
make you richer and warmer", and he reaches into his gunny säck and gives the victim an old tie 
and hat and one synthetic sock with a hole in it. 

Nutritional Robbery. Was the victim "enriched," or was he robbed? It is similar with our 
processed, devitalized "enriched" foods that we buy in pretty packages in the supermarket. 

The fact is most of the food has been stripped as naked as the robbery victim. It is 
devitalized, robbed of its organic vitamins, minerals and enzymes and has had any number of 
synthetic chemicals added to give it color, flavor and shelf life. It is junk food loaded with 
toxins, whether it claims to be "enriched" or not. And practically all have had sugar, sugar, 
sugar added. It is plastic food. 

The Cause or Disease. There is the biggest cause of cancer along with our sedentary way of 
life, as I have described under Salubrious Living. Plastic food is also the cause of heart disease, 
arthritis, diabetes, a höst of other degenerative and systemic diseases with which modern 
civilization is plagued. I have listed many of these diseases before. But will the average doctor 
tell you this? No, he will not. No doctor has ever asked me what I ate. 

Medical Dictatorship. Now comes the question — how do they get away with it? 

Well, for one thing the medical profession has one of the tightest, best financed unions in the 
country. It is called the A.M.A. Any member who does not go along with the accepted 
"orthodox" procedures proclaimed as holy dogma by the A.M.A. is hounded and railroaded out 
of business. Such insurgent maverick as might disagree might also have his license lifted. 

F.D.A. the Legal Strongarm. But you say, how can they do that? There is still the law and 
the courts. Aha, that's where the strong-arm of the F.D.A. comes in. It has legal compulsory 
powers to enforce its views, shabby as they may be. It is always on the side of the "orthodox" 
A.M.A. views. As we said earlier, we have a tripod of collusion, the medical profession, the 
government and the drag companies. And över all is the protective umbrella of the Jewish press. 

The Drug Companies. Where do the drag companies come into this picture? Well, of 
course, the drug companies have a tremendous multibillion-dollar stake in all this. Again it is 
money, money, money. The doctors are their trained drug pushers. Without them the drag 
companies would be out of business. So it was and so it is in their interest to train and keep 
doctors drag oriented — benevolently called "medicine". 

Drug Orientation through Medical Schools. Their foresight in orienting the doctors to be 
drug-oriented is sheer genius. Even before the turn of the century through such rich and 
powerful foundations as Rockefeller, Guggenheim and many others they not only made huge 
contributions to medical schools, they even founded them. Again it was money, money, money. 
Having done so they made sure that each year the graduating doctors were thoroughly 

indoctrinated in the drug approach. This was much easier than it might seem. After all, they had 
thousands of years of history, tradition and superstition about the "magic of medicine" going for 
them. How could they lose? They didn't. They had a good thing going that was as lucrative for 
themselves as the medical profession. The only löser was the public who is slowly being 
poisoned to death. 

Breaking the Stranglehold. In the next chapter we want to discuss what we, the Church 
Of The Creator, can do to break out of this dilemma. 

Creative Credo #1 2 

breaking the bonds of medical tyranny 

A Privileged Profession. If there is one profession in this world that has had every 
opportunity to be successful and make good it is the medical profession. It has a closed shop, 
more tightly closed than any labor union, enabling it to keep everyone else out of its nefarious 
räcket. It is one of the highest paid of all professions, and has a great reserve of wealth behind it. 
It has enjoyed the benefits of several other technological industries such as electronics, 
chemistry, physics, etc. It is coddled and protected by the law, its crimes being condoned by 
grandfather legislation. It has the advantage of burying its mistakes. It is imbedded in the 
schools, in the army, navy and air force, in the government. You are not born until a doctor 
certifies your birth and not officially dead until another doctor signs your death certificate. 

Supported by Past Myths. Furthermore it has the myths and superstitions of ancient times 
supporting it, and in general, a large segment of the public grant it a prestige that it does not 
warrant. What more could any profession ask? If there ever was a profession that has had every 
opportunity to make good by deeds to vindicate its undeserved prestige, it is the medical 

Been Lying to its Clients. Yet with all these opportunities, advantages and prerogatives 
going for it, it has failed miserably. It has persistently deceived its clients and lied to the people, 
and recently, even more so in the last decade, people are beginning to realize that the medical 
profession, like the crooked politicians, have been lying to them. People are beginning to realize 
more and more that the so-called "orthodox" treatment of cut, burn and poison is not only useless 
but terribly destructive. All the prestige and propaganda of the previous centuries is now eroding 
and falling apart and the common layman is seeking alternative methods. 

Medicine has Failed. Large numbers of Americans are seeking cancer treatments by fleeing 
across the börder to Mexico, or the Bahamas, or other countries. There, in sometimes sub- 
standard, sleazy establishments or "hospitals", sometimes in fairly modern "clinics", they flock 
by the thousands not only trying to find a "cure" for cancer but also for arthritis and other 
degenerative ailments. There they receive a variety of concocted treatments and injections. 
Some of the injections for arthritis, for instance, consist of some highly dangerous drugs such as 
cortisone, steroids, Valium and others. Some are revivals of the Hoxey Treatment, or the Gerson 
Therapy, or combinations of several. The A.M.A. loudly denounces these Mexican doctors as 
"quacks" and rip-off artists. 

Only Themselves to Blame. In large part that denunciation is true, but the American 
doctors have only themselves to blame. It is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. If people 
are fleeing across the börder to a more primitive civilization to find relief from their ailments it 
speaks loudly of the failure of the medical profession here in America. If the medical profession 
had delivered the goods there would not be the slightest opportunity for quacks, neither here at 
home, nor abroad. 

The Real Quack. The fact is the orthodox medical profession as epitomized by the A.M.A. 
is itself the biggest quack and the biggest rip-off artist. It is a failure. Its treatment of cut, burn 
and poison is worse than no treatment at all, but terribly expensive and horribly painful, while 
they are doing the poor victim in. In fact, the whole drug approach (which is what "medicine" is 

all about) is a colossal total failure, a fraud on the public and a hoax of colossal proportions. It 
does nothing to cure, nothing to get at the cause, but acts merely to suppress the symptoms. 

The Laetrile Cult. Another manifestation of this loss of confidence is that a large number of 
cancer victims have resorted to Laetrile as a preferred treatment and are working härd to make it 
legal in this country, so they won't have to go to Mexico. In a way it has almost become a 
religious cult. 

The medical profession, in collusion with the F.D.A., the drag companies and the news 
media have viciously fought back. The lay people on their part have organized vigorously into 
Freedom of Choice chapters across the country and a healthy movement is growing that is 
challenging the strong-arm dictatorship of the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. 

Freedom of Choice. We of the Church Of The Creator support the Freedom of Choice 
movement, not only as regards cancer but in any other category. Whereas we do not think that 
Laetrile is the answer to cancer, at least it is more or less harmless, therefore a thousand times 
better than the horrible cut, burn and poison torture treatment approved by the A.M.A. 
Remember, if you did nothing at all in the treatment of cancer your average survival spän is 
another 12.5 years, whereas the cut, burn and poison treatment would cut that spän down to 3 
miserable torture-racked years. No wonder multitudes flee to Mexico to seek "quack" 

Salubrious Living. We of the Church Of The Creator believe the best answer to cancer 

is Salubrious Living, as I have stated before, but we vigorously support the Laetrile groups in 
their philosophy of Freedom of Choice when it comes to an individual choosing what treatment 
he or she prefers, or should they prefer no treatment at all. 

Reject Vaccines. This also includes the choice to have, or to reject, all vaccines, shots, 
immunizations or any other claptrap that the medical profession in collusion with the 
government is so eager to foist on an uninformed populace. We of the Church Of The 
Creator are against all vaccines, believe they are not only useless but definitely harmful. We 
believe they have killed many more people than they have helped, if any. We therefore reject 
them for ourselves and our children. We will not tolerate any of this unsubstantiated hocus- 
pocus to be perpetrated on us or our children, any more than we would tolerate the voodoo 
practices of an African witch-doctor. 

Our Health Creed. In short we lay down the following creed as part of our religious belief: 

1. Our bodies are our own. We will utilize or reject any practice as we see fit, whether the 
A.M.A. approves of it or not. 

2. We will set up our own health facilities with personnel we choose as being best qualified, 
whether the A.M.A. approves or not. 

3. We contend that the A.M.A. and the F.D.A. are practicing a fraud on the public and that their 
drag approach is unsubstantiated by either scientific knowledge or empirical results. We contend 
it is nothing more than a fraudulent dogma arbitrarily chosen by the hierarchy as a deceptive 
means with which to victimize the uninformed and the gullible, and to commercialize on their 
despair in time of crisis. 

4. We contend that our constitutional rights in our religious beliefs supersede their fraudulent 
dogma and we refuse to be subservient to their commercially oriented dictatorship. 

Rely on Our Own. In short, we Creator s refuse to be coerced and treated by "witch- 
doctors" whose record is based on hundreds of years of failure. We insist on dealing with 

practitioners who will be of our own faith and our own choosing, not a gäng of criminal 
reprobate Jews and their unwitting toadies. 

The Real Answer. The answer to the health problem to us is clear. By means of living right 
and eating right, the body need ne ver degenerate into a state of toxemia in the first place. By 
practicing Salubrious Living no one would have their body either poisoned or undernourished. 
In the second place, if some of our White Racial Comrades have arrived at this information too 
late, after the damage has already been done, then we suggest that fasting is the most effective 
and natural way to de-toxify the body and restore it to health. Thirdly, following this up with a 
regimen of proper diet and other aspects of Salubrious Living is the best assurance of keeping 
that härd won health. 

Build Our Own. Obviously, we are not going to be able to reform or convince the A.M.A. 
and the orthodox medical profession. Therefore our program must be for our members to 
boycott the Jew-dominated Medical profession, and build and establish a chain of health resorts 
where Salubrious Living is taught, where fästs are supervised, and where organic, unpoisoned 
and uncontaminated foods are for sale. As our numbers grow, we will accomplish the same 
thing as reforming the A.M.A. We will gradually phase them out of existence. 

Our Poisoned Environment. I have repeatedly emphasized that the way to build health is to 
follow the program of Salubrious Living, that in large part consists of eating right, that is, 
wholesome raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I have also pointed out how the whole 
Medical-Drug-Chemical Complex has subverted our health and poisoned our food and our 
bodies. In the next chapter I want to emphasize that eating a wholesome fruitarian diet requires 
food organically grown on healthy soil, food free from pesticides, herbicides and other poisons. 
We will see what these same chemical poison spreaders have done not only to our soil and our 
farms, but how they are poisoning our whole environment, our whole Planet Earth. 

Creative Credo #1 3 

A SoundEnvironment — Getting Back to Organic Far min g and Living So il 

The Total Approach. Our basic premise as spelled out in the initial chapter of this book 
was an enunciation of the total approach — A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society 
in a Sound Environment. We of the Church Of The Creator believe in a total solution, in 
treating the whole problem, in getting down to the cause. 

The Soil. History and experience has demonstrated an organism cannot have any healthy 
components if one or more of the other components are sick. We believe in getting to the cause, 
the root of the problem, not merely suppressing the symptoms. We now come to the fourth 
component of our four dimensional philosophy — the environment, which broadly speaking 
consists of the land, water and air. In this chapter we want to examine more specifically the soil 
and the land which supports and nurtures all. 

Basic Nutrition. We have already stressed the importance of nutrition in maintaining our 
health, or in recovering our health from illness. We need to eat food that is: 

(a) Raw or in as near a natural state as possible rather than lifeless, processed food. 

(b) We need the whole food. 

(c) We need to eat food that is naturally nutritious in the first place, which means it must be 
organically grown. 

(d) It must be free from contamination of poisonous chemicals as far as possible. 

Living Soil. In order to raise food that is nutritious there is one very important 
prerequisite — we must have soil that is healthy and alive. It must be naturally fertile, itself 
amply supplied with all the necessary minerals and nutrients that go into producing healthy 
nutritious plants. It is initially from plants that we derive all our food — whether those plants be 
wheat, carrots or tomatoes, or grass or grain that we feed cattle, swine, sheep or poultry. So all 
food and nutrition derives from the soil — be it good or bad — and our food is only as good as the 
soil on which it is grown. 

Our Depleted Soil. The shocking fact in America (and elsewhere) is that we have wantonly 
destroyed our most precious natural asset — our soils. Just as we are now eating more and more 
synthetic, artificial (plastic) food, so are we killing our soils by trying to extract the last 
remaining nutrition from it by means of artificial and unnatural chemicals, so-called chemical 

How it Happened. Let us go back and examine how we got into such straits. When we talk 
about rich virgin soil, we are talking about living soil — soil that replenished itself year after year 
for endless centuries. Such living soil is composed of minerals, decayed matter, humus, 
earthworms, insects, bacteria, fungi, algae and molds and millions of microscopic plant and 
animal life interacting in perfect ecological balance to create new fertility and growth each year. 
Nature's Law of Return states that which we take out of the soil we must put back, or the soil 
will become bankrupt. When we take out those nutrients and minerals year after year by 
planting the same crop without putting anything back we naturally deplete the soil until it can no 
longer support a viable crop and the farmer goes broke. Such a process used to take less than 
two generations. The farmer in such a case would forsake his bankrupt and barren land, and 

move elsewhere and start all över again on new land. This used to be the pattern when we had 
sufficient virgin land to open up. 

The Green Revolution. Now this is no longer possible. There is no more new land to open 
up. We have used up all the available land. Then shortly after W.W.II the chemical 
manufacturers came along and offered the farmer what sounded like a bright new idea — 
chemical fertilizers — and the "green revolution" was on. The farmer was told for every dollar 
he spent on fertilizer he would get a return of three or four dollars back. He could double his 
yield of corn, or wheat, or vegetables, or whatever. 

Poison to the Soil. Let me repeat again that all man-made chemicals are poison. Not only 
for human beings, but for birds, animals and also plants. Like all other creatures of Nature — 
plants thrive best on these natural substances by which they have evolved över the last several 
million years. These substances have been decayed animal and vegetable matter (humus), 
essential minerals, and water. They did not include synthetic man-made chemicals. 

Law of Return. Let me also repeat again Nature' s Law of Return. What you take out of the 
soil must be replaced or the soil will become bankrupt. You cannot flout the Laws of Nature. 
Temporarily it may seem we can give ourselves a shot of "speed" and seemingly increase our 
energy output, but Nature soon takes her revenge. 

And so it is with the chemical farming "revolution". It did not exactly start in the last half of 
the 1940's. The groundwork was laid and had already started in the 1920's. But it was after 
W.W.II that it swung into full fury "to supply food for a hungry world". Little did the farmers 
know they were about to be sold a shoddy piece of goods on a massive scale. 

The Chemical Salesmen. As the productivity of our farm land declined through poor 
farming practices and with it the loss of fertility, the huge chemical complexes were ready to 
come to the "rescue". They had a solution not only for increasing the fertility, but a solution for 
the insect problem, and even herbicides to combat the weed problem. Their salesmen came 
around to the farmers and convinced them that for every dollar they spent on chemicals, (i.e., 
fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides) they would make three or four extra dollars in return. 
Where they were getting 50 bushels of corn to the acre, with chemicals (the salesmen were eager 
to sell) they could reap 100 bushels to the acre. With a proposition like that, the farmers went for 
it hook, line and sinker. And initially it did double productivity and keep the insects down. 

Drug Addiction. Then after a while the farmers began to notice that their soil behaved like 
the typical drug addict. It had to have more and more of the fertilizer to produce the same effect. 
Like a drug addict, they were "hooked". Soon it became apparent they weren't getting back 
three or four dollars for every dollar spent. In fact they weren't breaking even. The fertilizer bill 
was becoming prohibitive, but the yields were declining year after year. And the insects were 
coming back in larger numbers as their plants became weaker and the soil poorer. In fact, new 
insects they had never encountered before were now also attacking their crops. 

Farmers going broke. While the Jew-owned chemical industries were reaping billions, the 
farmers were going broke. 

Let us again repeat: you can' t flout the Laws of Nature. Several things were happening to the 
farming business, all of them bad. The cost of farming had skyrocketed. Productivity declined. 
Insects were back. Worst of all, by the use of these chemicals the farmers were killing the 
"living soil" we mentioned in the last chapter. The poisonous chemicals were killing the micro 
organisms and the earthworms that are so essential in producing the humus and nutrients that the 
plants must have. Living soil had been turned into dead, sterile soil. On top of that this type 

of "forced feeding" had leached the soil and depleted it more rapidly of those essential minerals 
that were still in the soil before the poisoned chemicals were used, and also burned up what little 
humus was left. In short, the soil was ruined, it was barren, dead, infertile, poisoned. This is the 
final end result to the soil itself. 

Sick Soil, Sick Plants. But the damage did not end there. We said in the last chapter that 
people can only get wholesome nutrition from healthy plants. Food experts found that even at 
the beginning of the chemical cycle when an acre would produce 100 bushels where it had only 
produced 50 before, that that same 100 bushels an acre corn was not of the same quality, nor was 
it as nutritious as corn that had not been chemically fertilized. Quantity might be up, but 
proteins, essential minerals and other nutritive qualities were down. It was the same with wheat, 
vegetables or any other crop. The calories are there, but the nutrition was not. Remember how it 
all starts from a healthy soil? Well, chemicalized soil is extremely unhealthy soil. It is poisoned 
soil. And the longer this abomination against Nature continued the poorer became the soil, the 
poorer became the yield and the poorer the nutritive food value of the plant. In short, sick soil, 
sick plants, sick people. 

Drugged Farms. This is the situation the farming industry finds itself in today. Like our 
present generation of increasing drag addiction, the farms have been drugged, the soil has been 
drugged, and our food is drugged. All this in the name of the greedy Jewish chemical industries 
who sold the farmers a sick bill of goods. 

Killing our Planet. Nor does the damage end here, by any means. This so-called 
"scientific" farming is a broad väst assault upon Nature, an ecological blunder whose dire 
ramifications extend far beyond the farming industry itself. In fact, its poisonous tentacles 
encroach upon every phase of our ecology and the world we live in. It affects our streams, 
rivers, lakes and oceans. It affects our soil, our food and our air. It affects not only mankind 
itself but also birds, animals and fish, in fact our entire food chain from the bottom to the top. It 
is polluting our soil, our water, our food and even our air. If left unchecked it will kill much of 
the life on this planet, and certainly will kill mankind. 

Nitrogen Poisoning. The basic fertilizer that is sold to the farmer is NKP, known as 
commercial fertilizer. It is synthetic, not organic and consists of inorganic salts, nitrogen, 
potassium and phosphate, minerals that plants need and use. But in their synthetic form they act 
as drags do to humans — they initially "spike" the soil and the plant, but soon take their toll, as 
we have described. But they also cause nitrogen poisoning in the foods that humans eat, and 
many of the "crib deaths" of infants are now suspected from this very form of nitrogen 

Lakes and Rivers. The poisoning of our lakes and rivers is equally devastating. Lake Erie 
is now practically a dead lake, as are many other smaller lakes. Much of the propaganda we hear 
is that this is caused by the dumping of sewage systems into our lakes and rivers. Whereas it is 
true that such sewage effluents are a significant cause of pollution, they are not the major cause. 
No, the major cause is the väst tonnage of chemicals — fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides — 
that are dumped on our farm land, and with the run-off during rains these poisonous chemicals, 
along with much topsoil, drain into the rivers and lakes. There they kill and poison fish and 
other marine life, which in turn affects the birds and other wild life that eat them. Of course the 
birds and land animals get another dose on the land itself as the airplanes sweep up and down the 
fields spraying their deadly poisons of DDT, parathion, malathion, chlordane, benzene, lindane 
and dozens of other highly dangerous and toxic chemicals and carcinogens. 

The Whole Food Chain. Not only do the fish, birds and animals ingest these poisons 
directly from the plants, air and water, but so does man. This reminds me of the story of an 
observer who was standing by with the farmer in Arizona as his field of lettuce was being 
sprayed with deadly parathion. "Do you eat that lettuce?" asked the observer. "Hell no", replied 
the farmer, "we ship it to New York." 

But while he was shipping his poisoned lettuce to New York for others to eat, he was 
probably eating other fruits and vegetables with pesticide on it from farmers in other states. 

Poisoning must stop. This poisoning of our land, our living soil, must stop. The poisoning 
of our fruits and vegetables and grains must stop. The poisoning of our air, our streams, our 
lakes and oceans, not to mention our wells and ground water, must also stop. We of the Church 
Of The Creator regard it as our solemn duty to not only restore the health of our racial gene 
pool, but also to stop the poisoning of our environment. 

The Answer. How can we stop this vicious process? The answer is relatively simple: stop 
the use of commercial fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. Stop poisoning our food, air, soil 
and water. Again I must emphasize that in order for us to have the power to do this, the White 
Man must first of all wrest control of his destiny from the greedy and treacherous Jews who are 
now in control and making billions of dollars irresponsibly poisoning people, birds, animals and, 
in fact, our whole environment. 

In order to reverse the damage already done to our precious soil, we have a long term job 
ahead of us, even after we do regain control of our destiny. But the job is not insurmountable, 
and we can and will do it. The answer is Organic Farming. 

In the next chapter we will pursue this subject in more detail. 

Creative Credo #1 4 

Recovering our Precious Topsoil— Organic Farm ing 

Crisis in Farming. Today the whole farming industry is in a crisis. Financially the industry 
is being whipsawed by escalating operating costs on the one hand, and on the other hand at the 
mercy of the Jewish middlemen who set the prices of what they get for their produce. Millions 
of small farmers have been going broke and the family farm is rapidly passing into the hands of 
large impersonal commercial interests. This too is ominous for both the farming industry itself 
and also for the White farming family who has been the backbone of our race. On top of this, 
large foreign financial interests from Japan, from the Arab nations and elsewhere, looking for 
protection from their own unstable political satrapies are buying up American farms at an 
unprecedented råte. 

Drug Addicted Soil. But över and above all these, the condition of the farms themselves are 
in a quandary. Because for the last förty years the farmers have, like a drug addict, indulged in 
chemical farming, they are now in a serious dilemma. They are now in the position of a drug 
addict who is at the end of his rope where more drugs will no longer give him a "high", but if he 
quits he faces severe withdrawal pains. This is the tragic situation the farmers have been trapped 
into by the glib-tongued chemical fertilizer companies and their salesmen in collusion with the 
Department of Agriculture, as I described in the previous chapter. 

Rising Cost. Now their land is poisoned and the rising price of more and more chemicals is 
becoming prohibitive. The plants are sick, and new varieties of insects never seen before are 
attacking the sick plants. Furthermore, the farmers themselves are sick and so to a large extent is 
the entire nation which is eating sub-standard chemicalized food. As we said before sick soil, 
sick plants, sick people. 

The Answer. Is there anything we can do to reverse this dilemma America and its farmers 
find themselves in? 

Yes, there is. The answer is organic farming. In order to undo the damage we must take 
both negative and positive action. We must stop using synthetic chemicals altogether and we 
must resort to organic farming. 

Organic Farming. What is organic farming? Simply, it is implementing Nature's Law of 
Return — putting back into the soil what is being taken out, It is as old as Nature itself and man 
has been using it in scattered parts of the world from the beginning of time, although too seldom 
and only intermittently. It is nothing new. Obeying the Laws of Nature is not a new idea. 
Following the Laws of Nature is what our religion Creativity is all about. 

Saskatchewan Farming. Between the time I was eight and the time I went away to college, 
I was raised on the farm. My dad was a wheat farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada. The original 
prairie land in Saskatchewan is some of the best wheat raising land in the world. I remember 
that we would raise a crop of wheat from "summerfallow" land, i.e., land that had lain fallow or 
dormant for a year. The crop, if the weather held out, would be good. The next year the stubble 
from the previous year would be disced under and another crop of wheat would be planted. This 
was known as a "stubble" crop, and weather being equal, would never be as good as the 
"summerfallow" crop of the year before, because the fertility of the land was decidedly less the 
second year than the first. Then the third year the same field would again be cultivated, but not 

planted, the stubble being disced under and allowed to recuperate, with the earthworms and 
micro organisms restoring some of its fertility. Then the fourth year again a "summerfallow" 
crop of wheat and so on, in repeated three year cycles. 

Dust Bowl. Like the rest of the farmers, my dad knew little about organic farming, and even 
with allowing the land to be fallow every third year it began to lose productivity, and when the 
dust-bowl Thirties came along there was havoc throughout the land. Tumbleweeds rolled across 
the fields and piled up against the fences and some of the best topsoil blew into the air and piled 
up at the fences where the tumbleweeds had collected. What with depression, extremely low 
prices for wheat, and crop failures, hundreds of thousands of farmers löst their farms to the Jew- 
owned financial institutions and Life Insurance companies. 

Whereas we were giving the soil a rest every third year, allowing it to partially recuperate, 
we were not putting anything back in. The only redeeming feature in our whole operation was 
that at least we were not using chemical fertilizers with which to poison the land. We couldn't 
have even if we wanted to. We were much too poor to buy chemical fertilizers, and anyway, 
during the thirties the Jews had not yet gotten their big sales program in high gear of selling the 
farmers on chemical fertilizers. 

Perpetual Fertility. Organic farming, in which the land can remain productive for 
thousands, yes hundreds of thousands of years, is basically simple. Our virgin forests have 
maintained themselves in an undiminished state of fertility and productivity for hundreds of 
thousands of years. So have the rich prairies which produced the rich buffalo grass in 
undiminished vigor for eons, and fed the herds of tens of millions of buffalo. Basically the 
process consists of putting back the decayed plant and animal matter into the soil, and not 
poisoning the earthworms and micro organisms with chemical poisons. 

Back into the Soil. Basically that is all there is to it. Putting back the humus and decayed 
matter into the soil and not repeatedly growing the same crops year after year that will exhaust 
the soil. 

In practice, this may be an oversimplification because when we speak of farming on a 
worldwide basis we have an infinite variety of crops, of soils, of climate and other factors. But 
the principle is the same — restoring the humus and decayed matter and allowing the soil to 
remain alive. 

Setting Direction. It is not my purpose here to give a detailed and prolonged treatise on the 
subject, but rather to point out and give direction that we in America and the world must pursue 
in our farming methods if we are to save our topsoil, our farm land and continue to be able to 
feed the White Race. 

Briefly, in order to give a little clearer picture of what organic farming entails on a particular 
field, let us take an exhausted piece of acreage in Alabama as our example on which corn, 
tobacco and cotton had been grown until the soil was exhausted. How can we restore it? 

Brief Example. One of the first things we would have to do is restore the humus and get it 
into the soil. For this we need compost — decayed animal and/or vegetable matter. Farm yard 
manure is one of the most common sources of humus. In using manure, by the way, it is never 
good to use raw manure — let it "age" in a manure pile, and then apply it to the land. Rather than 
plowing it in and turning över the best topsoil to the bottom, it is better to disc it in. Remember 
the fertile topsoil in many cases is extremely thin and laying it even four or six inches under the 
surface may significantly decrease its productivity. 

Testing Soil. Depending on the Ph of the soil, this has to be restored to its proper 
equilibrium. It may be too acid or too alkaline. This can be determined by soil tests which 
normally a county agent will be glad to do for little or no charge. Also the test can determine 
what minerals it should have. Lime or other rock minerals can be used to "sweeten" the soil. 

Natural Fertilizers. The minerals can be obtained from raw rock fertilizers in combination 
with composted organic matter. Such products are available commercially usually in 50 Ib. 
bags. Never use acid treated rock fertilizers, because the acids destroy the microorganisms and 
the earthworms. These are absolutely essential, as I have pointed out before. They are the 
"chefs" that manufacture the "food" for the plants and only a live soil is a fertile soil. 

Cover crops. Depending on the condition of the soil and how badly it is depleted, it might 
be necessary to first plant some green cover crops of legumes, such as red clover, alfalfa, vetch 
and others. These are then plowed under and will not only add humus but also free nitrogen to 
the soil. At least six weeks should be allowed for the legume crop to decompose before the pay 
crop is planted. 

Rotation. Another valuable tool in organic farming is crop rotation. Again depending on 
the soil area and climate, the crops used would be determined by local conditions. For instance 
the crops and circumstances would vary substantially in the irrigated Imperial Valley of 
California from that, say, of the cotton lands of Alabama, or the cornfields of Iowa. But the 
principles are the same: (a) return to the soil what you take out; (b) do not use poisonous 

Abundant information available. This is not the place to write a handbook on Organic 
Farming. We neither have the space for it nor is there any lack of extensive information 
elsewhere on this subject. There are organizations that promote Organic Farming, that put out 
monthly magazines on the subject and have good detailed books to give complete information. 
My main objective here is only to make our members aware of the problem, and where the 
solution lies. For this purpose the above basics I believe are sufficient. 

Whafs happening to Our Planet. Having examined what is happening to our farms in 
America, let us now take a look at what is happening to the topsoil and the diminishing 
productivity of most of the land on this our Planet Earth. 

Creative Credo #1 5 

n a world-wlde scale: the encroaching desert 

Meanwhile, The Planet. So far we have been concerned mainly about restoring fertility to 
our good farmlands. But on a huge scale all över the world and including the United States an 
even more ominous process is going on year after year. The scientists have a word for it — they 
call it desertification. 

Desertification. The desert is taking över. One third of the world' s land mäss is now desert, 
although much of this land in historical times was rich farmland. Each year deserts claim an 
additional 27,000 square miles or 70,000 square kilometers. The total area that is now threatened 
amounts to a staggering 14,500,000 square miles, or 37,600,000 square kilometers. 

Civilization. Two centuries ago the French philosopher Francois Chateaubriand observed 
that forests came before civilization, the deserts after. Whereas deserts existed long before the 
advent of man, nevertheless it has been the stupidity, ignorance and irresponsible exploitation of 
the land surface by man that has caused the rapid increase of desert expansion över the last few 
thousand years, an increase that has accelerated ominously in the last fifty years. 

Causes. Briefly some of the chief causes have been: (a) the denuding of the original forests; 
(b) overgrazing by livestock, in which sheep and goats have been the most destructive; (c) the 
over-cultivation of marginal land that should never have been invaded by a plow; (d) poor 
farming methods, wrong crops, etc, as discussed in a previous chapter; and (e) saltification of 
irrigated lands; (f) chemical farming; (g) miscellaneous. 

Vanished Granaries. The coast of North Africa and Egypt once were the granaries that fed 
the Roman Empire. Now that granary has vanished into the desert. Tunisia has löst half its 
arable land, Egypt is 96% desert and Algeria is desperately fighting a losing battle against the 
ever encroaching desert. Similar processes are going on all över the world, including the United 

Poverty. Whereas greed and ignorance and the over-exploitation of the land has spelled 
disaster and desertification in many parts of the world, of late another ominous factor has entered 
into the picture and that is the population explosion, especially in Africa, Asia and South 
America. The mud peoples of the world, many living on marginal land and using the worst 
farming methods of all, have become the worst offenders and also its most vulnerable victims. It 
is härd to believe, but the desert lands and its fringes that now cover a third of the land mäss of 
the world precariously support 720 million poverty ridden creatures, a sixth of the world' s 
population. These miserable humans, constantly living on the edge of starvation most of the 
time, are more than any other group despoiling and denuding the already overburdened fringes 
and rapidly pushing the desert in ever widening areas. 

Vicious Circle. The desert-making process is a vicious circle that somehow feeds on itself. 
As vegetation is stripped from the land, the surface dries out and reflects more of the sun's heat. 
Drought increases, as does the infertility and barreness of the land. Wind erosion sets in and 
kills off the last few hardy plants that remain and we now have desert where once perhaps a 
forest or lush grassland existed. 

Escalating. This is happening in thousands of areas all över the world. On a global scale the 
United Nations says the amount of land that each year is being turned into desert is almost equal 

to the size of the State of Maine. Moreover, the land that the U.N. says is in future danger of 
desertification equals the total area of the United States, the Soviet Union and Australia 

Corning Food Crisis. This is a most serious threat in the face of the burgeoning population 
explosion on this planet. Looking at the situation strictly from the White Man's point of view 
alone, this is a dire threat to our future food supply, since we look to the whole planet for our 
future expansion. It is, therefore, a threat so serious we can no longer ignore it. It is a threat 
caused by the White Man's short-sightedness in demography, in looking out for the future 
expansion of his own kind, and stupidly, yes, criminally, subsidizing his enemies and 
expanding the fecund but incompetent mud races of the world. 

Population Explosion. The enemy is not just changing climates. The enemy is over- 
expanded populations and their scrawny animals, chopping trees for fuel, clearing marginal 
lands, cultivating their fertility away and grazing grasslands to death. 

Let us look at what is happening in a few places of the world, a few examples out of 
thousands that would tell a similar story. 

In Africa. Mauritania is a primitive backward country in Africa, typical of many in this 
savage black continent. It sits on the southern frontier of the Sahara desert, a region called the 
Sabel. Before 1968 approximately 65 percent of its million people were nomads, and its capital 
of Nouakchott had a population of 12,300. 

In 1968 a drought struck Mauritania and the Sabel region, an occurrence that comes in 
repeated cycles. As many as 250,000 people and millions of animals died över the next six 
years. The number of nomads decreased from 65% to 36% with hördes of starving skeletons 
flocking into the capital, Nouakchott, swelling its population today (1979) to about 135,000. 

Subsidized Mud People. The people are tired, hungry, dirty and diseased. Some aid 
stations have been set up by (guess who?) some of the charitable White countries, trying to 
render medical aid and food in a hopeless situation. Are they really doing any good or are they 
merely prolonging and proliferating the misery? The answer is the latter — expanding and 
proliferating misery. 

Disaster to the Land. In the meantime what is happening to the land? Whereas the northern 
part of Mauritania has always been more or less desert, now the southern part is rapidly 
becoming a desert also. During 1950 when the area had good rains, the livestock herds were 
rapidly being over-expanded. This, thanks to the help of the charitable United States and other 
White Countries, who were bent on modernizing these nomad savages. Not only did the 
livestock herds grow but the people rapidly multiplied, again thanks to White medical aid, food 
and other charity. The short-sighted natives indiscriminately cut down trees by the millions for 
firewood until there were few left. Their too numerous livestock overgrazed the pastures. Now 
there is neither grass nor trees in an area that previously could produce a good supply of food, 
had it been properly managed. In fact, had it been left alone in its nomadic state, it would have 
been far better off, since the wandering nomads from time immemorial kept their herds limited in 
size, and kept them moving so that the grass and trees had ample time to recover. 

Hunger, Disease, Ruined Land. Now the area is racked with hunger, disease, scrawny 
starving cattle and people, and the land is ruined for centuries. Desertification has taken över. 

Upper Volta. Another black country in the Sabel area is Upper Volta 1 . Its "capital" is 
Quagadougou, and it devours firewood at an unprecedented råte. A relentless stream of bicycles 
and carts stream into the capital loaded with firewood scoured from the surrounding countryside 
twenty or thirty miles away. 

White Man Financed Wells. Only a generation ago the Upper Volta area too was inhabited 
by nomads and their moving herds, which left the land in a fairly stable condition. Then in the 
1950s some White aid organizations (mostly from the U.S.) thought it would be so kind and 
wonderful to aid these poor backward peoples by drilling wells for them. (I personally 
remember receiving a number of such letters soliciting money to help drill wells in Upper Volta. 
How crazy! I thought, as I tossed them in the wastebasket.) Nevertheless, even without my 
support, numerous wells were drilled with the White Man's money. Whereas the nomads and 
their herds previously kept on the move and gave the grasses time to recover, now they lingered 
at the well site, and overgrazed the land. They, too, overbuilt their herds during the "good rains" 
of the 1950s. The nomad population as in Mauritania has shrunk with the drought. Hunger and 
starvation is rampant and the starving population is crowding into the capital of Quagadougou, 
cutting down what trees remain in the countryside and hoping for more aid from the United 
States, and that Allah will take care of them. 

Back to Desert. In the meantime, the formerly life-sustaining land is devastated and ruined. 
The desert is moving in, wells, Allah, and all. 

To Asia. We now move to the Asian continent and the country of India. The Great Indian 
Desert has been called the "overcrowded desert," and nowhere do so many people subsist so 
miserably on such inhospitable land, relying on an unreliable monsoon. Historically, the rigors 
of the desert made this one of the highest mortality areas in the world. But, again, U.S. technical 
aid to the rescue! The high death råte has dropped sharply, but the high birth råte persists, 
crowding more and more people on less and less productive land. 

Superstition, High Birth Råte. We are going to look at a small locality in this area called 
Rajasthan. The combined pressure of a high birthrate and low mortality råte have put severe 
pressures on its marginal resources. The religious beliefs and superstitions of its people further 
imposes a severe handicap on its farming productivity. Besides believing cows are holy, they 
have a superstitious resistance to killing any animal, even rodents. 

Gerbils. Now this area, as so much of India, is severely overrun with a rodent known as the 
Indian desert gerbil, and the gerbils have been increasing even faster than the people of 
Rajasthan. The mud fences the men build to keep goats from their fields become perfect rodent 
hotels, and the seed that farmers spread on the fields is breakfast in bed for the gerbils. In the 
rangelands, which now average about 200 gerbils per acre, six gerbils will eat as much as one 
sheep. Two hundred gerbils will therefore eat approximately as much grass as 34 sheep. With a 
stupid situation like this, with an exploding people and gerbil population, what possible solution 
can there be? 

Back to Desert. But let's get back to the land. In fields scourged with gerbil burrows, these 
rodents persistently keep flicking sand from their burrows, excavating and exposing moist soil. 
This cools their burrows and reduces their water needs. That habit can exposé more than 

Now known as Burkina Faso as of August 4 th , 1984. 

100,000 kilograms (the weight of a hundred compact cars) of soil per square kilometer each day. 
Most of this sand ends up in new dunes in an area that ignorance, overcrowding, over-straining is 
rapidly driving into useless desert land. Another large area is rushing headlong into 
desertification, and with it hunger and starvation. 

Australia. We could go on citing local situations similar to the above all över the world, 
some including bad destructive farming practices even in the United States. In Australia, the 
rabbit introduced from Europé in 1859, has multiplied like the plague. (Under ideal conditions it 
has been calculated one pair of rabbits can become 13,718,000 in three years.) Overgrazing by 
sheep along with the rabbit plague are speeding up the desertification of that continent which 
was at best, desert or semi-desert to start with, except along narrow coastal regions. 

Elsewhere. In southern Chile where there is ample rain the land has been denuded of trees. 
The topsoil is washing into the ocean. The land is desertifying. The rich San Joaquin valley of 
California has been mining its underground water for a hundred years. With wells now reaching 
down more than 2000 feet they are reaching the end of the line. In the Imperial Valley much of 
that fertile land is becoming poisoned with saltification from the irrigation water of the Colorado 
river, and will become useless unless different methods are employed. In Arizona, which has 
experienced a population boom beyond its ability to support, the present short-sighted policy is 
dropping its water table sharply in its aquifers. Trying to supply water for an expanded 
agriculture and a massive spread of residential developments, one scientist warned that Arizona 
is now consuming its children's water supply. 

And so the desertification process marches on at an ever-increasing råte. As we said in the 
beginning of this chapter, an area the size of Maine becomes added to the deserts of the world 
each year. 

The White Race must take charge. Is there anything we can do about this relentless march 
towards turning this globe into a desert, or is the situation hopeless? The answer is there is 
plenty we can do, and only the White Race can do it. 

Face Reality. As in all the other problems we have enumerated throughout this, our White 
Man's Bible, the first and most important thing we must do is change the White Man's thinking 
to a sane, realistic approach regarding the problems that beset us from every direction. We must 
face reality, then go about in a deliberate, planned (even if ruthless) manner to solve the 

Save Ourselves. The first attitude we must change is the idiotic idea that it is the White 
Man's burden to save, feed and subsidize all the scum and mud peoples or the world. This 
stupid and suicidal idea is as crazy and impossible as the Hindu' s hang-up about letting the 
gerbils run rampant and giving them breakfast in bed. This whole idea of "compassion" for the 
"less fortunate" is destructive and suicidal for the White Race and the White Race alone. No 
other race practices it. No creature in Nature is stupid enough to subsidize any inferior species at 
the expense of bleeding and shrinking its own kind. This treacherous idea is promoted by the 
Jews, the liberals, the Christians, and in general, the inferior at the expense of the superior, and 
especially at the expense of the White Race. 

Can't Subsidize the World. Therefore when we talk about compassion let us ask, 
"compassion" for whom? Are we willing to subsidize the niggers and the misfits of the world so 

they can multiply like råts and crowd our own children and grandchildren off the face of the 
earth? How about compassion for our own future offspring, where compassion really belongs? 
Remember, the niggers won't have compassion for us. When they get the upper hand (in 
conspiracy with the Jews) they will massacre us, kill us. (We will have more to say about this in 
the chapter on San Domingo.) So will the Iranians. So will the Mexicans. So would the Indians 
if they ever get in the predominant position they were once in. So would every mongrel, or half- 
breed, or mud people on the face of the earth. We can feed them and subsidize them till hell 
freezes över, but they will always hate us! And when they are numerous enough and powerful 
enough (thanks to our stupidity and charity) they will slaughter us wholesale. The only people in 
the world that can save the White Race is the White Race itself. Bleeding and weakening 
ourselves by trying to feed and subsidize the world of mud races is the most stupid approach 
imaginable in trying to save ourselves. In fact, until Creativity Came Along , Very Few 
White People Even Thought About Saving The White Race. 

Multiplication Factor. So let us get down to the realities of Nature and look at the 
tremendous implications of the multiplication factor. It is said that one pair of amorous flies, 
starting in spring, and if allowed to breed and multiply without restrictions of food and other 
necessities, could by fall of the same year cover the earth with a solid layer 60 feet thick. If 
further allowed to proceed unhampered, in short time they would create a ball as large in radius 
as the distance from earth to sun. Given just another few years that ball would soon be 
expanding at the speed of light. That's how the multiplication factor works. 

Or let us look at the rabbits in Australia. Starting in 1859 as we mentioned and having no 
natural enemies except man, they soon took över the continent. In fact by the 1890's (a 
relatively short period) the combination of a drought and overgrazing by the billions of rabbits 
reduced South Wales sheep population from 13.6 million to 3.6 million, mainly from starvation. 
Remember my saying that under ideal conditions one pair of rabbits could in three years multiply 
to 13,718,000 rabbits? 

Limited by Starvation. Now niggers don' t breed quite as fast as flies, rabbits, gerbils or 
råts, but almost. The nigger population of the väst continent of Africa before the White Man 
brought scientific medicine and agriculture to that primitive continent remained relatively stable. 
It never exceeded 200 million, a relatively small number for that huge and productive continent. 
The reason there never was a population explosion is simple. It was starvation, lack of food. 
The niggers never were able to expand beyond the starvation level. But when the White Man 
feeds and subsidizes the nigger (or the Mexican, or the Hindu, or the Indian) the population 
explosion is almost as rapid as that of the rat or the gerbil, and the consequences for the White 
Race are even more devastating. 

Insane, Suicidal Course. Yet this is exactly the stupid course the White Race, under the 
drugged hypnosis of the Jew, has been pursuing. The consequences are catastrophic, not only 
abroad but right in our own homelands of America and Europé. So let us realize another 
ominous fact of reality: We can't feed the world in ever-increasing numbers. We are only 
feeding a future cataclysm. Not only hundreds of millions but billions of people are going to 
starve. Other billions are going to die from violence in the struggle for food and survival. 
Because of the insane course we have pursued of subsidizing the mud races, the coming 
upheaval is inevitable. We can' t stop it. The only thing we can do now is decide who is going to 
eat and who is going to starve, who is going to die and who is going to survive. 

Survival of the White Race. We of the Church Of The Creator want to prepare the 
White Race both psychologically and physically that it will not be us, the White Race, who goes 
down. At present we still have the strength and the numbers to save ourselves, provided we face 
reality instead of living in a fool's paradise, and provided we take action now. Remember, the 
biggest fool is the fool that fools himself. 

There is no way in the world we can avoid the coming fight, and we ourselves are going to 
bleed and die in large numbers, even at best. The real question is: are we going to be in a 
position to survive as a race in the coming upheaval? 

Get our Thinking Straight. We can if we get our thinking straight, and here are a few 
ground rules that are as basic as the Laws of Nature itself : 

Take the Initiative. When a fight is inevitable, it is better to take the initiative and fight a 
war of aggression while we are still in a position of strength. It is much better than being slowly 
bled to death (as we are now) and finally in weakened condition, being cornered like a starved 
rat. It is far, far better to take the initiative for our own survival now than being overwhelmed by 
impossibly superior numbers of mud races, numbers we ourselves were guilty of building up 
through our stupid programs of aid and subsidization. 

The Answer. Therefore we must immediately do the following: 

1. Organize the White Race into an implacable and powerful ramrod for its own defense and 
survival with a racial religion at its core. 

2. Get the Jew off our back and grasp the reins of power into our own hands. 

3. Stop subsidizing the niggers, Jews and mud races of the world both at home and abroad. 
Let the bastards starve! We don' t want to support them, feed them or subsidize them any longer, 
and we can't even if we wanted to. We must realize that the inferior mud races are not worth 
saving, that we can' t save them even if we wanted to, but if we are so foolish as to try, we 
ourselves will go down the drain with them. 

4. When we are forced to make a choice between the superior and the inferior, we must always 
see to it that the superior survives, the inferior is sacrificed. This must be our cardinal rule not 
only among races, but even among our own kind. 

5. Resumé expansion of the White Man's living space as we have done throughout history and 
especially in the same dynamic American way as we won the West during the 19th century. 
Nature gives us every moral right to do so and our religion Creativity not only underscores this 
right, but emphasizes that it is our moral duty to do so, for ourselves, for our future offspring 
and for the obligation we have to our glorious ancestors who have brought us this far. 

6. Once we have control of our own destiny again, we can then set about restoring the fertility 
of the arable soil of the world by means of a deliberate, planned program of good Organic 
farming and soil conservation, as we have discussed in this and earlier chapters. 

Restoring the Planet. Whereas this latter may be a long and costly program, it is not at all 
impossible to roll back the desert and restore the fertility to the damaged arable lands of the 
world. Once the White Man again has control of his own destiny, he can do anything, he can 
work wonders. Not only can we easily feed ourselves without the use of poisonous chemicals, 
but we can live in peace, comfort and luxury. Our advancing technology and progressive genetic 
improvement will see to that. 

In fact, there is no problem the White Man can't solve, once he gets the Jew off his back. 
But unless we have the guts, the will, the determination and the energy to do so, none of the 
multitude of other problems will ever be solved. 

So let us get into the battle. Are you with us, White Man? 

How to Organize. In order to survive, the White Race must learn to control and govern 
itself. We must organize ourselves effectively and in order to do this we must utilize White 
Racial Teamwork. 

In the next chapter let us see how Nature organizes and governs a multitude of 100 trillion 
living organisms, 25,000 times as numerous as all the 4 billion inhabitants of this Planet Earth. 

As I have said repeatedly — you can't improve on Nature. She has been around forever and 
her wisdom is unsurpassable. How does she organize and govern such a huge multitude? In the 
next chapter we will see. If we have eyes to see, ears to hear and brains to think with, we can 
learn much from the Master Teacher — Mother Nature herself. 

Creative Credo #1 6 

Human Cells Org an ized into a Body: 

Nature's Model for Organized White Society on a Global Scale 

Nature Intensively Organized. Throughout Nature there is intensive organization. The 
ways of Nature are replete with systems and logic that have a striking similarity, on a small scale 
(in microcosm), or on a väst scale (macrocosm). For example, the atom (in microcosm) has a 
very similar arrangement to the solar system (in macrocosm). The atom has a nucleus around 
which revolve satellites, such as electrons, protons, neutrons and other sub-atomic particles. 
Holding their orbits in place forces similar to those in the solar system come into play — 
gravitational forces, centrifugal forces, magnetic forces, and others. 

Atoms and Solar System. The similarity of the functioning of the atom and the solar system 
has been recognized by scientists for years and is not a new idea. Not so well recognized is how 
living cells have organized themselves into viable collectivist societies that bear a striking 
resemblance to the White human society on the face of this planet earth. By studying this 
similarity, we will find it very profitable in terms of answers as to how we can improve our own 
organized society. We can learn much from Nature, who is, after all, the master-planner and 
master-organizer or all time. When we make this comparison, we must remember that cells 
organized themselves into collectivist organizations millions of years before the White Race 
evolved the idea of forming a collectivist society for its own mutual benefit. The cell 
organization, therefore, is far ahead of us in both time and experience and has done a much better 

Let us learn. And what a marvelous, fantastic piece of organization the human body is! 
Imagine organizing the four billion human beings now living on our planet into one smoothly 
functioning organization where it would be all for one, and one for all, no rebellions, no wars, no 
waste motions, every one cooperating for the best interests of all. It would be tremendous! But 
imagine governing 25,000 such populations at one time in a smoothly running entity. This is 
what your marvelous body does and at the same time can reproduce itself and transfer that 
wonderful ability and organization to the next offspring, and the next and the next. The fact is it 
has been fantastically successful and the system has worked for millions of years. 

Quite a record, isn't it? Well let us observe and let us learn from the Master-organizer of all 
time — Mother Nature herself. 

Cells the Basic Unit of Life. To start from basics, we find that all life is composed of cells. 
Some creatures, such as amoeba, germs, bacteria, etc, are one-celled. The human body, on the 
other hand, consists of över one hundred trillion cells, more or less. That is one hundred million 
million, a number so väst it staggers our imagination. If we consider that the total human 
population of this planet at four billion people, which it already has surpassed, then there are 
25,000 times as many cells in an average human body as there are people on the face of this 
Planet Earth. 

Urge To Reproduce. One outstanding characteristic of all cells is that Nature has given 
them an unending urge to divide and multiply and produce more of their own kind in the face 
of all other competition, in the face of all hostility or opposition. Whatever form cells take, 

whether operating singly or banding together into a multi-trillion cell society like the human 
body — the objective is always the same — multiply and expand — make more of your own 
kind. The form they choose is based only on how they can do this best. 

All are aggressive. Let us remember this fundamental urge of Nature — to multiply and 
expand your own kind — for it is the supreme basis of all life. All creatures of Nature, whether 
mammal, grass, insect or bacteria, all are aggressive — all want to expand their own kind. 

The Marvelous Cell. Modern (White) science has made tremendous strides in recent years 
in unlocking the secret of the cell — the building block of all life and like the atom, a very 
complicated entity in itself. 

Each cell is like a small factory unto itself. It is extremely complex and very busy. It 
manufactures proteins, enzymes, fuels and other complicated chemical products. At the same 
time, it disposes of the burned up wastes and gets rid of the garbage. It must also repel and 
destroy foreign invaders — germs, bacteria, virus, etc, for which the body has an "immune 
system", an alert and highly mobile army, that takes on all comers. We will have more to say 
about this låter. 

There is much, much more to a cell, but we don' t have the space to get into all the 
technicalities. Each cell is a tiny universe unto itself. Undoubtedly, the most fantastic feature of 
each cell are the chromosomes, the packages of heredity-carrying genes. 

Genes and Chromosomes. As scientists probe into the secrets of the genes, a whole new 
wonderful and fantastic life science opens up. Each of the 100 trillion cells carries the 
chromosomes with its 100,000 or so genes. Miraculously, in the genes of each cell is carried in 
molecular language all the information inherently necessary to build another body with its 100 
trillion cells. Scientists estimate that to compile a similar amount of instructions on pages of a 
book, it would require a thousand books of six hundred pages each to impart the same amount of 
information that is inherent in the molecular code of our genes in one cell. 

The Blueprint. Yet each cell in our body — all 100 trillion of them — carry this same 
complete information in duplication. The chromosomes take the shape of a ladder with rungs 
across wound into a long twisted helical shape. When we consider how extremely minute is a 
single cell, we get some idea of how infinitely thin are the tiny hair-like fibers that make up the 
sides of the ladder, between which the rungs carry this tremendous amount of information in 
genetic code. Yet these "ladders" or fibers are more than a total of six feet long in each cell, and 
the combined fibers in all the chromosomes in one body, if connected end to end, would reach all 
the way to the sun and back four hundred times över. Fantastic, isn't it? 

Starts with sperm and egg. We would love to go into more detail about this marvelous 
manifestation of Nature. But we want to press on to the next almost incredible (and largely still 
not understood) process. This is the means by which a sperm and an egg in a human being 
unite to form one cell and start the process of building the whole complicated structure of the 
completed body, which, as we stated before, finally builds up to the fantastic figure of one 
hundred trillion cells. 

Reproduction. As soon as the egg is fertilized by the sperm — each of which supplies half 
of the hereditary characteristics of the new organism, the new cell begins its process of division. 
As the egg and sperm unite, thousands of decisions are being made in compromising or 
favoring the characteristics of one parent or the other in the new life that is being created. 
Remember, the genes from each parent carry an inventory of all the characteristics of all the 
preceding ancestors of each parent. As the egg divides, its chromosomes double and pull apart to 

provide identical genes for two cells, faithfully carrying all this information, and each of which, 
in turn, divides again and again, ad infinitum. 

Cells begin to Specialize. As the fetus builds up, a stränge phenomenon occurs. Built into 
the genes, in molecular code, are instructions for the cells to begin specializing. Whereas the 
genetic information in the dividing and rapidly increasing number of cells remains identical, the 
cells begin to form into different types. Some become nerve cells, some brain cells, some bone 
cells, liver cells, lung cells, heart cells, muscle cells, hair cells and a thousand other variations. A 
tremendously complicated and intricate triggering system in the genes tells each cell how to 
evolve at the right time and at the right place, taking care that the evolving body is built in 
strict conformance with the instructions inherent in our genes. How the genes carry out these 
tremendously intricate instructions, triggering the action of the cells at exactly the right time and 
place is still very little understood and is one of the most fantastic marvels of Mother Nature. 
Remember, each cell, regardless of whether it is a brain cell, heart cell, toe cell, or whatever, 
contains in duplicate the complete set of instructions. 

Instructions continuous throughout life. When the baby is born, you would think the 
process would be completed, but not so. The genes and their instructions keep on instructing the 
collective society of cells in its development throughout its entire lifespan — through childhood, 
through puberty, through adulthood, to the very end of life — the body is changing, evolving, 
developing, aging, dying, in accordance with the inherent genetic instructions. 

Collectivist Society. Now we come to the crux of our observation — how the full-fledged 
body is a very intricate set of organized systems not unlike the human White society on the 
face of the planet. The heart of our observation is that the cells of the body work in cooperation 
with each other like a collectivist society, in harmonious teamwork, each working for the best 
interests of all, each performing its own microscopic housekeeping duties, yet each working 
together for the best interests of the whole body. This is the same idea as we have already 
described in Nature's Etern al Religion as Racial Socialism, and it is a very important concept 
in any organization. Let us remember the key word — teamwork. 

Since we don' t want to get too technical in this limited dissertation here, we shall mention 
only some of the systems the body employs, but not all, due to lack of space. 

Governing Brain the Key. As we all know, a well-developed human society has to have a 
government to make decisions, to control, to govern the society as a whole, presumably for its 
best interest. (Whereas, theoretically, this is true, very few present governments of the world do 
conform to the best interests of their subjects. We have a long way to go before we reach the 
perfection of social organization in human society that the body cells have.) It is the objective of 
Creativity to strive for this perfection. This function of government as we know, is partially 
performed by the brain, both the conscious and the subconscious. The communication network 
of the country is performed for the body by the body's nervous system. 

Functioning Systems. There are a number of "systems" in the body, each performing 
specific functions for the whole group, each coordinated efficiently with the other systems, just 
as well-organized human society should do. 

There is the Skeletal System, giving the body shape, structure, strength and mobility. 
Attached to the bones of the skeleton are muscles, providing the power for movement. These 
muscles are part of the Muscular System. Some muscles, like the heart are not attached to 
bones, but function as part of the Circulatory System, the Respiratory System and many other 

Also as part of the "whole" there is the Digestive System, processing our foods. There is the 
Urinary System, to carry off the wastes. Thus, the skin, the digestive system and certain other 
organs function as the excretory system and this function is extremely important. Let us 
remember any organism that fails to excrete its wastes soon dies. There is the Cutaneous 
System, the skin, covering and protecting the body, also excreting wastes through the sweat 
glands and controlling body temperature. There is the Lymphatic System which drains tissue 
fluids back towards the heart. This system also contains lymph nodes which filter and destroy 
bacteria. The Endocrine System consists of a number of glands in different stations of the body. 
Some of these glands are the pituitary gland, the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, the ovaries, 
the testes and several others. These produce highly complicated hormones and other chemicals 
that have far-reaching effects in controlling body functions, such as growth, över- or under- 
activity, temperature, heart beat, fertility and a höst of other functions. 

Urge to reproduce. Significantly, there is the Reproductive System, which is designed to 
reproduce more life of its own kind. This is what Nature's program seems to be all about. 

Nature has built into each species an aggressive urge to reproduce more of its own kind, 
whether it is a cell, or whether it is a fish, or a bird, or members of the White Race. Every 
species automatically, intuitively, instinctively knows this and does this. Even the weed in the 
field, which does not even possess a brain, aggressively pursues the course set forth by Nature — 
to promote the increase of its own kind to the utmost limit of its ability. At the same time, each 
form of life uses all the means at its disposal to protect itself from its enemies. 

Defensive System. In this respect, we have much to learn about the wonderful system our 
own body has developed in fighting internal infections, bacteria, virus, germs, diseases, cuts, 
bruises, wounds and foreign bodies in general. 

To fight disease or infection the body has a Defense System. This is a highly complicated 
system, that corresponds to the Army, Navy and Air Force of our society, combined with the 
police department, the FBI and the CIA. This system is extremely efficient and is still not fully 
understood. It has an Early Warning group of cells that have receptor antennas. Their function 
is to roam about and detect, to analyze the nature of any alien enemy bodies that have 
invaded. One of the amazing features about these cells is that they recognize their own kind of 
cells as friendly, and not only recognize any others as hostile but also identify what kind of 
hostile invader has entered the body. Having detected and identified the invader, they 
immediately flash the Early Warning signal to the rest of the system. 

Search and Destroy. The defenders rush into action. The battle cry is on to search and 
destroy the millions of bacteria that have invaded the body. A crash program is instituted to 
rapidly produce an abundance of specialized soldiers to effectively fight the particular kind of 
invaders that are threatening. For example, special kinds of troops are produced for mumps, 
another kind for smallpox, another for measles, another for infections, another for colds, etc. 
How the body rapidly identifies the type of invader and immediately begins to manufacture the 
right kind of troops to effectively counter-attack, is a marvel indeed. The program then calls for 
complete destruction of the invader down to the last bacteria. The heart of the body's attack 
force headquarters is in the bone marrow. 

Must Recognize Your Own. One of the primal needs of any organism is to recognize its 
own cells — in other words, fight for the protection of its own, destroy the alien organisms. 

Recognize and protect the friendlies, identify and destroy the hostiles. This, the body seems to 
do magnificently. This is no easy job. In the first place, the body has hundreds of different cells 

of its own, liver cells, blood cells, brain cells, etc. Then there are thousands of kinds of hostile 
invaders that it must not only recognize, but identify so it can immediately start manufacturing 
the right antibodies for that particular invader. For instance, if invaded by smallpox, it does no 
good to treat it as malaria, or vice versa. The cells not only recognize out and out hostile 
bacteria, but even reject implants or transplants, such as bone tissue, etc. from another person, as 
being a foreign body. 

White Race has failed to differentiate. Sometimes, due to disorders, this recognition 
system malfunctions, and the body's attack force fails to recognize its own and turns on its own 
cells. This is what cancer is all about. Unless the imbalance is corrected, death usually results. 
This underscores how important it is to recognize your own. Let me also observe here how 
criminally negligent or insane the White Society is today in this respect. 

Lessons for the White Race. In building a better White Society for the future, we must 
learn much from Nature and how its laws operate in our own body as a unit organism. Some of 
these fundamental lessons are: 

1 . Nature urges each living organism to multiply its own kind, from the unit cell on up to the 
highest form of life. 

2. In the higher forms of life, trillions of cells band together to form a "collectivist society", 
all working together harmoniously as a team in extremely specialized functions for the best 
interests of the whole unit. They are, in fact, a collectivist society as we describe under 
Racial Socialism in Nature's Etern al Religion. This is teamwork at its best. 

3. Such organisms, whether they are a single cell or an organized unit of trillions of cells, make 
a vital distinction between their own kind and a foreign invader. This is a matter of life 
and death. It is a lesson the White Race especially must learn, and learn well. 

4. The total organism realizes they cannot have a healthy "society" if its cells are infected by 
foreign organisms. In short, a multi-racial society spells death. 

5. The organism has a continuous system of detectors that are on the alert for hostile invaders. 

They roam the body in its entirety and, if invaders are discovered, they immediately identify 
the invaders and sound the alarm. 

6. The body then rushes the right kind of troops to the proper areas to search out and destroy 
the alien bodies. 

7. The body immediately increases the number of troops for that emergency, and usually, in 
many diseases, will never be caught off guard again for that kind of invader. (There are 
several diseases you usually only have once.) 

8. The body has a network of systems that function cooperatively in harmony with each other 
for the best interests of all the 100 trillion cells that the organism services. 

Crux of the Lesson. The most important lesson we can learn from the above is: living 
creatures have a natural urge to aggressively multiply their own kind, protect their own kind 
and perpetuate their own kind. They recognize and distinguish their own kind from alien 
organisms. If such alien organisms are harmful to the collective society, the whole organism 
immediately goes on alert, wages war, seeks out and destroys the alien invader. 

Learn from Nature. In building the kind of White Society the Church Of The Creator 
has in mind, we can utilize practically every principle that Nature, in her wisdom, has developed 
for living organisms, either as a single cell or as a "collectivist society". Much of this, such as 
specializing, developing, communicating networks, etc. we have already been doing in the past. 

What we have been woefully negligent about is recognizing our own kind, identifying the 
alien enemy in our midst, and either expelling and/or destroying our enemies. 

We are the White Race. Let us therefore be crystal clear as to where we stånd: Our own 
kind is the White Race, regardless of geography. The alien enemies are the Jews, the niggers 
and the inferior mud races in general. The healthy White Society, like the society of human 
cells, cannot survive if it tolerates an infestation of foreign aliens in its midst. 

Racial Socialism. In surviving, in protecting ourselves, in providing sustenance for 
ourselves, in multiplying and advancing our own kind, the White human individual functions 
best in a well organized collectivist society, where each individual takes care of his specialized 
duties toward himself and the best interests of the society as a whole, just as does the individual 
cell in its relationship to the body as a whole. 

We, of the Church Of The Creator call this Racial Socialism as we have already 
described in a chapter of that name in Nature's Etern al Religion. 

Summary. In summary let us learn our lesson from Nature's Master Planner and learn it 

1. A Healthy organism seeks to reproduce and expand its own kind. 

2. A healthy organism distinguishes between its own kind and alien organisms, and makes it a 
matter of life and death. 

3. A healthy organism is well organized with the component cells each performing their 
specialized functions, cooperating for the welfare of the whole society. 

4. A healthy organism seeks to keep out alien invaders from entering its society, and should 
they enter, recognizes them as hostile, identifies them, seeks them out and destroys them. 

5. Individual cells die and new ones are produced to replace them. Life and death are an 
integral part of any living society. 

6. The dying cells are waste product and must be excreted. Any organism that fails to excrete 
its wastes soon dies. 

7. The living cells must be constantly nourished. 

8. Overall is a central governing system whose chief concern is the harmonious control and 
functioning of all the cells for the mutual benefit of all. 

9. Even Nature, with all her ingenuity, can only govern a body whose component cells are 
homogenous, that is, of its own kind only, and fiercely rejects the intrusion of foreign and 
alien organisms. 

Searching our own History. Let us now look at our own history, the history of the White 
Race, and how well we have been able to recognize the "friendlies", and how well or how 
negligent we have been in identifying the "hostiles" and destroying them. For that matter let us 
also examine how efficient or inefficient we have been in ridding ourselves of the dregs of 
society, our own wastes. Let us repeat again, an organism that fails to excrete its wastes soon 
dies. Any organism or society that fails to guard its own integrity or homogeneity is 
impossible to govern, and cannot long survive. 

In reviewing the performances of the White Race let us start with the early history of still the 
greatest political entity of the White Race, the United States of America. 

Creative Credo #1 7 

OnlyaHomogenous Society Can Be Governed and Can Endure 

Race-mixing Spells Death. History has proven över and över again that no multi-racial or 
polyglot society has survived for long. Just as in the previous chapter we have seen that a 
healthy body will not and cannot tolerate any alien organisms in itself, so also a society cannot 
survive admixture with alien elements. Let us learn this basic lesson for all time and heed it 
and heed it well! Let us state it another way: Any society whose elements are composed of two 
or more differentiated races will perpetually be at war within itself until it destroys itself. 
Usually the dregs of such a society will destroy the best elements and the former will survive to 
occupy the real estate in a more primitive social structure. Anarchy, poverty and misery will 
then become its normal life style. A prime example of this is the history of Haiti, which story we 
have related in a future chapter. But history abounds with any number of other examples. In our 
previous book, Nature's Etern al Religion, we have cited a few such as Egypt, India and 
other s. 

Tragedy of America. America, the hope of the world, is now undergoing the final stages of 
self-destruction because it has not heeded the eternal lesson of history and the Eternal Laws of 
Nature: no multiracial or polyglot society survives for long. 

Inferior Destroys Superior. Let us state another basic truth: the inferior always envies 

and hates the superior. The poor hate the rich; the weak hate the strong; the sick hate the 
healthy; the dumb hate the intelligent; the ugly hate the beautiful, and the mud races hate the 
White. That's the way it is, and probably always will be. I neither invented this situation, nor 
am I happy about it, nor did I decree it. I am simply observing a fact of life. 

Beautiful Society Our Goal. We of the Church Of The Creator not only hope for a 
society that is relatively sound, stable and prosperous, but one in which the väst majority of 
individuals themselves are superior and one in which the quality of life is high. We want each 
individual, or at least the overwhelming majority of individuals to have all the best things in life: 
intelligence, health, beauty, wealth and happiness. Not only do we hope for such a society, but 
we are actively working to bring it about. In a deteriorating world that is rapidly crashing about 
our ears, we are not pessimists, we are optimists. We strongly believe our type of world not only 
can be achieved, but we are damn well determined to bring it about, come hell or high water. 
For us it is either do or die. 

Total White Society. I have stated in the beginning of this chapter that only a homogenous 
society can be stable and survive. Homogenous means one kind, the same race, and more or less 
the same level of intelligence, similar moral standards, similar basic goals, ideals, religion and 

So what kind of homogenous people do we have in mind as inhabiting the world of the 
future? Do we want a world populated with primitive African niggers? Of Chinese? Jews? Or 
do we have the same goal in mind as the multiracial United Nations who has a statue enshrined 
as the (neuter) man of the future, faceless, sexless, mongrelized, raceless, brown in color and 
hands clasped behind its back for easy hundcuffing? 

Only One Viewpoint. No, indeed, we want none of these. Our religion is not designed for 
niggers or mongrels, nor any of the mud races. We go back to one of our basic premises, 

namely, in everything we look at life and the world from one viewpoint and one viewpoint only. 
We do not look at it through the eyes of the snake, nor the niggers, nor the Jews. We look at 
everything through the eyes of the White Race. The people of the future world must be the 
White Race and the White Race exclusively. The world is becoming too crowded and too small 
to support a multitude of races either side by side, or intermixed. The White Race cannot survive 
in either of such worlds. It can only be either absorbed and mongrelized or be out-bred and 
exterminated. We do not accept either alternative, and have not the slightest desire to be part of 
a debauched and depraved society of clawing, starving mongrels. 

All or Nothing. No, for us it is either all, or nothing. Having made that decision, we must 
move heaven and earth to implement it. In so doing let us keep in mind that the future White 
Race we foresee is not merely such as it is today, but the vibrant, dynamic super race that we 
have the potential of becoming. Now with the advent of Creativity, we have the knowledge 
and the program to enable us to realize our great potential. It now remains for us to build and 
expand our organizational structure to bring about the greatest of all dreams ever envisioned by 

Must Face Reality. In endeavoring to bring about such a bright and promising future for the 
White Race we must, as I have said a thousand times before, first of all straighten out our 

1. Equality Concept Treacherous. We must throw overboard the Christian-Democratic idea 
that all men are equal. This idea has been foisted on us by our most dangerous enemies, the 
Jews. They don' t believe it themselves and consider all non-Jews as goy, or stupid cattle, to be 
exploited, manipulated and destroyed. Nature says loud and clear men are unequal, races are not 
equal, all species are unequal. Let us never forget this. 

2. Homogenous Society. We must realize that no multi-racial society, or polyglot society, nor 
even a pluralistic society can survive for long and in the short or long run it becomes impossible 
to govern such a society. Not even a country that is a patchwork of different nationalities, 
religions and languages, even if it is essentially White, will last for long. The Austria-Hungarian 
Empire is such an example, where Germans, Hungarians, Croats, Serbs, Rumanians and Czechs 
all were lumped together with their different languages, religions and cultures. We must realize 
there exists no fair and equitable set of laws, no government that can be acceptable for all. What 
is for the benefit of one is to the detriment of another group, and only strife, dissention and 
anarchy can ensue. 

3. White Race must survive at all costs. Since the earth is rapidly becoming overcrowded 
beyond its capacities to feed and sustain such huge numbers, hundreds of millions, yes billions, 
are going to starve, and that situation is already well under way. We have already covered this 
subject in a previous chapter. It is up to us to see to it that in such a catastrophe the superior are 
not the main victims, and that the inferior (temporarily) survive. We must make damn sure that 
it is the White Race that survives, and we must organize and polarize now in order to have the 
power, organization, loyalty, leadership and where withal to do so. 

4. Parasites not worth saving. We must accept the fact that not all people are worth saving. 
Even among the present White Race there are parasites, drones, insane, morons, pathological 
criminals and genetic cripples that the world and our White society would be better off without. 

Nature gives us a further law in this respect — Any organism that fails to excrete its wastes, 
soon dies. 

5. Heterogeneous Society Doomed. We must realize that no government exists, or ever will, 
that can satisfactorily govern a heterogeneous society, or even keep such a society of diverse 
elements from collapsing. The reason for this is fairly obvious. When any country or society is 
fragmented by two or more diverse elements there exists no common goal or interest, only rival 
pressure groups at war with each other and continually seeking to gain the upper hand. Such war 
may be covert or submerged for some time, but sooner or låter it flares out into the open and 
escalates into open civil war and anarchy. The more differentiated these elements are, the more 
fierce and bitter is such warfare. The end result finally is either the suicide of all groups, or the 
emergence of the group, or race, or element, that was best prepared to fight and survive. This is 
not necessarily the most constructive and intelligent of such a society. In fact usually the lowest 
and vilest elements, as in Haiti, survive. 

Darwin's Law. Let us remember that Darwin' s Law of "Survival of the Fittest" is not quite 
correctly stated. The shark and cockroach have survived for hundreds of millions of years, but 
are not exactly the most beautiful or intelligent creatures on the face of the earth. From our 
viewpoint we would hardly regard them as being either "the fittest" or most desirable. It is only 
those who are fittest in the game of survival that do so, but by no means the best or most 
desirable from the White Man's point of view. 

America had auspicious beginnings. After the American Revolution when the first census 
of the United States was taken in 1790 the total White population was 3,172,444. The estimated 
population of all the territory that now comprises the 48 continental states was approximately 
4,000,000. Of this number approximately 3,250,000 were White, the balance being Indians, 
niggers and mixed breeds. Of the White population 90% were of Nordic stock, mostly English 
and Scotch, and 99% of the total White population was Protestant. 

Indians Cruel and Revolting. As far as the niggers were concerned they were then of no 
political significance, since the Constitution regarded them as no more than chattel, or property. 
The Indians were a different matter. Many of the tribes encountered were undoubtedly the most 
formidable fighting men of any native race that the White Man has ever come up against in his 
expansion and conquest of the world. Madison Grant, who wrote "Conquest of a Continent" 
deemed them as beyond question the cruelest of all mankind, even more so than the Ancient 
Assyrians. The tortures which they inflicted on their captives, whether White or red, are 
revolting in the utmost, and were usually carried out by the squaws while the bucks sat around 
and laughed at the agony of their victims. Grant concludes "No one who knew the true nature of 
the Indian felt any regret that they were driven off their hunting grounds", and the Whites 
regarded them as nothing more than ravening wolves or worse. In any event, the Indians slowed 
down the westward expansion of the founders of the Thirteen Colonies, but were of no political 
or racial consequence. 

Shining Opportunity. So in the period ending in 1790 we find an America with a White 
population greater than half of that of Great Britain, and Nordic to the core. It was racially, 
culturally and religiously the most homogenous group of people of any country in the world. 
Before it lay a väst, rich continent to the west, empty except for the sparsely scattered aborigines. 
The American White Race was poised to conquer and build the greatest and wealthiest country 
in all history. Never in all history was a more shining opportunity laid at the feet of any people. 
In less than a century that conquest was complete from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. 

Mixed Slop Pail headed for Disaster. Today America has degenerated to a polyglot 
melting pot (read: slop pail) that is heading into an abominable disaster. It has now become a 
väst conglomerate of conflicting pressure groups that have no common goal, objective, interest, 
or anything else. We are now divided into hundreds of divisive power groups all at war with 
each other. We are divided racially into every base element found on the face of the earth. 

Even the savage Indians today have a lot more political clout than they had 200 years ago 
when the White Man's numbers were relatively and infinitely smaller and the Indians larger. We 
are divided by hundreds of religions, Mormon, Catholicism directed from Rome, and above all, 
Judaism, whose tribe now rules and ravages the country. We are divided by political parties, by 
labor unions, religious groups, class warfare, by homosexuals, feminists, you name it. Each one 
has a power group fighting for its own separate interest. Today we are undoubtedly the most 
heterogeneous, the least homogenous, the most fragmented nation on the face of the earth. Such 
a nation cannot be governed for long, nor can it exist for long. When the French gifted us with 
the Statue of Liberty which said "Give me. . . the wretched refuse of your teeming shore", we 
swallowed a philosophy that was as deadly as any of the refuse itself. Remember, any organism 
that cannot excrete its refuse soon dies. Any organism that is willing to ingest the refuse of 
others is absolutely insane and doomed to die. 

Missed Opportunity Fault of Descendants. The Americans of 1790 had before them the 
most wonderful opportunity that had been the good fortune of any homogenous group of people 
ever to be blessed with. They blew it. They goofed. They unwittingly threw away the most 
auspicious circumstance in history. Why did such an intelligent people so miserably fail to make 
the most of such a glorious opportunity? 

Invasion of Jewish Parasites. The further answer, in large part of course, is that the Jewish 
parasite invaded their shores, and polluted and perverted their thinking. Such invasion was small 
at first but by the 1880's began to become a veritable flood. Today half the Jews of the world sit 
on the backs of the American people and are in virtual control of all the finances, the news 
media, the education and the government of this Jew-ridden country. In short they have us hog- 
tied and are setting us up for the final slaughter. 

We must now Redeem our Past Sins. Late as it is, it is the goal and the program of the 
Church Of The Creator to save this nation from collapse and destruction. Actually, it was not 
the fault of the early builders of this great White nation. They did their part and they did it 
beautifully. It is we, who came after them that let down the White Race and betrayed it. We 
must fully realize that as goes America, so goes the White Race. It is our avowed aim to first of 
all break the power of the Jews and wrest that power back into the hands of the White Man who 
founded and built this country. We then must expel these parasites from our shores. It is our 
program to ship the niggers back to Africa, and the Mexicans and other mud races back to 
wherever they came from. It is our objective to make this country a rich prosperous and 
beautiful land for the White Race and the White Race alone, to convert and educate the White 
Man back to the fundamental truths of race, to accept a racial religion and build a finer better 
race and finally a Brighter and Whiter World. 

Needed a Racial Religion. We can blame the Jew for the mess we are in, after starting with 
such a golden opportunity in 1790. But this would not be exactly the whole story. We ourselves 
are to blame. If the White Man of 1790 had discarded his unreal "spooks-in-the-sky" religion 
foisted on him by the Jews and adopted a sound racial religion such as Creativity, we would 
not be in the abysmal mess we are in today. Our Founders missed a golden opportunity just as 

did the Romans two thousand years earlier because they too did not have a racial religion. If the 
White Man had been armed with a racial religion the Jew would never have had a chance, 

either with the Romans or the Americans of 1790. 

Now Our Last Great Opportunity. It is our sacred religious and racial duty to undo the 
damage that has been done, and bring the White Man back to his senses. Not that we want to 
restore the America of 1790, or the Rome of the Caesars. That is impossible. But now, with our 
present-day knowledge, with the program of Creativity and with 500 million White people as 
the basis of our gene pool, we can build a world that would bedazzle both the early Americans 
and the ancient Romans alike. 

This we can do, and this we must do. 

Creative Credo #1 8 

The Melting Pot— The Ugly American Dream 

The Slop Pail. Back on the farm in Canada when I was a kid, we used to throw all our 
leftover scraps from the table into a big pail, along with soap water from washing the dishes, as 
well as any other garbage that ensued. We called it the slop pail and fed it to the högs, the only 
animal that would tolerate such garbage for food. 

The slop pail might also have been called the Melting Pot, the current racial image the Jewish 
press and power establishment is trying to slop off on the White people of America — as the 
American Dream. 

American Dream Now Perverted. The American Dream! How it seems to have changed 
in the last century! When writers like Horatio Alger used to eulogize about the American 
Dream, they were portraying wonderful American success stories. They were stories of rågs to 
riches, stories of the poor boy from the farm (or the city), becoming rich, successful and honored. 
They were stories of some poor White immigrant coming to America penniless, creating a new 
invention, or a new business and becoming successful beyond his fondest dreams. They were 
stories of White people who were achievers, doers, who were successful, who climbed above the 
common herd through sheer energy and ability. 

Coming Nightmare. How that has changed today! If we are to listen to the Jewish peddlers 
of race-mixing, be it in the press, in politics, on T.V., or any other media of brain scrambling, the 
American Dream has changed into what for the White people is a horrible nightmare. Today the 
ideal situation we should all be striving for, according to these Jewish poison-peddlers, is 
equality, racial equality. Their proposed Utopia is a quagmire of a racially mixed society where 
everybody is equal, with the niggers more "equal" than the Whites, and the Jews on top of the 
heap calling the shots, and being more "equal" than anybody. 

Integrated Scum. The type of society they envision is a society of total integration, total 
miscegenation, a multi-racial society where the niggers and the scum are proud to be 
' Americans" and the Whites are ashamed to be White. It is a United States where all the scum 
of the world can flock to — Cubans, Chinese, Phillipinos, Mexicans, Hindus, Haitians, niggers 
from anywhere. "Give me the wretched refuse from your teeming shores", as the Jews have so 
cunningly inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. The idea is to invite everybody in, climb on the 
welfare bandwagon, and encourage the scum of the world to multiply like råts. All this, of 
course at the expense of the härd working, härd pressed American Whites, who (according to the 
Jews) should be ashamed that they ever built such a marvelous country in the first place. 

Lets face it, my White Racial Comrades, the Jew is successfully turning America into His 

Dream and Our Nightmare — to make America the Melting Pot, in short, a slop pail only fit 
for pigs and niggers. 

The Answer. What can we do about it? Again I must reemphasize the crux of the problem. 
The crux of all our problems, and I mean all, is the racial problem. We must first and 
foremost solve the racial problem or else all is löst. In order to do this we must take the 
following steps: 

1. We must reject the Melting Pot idea in the loudest and strongest terms. This Jewish idea 
means total integration, total miscegenation, total extinction for the great White Race. 

2. We must be overwhelmingly clear in our own minds that the Jews, the niggers and the other 
mud races in our midst are alien, poisonous elements in our racial body. No multi-racial 
society has survived for long, and the White Race in such a society is always the casualty. 

Look at Haiti (formerly San Domingo) again. Look at India. Look at Mexico. Look at the 
Bahamas. Read again the history of Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, in our first book, Nature's 

Eternal Religion. 

3. Once we have clearly fixed the idea in our own minds that Integration spells the Death 
Knell of the White Race, then we must become fervent missionaries in sounding the alarm and 
alerting our White Racial Comrades of the fäte the Jews have in store for us. 

4. We must rally and organize all our White Racial Comrades around the idea of White racial 
survival. We must polarize around the racial religion as set forth in this book and in Nature 's 
Eternal Religion. Distribute these White Man's Bibles to your fellow White Racial Comrades 
as if your life depended on it. It does. 

5. Once we are organized, we must drive the Jews from power, politically, financially, and 
from every other field. 

6. Once we have accomplished this much the war is pretty well över, and we will be in a 
position to do what we should have done a long time ago — ship the niggers back to Africa and 
the other mud races back to wherever they came from. 

7. We will then be in the position to proceed with the rest of our Creativity program — to 
expand the Territory of the White Race and further pursue our basic goals, namely the 
Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. 

There is our program. It is the only program that will save America from becoming a Jew- 
designed Melting Pot, or as we have already stated, a slop pail filled with garbage only fit for 

In order to bring all these ideas together the White Race must have a solid fundamental 
Racial Religion around which all good White Racial Comrades can polarize. That is what we 
want to emphasize in the next chapter. 

Creative Credo #1 9 

c ivilization wlthout a racial religion— 

A Self-Destructive Process for the White Race 

Must use Civilization to our Benefit. In this chapter we want to examine the past, present 
and future genetic development of the White Race. We want to look at the heights reached in the 
past, where we are today, and what we aim to accomplish in the future. We also want to study 
the destructive influences of civilization itself on the genetic changes regarding the White Race. 
We also want to make sure that in the future civilization will become a tool for the genetic 
betterment of the White Race, rather than an implement for the erosion and down-breeding of 
our race. 

Recent Changes Retrogressive. We all assume that because of our extremely advanced 
technology of today, that naturally, the White Race (or mankind) today is mentally, spiritually 
and intellectually more advanced than were the White creators of civilizations of say a few 
thousand years ago, and that we have advanced genetically. This is a serious fallacy. That the 
genetic characteristics of our race are continuously evolving and changing is certain. So are 
those of every other species of Nature. One difference is that our own characteristics have been 
changing much more rapidly in the short evolutionary period known as civilization. Changes 
can be for the better, or they can be for the worse. Unfortunately, the genetic quality of the 
White Race has not changed for the better in the last two thousand years. It has changed for the 
worse. Today the White Race is not as intelligent, nor as strong of character, nor as robust, as 
say were the Romans at the time of Cicero and Julius Caesar över two thousand years ago. 

The Great Athenians. An even more striking example of dazzling genetic heights attained 
by some of our illustrious White Racial Comrades of the past is that of the early Athenians in 
ancient Greece. They, more than any other group, illustrate the profound effect which a 
numerically insignificant intellectual elite can have on the progress of civilization. Conversely, 
when and if such elite die out, and/or their genes are adulterated with inferiors, it also illustrates 
the dramatic consequences such racial pollution can have in the retrogression of civilization and 
on the quality of the genetic pool. 

Galaxy of Illustrious Men. The noted geneticist, Edwin Conklin writes about the ancient 
Greeks: "In the two centuries between 500 and 300 B.C., the small and relatively barren country 
of Attica with an area and total population about equal to that of Rhode Island, but with less than 
one-fifth as many free persons, produced at least 25 illustrious men. Among statesmen and 
commanders there were: Miltiades, Themistocles, Aristides, Cimon, Pericles, Phocion; among 
poets, Aeschylus, Eutipides, Sophocles, Aristophanes; among philosophers and men of science, 
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Demetrius, Theophrastus; among architects and artists, Ictinus, 
Phidias, Praxiteles, Polygnotus; among historians, Thucydides and Xenophon; among orators, 
Aeschines, Demothenes, Isocrates, Lysias. 

"In this small country," said Conklin, "in the space of two centuries there appeared such a 
galaxy of illustrious men as has never been found on the whole earth in any two centuries since 
that time. Galton concludes that the average ability of the Athenian race of that period was, on 

the lowest estimate, as much greater than that of the English race of the present day as the latter 
is above that of the African Negro." 

Technological Advancement is not Genetic Advancement. Civilized man has been 
extolling the virtues of civilization ever since he first climbed out of the trees and pulled himself 
up by the bootstraps. This process, with a number of setbacks and advances, has jogged along 
until it has reached the high state of technical advancement we find ourselves in today. Man is 
proud of the civilization he has produced, and rightfully so. Overwhelmingly, it has been the 
White Man's civilization throughout the long milleniums of history. The mud races at certain 
times, like the horse, have served a temporary usefulness. But the mud races, unlike the horse, 
most of the time have impeded and stymied the White Man's progress. 

Technology far outstripped our Social Advancement. Whereas the White Man has made 
simply astounding progress in the field of technology and science in the last century, that 
advancement is today accelerating at a runaway råte that leaves us breathless. Unfortunately, the 
sociological progress has not kept up with it. On the contrary, thanks to the parasitical Jews, in 
the last 2,000 years the White Race has made no progress at all in government, religion, 
language and social organization as such. In fact, we have retrogressed. We are not even as 
advanced in these areas as the Ancient Romans were in the days of Caesar. 

Science and technology has far out-stripped social progress, as we have just pointed out, 
while the White Race itself has not genetically progressed, but retrogressed. For this we can 
thank International Jewry and the suicidal Christian religion they have foisted on the White 

Civilization Itself A Dysgenic Influence. In Nature's Etern al Religion we have already 
explored the devastating havoc on the White Race wrought by Jewish influences such as 
Christianity, race-mixing, mongrelization and hundreds of other programs being promoted by 
our deadly enemies. There is one other influence that is also undermining the genetic health of 
the White Race for which the Jew is not entirely responsible. That cause, strangely enough, is 
civilization itself. 

Let us first make our position regarding civilization unmistakably clear, however. We of the 
Church Of The Creator are not against civilization. We are proud of the marvelous 
civilization the White Race has produced över the ages and we want to make it clear we are for 
civilization — the White Man's civilization. 

The main point of this chapter is that civilization — any civilization — has inherently the 
seeds of its own destruction built into the very process of civilization. In fact, eugenically, 
civilization has been a catastrophe to the race which created it. In short, it has been a dysgenic 
influence, down-breeding our White Race. 

It is our objective to explore these seeds of destruction and how they can be overcome so 

that in the future the White Race can survive, expand and progress genetically for the next 
million years. Before we even explore the seeds of destruction we can categorically say that in 
Creativity we already have the solution to the problem. But more about this låter. 

Civilization saves the Misfits. Basically, civilization is a "humanizing" process in which 
the weak, the misfits, the helpless, yes, even the morons and the idiots, are sustained and 
subsidized by those who are more capable of carrying the burden. In other words, those who in 
a primitive state of mankind would have been culled out by the ruthless but cleansing Laws of 

Nature, are now saved to reproduce. A more "humane" civilized society fails to cull them out, 
and instead carries the misfits along on the backs of those who are stronger. Furthermore, they 
are proliferated into our racial gene pool. Those who can cope subsidize those who cannot 
cope, and strangely enough. it is the latter who breed more prolifically. 

Culling Process Thwarted. In this whole treatise we are talking only about the White Race, 
since we are unique in Nature' s realm. We are the only species which has shown the capability 
of advancing our mental capacities över the ages to where a viable civilization is possible. 
Whereas the culling process of survival of the fittest also goes on in the case of birds, animals, 
insects, baboons and niggers, there is no indication that this culling process necessarily has 
increased the intellectual capacities of the latter at all. It may have sharpened their instincts for 
survival, perhaps, but not necessarily advanced their mental abilities. 

A good example of this is the shark species. This remarkable species survived över the last 
200 million years and is one of the most tenacious and persistent species on the face of the earth. 
But brain power? No. The shark has a relatively small brain and its intellectual powers are still 
practically nil. It is only the White Race that has shown the capacity for intellectual 
advancement and has demonstrated it över the ages. 

Why then, hasn't this progress been a steady straight uphill line of progress? 

White Man's Intelligence not advanced by Civilization. If we study the various 
civilizations of the past, we find that the White Man, much more so than Nature' s other species, 
lives by his wits. He uses implements, instruments, cultivates agriculture for food, builds his 
own shelter and does much more. He uses his hands and his wits. 

In primitive society, by the very laws of survival of the fittest, those most capable of using 
their wits, had the energy, and were able to cope, survived and lived to procreate. As a result, the 
intelligence of our ancestors slowly progressed to higher levels över the hundreds of thousands 
of years. Soon it reached a level where our ancestors were capable of starting a civilization, and 
this they did. 

Culling Reversed. The forces that encouraged the evolution to a higher intelligence now 
became reversed. Whereas the slow-witted and those unable to cope in a primitive society were 
formerly culled out by Nature, "civilization" now came to their rescue. Civilization, per se, is 
organized to help "save" all members of society, including the dumb, the misfits, the weaklings, 
the lazy and the shiftless. As a result, these genetical defectives now too survived along with the 
more capable and more intelligent. They, too, survived to procreate and perpetuate their own 
kind, and thereby pulling down the genetic norm. 

Intelligent must have More Children. But more significantly, another negative factor also 
comes into play. Extensive research has shown that even among our own kind, i.e., the White 
Race, the "dumb bunnies" (i.e., those of lower intelligence) on the average have more 
offspring than those of superior intelligence. The obvious consequence of this is that those of 
lower intelligence are expanding in numbers while those of higher intelligence are shrinking. 
Again the obvious conclusion from this train of events is that without Nature' s "culling" 
influence, as in a primitive society, civilization breeds itself down, genetically, physically and 
in the realm of intelligence — a very, very deleterious consequence. It is this tragic chain of 
events that has doomed every civilization that has ever existed. It is driving our White 
civilization to disaster and suicide at this time. 

Civilization Self-destructs. As the deterioration of the intelligence level begins to set in, for 
a while civilization keeps advancing upward from the sheer momentum of the previous 

inventions, systems and benefits. After a while, however, as the intelligence level dröps still 
lower and lower, the succeeding generations are no longer able to advance civilization and it 
levels off. As the intelligence level dröps still further, the race is no longer able to even sustain 
that high level their superior forefathers had built for them. As a consequence civilization, too, 
along with a dropping intelligence level, begins its downhill slide, until after another few 
centuries, the race that built it and the civilization they created, both slide into decadence and 
oblivion. It would do this even without the parasitical Jew on our back. The Jew is, of course, 
deliberately accelerating the process of disintegration at a frightening pace. This has been the 
fäte of any number of civilizations that have come and gone and have paraded across the scenes 
of history. 

Conclusions. Let us now analyze and summarize why genetically we have degenerated 
rather than progressed, why the magnificent Greeks lasted only a few centuries, and why we are 
today genetically inferior to both the ancient Greeks and the robust Romans of two millenia ago. 

1 . In the succeeding chapter on the Romans we demonstrate as to how their magnificent genetic 
stock degenerated in a flood tide of inferior slaves. We observe that the great Romans 
themselves, as prosperity beckoned, did not reproduce themselves at maintenance level, 
while the slaves swarmed in from the outlying provinces, rapidly multiplied and supplanted 
the original Roman stock. In short, the Romans died out without reproducing their noble 
race and left the Empire to crumble in a flood tide of degenerate slaves. 

2. The Ancient Greeks, undoubtedly the finest racial specimens of all time, committed suicide 
in killing each other off in fratricidal, internecine wars. The Peloppenesian Wars between 
Sparta and Athens which lasted for years, is a typical example. But there were hundreds of 
other wars between the city-states, large and small, that were in the same suicidal vein. 

3. Both Rome and Greece failed to reproduce themselves in sufficient numbers to maintain their 
unexcelled racial genes. 

4. In ancient times as in modern times, the "Law of the Dumb Bunnies" worked to pull down 
the genetic quality. 

5. Civilization with its humanizing influence of protecting the misfits, the genetically diseased 
and the morons ine vitably pulls down the genetic fabric. 

6. Civilization, in short, subverts Nature's "culling process" without which any species soon 
degenerates into a state of where it can no longer survive the fierce competition of superior 

7. The Jew was already present in Ancient Athens (see the chapter on the Protocols in Nature's 
Etern al Religion) as he was in Ancient Rome, as he was in Medieval Europé, as he is 
throughout the White world today, working feverishly to mongrelize and destroy the White 

8. The Prime Essen tial that was missing in each and every White civilization was a powerful 
Racial Religion. Had the Egyptians had one, or the Greeks, or the Romans, or any other 
White civilization, the Jews would never have had a chance. In Creativity the White 
Race finally has such a religion. With a strong racial consciousness, a strong flourishing 
civilization need not destroy itself, but can advance and live forever. 

Is our present civilization and our precious White Race doomed to the same fäte as overtook 
the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans? 

Creativity has a Deliberate Program. No, it is not at all necessary. The solution is clear 
and simple. A deliberate program of upbreeding in our race is the clear-cut answer. By 
having inculcated into our very religion the aim of encouraging the finer specimen of our race 
to have more children, by influencing the poorer specimen to have fewer or none, and 

finally, by sterilizing the morons, the idiots, the genetically diseased and the misfits, we can, in 
very short order, eliminate much of the misery in the world. We can do much more than that. 
We can set our race on an upward climb of intelligence and well-being such as the world has 
never seen before. We can march towards the higher levels of the Superman, and beyond. 

It is that simple. It is Racial Eugenics in practice. It is the very heart of our religion, 

Lessons of Roman History. The benefits of a more capable, more intelligent, healthy White 
Race are incalculable. In the next chapter let us make a study of the virile and resourceful 
Romans, how they rose to dazzling heights and then fell miserably, never to rise again. 

In the meantime, let us keep in mind: For the White Race it is either upbreeding and a 
glorious future, or miserably drowning in a horrible flood of mud races. Let us see what we 
can learn from the once great Romans. 

Creative Credo #20 

The Glory and the Catastrophe that was Rome— A Lesson For all Time 

A Thousand Years of Glory. The history of Ancient Rome embraces a period of över a 
thousand years. A cogent study of that history gives us a telescopic review of the greatness and 
the tragedy of the White Race, from its highest pinnades to its lowest depths, from its greatest 
glory to its utter collapse. 

From the history of Ancient Rome, which spanned the period from 753 B.C. to 476 A.D. we 
can learn much, if we will. No other history is as rich in example as is that of Rome. She built 
the greatest Empire of all time, considering the then-known world. In terms of civilization, 
language, architecture, law, warfare, sculpture and the art of government, no other civilization 
has contributed so many essentials as did Ancient Rome. We, the White Race, owe a 
tremendous debt of gratitude and have every right to be mighty proud of our early White Racial 

Unique Racial Stock. She reached dazzling heights of accomplishment because of the 
excellency of her racial stock. She also made tragic errors in not safeguarding her racial 
integrity, errors so colossal that they resulted in her utter collapse. Because Rome did not fully 
realize the value of her racial genes, nor the importance of race, a great and glorious civilization 
whose future had unlimited potential sank instead into dismal decay, and finally, into utter 
collapse. Had Rome had a racial religion such as Creativity, not only would this catastrophe 
have been averted, but the genetic quality of her sons and daughters and her glorious civilization 
would have marched onward and upward and advanced to dazzling heights that we can now 
hardly comprehend. 

It therefore behooves us to look closely into her greatness and also make an honest appraisal 
of her weaknesses and errors. 

Small Beginnings. According to a pleasant Roman fiction Rome was founded by a chieftain 
named Romulus on April 21, 753 B.C. at about 8 o'clock in the morning. Archaeologists and 
historians doubt this story, and Rome's actual beginnings are löst in antiquity. We do not really 
know where the Romans came from. All we know is that there were various Latin tribesmen in 
that area in the seventh and eighth century B.C. They fought över strategic river crossings that 
offered passage between the south and what was to become Etruria to the north. 

Rome, destined to rule the ancient Mediterranean world, showed no early promise of 
greatness. Despite the fact that the Italian peninsula was relatively populous in prehistoric times, 
the site of Rome was without inhabitants before 1000 B.C. Even after the first settlement was 
made, the future Imperial City was little more than a hamlet situated at a förd in the Tiber River 
until its conquest and occupation by the Etruscans in the Seventh century B.C. Under these 
foreign war lords, Rome became a fortified town with a sizeable population, only to fall into 
obscurity again following the Etruscan withdrawal about 500 B.C. By the middle of the fourth 
century, however, the Romans had at last found themselves. With the achievement of 
governmental stability and an efficient military organization, they began a steady expansion 
which led to the domination of the Italian peninsula, then control of the Western Mediterranean, 
and finally the conquest of Greece and the Near East. 

Expansion And Conquest. It was said of Rome that she did not want to conquer the 
world — only her adjoining neighbors — which of course led to an ever-expanding Empire. 
Subconsciously or otherwise she realized that neighbors at her borders — hostile or otherwise — 
were always either a present or potential threat to her survival. 

By their very nature, the Romans were aggressive and expanded their territory. Instinctively 
they were aware of one of Nature' s eternal laws we have stated in an earlier chapter: Eternal 
Struggle is the Price of Survival. 

Early Tribes Similar. Fortunately, as the Romans expanded up and down the Italian 
peninsula they took in and absorbed tribes that were similar, racially, culturally and ethnically. 
As Rome expanded her empire she became more powerful and more prosperous. Soon she 
began to collide with other empires that were also powerful in their own right. 

The Romans were tremendous organizers, great fighters, wise law givers, competent 
administratörs, and capable rulers. Furthermore they were brave, tenacious and indefatigable. It 
is not our objective to review the thousands of smaller and larger wars they fought, but of special 
significance is the critical and long series of wars they fought against their powerful rival to the 
south, namely Carthage. 

Collision with Carthage. These wars, known as the Punic Wars, were three in number. The 
First, 264-241 B. C. began with a Roman collision in Sicily. During this war Rome built up her 
first real navy, finally defeated Carthage at sea and acquired Sicily. The Second, 218-202 B. C, 
was even more bitter than the first and was highlighted by the great Carthaginian general, 
Hannibal, who invaded Rome by means of Spain, and was able to sustain himself on Italian soil 
for 15 years. He almost brought Rome to her knees. He was finally defeated by Scipio at Zama. 

No Substitute for Victory. Although Carthage was now no longer a dangerous military 
threat, she soon did regain her commercial prosperity and was again a growing rival of Rome. 
Led by Cato, the Elder, who ended every Senate speech with "And furthermore I move that 
Carthage must be destroyed!" {Delenda est Carthago!) Rome finally descended on Carthage in 
earnest. The Third Punic war lasted from 149 to 146 B. C. When it was över Carthage was 
completely destroyed. For seventeen days the fires blazed över Carthage, then the buildings and 
walls were razed. Then a plow was driven över the rubble and salt was sown into the furrows. 
Finally a solemn curse was spöken över the whole city. The male population was put to the 
sword, and the women and children sold into slavery. So ended the history of a city and an 
Empire that had endured for seven centuries. 

Rome early realized a sound principle that was echoed by General Douglas MacArthur 
during the Korean war: "There is no Substitute for Victory." 

Infiltration of the Jews. At about this time Rome itself was infiltrated by an alien people 
that were to prove more deadly, more treacherous and more tenacious than the Carthaginians. 
According to a Jewish Encyclopedia, the first accounts of Jewish settlement in Rome date to 139 
B. C, but they undoubtedly were there much earlier. It states that Rome is the oldest continuous 
Jewish settlement in the world. Unlike the Carthaginians, the Jews were not a military threat, but 
more like an internal disease or virus, they undermined and sickened the whole body politic, 
culturally, economically, religiously, morally and racially. 

Dramatic Expansion. After the defeat of Carthage, Rome expanded dramatically. By the 
end of the First Century A.D. it was the supreme and unchallenged ruler of the Mediterranean 
world, and in fact, of most of the then-known world. Everywhere it conquered it brought law 

and order, civilization and culture. It built roads, bridges, aqueducts, cities, and in general, 
brought prosperity and well-being into the territories it governed. 

Pax Romana. It is an acknowledged fact of history that a period of two hundred years, 
starting with the reign of Emperor Augustus in 27 B. C, was the longest period of peace and 
prosperity in the history of civilized mankind. This period, known as Pax Romana, was probably 
also the finest and happiest epoch in mankind' s existence. 

True, there were minor börder skirmishes and internal uprisings that were quelled from time 
to time. But they did not threaten the Empire as a whole and the average Roman citizen carried 
on his affairs in relative security in a prosperous and orderly world. 

Jewish Rebellion. In the middle of this era, during the reign of Emperor Vespasian the 
Jewish population, who always resist assimilation, revolted in Judaea, a minor Roman Province. 
General Titus was sent to quell the rebellion. In a siege similar to Carthage, he sacked Jerusalem 
in 70 A.D., leveled it to the ground and sold the population into slavery. 

Mongrelization of Rome. Remembering the drastic and final demise of Carthage, one 
would believe that this was also the end of the Jews. But far from it. Today Romans have been 
extinct for över seventeen centuries, but the Jews are not only alive, but financial and political 
masters of the world. In fact, the Jews are the oldest continuous race on the face of the planet — 
threatening to mongrelize and destroy the White Race, with the power to do so. 

We might pause here and well ask — why did Carthage, a mighty military and commercial 
power, perish, when the inferior Jews in a similar fäte, did not? Why did the Jews survive, when 
their victors, the mighty Roman Empire and the virile Romans did not? 

It is a key question and the answer to it, as we will see, brings us to the heart of what our 
religion, Creativity, is all about. 

Jews had Racial Religion. The answer to the question is this: the Jews then, as now, 
possessed a strong racial religion, and they have rallied around their religion with race as the 

core, for the last five thousand years. We have already studied the importance of a racial 
religion in the previous chapter and will have more to say about this in subsequent chapters. 

In their rebellion against the Romans the Jews were utterly devastated militarily. They 
realized that they could never match the Romans in a contest of arms. 

Dispersion. But they had a number of other factors going for them. Unlike Carthage they 
were not congregated in a specific geographic area. In fact, they were dispersed all över the 
Roman world, specializing even then in the slave trade, in finance, and feeding on the trade 
routes. Then as now, they covered all the nerve centers of power. The dispersion out of 
Jerusalem and Judaea did not weaken but only reinforced the Jewish infection on the lifelines of 
the Roman Empire. 

Planned Revenge. Collectively they planned revenge on the Romans, for whom they 
harbored an intense and pathological hatred. In fact, the Jews always hate that which is best in 
the White Race and instinctively set about to destroy the best. 

Since the Jews knew they had no chance of destroying the Romans militarily, they conspired 
to use their most powerful weapon — mind manipulation, and they chose religion as the vehicle 
to do it with. 

Sold Rome on Christianity. About 100 B.C. a small Jewish sect, called the Essenes, 
originated around the area of the Dead Sea. This sect promoted ideas of self-debasement that 
were highly suicidal to those who embraced this creed. Toward the end of the first century A.D. 

this teaching evolved into Christianity, but still a purely Jewish cult. It was regarded as a 
subversive and destructive movement by the mainstream of the Jewish leaders and was opposed 
and persecuted by them. Among the persecutors of the Christian cult was one Saul of Tarsus, a 
Jew, who låter became Christianity' s St. Paul. One day while persecuting (Jewish) Christians, 
he conceived the brilliant idea of humbling and destroying the mighty Roman Empire by selling 
this suicidal creed, Christianity, to the Gentiles. 

Ultimate Disaster for the White Race. This idea was the most significant turning point in 
history. No plague, series of plagues, wars or disasters during the next two thousand years has 
wreaked more horrible calamity on the White Race of the world than what happened next. 

So well did Saul of Tarsus do his job that he was soon joined and backed by the entire Jewish 
network in selling these suicidal teachings to the Romans. The Jews went about it with a 
vengeance, feeding the Romans such idiotic and self destructive ideas as "love your enemies", 
"turn the other cheek", "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor", "resist not evil", "judge not" 
and much other suicidal ad vice. 

Downfall of Rome. Stränge to say, the Romans fell for this idiotic garbage like a cat 
attracted to catnip. The Romans, who had always been virile, clear headed and practical, who 
had conquered the world, now gradually turned into limp jellyfish, into pacifist milksops. Their 
once clear and practical minds turned from the real world to a fantasy world of spooks in the 
skies. Instead of taking care of their responsibilities in the real world, the only world in which 
man has ever been known to live, their concern now turned to "saving souls" — their own and 
others from a fiery "hereafter." Whereas they had been extremely proficient in building a 
superior civilization and a better world, they now abandoned all this and a mad frenzy about 
spooks in the skies preoccupied their minds. Mäss insanity set in, and the Jews had done it all 
with their ultimate weapon — selling the Romans on a suicidal religion. 

Slavery and Mongrelization. There is one other major factor that also contributed to the 
breakup of the Empire. We said previously that the Jews specialized in the slave trade. The fact 
is they practically monopolized it, as they did in North and South America more than a thousand 
years låter. Whereas the Jews were (and are) extremely race conscious, the Romans were not. In 
conspiring to pull down the Romans they frantically promoted the importation of slaves, 
especially from Africa and Asia. Every wealthy Roman had slaves and some wealthy estates had 
anywhere from a thousand to twenty thousand alien slaves. Mongrelization between Romans 
and slaves became commonplace. 

Inferior Outbred Superior. In keeping the picture in proper perspective, we must also 
remember that not all slaves were of inferior racial stock. Many slaves were also from Western 
Europé which blended well with the white Roman stock. But as time progressed, the Asiatic, 
Egyptian and African breed predominated. As bad money drives out good, so the inferior out- 
bred the superior. By the time of Hadrian in the second century A.D. the oriental element 
increasingly began to predominate. 

Över the generations the liberated slaves and their mongrelized offspring expanded and the 
original Roman stock dwindled and died out. It was especially among the poorer riff-raff, the 
slaves and the mongrels that Christianity initially found its most fertile soil and took root. 

Collapse. So effective was the twin Jewish program of Christianity and Mongrelization 

that by the year 476 the glory that was Rome collapsed in utter shambles. 

Dark Ages. Rome was no more. Christianity with the Jews in control took över the 
wreckage. The Dark Ages set in. For the next thousand years, superstition, poverty, ignorance, 

confusion and turmoil prevailed. It was a miserable age which can best be described as mäss 
insanity. The Spooks in the Sky swindle was now fully in charge. It was not until the 
Renaissance that the White people of Europé again slowly began to extricate themselves and 
come to their senses. The recovery from the disease was slow, painful and only partial. To this 
very day this disease poisons and afflicts the minds of hundreds of millions of our White Racial 
Comrades to where they cannot think rationally. 

Rich Heritage Remained. Such is the triumph and tragedy of Rome. Her rich heritage has 
survived for the benefit of the White Race despite the fact that it has been (and is) smothered and 
polluted with a subversive creed alien to the White Race — namely Jewish Christianity. Those 
benefits in the fields of language, architecture, law, warfare, sculpture and the art of government 
(and many other areas) are strongly imbedded in our present day culture, nevertheless. But her 
racial genes are as extinct as the dodo and the dinosaur. 

Lessons we can learn. So let us take stock. Let us analyze those glorious thousand years of 
history. What made the Romans so great? Why did they fail to survive and continue that 
wonderful civilization onward and upward? 

On the Positive Side we can conclude: 

1. The genius of the Roman civilization was basically due to their excellent racial stock. It was 
inherent in their genes. They were a tall, blonde, blue-eyed White Race endowed by Nature 
with beauty, creativity and intelligence. 

2. The Romans were brave, energetic, tenacious and ever aggressive to expand and press 

3. They were great organizers in warfare, in government, in building programs, in formulating 
their excellent language, Latin, and practically every other significant field of endeavor. 

4. In the field of law, government and administration they have never been excelled, in fact, not 
even ever equaled by any other people. Most of the fundamentals of the laws of the White 
Race today have their origins in Roman law. 

5. They recognized their (military) enemies and did not hesitate to destroy them utterly, and if 
necessary, wipe them off the face of the earth, as they did in the case of Carthage. 

6. Whereas the Greeks were more imaginative, artistic and creative, the Romans were more 
pragmatic. They were a practical people. They had a genius for absorbing and adapting 
other peoples' ideas, customs and cultures to means useful to their own purpose. 

7. They built their military might so that it was second to none. The soldiers were manly, 
brave, courageous and relentless. In a few centuries they conquered most of the then-known 

8. They developed the most expressive and orderly language in the history of mankind. Today, 
2,000 years låter, the Latin Language is still unequalled by any other. 

9. They had an inborn sense of responsibility towards their homes, their family, their country 
and their Empire. 

10. The Romans were great builders with a sense of destiny. 

On the Negative Side there are characteristics that are also of special significance to us: 

1. The Romans failed to realize that their Empire, their civilization and their greatness was due 
to the innate quality of their superb racial stock. In short they failed to recognize the 
inherent value of race and failed to pro teet their own. 

2. They failed to understand the parasitic characteristics of the Jews, and did not recognize the 
deadly virus in their midst. 

3. They failed to understand the power of ideas, propaganda and religion, and subsequently had 
no defense against the treacherous Jew, who understood them only too well. 

4. They allowed the Jewish slave traders to import niggers, orientals, Asiatics and other mud 
races into their empire, and had an open policy of "assimilating" their conquered subjects and 
territories. They practiced inter-racial marriages. By these two means they polluted and 
poisoned their own blood stream into extinction. As the saying goes, Rome conquered the 
world, but löst her own soul. Actually, she löst her own racial genes. 

5. Instead of breeding their own workers in every category, their slave policy led to shrinkage 
and extinction of their own race. 

6. Similarly, the policy of being administratörs and rulers of their territories led to the 
advancement and expansion of their "subjects," but the decline and extinction of Romans. In 
fairness to the Romans, they did found and settle many of their colonies and provinces with 
their own veterans. Unfortunately, many of them intermarried with the natives. But again, 
they paid too little heed to race, which proved their ultimate downfall. 

7. If they had had a strong sense of racial loyalty, rather than "national" loyalty to Rome, and 
embodied this as their central national religion, they would neither have been mongrelized, 
nor would they have succumbed to the poisonous new religion the Jews injected into their 
thinking: a religion which unhinged their reasoning and brought about their destruetion. 

8. Had the Romans had such a religion, instead of the silly, superficial religion they copied 
from the Greeks, Roman civilization would undoubtedly have survived to this day and for 
many thousands of years thereafter. In fact, civilizations do not die except when their racial 
blood becomes contaminated and the progeny is no longer the same as the forefathers who 
created the original civilization and eulture in the first place. 

9. If Roman civilization had prevailed, what a blessing for this world it would have been! 
Instead of a Jew-ridden world racked by revolution, dissension and anarchy, teeming with 
increasing floods of mongrels and mud races, we would today have a beautiful White world 
in every part of every continent, prosperous, peaceful, orderly, and produetive. We would 
have a world minus the mud races and inferior scum that infests so much of the good real 
estate of the globe today, and undoubtedly minus that destroyer of all civilizations — the 
parasitic Jew. 

10. Because they allowed the mongrelization of their racial stock; the infiltration of the Jew into 
their finances, education and government; and because they then succumbed to the suicidal 
"new" Christian religion, they perished miserably. 

The Romans in their time were without a doubt the greatest colonizers the world had ever 
known. This is a basic urge in Nature that every creature has inherent in its make-up. In the 
next chapter we will examine how well, or how poorly the White Race has done since the days 
of the Romans, and how it is doing today. 

Creative Credo #21 

c olonization— a basic urge in every creature of nature's realm 

Mental Sickness engulfs White Race. A stränge malaise has settled on the White Man's 
thinking in the period following World War II. By means of the Satanic propaganda impinging 
on his brain from every direction, the White Man is overwhelmed with a neurotic guilt complex. 
And what is he ashamed of! Why does he feel guilty? Evidently, he is supposed to feel guilty 
for the inferiority of the niggers and the other mud people. He is supposed to feel ashamed of his 
own astounding success in culture, in technology, in producing väst amounts and varieties of 
food, for creating civilization and learning, and a höst of other most outstanding 

Twisted Thinking. By today's Jewish standards, success is failure, success is guilt. Failure 
and stupidity (as per the mud races) is good. Black is white, and white is black. Success (by the 
White Race) is to be condemned. Failure by the mud races is to be highly commended. Not 
only commended, but subsidized and proliferated — at the expense of the White Race, of course. 

As a result of this twisted, lunatic thinking, the White Race is desperately trying to assuage 
its "guilt" feelings by hopelessly trying to compensate for the niggers' stupidity and the niggers' 
inability to cope in a modern, White Man's civilization. 

Victim of Jewish Propaganda. Somehow, in the deluge of Jewish propaganda, the White 
Man has completely overlooked the obvious" — that the nigger is innately backward, never can, 
and never will be able to cope or fit into the White Man's civilization. Nor does the White Man 
consider the obvious fact that he is stupidly shrinking his own race in favör of an obsolete stone- 
age species of sub-humanity to whom he owes absolutely nothing. 

Jewish Goal. The Jew is thereby achieving his goal — to either exterminate or to mongrelize 
the White Race into a dumb, brown, subhuman monstrosity. This mongrelized product will then 
be subservient, easily controlled and never again pose a threat to the parasitic Jewish race. 

Back to Basics. To fully appreciate how insane, how suicidal the present attitude and 
behaviour is, we have to go back to basics. We have to go back to the Laws of Nature and see 
what all the millions of other creatures are doing in regards to their own survival. 

In so doing, we find that today, as in the past many millions of years, we can discover not 
one single creature which has now, or ever before, adopted such a stupid self-destructive course. 
None, that is, except the White Race of today. Even among the inferior mud races there is none 
so stupid in this regard that say — "I will hold back the expansion of my own kind in deference 
to my adversaries and promote their welfare and expansion at my expense." 

No other creature so dumb. There is no creature in the animal, bird, insect or reptile 
category that says "in deference to a weaker, inferior species we will hold back our own 
expansion and development and promote our inferior rivals so that they can multiply and crowd 
us off the face of the earth." There is no creature in Nature' s Realm that takes this stupid 
attitude — except the bef uddled White Race. 

Back to Laws of Nature. In order to get our thinking straight again on this vital issue, we 
must go back to the fundamentals of the real world — Nature' s Laws. When we do so, the 
answer comes out loud and clear. 

Basic Urge. In every creature, Nature has implanted the urge for the survival of its own 
kind. Implanted instinctively in each creature, whether animal, bird, reptile or insect, is the urge 
to propagate, to multiply its own kind and to inhabit as much of this earth's territory as is 
hospitable for that particular species. 

Colonization. In order to spread its kind to the far-flung corners of the earth where 
hospitable territory may be found, each creature engages in colonization. Even plants, which we 
do not credit with brains or intelligence, seem to "know" what to do in this respect if they are to 
survive. They colonize vigorously and aggressively. The variety and ingenuity with which they 
do so is most fascinating. Although unlike birds and animals, they cannot walk, run or fly, they 
have devised the most proficient and resourceful means of spreading their seed över the face of 
the earth. 

Any and Every Means. The dandelion has tufts on its seeds and engages the wind to scatter 
its seeds över increasingly wider territory. Some, such as berries, cherries, etc, have an edible 
fruit around its seed so that it will be eaten by birds and animals and the seed carried to new 
territory after it passes unharmed through their digestive system. Some plants have runners in 
their root systems and thereby occupy more and more of the adjoining ground. Some plants, like 
the caragana, have pods that explode when ripe and scatter the seeds. Some plants, e.g., coconut 
palms, have floating seeds that will float from mainland to island and from island to island. 
Some seeds will float down rivers and take root on the banks. Some have burrs that will stick to 
the coats of animals and be carried far from their origin. There are countless other ways that are 
most extraordinary in their ingenuity, and some plants will utilize not only one method of 
expanding, but combine several. 

In one way or another, they have the urge to expand their own kind and their own kind only, 
even at the expense of all their competition in acquiring more ground, more territory. It is their 
unalterable goal to colonize in as many new places as they possibly can. Nature tells them that 
this is what they should do and what they must do. 

Seek New Habitats. Many times, when a species is transplanted to a new habitat, it does 
even much better than in its original "native" habitat. For example, when the rabbit was 
introduced to Australia, where the area was devoid of natural enemies such as wolves, coyotes or 
foxes, its expansion was almost explosive. When the hyacinth was introduced into the canals 
and lagoons of Florida in the latter part of the nineteenth century, it sought to expand into every 
canal it possibly could, and was extremely successful in doing do. 

Highest Duty. Nature tells every creature that it is not only its highest right to expand 
and colonize, but that it is also its highest duty. 

Every creature obeys this call. Every creature, even the niggers and the mud races pursue 
this natural urge. Every creature, that is, except the White Race in recent history. 

Early White Man Aggressive Colonizer. In the past, before its thinking was so poisoned 
by Jewish propaganda, the White Race was one of the most aggressive proponents of expansion 
and colonization. At the dawn of history, we find the Phoenicians, who were excellent sailors, 
establishing colonies in some of the islands of the Mediterranean, the shores of Spain, Africa and 
other areas. The Greeks, under Alexander the Great, conquered and colonized at a råte and on a 
scale unknown before. Although it was short-lived and explosive, the ramifications of that short 
burst of energy remain with us to this very day, as exemplified in such cities as Alexandria, 
Egypt, and other s. 

Romans Supreme. However, the most meaningful program of expansion in classical history 
was that accomplished by our proud White forebears, the Romans, during their thousand-year 
history. Unfortunately, this noble surge of the White Race collapsed when they fell prey to the 
same two vicissitudes that are destroying the White Race to this very day — (a) race-mixing, and 
(b) Jewish mind-poisoning in the form of Christianity. The Jew was the prime instigator and 
promoter of both these poisons. When the Roman civilization collapsed at about 476 A.D., the 
White Race was plunged into a thousand years of the Dark Ages — a thousand years of 
ignorance, crime, superstition and poverty. 

New Burst of Energy. After the Renaissance, in the 13th and 14th Century, the White Man 
slowly began to shift his thinking from the make-believe world of "spooks-in-the-sky" to the real 
world. He again began to bestir himself with new ideas and new energy. After Columbus 
discovered the New World, the White Man exploded into a new burst of energy and 
colonization: Portugal, and especially Spain, having newly freed itself of the Jewish plague, led 
the way. Över the next few centuries, the colonization and expansion into Cuba, Mexico, South 
America, the Philippines and other areas of the world, was nothing short of phenomenal. 
Lagging behind Spain about a century were the Dutch, the French and the English, with the latter 
gradually gaining the leading impetus. 

The British. What the English nation did in the next three centuries in building the British 
Empire, is undoubtedly the most outstanding epoch of colonization in the history of the White 
Race, or any other race, for that matter. The culmination of this program as far as the White 
Race was concerned, was the founding of the United States of America, albeit as an independent 
nation outside the realm of the British Empire. 

Poisoned Blood of their Descendents. There was one tremendously significant difference 
between the colonization of the Portuguese and Spanish on the one hand, and the Anglo-Saxons, 
on the other. Whereas, the Spaniards had previously already taken in some mixed blood from 
Moorish and black African origins, the Anglo-Saxons guarded their White racial heritage. When 
the Portuguese and Spaniards transplanted to the New World they did so as adventurers and did 
not bring their women with them. Stupidly and criminally, they poisoned their genes by mixing 
with the inferior native Indians and the disastrous result can be seen today in the mongrelized 
inferior breeds that are their ignoble legacy. Poverty, ignorance, revolution and turmoil have 
marked the history of the Latin American countries to this very day. 

Anglo-Saxons Stayed White. The Anglo-Saxons, to their eternal credit, did not intermarry 
with the inferior Indians, but by and large, kept their blood lines White, kept them pure. As a 
result, the United States, with only 5% of the population of the world (and a large proportion of 
even that 5% now being the parasitic niggers), nevertheless produces approximately half of all 
the substance of the world in terms of food and other goodies. We are, however, going to have 
more to say about the American phenomenon in another chapter. 

Destroying our Precious Legacy. Meanwhile, we look at the world situation today in the 
last quarter of the twentieth century. We ask ourselves, where is the White Race with its great 
and glorious legacy going today? 

When we ask that question and take a härd, honest look at the answer, the realities send cold 
shivers up and down our spine. 

Needless Stupidity. Today, despite the fact that the White Race has all the trump cards in its 
hands in regard to technological superiority, in terms of a monopoly on the armament of warfare, 
an overwhelming superiority in food production and every other key factor; despite all these, the 

position of the White Race is horrible. The White Race is rapidly shrinking and is being 
mongrelized. In the meantime, the mud races are multiplying like råts, not only all över the 
world, but right in the midst of the home territory of the White Race itself. The White Race is 
on the Road to Extinction. 

The superior is running before the inferior, and the inferior is pursuing — an insane 
phenomenon witnessed nowhere else in Nature. Have you ever seen a rabbit chasing a coyote? 

White Race now Confused as Hell. Why is this colossal catastrophe happening to the most 
brilliant, the most intelligent race on the face of this planet? Because, in the field of race and 
religion, its thinking is confused and befuddled. In the area of self-preservation, the White Race 
is more stupid than the weed that grows in your garden. 

No Plan, but had Instinctive Urge. Admittedly, when in the past the White Race 
vigorously and spasmodically ventured forth to colonize the four corners of the world, it did this, 
however, without any conscious program of benefiting the White Race as such. What urge there 
was, was purely instinctive, without any basic plan or racial purpose. The motives in general 
were exploitation — commercial, national, or "empire building" as such and no interest was 
shown as to whether the new territory was polluted by niggers, Indians or other mud people, 
especially if such inferiors could be utilized and exploited financially as cheap labor. Despite 
lack of plan, program, or a racial creed, the White Man worked wonders when we consider how 
he took över North and South America, Australia, India, parts of Africa, and many other väst 
areas of the world. 

White Race Shrinking and Retreating. Today, because of Jewish brain affliction, the 
White Man is no longer colonizing. On the contrary, he is apologizing and retreating on all 
fronts. The mud races, on the other hand, are multiplying like råts, not only in their native 
territory, but they are colonizing and overrunning the White Man's established domain. The 
mixed mongrels of South America and Mexico are multiplying at an explosive råte, the Chinese 
are expanding rapidly toward the billion mark, the Hindus are racing towards the billion mark 
towards the end of the century. The niggers are multiplying like cockroaches and taking över 
city after city right here in America, a once wonderful country built exclusively by and for the 
White Race. And the reason these parasites are expanding at an insane råte is solely due to the 
work, technology and munificent (but stupid) charity of the White Man himself . We are 
turning över the fruits of our labor and technology to breed and feed the mud races so they 
can crowd us off the face of the earth, so they can more easily turn on us and massacre us as 
this macabre spectacle nears its finale. 

This Insanity Must Stop. It is the goal and duty of the Church Of The Creator to again 
straighten out the thinking of the White Race regarding its own survival, expansion and 
advancement. It is our unalterable objective to again set the White Race on the course it pursued 
över the centuries, only this time in a planned and deliberate program. 

Systematic Planned Program. We must again clear our brains and revert to Nature' s 
Eternal Laws. We must again resumé in a systematic, planned program the policy of 
colonization that the White Race effectively pursued över the thousands of years. Instead of 
pursuing such a program in a spasmodic, haphazard manner, we must, from here on out, proceed 
in a planned, deliberate, systematic program. 

That program must be: relentlessly pressing forward, expanding our territory at the expense 
of the mud races, crowding them into smaller and smaller territory just as we did the Indians in 
the westward expansion of America, and the Mexicans in moving South and West. We must 

vigorously and aggressively proceed until över the next few generations the White Race will 
have occupied all the hospitable and productive land on the face of this planet, every square mile 
that we consider worthwhile inhabiting. 

Our Right and Duty. This is the highest right and duty that Nature bestows upon us. This 
is the legacy the Church Of The Creator bestows upon those generations who will follow us. 

Stop The Influx. Before we can do this we must, first of all, stop the wild influx of 
freeloading mud races into our midst. Today, under Jewish promotion, the illegal Mexicans are 
invading the United States by the millions and the government is not lifting a finger to stop them. 
In fact, I strongly suspect that the Jew-dominated U.S. government is financing and aggressively 
promoting this influx. We are being invaded by Jamaicans, by Chinese, by Hindus, by 
Philippinos, by Cubans and by every other scum from all the corners of the globe. Germany has 
since the war taken into its midst huge numbers of Turks, Asiatics and other aliens. England is 
being overrun with Hindus, Jamaicans, Pakastanis and other colored scum from many of its 
former colonies. Even Sweden, which before W.W.II hardly ever saw a nigger, now sees them 
walking its streets, often in tow of a blonde Swedish female. 

In short, colonization, due to the present stupidity of the White Race, is now reversed. The 
White Man has been run out of India, out of Katanga, out of the Congo, out of most of Africa, 
and will soon be driven out of Rhodesia and South Africa if our insane attitude continues. Not 
only that, but we will be overrun and exterminated right here on our home ground in America, 
and in the countries of Europé, territory the White Man has inhabited for millennia. 

No More Aid to the Enemy. The Second Step we must take simultaneously with the first, 

is to cut off all aid — food, money, medicine, technical assistance, whatever, to the mud races, 
both here at home, and also abroad. No more subsidizing of our enemies ever, period. The 
White Man must realize that the Jew has led our people into a suicidal trap, has robbed us blind 
and subsidized the explosive expansion of our enemies at our expense. All foreign and domestic 
assistance to non-Whites must stop abruptly, period. 

Clear out the Scum. The Third Step we must take after stopping mud migration into 
White countries, is to expel those coloreds already here. We must ship the American niggers 
back to Africa, the Jamaicans back to Jamaica, the Mexicans back to Mexico, the Cubans back to 
Cuba, the Chinese back to China, the Hindus back to India, etc. The same steps must be taken in 
England, Sweden, Germany, France, and all the other basically White countries. We must 
cleanse our own racial bodies from the scum of the mud races. 

Aggressive New Expansion. The Fourth Step must be one of aggression. We can start by 
repossessing those beautiful islands in the Caribbean that the White Man discovered, developed, 
then dragged in the nigger and let them overrun and pollute these beautiful islands. Instead of 
allowing the Mexican mongrels to keep pushing the racial lines ever further north into Texas, 
New Mexico, Arizona and California, we must draw a suitable line south of our present börder 
and drive the Mexicans south in successive stages until we have populated that fair territory with 
members of our own White Race. In so doing we would only be pursuing American policy and 
tradition where we left off in the war with Mexico of 1846-48. 

Proceed from there: The World. This is only the start. We will not rest until the entire 
world is the home of the White Race. The rest of the procedure need not be spelled out. We will 
know what to do once we get started. We have ample precedence in the building of America or 
the expansion of the British Empire. Nor is what we are proposing anything new. It is merely 
a return to sanity that was abrogated only in the last förty years. 

100% Racially Clean. The one feature that will be new is that we, of the Church Of The 
Creator, unlike the British Empire, or even in the expansion of America, insist that those 
territories we inhabit we keep racially clean: 100% White. Never again must we fall prey to 
the suicidal idea that we need (or can use) cheap colored labor. Never, never, never. As far as 
we Creators are concerned, in our technical age of electronics and atomic power, the nigger is 
more obsolete than the horse. 

No Geographic Mixing. Therefore, a cardinal rule of our religion must be: Not only will we 
not tolerate mixing of blood, but we will not tolerate geographic mixing of races either. As 

the White Man expands into new territory, that territory must be 100% White with an exact line 
of demarcation, until such time as that line is again moved forward. And moved forward that 
line will be, in a planned, systematic program. 

The Creative Way. To those bleeding hearts (led by the Jews) who scream, "But you can't 
do that! That is un-Christian! That is genocide!" we calmly reply, "Yes, you're damned right it 
is un-Christian. But then, fortunately, we are not Christians. We are Creators . We intend to 
follow our own program, and we will." Not to do so would be genocide of the White Race. 
We are far more interested in our own survival than see the world overrun with worthless mud 
races. Actually there is no choice. It is either the White Race or the mud races that are going to 
inhabit the limited space on this planet. If you are White you had better make up your mind 
whether you are going to join the White Race in its fight for survival, or you are stupidly going 
to play the traitor, and allow the White Race to be exterminated. 

Loyalty or Treason — No Middle Ground. We, of the Church Of The Creator, intend 
to put every White Racial Comrade in a position where he or she will be forced to take a stånd — 
either for the White Race, or against it — either demonstrate loyalty to the White Race by 
word, deed and action, or be branded a traitor to it. In our future, there will be no Mr. In- 

We will ruthlessly identify, pursue and prosecute racial traitors. We will hunt them 
down like mad dögs. They will get their just deserts for their foul treachery — death by 

Creative Credo #22 

The Magnificent White Race 

The White Race an Endangered Species. To show how upside down and crazy our 
thinking has become in this day and age, I observed two different newspaper artides in the same 
Sunday paper. One related to the frenzy that had ensued in building the Tellico dam on the Little 
Tennessee River. In building the new dam for which 38,000 acres of farmland had been 
acquired and 50 million dollars spent, it was suddenly discovered by some egomaniac that this 
would "endanger" some little known species of a small fish called the snail darter. This species 
is of no known value, is insignificant in numbers and in fact, this piddling 3 inch fish wasn't 
even "discovered" until 1973. Yet when some idiot claimed the dam would "endanger" its 
existence, a number of court suits were instituted, and would you believe? The 100 million 
dollar dam project was halted in mid-construction by a permanent injunction under the 
Endangered Species Act. 

For three years it remained delayed at a tremendous cost to the American taxpayer. It took a 
special act of Congress to reactivate it once more. 

One dead clam stopped another dam. Another article in the same paper tells the story of 
how the U .S. Corps of Army Engineers shut down a $281,335 project at Savage, Minnesota 
when during normal dredging they found one dead clam the size of a squashed tennis ball. It too 
was identified as an "endangered" species. On the basis of one dead clam, a Malacologist (clam 
expert) was flown in from Ohio State University. He failed to identify the dead carcass. Divers 
were nevertheless brought in, but could find no more clams at the dredging site. After continued 
searching and no clams, the project finally was resumed. 

Unconcerned about Nature's Finest. Such is the frenzy and the fanaticism the Jewish 
propaganda machine has stirred up in the minds of the public today regarding the most 
insignificant species of fish, fowl, clam or whatever, no matter how useless or how meaningless. 
But when it comes to the survival of Nature's Finest species of all time, the White Race, why, 
nobody could care less, least of all the White Race itself. This is very stränge, since it is the 
White Race on whom Nature has lavished the grandest gifts of all, whom Nature has carefully 
nurtured and selected to be supreme on Planet Earth. When the issue is niggers, or Indians, or 
Eskimos, or Fiji Islanders, the whole Jewish establishment blazes forth into stomach-wrenching 
compassion, large crocodile tears are shed with massive bleeding of the hearts. The scum not 
only must be saved, they must be helped, generously subsidized and wet-nursed in order that 
they multiply faster to proliferate and contaminate more of the precious territory on this limited 
Planet Earth, our one and only home. 

But the survival of the White Race? Nobody gives a damn. 

Our Cardinal Concern. Well, we of the Church Of The Creator give a damn. We 
are tremendously concerned. We care about the survival of Nature' s Finest to the point of 
fanaticism. It is the central concern of our religion. We are determined to fight not only for the 
survival of the White Race, but also for its expansion and its advancement. The very heart of 
our creed is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. We are the 
White Race and the White Race is the core of our religion. Can we make it any plainer? Let 
the Jews and the mud races take note and let the bastards tremble. 

Potential Power of a United White Race. United and organized the White Race is ten 
times more powerful and a thousand times more worthwhile than all the parasitic Jews, 
niggers and mud races in the world combined. We of the Church Of The Creator mean to 
unite, coalesce and organize that awesome power towards a constructive and meaningful 
purpose, for the benefit of the White Race, and the White Race alone. 

Why it is of Utmost Importance. Why is the survival of the White Race so important? To 
even ask the question seems ridiculous and superfluous. But since so many dumb people, 
especially White people have asked me that question, we will draw a picture for them and 
explain it as clearly as possible. 

1. We have already stated that in the White Race, Nature has invested her greatest talent, her 
utmost benevolence, nurtured her most loving care to create the finest species of all time. No 
other creature has Nature endowed with as much intelligence, creativity, productivity, 
imagination or more awareness of the aesthetic values. No other creature that has ever existed 
has reached such a high level of understanding of the universe, nor such a powerful ability to 
reason. There are any number of other faculties in which the White Race is superb, but the 
above should suffice to give an inkling. 

2. The second reason it is important to the Church Of The Creator and every loyal member 
of the White Race to fight for our survival, is spelled out by Nature herself. In each creature, 
whether it be a mouse or a lion, Nature has implanted a strong urge — meaning instinct — for its 
own survival, and for the expansion of its own species. Why any member of the White Race 
should suppress this natural urge is härd to understand, and to do so is an abomination against 
Nature. In fact, to do so is a sign of mental derangement and a wish for self-destruction. Why 
any member of our race should be highly concerned about the survival of a snail darter, a mud 
clam, or a whooping crane, or the niggers, and be totally indifferent about the survival of 
Nature' s Finest of which he himself is a privileged member, can be nothing less than sheer 

3. As I have shown in the first part of Nature' s Etern al Religion, it is the White Race that 
has produced all civilization and everything that is beautiful and worthwhile in this world. 
Should the White Race perish, with it would vanish all the benefits and values that our great 
civilization has produced and with it civilization itself would also be destroyed. 

4. Your children and their offspring can only Survive, Live and Prosper in the Framework 

of a White Society. Were we to be engulfed in a world of billions of niggers, Chinese and other 
mud races, your children, grandchildren and their progeny would not only be doomed to 
extinction, but what mongrelized bastards did survive would be swallowed up in a horrible mäss 
of clawing, starving humanity. You can get an excellent preview of such a hellish environment 
by visiting the helplessly putrid starving masses of India, or closer to home, in Haiti. Or, how 
would you like to have your family live in the middle of Harlem? How would you like to 
survive in a United States that consisted of wall-to-wall niggers? So why allow such a 
horrible fäte to overtake your future progeny? 

Past History. It now behooves us to take a cursory look at the past history of the White 
Race, its ups and downs, its great accomplishments and its dismal failures to guard the greatest 
value on the face of the earth — the purity of its genes. We say a cursory look, since we neither 

have the space nor the intention of reviewing its full history in these limited pages. I have 
already done so briefly in Nature's Etern al Religion. We have also briefly explored this 
subject further in the chapter on the great Roman civilization. Here we want to chart a few of the 
essentials in order that we can establish our identity, recognize our own value, profit from our 
mistakes and thereby more competently chart our future. 

Our Future Course. Charting a future course for the White Race is what this book is all 
about. It is the essence of our religion. In order to do so, we must first bring the White Race 
back to reality, back to the eternal Laws of Nature, back to sanity. Our first order of business is 
to straighten out the White Man's thinking. 

No Comparison. We of the Church Of The Creator will come right out and state an 
obvious fact: The White Race is so far superior to all the mud races of the world that there is no 
comparison. We recognize this fact as being obvious for the same reason we can recognize an 
elephant and a mouse are not equal in size and that the elephant is obviously much larger. 

Inequality of Species. The much touted "all men are equal" cliché is a Jew-invented fraud 
designed to level the White Race down to the level of the niggers and other mud races. Nature 
herself has decreed all species unequal as is obvious in the differences between the elephant and 
the mouse just cited. Not only are the species unequal, but individuals in the same species are 
also unequal. One elephant might be alert, strong, big and healthy. Another might be puny, 
sickly, weak of mind, and born a defective cripple. The same thing applies to mice, zebras, 
mountain goats, or walruses. Inequality is the Rule of Nature, not the Exception. 

Niggers Lowest. And so it is also with the human races. In another chapter we clarify this 
further by looking at the whole primate order — starting with apes and monkeys. But getting 
back to "humans", at the lowest scale of the human ladder are the blacks, the niggers and their 
many variants. We regard them as barely human, but more correctly subhuman or humanoid. 
When we take a closer look at them in another chapter we will also show what a dire threat they 
have become to the future survival of the White Race and how this ridiculous situation came 
about. In between the low end of the ladder and the White Race at the top are various other 
races, such as the redskin Indians, the mongrelized Hindus of India, the yellow Asiatics, the 
yellow Semitic Jews, the Polynesians, the semitic Arabs and a höst of others. We classify them 
all simply as the mud races as distinguished from the White Race, only the latter occupying the 
very top pinnade of the human ladder. 

Superior in all Fields of Endeavor. To grasp the tremendous superiority of the White Race 
in all fields of endeavor throughout recorded history, all we have to do is leaf through the pages 
of any one of a dozen encyclopedias. When we do so, we find the long list of amazing 
accomplishments are almost exclusively all to the credit of the White Race. This is a fact, an 
accomplishment nothing short of phenomenal. 

Era of Discovery. When we look at the field of discovery we find the stalwart Vikings in 
their sturdy longboats crossing the stormy North Atlantic to Iceland, to Greenland and even the 
coasts of North America, as far back as 1000 A,D. But it was during the 15th to the 18th 
centuries, during the "Age of Discovery" that the genius and daring of the White Race flourished 
most prolifically. It was a White Man named Columbus who re-discovered America and opened 
wide the gates to White colonization of two great continents. He was followed by a number of 
daring heroes such as Magellan, who circumnavigated the globe; Captain Cook, who discovered 

Australia, New Zealand, the Hawaiian Islands and numerous other areas; by Henry Hudson; 
Jacques Cartier; De Soto; the great outpouring of Spanish conquests of Mexico, Cuba and Peru 
and most of South America; followed by British, French and Dutch conquest of North America, 
India, Australia, and parts too numerous to mention. 

Discoverers All White. Yes, all these discoverers, explorers and conquerors were White 
Men. It was the White Man who created all civilizations dating back prior to even the great 
White Egyptian civilization över 5,000 years ago. It was the White man who built and seized the 
gateways of navigation at Suez and Panama and the St. Lawrence seaways. It was he who 
spanned the continents with railways and highways. It was the White Man who invented the 
telephone, the radio, television, computers, rocketry and a million other scientific marvels that 
make the backward mud races gasp in dumfounded amazement. 

Lead in all fields. But we have only scratched the surface of the White Man's 
accomplishments when we mention these highlights. In any other field of endeavor whether it be 
building cities, producing food, producing housing, clothing or all the other accoutrements of the 
good life; whether we peruse the fields of language, literature, art, physics, chemistry, 
mathematics, invention or any of a thousand other endeavors that distinguish civilized man from 
animals, the White Man is so far ahead of the mud races there is no comparison. As we 
mentioned previously, all you have to do is peruse at random the pages of any one of dozens of 
encyclopedias compiled by the White Man. 

But, ah, the Jew liberal will argue, these encyclopedias were written by the White Man, 
therefore slanted. True, they were written by the White Man. If you want to compare them with 
encyclopedias written exclusively by and for niggers, Indians or Eskimos of their 
accomplishments, be my guest, if there are any such encyclopedias in existence. 

If there aren't, why aren't there? The answer is obvious: (a) such mud races accomplished 
nothing worthwhile to write about, and (b) they are too dumb to compile an encyclopedia. 

Summit of Nature's Scheme. So let us remember: (a) The White Man is infinitely superior 
to the mud races; (b) The genes of the White Race are the most precious value on the face of the 
earth; (c) We should be immensely proud of our racial heritage and our unique place at the 
summit of Nature's scheme of things; and (d) We must learn to look at life and the world as a 
whole exclusively from the White Man's point of view, as we have previously stated loud and 

Dying Species. Yet, despite its undisputed superiority, today the White Race is a rapidly 
dying species. It is a highly endangered species. This despite the fact that it is Nature's most 
unique and successful species of all time. No other species has demonstrated such outstanding 
genius in terms of intelligence, creativity, and accomplishment as the White Race. No other 
creature has changed the face of the earth and controlled other species of birds, animals, fish, and 
yes, even other lower species of mankind, as has the White Race. 

We must alert the White Race. Yet, despite all its tremendous natural endowments, the 
White Race is dying and it is too confused to even realize it. It keeps thinking instead of the 
population explosion of "mankind," not realizing that there is a väst and unbridgeable gulf 
between itself and the inferior mud races of "mankind." Nor, strangely, does it realize that it is 
the mud races that are exploding, while the White Race is rapidly shrinking into oblivion, 
voluntarily committing suicide. 

Overcome with Parasites. Why is this? Is the White Race not capable of feeding itself? 
Yes, it can handily feed itself at an affluent level of plentitude and variety never before dreamed 
of in any era of history, and still have enough surplus to feed a large segment of the parasitic, 
shiftless mud races. 

Can it not defend itself from the rest of the inferior races? Can it not compete against the 
mud races? The answer to both of these last two questions is an overwhelming yes, it can. But it 

Instinct Dulled. In asking the above questions we are beginning to put our finger on the 
White Man's dilemma. The White Race is highly competent to feed itself, multiply, defend 
itself, expand and inhabit all the good land of this Planet Earth. But for some stränge reason, it 
won't. It won't follow the obvious basic course that Nature has inbred and decreed in every 
other creature on the face of the earth: to expand and multiply and to take care of its own. 

So now we come to the Key Question. Why, when it is so extraordinarily capable of being a 
runaway winner in the struggle for survival, is the White Race failing to do so? Why is it instead 
feeding and promoting the expansion of its enemies and quietly committing suicide? 

Drugged with Jewitis. And the answer is quite simple: the White Race is suffering from a 
Malignant Disease of the Brain called Jewitis. It lies on the White Man's brain like a heavy 
lethargic drug, which he seems either unwilling, or unable, to shake off. It is the result of 
centuries of massive propaganda and brain manipulating. Those master mind-manipulators of all 
time, the parasitic Jews, have done their job well. With great skill, dexterity and persistence they 
have been manipulating the White Man's brains and destiny for thousands of years, going back 
as far as the Egyptian civilization five thousand years ago. 

Christianity played Major Role. The modern and most deadly phase began nearly two 
thousand years ago when the Jews concocted Christianity as a means of destroying their arch- 
enemy, the Romans. Christianity was the springboard, as we shall see. This suicidal disease of 
the mind is still with us today, as deadly and destructive as ever. 

Dedication. It is the objective and sacred duty of the Church Of The Creator to correct 
this diabolical situation. It is our holy vow to purge this malignant Jewish cancer from the brain 
of our precious White Race and banish it forever from the face of the earth. Just as we have the 
means to free the world of cancer and heart disease so we have the means of purging the Jewish 
cancer from the brains of our White Racial Comrades. The first and foremost weapon is the 
widespread dispersion of this book, The White Man 's Bible, and Nature 's Etern al 

Just as the Jews achieved strength through dispersion, so we must achieve the widespread 
dispersion of our ideas, of our creed, of our Bible. This you can do right now as you are reading 
this book. Start right now and become a fanatic White activist. Dedicate yourself to this, the 
noblest of all causes. Become a miniature distribution center for this book. Remember you have 
500 million White Racial Comrades who are potentially willing to join you as soon as you alert 
them to the cause. Do it — do it now! Start by distributing this basic creed and program — The 
White Man'sBible. 

Creative Credo #23 

The White Man's Criminal Negligence in Protecting the Survival of His 

Own Kind 

Obvious Danger. Consider the following situation: A man, his wife and three children live 
on the fifth floor of an apartment building. A raging fire is in progress on the second floor of the 
same apartment building, but not immediately underneath his section of the building. Dense 
smoke is oozing throughout the building, even into their own apartment. Other tenants are 
screaming and running to get out. The facts of the fire are plainly visible to the man and his 
family. Although the elevators are already blocked by the fire there is a fire escape at his end of 
the building by means of which he and his family could still escape. At this time he could still 
rescue himself and his family. 

Time is of the Essence. But the man just sits there nonchalantly like a mesmerized idiot and 
watches the scene as if he were a mere spectator without any personal stake whatsoever in the 
tragedy unfolding before his eyes. 

Criminally Irresponsible. Wouldn't you wonder what in the hell was the matter with such 
an irresponsible clown? Wouldn't you say that he was criminally negligent in not lifting a finger 
to save his family and himself from almost certain death and destruction in a horrible holocaust? 

Look around you. Well, my dear White Racial Comrade, take another look at yourself and 
the world around you. Your family, yourself and your future progeny are doomed to almost 
certain destruction in a rising tide of hostile mud races that are bent on our extinction unless 
we wake up, change our idiotic attitude about race, and spring into action! Now! Not in the next 
generation, not in 20 years, not in 10 years. Now! 

The evidence around us is so abundant, so clear, so convincing, that only a mesmerized 
moron could ignore it. 

Irrevocably Committed. We of the Church Of The Creator are totally and irrevocably 
concerned with the survival, expansion and advancement of the White Race. At this juncture 
in history, let us first of all consider the survival of the White Race, for if the White Race is not 
going to be around any more in another generation or two, all other considerations of expansion, 
advancement, genetic improvement, are meaningless. Survival comes first. Without survival 
any future plans are an exercise in futility. 

What are the prospects of our survival in a world exploding in a flood tide of degenerate but 
aggressive, hostile mud races? When we ponder this question in the face of reality, in the face of 
today's events, a terribly horrifying, frustrating realization must grip the soul of every thinking, 
informed White Man or Woman. 

Terrible Reality. The irrefutable facts of 20th century history are these: Whereas in 1920 
the White Race not only constituted approximately 33% of the population on this planet, today in 
the late 1970's that percentage has shrunk to an alarmingly small minority of less than 8%. The 
White Man's control has been broken and he has ignominiously (and voluntarily) retreated from 
the sub-continent of India. As the British retreated from India, so the Belgians retreated from the 
African Congo, so the Portuguese retreated from Angola, so the French retreated from Algeria, 
and what was formerly French Indo-China. This by no means completes the White Man's retreat 

from his colonial possessions built up över the many centuries. But it tells an alarming story, the 
end of which is not even yet in sight. 

Retreat on Home Territory. Even more alarming is the shameful retreat the White Man is 
condoning on his own home territory. That once proud citadel of the British Empire, England, 
(once called Great Britain) is being invaded by Haitians, Pakastanis, Hindus, and several other 
diverse miscreants of the mud races. Holland is invaded by Moluccans who repeatedly stage 
outbursts of mäss kidnappings, killings and multiple other crimes. Germany is heavily infested 
with mud-colored Turks and other base creatures from outside. France is experiencing a reverse 
colonization of brown Algerians. Even Canadian cities like Toronto are experiencing a heavy 
influx of black niggers from the United States itself, the last bastion of White power, the last 
hope for the salvation of the White Race. Haitians, Porto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, 
Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Chinese — all are flooding into formerly White countries. 

America Jew's Target. It is because it is the last and most significant power base of the 
White Race that the United States is under especially heavy attack by the Jews. It is here that the 
Jewish drive for integration is at its most ferocious peak of intensity. The Jew full well realizes 
that it is here that he must break the back of White resistance to his program of 
mongrelization. If he does not, he also knows full well that it is here in the United States that 
his whole precarious conspiracy might well blow up in his face. The Jew knows also that it is 
here in the United States that the movement will spawn like a hurricane and come to the rescue 
of the White Race in the rest of the world. Therefore it is here in this welfare state that the 
nigger is breeding most rapidly, that the Mexican half-caste Indians are invading and breeding by 
the millions without resistance and that has now become the open magnet of all the scum races 
of the world. 

Suicidal Insanity. Let us search our innermost souls and ask ourselves, why does the White 
Man of today react in a completely unnatural way to a mortal threat to his survival? The fact 
screams to high heaven that he is reacting in a completely suicidal manner. All living things, 
from the lowest creature to the highest, instinctively and invariably react in a way to defend 
themselves and their kind. They always kill, disable, or retreat from, if at all possible, the source 
of any threat to their existence (known as the fight or flight reaction). Herd or gregarious 
creatures, of which the White Man is one, fight and die, or retreat in mäss, to defend or protect 
themselves from danger. The present White Man is doing none of these. He not only doesn't 
fight, he doesn't even try to retreat or separate himself from mortal danger. Instead he embraces 
and tries to love and subsidize that which means his own destruction. He unconsciously 
practices the Christian doctrine of "love your enemy" to an extent that his more fanatic religious 
forebears of the Middle Ages ne ver even dreamed of. 

Survival at all costs. The theme song of every living creature is survival of its kind at all 
costs. What is the present White Man's theme song? It is the very reverse of every healthy 
instinct inbred in every one of Nature's other creatures. The White Race, the ultimate flower in 
Nature's evolutionary scale, in Nature's whole creation, has strangely forsaken Nature's cardinal 
law of survival at all costs for an insane feeling of guilt, for an unconscious death wish. Why? 

Jewish Poison on the Brain. In the next few pages we are going to see why. We will find 
they all add up to one major poison in our midst — the Jewish influence. We will take a look at 
some of the Jewish propaganda that this diabolical alien network slops daily on the White Man's 
brain. It all started with Jewish Christianity. 

The White Man's destruction is being accomplished by the following ways. Keep in mind, 
the Jews want to reduce, adulterate and finally destroy the White Man's genes. 

Jewish Pro gram For Mongrelization 

1. Fratricidal wars between White Nations. This, as we know, has been going on relentlessly 
and with a vengeance since the Jews brought about the collapse of the great (White) Roman 
civilization. To cite a few: The Hundred Years War between the English and the French; the 
Thirty Years War (1618-48) involving most of the leading White nations of Europé, but 
particularly devastating to the rising German peoples; The Napoleonic Wars (20 years); The 
(American) Civil War; Wars between Germany and Austria; World War I; World War II; and 
countless others too numerous to mention. 

All these wars drastically reduced the size of the gene pool of the White Race in relation to 
the mud races of the rest of the world. They did more: by killing off the best, it lowered the 
quality or the gene pool that remained. 

2. By instigating high-casualty no-win wars against non-Whites, such as the Korean War and 
the Vietnam War the Jews achieved high losses to the White Race at a cheap price to the mud 
races. There were many further secondary losses to the White Race such as delayed marriages; a 
disruption of the White Man in his education or the establishment of his career at a critical stage 
in his young life; crippling and disabling of probably seven times as many as were killed 
outright; wrecking the lives of many of the young men by having contracted the dope habit while 
in the army; meanwhile many others contracted venereal disease, or jungle viruses while in Asia; 
some service men contracted marriages with Asiatics, thereby poisoning the genes of their future 
off spring. 

3. By the same token, the Jewish propaganda promotion of mixed marriages in the U.S. is 

achieving even more devastating results in the U.S. homeland itself. Relentlessly, by sheer force 
of massive, overwhelming propaganda the Jew is bending the White Man's thinking towards 
accepting, condoning and entering into mixed marriages. It is the Jews' fanatic and unswerving 
goal to poison the White Man's genes by not only pumping the black blood of Africa into the 
veins of White America, but committing similar atrocities in all other White countries, whether 
they be England, Sweden, France, Holland or whatever. Not only out and out niggers are being 
utilized for this heinous purpose, but all available mud races that can be transported, be they 
Moluccans (in Holland), Turks (in Germany), Pakastanis, Hindus, Jamaicans and every other 
variety of miscreant (in England). Every where the Jew is pushing the poison of alien hördes not 
only into the White Man's breeding grounds but promoting mixed marriages as well. 

4. The Suicidal Propaganda of Z.P.G. (Zero Population Growth). It is alarmingly true there 
is now a population explosion such as the world has never before seen. But tragically the White 
Race is not participating in it, although this is never pointed out. On the contrary, the White 
Man's numbers are shrinking, but he is not aware of it. Thanks to Jewish propaganda he is, on 
the contrary, imbued with a guilt complex about the "world' s population explosion." This 
leaves the thinking of White couples highly vulnerable to Jewish propaganda. As a result of this 
unfounded guilt complex, many White couples decide to have one, or two, or no children. On 
the other hand, such propaganda about Z.P.G. has absolutely no effect on the niggers and the 
mud races. As long as the White Man provides the food and welfare, these animals will breed 
like råts, without a worry in the world regarding the "population explosion." Ironically it is only 

the White Race who is smitten by pangs of conscience, and the treacherous Jew, in pouring on 
the propaganda, is only too well aware of this fact. 

5. This brings us to the economic strategy employed by the Jews in shrinking the White 
population and rapid expansion of the mud races. Whereas only the White Race is proficient in 
producing food, the mud races in Africa, India, and elsewhere, in the past were stymied in their 
population growth by just simple outright starvation — the inability to produce enough food. But 
now by means of the White Man's ability to produce huge quantities of food and the White 
Man's generous (read stupid) largesse of supplying the scum of the world, we not only have a 
population explosion of niggers in the U.S., but a population explosion of all the other mud races 
of the world. All this, as we said, thanks to the White Man's ability and suicidal generosity (the 
latter cleverly directed by the impetus of Jewish propaganda and manipulation). 

6. The White Man's Suicidal Religion. If there is one erroneous idea that set in motion all the 
other suicidal ideas the White Man now nurtures, it is the "spooks in the sky" swindle that the 
Jew foisted on the White Man, nearly 2,000 years ago. 

The Solution — Become an Activist. What is the solution to the White Man's rapidly 
accelerating slide into extinction and oblivion? The remedy is really simple as hell. We must 
enlist every White Racial Comrade to become an activist for the survival, expansion and 
advancement of our race. We must make it crystal clear that they are either for the White Race 
or against it. We must make it clear that anyone who refuses to participate in the crucial fight for 
survival will be regarded as a traitor to his or her race. By doing absolutely nothing they are an 
accomplice and an accessory to the crime the Jews are perpetrating on the White Race. 

Not Easy, But Simple. I didn't say it was easy. But I said it was simple, and it is as simple 
as that. The White Race must resurrect its powerful instinctive will to live and back it up with all 
the strength and courage at its disposal. This means you must become totally involved in this 

We Need You. It is the goal and purpose of the Church Of The Creator to resurrect the 
will of the great White Race, to unite and polarize the awesome might of our unique and glorious 
race for its own survival, expansion and advancement. For this sacred cause we need you and 
millions more like you to become involved, to become an activist now! Help build the mighty 
White racial movement until it engulfs the world! The first step you can take is to become a 
zealous distributör of this, the White Man 's Bible and wake up your fellow racial kinsmen. 
Become a miniature distribution center. Remember, we need ten million copies dispersed as 
soon as possible. 

Creative Credo #24 

The Will to Live— The Underlying Basis of All Life 

Instinctive in Each Creature. Nature does not for long keep any species on its payroll 
whose will to live falters. Inbred in each species is the will to survive, the will to live, the urge to 
reproduce and extend itself by perpetuating its own kind. True, in each generation of any 
species, there might be those individuals in whom this basic urge is weak or totally lacking. But 
Nature does not play games and tolerate such deviants for long. They are the end of their line, 
and their weakness will not be perpetuated. 

Our Ancestors were Winners. I am proud to boast that of the millions of ancestors I have, 
each and every one of them without a single exception, not only had the strength and the 
aggressiveness to struggle to maturity, but every one of them reproduced offspring that was 
strong enough, healthy enough to also grow to maturity and again reproduce. This endless chain 
in my ancestry remains unbroken for millions of years. What a tremendous accomplishment! 

You too can make that proud boast. Are you measuring up to the standards that your 
ancestors have firmly established över the millions of years of life on this planet? Millions of 
White young couples are not measuring up. Some of them are unable to reproduce. Many more 
have deliberately shunted aside Nature' s most basic urge — to extend and expand their own kind 
through their children. 

Our Instincts Tampered. Why have these White couples shunted aside this most sacred 
and basic urge that was faithfully and immutably followed by 100% of their millions of 
antecedents? There might be any number of trivial reasons, but the most overwhelming reason is 
that their instincts and their brains have been tampered with by Jewish propaganda, drags, 
chemical poisons and other Jewish manipulations. As a result the White Race, the most precious 
value on the face of the earth, is not only on the decline, but on its way to extinction. The White 
Race did not come to this sorry situation by natural means, but through the abortive processes of 
a parasite, namely the perfidious Jew, preying on its nervous system. 

Dying Species. Though all creatures and all species that exist have an inherent urge to live, 
reproduce and expand, that urge is by no means equally strong amongst those millions of 
species. The Whooping Crane is one species whose will and means is extremely weak. There 
are only 50 of them alive today, and this pitiful handful is only alive because man is wet-nursing 
and nurturing them, artificially giving them every opportunity and encouragement to survive, 
reproduce and expand. It is a losing battle. The Whooping Crane will die out and become 
extinct. Why? Because its will to live and reproduce is weak. The Golden Eagle, a noble bird 
indeed, still numbers in the tens of thousands, but despite it being a great hunter, keen of eye, 
strong of wing, and noble of mien, it too is declining and is an endangered species, as is the 
noble White Race. 

Survivors. On the positive side there are many creatures that have received no protection or 
helping hand from man, that nevertheless survive and thrive in the face of all adversity. One 
example is the cockroach, which despite pesticides and poisons has survived and easily held its 
own. This it has done for nearly three hundred million years, with very little basic changes in its 
inherent design. What a record of longevity for any species! Mosquitoes survive and multiply 

easily, despite all our scientific attempts to exterminate them. In fact, man has been the primary 
cause of the extinction of numerous species of mammals and birds, most of them without 
deliberately intending their demise. However, of the estimated 10 million species of insects, 
man has not been able to successfully exterminate a single species, despite billions of dollars 
spent in trying to do so. 

Fierce Competition. Nevertheless, there are numerous species of animal and bird life that 
cannot cope with the fierce competition on this planet and are "phasing out" in our era. A 
dramatic example of a formerly extremely successful species that numbered in the billions a few 
hundred years ago is the passenger pigeon. By the end of the nineteenth century it was extinct 
for all practical purposes, the last relic dying in a zoo in 1918. Many other species can't cut the 
mustard and are dying out in our generation. Many more will do so in the next generation. 

The critical factor that makes the difference is the fierce, tenacious will to live, to survive. 
to reproduce and to multiply. 

The Rat — A Fierce Survivor. The rat is a most reprehensible and destructive pest, from 
our point of view. Around the world råts and their abundant parasites (lice, fleas, etc.) will 
spread at least twenty kinds of disease, from typhus to trichinosis to deadly Lassa fever. In Asia, 
Africa and the Americas, people will die of plague, the dreaded Black Death that destroyed no 
less than a quarter of the population of medieval Europé. The rat and its parasites are, and were, 
the prime carriers even then. 

Voracious Destroyer. In a world haunted by threats of famine, råts will destroy 
approximately one fifth of all food crops planted. In India alone (partly due to ignorance, and 
the superstition that råts are holy) råts will deprive that perpetually hungry and starving people of 
enough grain each year to fill a freight train 3,000 miles long. In the United States, which has 
numerous rat extermination programs, råts will destroy perhaps a billion dollars worth of 
property, excluding innumerable "fires of undetermined origin" they cause by gnawing 
insulation from electrical wiring. 

Extremely Successful Mammal. As much as we may detest the rat, yet we have to admit it 
is a most remarkable creature. When we speak of råts, we are dealing with the most numerous 
and successful mammals on the face of the earth, excepting perhaps mankind itself. 

Unfortunately for us, the råts' success is almost invariably at our expense, just as the success 
of the parasitic Jew is always at the expense of the White Race. 

The rat undoubtedly is one of the most tenacious mammals in existence. Its will to survive, 
live and multiply is developed to the extreme limit. Like man, the rat is a generalized animal, 
not specialized like the anteater. 

It is highly adaptable, ingenious in its methods of survival, and can live anywhere from the 
crown of a Pacific island coconut palm to the attics of northern Norway. 

Commensal to Man. Despite the poisons, and rodenticides, traps, snares and cats that man 
has foisted on it since the days of ancient Egypt in a campaign of extermination, the rat has 
successfully survived them all. It thrives and multiplies as never before. In fact, of the hundreds 
of species of the rodent, the four most abundant species thrive on the expansion of mankind and 
are described as "commensal", meaning literally they share our table. The more man multiplies, 
the more food he produces (and especially garbage), the more these "commensal" råts thrive. 

Tough Creature. To illustrate how tough and resilient råts are, the average rat can wriggle 
through a hole no larger than a quarter; scale a brick wall as though it had rangs; swim a half 
mile or tread water for three days; gnaw through lead pipes and cinder blocks with chisel teeth 
that exert an incredible pressure of 24,000 pounds per square inch; survive being flushed down a 
toilet, and enter your house by the same route; plummet five stories to the ground and scurry off 

Fertility Råte Extremely High. Adaptable, resilient and self reliant as the rat is, its greatest 
weapon for survival is its outstanding fertility. A single pair could have as many as 15,000 
descendants in a year's life spän, The Lesser Bandicoot, the species that plunders India' s grain 
warehouses, is an example of such extreme fecundity. The female can begin bearing young at 
two months, and produce seven "pups" every month thereafter. With that kind of multiplication 
factor, no wonder that in several tropical nations rat populations will suddenly explode, and 
rodent hördes will devastate the land. 

Ability to Adapt. Not only is the rat highly versatile, but because of the rapid succession of 
generations it also has the extraordinary ability to adapt genetically. Having been subject to 
poisoning for thousands of years, some species have developed a high genetic resistance to 
poison, some capable of withstanding a hundred times the amount that would kill a normal rat. 

Survived Atomic Blasts. During the period following World War II, as we know, the 
United States carried out atomic bomb tests in the Eniwetok Atoll. Huge craters were gouged 
out, all vegetation was flattened, and the atolls were engulfed with mammoth waves. With each 
blast lethal radiation spread beneath the mushroom clouds. One of the worst hit was the small 
islet of Engebi, on which among other flora and fauna, Ii ved our subject, the rat. 

A few years after the holocaust, biologists visited Engebi. They found radioactive substances 
in plant life, reef fishes, and in the soil itself. Had the rat perished? Indeed it had not. The 
island abounded with råts. Nor were they maimed or genetically deformed creatures, but robust 
rodents so in tune with their environment that their life spans were actually longer than average. 
That is real genetic adaptation. 

Lessons We Can Learn. We can learn a number of valuable lessons from the rat, if we are 
willing to learn. 

1 . The rat population would ne ver have survived if first of all the rat was not endowed with a 
super- abundant Will to Live, to survive, to reproduce and to improve its capability of 

2. Some of the key factors in this ability are the rafs high fertility råte and its adaptability. 

3. Nature plays no favorites as to "good guys" or "bad guys" and those we deem "bad" are 
given an equal opportunity to survive, expand and multiply, whether they be råts, parasites or 
disease germs. 

4. The only "favorites" Nature plays is in the endowment of inherent qualities. What each 
creature does with them from there on out, is strictly up to the intensity of its will to live. 

In the next chapter let us examine what it is that the White Race lacks and what it must have 
in order to re4iindle its fierce will to live, to survive, to expand and to climb to glorious new 
heights far beyond that attained by any of our illustrious ancestors. 

Creative Credo #25 
g oal and soul 

Basic Requirements. In order to survive, whether it be an individual or race, there are two 
prerequisites they must have: (a) they must have a purpose and program; and, (b) they must have 
the energy, zeal, motivation to pursue that purpose. The two go together in order to sustain and 
perpetuate a viable organism. 

In translating this into terms meaningful to the White Race, we can summarize these forces 
as goal and soul. Without them, our race cannot and will not survive. 

Today's White Race floundering. Today, the White Race has neither. It has no purpose or 
racial goals, nor does it have a racial soul. It is floundering aimlessly toward self-destruction and 
oblivion. Not only does the White Race not realize its unique and outstanding worth, it doesn't 
even recognize that it exists as an entity. That Nature's finest, its most intelligent and creative 
creation should be so devoid in these most basic of essentials, is a crime against Nature itself. 
No creature survives for long in defiance of Nature' s laws. Those who temporarily do so are 
punished by her inexorable laws. Extinction and oblivion is the fäte of those so foolish as to try. 

Unlimited Potential. What we of the Church Of The Creator are much more interested 
in than anything the White Race has performed in the past is the tremendous potential of the 
White Race of the future, once it becomes consciously aware of this explosive potential. 

The future potential of the White Race is, or can be so tremendous, so glorious that it defies 
the imagination. Yet today, tragically, the White Race is on its dismal path to extinction and 
oblivion. It is the purpose of this book to change that tragic but avoidable course. It is the goal 
of the Church Of The Creator, through its dynamic new religion, Creativity, to Awaken 
this great Slumbering Giant, to revitalize its inner soul and to give the White Race Goal 
and Purpose. In fact, that goal and purpose are of such dizzying heights that it will take future 
generations to fully appreciate the true purpose of our religion. 

Soul of the White Race. But first of all, let us make clear what we mean by soul. We do 
not mean some ephemeral ghost that flits in and out of human bodies. In fact, we of the Church 
Of The Creator, do not believe in ghosts at all, or in any other form of the supernatural, 
whether they be spirits, gremlins, demons, hobgoblins, or whatever. When we talk of the soul of 
the White Race, we are talking about the innate, inborn inner feelings, desires, aspirations, 
qualities, preferences, characteristics that belong to the White Race and the White Race alone. 
For example, it is characteristic of the White Race to be creative, to explore, to build, to 
organize, to pursue knowledge and learning, to create civilization, to establish empires, to desire 
and institute law and order, to have a sense of fair play, to enjoy and appreciate beauty, to create 
beauty in the form of art, music, architecture, and many other manifestations. Niggers, on the 
other hand, are innately devoid of any of these, and have more the brute soul of a dumb animal. 

Inner Urge imbedded in Genes. There are many other innate attributes that are inherently 
characteristic of the White Race. These characteristics are imbedded in its very genes and 
passed on from generation to generation as long as the race remains uncontaminated. 

It is this Inner Urge that we, of the Church Of The Creator, define as our soul. 

Expressed in Religion. Usually, the soul of a race is manifestly expressed in its religion. 

Unfortunately, this is not true of the White Man's past religion, Christianity, which was foisted 
on him by a hostile alien race, an Asiatic Semitic race. We will have a great deal more to say 
about this låter. 

Goal and Energy. In this chapter, we want to lay down the ground rules: without a goal and 
program nothing is accomplished. Without the energy, the urge, the motivation, nothing is 
accomplished, even though we have our goals established. The two must go together: a 
worthwhile goal; and the energy, drive and motivation to accomplish that goal. 

Parasitic Jews survived because of their religion. The most outstanding example of a race 
where the goals, purpose, soul and religion have been functioning in almost total blend is that of 
the arch-enemy of the White Race. The Jewish race, över the last several thousand years, has 
been frantically striving in unison to accrue unto itself all the wealth and riches of this world; to 
destroy, to down-breed and enslave all the other peoples of this planet and convert them into 
subservient slaves to do their bidding. They have been fanatically loyal to their race, they have 
been extremely aggressive in pursuit of their goal, and zealously persistent in adhering to their 
religion. Their soul is that of a parasite, living on the backs of other people, and their religion, 
Judaism, was tailor-made for the successful aggression of a parasitic race. 

Unswerving Goal of the Jews. As a result, the Jews, although never building a country or a 
civilization of their own, have, över the last five thousand years, neared the pinnade of their 
ultimate goal: the control and enslavement of all the people on this planet earth. How they did so 
makes a gruesome, but fascinating story. We will have much more to say about this story in låter 

We need no others. We want to point out here that the White Man, in contrast to the Jew, is 
the most creative, productive and intelligent creature that Nature has ever produced. Unlike the 
Jew, the White Race does not need any other race to help it flourish. 

In short, the White Man has all the wonderful attributes in order to flourish, to achieve 
unimaginable new heights in all fields of civilization and to forever improve his own genetic 
excellence. He has them all — except what this chapter is all about — goal and soul. This is an 
unnatural situation, and only a temporary one, a situation we are determined to remedy. 

Finding our Racial Soul. By helping the White Man find his own racial soul, by giving 
the White Race a religion in harmony with its inherent Natural urge, to spell out the natural goals 
and programs as set forth by Nature herself — this is the great purpose of this book. 

In summary of this chapter, we explicitly spell out in one short phrase what Nature' s goal for 
the White Race basically is and must be for all time: the Survival, Expansion and 
Advancement of its Own Kind — the White Race. 

That is what Creativity is all about. 

Creative Credo #26 

w e have the genes 

This Unique Planet Earth. When we survey the development of life on this Planet Earth 
över the last 3.7 billion years, more or less, we can't help but be astounded at its stränge and 
unrelenting progress, slow as it was. In fact, it is most amazing that starting with a simple one- 
celled animal in the seas, life developed at all. If we were to search the whole universe, 
travelling at the speed of our rockets to the moon, it would take us billions of years, undoubtedly, 
before we would find another planet as hospitable to life as this Planet Earth, if any such exists at 

So let us realize one astounding fact: to be part of the life on this Planet Earth is a most 

unique phenomenon, the likes of which neither we, nor any of our future progeny are likely to 
ever see elsewhere. 

Competition for Survival. But even more amazing is how, once life began in the far distant 
and murky past, how that one-celled amoeba then began, through the process of evolution, 
slowly, ever so slowly, to evolve and diversify into millions of variations, each species and 
subspecies attempting to upgrade itself, in order to be better able to fight the battle for survival. 
In this keen competition not all succeeded, and millions of species in the past, as they löst that 
battle, perished on the scrap heap of evolution. 

Civilization a Recent Phenomenon. One of the broad species that has survived (so far) is 
mankind. As we look back into our relatively recent ancestry of the primates, the modern White 
man is of comparatively recent vintage dating back only perhaps 40,000 or 50,000 years. 
Civilization itself can be regarded as no older than 10,000, (depending on where we draw the 
line). Compare this with the hey-day of the mighty dinosaur, which flourished 50 to 100 million 
years ago, and you can see why we say recent. 

Our Only Concern. When in this discourse we speak of modern man, we are speaking only 
of the White Race. We are not concerned with niggers, hottentots, aborigines nor their lower 
cousins in the primate group such as monkeys, chimpanzees or gorillas. We are only interested 
in the White Race. It was in the White Race that Nature reached its highest pinnade of 
evolutionary development över the last 3.7 billion years. Never in all those billions of years of 
life on this planet has Nature ever developed a creature as intelligent, as productive, as creative, 
as conscious of its existence, as when Nature created the White Race. 

Let us never forget this overwhelmingly astounding fact. 

After blundering along into millions of different channels; after millions of species that have 
come and gone; after hit and miss, trial and error, all our lowly ancestors starting with the one- 
celled amoeba, Nature finally produced the amazing White Race. This, in barely the last instant 
of time, if we reckon time in terms of the geological yardstick. 

Genes our Blueprint. The blueprint for the White Race is spelled out in our genes. This 
blueprint evolved slowly, ever so slowly, through the process of selection, the process of 
elimination and survival of the fittest. The fortunate results are not something any other species 
or sub-species can copy, or duplicate, or manufacture, or devise or steal. That blueprint is ours — 
to keep, to defend, to propagate and to elevate and upgrade to even greater heights in future 

We have the Great Prize. The blueprint is in our genes. It is locked in our genes. Let us 
ne ver forget this. Not in billions of years has Nature handed any other creature such a sublime 
prize as the White Race now possesses. Not in a billion billion billion miles in any direction 
from our little Planet Earth would you likely find another such prize. Perhaps nowhere in the 
whole universe could we find another duplication. Think about it. How tremendous! 

Prize Highly Perishable. Now we come to the crucial question. Such a high prize, it seems, 
is also extremely perishable and easily löst in the fierce competition for survival on this planet. 
When Nature handed us this outstanding prize (the epitome of the universe) she did not, 
however, give us any guarantee whatsoever that we would keep it före ver, or survive for long. 
Nature did not even give us a guarantee that we would last as long as the dumb species of shark, 
which has survived for 250 million years, or the small-brained dinosaur, now long extinct, but 
which did have a life spän of at least 75 million years. She did not even guarantee us the next 
million years, or thousand years or even the next generation. The suicidal way the White Race is 
deporting itself in this last half of the 20th century it is extremely doubtful that it will survive 
intact for another few generations, at most. 

Now in Jeopardy. This despite the fact we are the most successful mammal in the history of 
evolution. Never has any mammal so successfully dominated the surface of the globe, nor had in 
its power the control, expansion or extinction of almost all other creatures. Yet, despite all these 
overwhelming advantages, the life of the White Race itself is now indeed in dire jeopardy. 

Expansion of mud races subsidized by the White Race. The dire peril we find ourselves 
in is one which we ourselves have helped our most vicious enemies to forge. Let us speak 
plainly. The most deadly threat the White Race faces is the tremendous expansion of the mud 
races led by the arch enemy — the treacherous Jew. That ominous population explosion which is 
now taking place is not being shared by the White Race. On the contrary, whereas the mud races 
are expanding like a swarm of locusts, the White Race itself is steadily shrinking. Why are the 
mud races expanding at such an explosive råte? Why? Because of (a) the White Man's ever 
advancing technology and abilities to charitably produce food for the ever increasing hostile 
hördes, (b) the White Man's stupid Christian ethic of subsidizing these ominous hördes, and (c) 
the White Man's failure to realize his own unique worth, as we have outlined in the first part 
of this chapter. 

Back to Reality. So let us come to our senses before it is too late. This is the goal and 
overwhelming objective of the Church Of The Creator: to bring the White Race to its senses, 
to arouse the White Race to fight for its survival; to organize it; to give it goal and purpose — 

so that this supreme marvel of Nature will live on for millions of years, and become greater, finer 
and more superb as each generation passes. 

Our Potential. In order to do so we must first of all realize how far we have come; our 
unique place in this universe and in Nature' s scheme of things; the dizzy heights we have already 
reached, and how, with our present technology and intelligence we can swiftly and deliberately 
climb even faster and higher than any of our ancestors ever dreamed of. We can not only 
become finer and greater in our accomplishments, but we can now become supermen, physically, 
mentally and spiritually. This is really the crux of our position: it is not so much what we are 
today, but what we could easily and readily become with our present-day knowledge. The 
choice is ours and the way is open. 

In realizing our own worth we must also take a candid inventory of our strengths and 

Our Weakness. Let us briefly list our weaknesses again (we have done so repeatedly in this 
book). It is our alarming blindness to realize our unique worth and distinction that separates us 
from the Jews, niggers and other mud races. Add to this our blind willingness and idiotic zeal to 
aid and subsidize our enemies, our profligate tendency to deliberately throw away our own 
tremendous advantages in favör of our enemies, all in the name of charity and fair play, and we 
find ourselves in the most precarious position of extinction we have been in since the beginning 
of evolutionary history. 

The Solution. None of this need be. Nor is our position (at this time) irreversible. We must 
realize the following assets we still possess even now: 

1 . There are still more than 500 million of us on this planet, (depending on what criteria we 
use in drawing the line.) 

2. We are innately the most Intelligent and Resourceful Race of people, and the greatest 
fighters, the world has ever known. 

3. Unlike the Jews, who are innately parasites, we are extremely Self-Sufficient. Unlike the 
niggers and other mud races, we are incomparably capable of producing more than sufficient 
food for our own needs, as well as clothing, shelter and other material comforts. In short, 
whereas the Jews, niggers and mud races need us to survive, we, the White Race are 
extremely self- sufficient, and need no one else. In fact, we would fare a thousand times 
better if we were rid of all the billions of parasites that are now sucking the life and 
sustenance from our work, productivity and intelligence. 

Clear the cobwebs! So in conclusion, dear White Racial Comrades, let us arise! Let us 
clear the cobwebs from our brains! Let us organize. Let us awaken our slumbering brothers 
and sisters and forge the White Race into a mighty fighting force so that we can realize the 

brilliant future that Nature destined for us in the first place. We and we alone have the genes. 

It is our sacred duty to protect our gene pool, to expand it, and upgrade it in each succeeding 

This is our creed and the program. This is the purpose for which the Church Of The 
Creator was organized in the first place. Let us march forward! 

Creative Credo #27 
Protecting our Gene Pool 

Our Primary Goal. In our creed we have stated repeatedly that the central goal of 
Creativity is the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race. We have talked 
about the White Race, about our precious blood lines, and how we consider the White Race as 
the most priceless value on the face of the earth. 

Genes Priceless. What is really central to all this is the key word: Genes. It is our genes 
that are most precious. It is the genes of the White Race that are in danger of being exterminated 
from the face of the Earth. It is our collective Gene Pool that the Jew is relentlessly trying to 
diminish in both quantity and quality, and finally destroy forever. It is the impassioned resolve 
of the Church Of The Creator to prevent this horrible catastrophe from ever happening. 
Indeed, it is our major destiny to turn the tables on our destroyer, to render him harmless and 
make damn sure that neither the Jew nor any of the other mud races will ever again be in a 
position to threaten the Gene Pool of the White Race. 

Potential Even Greater. In the blueprint of your genes is represented more clearly what you 
really are than the one physical version of yourself that evolved into reality. This is so for a 
number of reasons. What you are may not necessarily represent the full potential of what you 
could have been. There might have been unfavorable conditions due to radiation, drags, lack of 
proper nutrition, etc, during the nine months before you were born and were still in the fetus 
stage. There might have been unfavorable conditions that warped or stunted or prevented your 
proper development af ter you were born. You might have been through some harrowing war 
experiences, been reduced to a nervous wreck, or löst an arm, or a leg, or an eye, or been 
permanently crippled in some other form. 

Without necessarily going through experiences as drastic as cited above, any way you look at 
it, the average person through accident of environment, improper nutrition, or other factors, is 
usually less than the potential of his or her genes. 

Genes Tenacious. Nevertheless, through all the stringencies of war, famine, fire and flood, 
bad nutrition, careless abuse of our minds and bodies, and the general rigors of living, our genes 
generally come through more or less unscathed and intact. By this by no means do I mean to 
imply that our genes can't be damaged. They certainly can, and at no time in our history have 
they been more viciously assaulted through radiation exposure, LSD and other stränge and 
dangerous drags and other abuses that are prone to our technical age. But still, despite all the 
ravages of assault and modern technology, our genes continue to perpetuate an ideal blueprint of 
ourselves for the reproduction of future generations. 

Sum Total of our Ancestry. Not only do our genes represent what we are, but in an 
extremely small package they represent the sum total of all the thousands of characteristics of the 
thousands, yes millions, of our ancestors who have lived before us, and only because of whom 
we are living today. Even the most complicated computer today would be härd put compressing 
so many thousands of characteristics of millions of different individuals and neatly putting them 
together into a tidy little miniature package such as our genes. When we consider that each cell 
in our body has a complete set of genes that are a duplicate blueprint of us and that the average 
adult body contains approximately one hundred trillion cells, we can not help but marvel at what 

a wonderful system Nature has designed. We do not mean to go into a biological treatise of 
chromosomes, genes and cells and the marvelous design inherent in them, since we have already 
dealt briefly with this fascinating subject in a former chapter. 

Collective Gene Pool. What we are here interested in more specifically in this chapter is our 
collective gene pool, the total gene pool of the unique and incomparable White Race. When we 
speak of the most precious value on the face of the earth we are talking about the collective gene 
pool of our race. This we must guard, defend and protect above all else. It is irreplaceable, and 
once gone, can never again be restored. 

Gene Pool Endangered. Although they are not all of the same quality, there are still five 
hundred million people, more or less, that carry the genes of the White Race in their 
chromosomes. With such a väst pool, you would think that our gene pool would be safe to carry 
forward our unique characteristics into all eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth. The 
bitter fact of life is that the gene pool of the White Race is now under heavy assault from all 
angles — outright shrinkage, pollution, dilution, and out and out degeneration, as we have 
pointed out in our chapter on genetics. 

Fittest not necessarily survivors. Unfortunately, in Nature, it is not necessarily the "fittest" 
that survive, or the best, rather it is those species and individuals of species that are most fitted 
to survive. Certainly by our standards neither the cockroach nor the shark can be considered as 
intelligent, creative, productive, aesthetic, or any one of dozens of other criteria by which we 
would judge a creature to be "best." Yet they have survived in their basic form for hundreds of 
millions of years, no mean feat of accomplishment by any standard. 

Next two generations critical. Similarly it is among the races of mankind. The White 
Race, though it is superior in intelligence, creativity, productivity, in creating civilizations and 
many other great and remarkable aspects, still it has no insurance whatsoever that it will survive 
for the next hundred years, much less the next million years. In fact, it is questionable if we will 
survive the next two generations. And therein lies the great tragedy of the White Race. 

Tragedy of the Romans. When in a previous chapter we looked at the history of the great 
Roman people of two thousand years ago, we found they had all the characteristics of a unique 
and remarkable race that should have lived forever. They were highly intelligent, creative, 
constructive, brave, aggressive, logical, practical, great builders, organizers and law givers, not 
to mention their matchless competence in the art of warfare. They were truly a unique and gifted 
people, both physically and spiritually. Yet by the end of the First Century A.D. when Rome 
was at her peak, the Romans, themselves were all but extinct. The race that had built the greatest 
civilization and the greatest empire themselves disappeared from the scene. Why? Because the 
very people who had built up the finest gene pool of all time were neither aware of their gene 
pool, nor did they instinctively take any measures to protect it. 

Even dumb animals know better. This latter is most stränge. Even the dumbest animal, 
bird, or insect, although it has no conception of a "gene pool," will put forth strenuous exertions 
throughout the better part of their lives protecting and expanding its own gene pool. Not all 
succeed, and some species like the dodo and the dinosaurs are now extinct, as are the once 
wonderful Romans. 

Arouse the White Race! What a difference it would have made if the Romans had had a 
race-conscious religion such as Creativity! What tremendous genetic advances could have 
been made in the last two thousand years! 

So let this be a lesson to us. We may now be on our way to extinction, but the process is far 
from irreversible, if we but wake up. 

It is the all-consuming purpose of the Church Of The Creator to wake up and arouse the 
White Race into action. We want to spell out the alternatives so clearly that even the most stupid 
and uninformed naiveté can't help but see the picture. We want to arouse every member of the 
White Race to become a fiery, fervent partisan in the defense of the White Race and in the 
destruction of its enemies. 

Second Chance our Last. The glorious Roman race and its unequalled gene pool are gone. 
We, the living of the White Race, have a second chance, and this will probably be our last. Let 
us therefore rally and organize. We not only want to save our gene pool, but we want to expand 
it, and contribute ever finer qualities to it so that we will fulfill the truly great destiny Nature has 
in store for us. 

Creative Credo #28 
Creativity and Eugenics 

Key to Our Program. If there is one word that can be considered the key to our movement 
that word is eugenics. We Creators not only believe in a sound mind in a healthy body, but 
we believe in a vigorous, healthy race, ever improving, continually advancing to ever higher 
levels or excellence. 

What is Eugenics? Fifty years ago the word was much more used and understood than it is 
today. This would seem stränge, because in the last 50 years we have made tremendous strides 
in all sciences, including the cell itself, a subject we explained in a previous chapter. 

Contrary to Jewish Program. Why then is eugenics such a forgotten word? Because the 
very idea it embraces is contrary to the fiendish Jewish program of race-mixing, of mongrelizing 
the White Race into oblivion. The Jews want to blöt out the idea and the very word so that it will 
not even come up for discussion. 

Well Born. Eugenics comes from the Greek word eugenes, meaning well born. Simply 
stated, Eugenics means Racial Improvement by conscious, well-directed efforts. 

It is part and parcel of our Creativity movement to continually improve the racial quality of 
Nature's Finest — the great White Race. This we mean to do by conscious, intelligent and 
meaningful direction so that each generation of our people will be finer than the previous 

Determining our Criteria. Just what criteria are our goals? This question, which all the 
Jewish mind-scramblers keep telling us is impossible to answer and impossible of agreement, 
isn't really that complicated at all. If we were to look at it from the nigger's viewpoint, or 
Hindu' s, or the Indian' s, or the Jewish viewpoint, yes, it would be impossible to agree. But we 
go back to that previously stated basic concept — never again through the serpent's eyes — we 
Creators view everything from the White Man's point of view, period. 

Our Goals. Looking at it from our point of view — the only one that matters — we are for a 
future race that is: 

1. White and Cleansed of all traces of any of the mud races. 

2. Increasingly Intelligent. Whereas the average I. Q. of the White Race is now approximately 
100, we could easily, in a few hundred years, raise that average to 150 and outstanding geniuses 
of reaching as high as 250, and beyond. 

3. Sound Minds as well as Intelligent. By this we mean mentally healthy, devoid of neurosis 
and other ailments of the mind. Intelligence and mental health are not synonymous, since many 
highly intelligent people suffer from mental illness. We mean to reduce this disability to a 
minimum in our future White society. We want our people vigorous, happy, optimistic and 
possessing well-adjusted personalities. We want them to enthusiastically be able to cope with, 
and enjoy life. 

4. Physically healthy bodies. We want to raise future generations of happy, healthy children, 
strong, athletic and devoid of the many defects that are creeping into our racial body as a whole. 
We want to eliminate those defective genes that are the seeds of present and future misery to 
parents and the race as a whole. We want future generations of children born to be free from 

hereditary defects as close to 100% as possible. We want them to grow up into strong, healthy, 
beautiful and athletic specimens of our fine race. 

5. We also want them to become aesthetically finer as each generation progresses — the men to 
be more handsome and virile, the women more beautiful and feminine. 

6. In Nature's Etern al Religion I predicted that when the White Race had wrested control of 
its destiny from the hands of the Jews and practiced genetic improvement that within the next 
century the average White Man and White Woman would not only be more handsome and 
beautiful (respectively) but also somewhat taller. On further contemplation, increasing tallness is 
not a change to be desired and is not one of our long-term goals. More intelligent, definitely. 
More handsome and more beautiful, yes. Healthier, absolutely. More athletic, yes. But taller is 
a relative dimension. A six-foot male would be short where the average is seven feet, and a 
seven-footer would be short if the average reached ten feet. The race could become endless. We 
could reach 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet, but it would be completely pointless and self-defeating. I 
believe therefore that height as well as size in general be left exactly where it comfortably is 
at present. 

Temporary Opposition. Working against us in accomplishing these much desired goals 
enumerated we have aligned against us some of the most powerful forces in the world today. 
They are: 

1. The most insidious of all these forces is the International Jewish network whose historic 
goal has been for centuries — as it is today: to down-breed and mongrelize the White Race 

into oblivion; to pervert them into a morbid, resigned, dumb herd of beasts, easily manipulated 
and controlled. Unfortunately their program is powerful, well planned, well financed and in high 
gear today. 

2. The Christian Churches. Every creed and tenet that Christianity has espoused for the last 
17 centuries has influenced our thinking towards down-breeding of our race. Christianity 
continuously and perpetually agitates against the fit and the competent and directs our interest 
and sympathy towards helping the halt, the lame, the blind, the poor in spirit, the morons and the 
idiots, by such teachings as "Blessed are the poor in spirit" (morons); "Blessed are the meek, for 
they shall inherit the earth." To which we Creators say — not if we can help it. The very 
idea that we are all equal in the eyes of an imaginary spook is just another re-hash of the old 
Jewish equalitarian hoax all över again and must inevitably lead to race-mixing. 

3. Civilization itself. As we have discussed in a previous chapter, whereas in the laboratory of 
Nature the misfits are continuously being culled out, civilization saves the misfits through 
charity, medical aid and subsidization so that the misfits survive to breed more misfits. 

Whereas we Creators are wholeheartedly for civilization — the White Man's civilization — we 
can so direct civilization that it will help up-breed the race rather than down-breed it. How we 
can do this we will come to a little låter in this chapter. 

4. The misdirected advance in health technology produced by the genius of the White Race. 
Unfortunately, like many other things created by the genius of our race, this progress has been 
turned to the advantage of our enemies and towards down-breeding our own race. Like 
civilization, "medicine" works against Nature' s process of curling out the misfits, and 
conversely, saves the misfits to breed again and proliferate their defects into the gene pool of our 
race. On the other hand, this health technology and aid transferred to the backward mud races of 
the world has caused a population explosion the likes of which the world has never seen. 
Because of our medicine, our food, and our charity, the mud races of the world like the gerbils 

and the råts are reproducing at a phenomenal råte and literally crowding the White Race from the 
face of the earth. Again we want to state emphatically we Creators are not against the right 
kind of progress in the health sciences. We are for Salubrious Living, as I have detailed in 
earlier chapters. But once the White Race is again in control of its own destiny we are going to 
make damn sure that the health sciences will be used to improve the White Race, not down-breed 
it, and secondly, it will not be used to help expand our enemies, the mud races. We are also 
determined that such science will not be utilized to increasingly build a bigger and bigger load of 
misfits. We don't want to have a future population composed increasingly of people who are 
dependent on drags and artificial mechanical devices to sustain and prolong at best a miserable 

5. The White Man's Innate Tendency towards Compassion is the Achilles heel that has been 
his own worst enemy ever since Jewish Christianity conquered and destroyed the Romans. 
Whereas every other species in Nature instinctively rejects and culls out the misfits, the White 
Race stupidly does just the opposite. 

6. Present day birth control methods and attitudes. Whereas it takes a certain amount of 
intelligence to use birth control devices at all, again it is the least intelligent who have neither the 
discipline nor the know-how in applying them. As a result this has had a devastating effect on 
decreasing the birth råte of the intelligent segment of the White Race as a whole, whereas it has 
had no deterrent effect on the niggers, Hindus, Mexicans and other mud races. 

Deterioration of Gene Pool must stop. These then, are the main forces aligned against us, 
although there are a number of other minor factors that contribute to the downgrading and 
pollution of our gene pool. The fact is our gene pool is rapidly deteriorating and we are heading 
for the slop pail — for a degenerate humanity. Our enemies intend that this should be so. Sir 
Cyril L. Burt, an English psychologist most active between World War I and World War II, 
observed that the English I.Q. is declining at the råte of 1.5 to 2 points per generation. This was 
before W.W.II. What has happened to England since World War II with the flood tide invasion 
of the mud races has been sheer disaster. But even at the pre- World War II råte we can see how 
even the British, a fine people, before the invasion of the mud races, were down-breeding 
themselves into morons in a few generations. 

First Regain Control of Our Destiny. So far we have stated (a) our objectives and (b) the 
obstacles that lie in our path. So what can we do about it? 

The first thing we have to do, of course, is for the White Race to regain control of its own 
destiny and smash that control from out of the hands of our Jewish destroyers. In order to 
accomplish this, Creativity must and will become the universal religion of the White Race. 
Most of this, our White Man 's Bible, is devoted to accomplishing this objective, and accomplish 
it we will. Until we do, no other problems can be solved, and the White Race will be doomed to 
mongrelization, destruction and oblivion. 

Program for Genetic Upgrading. In this chapter we want to outline more clearly how we 
mean to implement our Program of Eugenics once we have accomplished control of our own 
governments and our own destiny. 

1. First and foremost we will physically remove the alien mud races from our midst. This 
includes niggers, Jews, Chinese, or whatever from all White countries, whether they be England, 

France, Sweden, Germany or the United States. They must be expelled just as the human body 
identifies and expels germs, bacteria, virus and foreign bodies from amongst its own cells. 

2. We must encourage the more desirable specimen of our own race to have more children. 
Those couples that are healthy, intelligent and endowed with the more desirable attributes must 
be encouraged to have bigger than average families. Since in our present degenerate society 
these very people have the smallest families, how can we encourage them? One step in this 
direction is racial awareness, as espoused in this, our WhiteMan 's Bible. It is a natural urge 
for healthy couples to have good-sized families. It is Jewish propaganda about the population 
explosion (in which the Jews make the intelligent people feel guilty, whereas the dumb bunnies 
don't care and just breed anyway) that has caused a major curtailment of family size in those 
very couples who should contribute to the betterment of our race. If this psychological stigma 
were reversed, it would greatly aid in promoting the finer species of our race. The other factor is 
our present economic madness. It is hammered home that every child should go to college 
(which is highly over-rated) that the more successful young couples face with dread the financial 
burdens they will have to assume by having even an average sized family. On the other hand 
what with aid to dependent children, welfare checks, and other government subsidies, the niggers 
couldn't care less about their financial responsibilities and start breeding like rabbits from the 
age of 14 and up and let the harried productive White taxpayer foot the bill. As far as they are 
concerned the more little bastards they produce, the more welfare checks. 

Twofold. So the Answer is twofold: (a) encourage our best White people to have larger 
families by making it accepted as a religious virtue, and (b) structure the economic system so 
that the most desirable couples will suffer no economic burden by contributing fine children to 
our race. 

3. Induce the less desirables of the White Race to have smaller families. 

Eventually we will have to face up to the fact that even in a world completely devoid of mud 
races (what a beautiful day!) we will have to limit population growth. As we stated before, the 
multiplication factor of breeding is so phenomenal that starting with one pair of amorous flies in 
spring, under ideal conditions the world could be covered by a solid layer of flies 60 feet thick by 
autumn. The more proficient White Race of the future, being extremely capable of growing food 
and supplying its other needs, would soon overcrowd the world into an environment that would 
make life a miserable burden rather than a joy to behold. 

No future overcrowding. This we must prevent, and the only answer, of course, is birth 
control. When we have reached an optimum population of White people that the then leadership 
considers desirable (say one billion, or whatever the times and conditions dictate) the population 
growth would then be phased out into a stable situation. It is claimed that families having an 
average of 2.3 children constitutes Z.P.G. Since at that time (as always) there would be an 
instinctive desire by many of the less desirable to exceed that number, we will eventually have to 
come to a Genetic Grading System, a system not unlike that now employed by the army for 
physical fitness. On the strength of their physical, mental and genetic fitness each candidate for 
marriage should be granted a genetic rating card stating the limit of the number of children they 
could have. Since two partners might have different ratings, this offers no particular problem, 
since their rating could be integrated into a final rating for the couple. These ratings also would 
have to be adjusted from time to time for the total overall population situation. 

All this may sound overly complicated, but with modern computers and the best interest of 
the White Race in mind, the White leadership of the times should encounter no particular 
difficulty whatsoever. 

4. Sterilization of the Incurable Misfits, idiots, and genetically diseased. This may sound 
harsh in today's world of twisted thinking and sloppy sentimentality, a world that will cry 
crocodile tears about the fäte of 50 whooping cranes but cares little about the mongrelization and 
extinction of the great White Race, Nature's Finest. There is no greater sorrow or burden, 
parents (and society) can suffer than having an idiot born, or a defective child born, and the 
dismal prospect of nurturing it through its miserable life for the next 60 years or so. 

Part of our Religion. This is what we want to accomplish. This is what the White Race of 
the future will wish to accomplish. It is best to set it down in writing and imbed it into our 
religion at this time. The eugenic program of our race is a tremendously important part of our 
religion and it behooves us to know where we are going. 

Fantastic Potential. We the White Race alone are the proud bearers of the divine seed. We 
alone have that great potential that through a long process of evolution Nature has implanted 
into our genes. Just as the early American (White) pioneer saw it as his Manifest Destiny to 
build a White empire from the Atlantic to the Pacific, it is the Manifest Destiny of the present 
generation of the White Race to strive to fulfill that wonderful potential that Nature has so 
abundantly endowed into our very genes to the exclusion of all others. We must first of all 
survive, secondly, expand to take över all the good earth of this planet, and thirdly, improve our 
Genetic Qualities to ever greater heights — to become the Super Man of the future and a 
dazzling beyond. 

Ancient Greeks Practiced Eugenics. The idea of eugenics is not new. The Spartans of 
ancient Greece back in the fifth century B. C. were already aware of it and practiced much of 
what we are proposing today. 

It is my opinion that mentally, aesthetically and creatively the ancient Greeks of 2,500 years 
ago were the finest and most intelligent human beings that ever lived. It is our goal to not only 
catch up to their standards, but once having fully grasped and implemented our program of 
eugenics, to far surpass the level of the noble Greeks. And the best way to accomplish that is to 
have it imbedded into our very religion. 

Tremendous blessing for White Race. What a blessing this will be for future mankind! 
How much more desirable will be a world of fine, healthy, beautiful, individuals easily being 
able to cope than a degenerating world of mud races (like India or Haiti) who live in filthy 
squalor, hunger and disease, yet breed to the limit of their miserable existence. 

The Dark Alternative. In the next chapter we want to look at the other side of the picture, 
the black alternative — a world infested with niggers. We want to study these abominations of 
the lower rung of the "human" race and make sure we understand what it is that the Jews intend 
to "integrate" us with. In the chapter following the niggers we want to go directly to the greatest 
teacher of all — history, and see what happened in that once precious gem of the Caribbean, San 
Domingo, now Haiti, when the niggers took över a White civilization. 

Creative Credo #29 

w ho needs nlggers? or, elimination of the black plague 

The Black Death. During the middle ages, Europé was swept again and again by the 
ravages of the Black Plague, also known as the Black Death. Some of these epidemics were so 
devastating in their toll, that one of these, during 1348-50, killed half the population of Europé. 

With the advance of science and the discovery of germs, bacteria and viruses, the White Man 
has learned to conquer within easily manageable limits the formerly devastating ravages of 
communicable diseases, including the Black Plague. 

There is, however, another manifestation of Black Plague today the White Race has not 
learned to control or conquer, and it is destroying us more surely and more completely than the 
Black Death of the Middle Ages ever did. The epidemics of the middle ages at least had several 
constructive and compensatory side effects: (a) it kept down the population explosion (b) it 
culled out the weaker and lesser elements of the population. Those who survived thereby 
improved the genetic quality of the total gene pool, and (c) it also developed a higher resistance 
to the disease itself among its survivors. 

Meanwhile, today — Black Rot. The present-day scourge in the form of the Black Plague 
in the midst of the White Race has no such beneficial compensations. Today' s Black Plague is 
spelled niggers. It is more menacing, more deadly and more persistent than the Black Death of 
the middle ages ever was. Today the niggers in America (also England and elsewhere) are 
multiplying at an explosive and unprecedented råte. In America the heart of most of the 
formerly great cities, built by the genius of the White Man, are being taken över by niggers. In 
Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oakland, Cleveland, Newark, to mention a few, 
black rot has set in. Our once proud capital, Washington D.C., has now deteriorated to the point 
where it is nearly totally black. It has turned into a dangerous, crime-infested black jungle, in 
which the black animals prowl and prey. Crime is rampant and unchecked, and the once White 
inhabitants who built the city have long since fled to the outlying suburbs. Even the 
Congressmen who must commute to the center of government, do so at a dire risk to life and 

Niggerization of Our Cities. City after city now has a black mayor, and each time such is 
elected, the Jewish press crows in jubilation and loudly applauds the "historic" event. What the 
Jews are really applauding is the breakdown and dissolution of the White Race. The Jews, who 
are not White, but Semitic and yellow Asiatics, hate the White Race with a pathological passion 
as they did the Romans of 2,000 years ago, and their most fervent goal is the mongrelization and 
destruction of the White Race. 

Niggers are niggers. We use the term "nigger" deliberately in this book and recommend its 
usage in general conversation and writings by the members of our church. As we have stated in 
a previous chapter, the second dumbest creature on the face of the earth is one who can't or 
won't recognize its enemies and the dumbest of all is that creature which will actively 
collaborate with its enemies for the destruction of its own race. 

Deadly Enemies. We of the Church Of The Creator recognize the niggers as the 
foremost amongst our deadly enemies, with the Jews taking top priority. We regard all the 
colored races as a grave menace to our further existence on this planet whether they be black, 
yellow or brown. In summation we will use the term "mud races" in contrast to the White Race 
throughout this book. The whole collection of Chinese, Japanese, Jews, Polynesians, the 
mongrelized Mexicans, Indians, niggers and whatever, are distinctly non-white and are therefore 
relegated to that collection known as the mud races of the world. Nature has made them 
eternally our mortal enemies, whether we now realize it or not. It is the task of the Church Of 
The Creator to make the White Race acutely aware of this fact, and arouse it into action. 

Bottom of the Ladder. Among all these races, the black niggers of Africa are undoubtedly 
at the lowest scale of the ladder dubiously called the human race. We of the Church Of The 
Creator disclaim any common racial denominator with the niggers, the same as we do 
regarding monkeys. We regard them as either sub-human, or humanoid, and recognize them as 
being closer to the animal kingdom than any species of humanity as exemplified by the White 
Race. We firmly vow to deliberately excrete them from the body of the White Racial 
Community and to forever prevent any penetration and admixture with our racial body. Any 
society that fails to excrete its wastes soon dies. To us, niggers are black poison, and we regard 
the Jewish goal of pumping the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America as the 
most heinous and dastardly crime ever committed in all of history. 

Hostility, Contempt and Derision. One of the first steps in guarding our race from such a 
catastrophic abomination is to have the correct attitude towards the niggers. Webster' s 
dictionary defines "nigger" as "a vulgär, offensive term of hostility and contempt for the 
blackman." Very good. WeTl accept that. That is exactly how we feel about niggers and it 
describes precisely what the White Man's proper attitude should be towards these animals. Our 
attitude towards niggers at all times must be one of hostility, contempt and derision. We must 
think in terms of: to hell with the niggers, to hell with the Jews. 

Utter Savage. As we have said, the black African represents the lowest scale in the human 
ladder, if he can be included in the human group at all. We of the Church Of The Creator 
believe he does not deserve the "human" classification and for good reason. Throughout 
recorded history över the last 6,000 years the African has invented nothing. He has not even so 
much as invented the wheel, although he had ample opportunity to copy it from the White 
Egyp tians thousands of years ago. He has ne ver learned to weave cloth, although that too he 
could have learned thousands of years ago from the White Egyptians. He has never 
domesticated a single animal. His only method of transporting goods has been his härd, burry 
head as a means of cartage. He has never progressed beyond the common mud-hut as a means of 
shelter, the construction of which is barely beyond that being built by beavers or muskrats. He 
has never produced a written language. Practically the only trade he has ever indulged in is the 
trading of ivory, beads and slaves, in other words, the sale and trading of his own kinsmen. 

Niggers And Mongrels. The black African is shiftless, lazy and dumb. He is completely 
ignorant of the concept of responsibility and is prone to crime and violence. The average pure 
black African nigger has an I. Q. of about 40 points lower than the average White. This puts his 
average well below the moron line. The average American nigger, however, is a mongrel, or a 

mulatto, that most despicable of all the mud races, having assimilated large percentages of White 
genes. These mongrels have a somewhat higher I. Q. of about 80, thanks to their White genes. 
This puts these mongrels just on the borderline of the moron classification, with about half of 
them below and half above, depending on the amount of their White genes. 

Prolific and Extremely Dangerous. The nigger has certain qualities however, that make 
him extremely dangerous to the further survival of the White Race. Whereas other races such as 
the Indians, have withered and died when overtaken by the White Man's civilization, the nigger, 
on the other hand, has not only survived, but like the rat, has prospered and multiplied. He is 
tough, resilient and although useless in all other aspects, he is prolific in one field of 
production — that of producing more niggers. 

For the above reasons, because the nigger is dumb, subservient and tough, he has been 
historically well adapted for slave labor under the directions of a superior race. For the same 
reasons he has been a very useful and extremely dangerous tool in the hands of the perfidious 
Jew whose age-old goal has been to mongrelize and destroy the White Race. It has been the Jew, 
for the last several thousand years, going back even to the Egyptian and Roman times, who has 
been foremost in the slave trade, and has dragged these black animals into the midst of every 
White civilization in order to mongrelize and destroy the White Race. 

Destroyer of White Civilizations. Thus, historically, through mongrelization the nigger has 
been able to destroy every race and civilization that has been stupid enough to drag him into their 

The Jew is utilizing every financial, legal or propaganda means today to mongrelize White 
America, to pump the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America. The Jew is 
pushing this program with a vengeance and a fury unparalleled in history, and we might add, 
with astounding success. Race-mixing in America has become his supreme holy cause. 

Must be purged. In the supreme interest for his own survival, the White Man must purge 
this poisonous element from his racial body and ship the niggers, all niggers, back to Africa. 

Before he can do this, the White Man must first gain control of his own government and 
his own destiny. And before he can do that, the White Man must first of all straighten out 
his own thinking. This is what Creativity is all about. 

Prime Jewish Goal. Since the average White yokel is so completely confused and 
befuddled about the Jew-nigger relationship to the White Race, let us spell it out clearly. For 
thousands of years the Jews have waged unrelenting (although covert) warfare against all the 
goyim peoples of the world. Goy or goyim is their term for all non-Jews, and it is a derogatory 
term meaning "cattle." But of all the races their prime target for destruction always has been, 
and is today, the White Race. Why the White Race? Because the Jew knows the intelligent and 
tremendously capable White Race might one day wake up, catch on to their treacherous swindle, 
organize its own awesome power and turn on the Jews, as did the people of Germany under 
Hitler. This is the eternal nightmare of the Jews, and the sooner they can reduce the White Man 
to a dumb mulatto, the sooner this danger to the Jews will be overcome. 

Mongrelization. This remains the eternal and ultimate ambition of the Jewish race: to 
mongrelize, pull down the once proud White Race and make them subservient mulatto slaves. 

Root Out The Enemy. It is the sacred and unflagging determination of the Church Of The 
Creator to see to it that the Jew never attains his goal. On the contrary, it is our goal and 
purpose to root out and destroy the Jews and the niggers before they destroy us. 

Organize the White Race. We of the Church Of The Creator are de termined to organize 
the awesome power of the White Race and make the world forever secure against the 
mongrelization and destruction of the White Race. 

Niggers the Tool. The dangerous role the niggers play in this triangle is that they are the 
means by which the Jews plan to destroy the White Race. Since the Jew is a parasite, he does 
not want to completely eradicate the productive White Race and thereby destroy his goose that 
keeps laying the golden eggs. He wants to proliferate the niggers amongst the White Race, to 
promote race-mixing, intermarriage and finally the mongrelization of the White Race into a 
brown mulatto, dumb and subservient, but more capable and productive than the black African 
nigger. That way the Jew will still have the best of both races — dumb subservience and 
productivity for his own ends. 

The Equality Swindle. There is no document in American history that has been of more 
help to the Jews in pulling off this diabolical piece of chicanery of race-mixing than the 
Constitution of the United States itself . 

When the "Founding Fathers" wrote the Declaration of Independence they inserted in it a 
blatant lie, an error that has lived to plague us to this very day. Influenced by the Jewish 
propaganda of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" from France, where the Jews were brewing a 
revolution, they wanted to insert in this historic document some blood-stirring cry of freedom. 
In a burst of generosity that was exceeded perhaps only by stupidity, they magnanimously 
inserted into the Declaration that much heralded phrase, "All men are created equal," a lie in the 
face of history and Nature. Upon this ambiguous and deceptive fallacy the Jews have built a 
whole monumental network of lies for the mongrelization of the White Race. 

Didn't believe it themselves. We can be sure that the "Founding Fathers" themselves did 
not believe it. Nor did they in their wildest dreams intend that the equality pronouncement 
should include the black niggers as being equal to themselves or the White Race. They 
themselves owned hundreds of slaves and bought, sold and traded them as chattel. How could 
they possibly mean that they were equal to the White Race and to themselves? 

Constitution considered niggers as chattel. Låter, when the "Founding Fathers" wrote the 
Constitution (a group only partly identical to the writers of the Declaration) they did not regard 
the nigger as equal but still only as chattel, similar to cattle, land, machinery, etc. They did not 
give the niggers their "liberty," nor did they give the niggers a vote, nor citizenship, nor any 
participation in government whatsoever. Is that regarding them equal? Hell, no. Equality with 
the niggers to them was an outrageous abomination, not a goal to be pursued. The best they did 
for the niggers in the framework of the Constitution was to give the White owners an additional 
voting "value" of three-fifths of the head count of niggers they owned in determining the number 
of Congressmen to be allotted to each state. That is all. No vote. No civil rights to the niggers 

Endless Race-Mixing Propaganda. Today, two centuries låter, we hear that same lie "all 
men are created equal" dinned into our ears in one form or another över and över again, on 
television, on radio, in newspapers, magazines, and every other means of the Jewish 

communication media. Of the billions of dollars spent on advertising each year, almost every ad 
we see on TV and elsewhere, the impact of the ad is so slanted that it does more in the effort to 
sell race-mixing than for the product advertised. Almost every ad we see on TV and elsewhere 
shows happily integrated blacks and Whites, with a little black nigger usually taking front center 
stage in the picture. Being hammered into our brains day and night, the young people especially 
are beginning to believe the outrage that race-mixing is the right and natural thing to do. 

Pulling us down. The young people, being more impressionable and more easily deceived, 
are of course the prime target of the Jews. It is the young White people they want to pervert into 
marrying niggers. They want to drag us down to somewhere near the shameful level of the 
jungle dwelling cannibals themselves. While the Jew knows exactly what he is doing, the 
gullible White yokel doesn't even have a faint suspicion. 

Jews Supreme Racists. Whereas all this race-mixing propaganda is aimed at the Whites and 
the stupid niggers, the Jews push a completely opposite line to their own people. The Jews being 
yellow Semites, being racially aware and fanatically loyal to their own, preach racial aloofness to 
their own people. Through their synagogues, through their own Jewish press, through the 
thousands of exclusively Jewish organizations they warn strongly against inter-racial marriages, 
against inter-faith marriages, and not only with niggers but they also preach against inter- 
marriage with White gentiles. 

No Race-Mixing for Jews. In short, the Jew, while viciously promoting the bastardization 
of the White Race, fervidly guards his own against it. In Israel anyone not born of a Jewish 
mother is a goy, a non-Jew, an outsider, and can't be married or buried in Israel, nor can they 
become a citizen or enjoy any of the other civil rights of a born Jew. Racial solidarity is the 
order of the day, whether a Jew lives in Israel or anywhere else in the world. 

Racial Awareness. We, too, must learn again those prime instincts for survival Nature has 
planted in our genes — racial awareness, racial loyalty, racial purity, racial solidarity. This 
is the Program of the Church Of The Creator. 

Getting Back to Sanity. As I have stated repeatedly, the White Man's problem is not 
overcoming the black man, or even the perfidious Jew. The main problem is to straighten out the 
White Man's own thinking and get him back to sanity. Once we have accomplished that much, 
the rest of the battle will be child's play. Once we have restored the White Man's sanity to 
where his natural instincts will again be performing in accordance with Nature' s laws, the battle 
will be as good as won. Ten million copies of this book and of Nature' s Eternal Religion placed 
in the hands of our White Racial Comrades would see us far along the road towards achieving 
this goal. 

Awesome Power of Solidarity. The White Man, brought back to sanity, and freed from the 
clutches of Jewish propaganda, is the most powerful force on the face of the earth. In fact, the 
White Man, united and organized, is ten times more powerful than all the rest of the mud 
"humanity" put together. 

It is the objective of this book to bring about this situation. 

Lessons of History Clear. As we have learned, or should have learned, from past history, 
the very presence of niggers or any other mud race, in the midst of a White population leads to 

mongrelization and bastardization. It leads to the destruction of our race and also our 
civilization. This was proven in the history of Egypt, of India, of the Spaniards in Mexico and 
South America, and it is happening before our very eyes here in America. I have pointed this out 
at length in the early chapters of Nature's Etern al Religion, and need hardly repeat it here. 

The Obvious Solution is to ship the niggers out — excrete them from our racial body — ship 
them back to Africa. 

This solution is so imperative, so obvious and so sane that practically nobody argues against 
it — except, they say, it is impossible, we can't do it. 

To which we say, nonsense — it is no problem at all. The only roadblocks that exist are the 
artificial roadblocks put in the minds of our White Racial Comrades by Jewish propaganda. 

The Plain Fact is We Must Ship the Niggers back to Africa, the sooner the better, if we 
are to survive. And we damn well mean to survive. So let us analyze the problem. 

Fallacious Counter Arguments. The arguments against it by our befuddled White yokels 
are usually twofold, and one argument actually contradicts the other. 

1 . We can't possibly afford it. 

2. Yes, it would be a good thing, but you will never get the American people to do it. 

Answers. In answering the first argument, the economics are so obviously in favör of 
shipping the niggers back to Africa, that there is hardly even a case for argument. Reputedly, if 
we can believe the governmenfs statistics, there are approximately 35 million niggers in the 
United States. (Actually there are many more, but this does not materially change the problem.) 
If we spent a thousand dollars apiece and shipped them back in style, this would cost only 35 
billion dollars. This is a dröp in the bucket when we consider that our yearly budget is more than 
twenty times that much and climbing astronomically each year, in large part because of the 
nigger problem itself. 

No Economic Problem. The benefits from this historic move would be immediate and 

(a) This would be a one-time expense. 

(b) We would recoup this 35 billion in a few months by saving the welfare checks we would no 
longer be paying to the shiftless niggers. 

(c) The money we would save by the drastic reduction in crime itself would repay this cost in 
less than a year. 

(d) There would be tremendous savings in subsidized housing, forced busing, in aid to dependent 
children and a thousand other government programs now being squandered on the 
freeloading niggers. 

(e) Most important of all, we would save the White Race from mongrelization, save our 
civilization and save the White Race from genocide. This we must do even if the costs were 
a thousand times greater than they actually are. 

This program would mark a triumphant rebirth of the White Race. The costs, as we have 
shown, would be recouped in a few months. The benefits would go on year after year, forever. 
What a happy day that will be! In any case, in a matter such as this, we must have no thoughts 
about the price. We must do whatever it takes. It is a bargain at any price. 

No Physical Problem. Now as to the physical problem of transporting them, this too would 
be no problem for the ingenious and capable White Race. We could use 747 type planes, cargo 

planes, Liberty ships as in W.W.II, a number of which are still around and idle, and dozens of 
other ships. 

We can and we must. Now we come to argument Number 2, that you can't get the 
American people to do it. This, too, is a fallacious Jewish argument, implanted and promoted by 
the Jews, and it, too, can be overcome. 

In the first place, as we have repeatedly pointed out, it is a Matter of Survival for the 
White Race. It must be done if we want to survive, and we mean to survive at all costs. The 
White Race wants to survive. Nature tells us this is our highest right. We are damn well 
determined to exercise that right and nobody, but nobody, is going to stånd in our way. 

Morally a Holy Cause. But, say the idiotic bleeding hearts amongst us, it is immoral. No, 
my friend, it is not. According to our religion it is not only moral, it is a holy cause, a sacred 

Looking at it from a historic and moral point of view, let us just examine some ancient and 
recent history. 

(a) Throughout history (and even prehistoric times) land and territory has always belonged to 
those people that were strong enough to conquer it and hold it. This is the basic law of 
history and of Nature, and always will be. 

(b) The Jews themselves drove one and a half million Arabs from their homelands in Palestine, 
and drove them out into a dry, hot, barren desert to starve, or die of thirst. This was Arab 
homeland that their ancestors had lived on for 2,000 years. We, the United States, helped the 
Jews do it and cheered them on with our aid when this atrocity was committed. Where were 
all the goddamned bleeding hearts then? 

(c) Taking the Jewish-Christian bible at face value, we find in the Old Testament the Jews drove 
the Philistines, the Hittites, the Canaanites, from out of Palestine and took över their land, 
and God goaded them on to do so. So God morally condones such conduct. 

(d) We Americans had no great moral compunctions about going to war and killing millions of 
Germans, although över 30% of the American population itself is of German descent, and the 
Germans are our own racial kinsmen. We bombed the German cities into rubble and killed 
as many as 50,000 men, women and children in one nighfs raid on Hamburg; repeatedly 
fire-bombed the beautiful city of Dresden and incinerated 300,000 men, women and children 
in two days. This we had the gäll and stupidity to do in spite of the fact the Germans are our 
White Racial brothers, constitute a large and constructive part of the American population 
and never were a threat to our existence, as in fact are the Jews and the niggers. 

(e) Nor do we seem to feel any pangs of conscience about the fourteen million Germans as they 
were driven from their native soil in Prussia and east Germany as the Jewish-communists 
committed murder, genocide and mäss rape on the defenseless victims. 

(f) Our hearts did not bleed as the White Belgians were betrayed by their own government and 
driven out of the Congo by the black beasts. Although we knew of the rape, pillage and 
murder that was going on, we nary shed a tear nor lifted a finger to help our White Racial 

(g) With the conniving of the treacherous Jews, the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa are 
being set up for genocide, the same fäte as befell the Whites of the Belgian Congo, Angola 
and other areas, once colonized by our White brethren. 

This atrocity is being pulled off with the explicit help and complicity of the United States 
government. Is anybody getting excited, or shedding a tear for the genocide of the White Race 
in Rhodesia or South Africa? 

Why bleed for the niggers? So why should we be all tears, blubber and bleeding heart for 
the shiftless niggers in America being sent back to their homeland? 

But, ah, say the bleeding hearts, Africa belongs to the Africans, and the White Man is 
trespassing there. All right, if that is so, then America belongs to the Whites. Let's use the same 
standards and get the niggers the hell out of here. 

Summary. In conclusion let us summarize that: 

1 . It is imperative that the niggers be shipped out of America back to Africa. 

2. There is no economic problem. It would be the greatest boon and the best economic 
investment this country ever made. 

3. Not only can we afford it, we can't afford not to. 

4. There is no moral problem. We morally owe it to ourselves, to our children and to our future 

5. There are all kinds of historic precedents for moving people, both recent and ancient. If we 
could ship the niggers from Africa to America two hundred years ago, we can reverse the 
process today. 

6. There is no physical problem of transportation. 

7. The only real problem is purely in the minds of the White people. This we mean to correct 
by our creed and religion. 

Our Position. Let us sum up and make our position abundantly clear. 

1 . The Jews have pursued a conspiracy for the mongrelization and enslavement of the White 
Race for thousands of years. 

2. They are pursuing it today with renewed virulence, and ominously, with rapidly increasing 

3. The nigger is the vital means of bastardizing the White Race. 

4. The Jews are therefore madly pushing a program of upgrading the niggers and pulling down 
the Whites; multiplying and proliferating their numbers; promoting inter-racial marriages 
between niggers and Whites. 

5. In order to implement this program the Jews need the help of deluded and/or traitorous 
Whites. (These traitors are called Chabez-goi by the Jews.) 

To counteract this terrible catastrophe from happening, it is the program of the Church Of 
The Creator: 

1. To first of all straighten out the White Man's thinking and bring him back to sanity. 

2. This we mean to do by organizing the Church Of The Creator on a worldwide basis and 
placing this book, the White Man 's Bible, in the hands of tens of millions of our White 
Racial Comrades. 

3. We mean to organize the awesome potential of the White Race for its own survival and its 
own benefits. United and organized the White Race will be ten times more powerful than all 
Jews and mud races combined. 

4. As soon as we, the White Race, again regain control of our destiny and our government we 
plan to ship the nigger post-haste back to Africa. 

5. We mean to drive the Jews from power and render them harmless so that never again can 
they or anyone else threaten the survival and security of the White Race. 

6. We mean to häng the traitors of our own race that give aid and comfort to the enemy. 

Let History Teach Us. In the next chapter we want to further learn from history itself. We 
want to see what happened in that once beautiful gem of the Caribbean, once the "crown jewel" 
of the French Empire, San Domingo. We want to see what happens when the niggers multiply 
into an overwhelming majority, revolt, run amuck and murder the White builders of civilization. 
We can see for ourselves a seething example of what happens when they have "won their 
freedom" and set up a nigger Republic. Today Haiti is the poorest, filthiest and most tyranny- 
ridden republic in the Western Hemisphere. Today boatloads of filthy poverty-ridden Haitians 
are landing on the shores of Florida, bringing with them leprosy, syphilis and other diseases. 

Creative Credo #30 

The Grisly Lesson of San Domingo— A Forerunner for White America 

Once the Crown Jewel or the Caribbean. The westerly third of the Caribbean island of 
Hispaniola in the West Indies is today called Haiti. It is the only completely nigger "republic" in 
the Western Hemisphere. It has had independence since 1804, only about 25 years less than the 
United States itself. Before 1789 this small piece of real estate, under the ownership of French 
and other European planters, was as rich, or richer, in productivity as all the thirteen American 
colonies combined. 

Now a Pest Hole. By 1804, fifteen years låter, San Domingo, as it had been called under 
French rule, lay in shambles. The White population had been brutally tortured, murdered and 
exterminated down to the last man, woman and child. Anarchy, misery, poverty, starvation and 
cannibalism have been rampant ever since. It is now, and has been for över a century and three- 
quarters the most backward, poverty-ridden "republic" in the Western Hemisphere despite its 
bountiful climate and once productive soil. 

Powerful Lesson for us. It behooves us to summarily study the turbulent history of Haiti, 
because I believe that there, in telescopic version, we can view the possible future destruction of 
the White Race in America. The same forces are at work, the same issues are at stake, and the 
same methods are being employed — all concentrated on the focal point of Jewish goals — the 
destruction of the White Race. We should (and we must) learn a powerful lesson from its 

Year of 1789. Let us use the year of 1789 as the point of departure in the history of San 
Domingo. At the time, as we have indicated, San Domingo was a thriving prosperous French 
colony, considered as the "Crown Jewel" of the French colonial system. It was, in fact the 
richest colony anywhere in the world. The population had only förty thousand Whites, mostly 
French, with a smattering of adventurous and hardy Dutch, Germans and other nationalities. By 
this time there also existed approximately 27,000 mulattos, many of whom were freed men and 
property owners. Add to this racial melee approximately 450,000 black African niggers, most of 
which were African born, and as savage and docile as their cannibal kinsmen on the Dark 
Continent itself. 

Most Prosperous. Under the genius and direction of the White plantation owners the colony 
enjoyed an outstanding prosperity. In fact, despite a large proportion of this small area being 
mountainous, in 1789 it was considered as undoubtedly the most prosperous of all the European 
colonies. Furthermore, its prosperity was increasing by leaps and bounds, the planters having 
doubled their investments and productivity in the three previous years. It supplied not only 
France, but half of Europé with sugar, coffee and cotton. 

Jewish Havoc in France. We will remember that it was about this time the Jews were 
fomenting the French Revolution back in France itself, with cries of "Liberty, Equality and 
Fraternity," — Jewish catchwords, as the "Protocols" point out, with which to disarm and destroy 
their enemies. These Jewish ideas were soon exported to San Domingo in order to wreak havoc 
and destruction on that thriving and prosperous colony. They were skillfully employed to 
massacre the White population and turn the remaining shambles över to the savage niggers. 

The new revolutionary French government in Paris did more than just export their 
revolutionary ideas. 

Hybrid Government and Polyracial Subjects. Whereas this crown jewel of the French 
colonial empire enjoyed vigorous growth and prosperity, the hybrid civil and military 
administration called a government was a frightful mixture of tyranny and anarchy. The 
colonists themselves were hot with discontent. Added to this ferment was the multi-racial 
admixture of the population. The scarcity of White women had made illicit relations between the 
White colonists and the female blacks inevitable from the first. The resultant mulattos stood out 
as a definite caste midway between the Whites and the blacks and were known as the "free 
people of color." Numbering some twenty-seven thousand and possessing a considerable share 
of the island's wealth, they were a factor of strategic importance, although in 1789 they did not 
possess the right to vote. 

Blacks predominate. The most numerous by far however were the African slaves 
themselves, numbering, as we said, approximately 450,000. As has been stated by observers of 
the times, African slavery was the curse of San Domingo. They were described by a 
contemporary writer as "quarrelsome, boastful, given to thievery and lying." "The Africans," he 
says, "usually remained indolent and lazy" and addicted to many absurd superstitions. More 
than half the slave population was born in Africa, but there remained very little difference 
between these savages and the native born variety. 

Racial Hot-bed. This was the racial hot-bed of 1789. The mulattos hated the Whites and 
were intensely jealous of their superiority. They also hated the niggers and looked upon them 
with scorn and disdain. The niggers harbored a pathological hatred for both the Whites and the 
mulattos. The Whites themselves (as usual) were badly divided into various factions, but were 
united in strictly drawing the color line. Sitting on this dangerous cauldron of rebellious savages 
and hostile mulattos, the Whites realized that any breach of the color line meant the destruction 
of themselves and their property and the White population lived in continuous fear of a black 

Jewish Incendiaries. Into this prosperous but seething cauldron came the Jewish wreckers 
from Paris. Themselves never planters, but mostly slave traders and exploiters, they were ready 
to wreak havoc on this prosperous "Gem of the West Indies." 

The way they did it should be a harsh but extremely valuable lesson to our White Racial 
Comrades of today. The policy for destruction of San Domingo was Made In Paris, Step By 

Revolution in France. When the news of the storming of the Bastille in Paris on July 14, 
1789 reached San Domingo, it sent shock waves reverberating through the island. The 
government in the French homeland was highly precarious and the populace bent on revolution. 
The Jews had laid the groundwork with their various political organizations, one of which was 
the powerful Jacobin Club, a Jewish forerunner of today' s Communist party. Another Paris 
organization that had an ominous bearing on the White colonists in San Domingo was an 
organization called "Amis des Noirs" — Friends of the Blacks. 

The first move the new National Assembly in Paris made was a number of Decrees in March, 
1790, which authorized each colony to formulate its future status and frame a constitution for its 
own government. Instead of stabilizing the situation, it sharpened political division among 
Whites and plunged them into a state of rancor beyond all likelihood of reconciliation. The 

resultant charter satisfied no one, and back in France this colonial constitution was roundly 

Vote to the Mulattos. This discord and dissension laid the groundwork for the second step. 

By the opening months of 1791 there came a turning of the tide, and the wave of revolution in 
Paris was rising fast. With the maneuvering and agitation of the "Amis des Noirs" and other 
Jewish factions, the National Assembly by the Decree of May 15, 1791, breached the color line 
in San Domingo and gave the vote and the right to office to mulattos. From here on out there 
was set in motion a series of events from which there was no turning back. 

Forebodings. When the news reached the island the mulattos were ecstatic, while the 
Whites were steeped in forebodings of disaster. They knew this decree was only temporary and 
by its very language it condemned slavery and was foreshadowing its end. 

Furious White Resistance. The White colonists were shocked into action and rose in a 
delirium of furious resistance. Governor Blanchelande was as shocked as the rest and sent word 
to Paris that "a frightful civil war and loss of the Colony to France may well result." "The decree 
is regarded as murderous to the colony" he wrote back to Paris on July 31, 1791. 

Appeal for Help. On February 20, 1792 the Colonial Assembly on the island drew up an 
appeal for 20,000 troops from France. But the Jacobins and the "Amis des Noirs" set themselves 
solidly against it and prevented the dispatch of any real aid to San Domingo. 

San Domingo was doomed. A returned colonist from Bordeau described the situation: "You 
may announce that it is all över with San Domingo. One of three things will follow: the Whites 
will exterminate the whole mulatto caste; the mulattos will destroy the Whites; or the negroes 
will profit by these dissensions to annihilate both the Whites and the mulattos. But in any case 
San Domingo should be erased from the maps of France." 

Stab in the Back. The National Assembly in Paris threw further fuel on the fire. It 
rescinded the former decree and decreed that the colonists should decide their own requirements 
for franchise. This further infuriated the mulattos. Then in a sweeping Decree of April 4, 1792 
it again gave the franchise to all mulattos and free niggers as well. It went further: it sent three 
Civil Commissioners from Paris to enforce the decree. 

When this news reached the island the White population was crushed in despair. 

Niggers Revolt. It was the beginning of a long dark epoch of horror, murder and slaughter. 
Plantations were burned. The black niggers revolted, the mulattos took one side, then the other. 

Civil War. Anarchy and destruction of a magnitude that we cannot describe followed this 
decree. This was soon followed by a further decree giving the franchise to all the savage African 
blacks, but this made little difference. Civil war, torture and extermination were unleashed and 
the Jewish Civil Commissioners not only did not abate the tide, but fomented the turn of the tide 
against the Whites for the next ten years. 

Help from Napoleon. This death and destruction ensued until Napoleon Bonaparte firmly 
grasped the iron reins of power in France. Being resolute as well as a practical man, he 
determined to end this idiotic farce. He sent his brother-in-law, General Le Clerc, with two 
fleets and 20,000 French soldiers to restore order and save the colony. They set sail on 
December 14, 1801 and the first contingent arrived January 29, 1802. 

The niggers by this time were running rampant över the island and had huge organized 
armies led by veteran leaders such as Generals Toussaint, Christophe, Dessalines and many other 
lesser sub-lieutenants, all dedicated to the massacre and extermination of the White Race. 

Island Recaptured. When Gen. Le Clerc and his seasoned White troops arrived, they 
launched an aggressive and brilliant campaign to recapture the island, and restore White 
supremacy. In short order they recaptured the cities, forts and strong points of the island. Black 
insurgents were pursued into the woods and the mountains and hunted down. The black leaders 
soon surrendered and allied themselves to the new French authority in servile submission, and 
proclaimed undying loyalty. 

Troops struck by Yellow Fe ver. Then came spring and summer of 1802 and with it the hot, 
malarial climate that was the bane of unacclimated Europeans. By mid-May yellow fe ver struck. 
The horror that smote the doomed army was unparalleled in the whole history of the West Indies. 
"The ravages of the disease are indescribable" wrote Gen. Le Clerc to his brother-in-law 
Napoleon. "At present I am losing 160 men a day." Le Clerc himself was a sick man and most 
of his trusted aides were dead or dying. 

Situation Desperate. The black leaders who had sworn undying loyalty to the French army 
were now beginning to defect and planning a massacre of the deteriorating and declining French 
forces. The situation of the French became desperate. Le Clerc was pleading for Napoleon to 
send reinforcements and a replacement for himself since he knew he was a dying man. Despite 
the desperate situation he did what he could to juggle what strength and resources he had left to 
keep the explosive black savages under control. 

By August 6, Le Clerc reported that four fifths of his army was dead. The balance were 
weak and emaciated. He begged and implored Napoleon to send 12,000 fresh, acclimated troops 
immediately or all would be löst. 

By November 2 of the same year he had arrived, Le Clerc himself was dead. Insurrection 
was again raging all över the island. 

More Help. Napoleon had not abandoned the colony. He sent över a new Governor General 
named Rochambeau and 10,000 new troops which joined up with the remnants of Le Clerc' s 
contingent. The French position was greatly improving. Most of the first arrivals that had 
survived were now acclimated against the dread disease. In any case, it was the winter season 
again and the disease abated. 

Rochambeau now determined to recover the löst ground. It was now a war of race, black 
against White, and the struggle assumed a most ferocious character. 

Drastic Measures. Rachambeau and the White colonists decided that if they could ever 
hope to recover the island they must take drastic measures. It must be a war of extermination. 
They must exterminate all the black inhabitants över 12 years of age, since, they reasoned any 
adult black that for 12 years had been a soldier waging war against the Whites would ne ver again 
go back to work in the fields and would to the end of his days be a potential insurgent and 
assassin. They must be replaced by fresh slaves from Africa. The same thing applied to the 
women, who were more cruel than the men. 

With ruthless energy Rochambeau pursued his task. Through March and April of 1803 the 
rebels were steadily rooted out of the open country and pursued and hunted down even into the 
mountain hideouts. 

Rochambeau' s triumph grew clearer every day. Napoleon was recruiting 15,000 fresh troops 
to maintain the army during the coming summer. 

English Intervene, Aid Blacks. But history intervened. By May 12, 1803 the uneasy Peace 
of Amiens gave way to a new war with the British. The English war sounded the death-knell of 

San Domingo. The English fleet not only cut off further aid to the embattled French army, but 
the English at once aided the black rebels and the flame of insurrection burst forth with renewed 
fury. Scattered French garrisons of the coast towns were overwhelmed and slaughtered by the 
savage black troops under the leadership of Dessalines. By November 10, 1803 Governor 
General Rochambeau sailed out of the harbor of Le Cap and surrendered his sword to the waiting 
English Admiral. 

French Finished. It was all över for the French. Of the 50,000 soldiers sent över in two 
short years to save the colony, only a few thousand ever saw France again, and these only after 
years in English captivity. The 10,000 sailors dead of yellow fever were sorely to be missed on 
the day of Trafalgar. 

Whites Ruthlessly Exterminated. With the destruction of French authority, the 
extermination of the remnant Whites proceeded with cruel rapidity. Dessalines, the 
acknowledged black war chief, löst no time in declaring San Domingo an independent black 
republic. In December of 1803 he revived the Indian name "Haiti" to mark the complete break 
with the colonial past. 

Black and Mulatto Warfare. For the next year a fierce struggle ensued with the other black 
and mulatto chiefs, but in the end Dessalines triumphed över all his enemies and in October of 
1804 he proclaimed his victory by crowning himself "Emperor" in the style of European 

Whites Invited Back. The departure of the French army was not quite the end of the White 
presence in San Domingo, now called Haiti. When the French army left in November of 1803, 
Dessalines, in order to keep the economy from total collapse, promised protection to all White 
civilians who chose to remain. This favorable treatment even induced a considerable number of 
colonial Whites to return to the island. No sooner had Dessalines firmly established himself on 
the throne as Emperor when these unfortunate victims discovered the mistake of their lifetime. 

Massacre of the Whites. Scarcely had the New Year of 1805 begun when orders went forth 
to massacre the White population. The horror and brutality of the ensuing butchery was 
indescribable. The murder of the Whites that began in the first days of January was finished en 
masse by March 18. All deaths were executed with extreme cruelty. Men and women were 
hewn down by sappers, who hacked off their arms and smashed in their chests. Some were 
poniarded, others mutilated, others disembowelled with knives, still others stuck like pigs. All 
were massacred down to the last woman and child. 

Black Anarchy. The White race, with the help of the Jewish traitors out of Paris, had 
perished utterly from the land and the French "Jewel of the West Indies" had now become a 
rampant anarchy, the black "Republic of Haiti." 

We will skip most of the history of this fetid black pest-hole for the next 175 years, except to 
fill in a few outlines, since it embodies nothing but anarchy, terror, filth, and abject poverty. 

Back to Slavery. After Dessalines crowned himself "Emperor Jacques I" in October 1804, 
and massacred all the Whites by March 1805, there was no one on the island to make the niggers 
work. Dessalines decreed forced labor (slavery), far more cruel than the blacks had ever suffered 
under the Whites. He was so hated by his own people he was assassinated in 1806, two years 
after he crowned himself. 

Out of the resultant anarchy two nigger states emerged: the north ruled by Henri Christophe 
(as "Emperor" Henri I) and the south ruled by the cruel hand of Alexandre Petion as a president 
for life. There was continued rivalry and warfare between the two. In 1818 Petion died or was 
murdered and Christophe took över. 

Christophe was an unusually vigorous nigger, having some White blood in him. He became 
exceedingly vain, arrogant, pompous and cruel. Resentment and insurrection flared up against 
him. Realizing the hopelessness of his situation, he committed suicide in 1820. 

The rest of the history of Haiti to the present day is a meaningless continuation of further 
anarchy, cruelty and filthy poverty, an overpopulated island of stone-age savages, unable to 
maintain the White Man's civilization and unable to govern themselves, and worst of all, unable 
to feed themselves in a productive land. 

Lessons We Must Learn. We, the White Race must learn some harsh and inescapable 
lessons from the history of Haiti, if we are to survive. In the tragedy and extermination of the 
White Race on this most desirable piece of real estate set in the tropical breezes of the West 
Indies we can see the prelude to the fäte of the White Race here in America and elsewhere in the 
world. These lessons are: 

1. No multi-racial society can long survive as a civilization. 

2. In any multi-racial society, the instinctive hatred between the races is permanent and 
irreconcilable. It is unbridgeable. It only needs the opportunity to flare up into open 

3. As in Egypt, as in India, as in Haiti, there is always interbreeding between the races. The 
resulting mulattos are the driving wedge for equality with the superior Whites. Mulattos will 
join with niggers to destroy the Whites, then the niggers will turn on the mulattos and destroy 
their superiors, in the end reducing the population down to its lowest denominator. 

4. Niggers given "independence" and left to their own devices are incapable of governing 
themselves (except on the level of a primitive tribe) or even of feeding themselves above a 
starvation level. 

5. Mulattos out-breed the Whites, and niggers out-breed mulattos. 

6. The triumph of niggers över Whites is always and only accomplished by the treacherous 
conniving of the Jewish race. It is they who exploit and aggravate White divisiveness and 
then plan and execute the destruction of the White Race. The niggers are their most effective 
ploy and tool with which to accomplish this goal. 

7. Slavery has been a curse for the White Race. 

8. We ne ver needed the niggers at any time, as is proven by the building and Winning of the 
West. In today's highly developed technology the niggers are a most useless and dangerous 
parasite on the backs of the White Race. 

9. We must rid ourselves of the niggers in our midst and ship them post haste back to Africa. 

10. Niggers are absolutely poison in the midst of a White society. 

1 1. In order for the White Race to survive, the White Man must have a strong sense of racial 
consciousness and must close ranks against not only the niggers, mulattos and mud races, but 
above all against the Jews. 

12. Basic to all this is the need for the White Race to have a racial religion around which to 
polarize his racial loyalty. This the Church Of The Creator is providing in Creativity, 
our religious creed. In it the White Man has the Total Program, the Final Solution, and the 
Ultimate Creed. 

Creative Credo #31 

The Racial Spectrum— From Primates to the White Race 

The Egalitarian Idea. The biggest hoax of the Christian Era, next to Christianity itself, is 
the modern idea that "all men are created equal." Although Christianity didn't exactly invent 
that idea, it did more than anything else to lay the groundwork for this dangerous lie, a lie which 
is now slowly poisoning the minds of the White Race itself and preparing our race for extinction. 

Christianity Once Condoned Slavery. Strangely enough, for more than a thousand years of 
its existence, Christianity did not even take issue against the institution of slavery as such. In 
fact in many Biblical passages it condones slavery. The Old Testament, which is three quarters 
of the (Jewish) Christian bible also fervently advocates racial segregation, racial superiority, with 
the Jews (of course!) being God's chosen. The rest of mankind as far as the Old Testament is 
concerned are hostile inferiors, to be destroyed. 

Paved the Way. Yet Jewish Christianity did prepare the way for a large portion of today's 
White people accepting the ridiculous hoax that we are all equal — the egalitarian thesis. How 

did Christianity help bring this about? 

Well, in the first place, the Jewish-Christian bible is a mäss of contradictions that has 
something to say positively and negatively on all sides of every issue. It is like a musical 
instrument — you can play on it any tune you choose. By picking out those particular passages 
that suit your argument and ignoring all other passages that contradict it, you can have God and 
the bible on your side to back up your argument, any argument, whatever it may be. 

Jewish Catchwords. The egalitarian thesis is relatively new to history, compared to 
Christianity' s 1,900-year spän. It began to be promoted in earnest by the Jews över 200 years 
ago when they were preparing for the French Revolution. In order to destroy the French elite 
and the leadership of the French people the Jews fostered the catchwords "Liberty, Equality, 
Fraternity." As they point out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, these words are self- 
contradictory, and the idea impossible of fulfillment. As they also point out, the people are too 
dumb to realize this contradiction, and always fall for the bait. The Jews soon inveigled the 
Christian preachers to help spread the idea. As the Jews have often pointed out, they always first 
enlist the aid of the stupid preachers to help spread their corrosive ideas. The passages that were 
now emphasized were that "we are all God's children", that "we are all equal in the eyes of the 
Lord", that "we all have a soul", that Jesus came to "save all sinners", and a lot of similar drivel. 

Promoted by Preachers. But the idea caught on, thanks to the stupid preachers who didn't 
know what they were talking about or whose nest they were feathering. In one of the most 
unfortunate faux pas of history the Founding Fathers of the United States began their Declaration 
of Independence by stating "We regard these truths to be self-evident — " and then went on to 
declare something that was not self-evident at all, but a blatant lie against the Laws of Nature 
itself " — that all men are created equal." This was as stupid and contradictory as saying, "We 
all know that obviously two and two makes seventeen." Anyway, the Jews and the preachers 
had done their job well, and even the Founding Fathers, intelligent as they were in so many other 
respects, had also been somewhat infected by this blatant lie, and the White Man would pay 
dearly for it in the future. 

Double Talk. That the Founding Fathers obviously didn't believe their own propaganda is 
evidenced by the fact that nearly every one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence and 
låter, writers of the Constitution, themselves owned passels of niggers as slaves. This included 
people such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. In fact when the Constitution was 
written the niggers were not given the vote, or any other civil rights, but counted as 3 / 5 of a vote 
for their White masters in determining the apportionment for Members of Congress for each 

Jews had a Field Day. In any event, the fat was in the fire. The Declaration of 
Independence was now ballyhooed to the skies as being as incontrovertible as the bible itself and 
the Jews had a field day from there on in. 

Revolution in France. In France they succeeded in turning that country upside down and 
killing off most of the French leadership. This was not only limited to killing the King, the 
Queen, and the nobility, but anybody that either was, or potentially could become, a leader. The 
Jews' motto always has been "kill the best." This was then followed by twenty years of warfare 
among the White European nations, further bleeding France to death and killing off the cream of 
the White manhood of France, and also of Europé. France has never recovered and never been 
the same since. The Jews tightened their control över this unfortunate nation and its leadership 
has ever since been unstable as a chicken with its head cut off. 

Civil War in America. In America this idea too soon bore its evil fruit and the chickens 
soon came home to roost. Through the aggressive promotion of propaganda by the Jews and 
again aided and abetted by the Christian preachers, this young land of promise was soon to 
be plunged into a vicious civil war, all in the cause (supposedly) of the equality of man, to "free" 
the niggers, and in the name of human rights. The real aim the Jew had in mind was, of course, 
totally different. It was to divide and conquer America, and we have expounded on these causes 
further in our first book, Nature's Etern al Religion. 

Total Mongrelization the Goal. But the worst consequences of this infamous lie, the 
equality of man, are yet to come. The final end result is to be the total mongrelization and 
destruction of the White Race and thereby giving the Jew the insurance for all time to come that 
the surviving stupid, mongrelized herd will never have either the leadership or the intelligence to 
ever again challenge his unlimited control. The White Race will be gone, and the remaining 
brown "Melting Pot" (into which the Jews do not mix) will be dumb, servile, easily enslaved, 
and kept in eternal bondage. 

The ultimate Jewish vision is to have the Jewish jackboot pressing down on the neck of the 
goyim, with the face of the goyim down in the mud. 

That, my dear White Racial Comrade, is the aim and the end result of the noble sounding but 
treacherous Jewish catch phrase that "all men are created equal." 

White Man Confused. Since, like our Founding Fathers, so many of our White Racial 
Comrades of today are still confused and confounded by this treacherous Jewish idea of 
"equality," let us examine it further, so that we may smash it and demolish it for all time. 

Contrary to Nature. This blatant lie is an affront to the Laws of Nature itself. If we look at 
the different species of Nature we find inequality everywhere. The species are inequal to each 
other, and single individuals of the same species are also inequal. For instance a lion is not equal 
to a mouse, and among the lions themselves, some are strong and aggressive, some are weak, 

sickly and timid. It is the same among the mice. Not only do we have a whole subdivision of 
many sub-species of mice all över the world, like kangaroo mice, field mice and dozens of 
others, but again they differ widely in the same species, with Nature forever culling out the weak 
and defective in order that the best may survive, procreate and upgrade the species. 

Order of Primates. It is exactly the same with the species of "mankind", if you will pardon 
the expression. Mankind is a species of mammal, and to further narrow the field down, belongs 
in the Order of Primates. I believe it is much more useful to look at man as a member of the 
primate order than as "mankind." The latter, it seems is a confused blänket cover for a höst of 
sub-species that somehow are set aside from other mammals, because supposedly we have a 
"soul", although nobody really knows what a soul is. However, when we look at man as a 
member of the primate order, the picture becomes much clearer in defining the differences in the 
species all the way from the bottom to the top. 

Primates Unequal. So let us start with the whole spectrum of primates as such. At the 
lower end of the spectrum in this order of mammals we have apes, monkeys, lemurs, gorillas, 
chimpanzees, orangutans, etc. 

Now anybody who has been to a zoo knows from first hand observation that these primates 
are far from equal. They are not the same in size, shape, color, intelligence, strength, nor the 
same in the primitive social orders they establish in the wilds. A gorilla is bigger and stronger 
than a chimp, but a chimp is regarded as more intelligent and a faster learner. But then there is a 
wide variety among the chimps themselves as there are among the gorillas, and so on ad 
infinitum. Only an idiot or a lunatic could conclude that Nature bestows equality on all her 

Niggers Unequal. If we proceed (only slightly) up the primate ladder from the apes we 
come to the tribes of the niggers, which again vary all the way from the Australian bush men, to 
the Papuans of New Guinea, to the African bushmen, to the African Swahilis, and so on to 
hundreds of other tribes who are different sub-species of the same original race. As soon as we 
point to these different tribes it becomes obvious to even the most casual observer that the 
different nigger tribes even in the continent of Africa itself are highly unequal. The African 
bushmen are small midgets about four feet tall, whereas the Watusi are tall and athletic, many of 
them being seven feet tall. 

Niggers Sold Their Own. Nor are all these niggers equal in intelligence or temperament. 
Some are stupid, and others are even more stupid. Some are docile, some are warlike. When the 
Jewish slave traders sent their ships to the Gold Coast of Africa to pick up slaves, the more 
aggressive tribes on the coast would round up the more submissive niggers of different tribes 
further inland and have the merchandise ready and waiting for sale. 

Darwin Misquoted. There is one other factor we should clear up at this point. As soon as 
we point out that "mankind" is a branch of the order of primates, the Christians (as they have 
been programmed) jump up to "disprove" Darwin' s Theory of Evolution and how contemptuous 
they are that "they" did not descend from apes or monkeys. Now Darwin never said we 
descended from monkeys or apes. He observed, and logically so, that all primates probably had 
a common ancestor, just as all members of the cat family such as lions, tigers, lynx, etc, 
probably had a common ancestor. There is a difference between these two ideas. For instance, if 
you have a cousin, you have a common set of ancestors, namely, one set of grandparents. 
However, this does not mean that you are a descendant of your cousin, or vice versa. Need we 
go further? 

Niggers Lowest. Continuing up the "human" ladder from the niggers, undoubtedly the very 
lowest, we have a variety of mud races of different mixtures, types and varieties. It is neither 
necessary nor in our interest to classify them here, nor to even set them in their proper pecking 
order. Anyone with a modicum of common sense and minimum of analytical ability can tell a 
nigger from a Chinese, from an Indian, from an Eskimo, from a Polynesian, and knows they are 
not the same physically, nor in intelligence, nor in temperament, nor in morality, nor in culture, 
nor a hundred other categories and characteristics we may wish to examine. Nor is one 
Chinaman the equal of another, nor one Indian the equal of another. If all Indians were the same, 
we would never have found hundreds of different tribes on the American continent, all the way 
from Mayans in Mexico to the Iroquois in the Great Lakes area. Nor if all Indians in the same 
tribe were equal would there ever have developed even the lowest of social orders, namely the 
tribe, consisting of Chief and Indians. Without inequality there could never have been any chief, 
only a disorganized conglomerate of equal (equally dumb) Indians. 

Impossible to "Uplift" Niggers. There is one further thought I would like to interject at this 
point. "Humanitarians" (heavily backed by Jews) for the last few centuries, ever since the 
egalitarian idea began to take hold, have fervently promoted the idea of making the niggers and 
the mud races equal to the White Race, financially, culturally and intellectually. This is, of 
course, impossible, and a travesty against Nature to even try. We could make the niggers 
financially equal to us by foolishly selling "all thou hast" and giving it to the niggers. In fact 
through (Jewish) government coercion we are now doing just that. But culturally and 
intellectually it is impossible, because it just isn't in the niggers' genes to ever reach our level of 
intelligence and culture, no more so than it is possible for gorillas to do so. 

Not our Obligation. Nor is there any reason we should try. The Jew is pushing härd to 
bring about "equality" by having us (not them!) interbreed with the niggers. This is genocide for 
the White Race and a heinous crime against our illustrious ancestors, our future generations, and, 
of course, a treacherous betrayal of the present generation. 

Uplift Apes to Level of Niggers Instead. If these bleeding-heart "humanitarians" (wretched 
traitors that they are!) want to "uplift" the "less fortunate" in the world, why not start lower down 
on the primate ladder, and let them try to "uplift" the apes, who are even "less fortunate", more 
"deprived" than the niggers. Why not try to bring the apes up to the level of the niggers and 
have them interbreed? If we are going to start "uplifting" and interbreeding, why not start at the 
lowest rung of the ladder where the "need" is greatest? It would be one hell of a lot better than 
"monkeying" with the genes of Nature' s Finest, Nature' s Elite, the great and magnificent White 
Race. Let these contemptible "humanitarian" race-mixers try that idea on for size. Let them 
interbreed apes with niggers and then listen to these traitorous swine scream. 

White Race Our Only Concern. Why should we be interested in uplifting niggers any 
more than we would be interested in uplifting apes? We Creators aren' t. There is only one 
race we, the Church Of The Creator, are interested in "uplifting" and that is the White Race 
and the White Race alone. 

White Man Builder of All Civilizations. Historians are fond of claiming any number of 
civilizations that have come and gone and crediting different "peoples," (never the White Race) 
with these accomplishments. This is a superficial rendition and completely unfair to the White 
Race. As I have pointed out in the first few chapters o{Nature's Etern al Religion, every 
civilization that was ever built, whether half-baked or full fledged, was built through an incursion 
of the White Man, whether it be the ancient Hindu civilization, the Chinese, the Mayan, or what 

have you, the White Man moved into an alien race, dominated it, built a civilization. Because 
the White Man did not properly cherish and protect his genes, but foolishly interbred and 
intermixed with the inferiors, those civilizations then stagnated and declined, never to be revived. 

Repeatedly Destroyed by Mongrelization. The lesson is clear. It is the White Man's 
superior genes, and his alone that have built every civilization. Those civilizations then perished 
as the genes of the White Race were submerged and dissipated in a sea of more rapidly 
multiplying mongrels. Read again the tragic history of the repeated mongrelization of the great 
White Race in Nature's Etern al Religion. 

Needless Tragedy. This is what is happening to the White Man again in America and 
throughout the world. The White Race is being mongrelized and civilization is again on a down 
hill slide to destruction. This time, since it is a world- wide phenomenon, it might be terminal, 
irreversible, gone forever. Whereas in Egypt this mongrelization process took three thousand 
years, in India (4,000 years ago) it took approximately six hundred years, in America at the råte 
we are going with the Jews utilizing our modern technology to accelerate the process, it could be 
all över in a generation or two. What a horrible, needless tragedy! 

Dedicated to Averting Mongrelization. It is the purpose and goal of the Church Of The 
Creator to see to it that this tragedy will never again happen. It is our very reason for being — 
to bring the unique White Race to a realization of its great worth; to clearly exposé the danger to 
its very survival; to clearly point the finger at the culprit — the super-parasite of all times, namely 
the destructive Jew; to isolate this poison and to destroy it. It is our unequivocal goal to wrest 
control of our destiny back into our own capable hands, and once having done so, to propel the 
great White Race forward, higher and higher so that one day the White Race will expand, 
prosper and colonize all the good lands of this Planet Earth, sans niggers, sans Jews and sans 
mud races. 

Regain Our Senses. In order to accomplish this great and glorious goal we must first of all 
regain our senses. We must again get back to the fundamental Laws of Nature which tell us loud 
and clear — take care or your own. We must rid our minds of all the Jewish plethora of 
poisonous ideas that spell our own destruction. We must chuck overboard the destructive idea 
that all men are created equal. We, the White Race, must realize the obvious — we are at the 
very top of Nature' s ladder of creation and are her crowning glory. 

Pride and Exclusivity Essential. If this sounds like a proud statement, it is meant to be. 
Nothing is achieved without pride, and no one will defend that which they do not value. The 
White Race must fanatically treasure its most precious value — its gene pool — at all costs. In so 
doing we must have only one viewpoint — the White Man's point of view. As we stated in a 
previous chapter, never again will we look at the world through the snake's eyes. The White 
Man's point of view must be the criterion for all our attitudes and actions. Slushy sentimentality 
and fuzzy thinking can have no place in the White Man's war for survival. We must clearly 
recognize our enemies and be ruthless and aggressive in their destruction. We must realize the 
overwhelming fact of life — it is either Them or Us. They have given us no choice. Only one 
or the other will survive. 

The Church Of The Creator wants to make damn sure that it will be the White Race that 
will survive. 

Other Mud Races. Now that we are thoroughly familiar with the abominable nigger and 
have a fair idea of what a dangerous and despicable animal he is, let us take a look at some of the 
other mud races that are a dire threat to our racial body. 

Poisoning our Gene Pool. The Jew today is forcibly injecting millions of sick, 
impoverished, alien mud races into our body politic and racial blood stream. He is doing this 
viciously, deliberately and forcibly, poisoning our gene pool, and denying any future to our 
descendants except a mongrelized hell. 

Robust Men of Action. Let us take a look at the racial attitudes of our forefathers, 
especially in the first half of the 19th century before their minds became poisoned with the Civil 
War propaganda. Let us take a look at the glorious episode known as Manifest Destiny and The 
Winning of The West. Then let us look at the direct no-nonsense approach they took towards 
the inferior Mexicans to the south of us, how they managed to distinguish between "friendlies" 
and "hostiles" and how by force of arms they won a great and glorious empire. 

Creative Credo #32 

W e Shall be Masters of Our Own Manifest Destiny— 


Robust Energy. In all the glorious pages of the White Man's history, there is probably none 
that shines forth as brilliantly as does the saga of the White Man's drive westward to spän the 
American continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the nineteenth century. 

Superb Accomplishment. In terms of accomplishment; of expanding the White Man's 
territory and numbers; in terms of building cities, railroads, farms, roads, harbors, telegraph and 
telephone lines, and many other basic fundamentals of our White civilization; in terms of 
pushing back the inferior savages and creating productive new living space for the White Race; 
in terms of organizing and creating political institutions, stability and government över former 
wildernesses; in these and many other areas of achievement, none can rival the phenomenal 
accomplishments of the raw and brawling push westward that was the shining American epic 
summed up in "The Winning of the West". 

Manifest Destiny. The White American loudly proclaimed he had a "Manifest Destiny" to 
do so, and had an exuberant feeling of accomplishment in his very soul. Had the White Race of 
the nineteenth century had a racial religion like Creativity, it would have done the job even 
better — faster, more thoroughly and more permanently. 

Our Blueprint. We of the Church Of The Creator are making the unbridled White 
Man's spirit of conquest and expansion as exemplified by the building of America and the 
Winning Of The West an integral part of our own dynamic philosophy. We are building on it 
as our blueprint, a grand model and point to it as an explicit moral justification for Winning the 
World for the White Race. 

Highest Moral Virtue in our eyes. We categorically state: that if the building of America 
and the Winning of the West was morally wrong, then we might as well condemn the White 
Man's right to life, his right to survival, his right to inhabit this earth, as also morally wrong. We 
condemn such an attitude as both insane and suicidal. If the White Man's philosophy and 
program of pushing the inferior savages ever westward and building a future homeland and 
nation for the White Race in the 19th century is morally correct, then the White Man's program 
for doing so in the rest of the world — Africa, Australia, etc, is equally correct today, in the 
twentieth century, and ever beyond. 

What Traitors can do. Anyone who denies the White Man's right to build America in the 
19th century is a hypocrite and a traitor to the White Race. Any White Man whose heart bleeds 
for the savage Indian can readily make his own restitution. He can assuage his Jew-scrambled 
"conscience" by renouncing his membership in the White Race, selling his property and giving 
the proceeds to the Indians, and committing harikari. How many hypocrites blabbering about the 
rights of the Indians (and other mud races) are willing to back up their insane postulations with 
this kind of action? When put to the crucial test, there is none, except perhaps a few who have 
been driven to the edge of insanity by an overdose of Jewish propaganda. However, I know of 

Analyze our Strengths. Let us briefly review the phenomenon that is America and analyze 
the factors that made it the most productive, the wealthiest, the most powerful nation in all 
history. In this review let us also include our White Racial Comrades in Canada, who are really 
part and parcel of the White Man's conquest of the North American continent, and we will 
include them equally when we speak of America and Americans. 

Last Bastion of the White Race. Today, in the fourth quarter of the 20th century, America 
stånds as the last bastion, the last stronghold of the White Race, Although it contains less than 
6% of the population of the world; although only approximately half of even that population is 
now White, still America produces as much in terms of goods and food as the rest of the world 
combined. If we subtracted the productivity of Whites in Europé and elsewhere, the productivity 
of food, clothing, technology, machinery etc. would so far outstrip that produced by 30 times the 
number of inferior mud races that we can hardly be considered as living on the same planet. 

Conclusion. Therefore, let us proceed to the inevitable conclusion: 

(a) In America, the White Race, by conquering and pushing before it the inferior redskin savages 
and the mongrel Mexicans, has produced the finest, most affluent and advanced civilization 
the world has ever witnessed. 

(b) We of the Church Of The Creator not only approve of this accomplishment both morally 
and ethically, but loudly Applaud It as the finest, most productive accomplishment in 
the brilliant history of the White Race. 

(c) That this great and tremendous accomplishment must serve as the future prototype for the 
White Man's winning of the world. 

Part of Our Creed. We adopt it as part and parcel of our religious creed, and whereas the 
Winning of the West was accomplished in a more or less haphazard and unplanned fashion, we 
hope to dramatically improve on our next phase, the Winning of the World. We mean to give it 
a plan and a purpose and make it a Holy Crusade to which the entire White Brotherhood will 
give its total dedication and effort. 

The Mexican Problem. A large part of the Winning of the West was not only a matter of 
subduing and destroying the savage Indians but also a matter of conquering the Mexicans who 
already held a large area of land in what is now Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico and 
part of the Rocky Mountain states. The Spanish Conquistadores had preceded the White Anglo- 
Saxons into these areas by a good 300 years. By the time the Anglos came along these areas 
were still only sparsely settled, and the population had degenerated into Mexicans — a mud 
people consisting mostly of Mestizo mix-breeds and Indians. 

We shall explore this most interesting and significant piece of history in the next chapter. 

Creative Credo #33 

The War With Mexico 1846-48— An Unfinished War 

Most U.S. Wars Costly and Pointless. The United States has fought many wars in its short 
history of a little över 200 years. Most of these wars were tremendously costly in lives, money 
and material and most of them were not in the best interests of the American people. On the 
contrary, most of them were ghastly, stupid wars in which the United States even when 
"victorious" came out a bad löser. One of the most destructive, insane and devastating was the 
Civil War fought between 1861 and 1865. Others were W.W.I, W.W.II, the Korean War, the 
Vietnam War and others that plunged the country into terrible financial indebtedness to the Jews 
and made the United States and the world a worse place to live in. 

Constructive and Beneficial Exception. One of the most notable exceptions was the 
Mexican War fought between 1846 and 1848. At this time the Jews were already manipulating 
the financial affairs of our country and frantically fomenting the coming Civil War. But their 
control över the basic drives and instincts of the people was far from what it is today. (They 
didn't have television in those days.) At that time in history the American people were exuberant 
about the idea of conquering a continent and the idea of "Manifest Destiny" to spän that 
continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the White Race was still an exciting dream. 
Fortunately at this time the United States had a quiet, unpretentious, yet determined president 
who was one of our greatest — James K. Polk. As can be expected, subsequent Jewish history 
has given this great man very little notice, and even less credit. Yet his short 4-year regime was 
one of the most productive and significant in the history of our young republic. 

Nation Distracted by the Slave Issue. This is all the more remarkable since his era was one 
in which it seemed no president could come to grips with any vital problems. Between the 
period of 1837 and the election of Lincoln, every issue, no matter now disconnected, ended up in 
a pro or con hassle about slavery, an issue the Jews were fomenting vociferously to drive the 
young nation into civil war. 

President Polk a Man of Action. Polk managed the issue as "a plague on both your houses" 
and doggedly went about his business of successfully achieving his historic objectives. 

In short summary these accomplishments were (a) the annexation of Texas on December 29, 
1845; (b) whipping the entire Mexican nation (with its background of nearly 300 years of 
Spanish civilization) and occupying its capital, Mexico City; (c) by the Treaty of Hidalgo 
Guadalupe acquiring the present territory of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho; (d) by 
another military action taking the sta te or California; (e) by purchase and negotiation with 
Great Britain acquiring the "Oregon Territory", which includes the states of Washington, 
Oregon and the northern part of California. 

Expanded White Man's Territory by half. Thereby Polk in his short term acquired in total 
the western third of America' s 48 [states] and established its final southern, western and northern 
boundaries. All this in the middle of a period when other "great" politicians were tearing the 
nation apart with the Jew-concocted slavery issue. Not bad for a "forgotten" president, a 
president whose memory we Creators will rekindle in the hearts of our race. 

But let us go back less than a decade before Polk's time. The War with Mexico really began 
in 1836 with a heroic drama at a small mission on the San Antonio river. It was called the 

Conquest Of Texas 

Remember the Alamo! Mexican history began with the conquest of the Aztec empire by 
Cortes in 1521. Although the Spanish Conquistadores had a good two hundred years head start 
över their Anglo-Saxon rivals to the north, there was this difference: The Anglo-Saxons drove 
the Indians before them, took the land and married White women. The Spaniards on the other 
hand exploited the land for gold and silver, enslaved the Indians and intermarried with them. In 
the end the Indians absorbed the Spaniards, reduced the population to a mixture of mongrelized 
mestizos, (with Indian genes predominating) and reverted into one of the more backward 
countries in the western hemisphere. Över the centuries the inferior Indian genes by sheer 
numbers conquered the Spanish Conquistadores. 

Mexican Independence. In 1810, while Spain itself was under Napoleonic occupation, the 
Mexicans revolted. After more than ten years of anarchy, killing, banditry, warfare and 
mayhem, Spain finally recognized Mexican Independence. The mongrels were on their own. 

Anarchy Rampant. During the quarter century between independence in 1821 and the 
beginning of the Mexican War in 1846 Mexico had had more than 40 different "governments." 
Although the Mexicans copied the American Constitution, revised and re-wrote it a dozen times, 
anarchy and revolution was the norm rather than the exception. 

Up for Grabs. Although rights to the väst area of Texas had been relinquished to Spain by a 
U.S. treaty in 1819 in exchange for Florida, the ragged frontiersmen of the 1830's never 
accepted this "sell-out." They regarded it as belonging to the White Race by natural right and in 
the path of westward expansion. "Manifest Destiny" belonged to them. By 1835 there were 
approximately 30,000 White settlers in the area commonly known as Texas. The Mexicans 
claimed the area as theirs, but at best their claim was weak. Actually the land was up for grabs. 
The Anglos regarded it as a natural extension of a nation moving West. The Texans were ready 
to declare independence. 

Punitive Expedition by Santa Ana. Into this picture stepped the cruel, flamboyant and 
treacherous Mexican general — Santa Ana. In the game of musical chairs, by intrigue, brilliant 
military feats and deception he was by 1836 the undisputed dictator of Mexico. When the Anglo 
gringos refused to bow to their tax collectors and recognize Mexican domain över Texas he was 
going to teach them a lesson. Starting out with an army of 6,000 men in the winter of 1836 he 
marched north, with the avowed intention of subduing and/or driving before him and killing 
every White Anglo settler in Texas. First he had to subdue the small Texan garrison at San 
Antonio de Bej ar. 

Patriots and Adventurers. Most of the 182 Texas volunteers that held San Antonio were 
there almost by accident. Jim Bowie, of frontier fame, arrived there less than a month previously 
with a small group of some 30 men and orders from Sam Houston to blow up the Alamo. This 
order he promptly disobeyed and decided to stay. Colonel William B. Travis, only 27, arrived 
there with a group of 25 men about two weeks after Bowie. He too had orders to blow up the 
Alamo Mission so it would not fall into the hands of the Mexicans. His orders came from 
"Governor" Henry Smith of Texas, one of two warring political factions. Like Bowie, Colonel 

Travis, too, disobeyed those orders and decided to stay. These two groups, joined the small 
contingent of 104 men already there under Colonel James Clinton Neil, who left shortly due to 
illness. What with other departures altogether there were now 150 men at San Antonio. 

To this mixed group, few of whom were soldiers in the regular sense of the word, must be 
added the presence of Davy Crockett, Indian fighter, frontiersman, former Tennessee legislator 
and U.S. Congressman, now at 50, already a living American legend. 

Makeshift and Disorganized. Like the split, makeshift, fledgling government of Texas, the 
command of the garrison at the Alamo was divided between Colonel Wm. B. Travis and James 
Bowie, with most of the men leaning towards Bowie in their loyalty. 

Such was the disorganized situation when Santa Ana and his army of 6,000 arrived on 
February23, 1836. 

Colonel Travis gathered his men from the town of San Antonio into the Mission courtyard of 
the Alamo, since the chapel building was the only one in the town with walls suitable for any 
kind of defense. During the first day, Colonel James Bowie was severely hurt in attempting to 
mount a cannon, his chest nearly crushed. This left Colonel Travis in supreme command, a duty 
he discharged with valör and glory. 

Request for Aid. Couriers sent out by Travis to enlist aid in their desperate situation bore 
little fruit. Colonel Fannin at Goliad with 400 volunteers got the message, but he either would 
not, or could not move. The only aid received on the tenth day of the siege was a small 
contingent of 32 volunteers from the town of Gonzales (raising the total to 182 in the Alamo). It 
was aid that could mean little in the success of the outcome. The Gonzales men knew it and their 
brave decision to help was a decision to die fighting. 

Days of Heroism. After twelve days the Texas sharpshooters had exacted a heavy toll from 
the Mexicans, and despite the constant cannonading, despite the sleeplessness, despite the 
shortness of powder and shot, they had not had a single casualty among their men. 

Storming of the Alamo. Early on the morning of the thirteenth day Santa Ana decided to 
storm the walls. His buglers played the famed "Deguello", a primitive and ancient Moorish 
march, the signal cry that no quarter would be given, no prisoners taken alive. By 9 o'clock in 
the morning it was all över. Every Texan had been murdered, bayoneted and mutilated. 

Glorious Legacy. But the Texans had not died in vain. They died as heroes whose story 
still inspires with tremendous pride the Texans of today and Americans in general. They will 
live on in history as did the gallant 300 who died defending the pass at Thermopolae in Greece 
twenty-three centuries earlier. Furthermore, they exacted an extremely heavy toll. Between 
1,500 and 1,600 Mexicans died in those thirteen days. 

Disaster and Revenge. But that is not all. Their death shocked all of Texas. It finally 
aroused the squabbling Texans to unite and take their independence by force. It did something 
else: It set off a deep and lasting råge in Texans that cried out for revenge. It was a victory in 

Annihilation of Texans. There was more bad news for the Texans. In the now victorious 
Santa Ana the Texans faced an enemy cold-bloodedly determined to crush them so completely 
they would never rise again. Nothing less than total extermination of all the White gringos 
would do. He would teach those Americanos a lesson they would never forget. 

Goliad sent no help. Ninety-five miles to the southeast of the Alamo lay the small Texas 
village of Goliad, garrisoned by 400 young American recruits under the command of Colonel 

James Fannin. It was this group that Colonel Travis had asked for help in defending the 
beleaguered Alamo. Colonel Fannin was a stränge and vacillating man. Partly through 
indecision, partly through mishap, no aid was ever sent from Fannin to the desperate men in the 
Alamo. This was to cost the Texans and the garrison at Goliad dearly. 

Goliad Captured. In his march to wipe Texas off the map a force of 1,400 of Santa Ana's 
men under General José Urrea arrived at Goliad on March 19, 1836, and surrounded Fannin' s 
garrison. After two days of fierce fighting, the Americans surrendered on the Mexican promise 
they would be treated with honor and sent on parole to the United States. For eight days 
Fannin' s men were held captive in Goliad and treated humanely. Then came Santa Ana's order: 
The men were all to be shot. 

Mexican treachery. Early on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836 the Mexican troops marched 
the prisoners out of Goliad telling them they were to be freed on parole and sent to New Orleans. 
Suddenly near the San Antonio river and half a mile from the fort the Mexicans turned on the 
Americans and shot them down in cold blood. Only 60 managed to escape. 

Panic. The news of Santa Ana's slaughter hit the Texan civilians like a thunderclap, 
precipitating a frantic exodus from farms and settlements. 

Houston biding his time. Meanwhile, Sam Houston was organizing the remnants of his 
tattered army, retreating before the Mexican onslaught, carefully picking his place and time. 

Revenge. Only a few weeks låter, April 21, 1836, Sam Houston with a force of 600 
volunteers trapped Santa Ana's forces at San Jacinto. With the rallying cry of "Remember the 
Alamo!" the furious Texans annihilated the Mexicans in a battle that lasted only 20 minutes. 
General Santa Ana was captured. In fact, it was probably the only important battle in American 
history where not a single enemy soldier escaped being either captured or killed. 

Stupid Clemency. There is one footnote to this victory that should, however, be both a 
lesson and a warning to us. Instead of killing all the Mexicans for murdering the heroes of the 
Alamo, and again the slaughter at Goliad, Sam Houston struck an agreement with Santa Ana, 
who was after all, El Presidente of Mexico and its supreme military commander. Santa Ana 
could live if he would send his remaining troops home and surrender all Mexican claims to 
Texas. Santa Ana agreed. 

Repudiated and Betrayed. Santa Ana's successors immediately repudiated the claim and a 
year låter Santa Ana was released, to fight against the Americans again 10 years låter, as we shall 

In the meantime, for 10 years Texas walked the road alone, under continual threat from 
Mexican invasion. 

Lessons to be learned. The lessons that we, the White Race, can learn from this dramatic 
episode in the Winning of the West are several. 

1 . Only by unity can we win. 

2. Only by struggle and sacrifice can we win domain över land and territory and rout the mud 

3. That when we allow the mud races (through our generosity, charity, stupidity or whatever) to 
win över us they can be brutally cruel and will try to exterminate the White Race whenever 
they have the opportunity. 

4. Unfortunately, it often takes a major tragedy to bring the White Race to their senses before 
they will unite and fight. 

5. Never allow a defeated enemy to come back låter to fight again. We shall have more about 
this in the next episode of our history. 

TheMexican War Of 1846-48 

Mexico Seething with Revenge. With little or no help from the United States proper, Texas 
remained an independent "Republic" for nearly ten years, before it was finally accepted for 
statehood on December 29, 1845. This delay, as we stated in the beginning, was due to the 
idiotic squabbling in Washington between the different factions on the issue of slavery. With the 
Americanization of Texas in 1836, the relations between the U.S. and Mexico continued to grow 
more abrasive. Whereas the Mexicans were fuming över the loss of Texas (which they did not 
acknowledge) they were also seething for revenge. In Mexico City there was vainglorious 
rhetoric about marching on Washington. American contempt for Mexican anarchy and 
continuous revolution, on the other hand, brought forth a war fever to storm the "Halls of 
Montezuma" and teach these greasers a lesson. But mostly, behind all this was the basic 
American desire for those western lands that Mexico still claimed, but was unable to hold, and 
the Mexicans knew it. 

A Man of Action. It took a President Polk to bring the issue to a head. While other 
presidents (and politicians) wasted their energies in the incessant factional squabbles about the 
slavery issue, Polk decided to act. We, the White people of America, owe him a huge debt of 
gratitude for his foresight, courage and determination. 

On to the Rio Grande. In March of 1846 Polk ordered Brig. General Zachary Taylor's 
army out of its camp at Corpus Christi to march southward to "defend the Rio Grande." After 20 
days "Old Rough & Ready' s" 3,000 men reached a place called Arroyo Colorado, about 30 miles 
north of the Rio Grande. A strong Mexican force warned them not to cross the stream, as it 
would mean war. Taylor's men crossed the stream immediately. The Mexicans fled without a 
fight. Taylor's men marched on to the Rio Grande where they looked across the 100-yard width 
of river at the Mexican city of Matamoros. Despite Texan independence they were now in 
territory still claimed by Mexico. He decided to build a fort opposite the Mexican city. The 
Americans were unaware that the Mexican Army of the North was awaiting them at Matamoros 
with at least as many men and twice as many cannon. 

Poised for War. Thus two armies — and two nations — were poised on the brink of war, 
with the Americans daring the Mexicans to make the first move. 

Mexican Forces Superior in Size. We must remember that at this time Mexico had a larger 
population than the U.S., an equal amount of territory, and a much larger army trained in the 
rigors of 35 years of warfare and a capital city that was four times the population of the city of 
Washington. The American army, on the other hand, had no real wartime experience for two 
generations, except for inconsequential Seminole Indian wars in Florida ten years earlier. Its 
total strength was only about 5,300 men spread paper-thin över some 100 outposts. Furthermore, 
except for PohVs determination, the war at home caused wide and sometimes wild divisions of 

American public opinion. Many Americans, still mindful of the Revolution and the hated British 
soldiers had little use for "regulars." 

Blood is Spilled. In the meantime, while Taylor' s force was dwindling due to desertions and 
disease, the Mexican side was reinforced by a new contingent of 2,000 men, and a new general, 
Mariano Arista, took command. He had come to fight. Sending General Taylor a polite note 
that "hostilities have commenced," his cavalry crossed the Rio Grande well upstream from 
Matamoros. When Taylor sent a cavalry patrol of 65 men to investigate, they were ambushed. 
The war was on. 

Congress Drags its Feet. "American blood has been spilled", General Taylor wrote 
President Polk. Two weeks låter, May 9, 1846 the report reached Polk. On May 1 1 Polk sent a 
message to a divided Congress. Rather than asking for an outright declaration of war, he asked 
Congress "to acknowledge" a state of war already existing "by the act of Mexico herself." After 
much bitter and heated debate, Congress finally "acknowledged" such state, and proposed to 
supply the President with 50,000 troops and 10 million dollars in order to bring the "existing" 
war to a speedy termination. 

Volunteers Eager. It makes interesting reading to study the details of the war that ensued. 
Unfortunately, we do not have the space here to do so. Once war was declared, Americans 
eagerly volunteered for service, although never did the U.S. muster a standing army of 50,000 
men at this time. 

Two American Victories. With his decimated army of 3,000 men Taylor defeated the 
superior Mexican forces in two successive engagements — at Palo Alto, and at Resaca de Palma, 
both on the north side of the Rio Grande. On May 18, 1846 Taylor crossed the river and 
occupied the city of Matamoros itself, a city of 4,000. However, he had foolishly allowed the 
defeated remnants of General Arista' s army to escape and fight another day. 

Taylor National Hero. The first news of Old Rough & Ready' s brilliant victories reached 
Washington on May 23, 1846, ten days after passage of the war bill. Taylor, the unknown 
frontiersman, became a national hero almost overnight. Volunteers rushed to the colors. By 
midsummer of 1846 Taylor had some 14,000 men on the Texas-Mexican börder. 

On To Monterrey. By mid August, Taylor decided to move inland to engage the enemy. 
Taking only 6000 troops with him he moved on Monterrey, a formidable fortress-city of 15,000 
where he met General Ampudia's superior Army of the North, now re-inforced and well 
equipped. After three days of heavy fighting the Americans finally ran up the flag of victory on 
the Citadel. Their losses had been extremely heavy. 

Mistaken Generosity. Defeated General Ampudia proposed an Armistice and General 
Taylor magnanimously accepted, allowing the Mexican troops to march out with their arms two 
days låter. 

This was the second time Taylor had made the same costly mistake — a mistake the White 
Race in general is only too prone in committing. When the opportunity presents itself, the 
enemy should be utterly destroyed so that it never will be able to fight again. 

Ten years earlier Sam Houston had made the same charitable mistake — he allowed General 
Santa Ana to live after capturing him at San Jacinto. This treacherous and most brilliant of 
Mexican Generals was to be Taylor' s next adversary, a blunder which President Polk helped 
bring about. 

Treacherous Santa Ana is Back. Santa Ana, prior to the commencement of hostilities, had 
been in exile in Cuba. This wily old fox was the one man who could successfully rally the 
Mexicans to effective resistance, and the Mexicans, realizing this, forgave all his earlier sins. 
The question was how to get him through the American blockade that now spanned the Gulf of 

Polk is Tricked. Polk, hoping to persuade the Mexicans to "sell" the disputed territories, 
believed Santa Ana when he sent Polk a note suggesting he, Santa Ana, was the only Mexican 
strong enough to conclude a negotiated peace and end the war. Polk followed up on the 
suggestion and allowed Santa Ana to slip through the Navy's blockade. 

Once back in Mexico City, Santa Ana had no intention of making peace. In short order he 
again captured control of the Mexican government and rallied the army to repel the gringo 
invaders. He was by far the best weapon the Mexicans had. 

Within less than a month Santa Ana raised an army of 25,000 men. Meanwhile Taylor, with 
his depleted forces, marched southward towards Saltillo. With reinforcements of 2,400 
volunteers under General Wool, Taylor prepared to meet Santa Ana, who was marching north to 
scourge and destroy the invaders. 

Victory at Buena Vista. At the Battle of Buena Vista it was a matter of 4,500 American 
volunteers versus 15,000 Mexican effectives led by Santa Ana. After bloody and costly fighting 
all day on February 23, 1847 in which Taylor' s army several times was on the brink of being 
destroyed, the Mexicans retreated the next morning and headed south. It was Taylor' s last battle, 
and, the next election catapulted him into the office of President. 

General Winfield Scott takes Över. In the meantime, Polk had decided to place General 
Winfield Scott in charge of the Mexican War. Using Lobos Island, 180 miles from Vera Cruz, as 
an amphibious staging area, Scott raced against time. He had to beat the deadly yellow fever 
scourge he knew would be more deadly to his men than the enemy. It was his objective to storm 
Vera Cruz, march his men to the higher attitudes before the summer heat and then on to Mexico 

Landing at Vera Cruz. Starting in February of 1847, after interminable delays and foul- 
ups, finally at 5:30 p.m. March 9, Scott landed troops on Collada Beach a few miles south of 
Vera Cruz. By 10 o'clock that night all 1 1,000 men had landed without a single casualty. It is 
still a puzzle to military historians why the Mexicans in plain sight allowed the landing without 

Vera Cruz Surrenders. Vera Cruz itself was a military fortress with the harbor guarded by 
Fort Ulua, with walls 15 feet thick. In three days the Americans had surrounded Vera Cruz in a 
seven mile are and cut off its water supply. By March 22 the American mörtar batteries (set up 
under harassing Mexican fire from Vera Cruz) were in place and ready to reply. After several 
days of intensive bombardment in both directions, Mexican morale inside of Vera Cruz began to 
collapse. By March 28 Vera Cruz surrendered, and the garrison inside of Fort Ulua, dependent 
on the city for food, capitulated also. 

Scott' s losses were minimal for the tremendous victory achieved — 13 killed, 55 wounded. 

Yellow Fever. But the season was getting late. Scattered cases of yellow fever were already 
breaking out. By April 8 the first American contingents started on the road to Mexico City and 
higher ground. 

Ambush at Cerro Gordo. In the meantime General Santa Ana had pulled his forces 
together and carefully chosen the most strategic mountain pass to waylay the Americans — a 
little town called Cerro Gordo. With 12,000 troops well entrenched on the hills, he met the 
Americans on April 18. After a full day of heavy fighting the Americans routed the Mexicans. 
The Americans suffered 431 casualties but the Mexicans suffered 1,200 killed or wounded and 
3,000 prisoners. Låter the prisoners were released. 

American Victory. General Scott was jubilant. In a resounding victory at Cerro Gordo he 
had smashed the only enemy army between him and Mexico City 180 miles away. Surely now 
the Mexicans would negotiate for peace. 

Truculent Enemy. But he was mistaken. The worst of the fighting was yet to come. 
Mexico was an ugly enemy — she would not fight and she would not surrender, or so it seemed. 

Dissention in Washington. At home in the States the war of words raged on even more 
furiously. In Washington, politics flared full force. Some called for withdrawal to the Rio 
Grande. Some clamored for instant peace. Some argued for finishing it conclusively. The issue 
of slavery flared up again and was linked to the pro- war forces. Instead of giving General Scott 
and his valiant soldiers their full support, half the country abandoned them. 

American Strength Eroding. Added to Scott' s problems at this time were the short-term 
(1-year) volunteers whose time was now up. Most of them opted not to re-enlist and 3,000 
marched back to Vera Cruz to be shipped home, thus reducing Scott' s effectives to a mere 7,000. 
His supply lines from Vera Cruz were over-extended and reinforcements were meager and slow 
in coming. To add to Scott' s problems, President Polk sent a civilian peace negotiator, Nicholas 
Trist, who out-ranked Scott, with a sealed peace proposal to the Mexican government. Scott was 
outraged and he balked. He asked to be recalled. 

Fierce Hatred for Yankees. But Mexico would not negotiate anyway. Scott' s spirits rose 
when 4,000 long awaited reinforcements finally arrived. On August 6, 1847 another 2,500 
recruits under Brig. General Franklin Pierce (the future president) arrived at Puebla. This 
brought the Americans' strength up to about 13,000, of whom 2,200 were sick and unfit for duty. 
Ahead of them lay the valley of Mexico City with 200,000 inhabitants defended by some 30,000 
soldiers under Santa Ana, all filled with a fierce hatred for the Yankee invaders. 

Victory and Deception. Having used Puebla as the staging area for the final assault, Scott' s 
men marched över the passes into the valley of Mexico on August 20 and immediately engaged 
the enemy. After a day of heavy fighting and severe losses on both sides the Americans 
shattered the Mexican army, broke the Mexican defenses at the bridges and had the city at their 
mercy. Santa Ana shrewdly proposed a truce of one year for discussion of "preliminaries of 
peace." What he was really attempting was to buy time to again rally his forces. Scott fell for 
the ploy. Although he rejected a year's time as too long, he agreed to a short armistice. 

Santa Ana was delighted, and the truce went into effect August 24. 

Big Mistake in Misplaced Trust. Scott made the biggest mistake of his campaign. Again 
trusting in the "sincerity" of the enemy, he was fooled. Santa Ana worked feverishly to 
reorganize his forces, deploy new cannon and batteries at strategic buildings and roads and build 
their defenses. Even the common American soldiers knew it was a foolhardy mistake. Instead 
of smashing the enemy once and for all, their commander "talked." The men grumbled that after 
winning the greatest victory in the whole campaign, they would have to fight the battle all över 
again. They were so right. 

On to the Halls of Montezuma. The "armistice" lasted two weeks. By now Scott had 
fewer than 8,000 effectives and the enemy in home territory was well entrenched with 18,000. 
On September 8 the Americans again attacked to storm Chapultepec Castle and finally drive into 
the heart of the city itself. After a week of heavy fighting and severe losses on both sides the 
Mexicans ran up the white flag and asked to negotiate. This time Scott was not fooled. He 
intended to have the city and his troops marched to the Grand Plaza and ran up the American flag 
on the National Palace. General Scott arrived in full battle dress and the cheers of the American 
troops could be heard for blocks. 

Victory Complete. Scott appointed General Quitman as Military governor and the 
campaign was över. One of Scott' s men, Capt. Ro well S. Ripley låter blamed the two- week 
armistice as needlessly costing the Americans 1,652 men and officers killed and wounded. 

Eternal Lesson. There is another episode in this war that should be a lesson and a warning 
to all race traitors of today. 

American Traitors. When General Taylor's army faced the city of Matamoros across the 
Rio Grande in 1846, Sargent John Riley of Co. K swam across the river and never came back. 
He joined the Mexican Army. In the months that followed, hundreds of others, moved by 
boredom, drink, or Mexican blandishments of free land, followed Riley' s example. Many were 
moved by Mexican propaganda that the Protestant Yankees were trying to destroy the Catholic 
church. Since över 20% of some regiments were Irish Catholic immigrants, this propaganda 
especially appealed to this group. They formed the San Patricio Battalion and fought against the 
Americans, and quite effectively so, since they were in most cases more technically adept than 
the Mexicans. 

Court Martial. At least 65 San Patricios were taken at Churubusco, tried by court martial 
and sentenced to häng. 

Hanged. As the U.S. troops charged the castle of Chapultepec, 30 of these deserters stood 
on mule carts, beneath a scaffold, with nooses around their necks, watching the flagpole at the 
top of the castle turret. The raising of the Stars and Stripes would be the signal for the 
executioner to motion the cart drivers forward and leave the traitors hanging. 

General Scott had reviewed the cases of 65 deserters. Those that were not hanged were 
given 50 lashes, the letter D (for deserters) branded on their cheeks and left the grim job of 
digging the graves of those hanged. 

Warning to All Traitors. We of the Church Of The Creator take an even tougher stånd. 
We contend that being a traitor to your race is even a more heinous crime than treason to country 
or army. We, too, shall have a day of reckoning with all those traitors who today believe they 
can betray the White Race with impunity. We, too, shall render good old-fashioned frontier 
justice to race traitors. 

Meanwhile, in California. While Generals Taylor and Scott were waging the fight south of 
the Rio Grande, another contest was being waged in the far west for a rich prize — California, an 
area also claimed by Mexico, but almost independent of any control from Mexico City. 
Nevertheless, for several centuries it had been settled by a Spanish-Mexican population whose 

allegiance was still towards their kinsmen to the south. But White settlers were beginning to 
drift in, in ever increasing numbers. 

Capture Rich Empire. The invasion of California by American officialdom really began 
surreptitiously in 1845 with a small "exploratory" expedition headed by John C. Fremont who 
was to make a "survey" of a pass through the Sierras to California. Before it was över, with 
other adventurers and military men such as Brig. General Stephen Kearny, Commodore John 
Sloat, Commodore Robert Stockton, they had captured a rich empire for the United States. This 
they were able to accomplish with relatively few forces, a few small pitched battles and only a 
small loss of lives. It makes fascinating reading, but we do not have the space to go into the 
details here. 

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Suffice it to say here that after General Winfield Scott' s 
total victory and occupation of Mexico City on September 14, 1847, the Mexicans, hostile as 
they were, were forced to come to terms. One of the main problems was to find a responsible 
group that could be recognized as a government, since Santa Ana's government had been 
overthrown and he had again fled the country. Finally such government was shaped under 
Manuel Pena y Pena. After much obstructionism from the U.S. government itself, negotiator 
Nicholas Trist, a stubborn man, concluded the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which the Pena 
government signed February 2, 1848. After much bitter debate it was ratified by the U.S. Senate 
onMarch 10, 1848. 

White Race Wins Half of Mexico. Despite all the obstacles Polk had imposed on his 
negotiator, (Polk withdrew his peace proposals and instructed him to return home, orders Trist 
refused), much to PohVs surprise, in the Treaty Trist had gotten him just about everything Polk 
had optimistically set out to obtain before the war ever started. Under the Treaty the southern 
boundary of the United States was established, running along the Rio Grande to the New 
Mexican börder and from there reaching westward to the Pacific Ocean to a point below San 
Diego. In turn the U.S. would pay Mexico 15 million dollars and also assume the 3.25 million 
dollar claims of American citizens against the Mexican government. In short, Mexico ceded 
more than half of its territory, including California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and any claims 
it had to any of the other western land. 

Oregon Claims Settled. Great Britain's claim to Oregon had been settled by peaceful 
compromise in June of 1846, giving the U.S. the Pacific Northwest to the 49th parallel. 

Polk one of the Greatest. We, the White Race, should therefore proudly give our due 
credit and honor to President James Polk, who did more in two years to expand the territory 
for the expansion of the White Race than any other president in history. This despite the fact that 
practically all other politicians of his decade were stupidly enmeshed in a mad hysteria about 
slavery, to the point where practically all opportunity for positive action was next to impossible. 
Our school children have not been told the full story of this glorious chapter in the history of the 
White Race. Probably for that very reason, because it was the most constructive and productive 
war in American history, the Jewish writers have downgraded Polk and the Mexican War as an 
insignificant part of our history. 

Mexican War a Glorious Victory. Instead, the Jews keep rehashing the Civil War, the 
"nostalgia" of it all, the "colorful" generals, and so on, ad nauseam. The fact that the Mexican 
War was a most constructive and productive war and the Civil War a terrible ghastly blunder, 

perpetrated by the Jews themselves, is never pointed out. When they refer to the Mexican War at 
all, they portray it as one of a big bully (the U.S.) taking advantage of a weaker neighbor. 

Mexican Resources Surpassed U.S. This, too, is a blatant lie. In 1846 Mexico had a 
population at least equal to the U.S. It had as large a territory under its domain. Its capital of 
Mexico City had a population of 200,000 more than four times the population of Washington, 
D.C. Mexico' s history dated back to 1519, a good three hundred years before the Anglos of the 
North even got started on their road to Manifest Destiny. Furthermore, at great disadvantage, the 
Americans had to fight this war on enemy territory far from home with greatly over-extended 
supply lines at a time and place where there were still no railroads, no telegraph lines, and when 
transportation and Communications were still extremely slow and difficult. In every engagement, 
in every encounter, in every battle, the Americans were out-numbered in manpower and out- 
gunned in numbers of cannon and artillery. Any battle they would have löst on Mexican 
territory would undoubtedly have meant the total slaughter of the American forces. So it was 
hardly a war of unequals, as the distorted Jewish history books would have us believe. 

Superiority of White Race över Mongrels. Yet in every battle the Americans triumphed 
över the Mexicans, even when they were outnumbered five to one, as they often were. Why did 
they triumph? The answer is in our genes, in the superior intelligence and fighting abilities of 
the White Race över the mud races: the mestizos, the mix-breeds and the Indians. Let us never 
forget this. There are many other lessons we can learn from this glorious chapter of our history, 
if we want to learn from history. 

What We Can Learn from the Mexican War 

1. The most obvious and important lesson we must learn is that America, as every other 
country, empire, or civilization, was built by conquest. It was by force of battle, by spilling 
blood, by conquering the enemy that the White Man forcibly took the land from the Indians, 
or the Mexicans, and even won their independence from the British. 

2. We of the Church Of The Creator regard the wars against the Indians and the Mexicans as 
of far greater significance than the war of the American Revolution against England. After 
all, Canada has prospered equally well, although it never formally broke away from England. 
Its smaller population is solely due to the fact that only its southern fringes lie in a hospitable 

3. If the Mexican War of pushing back the mud races and settling it with White people 
was so productive in the past and was the "American way," why scrap a winning 
formula? Why not apply the same successful program to the rest of the land areas of 
the world, not just for the U.S., but for the White Race as a whole? We of the Church 
Of The Creator propose that this is exactly what we not only can do, but must do, if we 
are to survive. We have the intelligence, we have the power, and Nature has given us the 
natural right to do so. In its credo the Church Of The Creator also furnishes us not only 
with the moral right to do so, but also the moral obligation to do so. 

4. For those insipid bleeding hearts (whose minds have been perverted by Jewish propaganda) 
we throw down this challenge: If you really believe that the White Man was wrong in 
conquering America, if you don't believe in the American way, why don't you set an 
example of demonstrating your convictions by deeds? Give your property back to a Mexican 
or an Indian, renounce your American citizenship and crawl into a hole and die. That's the 
bottom line of your idiotic conclusions, whether you know it or not. 

5. We of the Church Of The Creator take the contrary position. We take a position that both 
Nature and history have taught from time immemorial, and that is: Land and Race are 
Everything. Land and territory are worth fighting for and dying for. Land is essential to the 
life and the preservation of our race. The survival, expansion and advancement of race is the 
most vital goal in our existence. We of the Church Of The Creator believe not only in 
expanding American territory, as did our glorious ancestors of 1846-48, but of following the 
same great "American way" of expanding the living area of the White Race all över the 
world, until the White Race inhabits every hospitable square mile on the face of the earth. 

What we can Learn from the Mexican War about Dealing with our enemies. 

1. The war, first of all. between the Texans and the Mexicans, and ten years låter between the 
United States and the Mexicans, was, first and foremost, a Racial War. It was a war of racial 
hatred between the inferior, mongrel Mexicans and the healthy expansion of the White Race. 

2. The Mexicans hated the White Race because they felt inferior and because they actually were 
(and are) inferior. The White Man at that time still had a healthy racial pride and instinct and did 
not want the inferior Mexican mixed-breeds to breed and proliferate in his territory. 

3. The Mexicans still hate us with the same fierce intensity as they did a hundred or two 
hundred years ago, and they always will. The reason is the same as to why the niggers and all 
the other mud races of the world hate us: they feel (a) inferior, and (b) threatened, and both for 
good reasons. 

4. When Santa Ana won a military victory at the Alamo by means of sheer numbers, their 
hatred and cruelty knew no bounds. Playing the ominous "Deguello" they not only massacred 
every soldier in the Alamo, but even then their fury knew no bounds. They hacked, stabbed and 
mutilated the dead bodies for an hour afterwards, and even went so berserk as to shoot a number 
of their own men, though not a single American was still alive. Again, when Santa Ana defeated 
Colonel Fannin's 400 men at Goliad, those that were taken prisoner were then mercilessly shot in 
the back to the last man (except those that managed to escape). With Texas wide open Santa 
Ana then systematically set about killing every White settler in their path, until Santa Ana was 
trapped and defeated by Sam Houston at San Jacinto. 

The Ominous Lesson is this: if and when the Mexicans, or the niggers, or any other mud 
race, has the power över us to do so, they will mercilessly slaughter the White Race. The hatred 
they have for the White Race, aggravated by world-wide Jewish propaganda, is irreconcilable, 
just as the issue between the pioneer mother and the rattlesnake. 

5. Never Give Your Enemy a Second Chance. If Sam Houston after defeating Santa Ana at 
San Jacinto in 1836, had not parleyed with Santa Ana, had not negotiated, had not trusted Santa 
Ana to keep his bargain, but had hanged himself instead (he had plenty of moral grounds for 
doing so after the Alamo and Goliad) then he would have saved the Americans and the White 
Race many, many lives. Santa Ana would not have been around to rally the Mexican forces and 
kill thousands of Americans ten years låter. 

Similarly, if General Taylor had utterly destroyed the Mexican forces at Palo Alto and at 
Resaca de Palma when he defeated them, he would not have had to fight some of the same 
survivors at Monterrey and Buena Vista again. 

Similarly, if General Winfield Scott, who was otherwise a brilliant military strategist, would 
not have stopped to parley and "negotiate peace" with Santa Ana when he had defeated the 

Mexican araiy at the entrance to Mexico City, he would not have had to fight Santa Ana all över 
again two weeks låter at a tremendous cost in lives. 

Totally Destroy the Enemy. The conclusion we should learn from all these experiences 
(and thousands of other battles the White Man has fought) is this: when you have your enemy 
at bay, utterly destroy him while you have the opportunity so that he will never be able to 
come back and fight again. Don't trust him, don't negotiate, don't be charitable, don't be 
chivalrous, don' t be magnanimous or big-hearted. Just utterly destroy him. 

Heroic Group. In the war against the Mexicans, there is one group of heroic men in the epic 
of the Southwest that deserves our particular mention. Because of their tenacity, their bravery 
and especially their dedication to the survival and expansion of the White Race, we Creators 
point with pride to that gallant cadre of White Men, the Texas Rangers. They were tough, 
relentless and untiring in waging war, pushing back and tracking down the Mexican and Indian 
marauders that tried to kill and drive out the early Texas settlers. 

Tough Spearhead. Whereas we do not have the space here to give even a cursory history of 
this elite band of lawmen, I want to give them their just due in making it possible for the White 
Men and their families to first of all settle, and secondly, maintain their tenuous toehold on the 
precious soil they had won. When the Mexican War finally came to put the mongrelized 
Mexicans in their place, it was the härd core of former Texas Rangers that were the shock troops. 
In practically every major battle and every heroic victory, all the way from Matamoros to the 
Halls of Montezuma, the relatively small forces of six companies of Texas Rangers made a huge 

Strictly No Nonsense. When the war was över, the frontiers of Texas still remained under 
savage assault from the recalcitrant Mexican mongrels and their ancestral kinsmen, the savage 
Indians. Singly and in collaboration with each other, both the Mexicans and the Plains Indians 
continued their murderous raids on the Texas settlers for decades after the Mexican War was 
över. Especially tenacious among the Indian tribes were the fierce Comanches and the 
Cherokees. It was the job of the Texas Rangers to drive these enemies of the White Race out of 
Texas and make sure they stayed out. With such unstinting dedication and relentless energy did 
the Rangers do their jobs that both the Mexicans and the Indians soon learned their lesson the 
härd way — to come up against the Texas Rangers was to pay in blood — to leave their dead 
carcasses on the plains of Texas. 

Texas Devils. So formidable a reputation did the Rangers earn for themselves that when 
General Winfield Scotfs troops entered Mexico City in triumph in 1847, it was the Texas 
Rangers that the Mexicans feared the most. They referred to them as "Los Diables Tejanos" — 
the Texas Devils. It was a reputation that stayed with them long after the Mexican War and a 
name both the Mexicans and the Indians learned to hate and to fear throughout the Winning of 
the West. 

Federal government aggravated Indian problem. There is one other footnote in the 
history of Texas that is highly noteworthy to our struggle against the mud races. When Texas 
joined the union during the last days of 1845, the Federal government in Washington pre-empted 
the Indian problem. Whereas the Texans and the Rangers had taken a härd stånd of expulsion 
towards the Indian predators, the Federal government reversed this policy and set up Indian 
reservations on Texas soil, made a number of meaningless treaties with them, and actually 

protected, fed them, and in various ways, subsidized these unwanted savages. Confusion and 
frastration ensued. The Indian problem was not solved, but on the contrary, aggravated, to the 
chagrin of the Texans. 

Final Solution By Texans. The White people of Texas began to wonder just whose side the 
Federal government was on. For 14 years they tolerated this stupid nonsense. Finally in 1859 
they took matters into their own hands — abolished every reservation, and drove the Indians out 
of their territory, a task ably performed by the Rangers. After that any Indian found in Texas 
was there at his own risk. 

Credit and Discredit. It is to the eternal credit of the Rangers and the early Texas settlers 
that the Indian problem was liquidated once and for all, and no reservations or wet-nursing 
compounds for inferior red skins remained in Texas. Not to the credit of their offspring is the 
toleration and proliferation of the väst and growing Mexican element, which is now smothering 
the White Race in Texas and the Southwestern states, and, in fact, the Mexican disease is 
spreading to the rest of America. 

Eternal Heroes. Among those of the Texas Rangers we Creators especially point with 
pride as having contributed greatly to the building of the frontier for the White Race are such 
famous names as Lieutenant Jim Rice, Colonel Henry W. Harnes, and especially those great 
heroes of the Mexican War, Captains Ben McCulloch and Sam Walker, who led many of the 
major attacks from Matamoros to Mexico City. Probably the greatest of them all is Colonel Jack 
C. Hays of the Rangers' San Antonio Company. Their exploits and those of countless other 
Rangers which we unfortunately cannot list, read like heroic fiction in the annals of the White 
Man's War against the treacherous Indians and their mongrelized half brothers, the perfideous 

Our Goals those of Texas Rangers. In today's continuing War against the Mexicans it is 
our intention to re vi ve the spirit and the goals of the Nineteenth Century Texas Rangers. Their 
goal was — as is ours today — to drive every Mexican and every Indian from the territory of the 
White Man. What neither the Mexicans nor the Indians could win in the 19th century by force of 
arms, our treacherous Jewish government has aided them to achieve in the 20th century through 
sheer treachery: by means of immigration; by means of welfare; by means of subsidization; by 
allowing illegal Mexican aliens to invade our borders by the millions. We now have an 
intolerable situation where the mongrelized Mexican Indians are taking över not only the 
Southwestern states that the White Man won in the War of 1846-48, but are disseminating all 
över the United States into cities like Chicago and many others. By invasion and sheer breeding 
(the "Hispanics" are even more prolific than the niggers) they are crowding out the White Man in 
his own territory, surreptitiously swindling the White Man out of coming to grips by means of 
any war of confrontation. 

Growing "Hispanic" Menace. To show how serious the Mexican problem is, let us look at 
some figures as of the year 1980. The population of Mexico itself is now 70 million miserable 
clawing creatures. By the end of the 20th century Mexico City itself is projected to have a 
population of 32 million, probably out-distancing even Tokyo as the world's most populous city. 
The "Hispanic" groups in the United States are now stridently organizing for political muscle. 
They include in their ranks Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Phillipinos, and claim to 
number 20 million. Not included in this group are another 10 million illegal Mexican aliens, 
who are invading our borders with impunity by the thousands every day. If we add up the 70 
million in Mexico itself, the 20 million "Hispanics", and the 10 million illegal aliens, this adds 

up to a formidable 100 million hostile, rapidly breeding mongrels who hate the White Man with 
a passion and are waiting for the day when they can wreak vengeance on the hated gringo whom 
they both envy and despise. 

Projection into the Future. Now, as do råts and flies, these Hispanics, when fed and 
subsidized by the White Man, can double their numbers rapidly. The Mexicans are now in fact 
doubling their numbers every 20 years. This means that the way we are now going, that in 20 
years there will be 200 million of these mongrels on our back. In 40 years there will be 400 
million and in 60 years, 800 million fierce, clawing, vengeance-seeking hostiles in our midst. 
Sixty years is not that far away, but long before that time, unless we alter course, the White Race 
in America (and the world) will long have been wiped out by the rapidly breeding, clawing, 
hostile mud races of the world. 

The War Continues. We of the Church Of The Creator therefore want to urge and 
inspire every red blooded White Man to action — to take up again the war on the hostile 
mongrels where our heroic forefathers of the Mexican War left off. We again call the White 
Man to arms to revive again the spirit of the Texas Rangers whose motto was "the only good 
Indian was a dead Indian" and vowed to drive the mongrelized Mexicans and Indians forever 
from the soil and territory of Texas. Like the Texans of the Alamo we of the Church Of The 
Creator declare war on the mongrels. Like the Texas Rangers, our goals must be to cleanse 
our land of the savages and the mongrels. The early Texans realized that in their väst territory 
there was an irreconcilable conflict of three races — the Mexican, the Indian and the White Race. 
They could never live together in peace and the White Man could only survive by either driving 
out or destroying the other two. As Texas Governor M. Bounaparte Lamar (1838-40) succinctly 
stated "The White Man and the red man cannot live in harmony together. Nature forbids it." He 
realized the United States policy of moderation and forbearance towards the Indians had been a 
total failure and the proper policy was one of total expulsion. 

Our Eternal Legacy. With this policy we agree, not only towards Indians, but also toward 
their racial kinsmen the Mexicans, as all other mud races. It is not our policy to make the world 
safe for "democracy," a Jewish idea and swindle at best, but on the contrary to make the world 
safe for the White Race, not only in our time, but for our children and their future progeny, 
eternally and forever. 

The War with Mexico is Unfinished. 

Exploding Birthrate. The birthrate of Mexicans today (and their Latino neighbors to the 
south) is the highest in the world, even exceeding that of the well-fed and subsidized niggers in 
the United States. They, the niggers and the other mud races of the world are a bigger threat to 
us than the hydrogen bomb. If we don't soon face the wild and unchecked invasion of mud races 
into the White Man's territory, we will soon be swamped into a cesspool of chaos. 

Unchecked Invasion becoming a Stampede. It is härd to tell at this point in history 
whether the niggers, or the Mexicans, or the Cubans, or the Haitians are the biggest threat to the 
White Race in America, but let's not waste time haggling about that question. The point is they 
all are, as are the tremendous influx of Chinese, Jamaicans, Vietnamese and millions of other 
mud races who are starving in their own countries and want to get on the backs of the White 
Man's generous subsidy. They bring with them nothing but bad news — disease, poverty and 

800 Million Mexicans in 60 years. Of them all the Mexican invasion is the most rapidly 
accelerating threat. This is partly due to our 2000 mile long common börder. The population of 
Mexico today (1980) is seventy million, and as I have already pointed out, it is doubling every 
twenty years. In 60 years, as I have also pointed out (if the Hispanic element is left unchecked) 
the North American continent will be infested with 800 million Mexican-Hispanic mongrels. 
Sixty years is not a long time. Need we go further? For centuries Mexico hasn't been able to 
feed her people. As a result they swarm across the börder into the United States by the millions 
each year to get on welfare, to feed and to breed. In the last decade or so they have made 
alarming inroads in the population of California, Arizona, New Mexico and other southwestern 
states. With the one-sided help of the Jewish anti-White Federal government, they have also 
gained tremendous political power. The Mexicans make no bones about their racial hatred and 
their social and political goals. On the school boards, on the municipal level, they openly brag 
that they will outbreed and drive the gringo out of these territories that once belonged to Mexico. 
At this point neither the White Man nor the United States government is lifting a finger to stop 
this outrage. On the contrary — collaboration and betrayal are the order of the day. 

Thinking Gone Berserk. Let us remember therefore, that the Mexicans are succeeding only 
because the White Man is letting them, and the White Man is stupidly letting them because his 
racial creed is all fouled up by Jewish-Christian propaganda, coupled with Jewish betrayal. It is 
up to the Church Of The Creator to correct this horrible tragedy and clear the White Man's 

At the heading of this chapter we called the Mexican War An Unfinished War. We couldn't 
be more serious. We have a war of major proportions on our hands, a war in which the present 
government (as usual) is betraying the White Race and is on the side of our enemies. 

Whether we know it or not, it is a war we are losing (at present) but can easily reverse if we get 
our bearings straight. So let us clear away the mental cobwebs that shackle our thinking and 
adopt an aggressive, meaningful program. We have no time to lose. 

What We Must Do. 

1. The first thing we must do is seal our borders from any further invasion of the Mexican 
hördes. After all, they are violating our immigration laws and therefore are criminal 
invaders. Since they are swarming in by the millions, what is the difference if they are doing 
so as a military army or as civilian invaders? The results are the same — they are taking över 
our land and living space. Therefore I propose we get tough and enforce the laws we now 
have. Set up machine guns and mow them down mercilessly as they try to invade us. This 
will definitely put a stop to this outrage. 

2. Change the immigration laws so that the immigration quota from Mexico is an absolute 

3. The next step is to aggressively comb the Mexican population for illegal aliens in our 
midst. Their very presence, too, is an outrage against our sovereign territory and all we need 
to do is strictly enforce the law as it now stånds. Every illegal then must be booted back 
into Mexico and told in no uncertain terms that if they ever again cross the börder or are 
found on U.S. soil they will be shot on sight. 

4. Once we have accomplished that much, the next step is to forcibly ship back to Mexico all 
Mexicans of that racial origin, whether they are citizens or not, whether they were born 
here or not. Severe? Remember what Santa Ana did to the Texans when they had the power. 

5. The next step is to adopt the same program as our great President Polk and courageous 

forefathers did in 1836 and again in 1846-48, and that is push the White Man's boundaries 
farther southward. 

We Now Have a Racial Policy. There will be one difference at this stage of history. 
Whereas the White Man's instincts in 1846 were basically sound, he did not have a clearly 
formulated racial creed or policy. Now we do. When we now expand our territory, we must do 
it in planned steps, and every step we take must be cleansed of the mud races and settled and 
assimilated by the White Race before the next step is taken. These steps we must take in rapid 
succession until we again reach and regain the Panama Canal that the Jews in collaboration 
with White traitors have gratuitously turned över to the enemy. 

If some of these steps may seem harsh to some of our still befuddled White Racial Comrades 
let us look at it this way: 

1. We have no choice. In the relentless struggle for survival that Nature has imposed on all her 
creatures the conclusion is obvious: either the Mexicans will take över, (with our help) and 
eventually massacre a diminishing White population as did Santa Ana in Texas, or we push the 
Mexicans ever southward into oblivion. 

2. This is not a new program, but a program initiated by our courageous forefathers who built 
America. It is in fact 350 years old and is the bedrock on which America was built. We 

Creators call it the "American Way." Do you want to argue against it and repudiate 350 years 
of American history? 

3. Let us look at it from the moral point of view of the Christian Bible. This book tells us 
that God is perfect and we poor dumb sinners are supposed to try to become more Godlike. 
Alright, let's pursue that approach. What did God do when he didn't like the people he created? 
He killed them all, he drowned them like a bunch of miserable råts in the "Great Flood," except 
for Noah's family. Then we can cite dozens of passages of the Old Testament where the Jewish 
God goaded the Jews on to take över the lands of the Canaanites, Philistines, etc. and 
encouraged them to "kill everything that breathes". Then also we can cite today's Chosen 
People driving the Arabs out of Palestine to the cheers of the rest of the "civilized" world. Shall 
I go on? So if that' s the Godlike approach, the moral and Christian way of dealing with a whole 
mäss of people, why should we be condemned for taking a similar, but much milder approach to 
the mud races invading our territory and threatening our very survival? 

4. Now let us look at it from the point of view of the Eternal Laws of Nature, the position 
that the Church Of The Creator takes on all issues. The overriding Law of Nature is the 
survival of the species at all costs. Nature does not ask any questions as to what your methods 
are or what (temporary) moral code you espouse, or anything else. It plainly commends to each 
creature to care for their own and harshly punishes those that are too lax, or too laggard, or too 
stupid, with the ultimate punishment — extinction. This is the bottom line as far as we are 
concerned. Our religious creed is founded on the Eternal Laws of Nature, and our basic goal is 
the resultant conclusion of such laws: the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White 

The Winning of the West: Our Blueprint for the Winning of the World 

Our Blueprint. Since the Winning of the West was the finest and greatest achievement in 
the history of the White Race, we want to weave this theme into our religious program. We want 
to remind and reemphasize to our White Racial Comrades of the spirit of work, hardship, 

fighting and colonization of the 19th century that produced the greatness of America. We want 
to remind our people that conquest and colonization is the American Way and to have some 
insipid bleeding hearts roadblock every action the White Race takes for its own survival will not 
only be condemned as being un- American, but will also be considered as treason against the 
White Race itself. We again want to remind any traitors of how General Scott handled the 
traitors at Churubusco. 

The Western Heritage our Trade Mark. Therefore, instead of adopting say the Nazi style 
of military dress and formål (which we also admire) we prefer the Western style of dress, in the 
manner of the cowboy, or the U.S. cavalry, or the Texas Rangers. We also will stress cowboy 
and country music, folk music, square dancing and other customs that reflect our early heritage. 
We will also encourage a revival of the architecture of the western frontier towns for our 
religious buildings. Why not? That is our real heritage and we want to emphasize that the 
foundations of the Church Of The Creator are not only grounded in the history and heritage 
of the White Race itself but those foundations are also rooted in early America. They are not 
a foreign import but thoroughly American in every way. Our proud slogan must be: The 
Winning of the West is the blueprint for the Winning of the World. 

Creative Credo #34 

Parasites and Predators— The Majority in Nature's Scheme 

The Eternal Laws of Nature. The Jewish bible foolishly promises us the "coming 
millennium" when a universal peace will descend upon the world, and "the lion will sleep with 
the lamb," presumably without the lion eating the lamb for breakfast. To realize how utterly 
ridiculous such fantasies are in the light of Nature and reality, all we have to do is make a 
cursory study of how the great majority of all living creatures are either predators or parasites, or 
both. This they have been for millions of years, and will forever remain so, or starve to death. 
The lion arid the lamb peacefully sleeping together might be a great philosophy for the lamb, but 
a very sick and suicidal philosophy for the lion. Should the lion be foolish enough to embrace it, 
he and his species would soon starve to death and become extinct. 

Predators. Most species of fish, birds, insects, reptiles and mammals are predatory. In 
short, they hunt and kill other species of life and consume them as their daily food. Fish eat 
tadpoles, shrimp, minnows, and in general, the larger fish eat the smaller fish. This is the Law of 
Nature and the ecological "Chain of Life" in the sea, starting from the smallest live creature in 
the food chain, the plankton. The plankton, which derives its food from the minerals of the 
ocean water, is the great exception, but then there has to be a starting point. From there on out it 
is mostly fish eat fish, and on up the ladder. Birds eat insects, worms and other live creatures 
different from themselves. However, hawks, eagles, falcons also hunt and kill other birds and 
consume them as food. 

Others form Prey. The animal kingdom is largely divided into Carnivora and Herbivora. 
The carnivores are flesh eaters, and the herbivores eat herbs, grasses, vegetables, or in general, 
plant food. Some like the bear, are omnivores, a mixture, eating on both sides of the trough. 
There are also the frugivores and the graminivores, as I have mentioned. Those like the wolf, 
coyote, lion, tiger, and many others whose mainstay is meat, must hunt and kill to feed 
themselves and their offspring. Otherwise they would starve. They are called "predators" and 
their victims are the "prey." Without prey, the predators would starve to death. 

Survival the Only Morality. Nature does not handicap the predators with any moral "häng 
ups." It tells the coyote to freely catch the rabbit and bring him home to dinner, and if he 
doesn't, he and his species will starve and become extinct. The coyote is not bothered with 
pangs of conscience about "killing one of god's creatures." Nature places supreme emphasis on 
survival. It places the ultimate penalty on those too sluggish in the struggle for survival. 
That ultimate penalty is extinction. 

Man a Predator. Now we come to our own species — mankind. Here we find that man, 
like the bear, is a mixture, carnivorous and herbivorous — predator and producer. In a previous 
chapter we have already designated him as a frugivora. In the case of some nigger tribes in 
Africa, he is even a cannibal and eats his fellow man. Whereas from earliest times man relied on 
hunting and killing game for food, in modern times the civilized White Race raises, grows, and 
in one way or another, takes a hand in producing most of what he consumes, whether it be beef 
or pork, or fruits, grains or vegetables. Nevertheless man is a true predator, and undoubtedly the 
most successful predatory mammal alive. 

Some Species of Mankind Parasitic. A certain segment of the human race is not only 
predatory, but intensely parasitic. Since we are mainly concerned about the White Race and 
since our race suffers much greater damage from human parasites than other predators, it is 
parasitology in particular we want to examine more closely. 


Parasite Defined. Parasitism can be described as a mode of life in which an organism of one 
kind (the parasite) lives within, or upon, an organism of another kind (the höst) with the primary 
objective of obtaining food and sustenance from the höst. 

Whereas with the Carnivora the relationship is between predator and prey, in parasitology the 
relationship is between "parasite" and "höst," the latter being a benevolent term indeed, since the 
höst suffers the parasite not because it wants to, but because it can' t get rid of the parasite. 

Parasite Completely Dependent on Höst. Parasites differ from predators in the fact that 
whereas predators usually kill in order to devour their prey, the ideal relationship from a 
parasite' s point of view is to feed upon a höst from which it can indefinitely suck its blood and 
life juices without killing the höst. The best situation of all is, if possible, to keep draining the 
life juices from the höst without inflicting significant damage to the victim. After all, if the höst 
dies, the parasite dies, since it cannot live without the höst. In any case, the parasite has to be 
able to attach itself to the höst, either on the surface, like lice, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, or 
internally, like tapeworm, hookworm, amoebae, trichina and many others, including viruses, 
germs and bacteria. 

Parasites extremely numerous. Besides the microscopic parasites such as germs, which we 
cannot see, the most familiar to us are those of the insect world. Undoubtedly such insects as 
lice, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, tsetse flies, have been feasting on and annoying man and animal 
from time immemorial. But fish, birds and even insects, have their parasites, too. 

Since, at present at least, the most dangerous threat to the future survival of the White Race is 
a human parasite on its back that the White Race does not seem to be able to shake, let us study 
the life style of a few typical parasites in Nature. 

The Argulus a Perfect Parasite. The Argulus is a fish louse. It is a parasite that attachés 
itself to the skin surface of fish. It is well equipped for its business. Although not a good 
swimmer, it can swim freely under water, using its legs as flippers. Once it lights on the body of 
a fish, its legs are marvelously designed to become grappling hooks and it attachés itself firmly 
to the body of its victim, which could be any one of a number of fish, such as a carp or a 
sticklefish. Once it has itself attached, the höst fish seems helpless to shake it off. The next 
piece of ingenious equipment the Argulus brings into play is a long sharp hypodermic needle. 
This it slides under the scale of the victim fish and into the body tissue. From thereon out the 
Argulus has a direct pipeline to the life juices of the victim, and can feed at will, with very little 
effort on its part. 

Parasites can kill. Often a höst (victim) is infested with a number of Argulus on its body 
surface, sucking away at its vital juices. In such a case the fish becomes sluggish, and as it 
weakens, it dies. The Argulus have then löst their succulent höst as a source, and must abandon 
it and make the effort to find another. Such is not an ideal relationship from the parasite' s point 

of view, since it has "killed the goose that laid the golden egg", and thereby at least temporarily 
destroyed its source. 

The Trichina. Whereas the Argulus is an external parasite (ectoparasite) the trichina is an 
internal parasite (endoparasite). The trichina is a small spiral worm, too small to be seen by the 
naked eye. The trichina also lives in animals, especially pigs and eating the meat of infected pigs 
is the main cause of human trichinosis, a disease widely distributed in various backward parts of 
the world. 

Raw pork biggest source. The disease is mainly contracted by humans by eating raw or 
improperly cooked pork containing cysts of the larvae. The cysts are digested in the stomach, 
releasing the larvae. They migrate to the intestine where they mature. The females are 
vivaporous (the young are born alive, no eggs) and may produce as many as 1,800 progeny in 6 
weeks. The young parasites then find their way into the lymphatic system and are distributed 
throughout the body. They eventually settle in the muscles, especially the diaphragm, chest and 
tongue muscles. After a period of several months the höst body deposits calcium around the 
encysted worms, trying to isolate them. The worms also often invade the heart muscles, causing 
myocarditis. It is estimated that five worms for every gram of body weight can cause death. 

Still Pre valen t. According to a 1948 Encyclopedia I have, 20 million people in the United 
States were affected by it. Due to better treatment of pork (thoroughly cooking) and some 
modern medication, the disease has now been virtually eliminated in the United States but still 
flourishes in many backward countries. 

A Part of Nature. I could go on and illustrate the modus operandi of any number of other 
parasites. There are thousands of varieties. But I think the two cited above suffice to illustrate 
how parasites operate and how they prey on their unwilling hösts. Humanity (as well as other 
species) still suffers from the miserable burden of mosquitoes, fleas, lice, bedbugs, worms, ticks 
and dozens of other parasites, and undoubtedly has throughout its existence. However, it has 
survived them all, and through modern technology is even gaining some measure of control över 

The Human Parasite Most Deadly. But there is one species of human parasite that the 
intelligent White Race has not yet been able to either control or shake off . That human 
parasite is the International Jew. Because of the White Man's failure to properly defend 
himself against this parasite, like the story of the fish with too many Argulus, it is killing the 
White Race. 

In the next chapter we will briefly review the White Man's prolonged and unsuccessful 
struggle to shake off this deadly parasite. 

Creative Credo #35 

Unrelenting Warfare Between the Parasitic Jews and Their Unfortunate 


Antagonism goes back 5,000 years. Listening to today's Jewish manipulated news and 
propaganda, the overwhelming number of the American public have the impression that hostility 
toward Jews is merely a recent isolated phenomenon invented by Adolph Hitler. They have been 
told över and över that the Jews are sweet, kind people just like everyone else, (only more so) 
and it is only because of the demented, paranoid prejudices of that wild man, Adolph Hitler, that 
the Jews have been unfairly picked upon for no reason at all. We are led to believe that before 
Hitler came along there was never any conflict between the Jews and the rest of the world. 

Irreconcilable Conflict. Nothing could be further from the truth. The conflict between the 
parasitic Jew and their long-suffering hösts throughout the civilized world is as old as 
history itself. That conflict is as basic as that between the pioneer mother and the rattlesnake I 
referred to in an early chapter. It is irreconcilable, is a matter of life and death, and will continue 
until either the Jews are exterminated or the White Race is destroyed. The reason for this is 
inherent in the Talmudic religion of the Jews themselves which regards all Gentiles as eternal 
enemies to be exploited, robbed, fleeced and manipulated for the benefit of the Jews. How they 
do so is the subject of several other chapters in this book. 

Parasites of Civilization. In this particular chapter we want to show that the Jews have been 
dreaded and detested parasites on the backs of civilized nations from time immemorial; that they 
have been thrown out of just about every civilized White nation in the world, not only once, but 
repeatedly out of the same country, or the same region, or the same city. 

From the Mouth of the Jews. The evidence we produce here is not from "biased" Gentile 
sources, but on the contrary, is taken directly from the Jews' own records. Much of the 
information given here is derived mainly from Jewish encyclopedias, which are written by Jews, 
about Jews, and principally for Jews. In it we find that the Jews have been expelled, massacred, 
driven out, hated and detested by just about every country and city that they have infested. This 
has happened not only once, but repeatedly, going back into history as far as the time they were 
run out of Egypt in the second millennium B. C. (about 3,500 years ago). Although this was not 
necessarily the first, it is the first major Jewish expulsion history has recorded. 

Series of Backlash. However, in this analysis we are mostly concerned about the conflict 
between Jews and Gentiles in Europé. The attacks were spontaneous and can be numbered in the 
thousands in villages, cities and countries. We find the attacks against the Jews at certain times 
ran in a campaign or a series and were given certain names. 

The Armleder Series: Name given to leaders of attacks on German Jews 1336-39, which 
were responsible for massacres in över 100 places in Alsace, Swabia and Franconia. 

The Black Death Massacres: These ran partially at the same time but över a wider area of 
Europé and a longer spän of time. The Jews were accused (and rightfully so) of poisoning wells 
during the Black Plague and dropping diseased bodies into drinking water and thereby spreading 
and aggravating the plague. Attacks took place in Poland, Spain, France, Catalonia and Northern 
Italy. In Germany alone attacks took place in 350 places, while 60 large and 150 small Jewish 
communities were exterminated. 

Bogdan Chmielnicki was a Cossack leader (1593-1657). In 1648 he headed a retaliatory 
uprising of the Ukraine. This resulted in the annihilation of hundreds of Jewish communities and 
the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, a contemporary source confirming that 744 Jewish 
communities were wiped out. The Jews refer to these as the Chmielnicki massacres. 

Hep! Hep! Riots: Anti- Jewish slogan used during the riots in Germany in 1819, a cry 
originating from the time of the Crusades. 

Rindfleish Massacres: Series of exterminatory attacks on Jews throughout Franconia and 
surrounding regions in 1298, after a Ritual Murder accusation. Led by a Bavarian noble named 
Rindfleish, 146 Jewish communities were annihilated. 

Simon Petrula (1880-1926): Ukrainian leader, who, with forces under his command (1918- 
20), carried out 493 pogroms in which 16,706 Jews were killed. 

Besides these series, there are certain terms that the Jews use again and again in the 
attacks on them, terms that are not ordinarily understood by non-Jews. 

Pogrom: An organized massacre for the annihilation of a community or a mäss group of 

Ritual Murder or Blood Libel Accusations: One of the most abhorrent and depraved of 
religious rituals indulged in by the Jews över the centuries. The procedure is to kidnap some 
young Christian, usually a boy 6 to 8 years old, (sometimes a girl) into a secret room in a 
synagogue. The victim is tied down to a table, stripped, and his or her body pierced with sharp 
ritual knives in the identical places the nails supposedly entered the body of Christ. The blood is 
drained into cups and drunk by the Jews as part of the Passover Ritual. 

The Jews deny this bestial practice, and refer to them only as accusations. The fact is that 
they have not only been accused of this same bestial practice since Roman times, but have been 
convicted of it and hanged, decapitated and burned at the stake for this crime in practically every 
country of Europé (as we will see) and even in some of the Moslem countries. The murdered 
baby of Charles Lindberg is alleged to have been a victim of Jewish Ritual Murder in recent 
times. After personally studying the case, I am convinced that it is true, since it certainly fits the 

Höst Desecration: The accusation that Jews deliberately defiled or tortured the elements 
(bread and wine) consecrated by a priest in a Catholic ceremony of Mass. 

Tenacious Jews keep coming back. We will note that in a number of countries or cities the 
Jews were run out of (expelled), sometimes as many as five or six times. To the uninitiated this 
raises the question — how could the Jews be run out of a certain city and then be expelled out of 
the same city again 20 years låter? The answer is that the Jews are like cockroaches. They are 
the most tenacious race in history and they always come back no matter how many have been 
killed, expelled, or how much they are detested by their höst victims. They always come back, 
that is, if the city is fertile soil for their parasitic manipulations. We must remember that Jews 
are parasites, and parasites have to live on others, on a productive body. In the case of Jews their 
best victim is a thriving White community. For the same reason fleas will infest a dog again and 
again, or a house has to have pest control treatments every month to keep out cockroaches and 

other insect pests, so it is with the Jews. They always return to re-infest a productive 

Perpetual Warfare. To show how widespread has been the Jewish infestation över the ages 
and how universal the hostility against them, we will review the fluid warfare between Jewish 
infestation and the Gentile attempt to rid themselves of these parasites. Our information is 
from Jewish sources themselves and due to lack of space represents only a small capsule of the 
total available. 

Ancient Times 

Egypt: Although the conflicts between Jews and höst civilizations precede written records, 
the oldest major expulsion we have on record is when the Jews were driven out of Egypt because 
they had become insufferable. The date is approximately the middle of the Second millenium 
B. C. Centuries låter the Jews came back in huge numbers and Alexandria became a center of 
heavy infestation. Grave riots against the Jews in Alexandria broke out in 38 A.D. and again in 
66 A.D. There were further disturbances by the Jews which were suppressed with extreme 
cruelty. In 1 15-17 Alexandrian Jews were heavily attacked and their Great Synagogue burned. 
In 414 A.D. the Jews were again expelled from that city. 

Asia: In Medina, a city in Arabia, Mohammed, who at first had been friendly to the Jews, in 
622 A.D. either expelled or massacred them all, and no Jews have been allowed there since. 
Seleucia is an ancient city on the Tigris. Jews flocked into this city after the destruction of 
Arulia and Asinia. This resulted in a wholesale massacre of the Jews in 40 A.D., but they came 

Byzantine Empire: Justinian, Emperor from 527 to 565, adopted a thorough-going anti- 
Jewish policy, barring them from civil service, military posts and any other positions of 
influence. This policy was adhered to in the ensuing centuries and is undoubtedly a major reason 
why the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire survived the Western Roman Empire by a thousand 

Rome: The oldest continuing Jewish community in Europé was established in Rome, with 
records dating back to 139 B. C, but they undoubtedly were there much earlier. Cicero, the great 
Roman statesman and man of letters, recognized the Jews as an organized hostile element as 
early as 50 B. C. and frequently attacked them in his Senate speeches. Emperor Tiberius expelled 
the Jews from Rome in 19 A.D. but they soon returned. Emperor Claudius expelled a number of 
Jews from Rome in 49-50 A.D. In 1 16 A.D. Emperor Trajan ordered a preventative massacre of 
Jews in Mesopotamia, since they were the cause of perpetual turmoil and uprisings in that area. 
As Roman conquest and culture spread över Europé, Rome was the original center from which 
Jewish loan bankers spread out ot Northern Italy and then to the rest of Europé. Despite threats 
and vicissitudes against the Jews, the Popes generally helped to protect the Jews from an 
outraged populace. 

Medieval Europé 

Dispersed from Rome. Spreading out from Rome and following Roman conquests, the 
Jews spread över Europé. As civilization, industry and commerce advanced to the individual 
areas and cities, the parasitical Jew followed and sank deep his tentacles into his baffled hösts. 

Dog and Flea Situation. Since we do not have the space, the following presents only a 
thumbnail sketch of repeated Jewish invasions and the reactions of their beleaguered hösts, who 
never really knew how to deal with the Jewish phenomenon. Like the dog and flea situation, the 
dog wants to be rid of the fleas, but never learned how to do it. 

Perpetual War. However brief, the following gives a representative picture of the eternal 
warfare between the blood-sucking Jew and the attempts of the White Gentiles in Europé to repel 
them. We will take the countries in alphabetical order. 


Ritual Murder. The 13th to 15th centuries were marked by serious persecutions. In 1420 as 
a result of a charge of Ritual Murder, all Jews in Austria were either burned, expelled or forcible 
baptized. They did not disappear, however, and in 1670 Margaret Theresa decreed another 
general expulsion. 

In Salzburg, the Jewish community was massacred during the Black Death outbreak, 1349, 
and again following a Höst Desecration charge in 1404. They were expelled by the Archbishop 
in 1498. In the province of Tyrol the Jews were accused of well poisoning at the time of the 
Black Death. As a further result of a Ritual Murder charge in 1475, the Jewish communities in 
Trent, Rinn and Lienz were destroyed, and finally in 1520 all Jews were expelled from Tyrol. 

No Stemming of the Tide. There was a hostile, but ineffective reaction to their return. Karl 
Lueger (1844-1910) who was Mayor of Vienna from 1897 dismissed entrenched Jewish 
officials, introduced segregation into public schools and took other anti- Jewish measures. 
However, it had little effect in stemming the Jewish tide, until the Hitler Anschluss of Austria in 


Came with the Norman Conquest. Jews first swarmed into England with the Norman 
Conquest of 1066. They soon became oppressive tax collectors for the Crown and monopolized 
finances, trade and commerce. In 1 144 the first Ritual Murder accusation was brought against 
them in Norwich, and Chaucer (1340-1400) wrote about the Ritual Murder of Hugh of Lincoln in 
1255. At the time of the Third Crusade, 1 189-90, there were serious riots against the Jews all 
över the country, accompanied by much bloodshed. Antagonism grew further because of their 
financial manipulations and chicanery and they were finally expelled form the whole country 
by King Edward I in 1290. 

In London, the Jewish headquarters, the Jews were well established before 1 100. There 
was a murderous attack on the Jews at the time of the coronation of Richard I in 1 189, and 
several more during the Baron' s Wars of 1263-66. The Jews in London faced Ritual Murder 
accusations in 1238, 1244 and 1276. 

Doors opened by Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell was the Jews' Chabez-goi who 
opened the floodgates in 1655 and the Jews swarmed in again en masse. By 1696 the Jews had 
control of the Bank of England and have retained control of banking, finance and government 
ever since. 


Early Infestation. The Jewish infestation of France began comparatively early, preceding 
70 A.D., and by the ninth century France was the main center of activity of the 
international Jewish traders, called the Radanites. By the 1 lth and 12th centuries the Jewish 

communities in France became the most densely settled in the world. This produced a hostile 
reaction and due to their nefarious practices they were excluded from the crafts and trades. The 
Jews then more and more monopolized money-lending and finance, strangling the commerce 
of the Gentiles. 

Ritual Murder. Murderous attacks against the Jews became common after the First Crusade 
(1096). As in many other countries, as they were expelled from one area, they moved into 
another area, and soon back again to the original site. In Blois, the first Ritual Murder charge in 
1 171 resulted in 31 Jews being burnt at the stake. At the time of the Fourth Crusade (1235-36) a 
massacre of Jews in Brittany culminated in their expulsion in 1391. In the city of Carcassone, 
the Jews were temporarily expelled in 1253, again in 1306 and finally in 1394. After a Ritual 
Murder in the province of Dauphine they were expelled in 1253, but returned in 1289. After 
1305 a series of expulsion orders were enforced against the Jews in the province of Gascony, 
culminating in the general expulsion of 1394. 

Jews engineered the French Revolution. In the rest of France a general expulsion had 
been decreed and forcefully carried out in 1306. For the next several centuries Jewish 
activities in France were subdued, but flared up radically in the decades before the French 
Revolution, which the Jews engineered. After executing the King and Queen in 1793 and 
plunging Europé into 20 years of fratricidal warfare, the Jews were fully in the saddle again. 
During the French Revolution they systematically guillotined the French nobility and the 
French leadership. This extermination and the next 20 years of the Napoleonic Wars bled to 
death the cream of the French nation. France has never recovered. 


Intensive Enmity. In no country has the warfare över the centuries been as bitter and 
intensive as between the Jews and the German people. Whereas countries like England, France, 
Spain during the Middle Ages were (more or less) unified under one ruler and capable of 
expelling the Jews (more or less) out of the entire country in 1290, 1306 and 1492, respectively, 
the fragmented Germans were never in such a position until 1871. By that time it was too late, 
and the Jews too powerful and too well entrenched on a world-wide basis. During Medieval 
times when one German dukedom or principality would throw them out, they would just run to 
the adjoining territory, multiply, and soon be back. Never could any meaningful cleansing be 
effected throughout the German land. Nevertheless, the Jewish hatred for the Germans, and 
vice-versa, was most virulent in the German states and to this day the German people are the 
primary target of genocide by the international Jewish network. 

The history of warfare between the Jews and the Germans is a long one and we can only give 
a small fragment here. 

By 1090 the Jews had become so obnoxious and insufferable that the Crusaders killed the 
Jews in the Rhineland, the area of densest Jewish settlement in Germany at that time. 

Jews Intensified Epidemic. During the Black Death epidemic (1348-49) the Jews were 
charged with spreading the plague by poisoning wells and dropping infected bodies in wells. In 
Germany alone during this time attacks on Jews took place in about 350 areas, while 60 large 
and 150 small Jewish communities were exterminated. Many towns thereafter tried to banish the 
Jews for all time, but the Jews always returned, as we shall see. 

Middle ages Continual Warfare. In Breslau the Jewish community was wiped out in 1349. 
In 1453 an accusation of Höst Desecration led to the killing of 41 Jews and the banishment of the 

rest. In Coblenz the Jews suffered persecutions in 1265, 1281 and 1287, and from Armleder 
attacks in 1337. The Jewish community was wiped out during the Black Death Massacres of 
1349, but they returned by 1356 and were again banished from the entire province of Trier in 
1418. Jewish activity in Dresden was first recorded in 1375. By 1448 they were run out 
because of their activities of counterfeiting coins and aiding the Hussites. 

Jews Monopolized Finances. The Jewish community was expelled from Dusseldorf in 

1438 but returned late in the 16th century. Despite anti- Jewish riots in Erfurt in 1221, the 
Jewish community continued to develop until the Black Death Massacres of 1349, when the 
survivors were banished. They returned in 1357 and were run out again in 1458. The Jewish 
community in Frankfurt- Am-Main was annihilated in 1241 and again by the Flagellants in 
1349. The Jews in Frankfurt monopolized moneylending and finance in the Middle Ages and 
even today Frankfurt is one of the world's more important Jewish financial centers. The 
Fettmilch riots in 1614 led to a temporary expulsion and the War of 1796 resulted in the 
destruction of a large part of the Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt. 

Black Death Massacres. In the city of Halberstadt, the Jews were run out in 1493, 
returned in the next century and again driven out in 1594. The Jews' main activity in the city of 
Leipzig was money lending. They were annihilated in the Black Death massacres of 1349, but 
others returned. The Jews in Mainz were expelled as early as 1012 but soon returned. Hundreds 
were killed by Crusaders in 1096, despite the Bishop' s protection, but others soon returned. A 
series of massacres ensued at the time of the Black Death (1349), but the Jews kept coming back. 
Expulsion edicts were issued in 1438, 1462 and 1470-71. 

Rindfleish Massacres. In Nuremberg, where the Jews had settled in the 12th century, their 
main activity was also money-lending. The Jewish community was destroyed in 1298 during the 
Rindfleish massacres, when 728 Jews were killed. During the Black Death massacres (1349) 
562 were killed and the remainder ousted. Due to their insidious money-lending intrigues they 
were again expelled in 1499. 

Court Jews Manipulated Rulers. Jews were present in the area before the German state of 
Prussia was even formed. When Frederick William became the Grand Elector, Jewish power 
expanded rapidly. They became "Court Jews," money-lenders, mint-masters, army purveyors 
and the aristocracy of the community. 

Returned Repeatedly. In the ancient and beautiful city of Rothenburg the Jewish 
community was destroyed during the Rindfleisch massacres of 1298, was renewed, and again 
destroyed in 1349. The Jews again returned, again were repulsed in 1349. The Jews again 
returned, again were repulsed in 1397 after massacres. They returned again in 1402 and were 
driven out in 1520. 

Charged with Well-Poisoning. In 1348 in the city of Stuttgart, the Jews were burnt on 
charges of well-poisoning and spreading the Black Plague. There were a number of expulsions 
in the succeeding centuries. The story in Trier was similar. The Jewish community was 
destroyed in 1349, infiltrated back in a few decades, was again driven out in 1418 and returned 
in 1500. 

Always Returned. The above pattern can be repeated in just about every German city, every 
German state. Wherever the Jews settled they became obnoxious parasites and were driven out 
time and time again by an outraged populace. But they always returned to sink their tentacles 
deeper. They learned from their previous mistakes and became more cunning in neutralizing the 
community they set about to exploit and strangle. 

Thirty Years' War instigated by Jews. Toward the close of the Middle Ages most of the 
German cities had repeatedly banished Jews. But they always returned in larger numbers. The 
fratricidal Thirty Years' War (1618-48) över Christianity pitted Catholics against Protestants. 
It was provoked and instigated by the Jews, destroyed 65% of the German population and 
80% of the buildings and property. It left the German nation in shambles, more fragmented 
than ever into small jealous petty states. It set the German nation back perhaps 300 years, but, as 
usual, the Jewish position greatly benefited thereby. The fragmented, impoverished states turned 
to the Jews as money-lenders. Many of the key positions were filled by Court Jews, military 
purveyors, financial advisers, tax collectors, money-lenders and many other vital areas. Jewish 
power and infestation grew until the Hitler era. 


Heavy infestation of Khazar Jews. The Jewish infestation began in the 9th Century and 
was reinforced by aggressive Khazar elements at the time. Despite pogroms, massacres and 
expulsions, the Jewish infestation increased until in the 19th century and by the first part of 
the 20th century Poland had the largest Jewish population (percentage-wise) in the world. 

Chmielnicki Uprisings. Ritual Murders by Jews brought retaliations in Posen in 1399 and 
in Cracow in 1407. Students in Cracow began anti- Jewish riots in 1401, and attacks took place 
in Cracow, Lvov, Posen and elsewhere. They were driven out of Warsaw in 1483, out of 
Cracow in 1491. The Chmielnicki uprisings against the Jews (1648-49) destroyed hundreds of 
Jewish communities. Economic restrictions (against Jews), pogroms, and Ritual Murder charges 
were recurrent throughout Poland. Thousands were killed by the Haidmak disorders of 1768 in 
the Ukraine. 

Jews Constituted 50% of Urban Population. After 1815 the bulk of Poland was under 
Russian rule and its Jewish history continued under Russia. By 1828 Jews constituted 50% of 
the urban population of Poland, making it the most heavily Jew-infested country in the world. 

Looking at the reaction in some of the major cities we find a Jewish pogrom occurred in 
Bialystok as late as 1906. In the city of Kalisch there was a whole series of persecutions, 
beginning in the 14th century. In 1656 the Jewish community in Kalisch was destroyed by 
Polish General Czarniecki. 

In 1399 a Höst Desecration charge in Posen resulted in the killing of a rabbi and 13 elders, 
and anti- Jewish outbreaks occurred there in 1468, 1577 and 1687. Jews living in Warsaw were 
persecuted in 1454 as a result of (Italian Franciscan preacher) Capistrano's incitement and were 
expelled out of the city in 1483. 

Jews monopolized Grain Trade. Jews settled in Pinsk in the 16th century and soon 
monopolized the grain trade. Jews suffered severely in the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-49 
and also the Swedish Wars of 1700. Nevertheless by the beginning of World War II, the 
population of Pinsk was 70% Jewish. By 1939 there were 360,000 Jews living in the City of 
Warsaw, one of the highest concentrations in Europé at the time. 


Intense Hatred. Huge Jewish Population. The hatred between the people of Russia and 
the Jews is one of the most intense in the history of the universally detested Jews. Before World 
War I, Russia had 5,600,000 Jews within its borders, the largest total concentration or Jews 
in any country in the world up to that time, being only låter exceeded by the Jewish 
population of the United States at the present time. 

90% of Today 's Jews are of Khazar Descent. Part of the heavy Jewish infestation was due 
to the Khazars, a rapacious Turkish tribe that had built an empire between the Black Sea and the 
Caspian Sea and extending northward into the middle of what is now Russia. The Khazars 
converted to Judaism under King Bulan in the 8th century A.D. It is estimated that 90% of 
today's Jews are descendants of the Khazars, rather than Palestinian Jews, although either is 
equally vicious. 

Conquered by Yaroslav. In 1083 Russian Archduke Yaroslav conquered the Khazars and 
incorporated their kingdom into Russia proper. Little did the Russians realize the virulence of 
the plague that they had assumed to assimilate. The real warfare, however, did not begin until 
the 16th century. 

In 1563, 300 Jews were drowned at Polotosk and Vitelisk. In 1648 Bogdan Chmielnicki 
headed a rebellion of Cossack and Ukrainian masses against Jews and Polish landowners. This 
resulted in the annihilation of hundreds of Jewish communities, one Jewish source claiming 744 
Jewish communities were wiped out and hundreds of thousands of Jews killed. The Jews have 
termed these as the Chmielnicki massacres. 

Jews Expelled from Ukraine. When the Ukraine was annexed to Russia in 1667 the Jews 
were expelled from Ukrainian territory. Clauses prohibiting the Jews from visiting Russia were 
inserted in treaties signed by Russia with foreign powers in 1550 and 1678. Expulsion orders 
were issued in 1727, 1738 and 1742. In 1753 a total of 35,000 Jews were driven out of Russia. 
In 1762 Catherine the Great permitted aliens to live in Russia, except Jews. In 1791 by decree 
she limited Jews to a restricted area called the Påle of Settlement, and then they could live 
only in the towns of that area. 

Jews Not Assimilable. Czar Alexander I expelled 20,000 Jews from the province of Vitebsk 
and Mohilev in 1824. Czar Alexander II attempted to assimilate and to Russify the Jews, but 
without success. In retaliation he was assassinated in 1881 by Jewish revolutionaries. The 
Russians reacted with new pogroms, regarding the Jews as a subversive element to be kept apart 
from the village population and enacted the May Laws. In 1891 the Jews were run out of 

Jews Foment Revolution. Hostility and warfare between the Russian people and the Jews 
accelerated, reaching its climax with the Beilis case (1911-13) on a Ritual Murder charge in 
Kiev. The Jews were highly organized for revolution. In 1905 they attempted a revolutionary 
overthrow of the Russian government, but failed. 

Revolution Successful. Communism Established. During Russia' s involvement and 
defeat in World War I and the subsequent Jewish-communist revolution they were, however, 
overwhelmingly successful. The Jews shot the Czar, threw all of Russia into a revolutionary 
turmoil and in 1917 established a communist-bolshevik government completely under their 
control. In the ensuing years of turmoil, revolution and famine, the Jews took vicious revenge 
and murdered över 30 million White Russians, thereby exterminating the best elements of the 
Russian population. Therewith they destroyed any existing or potential Russian opposition or 
leadership, as they had done in France 125 years earlier. 

Jews firmly in control of largest Slave Labor Camp in the world. Today, more than sixty 
years låter, the Jews are still in firm control, having established the most fiendish and brutal 
slave-labor camp in the world. 

The Jewish Encyclopedia cites long lists of cities and areas in which pogroms, expulsions 
and massacres occurred, but the list of events is too massive to record here. 


Jews Betrayed Spain to Arab Invaders. Jews entered Spain as early as the 6th century 
B. C, coming in with the Phoenician traders. From 612 A.D. a relentless warfare ensued 
between the natives and the Jews, marked by sporadic outbreaks and massacres. The Jews 
helped the Arabs invade Spain in 71 1 by betrayals from within. For several centuries the Jews 
prospered under the Arabs and Spain became the foremost Jewish center of that time. In the 
Christian part of Spain Jews became tax collectors and "Court Jews," and soon controlled both 
the government and the economy. The infestation became so flagrant (20-25% of the population 
were Jews) and so oppressive the Spaniards reacted. 

Moslems Expelled Jews. In Granada in 1066 while still under Moslem rule the Jews were 
attacked and expelled. The Jewish community re-established itself but was again uprooted by 
the Almohades (Moslem) invasion in 1 148 and Jews were either expelled or converted to the 
Moslem religion. In Cordova Jews were also expelled or converted by the Almohades in 1 147. 

Marranos False Christians. In the Christian part of Spain a wave of massacres against the 
Jews swept the country in 1391, especially in Cordova, Granada, Segovia and Seville, and many 
of them became baptized Marranos, openly professing Christianity, but remaining secret Jews at 
heart, loyal to the Jewish race and religion. 

Sought Control of Catholic Church. Soon these false Christians began acquiring control of 
the Catholic Church itself. Along with the real Jews, they now controlled the church, the 
government and the economy, and dissolution, turmoil and rot ensued. 

Spaniards institute the Inquisition. When the Spaniards again woke up to the fact that the 
Jews were the cause of their misery, they again reacted. Under the leadership of Ferdinand and 
Isabella the Inquisition was instituted to ferret out the disguised Jews parading as Christians 
(known as Marranos). This process went on simultaneously while the Spaniards were fighting 
an all-out war to drive the Mohammedan Moors out of Spain. In this war the Marranos and the 
Jews were perpetually betraying the Christians in favör of the Moors. Further massacres of the 
Jews broke out sporadically in many cities. 

Spain Expels Moors, Jews in 1492. Finally, in 1492, after ten years of warfare, Ferdinand 
and Isabella succeeded in driving out the Moors and uniting Spain. (We devote a whole chapter 
to this dramatic episode in history in our earlier book, Nature's Etern al Religion.) That same 
year they decreed that all Jews were to get out of Spain by August 1st. This was carried out with 
resolution and determination, culminating in the largest mäss expulsion of Jews up to that time. 
Having rid herself of the Jews, the history of Spain then blossomed into what is known as its 
Golden Age. For the next three centuries Spain prospered. She was the leader in colonization 
and worldwide expansion in the New World, the Philippines and elsewhere. 

Stranglehold On Spain. However, the tenacious Jews marked Spain for economic 
strangulation and revenge. By the 1930's they were powerful enough to tear Spain apart again. 
They fomented and instigated a terribly destructive fratricidal Civil War that left Spain in 
shambles. With the help of Hitler and Mussolini that war was successfully resolved against the 
Jewish communists with Franco heading the new Fascist government. 


Jewish Menace Old As History. From the foregoing short history of the Jews we have 
overwhelming evidence that the Jewish problem was not invented by Adolf Hitler in the 20th 
century, but on the contrary that the Jews have been a vicious parasite on the backs of 
civilizations for thousands of years. Since such parasites concentrate on preying on productive 
peoples, they have been a curse and a burden to the White peoples far more than the mud 

We further observe: 

1. The Jews are highly destructive in their parasitic activities, first invading, then undermining 
and sickening a White civilization, then finally mongrelizing and destroying it. 

2. The Jews are unassimilable and implacable. The warfare between this biological parasite 
and the White Race is as irreconcilable as that between the pioneer mother and the 
rattlesnake, as mentioned in an earlier chapter. The only solution to the conflict is the 
complete triumph of one side or the other. 

3. We of the Church Of The Creator want to make damn sure that it is the White Race that 
survives. We have the Total Program, the Final Solution, and the Ultimate Creed to do it 

4. In order to institute our creed and program for the survival of the White Race all we need to 
do is build and expand, build and expand the organization of the Church Of The 
Creator. For this goal, we must pay the price and make whatever sacrifices are necessary. 
We vow that we will never tire, never slacken, never waver in our dedication to achieve this 
lofty goal. 

5. We condone any means to achieve victory and look to the Eternal Laws of Nature as our 
Moral guide — and Nature says survival is the ultimate morality, regardless of the means. 
We must therefore prepare ourselves for the fierce struggle ahead and dedicate ourselves to 
the cause which we sum up as the survival, expansion and advancement of our precious 
White Race. For this sacred cause no price is too high, no sacrifice is too great. It is either 
all or nothing — survival or oblivion. We choose survival, but not only survival. It is our 
unalterable goal to also expand and advance the welfare and excellence of our race to heights 
yet unscaled and yet even undreamed. 

Creative Credo #36 

W orld Jewry Declared War on Germany Long Before GermanyTook 


Lies And Propaganda: Jew's Most Powerful Weapon. Now into the fourth decade after 
the death of that greatest of all White leaders, Adolf Hitler, the world-wide Jewish network is 
still pouring out a massive propaganda campaign of poisonous invective against Hitler with a 
viciousness unexcelled in all the annals of history. Not only are these lies and calumnies 
directed against Hitler personally, but also against the German people as a whole, just as Jews 
have directed hate propaganda against the Romans for the last two thousand years. Just as 
everything Roman was despised, vilified, maligned and slandered, so everything German, and 
the German image has been relentlessly attacked and besmirched by the Jewish international 
propaganda network. 

Germans Intelligent, Creative. Why this vicious and concentrated outpouring of hatred 
against the German people and everything German, when these people have demonstrated for 
centuries some of the most creative contributions to our White civilization? 

Germans No. 1 Target. The answers are not härd to find as soon as we face the realization 
that the overwhelming goal of the Jewish race is the total destruction of the White Race itself . 
With this in mind we can see that the Germans are still the number one target for the following 

1. Just as in the case of the Romans two thousand years ago, a major Jewish premise in their 
war against the White Race always has been: destroy the best first. 

2. For this same reason the war against the German people as such dates back hundreds of 
years. We have shown this further in our previous chapter on the unrelenting warfare between 
the parasitic Jews and their unfortunate victims. 

3. The German people being naturally energetic, productive, creative and gifted and residing in 
the heartland of Europé, were destined to be the natural leaders in Europé. This they would 
have been, as far back as the early 1600's had the Jews not torn them apart in the fratricidal, 
suicidal Thirty Years' War (1618-48). As we have shown in Nature's Etern al Religion, this 
set the German people back probably two or three hundred years. Despite this setback these 
energetic people finally recovered their position of incipient leadership after their unification 
under Bismarck in 1870. Again the Jews intervened and made sure that these resurgent people 
would again be devastated in World War I, and again in World War II. 

4. Under Hitler in the 1930's the German people finally came into their own and were able to 
get the bloodsucking Jewish parasites off their backs. They also, under Hitler, broke the 
Jewish financial stranglehold in Germany. (This we expound further in the Chapter on The 
Federal Reser ve.) 

5. Hitler, for the first time in the history of the White Race clearly articulated the racial idea, 

and focused world-wide attention on the parasitic and destructive nature of the Jewish network. 
Since this idea was rapidly taking root in other White countries, the whole Jewish conspiracy 
was in utmost danger of being blown wide open and being exploded in the face of the Jewish 
conspirators themselves. 

Must kill the Racial Idea. For all the above reasons, and the last one in particular, the Jews 
found themselves in a most precarious position and in dire peril of being reduced to oblivion. 
Time was of the essence. If the idea spread, there would soon be a point of no return. 

What to do? 

Destroy Germany. The Jews, who understand race and history better than anybody, have 
had thousands of years of experience in manipulating and destroying races and peoples. They 
decided they must act fast. They must destroy Germany, they must destroy not only Hitler, but 
so viciously and relentlessly attack and besmirch the very idea he represented so that 
(hopefully) no one would ever again revive the racial idea outside the Jewish race itself. 

Total War against Germany. They went all out in one of the most frantic, malicious wars 
of propaganda a gullible and uncomprehending world has ever witnessed. 

In short, Judea declared Total War on Germany and Hitler — financially, propaganda- 
wise, militarily, economically, racially, and in every other aspect that was in their power — and 
that power as we shall see, was formidable. Before Hitler would, or could, even lift a finger 
against them, the Jews were ready and wasted no time in launching a massive world-wide 
campaign against him. To illustrate this obvious fact we are again going to quote the Jews 
themselves, and their press in a limited sampling. There are volumes of evidence, but these few 
quotes should illustrate the point conclusively. 

Plans laid before Hitler came to power. As early as August 1933, Samuel Untermeyer, 

president of the World Jewish Economic Federation called together a large congress of Jewish 
leaders from all över the world to declare war on Germany in the name of the Jews. The 

meeting was held in Amsterdam, Holland. Upon returning to the United States from that 
meeting, Untermeyer made a speech on Radio Station WABC (N.Y.) on August 6, 1933 in 
which he announced that the Jews of the world had declared war on Germany and would 
starve them to death. This was long before any action of any kind had been taken against any 
Jew, and six years before military action was initiated in 1939. 

White Man Inveigled into War to save Jewish Parasites. "We have been at war with him 
(Hitler) from the day that he gained power" stated the London Jewish Chronicle May 8, 1942 in 
its "Sermon of the Week." 

Rabbi M. Perlzweig, head of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress, speaking in 
Canada, stated: "The World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years." 
(Toronto Evening Telegram, February 26, 1940.) 

The Dutch- Jewish paper, Centraal-Blaad Voor Israeliten in Nederland declared on 
September 13, 1939: "The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and 
South Africa, and, not to forget, those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of 
annihilation against Germany to its final end." 

We must remember that at this time (September 13, 1939) the war was less than two weeks 
old, no concentration camps, no gas chambers, etc, for Jews or anybody else had been set up, or 
even alleged to be in existence. (The whole "gas chamber" story was nothing but another Jewish 
lie, as we will see in another chapter.) 

The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, on October 8, 1942 declared: "The Second World War is being 
fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism." Indeed it was. To be more specific, in 
behalf of the Jews themselves. They knew it, they instigated it, they perpetrated it, they stage- 

managed it, The naive and gullible goyim, meanwhile, slaughtered each other with a vengeance, 
not knowing, or not wanting to know, who the real perpetrators, the real war criminals were. 

Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jew-communist and founder of the Irgun terrorist organization wrote in 
the January 1934 issue of Natcha Retch: "The fight against Germany has been carried on for 
months by every Jewish community, conference, congress, trade organization, by every Jew in 
the world. There is reason to believe that our part in the struggle will be of general value. We 
shall let loose a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany' s 
ambition is to become a great nation again, to reconquer her löst territories and colonies. Our 
Jewish interests on the other hand demand the complete destruction of Germany. The 
German nation is collectively and individually a danger to us Jews." 

Could it be stated more explicitly? Hardly. The facts are plain — Germany and the Germans, 
Hitler or no Hitler, were and are a threat to the Jewish conspiracy for world domination and their 
goal to destroy the White Race. Therefore nothing less than the complete destruction of 
Germany and all things German would satisfy the vicious, implacable Jew. 

Hitler offered Hand of Friendship to England. Hitler, whose concern was not only for the 
Germans, but the White Race as a whole, understood the deadly program of the parasitic Jew. 
He pleaded in vain with England not to play the Jewish game. Speaking in September of 1939, 
he said: 

"On numerous occasions I have offered the friendship of the German people to England and 
the English people. My entire policy was built upon the idea of this under standing. I was always 
rebuffed. . . We know that the British people as a whole cannot be made responsible. It is that 
Jewish plutocratic and democratic ruling class which hates our Reich." 

English Traitors fronted for Jews. On behalf of the non- Jewish ruling class it must be 
pointed out that those who went along with the Jews were by and large chabez-goi, people like 
Winston Churchill, traitors who were in the pay of the Jews, or under their control and coercion. 

Firm Jewish control över White Nations. So firm was this Jewish control över the British 
people (as well as the French, Americans, Poles and others) that the Jews were in fact successful 
in plunging the world into a fratricidal war of destruction on a scale such as the world has never 
witnessed before. All the White peoples were losers, but the Jews were particularly bent on the 
destruction of the Germans. 

Plans to Exterminate German People. Some of the Jews wanted to exterminate those 
Germans surviving the destructions of war by sterilization. Theodore N. Kaufman, spelling out 
the program in the book entitled Germany Must Perish, said: 

By Sterilization. "To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to 
only sterilize some 48,000,000 — a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to 
procreate, males över 60, and females över 45..." 

By Starvation. Other groups of Jews wanted to exterminate the Germans by starvation. A 
notorious advocate of the method was Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury in the 
Roosevelt Administration. The following quotation is from the memoirs of Cordell Hull, who 
was Secretary of State in the same administration. 

"Morgenthau' s plan, I added, would wipe out everything in Germany except land, and the 
Germans would have to live on the land. This meant that only 60% of the German population 
could support themselves on the German land, and the other 40% would die." 

Germans Looted and Starved. A version of the evil Jewish plan was in fact implemented 
for a period immediately after the war. Huge amounts of all kinds of machinery, factories, and 
rolling stock that survived the war were shipped to communist Russia. Viewing all this, Mr. R. 
R. Stokes, a Labor M.P. in Britain declared at the time: 

"Today in Germany, 6 months after our victory, graves are being dug for people not yet dead, 
people who will die of starvation in the next few months." 

Morgenthau Plan. U.S. Senator William Langer of North Dakota said of the Morgenthau 
plan, and his remarks are entered in the Congressional Record, April 18, 1946: 

"Mr. Morgenthau now stånds convicted before the conscience of the world as an instigator of 
systematic annihilation of the German speaking people. The record further proves beyond any 
question of doubt, that these fanatical and reactionary high priests of hate and vengeance will 
never be able to defend their conspiracy before the bar of human reason and human decency." 

Six Million Swindle Invented. It was only through the opposition of people like Senator 
Langer who could not stomach the vicious murder conspiracy of the Jewish network that the 
Jewish program of sterilization of the German people, or the program of starving them to death, 
or a combination of both, was not carried through. By whipping up hatred about the mythical 
"six million" to a near frenzy the Jews almost, but not quite, succeeded in their goal of mäss 
murder of the German race. 

Destroyed Millions of Whites. Although they did not succeed in achieving that goal, they 
came close, and did, in fact, through their diabolical machinations achieve the destruction of 
millions of the best German men, and unleashed a campaign of rape and terror against the 
German women by means of the Russian Army and American niggers. 

Lessons to be Learned. What can we in America learn from this horrible tragedy 
perpetrated on our White racial brothers? If we have an ounce of brains we should learn a lesson 
that we must never forget. 

1. The Jews are our deadly antagonists. They play for keeps. They exterminate their 
enemies when the "opportunity" arrives. Such "opportunities" are planned years in advance, 
centuries in advance. Their program of forever exterminating "the best" of the White 
Race is relentless, and implacable. We must remember: We are next. 

2. No sooner had the Jews crippled the might of a resurgent Germany and brought her to her 
knees, but they immediately turned their attention to the next victims — Great Britain, 
the United States, and France, the so-called "winners" of the War. 

3. With chabez-goi Winston Churchill and other Jew stooges fronting for them, the Jews 
quickly dismantled the British Empire, and left the once proud and mighty Great Britain a 
rapidly declining third råte power, ruined militarily, economically and spiritually. To add 
insult to injury the Jews then launched a väst program of shipping mud people in to 
England — Pakastanis, Jamaicans, Hindus and other scum and riff-raff from all över 
the world. 

4. France löst Algeria, Indo-China and her colonies. A reverse migration was in motion. The 
niggers and mud people of Algeria flocked into France. Virulent communism again became 
a major political fact of life. 

5. In America the "civil rights" program was unleashed; forced "integration" of schools, 
housing, armed forces and every other segment of society was imposed upon the 
American people. 

Not only was this achieved by means of a massive and relentless propaganda campaign, 

but also by force of a whole passel of new laws. If and when the American people resisted, brute 
force was (and is) used, as for example massive use of 20,000 army troops in forcing integration 
in Little Rock, Arkansas, and similar brute power again at the University of Mississippi at 

Our implacable position. Our position as members of the White Race must forever be: 

1. The Jews are our deadly enemies. They always have been our mortal enemies and will be 
as long as they continue to exist. 

2. As they have stated in their own literature — they are implacable — nothing we can ever do 
will ever reconcile them. Their unswerving goal is to weaken the White Race, mongrelize 
the White Race into a herd of brown zombies and forever enslave them. 

3. Our only choice is to fight and overcome them. 

4. In such a fight we must be merciless and uncompromising in exposing them, boycotting 
them, driving them from power, and finally driving them from our territory. 

5. In order that we achieve this goal we must first make our White Racial Comrades 
fanatically conscious of their racial heritage. Every White Man, woman and child must be 
imbued with a strong racial consciousness. 

6. This racial consciousness then must be highly organized and converted into a racial 
religion, as we have set forth in this book. 

7. Our fight against the Jews must be the same ultimate goal as Cato the Elder proclaimed 
repeatedly in the fight against Carthage — Our battle cry must be: Delenda Est Jud aic a ! 

Creative Credo #37 
The Six Million Lie 

Masters of the Big Lie. The Jews have expertly utilized the "Big Lie" technique since the 
beginning of their historical existence. Över the last 5,000 years, they have become unexcelled 
masters of that technique. Their religion is based on it, their wealth is based on it, and in fact 
they owe their very existence to the expertise with which they have manipulated lies to a gullible 
and (mostly) unsuspecting world. 

Över the years, the Jews have spread millions of lies, some of which have served a temporary 
purpose, while some have persisted for thousands of years. Some have been ineffective, whereas 
others have been successful beyond their wildest dreams. 

Invented the Christianity Swindle. Undoubtedly, their most successful lie of all time has 
been their invention of Christianity and originally selling this destructive creed to their mortal 
enemies, the Romans. That lie has wreaked incalculable damage to the White Race and the virus 
of this fever on the brain is still virulent today. However we now want to examine a modern 
day invention of the Jews that they have launched with devastating effectiveness and that is the 
lie that the Germans gassed, incinerated in ovens, or otherwise exterminated six million Jews 
during World War II. 

The Six Million Lie. So effectively have they propagated and disseminated this lie all över 
the world by means of their gigantic propaganda apparatus that most gullible goyim (without 
thinking) react emotionally "it must be true, or why would they make such a terrible charge?" 

Again, a little investigation and consideration of the facts readily demonstrate how ludicrous 
this charge really is. 

No evidence, no witnesses. In the first place, like the "spooks in the skies" swindle, there is 
not a single shred of evidence to back up the allegations that Hitler, or the German government, 
or any officials in it, ever advocated a policy of extermination of the Jews. Although the Jews 
have written thousands of artides on this subject and dozens of books, when these authors have 
been questioned and cross-examined, not a single one of them has seen a single öven, a single 
gas chamber, nor any actual acts of extermination. Nor can they produce a single eye-witness 
that has seen any such event. Invariably when pinned down, they were "told" by a mythical 
person who is "now dead", or "read about it," or hearsay of one kind or another. Not one can 
produce a live eye-witness, either now or in the past. 

No such orders, no such policy. Despite the tons of Nazi documents that were captured 
intact, there is not a single one where an order, or a command, or a policy paper has appeared, or 
is in existence that recommends, orders or suggests the extermination of Jews, either in mäss or 
singly. All the literature, when investigated, is based on claims that such orders were given 
"verbally" or could be "read between the lines," or some other such unsubstantiated allegation. 

Aimed to strip Jews of their immense power. The fact is neither Hitler nor the German 
government or any branch of it ever had, or enunciated, such a policy. That the Germans 
realized the Jews in their midst were their unmitigated misfortune, of that there is no doubt. 
They wanted them out, and their policy was to strip them of power and encourage them to 
migrate elsewhere. When the Germans instituted the Nuremberg Racial laws, they forbade the 
Jews of any positions in the news media, in the universities and schools, in government, in 

banking and other positions of power that they had dominated in the past. This, and the hostility 
engendered by the German people finally recognizing the Jews for the degenerative parasites 
they were, encouraged the Jews to leave that country and seek greener pastures elsewhere. 

Cleanse their Nation. The Germans did everything possible to help and encourage the Jew 
to emigrate. They looked forward to the day (as should we) when their country would be 
"Judenrein," i.e., cleansed of Jews. They negotiated with Great Britain to help them emigrate to 
Palestine, at that time (during the 1930' s) still a British mandate. In this the British were not 
very cooperative but increasing numbers did migrate to Palestine, much to the chagrin of the 
Arabs. The German government, under Goering, also tried to help establish a Jewish homeland 
on the large island of Madagascar off the coast of Africa. 

Zionist Movement. The Madagascar idea had been variously discussed by the Jews 
themselves in the growing Zionist movement. Theodore Hertzl, considered the father of the 
Zionist movement, proposed such a plan as early as 1896. There were divided opinions about 
Madagascar among the Jews, some favoring it, some favoring Palestine. In any case, the 
Germans did what they could to find the Jews an alternate homeland, although in the short time 
available before the war neither the Palestine nor Madagascar project materialized. We of the 
Church Of The Creator intend to revive the Madagascar idea as an ideal "homeland" for 
surplus Jews, since Israel can't accommodate them all. 

Jew Heaven — U.S.A. By far the greater number of Jews migrated to the Jew haven of the 
world — namely the United States — where their kinsmen were already ravishing the land and 
wallowing in milk and honey. 

Holocaust Claims a Fantastic Lie. The facts are these: There were only 500,000 Jews in 
Germany when Hitler came to power. Most of these migrated to the U.S. before 1939. There 
were never more than 3 million Jews in all the territory that Hitler' s armies occupied during the 
entire war, so it was of course physically impossible for them to have killed six million. As 
already stated, there is not a shred of evidence that the Germans ever proposed, sanctioned, or 
contemplated such a policy of exterminations. 

Jews Declared War on Germany. Even before the war started the Jewish leaders on a 
world-wide basis had years before declared that world Jewry was at war with Germany, and 

that they would utilize their immense financial, moral and political powers to destroy Hitler and 
Nazi Germany. (We have shown this in the previous chapter.) Principal among these was 
Chaim Weizmann, the Zionist leader, who so declared on September 5, 1939. He was 
enthusiastically supported by world-wide Jewry in this declaration. Since it has been the custom 
during war-time for security reasons to intern enemy and subversive aliens, the Germans did 
intern most, but not all, of the Jews in their territory. Certainly the United States and Canada 
did the same thing to even the native-born Japanese, solely by the color of their skin and their 
ancestry. Also most certainly it was done with a lot less provocation, since the native-born 
Japanese were American or Canadian citizens and had expressed little or no hostility towards the 
countries in which they were born. Whereas most of the American Nisei were loyal to the 
United States, they were peremptorily carted off their farms in California and elsewhere, usually 
having löst their farms forever when the war ended. 

Jews were Dangerous Enemy Aliens. Nevertheless, the Germans did intern the Jews in 
internment camps in a manner similar to the way the United States and Canada did to the 
Japanese. Certainly they had as much or more reason to do so as did Canada or the U.S. The 
Germans also did so to other aliens and subversives considered as security risks and dangerous to 

the war effort. One difference was that in Germany the internees were put to work in factories 
that were either in existence where the camps were set up, or factories were built at the camps. 
The Germans, who were exceedingly efficient in war production, as everything else, saw no 
reason to allow such väst pools of labor, which besides the Jews included Poles, Ukrainians, 
Czechs and others, to go idle. 

Treated Humanely. These internees were well treated and well fed considering Germany' s 
dwindling resources. Often their rations exceeded those received by the Germans themselves. 

Jewish Statistics Confirm Lie. As a further proof of the six million lie, we can check into 
the statistics the Jews put out amongst their own. The World Almanac of 1938 lists the number 
of Jews in the world as 16,588,259. After the war the New York Times, owned by Jews, placed 
the number of Jews of the world at a minimum of 15,600,000 and maximum of 18,700,000. 
Averaging out the latter two figures of the New York Times would come to approximately 
17,100,000. It is therefore impossible by any stretch of the imagination that 6,000,000 Jews 
could have been exterminated and end up with a net gain in a short period of eight years. 

Jews the Big Winner or World War II. So much for the statistics. There are many others 
that we could quote that lead to the same conclusion: The six million figure is a great big lie. 
True, many people , were killed during the war. A total of 2,050,000 German civilians were 
killed in allied air raids and forced repatriation after the war. Even some Jews were killed. But 
relatively they fared better and their casualties were lighter than other combatants involved, 
especially considering the whole horrible conflict was instigated by the Jews, contrived by the 
Jews, and incited and provoked by the Jews. Certainly their casualties were negligible 
considering they were the arch-instigators and sole benefactors of that terrible war, a war that 
was fought by White brother against White brother, all for the avaricious greed and benefit of the 

If the six million hoax has no basis in fact, the question arises — why would the Jews want to 
promote such a vicious and horrible lie? 

Jews have Profited Tremendously. The answer is: The Jews have profited handsomely 
from this atrocious lie, as they have a knack of doing with most of the lies they propagate. 

1. It aroused world sympathy for the Jews when the world should have been (and thanks to 
Hitler, partially was) alerted to the dangerous and destructive nature of this world- wide parasite. 

2. It acted as a moral club and a propaganda lever with which they have extracted as 
blackmail $12 billion dollars from the German people as "reparation" to Israel and as 
"compensation" to individual Jewish claimants. The insanity of such claims can only be 
appreciated when we considered that many German taxpayers today, who were not even born 
when the alleged crimes were supposedly committed, are paying "reparation" to a state (Israel) 
that didn't even exist at that time. Furthermore the list of Jewish claimants, now, över 35 years 
låter has reached a staggering 3,375,000 when there were less than 200,000 Jews in Germany 
after 1939. Since it has been so easy for the Jews to rob the Germans by means of this so-called 
"compensation," the number of registered claimants against the West German government has 
tripled in the last ten years. Nothing could be more devastating proof of the brazen effrontery of 
the Six Million Lie. 

3. It has been devastatingly effective as a propaganda club against the White Race as a 

whole in trying to preserve its racial integrity. The Six Million Lie has been promoted and 
propagandized to such a fever pitch of emotionalism that unless the White Race yields and defers 
to the niggers on every issue, such as housing, welfare, forced busing and in any way voices 

opposition to race-mixing and integration, they are immediately clubbed with the charge of being 
racists, and the Nazis were racists, and it led to the death of six million Jews, etc, etc. By this 
time the Jews are frothing at the mouth and large crocodile tears are rolling down their cheeks. 
By this time, the gullible goyim yields the floor and defers to the Jew, although he knows he has 
been shafted. It works every time. 

4. By means of this powerful propaganda tool of undercutting White racial loyalty, the Jews 
are now able to promote race-mixing on a gigantic world-wide scale with practically no 
opposition from the White Race. The Jamaicans, Hindus and Pakastanians are flooding into 
what was once Great Britain; the Turks and other mud races are all över Germany; the Mexicans, 
niggers, Cubans, Jamaicans, Chinese and all the colored scum of the world are flooding into this 
Jewish mecca, the United Saps of America, and the White Race is not lifting a finger to stop 
them. After all, we don't want to be racists like the Nazis, who killed six million — , etc, so our 
Jew-programmed mind goes down the groove to oblivion, and the future of the White Race with 

5. The Six Million lie has been a powerful propaganda tool that enabled the Jews to steal 
Palestine from the Arabs in 1948 and set up the bandit state of Israel. Thanks to the Six Million 
lie the Jews had the support and blessing of the befuddled world, especially the Jew-infested 
United States. 

6. The Six Million lie has had a devastating effect in shaming and discrediting the German 

people, and indirectly the White Race as a whole. Whereas the Germans should be honored for 
the noble fight they waged in order to exposé and shake off the world-wide Jewish pestilence, 
the powerful and effective Jewish propaganda networks have pictured the Germans as the 
villains in the eyes of the gullible world. 

7. It has rallied and united the Jews of the world as nothing else has in the last thousand 
years. Although most of the Jews know it is an abominable lie, they keep constantly harping 
about it amongst themselves (as well as to the outside world) until they have become so 
hypnotized by their own lie that it actually becomes part of their religion. On this sleazy basis 
väst sums of money have been raised amongst the Jews themselves and hundreds of 
organizations formed. All this in the interest of promoting Israel, and the Jewish race, and 
helping to mongrelize the White Race. 

"Holocaust" Lie — Jewish Rallying Cry. This lie, then, has become the rallying cry of the 
modern day Jew, a continuation of the oldest lie in their tumultuous history — namely that 
the Jews are a persecuted race. It has worked wonders for them. It has been devastatingly 
effective as a two-edged sword. It has demolished any attempt by the White Race to retain their 
own racial integrity, or even any form of nationalism. On the other hand, it has made the Jews 
fanatically nationalistic when it concerns Israel, fanatically racist when it concerns Zionism or 
the Jewish race. It has battered down the doors of all countries they may want to move into and 
at the same time opened those same doors to the niggers and mud races as well. 

Jews now More Powerful than ever. So powerful a tool has this depraved Six Million Lie 
become that not only individuals but governments of nations cower before it while the Jews take 
charge, silencing any and all opposition. Dr. Max Nussbaum, the former chief Rabbi of the 
Jewish community in Berlin, openly bragged on April 11, 1953, "the position the Jewish people 
occupy in the world today, despite its tremendous losses, is ten times stronger than it was twenty 
years ago." 

He is right on half of his statement. They suffered no "tremendous losses," but they are ten 
times stronger than they were before the White Race was inveigled into that bloody, fratricidal 
holocaust, known as World War II, incited and provoked by the Jews themselves. Much of this 
increased strength they have acquired thanks to the despicable Six Million Lie. 

Creative Credo #38 

Russia, Israel and the United States 

USA not fighting communism. One of the most flagrant and persistent deceptions that has 
been foisted on the American people since the Russian revolution of 1917 is that the American 
government is desperately but valiantly fighting a losing war "against communism." After more 
than six decades, most American people still believe this hoax, and remain perpetually confused 
as to why the United States, rich, powerful, morally superior to communism, is continually 

American Jews Power Center of Communism. The brutal truth is that the American 
power establishment — governmental, financial and propaganda- wise (all dominated by Jews) 
has not been fighting communism. The fact is communism is Jewish from its very inception. 
Communism is only one of the many powerful tools being utilized in the Jewish program of 
taking över the world. Not only has the United States not been fighting communism as most 
Americans are duped to believe, but on the contrary, the United States has been the chief 
financier, planner and promoter of communism, not only in Russia, but throughout the world. 
Without the financial support and technical aid of the United States, the Jewish-communist 
outrage against the Russian people would have fallen flat on its face at its very inception, and 
many times över since then. In fact, it would ne ver have been inaugurated in the first place. 

Trained and Financed in New York. It is a fact of history that the final push for the 
communist take-over of Russia was lavishly financed and carefully planned by wealthy Jewish 
capitalists right here in good old U.S. A. There, on the East Side of New York, Trotsky and 
3,000 Jewish cut-throats were carefully trained to deliver the final coupe-de-grace. The venture 
was financed to the tune of 20 million dollars by no less than ( Jew) Jacob Schiff himself of the 
New York firm of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., an American branch of the Rothschild network. When the 
time came, Trotsky and his trained Jewish revolutionaries were shipped by boat (in the middle of 
World War I) and arrived unhampered in Russia to do their job. Once there they knew exactly 
what to do, and when it was all över 30 million White Russians had been murdered and the Jews 
were fully in the saddle. . 

Communism is a Jewish Swindle. We must remember again and again that communism is 
nothing more than a horrible, vicious Jewish program to take över the world, camouflaged with 
deceptive "humanitarian" propaganda, as are most other Jewish programs. 

Paid by American Taxpayers. The Jewish-Communist-Marxist-Zionist blueprint is all part 
and parcel of the same program. It is well financed not only with Jewish money, but more 
significantly with taxpayers' money, of which the American taxpayer pays the overwhelming 
brunt. There is no greater source of goods, wealth and productivity than the working American 
taxpayer, and the Jewish potential for looting this tremendous source of productivity seems 
without limit. 

Behind it the whole Jewish Network. The Jewish-Communist-Marxist-Zionist movement 
is tremendously powerful. Behind it are all the Jewish power networks of the world. This 
includes their väst world- wide propaganda network — television, newspaper, newswire, 
magazine, book printing, education and all the other accouterments that not only influence, but 
decide "public opinion." Behind this Jewish movement also is the powerful "capitalistic" 

Federal Reserve System with its unlimited monopoly to print paper money at no cost to 
themselves. In short, behind it is "the hidden hand" of world-wide Jewry. 

American Policy Hostile to Tzars. It is this power establishment that engineered the 
overthrow of the Romanov dynasty, a Viking dynasty that had ruled Russia for över three 
centuries, and replaced it by an ironfisted Jewish tyranny. In respect to American policy toward 
Russia it is interesting that prior to the 1917 revolution, United States policy was hostile towards 
Russia (as were the Jews). It enthusiastically favored Japan in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904- 
05, which the Japanese won. Once the Jews had clamped their vicious ironclad rule on Russia 
and its väst resources in 1917, United States foreign policy did a dramatic (but covert) flip-flop 
and became anti- Japanese and pro-Russian. 

Benevolent after Commie Take-over. Despite all the propaganda, camouflage and window 
dressing to the contrary, it has been strongly pro-Russian (really pro- Jewish) ever since. It was 
America who shored up the precarious communist government in the decade of 1920' s with food 
and other aid. It was American technical aid that built her dams and power plants, drilled her oil 
fields and built her refineries in the 1920' s and 1930' s. When despite all this aid the Russian 
behemoth was about to collapse of its own weight and rottenness in the early 1930's, it was 
Roosevelfs official recognition and extension of financial credits that again saved it from 
oblivion. When Hitler' s heroic armies stood at the gates of Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, 
again it was American military aid and direct intervention that saved communist Russia from 
being wiped off the map. Before the War was even över, the United States already began 
shipping väst quantities of aid, civilian goods — tractors, machinery, food, to the tune of 13 
billion dollars. This, again, was all done at the expense of the American taxpayers, who pay for 
most of the cost of the Jewish world-wide take över. 

Saved by America Again and Again. Since the end of World War II it was the United 
States who encouraged and promoted the Russian-Communist take över in Eastern Europé. In 
fact, when Russia nervously hesitated in rolling her tanks into Hungary in that unhappy country's 
revolt in 1956, it was President Eisenhower who specifically sent Premier Kruschev an 
encouraging telegram assuring him that the United States would not lift a finger to aid the 

False, Deceptive Front. This has been the modus operandi of the United States-Russian 
relations ever since 1917. Officially the United States puts up a front of being "anti-communist." 
Behind the scenes it has aided, abetted, planned, financed and promoted communist take-overs 
throughout the world, whether it was in countries adjoining Russia in eastern Europé or whether 
it was in countries halfway around the world that were temporarily beyond the reach of Russian 

America aided Cuban Take-over. A good example of the latter is the "Communist" take- 
over of Cuba. Without propaganda aid of the American (read Jewish) press, Fidel Castro would 
have died an unknown bum, unheard of, and unsung. It was the American press, especially the 
Jewish New York Times that puffed up Castro as a native hero, as a liberator, as the Abraham 
Lincoln of Cuba, the George Washington of the Sierra Maestra, as a non-communist agrarian 
reformer, and temporarily sold him to the American people as such. At the same time our 
government put secret pressure on the then pro-American head of the Cuban government, 
Fulgencio Batista, to leave Cuba. Having been betrayed by the American government and the 
skids effectively put under him, Batista fled the country and Castro walked in with the full 
support of the American government and the American (Jewish) press. It was an interesting 

study in hypocrisy to see how we slowly "discovered" that Castro was a communist, a fact well 
known to the American government and the Jewish conspiracy, and the basic reason for the 
revolution in the first place. 

Repeated Betrayal of American Interests. It is not my purpose here in this limited 
dissertation to review the history of Jewish betrayal of American interests and communist 
takeovers throughout the world. This would literally take a whole encyclopedia to cover. I only 
want to point out a few historical events that even the most naive American reader of the daily 
news is familiar with. In this regard I want to point the finger at only a few obvious glaring 
examples anyone can understand. 

Betrayal of China. One of the most blatant swindles and of greatest world- wide 
significance was manipulated by the United States shortly after World War II, and that was the 
betrayal of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and the väst multitudes of China. Chiang Kai-shek 
had fought the Chinese communists in the early 1920's and finally beat them at their game. He 
assumed control of the Chinese government in 1926 and was undoubtedly the staunchest anti- 
communist leader in Asia. He was strongly pro-American and fought the Japanese on the side of 
America in World War II. As soon as this (Jewish) war was över he was treacherously betrayed 
by the United States. 

Marshall a Communist Stooge. General George C. Marshall, who had been accorded 
every honor that could be bestowed on a military man short of becoming president, was sent to 
China to do the hatchet job in November of 1945. Although he was by now 65 years old, in poor 
health and ready to retire, he stayed in that miserable country for 14 months, selling out Kai-shek 
to the communists. That he would make such a personal sacrifice at his age is an indication of 
the tight communist discipline he was under and had been for most of his adult life. 

Not possible without American perfidy. When Marshall left China he had negotiated a 
"coalition government" between the Kai-shek Nationalists and the Mao Tse-tung communists, 
and disarmed the Nationalist army, which he låter bragged he had done "with the stroke of a 
pen." Needless to say, with the Chinese Nationalists disarmed and betrayed by the United States, 
Mao Tse-tung and his communist gäng of cut-throats soon drove Chiang Kai-shek and the 
Nationalists from the Chinese mainland. By 1949 Mao was the undisputed communist master of 
China, the most populous country in the world. China, with its teeming 800 million people had 
been turned över to Jewish-communist control through American treachery. And so another 
country succumbed to betrayal, made in the United States of America. 

Huge Bloodbaths Followed. Shortly after the communists took över in China, huge 
bloodbaths followed. It is conservatively estimated that at least 60 million Chinese were 
murdered in the Mao Tse-tung purge that followed in order to consolidate his brutal regime. 

Died a Traitor. General George C. Marshall, having faithfully done his treacherous duty to 
his communist masters, died shortly thereafter. 

A few more recent examples should suffice to establish the pattern. Let's look at what has 
been going on in the Western hemisphere. 

Betrayal of Chile. By 1970, in Chile an outright communist government had been 
established, headed by Salvador Allende. This had been achieved with the help of huge sums of 
American "aid," and especially the connivance of the American CL A. Then in 1974 the 
unexpected happened. The people of Chile, led by army officers, revolted, killed Allende and 
took back their government. Was the United States government happy at this triumph över 

communism? On the contrary, it stopped all aid, cut off credits and has carried on a vicious trade 
boycott and propaganda campaign against Chile ever since. 

Panama Canal given to Communists. In 1979 the traitorous United States Senate and 
executive branch turned över the American built and owned Panama Canal to a tinhorn 
communist government of dope peddlers and thieves headed by General Torrejos. Not only did 
they hand it to these criminals free on a silver platter, but they paid them billions to take this, the 
most strategic waterway in the world. This despite the fact that the mail of some senators was 
running 200 to 1 against this blatant and treacherous sellout. 

Treacherous sell-out in Nicaragua. While this treacherous sell-out was being promoted to 
the American people, the CIA. was already busy using Panama as a base to run arms and 
revolutionaries into nearby Nicaragua and instigate revolution. Here again our perfidious 
American government ran true to form. Whereas the Somoza family, which had ruled Nicaragua 
for more than 40 years was strongly pro-American and anti-communist, the same year as we 
gave away the Panama Canal, Anastosia Somoza was blatantly betrayed and sold down the river. 
With C.I.A. organization, money and arms, the country was thrown into utter chaos and turmoil, 
and finally with the United States telling Somoza to get out, he, too, fled the country. The 
communist "Sandinistas" took över and another anti-communist country was betrayed and turned 
över to the communist behemoth with the help of democratic, "anti-communist" United States of 

C.I.A. plays Vital Role. At this point it would be useful to point out the tremendous 
importance of the Central Intelligence Agency in most of the Communist takeovers. During 
World War II the Office of Strategic Services was organized as a super intelligence agency 
coordinating and superseding the different United States military intelligence agencies. It was 
heavily staffed with Jews, and was in reality a supra world-wide Jewish secret police. Like its 
Russian counterpart, the Cheka, the O.G.P.U., the N.K.V.D., the K.G.B. and various other name 
changes in between, so, too, the name of the O.S.S. was changed to the C.I.A. But essentially its 
character and purpose remained unchanged — it remained (and is today) a world-wide secret 
police and spy network in the employ of world-wide Jewry, with the American taxpayer again 
footing the bill. Not only is the C.I.A. a spy network, but it also acts as a powerful army of 
intrigue and deception, a strong-arm that not only spies, but uses force to make things happen. 

Awesome Power, Unlimited Funds. The bill to the American taxpayer is enormous. With 
almost unlimited funds at its disposal and a huge army of manpower in its employ, the power and 
influence of the C.I.A. in the world at large is awesome and frightening indeed. Neither 
Congress nor the president really knows how many billions are spent each year by this powerful 
secret police agency. Nor are they aware of what capers or machinations they are engaged in. 
All this is cloaked under the guise of "secrecy," "national security," "protecting our agents." The 
C.I.A. is completely beyond the control of either the courts, congress or the executive branch. In 
fact, the visible members of the government are themselves frightened of, and very much at the 
mercy of the C.I.A. 

A Criminal Army. Nor are there any limits to the tactics in which the C.I.A. may engage. 
Assassination, planting false propaganda, lying, stealing, murder, betrayal, planning revolutions, 
and "dirty tricks" of any nature are all in their routine arsenal of promoting the Jewish program. 
Nor is that all. Setting up dummy corporations, false political movements, printing a temporary 

newspaper, rigging elections, supporting political candidates and movements, destroying others, 
all of this is also part of their bag of tricks. 

Operate on American soil also. Nor are their operations limited to foreign soil. Any 
American citizen who is loyal to his country, or is for the White Race, or wants to exposé the 
Jewish conspiracy, or is anticommunist, is fair game for the powerful and treacherous C. LA. 
right here in our home territory. This they do in perfect collaboration with the F.B.I. Hand in 
glove with each other they will infiltrate domestic organizations, political parties and build up or 
destroy any group, faction or individual they see fit. 

Tool of the Jews. What they see fit is always in the best interests of the Jews and towards 
the destruction of the White Race. 

Before we leave the subject of intelligence there are a few other arms of Jewish spying that I 
must bring to light at this point. 

Mind police. Since the Jews for the last several thousand years have been carrying on the 
most vicious conspiracy in history, namely the destruction and take-over of all other peoples — 
they have been fanatic to the point of being paranoid about spying and gathering information on 
their enemies. And this is under standable. Since the hideous crime they are perpetrating is all 
based on secrecy and deceit, holding the lid on their conspiracy is a highly precarious business. 
So they frantically enter into all kinds of devices, spy organizations and means of gathering 
intelligence that would stagger the limits of the Gentile mind. The Jews not only want to know 
what their enemies (everybody is their enemy) are doing, they also want to know what they 
might be planning. In fact, as far as is possible they want to know what everybody is thinking 
before such thinking might be translated into action. 

Network of spy games. So they have all kinds of spy and intelligence networks operating 
throughout the world. Besides the C.I.A., the F.B.I., the Russian K.G.B. and others already 
mentioned there are two more that I want to point out, one in America, the other in Israel. 

The A.D.L. The A.D.L., short for Anti-Defamation League, is in America. Ostensibly, it 
pretends to safeguard Jewish interests and prevent the spread of "anti-Semitism." Why the Jews 
should find this necessary when the English, the Germans, the Italians or other ethnic groups find 
such safeguards unnecessary, they have never explained. But in reality the A.D.L. is much, 
much more than that. Presumably an offshoot of the Jewish B'nai B'rith, it is really the main 
powerhouse of this Jewish outfit. In reality it is a powerful, well financed spy operation inside 
our own borders that not only gathers information on politicians, civic organizations, diverse 
individuals, but on anything and everything that they so much as even suspect might blow the lid 
on the Jewish conspiracy. They have huge filés and electronic computers that rival the F.B.I. and 
the C.I.A. itself, and any information the F.B.I. or C.I.A. might have that is considered useful to 
the A.D.L. is readily fed to the latter. 

Censorship Operation. The A.D.L. 's activities extend much further. They are extremely 
active in politics — promoting those useful to the Jews and destroying those that might be 
deemed uncooperative. They also monitor all books, magazines, newspapers, all news media, 
movements or whatever — anything that might effect the Jewish conspiracy — and this includes 
just about everything of any significance that happens in this country. 

Plant Propaganda. They aggressively invent, if necessary, news stories and plant them into 
the mainstream of the news media — T.V., newspapers, etc. They not only publish a great 
number of artides for dissemination, but they also publish a large number of books that are 
either favorable to Israel and the Jews or viciously attack their enemies. 

The Mossad, super Spy network. The other Jew spy organization that is of major world- 
wide importance is the one headquartered in Israel. It is known as the Mossad. It is the central 
Jewish intelligence garnering apparatus for the entire world. It is the super-supra spy network of 
all history. Anything the American C.I.A. knows that is useful to the Jews (just about 
everything) is funneled to the Mossad. Everything the Russian K.G.B. knows that is useful is 
funneled to the Mossad. Likewise with the intelligence gathering apparatus in Germany, France, 
Italy and throughout the world, it is all funneled to the Mossad. There is hardly anything of 
significance that happens anywhere in the world but what it is shortly catalogued in the massive 
computers of the Mossad in Israel. 

Deadly criminals. But the Mossad goes much further than just spying and gathering 
intelligence from all över the world. Like the A.D.L., it is virulently aggressive and continually 
on the offensive. It has well trained assassination squads that run rampant in most of the 
countries of the world, especially the United States. It sets up paramilitary organizations like the 
Jewish Defense League, or Jewish gun clubs trained to skillfully kill Gentiles. The members of 
Mossad have the run of the United States with little or no opposition from "our own" law 
enforcement agencies while they tap telephones, bug embassies, foreign diplomats, even the 
White House and any and every branch of the United States government. In short, not only the 
United States but the whole world is their undisputed territory, and the White Man, (their main 
victim) not only gives them no opposition, but pays the bill and hardly knows they exist. 

Runs Rampant över World Governments. Undoubtedly the Mossad is the most 
dangerous, cruel and blood-thirsty gäng of international criminals the world has ever known, 
running rampant and roughshod över all laws and governments throughout the world, with little 
or no opposition. Like the C.I.A. , it is world- wide and parallels many of its operations with this 
difference: Whereas the C.I.A. is headquartered in the United States, the Mossad is 
headquartered in Israel; whereas the C.I.A. is manned by a mixture of Jews and Gentiles, the 
Mossad is all Jewish; whereas the C.I.A. freely shares its information with Mossad, the latter 
gives nothing to the C.I.A. It is strictly a one-way street, all leading to exclusive Jewish 
supremacy and tyranny över the "goy" of the world. 

Before we leave this foul conspiracy of Russia, Israel, Jews and the U.S. government, there 
are two other aspects of this satanic combination that I must clarify. 

Foreign Aid to Everybody. One is the issue of America dispensing foreign aid (taxpayers' 
money) to every sleazy panhandler in the world. At present I understand that we are handing out 
foreign aid to 1 16 countries in the world. This is one of the most insane pieces of piracy ever 
imposed upon any group of taxpayers in the history of the world. The American taxpayers have 
never had an opportunity to vote or express their opinion upon this blatant piece of thievery, but 
this continues year after year. For 35 years the American taxpayers have been bled white, and at 
this time there is no indication that it will ever stop or even lessen. 

Supposedly to Bribe Countries out of Communism. The gimmick in this whole fraudulent 
swindle is this: It was inaugurated as the Marshall Plan to keep countries from "going 
communist." Its noble objective seemed to be to fight communism. In other words we tried to 
bribe them, to buy them off, to wheedle them out of communism with cash, thereby supposedly 
winning friends for our side. That supposedly, was the idea, we were told. 

Actually we are Subsidizing Communism. The realities were somewhat different. 
Actually we were propping up faltering communist countries, including the big one, Russia. 
Before World War II was even concluded we shipped över 13 billion dollars worth of domestic 
goodies, including tractors, refrigerators and what have you. If we were trying to fight 
communism, why subsidize them? 

Hostile to Anti-Communist Countries. In practice we were subsidizing communism, not 
fighting it. We used our tremendous wealth as a club to push countries into communism. We 
used it as a wedge to get our C.I.A. into their midst and maneuver their politics in such a way 
that the Jews and the communists would sooner or låter gain control. In countries such as Chile 
where they did throw the communists out on their own (no thanks to the U.S. government) we 
would bear down härd on them, boycott them (as also in Rhodesia) and use economic pressure to 
get them back into the Jewish fold. 

U.S. Betrays Friends, Rewards Enemies. As a result of all this fantastic give-away 
amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, most of the countries of the world have completely 
löst respect for America. They intensely distrust us and never have we been hated so much by so 
many. And for good reason. The United States (controlled by Jews) has repeatedly practiced 
treachery, to both its own people and its foreign friends. It has consistently betrayed and 
punished its friends (such as Rhodesia, Somoza, Batista, Chile, etc.) and generously rewarded 
its communist "enemies". No wonder the rest of the world distrusts and despises the United 

Germany under Military Occupation. The other matter is the keeping of American 
occupational forces in Germany for the interminable period of 35 years after the defeat of a 
former enemy, something the United States has never done before in its history. This, too, is a 
gigantic swindle. We supposedly have the troops there to "protect" Germany from a Russian 
onslaught. The fact is Germany could have protected itself very well from communist Russia, 
and would have cleaned out that foul nest of vipers in the early 40' s had we not interfered. 

Real Reason: To Protect the Jews. The real reason our troops have been kept in Germany 
these 35 years and undoubtedly will remain another 35 years is to keep the German people 
subdued so they will not revive the Hitler movement and again turn on the Jews. In short, our 
troops are there for the sole purpose of protecting the Jews from the Germans and 
preventing the Germans from setting up a government of their own choice. Yes, that is the 
real and only reason, not to protect Germany from Communist Russia. 

Artificial Bandit State. Now we come to that other nest of vipers, the bandit state of Israel 
itself. This artificial monstrosity owes its very existence to the combined money power of 
International Jewry, the CIA., the news media and the facade known as the "United States" 

Total Parasite. We must remember that Jews are total parasites and do not really want to 
live in a country of their own. Parasites cannot live off of each other and must live on a 
productive höst. For this reason Jews do not want to, and could not even if they did want to, live 
in a country of their own. For thousands of years they, more than anyone else, have had ample 
opportunity to get together and build a country of their own. They never have wanted to and 
they never will. They remain eternally what they always have been — parasites. 

Reasons for Set-up. So why did they go to such great pains to steal Palestine from the 
Arabs and set up this artificial monstrosity called Israel? 

The reasons are manifold, all designed to aid and abet the Jewish program for the take-over 
of the world. 

1 . Probably the most important reason was to Bolster and Unify the sagging ideology of the 

Jewish rank and filé. So successful and so affluent have the recent generations of Jews become 
that many of the younger Jews were fraternizing with and marrying Gentiles. We must 
remember that enmity, hatred and struggle have historically been the foundation that built the 
Jewish race and religion into the solid battering ram that has brought them the phenomenal 
success that they now flaunt. In too much success can also be the seed-bed of its own 
disintegration. With Zionism, the Israeli "Homeland" and the struggle to defend and expand 
Israel the Jewish people have created new enemies and thereby regained a tremendous boost of 
fervor and solidarity that has seemingly "confirmed" their religious myths and turned them into a 
tangible reality. 

2. Israel was designed to become the center of World Government. It is their plan to move 
the United Nations to Jerusalem and rule the world from Zion. "The law shall go out from 
Zion." It is their intent to rule the goyim from "Zion" where they can do so without any 
interference from alien surveillance or disturbances. 

3. Having "Israel" and Jerusalem as their home base has given a religious and mystical 
quality to their movement of taking över the world. It convinces many of their own people as 
well as millions of goy yokels that "God" is on their side and that the Jews are "God's chosen 
people." This is what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy which the Jews have been shrewd 
enough to turn into real power and into billions of dollars and cents. 

4. It provides a safe and unmolested haven for that murderous supra intelligence agency, the 
Mossad, which we have already described. 

5. There are a number of other reasons that have been advanced such as (a) the tremendous 
wealth of precious minerals contained in the murky waters of the Dead Sea, (b) the Jews (with 
the help of United States power) will expand and take över the Arab lands and rich oil fields of 
the Persian Gulf, (c) it is a place of refuge if world conditions become too hostile for the Jews, 
(d) other minor reasons. 

It is my opinion that the first four reasons stated are by far the most important and the fifth 
category is comparatively minor, especially No. 5 (c) that it could be a refuge in a crisis. The 
fact remains that the Jews will always be a deadly parasite on the backs of the productive 
nations of the world, or they will be nothing. Once they are driven from power in the White 
nations of the world their whole power structure will rapidly collapse. Israel will rapidly 
collapse with it. In fact, the Arabs themselves would soon make short shrift of the bandit state of 
Israel as soon as the Jews lose their grip on the control centers of the White nations of the world, 
especially the United States. 

Israel short lived without subsidization. The plain fact is that inside Israel itself there is 
turmoil, dissension, hatred and disintegration. The Jews have not proved they could build a 
nation of their own, or live with themselves. On the contrary, without the continual financial 
blood transfusions from Germany, the United States and other "goyim" countries, Israel couldn't 
last six months. Even with all this tremendous aid from the outside it has one of the highest råtes 
of inflation in the world. The United States alone in 1979 subsidized Israel to the tune of 
$10,000 per family of four in Israel. On top of that Germany is paying reparations for the 

phony "holocaust" to the tune of a billion dollars a year. The Jews in New York, Miami Beach 
and elsewhere raise $300 million each year for "Israeli bonds" (a swindle) and send it tax free to 
Israel. Yet despite all this tremendous outside subsidization Israel the parasite is in a continual 
turmoil politically and in a precarious and faltering financial situation, a true parasite with no 
future of its own. 

Summary. In summation we can safely conclude: 

1. That Communism, Marxism and Zionism combine with capitalism to accomplish one and the 
same goal — the Jewish take-over of the world. 

2. That the United States is not fighting Communism, but on the contrary, is firmly in the 
grip of the Jewish network using the wealth, power and prestige of the United States to 
betray and take över one country after another, all in the sham battle of "fighting 

3. The C. I. A. and the F.B.I. are both the Secret police and the strong arm of the Jewish network. 
Never, never trust their agents nor collaborate with them in any way. 

4. We need not look to Russia as the real enemy of the United States. The Russian people 
would like to get the Jewish-Communist monkey off their back as much as anybody and 
would have succeeded long ago if it had not been for the machinations of the United States. 
The real enemy resides right here in our own country, especially in New York and 

5. Only by rallying the total power of the White Race and organizing it under a powerful 
racial religion such as Creativity can we ever hope to break the back of the Jewish 
Marxist-Communist-Zionist tyranny. 

Creative Credo #39 

israel's dastardly 1967 attack on the u.s.s. llberty 

Stranglehold Total. If there are still any lingering doubts in anyone's mind as to the brutal, 
iron-clad control exercised by the Jews and/or Israel över the affairs of the United States (and the 
world) let me describe one more flagrant outrage. 

Slavish support of Israel. Without a doubt since the founding of the bandit state of Israel in 
1948 the United States has been its staunchest ally, showering it with financial aid, military 
hardware and equipment and flooding the United States and the world with pro-Israel 
propaganda, claiming Israel is our only true ally in the Middle East, the bulwark of our Middle 
Eastern policy and a lot of other lies. Now we would think that Israel would be mighty grateful 
for all this lavish support, which, after all, has done nothing for the United States but drain our 
resources and antagonized our relations with the whole Arab world. After all, the Arabs have 
large quantities of oil which we need, and we used to be on friendly terms before Israel came 
along. Israel, on the other hand, has had nothing to offer but incessant trouble and aggravation 
and incessant demands for more aid. With "friends" like that who needs enemies? 

Casus Belli. Historically a deliberate attack on an American ship has been a cause for war. 
The sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor precipitated the Spanish- American War of 1898. 
The sinking of the Lusitania in 1917 was excuse enough for Woodrow Wilson to push the United 
States into war against Germany (although there was no proof whatsoever that Germany had 
done it. Actually historians point the finger at Britain as implementing an effective ruse to bring 
the United States into the War on their side.) Now let us see what happens when our "staunch 
ally" Israel, attempts to pull off such a dastardly sneak attack, but was caught in the act. 

U.S.S. Liberty standing by. The U.S.S. Liberty in 1967 was an ultra-modern billion-dollar 
reconnaissance ship, fitted with highly expensive and sophisticated electronic gear, similar to the 
U.S.S. Pueblo which the United States tacitly allowed to be hijacked by the North Koreans in 
1968. As the Six-Day Israeli-Arab War of territorial expansion (by Israel) was in progress, the 
U.S.S. Liberty, an unarmed ship, was standing by in the eastern Mediterranean observing. It was 
clearly marked and was flying the American flag. Since, like the "Pueblo" it was unique and one 
of a kind, any military observer would have no problem in the slightest recognizing it for what it 
was — an unarmed United States reconnaissance ship. 

Viciously Attacked. On a clear bright day, on June 8, 1967, in broad daylight, the U.S.S. 
Liberty was suddenly and viciously attacked by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats in a 
deliberate, well-planned and coordinated action. The attack lasted for nearly two hours, and the 
intent clearly was to send her to the bottom of the Mediterranean with not a survivor left aboard 
to tell about it. Once sunk, the idea then was ostensibly to blame the Arabs for the belligerent 
attack. Despite napalm bombs dropped on deck, despite repeated machine-gunning of the crew 
on board and their life rafts, despite torpedoes launched at her by the Israeli torpedo boats, 
miraculously the Liberty did not sink. But of the 300-man crew aboard, 34 American service 
men were killed and 171 wounded, many of them seriously burned from the shower of napalm 
bombs the Israelis inflicted on the unprotected ship. 

Treacherous "Ally." This should give us some idea of how "grateful" our "staunch ally" in 
the Middle East is for the years of slavish support we have lavished on that treacherous snake-in- 

the-grass. But let us now witness the treachery and reaction in Washington and the "American" 
"free" press. 

Help cut off. Seven minutes after the two-hour attack began the Liberty sent a call for help 
to the U.S.S. Saratoga. Attack planes from the Saratoga could have been there in ten minutes, 
and such help would in almost any case in the world have responded automatically. To show 
how intense and how tight the Jewish stranglehold is, the White House (President Johnson) 
quickly intervened and ordered that no help be rendered by the Sixth Fleet standing by in the 
Mediterranean. Can you imagine that? Despite desperate pleas for help from an unarmed 
American vessel under heavy attack for nearly two hours, the American navy was told to turn its 
back and look elsewhere. 

No outrage. Did the "American" press cry shouts of outrage? Hardly a whisper. The 
matter was quietly suppressed. "Our" president, "our" congress, "our" State Department never 
so much as officially reprimanded Israel for this outrageous and unprovoked act of war. It 
meekly accepted IsraeFs blatant lie that it had made a "mistake" (some mistake!) in identity. 
That would be like making a mistake in identifying the Empire State building, bombing it and 
saying "sorry, we mistook it for an Arab objective." 

No demands for restitution were made, none offered by Israel. The relatives of the dead and 
wounded were told to keep their mouths shut and some were threatened with bodily harm if they 
talked. Such is the power of Israel and the Jews över American government, the press and even 
individual citizens. 

Suppressed to this day. Nor was this a temporary situation limited to the Johnson 
administration. No succeeding president has dared bring up the "Liberty" affair, not President 
Nixon, nor Ford, nor Carter. On the contrary, the shower of money (billions every year), 
military aid, and praise and approbation for Israel continues unabated. So also does Israel' s 
unrelenting aggression upon her Arab neighbors, causing continual crises for the United States, 
antagonizing the Arab world on whom we depend on oil, driving up the price of our oil, and 
endlessly draining the American taxpayer. 

Can you imagine what an outraged hue and cry would have ensued if some other country, say 
Germany, had perpetrated such an attack? But Israel? It can get away with multiple murder, any 
day, any year. 

Iron-clad Control. Yes, the stranglehold by the Jews is total, is vicious and very real. As I 
pointed out in the previous chapter, the headquarters for Jewish treachery and treason is right 
here in Washington D.C. and New York, right here in the United States. Until we, the White 
Race, have the guts and the determination to organize and throw these vicious parasites off our 
back, treachery, betrayal and eventually genocide will be our fäte. 

Creative Credo #40 

The Brutal Truth About Inflation and Financial Enslavement. 

The Federal Reserve Board— The Most Gigantic Counterfeiting Ring in 

the World 

How to Steal the World with Worthless Paper. If you were to räck your brains to find the 
most direct, fastest means of acquiring a monopoly of all the wealth in this world, by fair means 
or foul, undoubtedly the idea of setting up a gigantic money printing press would cross your 
mind. In short go into the counterfeiting business on a massive world-wide scale. 

All Profit. What is quicker than having such huge printing presses spewing out millions of 
ten dollar notes, twenty dollar notes, fifties, hundreds, even thousand and ten thousand dollar 
notes? It is all profit, except for the ink and the paper, which, incidentally, costs less than half a 
cent per note, whether it is a one-dollar bill or a thousand dollar bill. 

Awesome Power. There is only one catch, supposedly. Counterfeiting is illegal, and 
governments crack down härd on violators and the penalties are harsh. In fact, the Founding 
Fathers of the United States, realizing the awesome power that is inherent in the issuance of 
money, clearly reserved these rights to Congress and Congress alone. Article 1, Section 8, Par. 
5, of the Constitution of the United States, says, "Congress shall have the power to coin money, 
and regulate the value thereof '. 

Own the Presses, Buy the Government. But what if you and your gäng were so highly 
successful that once you got going you not only owned the presses, but you had ample money to 
have a monopoly of the news media, and, subsequently, own the government as well? Having 
done so, your captive government could then make it legal for you to own and run the printing 
presses at will. They could then spew out the money for you by the carload. Not only that, but 
you could insure your great good fortune by having the printing presses run for you under the 
legal auspices of the established government itself and hand över all the printed money to you, 
free of charge, except again, for the insignificant cost of the paper and the ink. Not only would 
your captive government make it legal for you to be in the counterfeiting business in a huge way, 
but you could even have them give you a legal monopoly, thereby keeping all other competitors 
out of your räcket. Wouldn't that be great? 

Not Fantasy. An Accomplished Fact. A wild idea, you say? Perhaps. But not at all 

impossible. Not only is it possible, but it is an accomplished fact. It is, in fact, a harsh, cold 
reality, much to our detriment. Those crisp green bilis you are now carrying in your wallet are 
the product of such a counterfeit ring. The international Jewish bankers accomplished that wild 
dream back in December, 1913, when they inveigled Congress to pass the Federal Reserve Act 
and, thereby created the Federal Reserve System, a private, (not governmental) corporation, for 

Criminal Gäng. This Jewish gäng of criminals has rapidly been accumulating unto 
themselves, not only all the wealth of the United States, but of the world, ever since. Stränge, 
you say? Not at all. When we study the history of these slippery con-artists it is not really so 
stränge at all that they would try to do so. Being a rapacious, piratical tribe for the last several 
thousand years, and having manipulated the money of the world for the same period of time, it is 
not at all stränge that the Jews would try to monopolize the creation and control of money, the 

most powerful tool in the world. It would be stränge if they had not attempted to do so. 

They have been monopolizing money and the financial control of White Nations for 
millenniums. The thing that is stränge is that the White goyim has not caught on and realized 
that the Jews have captured for themselves the money creating machinery of the United States, 
and also the rest of the world. They are now the unchallenged manipulators of the credit 
machinery, the banks, and the financial power of the world. 

Private Corporation. There is not one American in ten thousand that doesn't believe and 
take for granted that the Federal Reserve System is a government agency. But nothing is further 
from the truth. The Federal Reserve banks are owned, lock, stock and barrel, by a criminal 
gäng of international Jewish bankers, a gäng that hasn't the slightest interest in serving the 
best interests of the American people. On the contrary, this scurvy gäng of criminals is viciously 
intent on destroying the White Race that built America, despite the fact that the White Race is 
the only element that can keep America (and the world) from collapsing into chaos. 

The Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve Banks, and its many branches and 
adjuncts, can be considered as a unit. For the sake of simplicity, we will simply refer to if as the 
Federal Reserve. 

Government a puppet of the Fed. Not only does the U.S. government not own the Federal 
Reserve, it is, in fact, the other way around. The Federal Reserve owns the U.S. government and 
manipulates it like a puppet, solely for the interests of this avaricious international gäng of 
Jewish jackals, who control the world, its money, and its economy. 

Window Dressing. To most Americans, this comes as a major shock. Unbelievable, they 
say. Ask any banker as to who owns the Federal Reserve and they will lugubriously explain that 
the Federal Reserve stock is owned by the member banks, divided into twelve districts, that the 
President appoints members to the board of the governors of the Federal Reserve, etc. 

All of this is partially true as far as it goes, but it is pure window-dressing. The few details 
about the Federal Reserve that are known are widely disseminated. Their sole objective is to act 
as a smoke screen for the real ownership, the real control. What little is known to the public (and 
very little is known about the Federal Reserve) is very selective non-information, fed to the local 
bankers in order to confuse them rather than inform. Even most local bank presidents are so 
ignorant about the real nature of the Federal Reserve that they believe it is a government owned 
agency rather than a privately owned corporation solely for profit. 

The Brutal Truth. The real facts are somewhat different from what the average banker 
thinks. They are as follows: 

1 . The real ownership and control of the Federal Reserve is vested is the Class A stock. 

The names of those owning this stock are impossible to obtain. Ask your local bank president 
and he'11 be much surprised to find out there is a Class A stock. He will not have the slightest 
inkling as to its ownership. He is not alone. Those names have never been divulged, not even to 
the President, or the Congress of the United States. Nor has any Congressional Committee ever 
had the nerve to honestly investigate the question of that ownership. This should give us some 
indication of the Federal Reserve' s power, and raise a red alert. 

2. Its inception, formation and dovetailing with other such institutions in foreign countries 
indicates that without a doubt it is owned by a powerful clique of international Jewish 
bankers, most of whom are not even citizens of this country. 

3. To further indicate what absolute power this monster exercises över our government and 
economy, the Federal Reserve has pre-empted unto itself some unusual and highly illegal 
privileges. For instance, it pays no income tax as do other corporations, nor does it pay taxes 
of any other kind. 

4. The Federal Reserve has never been publicly audited since its inception in 1913. 

5. The Federal Reserve, by having the power to issue money, can "create" money as easily as 
any other counterfeit gäng with a printing press, the only difference being that it can and does do 
so on a massive scale and has "legal" sanction to do so. The tremendous profits from this 
counterfeit operation all accrue to the international gäng of Jewish bankers at the expense 
of the American working people. 

6. Americans, a little över a generation ago, owned nearly half the old of the world. In 1934, 
Roosevelt, a chabez-goi, a willing stooge under the control of the Jews, made it illegal for 
American citizens to any longer own gold, although any foreign swindler, horse thief, or 
government, could, and still can, exchange their dollars for American gold. He made statutory 
criminals out of American citizens for owning gold, a privilege our government willingly grants 
to any foreign horse-thief. 

Americans Stripped of their Gold. Thanks to such discriminatory policies, neither the 
American government nor the American citizen any longer own any significant quantities of 
gold. We have been fleeced clean. What was originally sold to the American people as a policy 
to back our paper money with gold, has ended up with America, its people and its government 
being robbed clean of its precious metal, although we are the most productive country on the 
face of the earth. The gold in Ft. Knox has rapidly been shipped to foreign shores, especially 
Switzerland, which the Jews have built up as a private "neutral" haven for themselves. 

Even what little is now left in Ft. Knox is now heavily over-pledged to foreigners and to 
the Federal Reserve. 

Americans Fleeced Again. After having completely stripped clean the American people, in 
1975, the Jew-controlled government of the United States again made it "legal" for the ordinary 
citizen to own gold. Americans could now buy back for $175.00 to $195.00 an ounce, what had 
been taken from their ancestors at $20.50 an ounce 40 years earlier. Those who fell for this trap 
and now bought were further fleeced by speculation and falling prices, all of which further 
enriched the Jewish speculators. 

And Again. Such was the situation in 1976. Many White Americans löst money in the up 
and down manipulations of the Jewish gold speculators. Then towards 1979, as run-away 
inflation became more obvious and more rampant, confidence in the phony paper dollar 
plummeted even further. People at home and abroad panicked and turned to gold, driving up the 
price to $800.00 an ounce. The Jews then pulled the rug out from under and it sank to under 
$500.00. Again, many White Americans löst, but the Jews, knowing in advance what they were 
manipulating, profited from their los ses. 

Planned that way. This is no accident. It was planned that way. The Jews have 
accomplished what they set out to do — accumulate unto themselves, among other riches, all the 
gold on the face of the earth. 

Back to Beginnings. In the foregoing we have said that the Jews have a monopoly on 
printing counterfeit money and have also fleeced us of the huge gold reserves once owned by 

America, and Americans as individuals. To most gullible, uninformed Americans, this seems 
shocking and incredible. Yet, it is true. How did they accomplish such an astonishing feat, such 
blatant piracy? 

Careful Planning. It is a long story. In this treatise we can only carve out the rough 
outlines of this sinister conspiracy that has had such a disastrous impact on the fortunes of the 
White Race. It is a story that must give credit to the astounding possibilities that can be 
accomplished by meticulous planning, patience, and tenacity. All this the Jews have put forth in 
ample measure. 

Began with Jewish Goldsmiths. The beginnings go back to the early ancestors of the 
present day Jewish bankers, back as far as medieval Europé, and even further back to ancient 
Rome, when the Jewish "goldsmith bankers" already predominated in the money märkets. They 
still do today. Gold has been a medium of exchange and used for coinage from ancient times. 
The Jews, especially, have been wildly fascinated by gold and have undoubtedly promoted the 
idea that it had mystical and intrinsic values far beyond its real value. In any event, in the 
old days, people who acquired gold took it to these certain (Jewish) goldsmiths for safekeeping. 
The goldsmith then gave the depositor a receipt or a "claim check" for the gold received. These 
"claim checks" could be used to reclaim the gold by anyone who had them in their possession, 
and not necessarily the same person who deposited the gold. Thereby these receipts were 
transferable, and in actual practice these receipts for gold began to circulate as paper money. 
Supposedly, the receipts were as good as gold since whoever had them in their possession could 
claim the gold from the goldsmiths at any time they wished. 

Jews found a Gimmick. So far so good. The next step was that people learned they could 
carry on trade and commerce by passing these goldsmiths' receipts without ever bothering to 
withdraw the gold itself. Their "faith" in the value of the paper was based on the idea that it was, 
after all, redeemable in gold at any time. 

The third step was a major discovery by the Jewish goldsmiths themselves of what has been 
the Key Principle (and a very profitable one) of banking ever since. 

It is called "Fractional Reserves." 

Loaned out gold that wasn't there. The Jewish goldsmiths made an amazing discovery. 
They found that with receipts circulating as money, few people came in to claim their gold. 
They conceived the idea that they could "loan out" gold, at interest — gold that really did not 
belong to them, but was only in their "safekeeping." 

"Money" out of thin air. With interest. What they did was write out receipts, or "claim 
checks," to borrowers, and charged interest on the gold they were loaning at the same time. 
These "claim checks," or receipts, created out of thin air, then, too, passed into circulation, the 
same as the others that had been given to actual depositors of gold. The Jew, in actuality, was 
writing out and passing claim checks on several times as much gold as he had available, and 
nobody, it seemed, was the wiser. 

The Jew had struck a fabulous gold mine without having to so much as turn a shovel 

"Fractional Reserve" the gimmick. The goldsmith was "lending out" gold that (a) was 
really not his to lend, and (b) several times more than he actually held in "safekeeping." But 
with the calls for the actual gold by the original depositors being so infrequent, he felt relatively 
safe that with his "fractional reserve" of gold that he could cover any day-to-day withdrawals. 

He could do so, provided, of course, there was not a "run" on the gold supply that was not his, 
but only given to him for "safekeeping." The goldsmith, in other words, was writing receipts for 
perhaps five or ten times as much gold as he had actually on deposit, betting on the theory that 
most of his depositors would not come to claim their gold at any given time. But the interest he 
was collecting on the. Fictitious gold he had "loaned out," but did not really have, was very real 
indeed. For instance, if he charged 10% interest a year, and loaned out (via "receipts") ten times 
as much gold as he had for "safekeeping," he could acquire for himself, in only a year's time, as 
much gold as was entrusted to him for "safekeeping." 

Acquired Monopoly. And thus, even in medieval Europé, these Jewish shylocks acquired a 
monopoly of gold and money in Venice, in Amsterdam, in London, Paris, Vienna and all other 
financial centers of Europé. 

Jews have Clear Field. Throwing the money monopoly and control of gold into the hands 
of the Jewish Shylocks was strongly aided and abetted by the Christian church itself . During the 
Middle Ages (better known as the Dark Ages, when spook-craft ran rampant), the Catholic 
church forbade Christians in engaging in the loan business, calling it "usury." Since lending 
money was usurious, and usury was a sin, Christians were shut out, leaving the field wide open 
to the usurious and pecuniary Jew. Added to this was the stupid Christian doctrine that "money 
is the root of all evil." 

Soon Monopolized all Wealth. One further European practice of the time helped drive the 
Jews into the money manipulation monopoly. Many countries, cities and principalities had laws 
prohibiting Jews from engaging in a number of trades and businesses, because they were aware 
of how, with his rapacious nature, the Jew soon monopolized and ruined those trades and 
businesses. But, foolishly, to the key, the nerve center of business — money — they left the 
gates wide open for the Jew to monopolize, and he had a field day. This he has to this very day, 
and today he not only has unchallenged control of the money märkets of the world, but because 
of it, the Jew has a monopoly of every other meaningful and worthwhile business as well. 

Corning and Going. Often these Jewish goldsmiths charged their clients both ways. They 
charged the depositors "fees" for "safekeeping" their gold, and they also collected interest from 
the borrowers of gold that did not belong to them, often, as we have stated before, lending out in 
the form of paper receipts five or ten times as much gold as was actually on deposit in their 

Basis of all Modern Banking. From this "fractional reserve" trickery, discovered by these 
early Jewish goldsmiths, all modern banking principles have evolved, albeit with thousands of 
variations and refinements. 

Fear a "Run." The modern banker still fears, as did the ancient goldsmith, a "run" on his 
bank, a time of panic, or rumor, regarding their integrity or stability that sometimes caused all 
depositors to rush in and withdraw their deposits at the same time. When this happened to the 
early goldsmith, and happen it did, the enraged depositors, finding their gold was not there, 
usually hanged such Jewish manipulators from the nearest tree. In old Amsterdam, a Jewish 
goldsmith proposed a law making it a hanging offense for anyone starting a "run" on a 
goldsmith. This immediately alerted his depositors and precipitated just such a "run" on him, the 
very thing he feared. Of course, this Jewish Shylock had far too many "receipts" out and could 
not pay. The depositors ended up hanging the goldsmith. 

Jews became Fabulously Wealthy. Needless to say, those Jewish goldsmiths that were not 
hanged became fabulously wealthy by trafficking in gold that (a) was not theirs; and, (b) did not 

exist. As time went on, through, fees, interest and usury sometimes as high as 30% to 50%, they 
acquired most of the gold that had been earned and owned by their Gentile clients. They soon 
became the Shylocks and money lenders, not only to individuals in all the civilized countries, 
but also to their governments. They have vigorously and aggressively maintained, enhanced 
and strengthened that position to this very day. They have now, as we said in the beginning, 
acquired absolute monopoly of all banking, issuance of money, financing, money lending, stock 
märkets and the gold of the world. It is their most powerful weapon. With it they have acquired 
their remaining weapons with which to enslave the gullible goyim. Through monopoly of 
money, they easily acquired monopoly of the means of propaganda, and every other nerve center 
of power, including government itself . 

Acquired Legal Status by Treachery, Deceit, Betrayal. We now want to get back to the 
last part of our story — namely how the Jews acquired "legal" control and monopoly of printing 
the money of the United States, by setting up the Federal Reserve System. We can see from the 
foregoing that the foundation for this financial power group was laid many centuries before that 
fateful day in December of 1913. 

Treachery and Cunning. It is a fascinating story, permeated by treachery, deceit, bribery, 
trickery, and above all — long, patient and intricate planning on the part of the Jews. It is also 
marked by stupidity and betrayal by members of our own race. 

Rothschild owns Half the World. The International Jewish bankers, mainly based in New 
York, already had a tight monopoly, över the money supply of the United States long before 
1913. The House of Rothschild, long ago had established their tentacles in the industrial 
countries of Europé, especially England, France, Germany, Italy and Austria during the 19th 
century. In each of these countries (as well as the smaller nations), they had organized a Central 
Bank System, such as the Reichsbank in Germany, or the Bank of England in Britain. Basically, 
a Central Bank meant that it controlled the country's banks, using the full credit of the 
government to issue money. All the while it had the legal sanction of that same government 
whose people it was fleecing by having a monopoly on issuance, i.e., printing money. 

Fiercely Destroy Anyone who Interferes. In the United States, prior to the passage of the 
Federal Reserve Act in 1913, whereas the Jewish bankers had had control of the nation's money 
almost from its inception, that control was still fluid amongst its own rivals and could be 
wrecked by an aroused people and/or Congress. In fact, during the Civil War, in a temporary 
lapse, Abraham Lincoln invoked the legitimate powers of Congress and issued 450 million 
dollars in printed currency, låter called "Greenbacks" that did not derive through the hands of 
the International Jewish Bankers, and no interest was paid on this money. This single act so 
enraged the Jewish bankers, that they had Lincoln assassinated by one of their agents, namely 
Botha, alias John Wilkes Booth, a Jew. 

Artificial Panics. In any event, after the Civil War, due to the manipulations of these Jewish 
bankers, who had artificially created the financial panics of 1873, 1893, and the severest of all, in 
1907, there were serious rumblings from the people, and from some uncontrolled members of 
Congress, threatening that the Jewish power might be broken. 

To ward off such a possibility, they decided to "legalize" their unconstitutional shenanigans 
by Federal Law — all in the name of "reform against the New York Bankers." This was reverse 
psychology at its best. 

Paul Warburg the Master Mind. To lay the ground work for such a law, a small clique of 
bankers headed by Paul M. Warburg, a Jew, recently arrived from Germany, met secretly on 
Jekyll Island at a plush hunting club in Georgia. They left in a private railroad car from 
Hoboken, New Jersey on November 22, 1910. So secretive was the meeting, no news about it 
leaked out until six years låter. 

With this small gäng of New York bankers was one Senator, namely Senator Nelson Aldrich, 
himself entangled with the Jews in väst holdings and monopolies. Paul M. Warburg had come 
from Germany only 8 years earlier. He represented the House of M. M. Warburg Company, 
which controlled the Reichsbank in Germany, and in turn was a branch of the Jewish House of 

Jewish Boast. It was Meyer Amschel, the patriarch of the House of Rothschild, who 
arrogantly stated, "Give me control över a nation' s money and I care not who makes its laws." 
The Jewish House of Rothschild has made good that boast and now controls the economies (and 
the law-making) of the world. 

At Jekyll Island. Under Paul Warburg' s leadership, the small clique at Jekyll Island 
hammered out the main draft of a bill that would secure for themselves the legalized and 
privileged monopoly of banking, based on the same systems as the Central Banks of Europé. At 
the heart of it all was the unrestricted printing of money, and having sole monopoly. 

Political Trickery. It was introduced into Congress as the Aldrich Plan by the senator 
whose name it bore under the auspices of the Republican Party. The bill was roundly attacked 
by opponents of Wall Street as being a bill favoring the New York bankers. 

In the elections of 1912, the Republicans made the Aldrich Plan (all in the name of reform) a 
part of their official platform. An unknown University professor by the name of Woodrow 
Wilson, suddenly, out of nowhere, became the Democratic candidate for President. He and the 
Democratic party roundly attacked the Aldrich plan and offered in its place a piece of legislation 
that (supposedly) was "for the people" instead of the bankers. It was called the Federal Reserve 
Act. Although Congress and the people were too stupid to realize the situation, the "opposition" 
plan was in essence the same Aldrich Plan, as hammered out by Jew Paul Warburg and his 
henchmen, at the secret meeting on Jekyll Island. There was some honest opposition to the bill 
by such stalwarts as Congressman Charles A. Lindberg from Minnesota, and Senator LaFollette 
of Wisconsin, and others. Passage of either the Republican version or the Democratic version 
was precarious, despite loading the coin on both sides. 

Bided their Time. But the treachery and cunning of the Jews is almost infinite. They bided 
their time. On December 23, 1913, when most of the congressmen and senators had already left 
the capital for the Christmas holidays, their select henchman stayed and rushed the bill through 
congress. Their paid stooge, Woodrow Wilson, signed the bill immediately. The Jews had their 
Central Bank, European style. 

Disaster for American People. For the American people, who understand little of all the 
confusion, it was a day of infamy, a disaster of much greater magnitude than a dozen Pearl 

Deficit Spending. Stripped of all window dressing, how does the Federal Reserve work? 
Basically, it works on deficit spending and the same principles of "fractional reserves" as 
practiced by their Jewish goldsmith ancestors. 

The Jews are constantly and deliberately pushing the Federal government deeper and deeper 
into debt, because every billion dollars more debt means a billion dollars into their own coffers, 
plus interest. 

Mechanics of Manipulation. Supposing the Federal government in Washington needs 
another ten billion dollars. Where do they get it? They go to the Federal Reserve, a private 
criminal gäng of international Jewish bankers. The Federal Reserve makes the loan. 

Where does the Federal Reserve get all this money? 

Simply Prints it for Nothing. In order to make the loan, the Federal Reserve first asks the 
U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving to print up a new batch of 10 billion in dollar bilis of 
various denomination, tens, twenties, hundreds, etc. These then are turned över to the Federal 
Reserve Bank free of charge, except for the cost of the paper and ink for printing them, which is 
insignificant. The United States government then prints up ten billion dollars in U.S. 
government bonds and turns these över to the Federal Reserve also as "collateral." These U.S. 
Government bonds are an LOU. and have to be repaid, with interest. The Federal Reserve 
then issues the U.S. Treasury department credit to the amount of ten billion dollars on which it 
can write checks. 

People in Debt with Interest for Worthless Paper. 

A cursory inspection of this transaction reveals: 

1 . The Federal Reserve has contributed nothing but paper and ink, a minimal item. 

2. Riding on the credit and prestige of the United States government, it has "issued" (created 
out of nothing) ten billion dollars worth of new money. 

3. The government gets to spend this money, but has to pay it back to the Federal Reserve 
with interest. 

4. The Federal Reserve is immediately ten billion dollars richer — plus the eternal interest it will 
accrue from this account receivable. 

5. The United States government and people are ten billion dollars deeper in debt to the Federal 
Reserve and have to pay it back with interest. 

6. If congress did its duty and invoked its constitutional right and obligation, it could and should 
have printed the same ten billion in dollar bilis on its own for the cost of the paper and ink, as 
did Abraham Lincoln, without owing the Jewish bankers a cent. This is what the 
Constitution of the United States authorizes it to do and obligates it to do. 

Hitler defied Jewish Bankers. As far as I know, in modern times, outside of the $450 
million in "greenbacks" that Abraham Lincoln had printed, the only country that defied the Jews 
and printed its own money was Adolf Hitler' s Germany between 1933 and 1945. Before Hitler, 
the Rothschild-owned Reichsbank had Germany so tied up, bankrupted and in debt, that the 
German people were virtual slaves to their Jewish masters. Every business, every industry, 
every farm, every cow, was either owned by the Jews or hopelessly pledged to them. Millions 
were unemployed and starving. The country, totally ravished by the Jews, was in worst possible 
straits, financially, morally, and practically every other way anyone could possibly imagine. 

Germany Printed Its Own Money. As soon as Hitler came to power, he wrested the money 
printing privileges out of the hands of the Jews. Instead, it was printed by the legal authority of 
the German government itself, backed by the productive strength of the nation. There was no 

interest paid on it and the government was not in debt to any Jews or anybody else for each and 
every Mark that was printed. 

Miracle Recovery. The immediate financial and industrial recovery in Germany that 
followed was a marvel to behold. While much richer countries, like the United States, were 
wallowing in depression, unemployment and despair, the Germans were busily building new 
factories, super highways, houses, cars, ships, etc. Unemployment disappeared in short order. 
Everyone was working and building. By breaking the Jewish financial stranglehold över the 
German people, the Germans, during Hitler' s short 6 year period of peace, were more productive 
and prosperous than they had ever been in their previous history. 

Fabulous Wealth could be Ours. The United States, being a much richer country, due to its 
land and resources, could be fabulously wealthy if and when we break the Jewish stranglehold 
here. This we must do and we will do. 

Jews pushed us in to World War I. Although the Federal Reserve Act, passed in 1913 
violated the Constitution (and still does), which says under Artide I, Section 8, Congress alone 
"has the power to coin money, (and) regulate the value thereof ' the Jews now "legally" had the 
power to print all the money they wanted, to control, fleece and manipulate the finances of the 
wealthiest country in the world. They have done so with a vengeance. They were now ready to 
use those powers. Within less than a year after passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the Jews had 
World War I in full swing. By 1917, they had the United States inveigled in it, although we had 
not even the slightest national interest in entering that war. 

Financed both Sides. But the Jews did. In Germany, the Jewish outfit of M.M. Warburg 
Co., was helping the Kaiser "finance" the war. In the United States, Paul Warburg of Kuhn, 
Loeb and Co. and their now functioning Federal Reserve System was "selling" war bonds to the 
American government by the billions to finance the "American" war effort. Both Central Banks, 
in Germany and the United States, were owned and controlled by the same Jewish House of 
Rothschild. While the cream of young manhood of the White Race was dying in the stinking 
trenches and the mud of the battlefields, the Jewish printing presses on both sides of the Atlantic 
were rolling out money and propaganda. The White nations of the world were killing the best of 
their manhood, sinking deeper and deeper into debt, and the Jews were getting richer and fatter. 

Terrible Power. The Federal Reserve System is, of course, an unmitigated evil, the 
poisonous breath of a monster that is choking the American White people to death. With 
unlimited control of the money and finances of the world, the Jews can deliberately instigate, and 
manipulate wars, depressions, debts and taxes at will. Through the power of money, they have 
accrued unto themselves the television networks, the news media, the stock exchanges, the 
banks, the industries, and, in fact, the government itself. The Jewish controlled government is 
now slowly enslaving the White Race here and abroad in a deliberate program of destruction. 

Racial Showdown. What can we do about it? It is pointless to wage single wars against the 
Federal Reserve or the United Nations, or the many other tools the Jews now control in order to 
more rapidly destroy us. We are not going to win scattered battles. We can only win a total 
war in which it is a united, organized war, a total war — the White Race against the Jews and the 
mud races. Our best and only program is to organize racially around the creed of The Church 
Of The Creator. We must totally drive the Jews from power and totally grasp into our own 
hands our own future and destiny. Only an organized, united White Race can do that, and do it 
we will. 

Racial Religion A Must. Once this book, the White Man's Bible, is the universal property 
of the majority of the White People of the United States, we are well on the way to having 
broken the terrible power of the parasitical Jews and the diabolic Federal Reserve. 

Check it out for yourself. Should you doubt the accuracy and veracity of my story 
about the Federal Reserve rip-off, be my guest and check it out for yourself. There are 
particularly a few vital questions to which you must get straight answers: 

First, and the most vital: To whom does the benefit accrue each time a new dollar bill is 
printed? Certainly not the public, and certainly not the U.S. Government. If the government got 
the benefit of all the printing press money, it would not be 800 billion dollars in debt and have to 
tax the people another 700 billion a year to try to shore up its deficit budget. The benefit clearly 
accrues to the international gäng of Jewish counterfeiters who own the Federal Reserve. 

Second: Who owns the Class "A" stock in the Federal Reserve? Dont let them tell you 
there isn't any. 

Thirdly: Why does the Federal Reserve pay no taxes, when every other private corporation 
and individual does? 

Fourthly: Why has the Federal Reserve never been audited? 

There are many more questions we should ask, but the above will suffice. 

In order to get answers you may want to write to your Congressmen, or perhaps half a dozen 
Congressmen and Senators, and see what a disparity of answers they come up with. Don't 
expect to get honest answers from them. Nor can you expect your banker, nor the news media to 
come up with any straight answers. The bankers, because they don't really know, and the news 
media, for the same reason, but even if they knew, they would lie to you, because they are owned 
by, and are part and parcel of, the same International Jewish Conspiracy. 

Red Flag. The very fact that it is so difficult to get straight answers to the above vital 
questions should Alert Red Flags in your mind about the Sinister Nature of the conspiracy 
that devours all. 


What does all this mean to you, the average härd working White taxpayer? What does it 
mean to you, the average White American who has to work and scrimp and save to make ends 
meet and earn a decent living for himself and his family, yet has to work into the middle of June 
to assuage the voracious Jewish tax collector? 

It means plenty to you. The impact on the working White middle-class American is 
devastating. It practically makes him a galley slave in the so-called Land of the Free, the 
America that the White Man built from a wilderness. 

So you had better listen and listen real well. The nefarious swindle known as the Federal 
Reserve means the following to you. 

1 . It means you have to earn every dollar you work for at least five times över. 

(a) You first earn the dollar that supposedly you get in your paycheck or in your business. 

(b) You have to pay for it again by borrowing it from the Federal Reserve swindlers. 

(c) You have to pay interest on that dollar forever and a day to the Federal Reserve. This may 
wind up paying two dollars in interest for every dollar received (borrowed). 

(d) You have to pay more than half of what you earn back in a multitude of taxes, all of which 
finally ends up in the hands of the same Jewish swindlers whose counterfeit dollars you had to 
beg for in the first place. 

2. It means also, since these treacherous Jews have the fraudulent means of printing themselves 
unlimited wealth, that they can buy up the total means of propaganda — newspapers, 
magazines, publishing houses, book distribution, radio networks, T. V. networks, etc. This they 
have done a long time ago and they are in total control. They have ruthlessly used this to control 
the minds and the thinking of the people of the world, including the confused and confounded 
thinking of the White Race. 

3. By means of thought control and mind manipulation they also control the governments of 
the world, including our own in the United States of America. 

4. By means of their tremendous financial power they can also buy, sell and manipulate 

those government officials that are not persuaded. In short they can and do buy, sell, own and 
control our government. 

5. Since the program of the Jews is the total mongrelization and destruction of the White 

Race (which they are accomplishing at an accelerating pace), you, my dear White Racial 
Comrade, are the target of their destruction. Whether you like it or not, you are in the frying pan. 

6. Because of their insatiable avarice and greed, the Jews, by means of confiscatory taxation, 
are looting the White Man of even that little which he has left after years of härd work and 
scrimping and saving. 

7. The small sum total of the White Man's savings is further decimated by spiraling inflation. 
And what causes inflation? The unlimited printing of counterfeit paper dollars by the 

corrupt and sinister Jew, as manifested by the Federal Reserve. 

Think it Through. So think about it, White Man. You have a lot at stake as to whether or 
not you continue to allow the venal and perfidious Jew to continue his fraudulent räcket of 
printing worthless paper dollars and passing them off to you as being "legal tender." 

You had better wake up and do something and do it now. "But," you ask, "What can I do?" 

What can you do, indeed? A good question and we will answer it only briefly here, but we 
will show the way. 

The White Man in small numbers has been aware of the sinister Jewish menace for a long, 
long time. The persistent mistake he has made in his feeble efforts to fight this cancer has been 
to fight the symptoms of that cancer, not the cause. This we have shown in the chapter of the 
relentless warfare between the Jews and the Gentiles. 

The Federal Reserve is one of those symptoms, albeit a mighty powerful symptom. The real 
underlying cause is the Jewish network, the Jewish race itself. (Other symptoms of Jewish 
malignancy are: the United Nations; the corrupt, race-mixing, Supreme Court; inflation; crime; 
integration; confiscatory taxation and a höst of other Jew-concocted problems bedeviling the 
White Man.) 

We Have The Power. The Church Of The Creator has the creed and the program to 

destroy this malignant evil and wipe it from the face of the earth. We cannot destroy the 
powerful Jewish plague by chopping at its tentacles. Only by marshalling and organizing the 

awesome might of the total White Race can we ever hope to get the parasitic Jew off our back. 
Aroused, informed and organized the White Race is ten times as powerful as all the Jews and 
mud races combined. Our program gets down to the basics of the Laws of Nature, the survival 
of our own kind, the great White Race. We go after the cause, not the symptoms. 

In this, our White Man 's Bible, and in Nature's Etern al Religion, we have the total 
program, the final solution, the ultimate creed. 

Organize and Distribute. Need we say more? If you want to join the White Man's fight for 
survival, expansion and advancement of our own race, then avail yourself of a copy today. 

After you have read our Bible, thoroughly digested and studied it, then you are ready to 
become a member of the finest religious organization on the face of the earth, the Church Of 
The Creator. You are then ready to become a Creator — the cream of the elite, and take up 
the fight against the despicable Jew. 

Creative Credo #41 

The Jewish Program for the Mongrelization of the White Race 

The Mongrelization of America. We have shown in the previous chapter the awesome 
power of Jewish money and how it has enabled this perfidious race to capture the government, 
the news media and every other nerve center of power. Now let us examine the treacherous 
deceptions the Jew is using here in America in order to mongrelize us, the White Race, in order 
to force-feed and pump the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America. 

Slave Traders Mainly Jews. Över three hundred years ago, when the Jewish slave trade 
began dragging the black African into America for pecuniary gain, the Jew already knew how he 
was going to use the nigger to mongrelize the new White civilization burgeoning in this new land 
of promise. While he was making a huge profit dealing in black flesh, he knew even then that 
låter generations of his race could and would use this black poison to destroy the White Race. 
He knew this because he had been doing this very same thing throughout history, especially in 
Ancient Rome! 

Reconstruction Period — Niggerization of the South. During the aftermath of the Civil 
War the Jew launched a tremendous power drive to mongrelize the White blood of the South. 
This cruel, pointless war between the White people of the North and the South, instigated by the 
Jews, wreaked havoc on the South. Backed by the military arms of the (White) North, all White 
Southerners were declared rebels, disenfranchised. The stupid niggers who had no experience in 
government, had never voted before, were ignorant and illiterate, they alone were given the vote. 
Soon the courts, the legislatures and other trappings of government were staffed with dumb, 
ignorant niggers, most of whom could neither read or write, but whose actions were completely 
manipulated by Jewish carpetbaggers. 

Jews stole White Man's property. The Jews now proceeded to not only take över the 
governments of the White South, but steal their property as well. Overriding all this thievery and 
chicanery was a ferocious program of race-mixing in which White women on the streets were 
assaulted by the niggers with no protection whatsoever from the law. The mongrelization 
program failed mainly due to the rallying battle of the Ku Klux Klan. By the 1880's the southern 
states had driven the nigger from power and the White Man reclaimed his courts, legislatures and 
government. The Jew still remained in the background in the nerve enters of power, 
unbeknownst to most of the "emancipated" Whites. 

New Drive. In the early 1900's the Jew launched a new program for the mongrelization of 
the White Man, under the guise of the communist party. This time it was aimed at the entire 
United States with the spearhead being aimed at the deep South. 

Mongrelization Blueprint. Here is the blueprint as laid down by Jew Israel Cohen in his 
book entitled "A Racial Programme for the Twentieth Century." 

"We must realize that our party' s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding 
into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the 
Whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist party. In America, we will aim 
for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor 
to instill in the Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the negroes, we will aid the 
negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of 

sports and entertainment. With this prestige the negro will be able to intermarry with the 
Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." 

Three pronged program. Basically the program is to instill hatred among the niggers for 

the Whites — the "Kill Whitey" obsession; at the same time promote "love" and "brotherhood" 
for niggers among the Whites; instill a paralyzing guilt complex in the Whites to the point they 
would stupidly do anything to placate the nigger. 

With government, money and the weapons of propaganda in the hands of the Jews, the battle 
is on. 

All Out Drive. A ferocious onslaught is being made by the Jews to mongrelize the races in 
America in this generation. Everything possible has already been done to mix and integrate 
housing, but even this is not fast enough. The Jews know that in order to get interracial 
marriages accepted and get them in progress, they have to start with the school children at an 
early age. 

Relentless Drive. The virulence of the Jewish onslaught varies with the times and 
opportunities. Like a deadly virus, it lies in wait for the right conditions to again flare into full 
epidemic. When after the Civil War the drive to mongrelize the White South failed, the Jewish 
network recouped and laid plans to create those proper conditions. Therefore, during the period 
roughly between 1880 and 1950 the drive to mongrelize the White Race seemingly abated, but 
secretly preparations went on at a fever pitch. Then at the beginning of the second half of the 
twentieth century it blazed into full virulence again, with some Jewish leaders predicting that 
within another generation or two, no more White babies would be born. 

The Weapons Used. Let us look at some of the means and methods with which the Jews are 
pushing integration, race-mixing and mongrelization, all of which spell the death of the White 

1. Legal Maneuvering — using the Congress, the Supreme Court and the Executive. If we 

examine the tens of thousands of laws congress passes each year, the decisions of the Supreme 
Court, and the actions of the U.S. president, we will find that the overwhelming majority of 
them are such as (a) benefit the niggers and the mud races, (b) increase the tax load on White 
productive citizenry and work towards the White' s detriment, (c) promote race-mixing and 
inter-racial marriages, (d) work towards the numerical increase of the niggers and mud races 
and (e) towards the numerical decline of the White people. 

2. Busing our Children. This program is a tyrannical power drive to mix black and White 
children at an early age to promote inter-racial marriages. It is effectively taking hold in the 
minds of our young, and it is becoming more and more commonplace (especially in the bigger 
cities) to see a black buck nigger walk hand in hand with a White girl. 

That the White parents tolerate their most precious possession, their children, to be bused 
against their will, is a sign of how far the White Race fallen into the clutches of the Jews. Half a 
century ago they would have revolted and hanged the culprits for such an outrage. They should 
do so today. 

3. So-called Open-housing Laws. The Jewish police state has cowed and coerced realtors, 
builders and landlords to opening wide the door to niggers although they are not wanted and 
although they realize that niggers will ruin their property values. 

When it comes to choosing, selecting or appraising real-estate of any kind, but especially 
residential properties, the one silent but over-riding factor is: niggers. The questions spöken or 
unspoken, are: Are niggers in the neighborhood? How far is it from nigger town? Are niggers 
moving in this direction? How long before the niggers might get to this area? 

Yet the real estate commissioners of each state, the Housing and Urban Development 
Administration in Washington, and the Justice Department, are extremely harsh and tough in 
demanding that the question ne ver be discussed in public, and demand that any filthy nigger be 
allowed to move into any neighborhood he wants to, although they know it will depreciate and 
doom the neighborhood as soon as the first niggerr moves in. Although our justice system is 
lenient and permissive to the point of idiocy in dealing with criminals, murderers and rapists, 
they are tough and unforgiving towards any White who bucks the integration process. 

When recently the question of "Open Housing" was put on the ballot in a referendum in 
California, the people voted against it 2 to 1. This despite massive Jewish propaganda attempts 
to put it across. Did the people get their "democratic" wish to ban "Open Housing?" Hell, no! 
The controlled State Supreme court simply declared the referendum unconstitutional. The White 
population should have risen to a man and hanged these despicable traitors. 

4. Welfare Programs. Today' s welfare programs are becoming a free-loader's paradise and a 
tax-payer's nightmare. They are so designed that the niggers can now loaf and ride on the backs 
of the working White People with the full support and encouragement of government agencies. 
Hence the niggers who are dumb, shiftless and lazy by nature gladly take full advantage of our 
generosity. This "generosity" gives them ample time to breed, to indulge in crime and 
alcoholism. Furthermore, with the aid to Dependent Children and other programs, breeding 
and welfare has now become a way of life with an ever-growing segment of the nigger 
communities. As a result, black females 14 or 15 years of age start having children without the 
benefit of marriage. By the time they are 35 they may have produced anywhere from six to 
fifteen little black bastards all being subsidized by working White taxpayers. The mothers see 
every additional baby as an increased bonus in the welfare check, so all restraints are thrown 
overboard. Meanwhile, the working White couples, whose taxes are approaching out-right 
confiscation, have few or no children at all. 

It does not take a mathematical genius to predict the future of such a situation. It is just as 
the Jews planned it — flooding the country with black parasites and shrinking of the White Race 
into oblivion. 

5. Taxation. As anyone knows, you can't collect taxes from people on welfare, but these taxes 
have to come from those people who still have the decency and the ambition to work and 
produce. Since the government is encouraging the niggers to go on welfare rather than work; 
since an ever larger percentage of the niggers are convinced they are better off on welfare than 
even trying to work; and since the total nigger population is growing by leaps and bounds, it is 
only logical to expect that our welfare rolls are growing by leaps and bounds. This, in fact, is 
what is happening. Not only are most of the niggers on welfare, but an ever larger number of 
Whites are throwing in the towel, and they too are getting on welfare. 

White Couples Squeezed to Breaking Point. Somebody has to pay for it, and as we 

mentioned, it is a shrinking group of working White couples, whose taxes on food, gasoline, 
housing and a thousand other categories has gone up alarmingly in the last few decades. Add to 
this inflation, the Federal income tax, often State income tax, and in some cases, city income tax, 
it is getting to the point where it is almost impossible for the average White couple to make ends 

meet. On top of this load is the ever increasing factor of inflation. As a result in many 
households both husband and wife work, having few or no children of their own, unwittingly 
subsidizing the increase and proliferation of the blacks, the latter having government money and 
plenty of time to breed. 

We are now the Slaves. So history has made a complete turn-about. Whereas the niggers 
were originally brought in as slaves (by Jews) to work for their White masters, the Whites are 
now the slaves working and subsidizing the black scum under the tutelage of the Jewish 

6. White Guilt Complex över Population Explosion. The population of the world is now 
increasing at an explosive råte. This is a fact and it is being hammered into our brains 
incessantly by the Jewish newsmedia. Since the White people are usually more conscientious to 
the point of being guilt-ridden, they respond by having one or two child families, or none at all. 
The niggers, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and other mud races on the other hand, being shiftless and 
irresponsible, just let nature take its course, breed to the limits of their indulgence, and what with 
easy welfare checks, couldn't care less about the population explosion. 

Mud Races exploding, White Race shrinking. What the Jew is cleverly concealing in his 
population explosion propaganda and Zero Population Growth drives is that it is exclusively the 
mud races all över the world that are exploding at an unprecedented råte and that the White Race 
is actually shrinking into extinction. By concealing the racial facts of the case the Jews are 
accomplishing exactly what they set out to do — expand the mud races and shrink the Whites 
into oblivion. 

7. Churches and religion. Centuries before our "Founding Fathers" inserted that ill-fated 
idiocy of "all men are created equal," into the Declaration of Independence, Christianity was 
already preaching the same nonsense, and laying the ground-work for the Jewish program of 
race-mixing. By preaching we are "all God's children," we are "all equal in the eyes of the 
Lord," the White Man's thinking was softened up to accept the mud races as his "brothers." 
Today the Christian churches have radically stepped up their race-mixing drive and have 
made it the most aggressive plank in their whole program. Not only do they always and 
invariably lend their moral support to all Jewish race-mixing drives, but allocate a large portion 
of their budgets for all kinds of charity drives and programs aimed at helping niggers in Africa, 
Indians in New Mexico, Koreans and Vietnamese on the opposite side of the world and a 
hundred other programs to subsidize the prolification and increase of the mud races. Worse still, 
they also promote a number of programs to bring Vietnamese, Koreans and other mud 
children into the United States to increase the mongrelization of our land. Many such 
orphans are adopted to affluent White homes through the misdirection of the churches, 
only to grow up and marry into White society. 

Preach "Kill Whitey." While the White Christian churches are preaching brotherly love 
and aiding and abetting mongrelization and the guilt complex upon their White supporters, the 
black churches are doing just the opposite. The nigger churches, aided and directed by the 
unseen jewish hand, are preaching kill Whitey and organizing the niggers in programs of how to 
increase and take över the political power structure. 

8. Vicious, Direct Program by the Federal Government of Importing Alien Mud Races. In 

the chapter on the War with Mexico, I have already detailed at some length how the Mexicans 
are swarming över our southern borders by the millions with little or no opposition from the 
Federal government. The fact is the Federal government is encouraging this massive invasion, 

and is taking an active hand in deliberately importing the riff-raff not only from Mexico, but 
from all över the world. 

Even using our Navy and Coast Guard. It has the Navy scouring the Indian Ocean picking 
up Vietnamese (boat people) and bringing them to the United States. Several hundred thousand 
of these vicious creatures have been brought in by boat and airplane and dispersed and "re- 
located" all över the United States. In 1980 Carter proclaimed an "open arms" policy to Cubans 
and the Coast Guard, instead of stopping it, helped the massive invasion by rescuing hundreds of 
small boat flotilla ferrying them across the straights of Florida. 

Similarly, Chinese, Jamaicans, Haitians and the other scum of the world have been 
deliberately, actually aided and imported into the United States by the strong arm of the Federal 
government itself and at the expense of, and to the detriment of the White American taxpayer. 

9. Organizing the nigger vote. The churches are by no means the only institutions promoting 
Black Power and organizing the niggers in the political arena. The Jews either directly through 
governmental sponsored and financed civil rights programs, such as Community Action 
Programs and hundreds of others, are directly pushing the nigger to register and leading him to 
the polis. Then by means of splitting the White vote on the one hand and Jewish and black 
collaboration and solidarity on the other hand, the Jews have managed to "elect" one black 
mayor after another in cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, D.C. 
and countless other cities, small and large. With it usually go the police force and a höst of other 
civil service jobs that are then staffed by a höst of stupid, incompetent niggers. 

The Whites on the other hand, instead of standing their ground and organizing racial 
solidarity of their own, foolishly flee to the suburbs, often abandoning their homes and 
investments they have built up över a lifetime. 

10. Racial Discrimination against Whites in jobs, loans, immigration, and other categories by 
official government coercion. 

(a) According to all the "civil rights" arguments, the government claims all it is trying to do is 
give the "minorities" (meaning mud races) equal opportunities and equal rights. The government 
claims it is color blind, and there shall be no discrimination in any activity because of race, color, 
religion or creed. 

Deceptive Lie. The Jewish controlled government is putting forth a blatant lie. Every law, 
every decision, every activity by our so-called color-blind government is loaded against the 
White Race and favörs the mud races. In Washington, that pest-hole of Jews and niggers, a 
qualified White applicant is passed över for an unqualified nigger in the majority of cases. They 
call this "filling the quotas" system. Another tricky catchword the Jews have invented is called 
"affirmative action." It blatantly means favoring niggers and other mud races över Whites, 
regardless of qualifications. 

Need Whites to get work done. The only reason the White secretaries and other staff are 
hired at all is because somebody has to get the work done; no matter how many niggers they 
hire, it still would not get done. The net result is where one White secretary could have 
competently taken care of a job, three more incompetent niggers are hired, and then another 
White secretary is needed to untangle and undo the mess these jungle bunnies create by being in 
the office in the first place. As a result, it now takes five salaried people, three niggers and two 
Whites, to do a job that was more competently handled by one White — all in the name of "equal 

(b) Not only is this prevalent in government jobs, but government is laying heavy-handed 
coercion on private industry to hire blacks, fire Whites. This, too, is all done under the guise of 
the minority quotas and "guide lines." 

(c) Similar oppressive discrimination is applied against White applicants to medical schools, law 
schools and universities in general. A black gorilla that can hardly read and write is admitted, 
while a brilliant White student with high grades is rejected. The black gorilla is then pushed 
through and given a degree, although he is no more educated or qualified than his gorilla cousins 
in the jungle. 

(d) In starting up a new business the government Small Business Administration will generously 
lend money to Cubans, niggers or Puerto Ricans, although they know the risk is tantamount to 
throwing the money down a rat-hole. However, if you are White it is next to impossible to get 
any such loan. 

11. Discrimination against Whites in Immigration. The same discrimination prevails in 
allowing immigrants into the United States. Whereas in the previous hundred years the 
Immigration Department favored White immigrants from Europé (because America was deemed 
to be a White country), in the last few decades it has swung heavily the other way. Now Whites 
are kept out, but Cubans, Mexicans, Phillipinos, Haitians, Chinese, Hindus and all the rest of the 
scum of the world is flocking into the United States with the full sanction of the Jew-controlled 
Immigration Department. Not only are the mud races and the scum flooding into our country by 
the millions legally, but even more are flocking in illegally. Mexicans, who have one of the 
highest birthrates in the world, but can't feed themselves in their own country, are flooding 
across the börder by the millions, and our Jewish government is making only a sham, half- 
hearted attempt to keep them out. Nobody knows how many illegal aliens there are now in the 
United States, but it is reliably estimated there are över ten million illegal alien Mexicans alone. 

Jews have Special Status. Jews can come in here legally or illegally at will from all parts of 
the world. They even have the special privilege of having dual citizenship with Israel, a 
privilege granted to no other country and no other people. 

Above are a few examples of how "our" government favörs blacks and muds, and 
discriminates against Whites, all the while hypocritically preaching equal rights for all. 

12. Niggers promoted in Sports and the Entertainment Industry. In the private sector, 
especially in sports and entertainment, the niggers are heavily favored över Whites. This, too, is 
not too surprising, since the control of sports, television, radio, movies, the record industry, the 
theatre and other aspects of the entertainment industry are almost totally dominated by Jews. 

Israel Cohen spelled it out. Let us go back to the beginning of this chapter and recall what 
the Jew Israel Cohen said in his blueprint of the early 1900' s: " — we will aid the Negroes to rise 
in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and 
entertainment. With this prestige the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites and begin 
a process which will deliver America to our cause." 

Instant Celebrities with the Jew-tube. There you have it. Promote the niggers, have them 
mongrelize the Whites, deliver America (and the a rest of the world) into the hands of the Jews. 
As a result of this insane program, a dumb nigger without talent, thanks to the Jew-tube, can 
become an instant celebrity. All the Jews need to do is turn on their tremendous publicity 
machines, and presto! instant nigger super-star. Usually the Jews call these niggers not just plain 
stars but super-stars! Their own, the Jews, are treated the same way, but with even greater 

Disgusting Degeneration. As a result we have a number of untalented black gorillas, male 
and female, and a passel of Jewish clowns filling our entertainment media. We should hardly be 
surprised that the movies, T.V., theatres, sports and other entertainment have degenerated to the 
low level of pornography and trash we find today. 

13. Appointing niggers in Law Enforcement and Armed Services. Just as the White 
population in the South for two decades after the Civil War was without civil protection from 
niggers, Jewish carpet-baggers and other criminals, so the power establishment today is pursuing 
a course of staffing the law enforcement agencies, police departments and the armed forces with 
more and more black niggers. They are planning for the day when race rioting will finally 
break loose, and all the arms of physical force will be in the hands of our mortal enemies, 
the niggers directed by their Jewish masters. 

Also use Appointive Powers. Just as the Jews use their money and propaganda machines to 
help elect black mayors, congressmen, senators and other elected officials, so also do the Jews 
use their appointive powers to appoint and select nigger policemen, nigger judges, and staff the 
army, navy and air force with niggers. Not only are these agencies getting blacker and blacker, 
but promotions up the line come faster and easier for blacks, and ability is no criterion. 

Preparing for Racial War. The Jews are fortifying those arms of force that are critical in 
case of civil insurrection with niggers. They know the day of reckoning will come, and when it 
does they want to make sure the Whites will be in no position to wrest control by force but 
hopefully will be shot down like dögs by the black animals. 

14. Black crime and warfare against the Whites. While the White Christian churches are 
mentally and spiritually disarming the Whites by preaching brotherly lo ve, the Jews join in this 
deceptive practice with all the propaganda means at their disposal. At the same time, the Jews 
organize the niggers via civil rights groups, the Muslims, and even Christian churches, and pour 
on the hate for Whitey. The government even funds and sponsors programs (such as C.A.P.) that 
do the same thing — preach black hatred for the White Race. 

Breeds Killers. All this has had its desired effect and almost every nigger in the world is 
filled with intense hatred for the White Race. As a result some of the more unbalanced and 
demented niggers get so rabid they go out and shoot, stab or otherwise kill Whites, with no 
provocation, and usually picking their victims at random. These are not isolated cases now and 
then, but happen daily, and most often the victim is a young White woman or mother. 

Crimes seldom solved. These crimes usually go unsolved, partially because there was no 
motive or connection between the assailant and the victim, and partially because the police 
departments are getting more and more indifferent about solving such crimes. 

Ultimate Goal. This is a deliberate act of racial warfare designed by the Jews to decimate 
and/ or mongrelize the White Race. It is being accelerated at a slow råte until it will gradually be 
stepped up into full-fledged warfare when the Jews are ready. While Whitey stupidly goes on 
preaching "brotherly love" and doesn't know that he is a target for genocide, the Jews and the 
niggers are under no such illusion. They mean to kill Whitey, and feverishly pray and prepare 
for the day when they can slaughter every White man, woman and child, just as they did in San 
Domingo 180 years ago, or in the Congo 20 years ago, or in Rhodesia today. 

Creative Credo #42 

Henry Ford and the Jews 

As we have seen from a previous chapter, the Jews have been so extremely obnoxious 
throughout history that they have been kicked out repeatedly in almost every part of the world by 
their long suffering hösts. 

Now Jew Heaven. One glaring exception is the United States of America. This Jew-ridden 
country now hösts more of these malignant parasites than can be found any other place in the 
world. It is veritably Jew-heaven, the new JerUSAlem, and the White gentiles are being looted 
and ravaged by their Jewish masters at will. After the virtual destruction of Germany in World 
War II, the United States became the prime target for weakening and undermining its power, and 
finally total mongrelization as we have shown in the preceding chapter. 

Henry Ford's Exposure in early 1920's. To trace the influx and rise in power of the Jewish 
plague in America is a long story and we do not have space to fully go into it here. It is well 
documented in other books, most of which, however, the average American has never seen. One 
of the earliest and best exposures was a series of artides written and/ or sponsored by Henry 
Ford, Sr., the automobile genius, in the Dearborn Independent. This paper, a Ford company 
house organ, published a weekly series between 1920 and 1922, on what Ford called the "Jewish 
Question." It was the most penetrating and thorough history, analysis and exposure of the 
Jewish conspiracy that had been done anywhere in the world up to that time. 

Jews tried to steal Ford's Empire. In building up his amazingly successful automotive 
empire, Ford found after World War I that a group of mysterious manipulators were trying to 
steal his company. Having the ingenuity and the resources to do it with, he commissioned a 
group of detectives to undertake an investigation to find who the culprits were. He found they 
were a combination of Jews conniving to steal from him that which he had built över a life time. 

Investigated the "Hidden Hand." Since Ford had been highly concerned about the 
senseless ravages of the Great War (W.W. I), and had through launching the "Peace Ship," and 
other activities, unsuccessfully tried to bring it to an earlier end, he had already become aware of 
the "Jewish hand behind the scenes" in political dealings. He then set about to make a thorough 
investigation of the whole Jewish problem on a world- wide basis. He hired a number of 
competent investigators and spent several million dollars to put the findings together. 

Exposure of Jewish Programs and Power. The result was a series of artides in Ford's 
newspaper, The Dearborn Independent. It repeatedly compared the program set forth in the 
Protocols of the Elders of Zion (we have exposed the Protocols in Nature's Etern al 
Religion) with what had been going on and was going on at the time. It is still going on today. 
The series was compiled into an abridged book called The International Jew. It has been 
translated into a dozen languages, and published all över the world by several other publishers. 
It is still one of the outstanding classics of all time in exposing the world-wide Jewish conspiracy 
and demonstrating how "The Protocols" are the Jewish master plan for the enslavement of the 

Howling Jews threatened Ford. This exposure immediately set the Jews howling with 
fury. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that throws the Jews into greater turmoil than having 
the truth told about them. 

They immediately threatened, screamed persecution and brought all their other defensive and 
offensive weapons to bear on Henry Ford to stop him from publishing the truth. Not the least of 
these weapons were commercial boycott, financial pressure, smear, character assassination, 
physical threat and ridicule. Nevertheless, the artides were published in their entirety. The 
whole series can now be obtained in books of four volumes from the Church Of The Creator. 

Ford buckles under. Such were the repercussions of the exposure, the Jews were relentless 
in hounding Henry Ford for a retraction even long after the series was ended. By 1927, the 
American Jewish Committee instituted a million dollar damage suit against him. Under the 
pressure of all the threats, including one of actually running his car off the road and sending Ford 
to the hospital, Ford finally settled with the Jews. He "signed" a retraction (actually signed by 
one of his employees in Ford's absence), recalled unsold issues of "The International Jew," and 
apologized. It is said that Mrs. Ford's pleadings were the deciding influence. 

Exposed the Protocols. Be that as it may, the continuing effect of Henry Ford's exposure of 
"The Protocols" and the machinations of the international Jewish network had far-reaching 
effects that significantly influenced history. The most important impact is that we still have all 
the gathered information today. It is alleged that the National Socialist Party during the 1920's 
in Germany made it one of their major textbooks and the book had considerable influence on 
Hitler' s thinking. 

Missed a Golden Opportunity. Henry Ford had the opportunity to found a strong 
meaningful movement in the United States for the salvation of the White Race against the Jewish 
onslaught. He had the prestige, the financial wherewithal, and with his millions of loyal dealers 
and customers, the manpower to do it with. He failed to do so. 

In analyzing why, we can only speculate that he did not have the burning zeal of the fighter 
to do so, nor did he have the personality, nor the background to become a racial fighter such as 
Adolf Hitler. Ford was first of all a genius in the field of machines and production. That was the 
main zeal in his life. Nor was he the philosopher in depth to really understand the solution to the 
Jewish conspiracy. By 1927, Ford was 64 years old, surrounded by wealth and commerce, a 
situation that is not conducive to becoming a crusader against the Jewish monster. We do not 
fault him for not becoming the figure-head himself. However, having the wealth, the means, the 
knowledge and väst organization, he missed a golden opportunity to place a younger firebrand at 
the head of such a White movement, who could have carried the ball, with Ford supplying the 
financial and organizational support. 

Why No Movement Resulted. In any event, he did not do so, and no meaningful 
independent organization developed from it in the United States. The ground was fertile and it 
had been prepared, but it did not develop into an organized movement. It therefore behooves us 
to analyze why. Some of the reasons are in the approach and conclusions inherent in "The 
International Jew." Let us list them. 

Fallacious Ap P R O A C H . 

1 . Ford saw the conflict as one between two religions — Christianity and Judaism. 

2. He saw the Jewish threat one of destroying Christianity and thereby our Christian 
civilization, rather than recognizing civilization as a creation of the White Race. 

3. He saw Christianity as a permanent force for good, which it is not. 

4. He saw Christianity as the White Man's cherished religion, ignoring the fact that the Jew 
invented it as a poison with which to destroy the Romans, and the White Race in general. 

5. He confused the identity of the White Race with Christianity. 

6. He was as confused about where our loyalty belongs as the rest of the goyim. Instead of 
stressing loyalty to the White Race, he failed to realize Race as the point of polarization 
and the permanent value. Instead he kept talking about Christianity versus Judaism, a 
pointless contest. 

7. He never suspected the real objective of the Jewish conspiracy — the destruction of the 

White Race — a crucial error in his whole premise. Instead he kept talking about their 
attacks on Christianity — not realizing that the Jews concocted Christianity in the first place 
and that it has been their most potent weapon in the destruction of the White Race for the last 
17 centuries. 

Wrong solution to the problem — because he either did not understand or acknowledge the 
issue of Race, he suggested several solutions, all of which are either useless or inadequate. 

1. He suggested all we have to do is exposé the problem. This is not enough. 

2. He suggested that the Jews clean up their own house, and probably would do so if enough of 
the rank and filé Jews knew what was going on. This is a ridiculous idea. It's like asking 
rattlesnakes to stop acting like rattlesnakes, fleas to stop acting like fleas, maggots to stop acting 
like maggots and Jews to stop acting like Jews. 

3. He promoted the idea of Ii ve and let Ii ve, and that we use the Constitution of the United 
States to reform the Jews by legal means. This, too, is ridiculous for the same reasons as the 
preceding point. 

4. He reverted to the Jewish approach that has beclouded the White Christian' s mind for 
centuries. It is this: That the bible is unquestionably true and the font of all wisdom; and that 
(according to his interpretation of the bible) the Jews are not the descendents of Israel. He 
claims the Christians are the real Israelites and the Jews are descendents of Judah. Both these 
fållades have not the slightest foundation in historical fact and have been a means of confusing 
the White Race for a dozen centuries. It is the modern day British Israel hoax all över again. 

5. The church and the government must be Christianized and Americanized. These are, of 
course, naive and pointless "solutions." 

Christianity and "Americanism" have confused White Man's Thinking. It is Jewish 
Christianity that demented our thinking in the first place and aided the Jew in getting us into the 
mess we are in. As far as Americanization is concerned, just what is "American?" The 
niggers, the Jews, the Indians, the Mexicans and a höst of other mud races in this country, too, 
are "American." So which of these conflicting cultures should we follow? As I have pointed out 
in a previous chapter, a polyglot society has in it the seeds of its own destruction. The idea of 
"American" is totally inadequate and a dangerous snare which the Jews themselves use to 
deceive us. They use the term "American" to mislead us into whichever direction it best suits 
them at the time. This they can do because the term has a hundred different and conflicting 
meanings, and the Jews convince their victims to do whatever they wish them to do all in the 
name of "Americanism," or in the name of "humanity" or "brotherhood," or whatever catchword 
best suits their treacherous purpose at the particular time. 

The Real Solution. We of the Church Of The Creator have an altogether different 
approach. We realize what the Jew has known for över three thousand years that race is the 
underlying issue in the struggle for survival on this Planet Earth. By forging an uncompromising 
racial religion (as the Jews have done early in their history) we mean to polarize and co-ordinate 

the energies of the White Race, to organize the White Race and harness its awesome power in 
order to demolish our mortal enemies once and for all. In a matter such as this we must have no 
thoughts about the price. We must do whatever it takes and gladly pay the price. The 
accomplishment of our great goals is a fabulous bargain at any price, and failure to do so an 
unmitigated and colossal tragedy. 

Creative Credo #43 

confessions of a jew — the devastating ramifications of paul of tarsus 

andChristianity in Destroying Roman Civilization 

The following was written by Marcus Eli Ravage, a Jewish writer (1884-1965). It appeared 
in the now defunct Century Magazine in the February, 1928 issue. It is so clear, so direct, and its 
implications so far-reaching, that the full disaster, so explicitly spelled out herein, completely 
escapes the average befuddled White Christian. 

Here is the heading and text of Ravage' s article: 

A Real Case Against The Jew s 

Ofcourse, you do resent us. It is no good telling me you don 't. So let us not waste any time 
on denials and alibis. You know you do, and I know it, and we understand each other. To be 
sure, some ofyour best friends are Jews, and all that. I have heard that before once or twice, I 
think. And I know, too, that you do not include me personally — "me " being any particular 
individual Jew — when youfling out at us in your wholesale fashion, because I am, well, so 
different, don 't you know, almost as good as one ofyourselves. That little exemption does not, 
somehow, move me to gratitude; but never mind that now. It is the aggressive, climbing, 
pushing, materialistic sort you dislike — those, in a word, who remind you so much ofyour own 
up-and-coming brethren. We understand each other perfectly. I don 't hold it against you. 

Bless my soul, I do not blame anybody for disliking any body. The thing that intrigues me 
about this anti- Jewish business, as you play at it, is your total lack ofgrit. You are so indirect 
and roundabout with it, you make such transparent excuses, you seem to be suffering from self- 
consciousness so horribly, that ifthe performance were not grotesque, it would be irritating. 

It is not as ifyou were amateurs: you have been at it for över fifteen centuries. Yet watching 
you and hearing your childish pretexts, one might get the impression that you did not know 
yourselves what it is all about. You resent us, but you can not clearly say why. You think up a 
new excuse — a reason is what you call it — every other day. You have been piling up 
justifications for yourselves these many hundreds ofyears and each new invention is more 
laughable than the last and each new excuse contradicts and annihilates the last. 

Not so many years ago I used to hear that we were money-grubbers and commercial 
materialists; now the complaint is being whispered around that no art and no profession is safe 
against Jewish invasion. 

We are, ifyou are to be believed, at once clannish and exclusive and unassimilable because 
we won't intermarry with you, and we are also climbers and pushers and a menace to your 
racial integrity. 

Our standard ofliving is so low that we create your slums and sweat Industries, and so high 
that we crowd you out ofyour best residential sections. We shirk our patriotic duty in wartime 
because we are pacifists by natur e and tradition, and we are the arch-plotters of universal wars 
and the chief beneficiaries of those wars (see "The Protocols of the Elders ofZion. ") 

We are at once the f ounders and leading adherents of capitalism and the chief perpetrators 
of the rebellion against capitalism. 

Surely, history has nothing like usfor versatility! 

And, oh! I almost forgot the reason of reasons. We are the stijf-necked people who never 
accepted Christianity, and we are the criminal people who crucified its f ounder. 

But I tell you, you are self-deceivers. You lack either the self-knowledge or the mettle to face 
thefacts squarely and own up to the truth. You resent the Jew not because, as some of you seem 
to think, we crucified Jesus but because we gave him birth. Your real quarrel with us is not that 
we have rejected Christianity but that we have imposed it upon you! 

Your loose, contradictory charges against us are not apatch on the blackness of our proved 
historic offense. You accuse us of stirring up revolution in Moscow. Suppose we admit the 
charge. What of it? Compared with what Paul the Jew ofTarsus accomplished in Rome, the 
Russian upheaval is a mere street brawl. 

You make much noise andfury about the undue Jewish influence in your theaters and movie 
palaces. Very good; granted your complaint is well-founded. But what is that compared to our 
staggering influence in your churches, your schools, your laws and your governments, and the 
very thoughts you think every day? 

A clumsy Russian forges a set ofpapers and publishes them in a book called "The Protocols 
of the Elders ofZion ", which shows that we plotted to bring on the late World War. You believe 
that book. All right. For the sake of argument we will underwrite every word of it. It is genuine 
and authentic. But what is that beside the unquestionable historical conspiracy which we have 
carried out, which we have never denied because you never had the courage to charge us with it, 
and of which the full record is extantfor anybody to read? 

Ifyou really are serious when you talk of Jewish plots, may I not directyour attention to one 
worth talking about? What use is it wasting words on the alleged control ofyourpublic opinion 
by Jewish financiers, newspaper owners and movie magnates, when you might as welljustly 
accuse us of the proved control of your whole civilization by the Jewish Gospels? 

You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are 
disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and 
played havoc with them. We have be en at the bottom not merely of the latest Great War but of 
nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history. 
We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal andpublic life. We 
are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. 

Look back a little and see what has happened. Nineteen hundred years ago you were an 
innocent, care-free, pagan race. You worshipped countless Gods and Goddesses, the spirits of 
the air, of the running streams and of the woodland. You took unblushing pride in the glory of 
your naked bodies. You carved images of your gods and of the tantalizing human figur e. You 
delighted in the combats ofthefield, the arena and battle-ground. War and slavery werefixed 
institutions in your systems. Disporting yourselves on the hillsides and in the valleys of the great 
outdoors, you took to speculating on the wonder and mystery of life and laid the foundations of 
natural science and philosophy. Yours was a noble, sensual culture, unirked by the prickings of 
a social conscience or by any sentimental questionings about human equality. Who knows what 
great and glorious destiny might have been yours ifwe had left you alone. 

But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand andpulled down the beautiful and 
generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We 
conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia. And we did it all without 
armies, without hullets, without blood or turmoil, without force of any kind. We did it solely by 
the irresistible might of our spirit, with ideas, with propaganda. 

We made you the willing and unconscious bearers ofour mission to the whole world, to the 
barbar ous races of the earth, to the countless unborn generations. Without fully understanding 
what we were doing to you, you became the agents at large ofour racial tradition, carrying our 
gospel to the unexplored ends of the earth. 

Our tribal customs have become the core of y our moral code. Our tribal laws have furnished 
the basic groundwork ofall your august constitutions and legal systems. Our legends and our 
folk tales are the sacred lore which you croon to your infants. Our poets have filled your 
hymnals and your prayer-books. Our national history has become an indispensable part of your 
pastors andpriests and scholars. Our kings, our statesmen, our prophets, our warriors are your 
heroes. Our ancient little country is your Holy Land. Our national literature is your Holy Bible. 
What ourpeople thought and taught has become inextricably woven into your very speech and 
tradition, until no one among you can be called educated who is not familiar with our racial 

Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints, with countless 
statues carved in their image and innumerable cathedrals raised to their memories. A Jewish 
maiden is your ideal of motherhood and womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central 
figure in your religious worship. We have pulled down your idols, cast aside your racial 
inheritance, and substituted for them our God and our traditions. No conquest in history can 
even remotely compare with this clean sweep ofour conquest över you. 

How did we do it? Almost by accident. Two thousand years ago nearly, in far-off Palestine, 
our religion had fallen into decay and materialism. Money-changers were in possession of the 
temple. Degenerate, selfish priests mulcted ourpeople and grew fat. Then a young patriot- 
idealist arose and went about the land calling for a revival offaith. He had no thought of setting 
up a new church. Like all the prophets before him, his only aim was to purify and revitalize the 
old creed. He attacked the priests and drove the money-changers from the temple. This brought 
him into conflict with the established order and its supporting pillars. The Roman authorities, 
who were in occupation of the country, fearing his revolutionary agitation as apolitical effort to 
oust them, arrested him, tried him and condemned him to death by crucifixion, a common form of 
execution at that time. 

The followers of Jesus of Nazareth, mainly slaves andpoor workmen, in their bereavement 
and disappointment, turned away from the world and formed themselves into a brotherhood of 
pacifist non-resisters, sharing the memory of their crucified leader and living together 
communistically. They were merely a new sect in Judea, without pow er or consequence, neither 
thefirst nor the last. 

Only after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans did the new creed come into 
prominence. Then a patriotic Jew named Paul or Saul conceived the idea of humbling the 
Roman power by destroying the morale or its soldiery with the doctrines oflove and non- 
resistance preached by the little sect of Jewish Christians. He became the Apostle to the 
Gentiles, he who hitherto had been one of the most active persecutors of the band. And so well 
did Paul do his work that withinfour centuries the great empire which had subjugated Palestine 
along with halfofthe world, was a heap of ruins. And the law which went forth from Zion 
became the official religion ofRome. 

This was the beginning ofour dominance in your world. But it was only a beginning. From 
this time forth your history is little more than a struggle for mastery between your own oldpagan 
spirit and our Jewish spirit. Halfyour wars, great and little, are religious wars, fought över the 

interpretation ofone thing or another in our teachings. You no sooner broke fre e from your 
primitive religions simplicity and attempted the practice of the pagan Roman learning than 
Luther, armed with our gospels, arose to down you and re-enthrone our heritage. Take the three 
principal revolutions in modern times — the French, the American and the Russian. What are 
they hut the triumph of the Jewish idea of social, political and economic justice? 

And the end is still a long way off. We still dominate you. At this very moment your churches 
are torn asunder by a civil war between Fundamentalists and Modernists, that is to say between 
those who cling to our teachings and traditions literally and those who are striving by slow steps 
to dispossess us. In Dayton, Tennessee, a Bible-bred community forbids the teaching of your 
science because it conflicts with our ancient Jewish account of the origin oflife; and Mr. Bry an, 
the leader of the anti- Jewish Ku Klux Klan in the Democratic National Convention, makes the 
supreme fight ofhis life in our behalf without noticing the contradiction. Again and again the 
Puritan heritage ofJudea breaks out in waves ofstage censorship, Sunday blue laws and 
national prohibition acts. And while these things are happening you twaddle about Jewish 
influence in the movies! 

Is it any wonder you resent us? We have put a clog upon your progress. We have imposed 
upon you an alien book and an alienfaith which you cannot swallow or digest, which is at cross- 
purposes with your native spirit, which keeps you everlastingly ill-at-ease, and which you lack 
the spirit either to reject or to accept in full. 

In full, ofcourse, you never have accepted our Christian teachings. In your hearts you are 
still pagans. You still love war and graven images and strife. You still take pride in the glory of 
the nude human figure. Your social conscience, in spite of all democracy and all your social 
revolutions, is still a pitifully imperfect thing. We have merely divided your soul, confused your 
impulses, paralyzed your desires. In the midst ofbattle you are obliged to kneel down to him 
who commanded you to turn the other cheek, who said "Resist not evil" and "Blessed are the 
peacemakers. " In your lust for gain you are suddenly disturbed by a memory from your Sunday - 
school days about taking no thought for the morrow. In your industrial struggles, when you 
would smash a strike without compunction, you are suddenly reminded that the poor are blessed 
and that men are brothers in the Fatherhood of the Lord. And as you are about to yield to 
temptation, your Jewish training puts a deterrent hand on your shoulder and dashes the 
brimming cup from your lips. You Christians have never become Christianized. To that extent 
we have failed with you. But we have forever spoiled thefun of paganism for you. 

So why shouldyou not resent us? Ifwe were in yourplace we should probably dislike you 
more cordially than you do us. But we should make no bones about telling you why. We should 
not resort to subterfuges and transparent pretexts. With millions ofpainfully respectable Jewish 
shopkeepers all about us we should not insult your intelligence and our own honesty by talking 
about communism as a Jewish philosophy. And with millions of hard-working impecunious 
Jewish pedalers and laborers we should not make ourselves ridiculous by talking about 
international capitalism as a Jewish monopoly. No, we should go straight to the point. We 
should contemplate this confused, ineffectual muddle which we call civilization, this half- 
Christian half-pagan medley, and — were ourplaces revers ed — we should say to youpoint- 
blank: "For this mess thanks to you, to your prophets and to your Bible. " 

Observations: (Quotations from the above appear in böld face type.) 

There you have the whole story in a nutshell, spelled out as succinctly and explicitly as 
humanly possible. And, strangely enough, it was written by a Jew. Why he would spill the 
beans we can only speculate, but perhaps his arrogance and urge to brag to the world overcame 
his discretion and his natural Jewish instinct to be devious. Whatever his motives, the stränge 
thing is, White Gentiles, especially Christians, can read it a dozen times and still not grasp the 
full implications of what this boastful Jew is saying. 

A whole book could be written on this short artide, but let us just underscore some of the 
more cogent claims he makes. 

• You resent us but you cannot clearly say why. 

He goes on to show that the Gentiles think up every flimsy allegation and accusation, but 
strangely fail to raise the most important reason of all. The Jews are accused of being capitalists 
and communists at the same time. They are accused of being pacifists and instigators of wars, 
and also the beneficiaries of those wars. We accuse the Jews of stirring up the Russian 
revolution. Ravage candidly admits all those charges are true, and that they were also the prime 
movers of the French Revolution and the American Revolution. He candidly admits that the 
charges in the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are basically true (although like a typical Jew 
claims they are a "forgery." A "forgery" of what? A forgery implies an original). He throws 
out the challenge: So what if all these charges are true? We stupid Gentiles are accusing them of 
trivialities, but are afraid to level the real charge, which is a thousand times more devastating. 
One other common reason we Gentiles claim hatred of the Jews is that we accuse them of 
crucifying "our Saviour," Jesus Christ. 

• But I tell you, you are self-deceivers. You lack either the self-knowledge or the mettle to 
face the facts squarely and own up to the truth. 

This statement is so obviously true that it hardly needs any further comment. What he says 
next is the real crux of the matter: 

• Your real quarrel with us is not that we have rejected Christianity, but that we have 
imposed it upon you. 

This is such a significant truth that it should be emblazoned in lights in every city, town and 
hamlet. Yet most White goyim will vigorously deny this overwhelming disaster that drastically 
changed the course of history and the destiny of the White Race, all for the worse. Not only will 
these deluded yokels deny it, but they will vigorously defend Christianity, then destroy and 
attack you for having the gäll to even question their misguided superstition. 

• But what is that compared to our staggering influence in your churches, your schools, 
your laws and your governments, and the very thoughts you think every day?... 

He is saying: that by foisting a Jewish concocted religion, Christianity, upon us, they have set 
the shape of the matrix for all our ideas, ideals, thoughts, objectives and goals. This includes 
government, schools, laws and the basic philosophy of every other important institution. He 

• The unquestionable historical conspiracy we have carried out, of which Christianity is 
the backbone and the big breakthrough, of which the full record is extant for anybody to read 
and further specifically points out the proved control of your whole civilization by the Jewish 

• You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. 

This is an understatement. Until we Creators came along and exposed the whole Jewish- 
Christian-Communist continuity of the foul Jewish conspiracy to destroy the White Race, 
nobody, it seems had the integrity (or the courage) to even explore this subject. However, with 
this book, the White Man 's Bible, it is all there for anyone to read, and with average 
intelligence, to comprehend. 

After showing that the so-called pagan Greek and Roman civilizations were laying the 
foundations of natural science and philosophy, (and based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, as is 
Creativity) and were well on their way to unbridled greatness, he speculates: 

• Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you 

It is a question I, too, have often pondered and the possible answer staggers the imagination. 
Had the Roman civilization advanced another sixteen centuries with the progress it was making 
before it was blighted by Christianity, the technological, genetic and artistic levels today would 
be a marvel to behold. It is the objective of the Church Of The Creator to pick up and carry 
on the progress of the White Race where the ill-fated Romans left off and carry it to even greater 

• But we did not leave you alone. We took you in hand and pulled down the beautiful 
and generous structure you had reared, and changed the whole course of your history. We 
conquered you as no empire of yours ever subjugated Africa or Asia. 

How true and how catastrophic! It is the goal of the Church Of The Creator to overcome 
this terrible affliction of the mind that seventeen centuries ago the Jews foisted on the White 
Race and again follow the great and glorious destiny Nature has in store for us. No matter how 
long the road or how härd the task, this is our shining står. We must follow it, come what may. 
No price is too high, no sacrifice too great. 

• Without fully understanding what we were doing to you, you became the agents at large 
of our racial tradition, carrying our gospel to the unexplored ends of the earth. 

Unfortunately, nearly two thousand years låter, the väst majority of the White goyim still 
doesn't understand either what the Jews have done to us by means of their most effective tool, 
Christianity, and still less does it understand what they are doing to us today. It is the avowed 
objective of the Church Of The Creator to make this crystal clear to our White Racial 
Comrades and again bring them back to their senses. 

The Jewish religion, at the time, was an insignificant one of many religions that were floating 
about in the Roman Empire. It was rapidly falling apart at the seams due to its own rottenness. 

• Nearly two thousand years ago in far-off Palestine, our religion had fallen into decay 
and materialism. 

Without their religion, the Jewish race, too, would soon have fallen apart and disappeared, as 
we have shown in many other parts of this book. What saved them was the zeal and dedication 
of Saul of Tarsus (the Christians' St. Paul) in spreading a poisonous new creed among the 
Gentiles, a creed originating amongst a small Jewish sect (the Essenes) and not attracting any 
particular attention, especially not the mainstream of the Jews. In fact, Saul, recognizing its 
suicidal nature, at first persecuted this sect, since he did not want the Jews to become infected 
with it. Then he got the brilliant idea of feeding it to the Romans. . . This was the most fatal and 
significant turning point in the history of the White Race and of mankind as a whole. 

• Then a patriotic Jew named Paul or Saul conceived the idea of humbling the Roman 
power by destroying the morale of its soldiery with the doctrines of love and non-resistance 
preached by the little sect of Jewish Christians. He became the apostle to the Gentiles... 
and so well did Paul do his work that within four centuries the great empire, which 
subjugated Palestine along with half of the world, was a heap of ruins. 

There you have it in essence. Christianity with its suicidal tenets of compassion, non- 
resistance, equality and brotherly love for all the scum of the earth, pulled down in a heap of 
ruins the most healthy, virile and creative White Empire that ever existed. 

Jewry received a new shot in the arm. It had made a tremendous discovery — the power of 
religion in controlling the minds of men — friend or foe — and the devastating effects when a bad 
religion is foisted on their enemies by the organized, concentrated efforts of the Jewish network. 
Their new discovery expanded from religion to all other forms of propaganda. 

• That was our beginning of our dominance of your world... Half your wars, great and 
little, are religious wars, fought över the interpretation of one thing or another in our 

He goes on further to boast of the calamitous ramifications of this insidious teaching: 

• We have put a clog upon your progress. We have imposed an alien book and an alien 
faith which you cannot swallow or digest, which is at cross purposes with your native spirit, 
which keeps you everlastingly ill at ease, and which you lack the spirit to either reject or 
accept in full. 

This is a prime example of the old saying "a house divided will not stånd" in full practice. 
The Jew with his abominable Christian creed has scrambled the brains of the White Man with his 
spooks-in-the-sky swindle. He has confused, crippled and divided our "native spirit" to where 
we are stymied, paralyzed and stånd naked and defenseless before our enemies. The Jew has 
done it all by lending virtue to such suicidal ideas as "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor", 
"love your enemies", "resist not evil", "judge not", and "turn the other cheek." He taunts us 
further with we have forever spoiled the fun of paganism for you. 

• He concludes, so why should you not resent us? Why indeed? We should, and if we have 
any brains left at all, heap dire retribution and vengeance upon them for all the evil they have 
foisted upon us for these many millenniums. He candidly says that the Jews themselves would 
not take such an outrage quietly, but would react with violent protest and loud aggressive 

• No, we would go straight to the point. We should contemplate this confused, ineffectual 
muddle which we call civilization, this half-Christian, half-pagan medley, and, we would 
say to you point blank: "For this mess, thanks to you, to your prophets, and your Bible." 

Indeed they would. It is high time the White Race rises to a man, plucks this abominable 
Jewish clog from out of our craw and throws it back in their face. It is high time we adopt a 
religion of our own, a religion that is in harmony with our native spirit, a religion that is not 
alien to the best instincts of the White Race, but in tune with it, and a religion that is in tune 
with the Eternal Laws of Nature. 

Such a religion we now have in Creativity. 

Creative Credo #44 

The Story of the Emperor's New Clothes 

Conquered by Trashy Jewish Literature. The White Race has such a rich heritage of 
beautiful and interesting literature of its own, that it must be out of its collective mind to ever 
have adopted a trashy mess of Jewish literature as the basis of its religion. As Marcus Eli 
Ravage has pointed out, the Jewish literature has had devastating effects upon the culture and 
history of the White Race, and has conquered us as no military conqueror ever has. 

White Race has a Tremendously Rich Heritage of its Own. Some of the White Man's 
literature goes back to many centuries before the Old Testament was ever written. Aesop's 
Fables, of which several hundred are still extant, date back to Egyptian times. Certainly the 
wisdom, the moral lessons, and the application of those lessons far supersede any of the pointless 
garbage about Jewish battles with non-existent tribes back in the days of a non-existent Moses. 
When we read the story in Aesop's Fables about The Dog in The Mänger, or the Hare and the 
Tortoise, the lesson driven home is clear, concise and ageless. In contrast, when we read the 
story of Jonah and the Whale in the Old Testament, what possible lesson can any intelligent man 
derive from such a silly, pointless story? 

Who Needs Jewish Trash? The White Man has the greatest wealth of literature of any race 
that ever lived. Över and above such great and unexcelled writers as Shakespeare, Goethe, 
Tennyson, Schiller and thousands of others, the White Man also has an abundance of folklore in 
all languages. Besides Aesop's Fables that date back to antiquity, we have Grimm's Fairy Tales, 
Anderson' s Fairy Tales, the Norse and Germanic legends, the wealth of myths in Greek and 
Roman anthology, and a höst of others. How utterly stupid to resort to filthy Jewish literature! 
This is one ridiculous situation the Church Of The Creator means to correct. 

Gullibility of the Masses. As a change of pace and to show how people can be stampeded 
into accepting and relaying a well-promoted rumor, we want to here reläte the story of "The 
Emperor's New Clothes" from Hans Christian Anderson. The story, I hope, will help to explain 
how gullible people are in general and that this gullibility has enabled the Jew to euchre our 
people into accepting and promoting the Jewish-Christian bible, a foul piece of literature that has 
done more to confuse, confound and devastate the White Race than any other book in the history 
of the White Race. Here is the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. 

TheEmperor'sNew Clothes 

Many years ago there was an Emperor who was so excessively fond ofnew clothes that he 
spent all his money on them. He cared nothing about his soldiers, norfor the theater, norfor 
driving in the woods exceptfor the sake ofshowing offhis new clothes. He had a costume for 
every hour of the day. Instead ofsaying as one does about any other king or emperor, "He is in 
his council chamber, " the people here always said, "The Emperor is in his dressing room. " 

Life was very gay in the great town where he lived. Hösts of strangers came to visit it every 
day, and among them one day were two swindlers. They gave themselves out as weavers and 
said that they knew how to weave the most beautiful fabrics imaginable. Not only were the 
colors and patterns unusually fine, but the clothes that were made of this cloth had the peculiar 
quality of becoming invisible to every person who was notfitfor the office he held, or who was 
impossibly dull. 

"Those must be splendid clothes, " thought the Emperor. "By wearing them I should be able 
to discover which men in my kingdom are unfitted for their posts. I shall distinguish the wise 
men from thefools. Yes, I certainly must order some ofthat stuffto be w öven for me. " 

He paid the two swindlers a lot ofmoney in advance, so that they might begin their work at 

They didput up two looms and pretended to weave, but they had nothing whatever on their 
shuttles. At the outset they asked for a quantity of the finest silk and the purest gold thread, all of 
which they put into their own bags while they worked away at the empty looms far into the night. 

"I should like to know how those weavers are getting on with their cloth, " thought the 
Emperor, but hefelt a little queer when he reflected that anyone who was stupid or unfitfor his 
post would not be able to see it. He certainly thought that he need have no fears for himself but 
still he thought he would send somebody elsefirst to see how it was getting on. Everybody in the 
town knew what wonderful power the stuff possessed, and everyone was anxious to see how 
stupid his neighbor was. 

"I will send myfaithful old minister to the weavers, " thought the Emperor. "He will be best 
able to see how the stuff looks, for he is a elever man and no onefulfills his duties b etter than he 
does. " 

So the good old minister went into the room where the two swindlers sat working at the 
empty loom. 

"Heaven help us, " thought the old minister, opening his eyes very wide. "Why, I can 't see a 
thing! " But he took care not to say so. 

Both the swindlers begged him to be good enough to step a little nearer, and asked ifhe did 
not think it a good pattern and beautiful coloring. They pointed to the empty loom. The poor old 
minister står ed as härd as he could, but he could not see anything, for ofcourse there was 
nothing to see. 

"Good heavens, " thought he. "Is itpossible that I am afool? I have never thought so, and 
nobody must know it. Am I notfitfor my post? It will never do to say that I cannot see the 
stuff. " 

"Well, sir, you don 't say anything about the stuff, " said the one who was pretending to 

"Oh, it is beautiful — quite charming, " said the minister, looking through his spectacles. 
"Such a pattern and such colors! I will certainly tell the Emperor that the stuff pleases me very 
much. " 

"We are delighted to hearyou say so, " said the swindlers, and then they named all the 
colors and described the peculiar pattern. The old minister paid great attention to what they 
said, so as to be able to repeat it when he got home to the Emperor. 

Then the swindlers went on to demand more money, more silk, and more gold, to be able to 
proceed with the weaving. But they put it all into their own pockets. Not a single strand was 
everput into the loom, but they went on as b ef or e, weaving at the empty loom. 

The Emperor soon sent another faithful official to see how the stuff was getting on and ifit 
would soon be ready. The same thing happened to him as to the minister. He looked and looked, 
but as there was only the empty loom, he could see nothing at all. 

"Is not this a beautiful piece ofstuff?" said both the swindlers showing and explaining the 
beautiful pattern and colors which were not there to be seen. 

"I know I am nofool, " thought the man, "so it must be that I am unfitfor my good post. It is 
very stränge, though. However, one must not let it appear. " So hepraised the stuffhe did not 
see, and assur ed them ofhis delight in the beautiful colors and the originality of the design. 

"It is absolutely charming, " he said to the Emperor. Everybody in the town was talking 
about this splendid stuff. 

Now the Emperor thought he would like to see it while it was still on the loom. So, 
accompanied by a number ofselected courtiers, among whom were the two faithful officials who 
had already seen the imaginary stuff, he went to visit the crafty impostors, who were working 
away as härd as ever they could at the empty loom. 

"It is magnificent, " said both the trusted officials. "Only see, Your Majesty, what a design! 
What colors! " And they pointed to the empty loom, for they each thought no doubt the others 
could see the stuff. 

"What? " thought the Emperor. "I see nothing at all. This is terrible! Am I afool? Am I not 
fit to be Emperor? Why, nothing worse could happen to me! " 

"Oh, it is beautiful, " said the Emperor. "It has my highest approval. " And he nodded his 
satisfaction as he gazed at the empty loom. Nothing would induce him to say that he could not 
see anything. 

The whole suite gazed and gazed, but saw nothing more than all the others. However, they 
all exclaimed with His Majesty, "It is very beautiful. " And they advised him to wear a suit made 
of this wonderful cloth on the occasion of a great procession which was just about to take place. 
"Magnificent! Gorgeous! Excellent! " went from mouth to mouth. They were all equally 
delighted with it. The Emperor gave each of the rogues an order ofknighthood to be worn in 
their buttonholes and the title of "Gentlemen Weaver. " 

The swindlers sat up the whole night before the day on which the procession was to take 
place, burning sixteen candles, so that people might see how anxious they were to get the 
Emperor' s new clothes ready. They pretended to take the stuff off the loom. They cut it out in 
the air with a huge pair ofscissors, and they stitched away with needles without any thread in 
them. At last they said, "Now the Emperor' s new clothes are ready. " 

The Emperor with his grandest courtiers went to them himself and both swindlers raised one 
arm in the air, as ifthey were holding something. They said, "See these are the trousers. This is 
the coat. Here is the mantle, " and so on. "It is as light as a spider's web. One might think one 
had nothing on, but that is the very beauty of it. " 

"Yes, " said all the courtiers, but they could not see anything, for there was nothing to see. 

"Will Your Imperial Majesty be graciously pleased to take off your clothes?" said the 
impostors. "Then we may put on the new ones, right here before the great mirror. " 

The Emperor took off all his clothes, and the impostors pretended to give him one artide of 
dress after the other of the new ones which they had pretended to make. They pretended to 
fästen something around his waist and to tie on something. This was the train, and the Emperor 
turned round and round in front of the mirror. 

"How well His Majesty looks in the new clothes! How becoming they are! " cried all the 
people round. "What a design, and what colors! They are most gorgeous robes. " 

"The canopy is waiting outside which is to be carried över Your Majesty in the procession, " 
said the master of the ceremonies. 

"Well, I am quite ready, " said the Emperor. "Don 't the clothesfit well? " Then he turned 
round again in front of the mirror, so that he should seem to be looking at these grand things. 

The chamberlains who were to carry the train stooped and pretended to lift it from the 
ground with both hands, and they walked along with their hands in the air. They dared not let it 
appear that they could not see anything. 

Then the Emperor walked along in the procession under the gorgeous canopy, and everybody 
in the streets and at the windows exclaimed, "How beautiful the Emperor' s new clothes are! 
What a splendid train! And theyfit to perfection!" Nobody would let it appear that he could see 
nothing, for then he would not befitfor his post, or else he was afool. 

None of the Emperor 's clothes had been so successful. 

"But he has got nothing on, " said a little child. 

"Oh, listen to the innocent, " said itsfather. And one person whispered to the other what the 
child had said. "He has nothing on — a child says he has nothing on! " 

"But he has nothing on! " at last cried all the people. 

The Emperor writhed, for he knew it was true. But he thought, "The procession must go on 
now. " So he held himself stiffer than ever, and the chamberlains held up the invisible train. 

Back to Sanity. Like the little child pointing out the obvious truth, we of the Church Of 
The Creator want to point out the obvious truth about the Jewish "spooks in the sky" swindle. 
By starting a worldwide movement we want to lead the White Race back to sanity and shout in 
unison, "But he has nothing on!" 

In the next chapter we want to examine this stränge phenomenon of superstition and 
gullibility further and in doing so lead our people back to sanity, to truth, and to salvation. 

Creative Credo #45 

superstition and gullibility— the achilles heel of the white race 

Stränge Weakness of the White Race. Över the last two thousand years, two negative 
characteristics in the minds of the White Race have perhaps caused it more damage than any 
other. These two defects are its vulnerability to (a) superstition, and (b) gullibility. Not that the 
White Race is more susceptible to those flaws of the mind than the mud races. Not at all. It is 
even probably less so, but the consequences of these shortcomings for the highly advanced 
White Race have been a thousand times more disastrous than for the mud peoples. These two 
childish and stupid characteristics are especially stränge and humiliating for the noble White 
Race, whose mental, cultural, creative and productive capabilities have proven so far superior to 
those of any and all the mud races, there is no comparison. 

What is superstition? What is gullibility? Are they interrelated? 

Gullibility Comes First. Taking the last question first; we find that in order to be 
superstitious it is to be gullible per se. However, a person can be gullible in certain other areas 
without being superstitious. 

The World of Spooks. Superstition basically is believing in a supernatural "world," that is, 
a world outside of Nature and its laws. Primarily these beliefs revolve around a "world" of 
spirits, ghosts and spooks, which mean basically the same thing, and as a term of derision we 
will refer to this whole mess of spirits and ghosts as "spooks." This world of spooks is further 
expanded into good guys and bad guys; into "holy" ghosts, gods, goddesses, ängels, seraphins; 
and the "bad" spooks, lucifers, witches, demons, devils, and a höst. of other lesser spooks. The 
field of demonology is a whole subject unto itself about which whole volumes of idiotic books 
have been written. Needless to say, no one except perhaps a refugee from a nut-house has ever 
seen a "demon." As far as the gods in this spook world are concerned, certain authors have 
catalogued as many as 30,000 individual gods that a superstitious and gullible mankind has 
concocted, worshipped, and foolishly believed in, över the millenniums. 

A Concocted, Unreal World. Evidently this "second world" is a world that has its own set 

of jumbled laws reserved for the spooks and spirits. Obviously, they contradict and defy 
Nature' s Laws. Nobody seems to have bothered to define under what kind of laws these spooks 
operate, and anything goes, it seems. Like in all fairy tales, these spooks can pull whatever 
"miracles"'out of a hat that an over-active imagination can conceive. They apparently exist in a 
world apart from the real universe, apart from the real world. 

Not a Shred of Evidence. The most incredible fact about this whole spook world of gods, 
demons, ängels, and what have you, is that there is not, a shred of evidence to substantiate their 
existence, except as fantasies in the minds of the superstitious and gullible. 

Victims of Gullibility. The latter sentence pretty well explains the meaning of gullibility, as 
if it needed any explaining. Gullibility, essentially, is believing, having faith in something that 
isn't so, and furthermore, something for which there is no evidence, or at least insufficient 
evidence to warrant our credibility. Yet stränge as it may seem, in today's modern and scientific 
world, neither gullibility nor superstition has abated much över that of the Dark Ages when these 
twin aberrations of the mind ran rampant. 

Intelligent Not Immune. Nor are gullibility and superstition the exclusive domain of the 
stupid and uneducated, although there is a strong relationship to the "poor in spirit." Christians, 
who will pity the "poor, deluded" Hindu for believing cows are holy, will themselves hold fast 
and unquestioning to their "faith." And basically their faith consists of their belief in their own 
brand of spooks, "holy ghosts" and demons. They will swear on the "holy" bible and their belief 
in all the ludicrous stories of their favorite spooks in the sky, of "pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die," 
or of how you will "fry-in-the-sky-when-you-die," and all the rest of this silly nonsense. 
Strangely enough, even some otherwise intelligent men and women fall prey to this kind of 
superstition, even brag about how great and wonderful is their "deep and abiding faith" in this 
silly nonsense, when they should know better. 

Unfounded "Faith" No Virtue. So let us examine the word "faith" in its inherent essentials. 
Webster has a number of definitions. The one most cogent to our discourse is the one that 
describes "Faith: a firm or unquestioning belief in something for which there is no proof." That 
pretty well says it all, but we will tie it down further. Since "proof is really a debatable 
conclusion and exists (like beauty) only in the eyes of the beholder, we would say that faith is 
having a firm or unquestioning belief in something for which there is little or no meaningful 
evidence, and therefore, neither deserves or warrants our acceptance. For instance, there is good 
and sufficient evidence to believe that two and two makes four. There is no evidence to believe 
it makes seventeen. Therefore, a person coming to the conclusion that two and two makes four 
arrives at a rational conclusion. A person "preferring to believe" as a "matter of faith" that it 
makes seventeen is irrational and a person believing two and two makes seventeen because he 
was told to believe it by his priest is both gullible and irrational. 

Fertile Field for Con-Men. Around these miserable flaws of the human mind — superstition 
and gullibility — have been built väst empires and unholy superstructures called religions that 
have plagued the human race since the dawn of history. It is partially understandable that the 
primitive savage, being dumb, ignorant and devoid of understanding and whose reasoning 
powers were extremely limited, would.make bumbling attempts to explain the phenomena of 
Nature, phenomena he could not understand. Since he had neither accumulated sufficient facts, 
nor had the intelligence to properly interpret and correlate what little semblance of facts he had, 
he took short-cuts to explain the phenomena of the world around him. Through fear of the 
unknown, because of his lack of reason and understanding, because he was naturally 
superstitious, primitive man conceived of gods and spirits about him that he believed controlled 
events and controlled his destiny. 

30,000 Spooks. The primitive savage invented a god or spirit or spook for all the whims of 
Nature. There were rain spirits, lightning gods, sea gods, spirits in waterfalls, gods of war, gods 
of fertility — gods — spooks and spirits — of which at least 30,000 have been catalogued by some 
enterprising souls. The fertility of the human mind to conjure up spooks is almost endless and 
has been one of his most enduring and abiding passions över the ages. 

Became Slave to his Own Concoctions. Unfortunately for mankind, the primitive savage 
also believed that these spooks had arbitrary, capricious and unlimited control över his welfare 
and destiny. Inevitably the next development was that through fear and awe of these spooks — 
spooks he himself had created in his own mind, he began to supplicate to these imaginary 
spooks. He tried to flatter them, to talk to them, to appease them, to kow-tow to them, pray to 
them and in general, let his obsession with them dominate his life. Some primitive societies, 

(and some not so primitive) became so obsessed with the fear and appeasement of their innate 
spooks, that they became the main preoccupation of their thoughts, time and energies. 

Organized Swindle. Unfortunately and inevitably, there are always those scoundrels who 
were shrewd enough to see through the hoax of the spooks and take advantage of the situation. 
As a result, organized religion developed, manned by a tightly organized priesthood who were 
now in a position to amplify their subjects' fear of the mysterious spooks, perpetuate such 
superstitions, and thereby organize, control and fleece their hapless victims. 

Christianity the Biggest Swindle of all for White Race. Basically, this is the development 
of the "Spooks in the Sky" swindle to this very day. It holds true not only of the savage Fiji 
Islanders of today, but equally so of the Christian religion. Unfortunately, the latter is the basic 
religion of the White Race today, fractured and splintered as that religion may be. 

The Jews had a Purpose. It is especially härd to believe that the White Race, being as 
intelligent and advanced as it is, that it would still be enmeshed in the same superstitious belief in 
the spook world as are the most primitive savages of today, or as were our aborigine ancestors of 
past millenniums. It is even more unfortunate for the White Man that this control över his mind 
through belief in spooks should be foisted upon him by his mortal enemies, the treacherous Jew. 
Yes, it was the eternal parasite upon the back of mankind, the Jew, who wrote the White Man's 
so called "Holy Book," invented his religion for him, disseminated and propagated it first among 
the Romans, and now has poisoned the White Man's mind with this primitive, poisonous 
superstition in order to control his mind, control his destiny, and to destroy the great White Race 
itself. As we have shown in the previous chapter, the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage even brags about 

More than 20 Billion Dollars per year to Perpetuate this Swindle. How ironic! How 
tragic! How stupid of us to succumb to this silly spooks-in-the-sky story, for the perpetuation 
of which the White Race is fleeced to the tune of more than 20 billion dollars a year in the 
United States alone. This does not include the indirect damage done to us in impairing our 
ability to think straight, the damage done in loss of time spent in these Jewish houses of spook 
worship called churches, in damage done in diverting us from our main purpose in life — the 
survival, expansion and advancement of our own race — and promoting our own best interests. 

Christianity a relatively Recent Affliction. In keeping the Christian religion in its proper 
perspective, we must first of all remember that the White Race had created civilization long 
before Christianity ever came along. The great (White) Egyptian civilization had existed fully 
three thousand years before Christianity raised its ugly head. In fact by the time of the 
appearance of Christianity the Egyptians were well on their way to disintegration because they 
had allowed their gene pool to become poisoned by mixing with the black Nubians to the south. 

The Phoenician civilization, the Persian, the Mycenean, the Greek and the great Roman 
civilization, all White, all flourished long before Christianity intruded on their pagan beauty. 
Christianity certainly did not create civilization, but rather pulled it down and disintegrated it 
into that long and wretched period known as the Dark Ages. 

The White Race long preceded civilization. The second thing we must remember is that 
the White Race had established itself biologically as a racial entity not only thousands, but tens 
of thousands of years before it was ever civilized. And this is the crux of the matter: we, the 
White Race, were a biological entity — We were the White Race — long before either 

civilization or Christianity appeared on the face of this planet. And that, my dear White Racial 
Comrades, is the most important, the most precious, the most enduring fact of our existence. 

Disease of the Mind. We have already told the story elsewhere in this book of how the Jews 
invented Christianity and foisted it on the Romans in order to destroy them. It is the purpose of 
this chapter to show what part superstition and gullibility have played in helping the Jew bring 
about this disease of the mind called Christianity. It is our further purpose to make our White 
Racial Comrades aware of the fact that intelligent as they may be, they are not immune from 
this historical flaw that has plagued mankind from the primitive savage to the advanced 
civilization of the White Man today. 

Therefore, let us realize that the "spooks-in-the-sky" story as presented by Christianity, 
Mormonism, or any other religion, is a vicious hoax and fraud; that it is a primitive throw-back 
to the superstitions of our savage ancestors; that it is a dangerous affliction of the mind. 

Must draw a Distinct Line. Let us get our thinking crystal clear and distinguish between 
reality and fantasy. Let us draw a sharp, distinct line between the real world and the world of 
fantasy. It is this ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy that distinguishes sane, 
rational people from the insane. Many inmates of insane asylums once might have been highly 
intelligent people. But once their rationality has broken down to where they no longer know the 
difference between what is real and what are daydreams, fantasies, illusions, nightmares, spirits, 
spooks phantoms and other figments of the imagination, then they are insane. 

When we speak of the insane, we must realize that there are different degrees and that some 
people are strangely insane only in certain areas. We must also distinguish between those people 
who have normal intelligence or better, and those who were born idiots or imbeciles in the first 
place. We are not here concerned with the latter, for whom there ne ver was any hope or future in 
the first place. We are concerned about our White Racial Comrades who have an abundance of 
intelligence but through the Spookcraft religions (such as Christianity) have had their minds 
warped to where they cannot distinguish between the real world and the world of fantasy 
( spooks-in-the- sky) . 

Mäss Insanity. We Creators categorically deem the "spooks-in-the-sky" story as crazy 
and unreal, and Christianity, per se, as mäss insanity, a wholesale swindle. 

Millions of Fictitious Claims that Can't be Disproved. To this charge our Christianized 
victims will throw this challenge back at us: you can't prove that there aren't any Holy Ghosts in 
the sky, that there isn't a god, or a heaven or a hell, or that Jesus Christ didn't live on earth, was 
crucified, arose from the dead, was resurrected, went back to heaven, etc. 

Burden of Proof on Party Affirming. To which we Creators reply: we don't have to 
prove that your claims, your dream world, is pure fantasy. We don't have to prove that the world 
of spooks, ghosts and demons doesn't exist. If it exists, the burden of proof is upon you, and 
in five thousand years that the human race has been building civilization, you have not produced 
one shred of proof that any court of law would consider valid evidence for the existence of a 
spook world. Courts of law (and rational people) have realized the core of the argument that the 
burden of proof is on the party affirming (that is, making the claim) not the party denying. 
For example, if somebody accuses you of being a sexual deviate, it is up to the party affirming 
(making the claim) to show evidence, rather than you to go to great lengths to prove their claim 
isn't so. Even if you did go to great lengths of character testimony, etc, you still couldn't prove 

their charge was false. On their part they have presented no evidence, only made a claim. Why 
should you be put to the burden of trying to disprove their claim? Isn't it more logical that 
before any claim needs to be even considered, much less be disproven, that the party making 
the claim should first present meaningful evidence to substantiate their claim? 

Romans recognized this Principle 2,400 years ago. Yes, every honest court in the world 
agrees on this self-evident premise. The burden of the proof is on the party affirming (making 
the claim) not the party denying. So logical and self-evident is this principle that the early 
Romans, who were practical, intelligent and realistic, as early as 450 B. C. imbedded this 
principle in their basic code of laws. The Twelve Tables, the basis of Roman law for a thousand 
years, said in part: the burden of proof is on the party affirming, not the party denying. That 
principle is still as sound today as it was över twenty-four centuries ago when the Romans laid it 
down as a basis of law and common sense. 

Belief Meaningless Without Evidence. Applying this principle to the crowd that claims 
there are spooks in the skies, it is up to them to provide härd evidence, rather than make a 

wild claim, and challenge us to "disprove" it. When we Creators face these pie-in-the-sky 
Christians with the logic that it is not up to us to disprove their hocus-pocus claims about their 
spooks in the sky but up to them to present härd, meaningful proof, they then retreat to a new 
line of defense. Their argument then goes something like this: I can believe what I want to, and 
you can believe what you want to. 

Distinguishing between Reality and Fantasy. True. We are not denying anybody their 
right to believe in anything they want to. They can indulge in any fantasy about spooks in the 
sky if they see fit. On the other hand, if we think they have overstepped the bounds of sanity in 
their obsession about the non-existent spooks in the sky, we are going to pass judgment on them, 
the same way we would about any other inmate in a nut-house who unfortunately can no longer 
distinguish between reality and his world of fantasy. And this is the real dividing line 
between the sane and the insane. There are any number of people in asylums who have, or had 
at one time, a high intelligence. The main derangement of their mind is that they can no longer 
distinguish between reality and fantasy. And this is exactly the case with the spook-loving 
Christians. They babble about their Super-Spook in the sky, implore him to grant them special 
favörs, protect them from evil, save their souls from the (also imaginary) fiery pit, pray and hold 
long (one way) conversations with their imaginary spook (or spooks) in the sky when they would 
get equivalent response if they were talking to a hot rock. 

Sanity — Attuned to Reality. We Creators take the position that some of the fundamental 
earmarks of sanity is to be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy, to be able to think 
logically and rationally, and to base all this thinking and logic on meaningful evidence. We 
furthermore take the position that we will oppose, exposé and denounce those who in our good 
judgment are behaving and expounding about a fantasy world of spookcraft, the same as if they 
were insane about any other subject. The fact that they dress their insanity in the all-inclusive 
cloak of "religion" is not going to buy them any immunity, as far as we are concerned. 

Spooks in the Sky Swindle is Mäss Insanity. We deem these spook-in-the-sky stories as 
mäss insanity whether they go under the guise of Christianity or any other pretext. We will be 
especially aggressive and articulate about our opposition if we see that indulgence in such 
nonsense is harmful to our precious White Race. We Creators believe that this world is the 
only one that our breed of man has ever inhabited, and for the foreseeable future, ever will. We 
believe this world and the universe is real and that in this universe this Planet Earth is our home 

and our only home, and it behooves us to make the most of it. We believe all this because the 
evidence is real, meaningful and overwhelming that this is so. On the other hand, there is not a 
scintilla of evidence for the Christians' far-fetched claims that there are spooks in the skies 
flitting about, lurking över our shoulders, taking notes on our every move and controlling our 
destiny on earth. Nor is there a shred of meaningful evidence to support the claim that these 
spooks in the sky will relegate our souls to a fiery pit or some vague heaven after our death. 
Such idiotic claims are only based on myths, lies and hearsay that would be thrown out of any 
court of law as meaningless and inadmissible hearsay. Nobody, least of all the Christians 
themselves, knows who wrote all this silly trash about the spooks-in-the-sky. 

Disastrous to the White Race. The spooks in the sky story would be ridiculously funny to 
us Creators, had not the consequences of this sickness of the mind been disastrously 
catastrophic to the welfare of the White Race, as Marcus Eli Ravage has pointed out in the 
previous chapter. Whereas nobody knows who wrote the Jewish-Christian bible, we do know it 
was written by our deadly enemies, the treacherous Jews. How and why they used Christianity 
to destroy the great and noble Roman civilization we have already detailed in a previous 
chapter — a tragic story that makes interesting reading indeed. 

Creative Credo #46 
g ullibility rating quiz 

In order to get your friends to stop and think about the mental trap they have been led into by 
Jewish Christianity and other propaganda, we have prepared a set of leading questions. It should 
be instrumental in not only exposing their gullibility, but also realizing how their minds are 
cluttered with archaic superstitions. In short, it should serve as an initial antidote in the long 
process of detoxifying the mind of long accumulated garbage and debris. 

Here are some pointed questions you might ask: 

1. Did you once believe in Santa Claus? 

(a) Where did you get such an idea? 

(b) How long has this concept been kicking around? 

(c) Is Santa Claus real, or just a figment of the imagination? 

(d) When did you stop believing in Santa Claus? 

(e) What made you change your mind? 

(f) Were you angry at the kid who set you straight? 

(g) Should you have been? 

2. Did you once believe the story about the Easter bunny laying Easter eggs? 

(a) Where did you get the story from in the first place? 

(b) Do you still believe that story? 

(c) As a thinking adult, don' t you think it would be childish gullibility to persist in believing 
in such fantasies when the evidence of the real world has long demolished such myths? 

(d) As a child, were you gullible to believe in such fantasies? 

(e) Do you think it is good for adults to remain as gullible and superstitious as a little child? 

3. Do you believe in spirits or ghosts? 

(a) If so, where did you get your first conceptions about spirits? 

(b) Have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any spirits or ghosts? Has anybody else that you 
know personally? 

(c) Could you describe precisely what a spirit is, what it does, where it resides, etc? 

4. Do you believe in evil spirits, demons, lucifers or devils? 

(a) If so, have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? Has anybody else you know? 

(b) If you believe in evil spirits, from where did you get your first impressions of them? 

5. Do you believe in holy ghosts, holy spirits, ängels, etc? 

(a) If so, where are they? 

(b) Have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? Has anybody else you know personally? 

(c) If not, how do you know they exist? 

6. In India there are hundreds of millions of people who believe cows are holy. A large 
number also believe råts are holy, monkeys are holy, snakes are holy. 

(a) Do you believe there is any evidence to substantiate such beliefs? 

(b) If not, how do you explain their persistent belief in such nonsense for thousands of years? 

(c) Do you believe that such superstitions have been beneficial or harmful in solving the real 
problems of the world? 

(d) Would you say these people were gullible and superstitious to believe such nonsense? 

7. Do you believe there are gods or spirits looking över your shoulder directing your 

(a) Have you ever seen, heard, felt or smelt any? Has anybody else? 

(b) Do you believe they are keeping track of your every move, every word? 

(c) Do you believe that they can and will throw you into a fiery lake of sulphur and torture 
you in all eternity if you cross them up? 

8. Hundreds of millions of Mohammedans claim their Koran is a "holy" book written by 
"Allah" through their prophet Mohammed. 

(a) Do you believe this is true? 

(b) Do you believe it is a big hoax? 

(c) If the latter, how do you explain hundreds of millions of Mohammedans believing such a 

(d) Do you believe they could be gullible? 

(e) Could it be possible that millions of people have been deluded for thousands of years? 

9. Several million Mormons believe their book is "holy" (the Book of Mormon), and that it 
was written by god, through his latter-day prophet named Joseph Smith. 

(a) Do you believe the Book of Mormon to be true? 

(b) Do you believe it is "holy"? 

(c) Do you think it is a great big hoax? 

(d) How do you explain millions of Mormons "believing" in it? 

(e) Is it possible that millions of Mormons have been deceived and deluded for more than a 
hundred years? 

(f) Did you know there is an abundance of solid evidence that the Book of Mormon was 
plagiarized (by Smith) from an earlier fictional novel called Manuscript Found written by 
Solomon Spalding? (We have more about this in a future chapter.) 

10. Do you believe the Christian bible is holy? 

(a) Do you know who wrote it? 

(b) How do you know? 

(c) What do you know about the honesty of the people who are credited with writing it? 

(d) Is it possible that the Christians have been deceived and deluded about their "holy" book 
as the Mormons and the Mohammedans have about theirs? 

11. Do you believe the Jews are god's chosen people as the bible says? 

(a) If so, how do you explain the fact that they don't believe in Christ, nor the New 
Testament, haven't for 80 generations, and don't today? 

(b) How do you explain the contradictory claims of the Old Testament versus the New 
Testament that (i) the Jews are god's chosen people, and (ii) we are all equal in the eyes 
of the lord? 

12. Do you believe in hell? 

(a) If so, isn't this the most horrible, fiendish concept ever conceived by either man or 

(b) Do you know of anybody that has ever been there to bring back a meaningful report 
about it? 

(c) If not, how do you know it exists? 

(d) If you believe it exists, just where is it located? How do you know? 

13. Don't you think the idea of burning, roasting and barbecuing people for all eternity, as 
a form of punishment is the most horrible, heinous, macabre, fiendish, cruel and idiotic 
concept ever invented by evil minds? 

(a) Would you punish your own children by hellish torture if they didn't believe your story 
of Santa Claus as they got older and more sensible? 

(b) Don' t you think any spook in the sky, holy or otherwise, would be extremely cruel and 
fiendish and idiotic for inflicting such horrible punishment on "his children" for not 
believing a collection of garbled myths without furnishing some meaningful evidence? 

14. Do you believe it possible that like the Mormons, Mohammedans, Brahmans, and 
thousands of other existing religious cults, you too might be hoaxed, deceived and 
deluded in gullibly accepting the "spooks in the sky" story, about "pie in the sky when 
you die" or "fry in the sky when you die"? 

Creative Credo #47 

The "Christianity" Hoax— 

No Spooks in the Sky, No Christ, No Historical Evidence 

Alexandria, Egypt, Center of Learning. Alexander the Great died at the early age, of 33. 
Before his death in 323 B. C. he founded the illustrious city of Alexandria in Egypt. Ptolemy I 
(Ptolemy Soter), Pharaoh of Egypt, started a Museum and Library in Alexandria about a 
generation låter. This library grew and eventually comprised of 400,000 volumes. In the 
continuing intellectual growth an additional Library was established in an adjacent quarter of the 
city in the Temple at Serapis. It eventually comprised of another 300,000 volumes. During the 
next several centuries Alexandria was not only the capital of Egypt, but the intellectual capital of 
the world. 

Also Hotbed of Christian Subversion. By the time of Julius Caesar in the first century B. C. 
Egypt became a Roman province. When Constantine became emperor in 313 A.D. he decreed 
Christianity the official religion of the Empire to the exclusion of all others. By this time 
Alexandria had become a hotbed of Christian subversion, and Constantine' s edict encouraged the 
Christians to attack the intellectuals, whom they termed as pagan. 

Hypatia. During the fourth century A.D. there Ii ved in Alexandria a lovely intellectual 
woman by the name of Hypatia, the daughter of Theon. She grew up in an ideal intellectual 
climate, since her father Theon was a teacher, a mathematician and a philosopher. He taught her 
astronomy, astrology, mathematics and rhetoric. 

Beautiful, Intellectual, Athletic. Hypatia was born in the year 355 A.D. She grew up to be 
a tall, slim, beautiful woman. Not only was she highly gifted intellectually, but she was 
unusually athletic. By the time she was 20 she could walk 10 miles without fatigue, could swim, 
row, ride horseback and climb mountains. She had bodily grace, beauty of face, and above all an 
abundance of intelligence. 

Exposed Superstitions. By the time she began giving lectures of her own she was saying 
such things as: "Fables should be taught as fables, myths as myths, and miracles as poetic 
fancies. To teach superstitions as truths is a most terrible thing. The child-mind accepts and 
believes them, and only after great pain and perhaps tragedy can he be in after-years relieved of 
them. In fact, men will fight for a superstition quite as quickly as for a living truth — often more 
so, since a superstition is so intangible you cannot get at it to refute it, but truth is a point of 
view, and so is changeable." 

Supported by Prefect. Orestea, who was the prefect of the city, attended her lectures. 
When in one lecture Hypatia stated: "To rule by fettering the mind through fear of punishment in 
another world is just as base as to use force," Orestea applauded her. News of this event was 
carried to Cyril, the then Bishop of Alexandria. He was infuriated and declared he would 
excommunicate Orestes. 

Bishop Opposed Her. But neither Cyril nor Orestea could unseat each other, since both 
derived their power from the Emperor in Rome. The quarrel grew more acrimonious, with 
Bishop Cyril venting his pathological hatred more and more against Hypatia. 

Viciously Attacked by Christian Mob. In March of 415 A.D., several years after Bishop 
Cyril had come to power, when Hypatia was 60 years old, she left the lecture hall one night to 

enter a carriage and go home. She was viciously attacked by the Nitrian Monks leading a 
fanatical, hate-filled Christian mob. After first stripping her naked, she was barbarously 
murdered. She was then dragged through the streets by the mob, her flesh cut from her bones 
and finally burned piecemeal. 

Promoting Truth and Culture Her Only Crime. Her crime? She told the truth about the 
Christians' unreasoned and superstitious lies, she promoted learning and culture, and thereby 
undermined the power of the tyrannical Jewish-Christian power structure. 

No Evidence Whatsoever. When we examine what substantiated evidence there exists for 
the basic claims of Christianity, such claims as life in the "hereafter," the existence of hell, the 
existence of heaven, the existence of spooks in the sky, and even the actual historical existence 
of that central figure of Jesus Christ himself, we find there is no evidence whatsoever. We 
repeat — none whatsoever that has the slightest basis in fact or genuine history. 

Authors Unknown. The sum total of all the so-called "evidence" that is the basis of all the 
Christian hocus-pocus is contained in the so-called "gospels" — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 
Who wrote these garbled, self-contradictory concoctions nobody really knows, and it doesn't 
much matter. Certainly there is nothing known about these characters except they are "credited" 
with writing the "gospels," but what research can be done on this jumbled mess indicates that a 
number of unknowns had a hand in putting it together from some earlier myths. It is, however, 
extremely doubtful that there ever was a Matthew, Mark, Luke or John that had anything to do 
with writing the so called "gospels." 

Authenticated Itself. The Christian church, which in the first few centuries grew into the 
Roman Catholic Church, guaranteed its own "authenticity" and its own charter by a process of 
what is called arguing in a circle. It claims its principal authority from the gospels, based on 
Matthew 16:18 in which Jesus purportedly gives the church its charter: "And I say also unto 
thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church: and the gates of hell shall not 
prevail against it." The Roman Catholic church claims it is the church referred to, and has its 
credentials from Jesus Christ himself. 

Round and Around. So who guarantees the authenticity of the "gospels? Why, the Roman 
Catholic church does. Who guarantees the authenticity and authority of the Roman Catholic 
church? Why, the gospels do. A perfect example of bad logic known as "arguing in a circle." 
You have heard kids do it all the time. All it takes is a massive dose of propaganda dumped on 
gullible yokels to make it stick. It is the same as two con men working in collusion to be each 
otheris chief character witnesses. 

Federal Reserve used same Con Game. The principle is similar to one used by the Federal 
Reserve, a private organization of international Jewish bankers. They print up billions of 
worthless counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes, known as dollars. They are not backed by 
anything. Who guarantees the counterfeit notes? Why the Federal Government does. Who 
elects, controls, owns and manipulates the Federal government? Why, the international Jewish 
bankers do. Just as the average White yokel accepts the counterfeit dollars on faith, so also does 
he accept the Christian "spooks in the sky" story on faith. At this point it is well to remember 
our definition of faith: foolishly accepting as true a concept or an idea without bothering to 
check for valid evidence. 

Capitalize on Superstition and Gullibility. The Christian churches strongly discourage 
anyone from seeking legitimate evidence. For that matter, they also vigorously condemn logic, 
reason, or the idea of thinking for yourself. They put a high premium on faith, i.e., child-like 
gullibility. They do not like to have you asking questions. They want gullible fools whose 
minds can be programmed to believe whatever they are told to believe. Otherwise, they make it 
plain, hell fire and damnation will be your dire penalty. Either you believe the spooks in the sky 
story as they tell it, or you fry in the hereafter. It is a powerful club and it has worked wonders 
on the gullible and superstitious for centuries. As we have pointed out earlier, the combination 
of gullibility and superstition has wreaked havoc on the White Race, and the Jewish mind 
manipulators have exploited those two human weaknesses to the tmost — to our detriment and to 
their benefit. 

Where did Christianity come from? Did a Jewish religious fanatic found it as the New 
Testament describes? 

Christ Never Existed. Our answer, to the last question is a flat no. Jesus Christ did not 
invent or found Christianity. All evidence that can be gleaned from a scholarly examination of 
authentic history points to an obvious conclusion: there never was any Jesus Christ roaming 
about in 30 A.D. or thereabouts teaching a new religion. (We have gone into more detail about 
this subject in Nature's Eternal Religion.) The whole story was invented and concocted much 
låter. It was patched together out of fables, myths, bits and pieces of other religions, until finally 
they had a movement going that pulled in the Roman Emperor Constantine. It was this Roman 
Emperor, who had the mind of a criminal, (he murdered his own wife and son, and thousands of 
others) who in the year 313 A.D. really put Christianity into business. The Romans, who had 
always been extremely tolerant to all religions, were now told by an edict of Emperor 
Constantine that Christianity was now the supreme religion of the empire to the exclusion of all 

Still No Bible at 300 A.D. At this time the Christian movement, although purportedly nearly 
300 years old, still did not have a written text or "Bible." Under the powerful and dictatorial 
direction of Emperor Constantine a convocation of church fathers was called at Nicaea, a town in 
Asia Minor. At this meeting a number of scripts and writings were dragged together and a 
heated controversy ensued över a period of several months. Many writings were considered, 
discussed, argued över, and reviewed. Some were revised, some were rewritten, some were 
rejected. The final package that emerged from the Council of Nicaea was what was called the 
New Testament, a contradictory, demented conglomeration of far-out nonsense. To it was 
patched the Jewish "Old Testament." The Christian movement now had a "Bible," with 
Constantine as final arbiter. When the gathered bishops would or could not agree, he would 
threaten to bring in his army, which was standing by outside, to enforce compliance. 

Ready to Crush All Opposition. Constantine exercised the full powers of his position, 
financially, militarily and in terms of legal enforcement to now promote Christianity and crush 
all opposition. Christianity was now on its way. 

Jews Concocted Christianity. Where did the ideas of Christianity come from? As we have 
shown throughout this book, the Jews, who were scattered throughout the Roman Empire, have 
been Master Mind-manipulators of other peoples from the earliest beginnings of their history. 

They have always been at war with the höst peoples they have infested like a parasite. When 
during the Jewish Wars of 68-70 A.D., Rome put down the Jewish rebellion in Judea and leveled 
Jerusalem to the ground, the Jews were thirsting for revenge. They were looking for a way to 
destroy Rome, the Roman race and its total empire. They had tried military opposition and failed 
miserably, being no match for the superlative Romans. They looked for an alternative — mind- 
manipulation through religion — and they found the right creed in a relatively unimportant 
religious sect called the Essenes. 

The Essenes. Since in Nature's Etern al Religion we have already discussed the Essenes 
as being the precursors of Christianity, we will not repeat it here. Suffice it to say the teaching 
of the Essenes was the basic fabric on which Christianity was built. It was a suicidal teaching. 
The Jews recognized it as such, remodeled it slightly, then fed this suicidal poison to the 
Romans. How well they succeeded we have recorded elsewhere in this book. 

Horrible Concept of Hell. In the succeeding chapters we want to examine more closely 
how the Jews used Christianity and its horrible concept of hell as a powerful club on the minds 
of its victims, to frighten, to terrorize and to stampede its gullible victims into submission. 

Creative Credo #48 

Fear and Terror as Christianity's Ultimate Weapon 

Emotions Activate, Paralyze. There are certain human emotions that stir men into action. 
Among these are love, hate and anger. There are certain emotions that paralyze and incapacitate. 
The foremost among these are fear, panic and confusion. 

Capitalize on Panic. In this chapter we want to focus on the phenomenon of fear and how 
the diabolical Jewish mind-manipulators have utilized this treacherous weapon to the hilt, have 
capitalized on this human frailty and used it as a powerful weapon to intimidate, to paralyze, to 
whip their victims into line in order to enslave them. 

Fears: Real and Imaginary. Fears can be real, or they can be imaginary. A real fear is one 
that is based on a real and imminent threat of danger. For example, if a criminal who has broken 
into your house is holding a gun at your head threatening to kill you, your fear is based on 
reality. On the other hand, if you have a fear of a spook in the sky that no one has ever seen, 
heard, felt or smelt, then such fear in all likelihood is based on fantasy and is unreal. 

Tool to Enslave. Real fears are a helpful protective device that Nature has built into most 
creatures as an aid in the eternal struggle for survival. Unreal fears are a form of psychosomatic 
sickness and are detrimental to the physical and mental health of its victims. They do more than 
unnecessarily make such people sick. They warp their personalities, paralyze their activities, and 
make them easy prey in submitting to the will of even weaker and inferior enemies. In short, 
fear can be and is a perfect tool with which a weaker adversary can enslave a stronger. 

Most people' s fears are imaginary. Most fears are unreal and unreasonable. The latter can 
be termed as phobias. 

There are any number of unreal and unreasonable phobias with which different people are 
afflicted — fear of heights; claustrophobia; fear of snakes; fear of failure; fear of success; fear of 
rejection; fear of love; fear of disease (hypochondria); fear of going insane; fear of the future; 
and a thousand other fears, most of which are in part, or wholly, imaginary. 

Fear of The Unknown. One of the oldest and most universal phobias that has afflicted 
mankind through the tens of thousands of years going back to the Stone Age is the fear of 
imaginary ghosts, fear of the Unseen. In his ignorant attempt to explain the Unknown, man 
inverted ghosts, spirits, demons and spooks by the thousands. All of them were attributed with 
supernatural powers, and most of them were deemed as hostile and malevolent. They were 
insanely feared, catered to, and endless attempts were made to placate them. It is this phobia, 
this fear of spooks in the sky (and elsewhere) that is the basis of practically all of history's 
endless religions. 

Master Mind-Manipulators. Into this murky picture of fears, phobias and superstitions 
stepped the wily Jew, to aggravate and amplify existing fears and to capitalize on them to the 
hilt. These master mind-manipulators of all time harnessed the full potential of all such inherent 
fears and exploited those fears and phobias of other peoples in order to enslave them. 

Hell — the Ultimate Threat. As their ultimate weapon they invented the ultimate horror 
concept of all time — the concept of hell — the concept of torturing and burning people' s 
"souls" in a fiery pit in all eternity. 

In the next chapter we want to examine this horrible concept further and if possible measure 
the misery and havoc it has wreaked on the gullible White Race, and, in fact, drastically altered 
the course of our once illustrious history. 

Creative Credo #49 

Hell— The Ultimate Horror Conceptof aDepraved Mentality 

The Ultimate in Horror. If you were given the task of conjuring up a concept that was the 
ultimate horror, the ultimate concept of hate, and torture, of misery and depravity, could you, in a 
thousand years, come up with a concept to top that which the Jews came up with two thousand 
years ago, namely the Christian concept of hell? 

No, you could not. 

In that very concept, hell, is gathered together all the hatred, viciousness, brutality, 
criminality, fiendishness, evil and depravity only an unbalanced Jewish mind could lump 
together in one four letter word — hell. 

Think of it! Of all the cruel and vicious acts that have possibly been committed here on 
earth, nothing compares with that one horrendous four-letter word — hell. When the redskin 
Indians tortured their prisoners and finally scalped and murdered them, it nevertheless only 
lasted, at most, a day or two. When the vindictive Christians burned their "heretics" at the stake, 
it was all över within a matter of minutes and the victim was soon beyond the reach of pain. 
Even when during the Dark Ages över a period of months or years these same "loving" 
Christians tortured their enemies with the thumb screw or räck, the victim either passed out 
during the torture, or finally died from the abuse. When the communists torture, drug and resort 
to "third degree" tactics in order to force their political prisoners to "confess," that too finally 
ends in death and the pain is över with. 

Excruciating and Endless. But hell? The torture by fire is endless and unalleviated. There 
are no temporary pauses or mitigations of the pitiful victim passing out or fainting. The horrible 
pain of fire is relentless. It is not only local, such as only burning a hand or a foot. It is all över, 
presumably, since the body (or the spirit?) is totally wrapped in hot searing flames. It is 
excruciating. You cannot faint, you cannot pass out, you cannot obtain any pain-killing 
sedatives, you cannot die. There is no relief, there is no way out. There is no reprieve, no pity, 
no forgiveness. The horrible pain is intense, it is all över the body, it is endless, it is forever. 
Can you imagine such a horrible concept? Can you possibly in your wildest imagination conjure 
up anything more horrendous? No you can' t. As we said before, only the depraved collective 
Jewish mind, filled with hatred and viciousness, could dredge up from the lowest depths of 
inhuman depravity the ultimate in such a beastly idea. However, we do the beasts of Nature an 
injustice. No beast or animal would ever even dream of such a horrible idea. 

Terrible Indictment against Christianity. One of the most terrible indictments we 
Creators can charge against Christianity is that it invented hell, and terrorized the minds of 
billions of its victims for nearly two thousand years with the horrible and depraved concept of 
hell. This horrible but idiotic idea has wreaked untold psychological damage on its gullible 
victims, caused untold misery to billions and sent thousands into insane asylums. 

We intend to Wipe Out this Horror Concept. One of the first and foremost goals we 
Creators have set out to accomplish is to demolish and forever lay to rest this horrible Jewish- 
Christian concept. We aim to give the White Race a new freedom, namely, freedom from the 
fear of hell. 

Victimized Millions. What purpose has this horrible concept served? When we ask this 
question we must also ask, regarding whom? As far as the White Race is concerned it has 
frightened, terrorized and stampeded the White Race into panic, fear and irrationality. As to the 
purpose it served (and still serves) Christianity, it is the very essence, the very foundation, on 
which Christianity has built its väst and powerful empire. It was, and still is the ultimate club 
with which to cudgel its victims into line — by fear, by panic — to force the gullible peasants to 
believe as they are told to believe — or else hell fire and brimstone will be their eternal fäte. 

Real to the Gullible. The psychological technique is exactly the same as dealing with 
innocent but gullible little children. When a child comes into the world, its mind is as blank as a 
white sheet of paper. As it slowly begins to learn speech — the art of understanding and using 
words — it is extremely naive, gullible and impressionable. The child has implicit faith in its 
parents. If its parents describe Santa Claus to the child, show pictures of Santa, the child 
believes in Santa Claus. To the child the concept is as real as reality itself. If it were told cows 
are holy, why then it would believe that, too. If the child is told about an evil bogey-man, it will 
believe that. If. the bogey-man is used to frighten the child, and told the bogey-man will get it if 
it doesn't behave, then this cruel deception can be used as a psychological club to whip the child 
into line. To the child the concept is real, and the fear is real, because the child is very gullible. 

Gullible Adults become Docile Victims. And so it is with the ultimate weapon, the 
gruesome idea of hell, to the gullible. Unfortunately, people do not cease being gullible when 
they become adults. Millions of adults are more gullible and superstitious than little children. 
Although they may now be adults, the concept of hell has been so thoroughly pounded into the 
brains of the Christian victims from early childhood, that to them the concept is more real than 
reality itself and much more frightening. Their brains are now like concrete — all mixed up and 
härd set. As they succumb to panic from even contemplating such a horrible fäte that supposedly 
is in store for them, they become docile victims, ready to believe anything, do anything, at the 
command of their deceitful superiors in the religious hierarchy. Fear and panic is at the very root 
of Christianity from its very inception and it has worked wonders on its gullible victims. The 
terrible weapon is fear — fear of an imaginary concept. That ugly concept is hell. 

Christians Most Vicious. In no other religion has this imaginary but non-existent hell been 
built up to such an infuriating crescendo as in the Christian religion. True, the Romans had some 
vague concept of Hades. But it was only a dismal, shadowy place, without any mention of pain 
or torture. Judaism had its Gehennom or "Valley of Hennom," a place near Jerusalem, but it, 
too, was an insignificant concept to which nobody paid much attention. The Jews were too busy 
imploring their "Jehovah" to help destroy their enemies here on earth. The Mormons and the 
Mohammedans practically ignore the idea. But it was the Christians, at the suggestion of their 
Jewish tormentors, who went all out to develop the idea of hell to its utmost horrendous 
dimensions. It reached its height of frenzy during the Middle Ages, more aptly called the Dark 

Dante's Inferno. More than six hundred years ago the Italian, Dante Alighieri, wrote "The 
Inferno," as base and depraved a piece of literature as has ever been written. It was not even 
written in Latin but in the vernacular Italian, which in the early 1300' s was nothing more than a 
vulgär corruption of Latin. I have read the English translation and find it a dull hodge-podge of 
incoherent phrases — except every now and then it comes up with vivid images of the 
excruciating pain and suffering of the hapless victims. Yet it has survived for över 600 years and 
been touted as one of the great pieces of literature of all time. Why? 

Useful Tool to the Church. The reason is that it was extremely useful to the church in 
further impressing the superstitious and the gullible with the horrible fäte that was in store for 
them if they did not toe the line. For that reason Dante's Inferno has been praised, publicized 
and applauded to the skies. It served the church well in its campaign to frighten, panic and 
stampede the gullible masses into its clutches, to harass them, to tyrannize them and extract the 
last penny from its bamboozled victims. It is for this reason that "Inferno" has survived as a 
"literary great," and not because this dull episode had any merit. 

No Hell. When we contemplate the ghastly picture of hell from the foregoing description, 
we must remember that, fortunately, there is no hell. It is only an image, a fantasy, a concept, a 
hideous lie. The question is — who conjured and dreamed up such a macabre idea with which to 
torment and threaten not those in a non-existent after-life, but those living in the real world here 
on earth? 

Invented by Jews. 'The answer goes back to those miserable enemies of the White Race 
who invented Christianity in the first place. Those miserable enemies of the White Race are that 
gäng of Jewish scribblers who wrote the Jewish-Christian bible and then launched a massive 
propaganda campaign on the great Roman civilization in order to destroy that (White) Roman 
civilization and the great Roman race. It took the Jews approximately 400 years to do the job, 
but they were successful beyond their wildest dreams. 

Suffering and Mental Anguish. We have already partially treated the hoax of Christianity 
in another chapter. In this chapter we are mainly interested in examining the perverted idea of 
hell, which could only come from sick and twisted minds. We want to point the finger at the 
culprits and examine the pain, suffering and mental anguish this Jewish concept has caused 
billions of our race över the last 2,000 years. We also want to exposé the fraudulent nature of 
this unholy concept and demolish it forever from the minds of mankind and from the face of the 

History's Biggest Swindle. We Creators believe this abominable "spooks in the sky" 
swindle has tormented the minds of the White Race for too long. It has needlessly caused untold 
suffering and mental anguish to its gullible victims. It has drastically diverted the course of 
history for the worse and delivered the destiny of the White Race into the slimy hands of the 
despicable and repugnant Jews. 

Clear our Brains. Therefore we want to clear the White Man's brains of this odious trash so 
he can again think straight. We therefore want to further exposé this gruesome story and hit it 
again and hit it härd. Let us examine the devil concept and its relationship to hell. 

Creative Credo #50 

Observations About the Devil and Hell 

The opening verse of the Jewish bible flatly states "In the beginning God created heaven and 

The Devil and Hell not mentioned. Not mentioned in this garbled story of creation are two 
other factors that this lonesome ghost must also have created at the very beginning, two elements 
that loom disastrously large in the fäte of mankind. We must presume that before the first day 
there was nothing — no "heaven," no earth, no light, no sun, no universe — just a lonesome 
spook floating aimlessly in a dark void, as he evidently had been from time eternal. 

Both must have been Created even Before Man. But within a space of six days all hell broke 
loose and everything that exists was created by this lonesome ghost, and evidently according to 
this Jewish version this big event happened very recently — 4004 B. C. Not mentioned at the 
beginning but sneaked into the story much låter in the book are the devil and a monstrous place 
called hell. We must presume that since "creation" was limited to those six days that these two 
monstrosities were also created in those same six days. The "serpent," which is a cover name for 
satan, the devil, lucifer, or any one of a dozen other names for the same concept, is already 
mentioned in the beginning of Chapter 3 of Genesis, in which the story about the seduction of 
Adam and Eve by the serpent is told. So we are to presume that on the first day Adam and Eve 
were placed in the garden, the lonesome spook had already created the devil, and presumably 
also hell. 

Unanswered Questions. This raises a number of interesting questions that have never been 
satisfactorily answered in the Pollyanna version of the creation. No preacher has ever even 
attempted to give me a satisfactory explanation. 

Endless Contradictions. Since we are told that this lonesome spook created all, since he 
was, is, and always will be in complete control, since his power is supreme, unlimited and 
unchallenged, since he never makes mistakes, since he knows everything forwards and 
backward, future present and past, since his "creation" therefore is merely a robot operating at 
his will, including us poor pawns, "his children," then how is it that so many inconsistencies and 
contradictions pop up in this wild and garbled story? 

1. Why did he create the Devil and Hell in the first place even before he created people? 
Isn't it obvious that he planned from the very beginning to create billions of people so that he 
could send them into a fiery torture chamber and torture them endlessly for his own sadistic 
gratification? Since he is all-wise, all-powerful, knows all, he must have known what he wanted, 
what the end results would be long before he ever started this whole miserable torture program. 
Therefore we can come to only one conclusion: He planned it that way. He wanted it that 
way. He and the devil (his own creation) are playing a sadistic game of cat and mouse with us 
poor pawns as the victims, 99% of which are doomed to eternal torture in hell-fire. 

Endless Doubletalk. If you ask any preacher to explain this obvious but major flaw in the 
whole ludicrous story of creation, he will usually give you an endless lecture of garbled 
doubletalk. Finally, you get so tired and bored that you soon begin to wish he would just plain 
shut up at any price, and let him off the hook. 

2. Wrong Culprits. How can poor Adam and Eve be blamed for this mess, when they were no 
more and no less than what their "creator" had made them, with no backlog of experience and 
little or no understanding of what this whole stupid program was all about? 

3. Didn't the lonesome spook send the serpent there deliberately to con them? 

4. Didn't the serpent' s suggestion of gaining knowledge, of becoming wise, of knowing the 
difference between good and evil make a lot more sense than just a straight directive of not 
eating said fruit? 

5. Why did the lonesome spook put that tree out there in the first place, if not to entrap a poor, 
naive couple, who were only a day old as simple-minded as a new-born babe, who had no 
possible chance of knowing what it was all about? 

6. Didn't the lonesome ghost plan to drive them out and vindictively punish them in the first 
place? Didn't he merely use the lame pretext of the tree as an excuse? 

7. Why should eating an attractive fruit that supposedly opened their eyes and gave them 
knowledge be such a heinous crime that would drastically change the course of events from the 
very first day Adam and Eve were created? 

8. Isnt it a grotesque miscarriage of justice to punish all succeeding generations, billions of 
people, for a silly, simple act of eating such fruit, especially when you consider they were 
conned into it by a very persuasive collaborator of the ghost in charge? 

A Sadistic Sport. The obvious conclusions to all the above are that it was a rigged deal from 
beginning to end, that the human beings, hell and the devil were all created for the sport of 
sadistically watching people (created by a supposedly loving God) suffer in the agonies of 
eternal torture in hell fire. 

This last item, hell, is of such overwhelming magnitude in the Christian religion, that we 
have already devoted two whole chapters to it, and the part it played in clubbing its gullible 
victims into panic and submission for the church. 

It is stränge indeed, that so important a subject as hell is not even mentioned in the story of 

Curious Parallel. There is a peculiar, even bizarre parallel in the God and the Devil 
relationship on the one hand and the relationship between the United States and Communism on 
the other. This latter relationship we have already gone into considerably in more detail in a 
previous chapter on "Russia, Israel and the United States." 

Satan, Son of God. If we read the Book of Job in the Old Testament, an extraordinarily 
curious story presents itself that sheds light on the God and the Devil relationship. In Job 1:6 it 
says "Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord 
and Satan came also among them." 

Christ and Satan Brothers. From this verse we can gather the following observations: (a) 
That God had a number of sons (b) Satan was one of his favorite sons (c) They had regular 
conferences, "Board of Directors" type of meetings (d) That their meetings were on a cordial 
basis. As the story unfolds we find further that (e) Satan was the står of the show, with the 
identity and activities of the other sons not-even mentioned (f) The existence of Jesus Christ 
(who in the New Testament "always was") as being a son is not mentioned (g) but if Satan and 
Christ are both sons of God, then they must be brothers, or at least half-brothers. 

Sporting Game. As the story of the meeting unfolds we find the Lord cordially asking Satan 
to the effect "What have you been doing, my boy? to which Satan replies, "Oh, the usual, 
making my rounds on earth." Then they banter back and forth and decide to have a little sport 
between the two of them. 

Job Set Up as the Patsy. The Lord brags to Satan, "Have you noticed what a perfect fellow 
is my servant Job? You would have a härd time corrupting him." Satan takes up the challenge. 

Job had it made. For those who are not familiar with the story of Job, let me explain that Job 
at the start of this story was an extremely fortunate fellow. He had an excellent family of seven 
sons and three daughters. He had seven thousand sheep (the Jews have a proclivity for the 
number seven) three thousand camels, five hundred yoke of oxen, five hundred she-asses and a 
very great household, much land and "was the greatest of all men in the east." In short, he had it 
made and what's more he also loved the Lord. 

Sporting Proposition. Continuing with the sporting conversation, Satan challenged the 
Lord with "Let's see how faithful Job would be if we stripped him of all his possessions and 
tortured him with plagues to the point of insanity." To which the Lord replied — "Good show, 
Fil give you a free hand to do your damnedest as you see fit." Which Satan did, in a most 
grueling way. 

Cordial Relationship. Without recapping the whole pointless story, I want to make these 
further observations (a) God and Satan evidently get together regularly on a cordial basis, and (b) 
they make a great sport out of torturing us earthlings. 

The Parallel. Now for the parallel of the United States relationship with Russia and 
Communism that I mentioned earlier. 

1. Instead of trying to do away with Satan and all evil, God evidently fathered Satan and makes 
it possible for Satan to carry on his nefarious activities. God, however, takes none of the blame, 
but puts all the blame on Satan. Similarly as I have already shown in the chapter on "Russia, 
Israel and the United States," Communism was financed, planned and programmed right here in 
the United States especially by the Jewish financial giants in New York. It has been 
continuously supported and financed by the United States in the meantime. 

2. Whereas God is supposed to be the epitome of virtue in opposition to the Satan being the 
epitome of evil, they are really working hand in glo ve. Similarly, whereas the United States is 
supposedly the greatest Democracy on earth, the bastion of freedom, etc, and desperately trying 
to stem the tide of evil emanating from Moscow and its communist satellites, actually they are 
working hand in glove, with the main direction and financing of communism stemming from the 
powerhouse of the United States itself. 

3. Despite God supposedly being the supreme creator and in total charge, he seems to be 
continuously losing to Satan' s wily ways with us poor mortals being the pawns that pay the 
supreme penalty — torture by hell fire. So, too, the United States, although (at least in 1945) 
being all powerful and supreme, is continuously losing throughout the world. 

4. Like God and Satan, who should be fiercely hostile to each other, but actually are on the best 
of terms, so too, the United States and Russia are continuously carrying on friendly conferences 
with each other, toasting vodkas, and the United States repeatedly offering more and more aid 
and unwarranted concessions to its so-called enemy. 

In Collusion, Not Enemies at all. There are half a dozen more similarities I could point out, 
but will decline in the interest of brevity. In conclusion let me make this vital observation: real 

enemies do not consort with each other, they seek to confront and wipe each other out. God has 
had ample opportunity to do so, but on the contrary has furnished his "son" the hell, the 
wherewithal, and the playground with which to indulge his satanic games. The United States at 
the end of World War II certainly had the wherewithal and every opportunity to destroy 
Communism and forever erase that threat from the face of the earth. Instead it supported, 
financed and pampered the Communist movement repeatedly as I have amply demonstrated in 
the chapter I mentioned. 

The Jewish Hand in Both. In short, God's opposition to the Devil and the United States 
opposition to Communism are both phony as hell. And there is a good explanation for this 
stränge coincidence: both are authored and/or manipulated by the worldwide Jewish network. 
But now back to the "religious" aspect of this conspiracy, so that we can låter assess the 
undermining effect it has had on the racial and political destruction of the White Race and the 
White Man's world. 

Christianity Must Be Exposed. So let us proceed further in first of all exposing this 
ridiculous Jewish story known as Christianity, which I prefer to call the "spooks in the sky" 
swindle, the greatest swindle in history. Let us examine the physical terror, the horrible 
instruments of torture Christianity used as a means to bludgeon its way to power, physically, 
economically and politically. It is a gruesome story, but true. In the next chapter, as we unfold 
the untold horror, I want to remind the reader that I didn't invent these grim instruments of 
terror. I am merely reporting a horrible prolonged episode of history during more than 1,300 
years of the Dark Ages that no preacher would like to admit. 

Creative Credo #51 
Thumbscrew and Räck 

Never Forgive or Forget. In order that the White Race may never forget (or forgive) the 
bloodthirsty and criminally brutal means by which Christianity clawed its bloody course across 
the face of Europé, I am going to review the cruel instruments of torture they used to carry on 
their nefarious methods of gentle, persuasion. I also want to show what a hypocritical, cruel, 
brutal, and two-faced teaching it really is. 

Christianity Cruel and Brutal. Christianity has blatantly billed itself as a teaching of love, 
of charity and kindness. Let us look at the scene and find out just how kind and loving they were 
throughout the Dark Ages, throughout the more than 1,500 years when they held the power of 
life and death in their cruel hands. Although this is a long, long story, I believe we can best 
summarize it and get a fair idea of its brutality by examining their ingenious instruments of 

Colonel IngersolFs Writings. I have a set of eleven volumes of Colonel Robert G. 
Ingersoll's books in which he incisively and relentlessly exposes the lies, frauds and tortures of 
Christianity through the ages. Colonel Ingersoll (1833-1899) was an American lawyer, orator, 
lecturer and writer, and was outstandingly brilliant in all those fields. He says, "I did not really 
appreciate the infamies that had been committed in the name of religion until I saw the iron 
arguments the Christians used." 

Original Instruments of Torture. All these instruments of torture as seen by Colonel 
Ingersoll have been on exhibition in New York City. They were arranged for inspection in a hall 
at Sixth Avenue and Twenty-third Street. These instruments of torture were not replicas or 
facsimiles of the originals, but the originals themselves, brought from Europé, where they had 
been put to use breaking bones and tearing the flesh of human beings. We must also remember 
that these perpetrators were not Indian savages, but supposedly civilized White men whose 
brains had been inculcated with the "loving" creed of Jewish Christianity. Their tortures were 
inflicted not on their enemies but other White men and women when and if their beliefs were 
even so much as slightly variant from those of the "official" dogma of the church. We might in 
this respect be reminded of the "official" dogma of the American Medical Association today. 

Here are some of the instruments Colonel Ingersoll described: 

1. The Thumbscrew. Two pieces of iron united by a screwing device at each end to 
mechanically bring the irons together. The inner sides of the iron were armed with small spikes 
and protuberances to prevent slipping. Colonel Ingersoll says "The man who would not recant 
was not forgiven. They screwed the thumbscrews down to the last pang, and then threw the 
victim into some dungeon, where, in throbbing silence and darkness, he might suffer the agonies 
of the fabled damned." 

2. The Collar of Torture. Imagine a circle of iron on the inside surface of which were a 
hundred points almost as sharp as needles. This persuasive argument was then fastened loosely 
about the throat of the sufferer. Every time he or she moved, the throat would be punctured by 
these sharp points. After a while the tortured throat would swell and finally suffocation would 
end the agonies of the hapless victim. Their crime? Perhaps they had not confessed belief of a 
hell in the hereafter. 

3. Scavenger's Daughter. This iron instrument was shaped like a large pair of shears, if you 
can imagine handles at both ends, with another circle of iron just above the pivot point. In the 
upper handles the hands would be placed, and the feet in the lower. Through the ring near the 
center the head of the victim would be forced. In this condition he would be thrown prone upon 
the ground. The strain upon the muscles produced such agony that insanity would usually come 
to the final relief of the victim. 

4. The Räck. This was a box similar to the bed of a wagon, with a windlass at each end, with 
levers and ratchets to prevent slipping. Över each windlass went chains. One set of chains was 
fastened to the ankles of the sufferer, the chains from the other windlass to his wrists. As the 
priests, divines, clergymen and other saints began turning these windlasses and continually 
increasing the tension, the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, spine of the victim were all 
permanently dislocated as the sufferer lay there in a screaming sweat of agony. The clergy 
usually would have a physician standing by to feel the pulse of the sufferer. Was it to save his 
life? Yes. For the sake of mercy? No. It was simply so that, like the savage Indians, they could 
prolong the torture which might end too soon with death. 

5. The Iron Crown. In this instrument again appears the deadly thumbscrew used to tighten an 
open iron band about the head. In the lining of the band were a series of iron knobs. As the 
thumbscrew was tightened, the iron band about the head would tighten, slowly forcing the knobs 
into the skull. The iron crown was often imposed upon Christian martyrs on their way to 

6. Hanging by the Thumbs. This is pretty well self-explanatory. A variation of this was 
hanging by one thumb, tying a heavy lead weight to the victim' s feet to increase the pull, and 
sometimes putting firewood under the victim and ending his torture by burning. 

7. Fearful Eliza. This is a chair, similar to an electric chair, in which the victim was lashed 
down. The spikes in the seat would prevent the victim from slipping out, to say nothing of being 
extremely painful. Sometimes additional heavy weights were lashed to the victims feet as he sat 
there contemplating whether he should or should not believe the story of Jonah and the Whale, or 
whether Joshua really did stop the sun for a day. 

8. Mouth Openers. This was usually inflicted on what the church called "blasphemers." It 
consisted of two small iron plates. These were inserted between the upper and lower teeth and 
spread apart by turning a thumbscrew. (Again those damned thumbscrews. I am beginning to 
realize the deadly origin of the "putting the screws" to somebody.) Once the jaws had been pried 
apart these loving Christians then had a variety of other goodies in store for their helpless 
victims. One was to pour molten hot lead down the throat of the sufferer. Another was to seize 
the tongue with iron pincers, and the tongue was either slitted or cut off. 

9. The Trinity. This was a three-part group of torture instruments of which the above- 
mentioned pincers were a part. The other consisted of an iron mask that was put on red-hot. The 
third was a metal chain, called a scourge, that looked like the skeleton of a snake. Sometimes a 
fourth instrument was used in accompaniment to these, namely a perforated iron spoon, for 
dropping hot lead pellets on the naked body. This combination of gentle persuaders was in its 
time of material service in stimulating the worship of the heavenly Trinity in whose loving name 
they were applied. 

10. Branding Irons. A number of these were common, among which the letter "U" 
predominates, which in several languages stood for "unbeliever." In this museum in New York 

Colonel Ingersoll tells about, was also exhibited the little coal stove in which the branding irons 
were heated, along with the bellows. 

11. Executioners Swords. These were of numerous types and sometimes highly ornamental. 
The blade was some two feet, nine inches in length and two and three-quarters inches in width. 
The handle was made to be grasped by two hands. The condemned was tied down in a chair 
with the head bowed. An expert with much practice could sever the neck with one blow. The 
swords were sometimes of Damascus steel of fine ornamental quality inscribed with pious verses 
such as: "When I upraise the fatal knife God give this sinner eternal life." Or "Oh God, this 
sinner to thy kingdom take, that he may taste of joy, for Jesus sake." 

12. Large Iron Boots. These were put on red hot and then filled with molten lead. 

13. Wire Mail Mittens and Hose. These were heated red hot and put on the victim to extort 

14. The Spanish Gag. Used to prevent prisoners from screaming while undergoing torture. One 
species looked like a bell slit into sections. When thrust in the mouth a spring was released 
which spread the sections and distended the jaws. 

15. The Iron Brank. This was a full head mask, heated before putting on the head of the victim. 
It had funnels at the orifices of the ears for convenient introduction of hot lead. It was highly 
recommended by the Holy Inquisition.. 

16. Breaking on the Wheel. A bed made like a corduroy road with the cross pieces about six 
inches apart. The victim was laid along this bed and tied down. The executioners would then 
smash down a heavy iron wheel at those points of the body between the corduroy cross pieces, 
breaking every bone in the body. 

More in Europé and Elsewhere. There are at least a dozen other horrible instruments of 
torture described by Colonel Ingersoll but I do not further wish to exhaust the reader with this 
gruesome inventory. These instruments, I do however want to remind the reader, were genuine 
used relics on exhibit at the New York museum, and had been used countless times on who 
knows how many hapless victims. There were thousands more such instruments of agony left 
behind in Europé and its churches. Some of these were used as recently as the nineteenth 
century. Undoubtedly they would still be in use today, if the power of the church had not been 
broken or diminished. 

Reasons for Exposure. There are two reasons why I bring all this up. The first is to exposé 
Christianity for the brutal, cruel fraud that it is. I never again want some deluded idiot ever to 
bring up to me the claim that Christianity is a teaching of love, kindness and compassion. There 
is no other religion in the world that has inflicted more anguish, suffering and confusion on the 
White Race than has Jew-spawned Christianity. 

Must Clear the Ground before we can Build. The other reason is that before we can ever 
build a sensible, constructive movement for the survival, expansion and advancement of the 
White Race we first have to clear the White Man's mind of all this horrible Christian delusion. 
We believe the best way to do it is to tell the brutal truth about Christianity — exposé its 
gruesome history, analyze its fraudulent teaching, destroy it, and replace this pervasive swindle 
with a sound racial religion based on the eternal Laws of Nature. 

Creative Credo #52 

The Spooks in the SkySwindle 

Five Devastating Jewish Books. In Nature's Etern al Religion I have already stated that 
basically five Jewish books have had widespread effects on the history of the White Race and 
those effects have been devastating. The five books in their historical order are: The Old 
Testament; the New Testament; the Talmud; Marx's Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital; and 
lastly The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. 

A Self-Concocted Jewish History without Evidence. The opening wedge of this 
psychological warfare was the Old Testament, a relatively dull book of myths and fairy tales, 
dealing in the biggest part about the adventures of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their serpent' s 
seed. That, and endless wars, wars, wars that never happened except in the Jewish scribblers' 
overactive imagination. In fact there is no evidence much of any of it ever happening. 

Origins of this Insanity. When we examine the Jewish story as depicted by this gäng of 
unidentified Jewish scribblers, we are told that in the beginning there was once a lonely ghost 
who floated around in a dark, vacant nothingness. The world had not been "created" as yet, 
neither had the sun, nor the "stars," nor light, nor any part of the väst universe that we can now 
observe with or without the aid of powerful telescopes. This floating around in a dark 
nothingness evidently had been going on for billions and billions of years since the lone ghost 
had existed "eternally." Such existence must have been unbearably boring, since it was 
completely dark, there was nothing to think about, because there was absolutely nothing in 
existence. Then suddenly after billions and billions of years this lonely ghost (only about 6,000 
years ago) got a brilliant idea. He (we are told it was a he-ghost, with no counterpart she-ghosts) 
decided to "create" "heaven and earth." He also decided to create "man in his own image." 

Nothing but Fantasy. Now we must remember that this is not for real, but only a Jewish 
concocted story. Anybody in their right mind can see mountains of evidence that the earth and 
the sun have existed for billions of years, and they are only a tiny speck of the total universe. 
Nevertheless — to continue the story — evidently this lonely ghost in contemplating the future 
disposition of mankind, also created a hell at the time he created "heaven and earth," but 
strangely the bible never says so. It unobtrusively slips in the idea of hell låter, as if in an 
afterthought. But since everything was "created" in 6 days, we must assume that "hell" was one 
of those projects. Since in the long run 99% of all people will presumably end up there, it must 
have been the largest and most important project. Since we are also told that "heaven and 
earth will pass away," (but not hell) it is evidently the only permanent project. 

Love Mankind, But Send them all To Hell. We are also told this lonely ghost who had 
been floating around in eternal darkness was a loving god who had a passionate and all 
consuming love for mankind. His main preoccupation, it seems, was to love, guide and watch 
över mankind and see to it they didn't go to hell. In fact, he loved mankind so dearly that he 
begot himself a son through a Jewish "virgin" (who was nevertheless married to Joseph) and had 
his son walk the earth for some 33 years. Then according to plan, he had him nailed to a cross 
and killed. Why did he do all this? So he and his son would "save" mankind from hell because 
they both (or are there three?) loved us so dearly. However, the idea didn't work out too well 

since most people didn't believe this cock-and-bull story. So mostly everybody is going to hell 

Ridiculous as Hell. Fantastic? Yes, not only fantastic, but ridiculous. Butthat still isn't the 
end of the story. We are told that the son, who was called Jesus Christ, wasn't really born in the 
year 1 A.D. but had also existed eternally, from the beginning, and was really "one" with the 
father himself. 

The Holy Trinity. Well, to complicate it a little more, there are really three. There is the 
father, son and the holy ghost, but they are really one. Would this make the son his own father, 
or the father his own son? If you can't understand this contradictory hocus-pocus, its your own 
fault, because you are presumably too stupid, is the implication you will get from preachers. 

Contradictory Claims. Anyway, to pursue this Jewish story further, Christ evidently was 
there in the beginning, and he too must have had a hand in the creation of "hell" since he was 
"one" with his father. (How could he be born of the Virgin Mary, who didn't appear in the story 
until billions of years låter?) So we have a situation where the father and the son (who was father 
of whom?) created this huge ghastly torture chamber. They created "mankind" whom they so 
dearly loved, and then supposedly put on a last ditch campaign to save mankind from the eternal 
torture chamber they themselves created. At this, presumably, they have failed miserably. 

Why the Torture Chamber in the First Place? A ridiculous story indeed. The question 
that screams to high heaven and remains unanswered to this day is this: if they, (either singularly 
or in triplicate) are so all powerful, if not a sparrow falls from the roof, and not a hair from your 
head, but god "wills it," why would they deliberately create such a monstrous torture chamber 
with hot coals and sulphur, and then send all those billions of human victims in there to be 
brutally and eternally tortured? Especially when we are told över and över and över about how 
much he/they love us? When examined in cold logic, the idea is so ridiculous and so stupid, it is 
just too absurd to even contemplate. 

Ghastly Ghost. Even if you used only a modicum of common sense, there are two obvious 
conclusions from the above that cannot be brushed aside: (a) any god, ghost or spook that would 
"create" such a horrendous torture chamber and then "create" human beings and/or souls to 
torture in it for all eternity is not a "loving god" but a ghastly monster, (b) Fortunately, it is only 
a ridiculous cock-and-bull story and has no basis in fact whatsoever. 

Who Concocted It? Since somebody did dream it up and kept this hideous monstrosity 
alive to torment the minds of billions of human beings for nearly 2,000 years, there still remain 
the questions: (a) who concocted this ghastly story? and (b) why did they do it? 

The Eternal Parasite. The answer to the first question is answered by historical evidence. 
The Jews, who have been a parasite on the backs of civilized mankind for five thousand years 
concocted this monstrous cock-and-bull story. We have already had something to say about this 
in other chapters, especially the chapter on the Romans and the chapter on the Jews. We will 
have more in future chapters. 

Jewish Revenge. The answer to the second question is fairly obvious from the study of 
history: they did it to revenge themselves on the Romans, who destroyed Jerusalem in the years 
70 A.D. and again in 135 A.D. The Jews decided to use their ultimate weapon at which they 
were unparalleled masters — mind manipulation. History tells us they were extremely successful 
and did sell Christianity, the ideas of heaven, and especially hell, to the Romans. They were 

successful beyond their wildest dreams. They converted the once all-powerful and invincible 
Romans into emasculated, whimpering peaceniks, their minds preoccupied with fear of the 
imaginary spooks in the skies. 

Hell the Big Club. And let us remember — the most powerful tool the Jews had at their 
disposal with which to convince and destroy their enemies was a psychological club, an 
imaginary concept — the ultimate concept of horror — hell, as we have already described in a 
previous chapter. 

Freedom From Mental Fear. It is one of the major goals of the Church Of The Creator 
to banish this ugly Jewish idea from the face of the earth and purge it forever from the minds of 
our White Racial Comrades. We want to give the White Race another freedom they so richly 
deserve, namely — freedom from fear of hell. 

Creative Credo #53 

The CuriousRelationship Between Father, Son and the Devil 

Must be Exposed. It should really not be necessary to spend so much time discrediting the 
"spooks in the sky" swindle, since even a cursory examination of the Jewish (and Christian) 
bible should convince even the most simple minded that the collection of weird stories contained 
therein are contradictory, wild, and completely unsubstantiated by the records of authentic 
history. They are, in short an affront to the intelligence of any thinking individual and 
shamefully compromise his or her intellectual integrity. 

Must be Rooted Out. Yet so deeply ingrained is this Jewish fungus in the brain of the 
White Man and for so long has this dry rot persisted that it is a major operation to root it out. 

Clear Thinking. Why is it necessary to root it out? Well, like any other swindle, until it is 
exposed, its victims cannot think straight. And since the victims run into the hundreds of 
millions, it is extremely important if we are ever going to build something honest, constructive 
and beneficial to the White Race that this swindle be thoroughly exposed and rooted out. 

Fear of Spooks. History has adequately demonstrated that as long as people can be 
confused, kept in ignorance and in fear of the supernatural spooks in the sky and hell (which we 
have already examined rather thoroughly) they, the gullible yokels, can be easily enslaved and 
exploited. Tyrants, and none more so than the religious tyrants, have from time immemorial 
vigorously suppressed any honest criticism or even questioning of their most effective weapon — 
the spooks in the sky swindle. Even the enlightened Greeks forced Socrates, who was an honest 
and highly intelligent man, to drink his cup of hemlock because he taught the youth that the gods 
of the Hellenes were but myths. 

Superstition Still Powerful. This suppression of logic, common sense and honest 
questioning of the spooks swindle is still highly powerful today. It may in some countries be 
more subtle, and in some of the highly Catholicised and backward countries as in South 
America, not so subtle. We Creators are highly concerned about this swindle because even 
some of our (potentially) finest White Racial Comrades are sorely afflicted with this fungus on 
the brain and are aiding and abetting our Jewish enemies. In order for all of us to survive we 
need the help of these victims as much as they need our help. 

Must Clear the Debris First. Before we can build a beautiful and healthy society, we must 
clear the minds of our White brothers of this rubbish, just as slums, rotten material and debris 
must be cleared from the grounds of a building site before a sound and beautiful edifice can be 
built. Vermin and noxious weeds must be destroyed before fragrant flowers and nourishing 
fruits can be cultivated. 

Unfortunately, we still have a woeful lot of weeding to do, and basically it concerns the 
ingrained idea that somehow, somewhere there still is this spook who did it all, to whom we owe 
it all. Since the idea of spooks, ghosts, gods, demons etc. has been around since prehistoric 
times, let us confine ourselves more to where the White Christian got his idea of this apparition 
and examine such hocus-pocus a little more closely. 

From the Jews. The White Christian, of course, got his indoctrination from the Christian 
bible, which is combined with the Jewish bible, of which it is an offshoot. The Jews, who are the 
world's greatest scavengers and adapters, got their ideas from the Egyptians, Babylonians and 
other peoples on whose backs they had climbed and whom they had exploited. 

A Contradictory Trinity. In the Christian bible the original Jewish Yahweb spawned into a 
Trinity, a three-sided god — father, son and holy ghost, yet supposedly they are all a harmonious 
one. What we want to show in this chapter is that they are not a harmonious unity but a stränge 
mishmash of contradictions, incongruity and ridiculous refutations of their most cherished 
claims — that the Christian god is a god of love. 

Characteristics of the Father. Let us first look at the father — the Jewish Yahweh as 
portrayed in the Old Testament. Here we find a stränge conglomerate of a creature. 

1. He is wildly infatuated with the offspring of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, namely the Jews. 
This should, in anybody's judgment, make him extremely bigoted and a fanatic racist. As we 
have already described in Nature's Etern al Religion, this all-wise god could hardly have made 
a worse choice of characters. I doubt seriously whether there ever were any such characters as 
Abraham, Isaac or Jacob, and it mystifies me why the Jews would choose such despicable and 
repugnant reprobates, whore mongers, pimps and swindlers as they themselves portray them to 
be. It is stränge indeed that they would choose such unheroic criminals to be the mythical 
progenators of their race. It is even more stränge that a supposedly all-wise, all-knowing god 
would shower such gushy admiration and favoritism on such lice. And most stränge of all is the 
idiotic choice of the illustrious White Race to choose such a stupid and bigoted god as their god. 
Which reminds me of the jingle: 

How odd of God to choose the Jews. 

But it is still more odd 

For those who hate the Jews 

To choose the Jewish God. 

Yes, stränge indeed. Extremely stupid, too. 

2. The Jewish Yahweh is a fiery god of Wrath and Vengeance. He is (according to the Old 
Testament story) a tribal war-god whom Moses stumbled upon in a burning bush, who promised 
to deliver to his "Chosen" criminals and descendants the land of Canaan at the expense of the 
native population that had built the existing civilization, towns, cities and farms. That this would 
entail endless inhuman butcheries, treachery, deceit, misery and murder seemed of no 
consequence to this "righteous" Yahweh. 

The Jewish Old Testament is replete with all kinds of crimes, pornography, treacheries, 

lying, deception, murder and every other crime in the book, and practically all of them are 
performed by either "God's Chosen," or the "loving," "righteous," "all knowing" Yahweh 
himself. One of the biggest mäss murders in all history is supposedly executed by this "perfect" 
god when, in a fit of anger, he drowned every living man, woman and child, not to mention the 
birds and the beasts. The only exception was the drunken sot of a Noah (again a lousy choice) 
and his immediate family. 

3. This Yahweh was an extremely jealous god. This is confirmed again and again by 
supposed quotations from his own mouth and I need hardly bother repeating these. 

4. He was also extremely proud, vainglorious and conceited, the very attributes we poor 
mortals are admonished to abhor because they are so sinful. In fact, to read the Jewish bible it 

would seem the main reason he created "mankind" was so he could have a väst stable of 
jabbering idiots at his feet "praising God into all eternity." How much more conceited can you 

5. He is a vindictive god and advocated to his "chosen people" the principle of an eye for an 
eye and a tooth for a tooth, and exhorted them when capturing a city to kill every living thing 
that breathes. 

6. There are dozens of other attributes that he was endowed with, hardly any of them admirable. 
For example he was extremely cruel on dozens of occasions, such as the story of Job, slaying 
Judah's sons, drowning all the peoples of the world, etc. He was tricky. He had Abraham on 
the verge of plunging the knife into his son Isaac, and at the last second tells him it's all a joke, I 
was only testing. (Some joke!) He was adulterous. He impregnated Mary, a married woman. 
He was pornographic. The Old Testament is just full of pornographic stories, such as David 
garnering foreskins from the slain Philistines as a dowry to present to King Saul for the hand of 
his daughter. He is treacherous, he broke any number of promises, he lied and did any number 
of other reprehensible things. If you would like a thorough documentation of all these attributes 
I have a book called The Bible Handbook dated 1888, which lists, quotation after quotation all 
these charges, crimes, idiocies and what have you. I personally don' t want to take that much 
space in this book to list them all. 

Compared to The Father. Now we come to the son, who is repudiated by "God's 
Chosen", but is the hero of the Christians and epitomizes all that is supposedly good, great and 
perfect. Let us see how he compares to his "Father." 

1. In contrast to Yahweb, who is all fire and fury, blood and vengeance, we find the son 
preaching a totally different concept ("a new law I give you"). He says in effect the old 
man was all wrong. Don't wreak vengeance on your enemies. Instead love your enemies, 
turn the other cheek, sell all thou hast and give it to the poor, and do good to them that 
despise you. This, of course, was obviously aimed at the Gentiles, to emasculate them and 
turn them into blithering idiots, naked and defenseless before their enemies. 

2. He was half god, half man, having been born of a (Jewish, of course) woman. 

3. Instead of being wild about the Jews like his father (in heaven) he cursed the Jews and told 
them "Ye are sons of the devil" and called them vipers and other nasty names. 

4. He loved the "meek" and the "poor in spirit" and blessed them, rather than like his old man, 
being infatuated with powerful kings and murderers like David and Solomon. 

5. He was an unemployed, wandering vagabond never holding down any constructive job, 
never marrying or raising a family, or doing anything constructive that a good solid citizen 
and family man would be expected to do. 

6. In short, he was a stränge contrast to his supposed father (in heaven, not Joseph) and he 
brashly repudiated just about everything his old man had preached in the Old Testament. 

Doubletalk, Triple Talk. Now we come to the third peculiarity of this Jew-concocted story, 
namely that the father and son were really one, and the son had really existed in all eternity. 
Both of them had. Well, somehow the Holy Ghost is also in the picture and the three of them, 

really, had existed in all eternity and were all one. They were, in fact, the Holy Trinity, but they 
were all one at the same time, if you can follow. 

Peculiar Arrangement. This raises a number of peculiar questions. Was the son the father 

of himself?. Or perhaps, the father the son of the son? Or, ? Furthermore, since Mary 

appeared relatively late in the story, how could he be her son when he had already existed 
billions of years before she was ever born? 

Designed for the Gullible. Don' t ask me for the answers to this silly story. I didn't write it. 
All I can do is remind you that the Yahweh and son story was concocted by a gäng of Jewish 

scribblers who found millions of gullible yokels to believe their cock-and-bull story. 

Comes the Devil. Now we come to the fourth curious aspect of this peculiar cock-and-bull 
episode and that is the role the devil plays in this weird and wild story. He is also known as 
Satan, Lucifer and by a dozen other names. 

Sneaky Entrance. The Old Testament is somewhat sneaky in that it doesn't exactly tell us 
when the lonesome spook created hell (as we mentioned before) nor when, or under what 
circumstances the devil was created. Evidently he was created quite early in the story since he 
appeared on the scene when Adam and Eve were let loose in the garden. He was already there to 
beguile and mislead them. Somewhere it mentions that god created him as a beautiful ängel and 
that he became jealous of god and fell from grace, or so the preachers lamely try to explain. 

Preachers get Flabbergasted. In any event, all this poses a stränge set of circumstances and 
questions that need answering. In fact, it is this business about the devil that gets preachers most 
confused, tongue tied (would you believe?) and flabbergasted when I ask them to answer some 
obvious questions and come up with sensible answers. Even to these glib and gullible spook 
peddlers, the peculiar position of the devil in this odd arrangement is too much to explain when 
questioned in the clear light of logic. 

Some of these questions are: 

1. Since god is all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing, never makes a mistake, then how is it the 
devil is there in the first place to aggravate him, to oppose him, and to thwart god's (and 
Christ' s) ardent desire to save us all from hell? 

2. Did god make another biooper? 

3. Didn't he know ahead of time the devil was going to aggravate the hell out of him? 

4. Since god created everything, didn't he also create the devil? 

5. How come the devil is overwhelmingly winning the game of cat and mouse, with us poor 
mortals as the pawns? 

6. If god did indeed make a mistake, why doesn't he just simply kill the devil and end all this 
business of evil and billions of people going to hell? After all he didn't hesitate to drown all 
the poor humans when they aggravated him. Nor did he hesitate to have his son nailed to the 
cross. Why is he so tolerant of the devil? 

7. Doesn't he have the power to do so? If not, then he isn't all powerful, is he? 

8. Could it be god knew exactly what he was doing? He created the devil, he created hell, and 
the two are in cahoots to railroad billions and billions of human beings into eternal torture. 
How do you explain this? 

9. Could the devil stay alive and in business for five seconds without god's collaboration and 

10. Is god really a super-sadist who wants all these human beings in hell to be tortured and is 
only using the devil as a scapegoat? 

A tricky mechanism used to control and exploit. What do you think? Or could it be this 
whole Jewish episode is nothing more than a stupid cock-and-bull story designed to scare the 
hell out of gullible victims so they can get control of their minds, their money, manipulate them, 
fleece and exploit them? 

If you ask me, that is what it's all about. That is the way it was designed to be and that is the 
way it has worked for 2,000 years. 

It is the goal of the Church Of The Creator to exposé this treacherous swindle, and 
extricate the White Race from it. We want to help the White Race to straighten out its thinking 
and come back to its senses. This, when it happens, I would call a Real Salvation and 
Redemption of the White Race. 

Creative Credo #54 

The Lonesome Ghost Blunders From Blooperto Blooper 

all atthe expense of suffering humanity 

All Wise, All Knowing. We have already established in the previous chapters about the 
Jewish version of creation that the lonesome spook who supposedly created all supposedly was 
all- wise, all knowing, never made a mistake, knew the course of events forwards and backwards, 
and everything was completely under his control. Not a sparrow falls from the roof — not a hair 
from your head, but he wills it. He sees all, knows all, controls all. 

Total Control, Total Responsibility. Under such a super smart creator and such flawless 
control, you would expect that everything would hum along like clockwork and work out just 
perfect. Furthermore, with total knowledge, with total control, we would assume also goes total 
responsibility for the consequences of what he, this super-spook, created, manipulated and 

Calamitous Mess. Strangely, according to this idiotic Jewish literature, we are wrong on all 
counts. First of all, things did not run smoothly. One blooper af ter another piled up. It finally 
became such a calamitous mess that the creator of this catastrophe decided to drown all his 
"beloved" children and start all över again. Secondly, he didn't accept any responsibility for this 
mess, but blamed it all on us dumb clucks, because we turned out so "sinful." This is like an 
airplane designer who claims he is the greatest designer in creation, but all his airplanes crash. 
He then blames the stupid airplanes for his shortcomings in its design. 

Doubletalk. How do the doubletalking clergy get around this obvious contradiction? How 
do they explain the all-powerful, all-wise, all-knowing, formerly lonesome ghost running into so 
many snags, and being repeatedly angered and frustrated by his top creation, namely humanity? 

Lopsided "Free Will." The explanation is stupid, contradictory and asinine, but their 
gullible and uncritical flock have submissively accepted it. Here is how it goes: This lonesome 
spook in an ecstatic charade of great magnanimity and generosity saw fit to give us "a free will." 
He gave us freedom of choice. It just so happens, (why, nobody has explained) that this "free 
will" was somewhat lopsided. In fact, it was extremely slanted. It was all weighted to the side 
where we had a pathological preference for "sinning." The dice were extremely loaded against 
us. As a result we turned out no good, and were a perpetual thorn in the side of our "loving" 
creator. It also turned out that he was a wrathful and vengeance-prone creator. And since he had 
complete control, he decided to drown all of mankind like a bunch of miserable råts. 

Now, a few new questions pop up in this Jewish rendition of history of how it supposedly all 

Obvious Contradiction. The first question is — how can you have billions of people 
wandering around on the face of the earth, exercising their "free will," making their own 
decisions, taking charge of the course of events and of history, and at the same time this all- 
powerful super-spook who knows all, sees all, be in complete control? This is a complete 

contradiction. Either we have freedom of choice to exercise our "free will" and the course of 
events is completely out of the super-spook' s control; or the super-spook is in complete control 
and we have no control (and therefore no choice, and no responsibility, either) of and for our 
actions. You can't have it both ways. Either he is in complete control and we are just a bunch of 

helpless robots and have no "free will" or responsibility for anything, or, we do as we damn well 
please and the all-wise, all-powerful spook is hardly in control of anything. 

Deliberately Designed the Way We Are. Secondly, since we are supposedly the product of 
his creation, including the "free- will" we are supposedly endowed with, why didn't he slant that 
"free will" with the inclination to be good instead of heavily slanting it towards the side of us 
wanting to be "sinners?" After all, he knew what he was doing, knew in advance what the 
consequences would be, everything supposedly developed according to plan. How does it 
happen then that we turned out so badly? He must have deliberately designed us the way we are. 
Why is the designer without guilt or responsibility, and the designed product solely guilty and 
responsible for all? 

Cock-and-Bull Story. When we ask these questions we must remember that there is not a 
shred of evidence for this whole stränge cock-and-bull story about how it all started with a 
lonesome spook six thousand years ago. It is merely an ignorant Jewish version of a mythical 
attempt to explain the universe, a universe about which they knew very little. It was written 
perhaps 2,500 years ago; written by ignorant Jewish scribblers whose real origin we will never 
know. It can only be taken seriously if a reader of such trash is gullible enough, superstitious 
enough, and has been thoroughly, brain-polluted with such tripe from early childhood. 

But let us move on and further explore the adventures, bioopers and blunders of the all-wise, 
all-knowing, all-seeing as this Jewish version unfolds. 

Bible with Precise Dates. Among several, I have a thick copy of the King James version of 
the Jewish bible that was printed around the turn of the century. It is replete with all kinds of 
doctored maps of kingdoms that never existed, artists' versions of biblical scenes that never 
happened, pictures of people that never lived. It has a whole raft of indexes divided into dozens 
of different categories such as what verses should you read when you need comfort, when you're 
afraid; when you need patience; and a dozen other categories. It has an index of the list of 
plants, grains, etc, in the bible; a list of musical instruments and the verse and chapter 
mentioned. It is indexed and cross-indexed. 

No More Dates. But the most amazing thing is that it is loaded with dates at the top of each 
column on every page. Whereas nobody really knows what year Lot fornicated with his 
daughters, (or whether Lot ever existed) this book has dates for everything. At the turn of the 
century, people were still so overawed by this Jewish claptrap that the publishers of this book 
still had the nerve to invent and attach specific dates to each event. Since it is a lot easier to 
disprove something if you are specific, and less so if your claims are nebulous, subsequent 
publishers have long since abandoned the practice of putting arbitrary and fictitious dates on 
mythical and fictitious events. 

The Great Flood. Of particular interest is the date of that horrible cataclysm, the Great 
Flood. It is dated in the year 2348 B. C. Strangely, when we resort to authentic histories of those 
times such as Egyptian history, we find no mention of such universal flood. Egyptian dynasties 
and civilization existed long before that date and carried on through for thousands of years after, 
with hardly a hitch, and the desert sands of Egypt were as dry then as they are now. 

Saved Noah the Drunkard. We said that in the "Great Flood" which supposedly lasted 40 
days and 40 nights he drowned all his children like so many råts. Well, he was not really that 

cruel. In his great compassion and magnanimity, he saved Noah and his family, because Noah 
was "good." Out of all those millions that drowned, you would think that this Noah would have 
to be a most exemplary character. But not so. He was a drunken lout, and then there is some 
hocus-pocus about his son Ham "who saw him in his nakedness" while Noah was drunk. 
Evidently Ham did something to him "in his drunkenness," and when Noah awoke he cursed not 
only Ham but all his descendants and the land of Canaan, of which Ham supposedly was the 

Not Much Sense. This was the select family that was saved from the flood that wiped out 
everybody else. Why in "his infinite wisdom" he picked this bunch of reprobates to survive and 
be the progenitors of the next batch of people is härd to understand. However it is fairly self- 
explanatory as long as we remember this is only a Jewish story, written by a gäng of 
ignoramuses, and it doesn't necessarily follow much rhyme or reason. 

Infatuated with the Jews. Next we will look at the emergence of the Israelites, of how this 
Jewish god became insanely infatuated with this perfidious tribe of reprobates, and how he 
dedicated his favörs, time and energy to their affairs, to the detriment of all others. The rest of 
the Old Testament, more than 900 pages of it, is devoted to this parasitic tribe. Why not? After 
all, they wrote this stupid diatribe. 

Creative Credo #55 

a concocted old testament— the foundation of jewish solidarity 

Racial Religion the Core. When Golda Meir was the Prime Minister of the Jewish bandit 
state of Israel she made a frank confession to her racial cohorts. In a speech to the Knesset 
(Israeli parliament) she said in Yiddish: "I am a non-believer (in god), yet no one will be able to 
root from my heart and mind the conviction that without the Jewish religion we would have been 
like all other nations, who once existed and then disappeared." 

Race, Religion, Nation. In this terse statement is summed up the core of the Jewish 
solidarity that has manifested itself for the last several thousand years. It is around the core of its 
religion that the Jews have polarized to unite into another "Trinity" — a three-in-one 
combination: a race, a religion and a nation unto themselves, no matter what country they live in. 
As we have pointed out elsewhere, it is race embodied into its racial religion that makes it 
powerful, cohesive and durable. It is this tenacity that has made it such a parasitic pestilence on 
the backs of all White nations for the last several thousand years. 

Talmud. The Judaic religion is based on more than just the Old Testament. It is even more 
strongly rooted in the Talmud, which consists of sixty-three books in five hundred and twenty- 
four chapters. (We have examined the Talmud in greater detail in Nature's Etern al Religion.) 
The Jewish religion is also inherent in the more recent "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and in 
the communist ideology of Karl Marx. 

A Jackboot on our Neck. The sum total of the worldwide Jewish effort is simple and all- 
encompassing: it is to (a) accumulate unto themselves all the wealth of the world — money, 
gold, real estate, power and (b) to subjugate and enslave all the rest of humanity, whom they 
call goy, or goyim, their derogatory word for cattle. Their final goal is their jackboot standing on 
the neck of the goy, pushing his face down into the mud. 

Origin as Cutthroats. It all started out as a band of thieves, pirates and cutthroats perhaps 
as long as five thousand years ago, their earliest origins long löst in the mists of antiquity. Since 
Palestine was a crossroads of trade routes in the ancient world, it is here that this tribe of bandits, 
pirates and assassins first established themselves. Like any criminal band, they realized that 
unity was a key factor for self-preservation. Being both predators and parasites, this way of life 
developed into a permanent philosophy. The jews never really bothered to trace their earliest 

A Concocted History. Instead they concocted one. The result is the Old Testament which 
was the real crystallization of the Jewish band of cutthroats into a religion, a race and an 
international nation. Although this whole history was prefabricated and a jumbled collection of 
myths, lies and wild tales, the impact and ramifications on future world history has been 
astounding, to say the least. 

So let us examine this stränge piece of literature, that has long since become part of the 
White Man's Christian Bible, and caused the ultimate in confusion and disaster for the White 
Race as no other event in history. 

Jews 90% Khazars. The Jewish story after the "flood" is in total a story of the "Israelites" 
as the Jews prefer to call their biblical antecedents. Even this claim is a gross deception, since 
90% of today's Jews are descended from the Khazars, an obnoxious and aggressive people who 
established a state between the Black and Caspian seas, in the middle of Russia. The Khazars 
themselves stem from Turkish and Tatar strains, which in turn can be traced back to the Asiatic 
Mongols. In the eighth century A.D. the Khazars were converted to Judaism. This nest of 
Jewish infection has been the source of Jewish infestation to Russia, Poland and eastern Europé 
in particular, but finally spread out and infested the whole world. But this is another story and 
we have gone into more detail about the Jews in Nature's Etern al Religion. It is our objective 
here to analyze and debunk their story of how they laid claim to being "God's chosen people," a 
hoax that they have sold to hundreds of millions of our White Racial Comrades, since they 
succeeded in incorporating their concoction as part of the White Man's bible, namely the Old 

Total Invention. The Old Testament devotes only a few pages to the story of "mankind" 
between the death of Noah and the coming of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The next 900 pages are 
preoccupied with the affairs of these nefarious criminals and their future progeny, namely the 
"Israelites," or the Jews. I must emphasize that there is not a shred of historic evidence to back 
up any of this story. It is most unlikely that such characters as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob or Moses 
ever lived. I have no reason to believe they did. These wild stories were written perhaps a 
thousand or fifteen hundred years låter. Many of them were based on myths of other peoples that 
the Jews had been exposed to in the countries in which they had habituated, such as Egypt, 
Babylonia, and several others. 

Adapted from Other Cultures. Such stories as the Great Flood, the Tower of Babel, Joshua 
causing the sun to stånd still, Jonah and the Whale, and many others, were myths that had been 
floating around for a long, long time in previous cultures. What the Jews did is copy them, adapt 
them to their own circumstances and throw them together in a hodge-podge to give their people a 
religion and a fictitious "history." 

Seventeen Crucified Saviours. There is nothing new about such a procedure. Many other 
religions and cultures have done the same thing before the Jews latched on to some of these 
myths. For instance, the story of the Great Flood had appeared in any number of previous 
religions. The story of the "Crucified Savior" religionists tell us had appeared in at least 
seventeen religions previous to Christianity. Any number have dreamed up a fictitious 
"beginning" as to how our world "started." 

Aesop's Fables. In this respect it might be productive to compare Aesop's Fables with the 
myths of the Old Testament. The two came into being at a similar period of history, with 
Aesop's Fables preceding those of the Old Testament by several centuries. 

From Asia Minor. Aesop was an ex-slave in Asia Minor. He came to the Court of Croesus, 
last of the Kings of Lydia, as a freed man some time between 620 and 560 B. C. Due to his wit 
and sagacity he attracted the attention of the King, who began to employ him as an ambassadör 
to various capitals with whom Croesus was in contact. Aesop' s fame in telling his hundreds of 
stories in which animals, birds and other creatures talked to one another, won him fame 
throughout the then civilized world. 

Had Moral Applications. Now Aesop did not invent most of these stories. They had been 
extant for many, many centuries before him. Nor did he set them down in writing. This was 
done by others three hundred years låter. What Aesop did do was collect these stories, adapt 

them, and give them a moral application that drove home a valid point. Of such impact were 
these stories that even today most school children are familiar with many of them, such as "The 
Dog in the Mänger," and many others. In the Canadian Reader used when I was a boy, appeared 
at least a dozen or more of his better-known stories. Today, sad to say, they are being phased out 
by the Jewish-controlled educational establishment and being replaced by trash, concocted Black 
history and others, as is the modern trend in education today. 

Humor and Wisdom. Be that as it may, in ancient times scholars in Athens and elsewhere 
deemed it as an indispensable accomplishment to be able to tell a good story of Aesop's at the 
club, or in a political speech, or elsewhere. His practical wisdom was regarded as highly as his 

Old Testament Pointless and in Bad Taste. At this point we want to make the observation 
that whereas Aesop's fables had practical wisdom applicable to the education of children and 
adults alike, we can find little or no wisdom in the Jewish stories dragged together in the Old 
Testament. For instance, of what practical value is the story of Jonah and the Whale? Except for 
being just a plainly ridiculous story, there is no moral point, no particular wisdom, and no benefit 
to be derived. The same thing can be said of the story of a drunken Lot fornicating with his 
daughters. Or a Judah fornicating with his daughter-in-law. Or any number of other pointless, 
pornographic stories that are just in plain bad taste and have little or no redeeming features. 

Jewish Book has been a Mind Crippler. In comparing the two, i.e., Aesop's Fables and the 
Old Testament, the former is a thousand times more constructive, more applicable to the 
problems of life and of more moral value than is the pornographic Jewish Old Testament that 
låter strangely became incorporated into the White Man's bible. It is our purpose here to debunk 
the Jewish book which has become "holy" to so many of our duped White Racial Comrades and 
has crippled their minds and wreaked havoc on eighty generations of the White Race. 

Creative Credo #56 

A Few Obvious Questions We Would Like Christiansto Explain with Some 

Sensible Answers 

1. Would you buy a used car from a salesman who was so loose with the truth that he described 
his own funeral and expected you to be gullible enough to believe it (as does Moses)? 

2. Supposing you stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon at the place where it was ten miles 
wide and one mile deep. You had a book in your hand that said, "The Grand Canyon at its 
widest is so narrow you can step across it." Which would you believe — the printed page, or 
the physical fact of Nature before your eyes? 

3. Similarly in reading the "printed word" which says that the world is only (approximately) six 
thousand years old, but again, looking at the Grand Canyon, your common sense tells you it 
must have taken millions of years for the river to have eroded such a massive canyon out of 
the thousands of rock strata. Which would you believe, the "printed word," or your eyes and 
your common sense? (Geologists estimate it took at least 60 million years to carve the Grand 
Canyon and several billion years to lay down the rock strata through which it cuts.) 

4. If God is so anxious to "save" everybody from hell, why did he create hell in the first place? 

5. If the devil is the root of all evil in this world and "the next," why did God create the devil in 
the first place? 

6. Did he make a mistake? 

7. If he did make a mistake, why doesn't he correct it and just simply kill the devil? After all, 
he is all powerful, so it shouldn't be any problem. Or is he in cahoots with the devil? 
Furthermore, he didn't hesitate to drown all the human beings (except one family) in the 
Great Flood, which according to Bible scholars occurred in 2348 B.C. So why doesn't he 
eliminate the devil once and for all and get to the root of the problem? 

8. Could the devil continue to exist and carry on his nefarious trade without the collaboration, 
cooperation, and assistance of the all-powerful God? 

9. Are God and the devil in cahoots? 

10. How do you explain the fact that the Bible tells us (in the Old Testament) över and över 
again that the Jews are God's Chosen. Yet the Jews don't believe in Christ or the New 
Testament and are therefore, ipso facto, doomed to go to hell. This has been going on for 
2,000 years and eighty generations. How do you explain this? 

11. So why would God have such a schizophrenic preference for the Jews and yet send them all 
to hell? 

12. Why would God have such extremely bad taste as to prefer such scurrilous criminals and 
reprobates as Abraham (peddled his wife off as a prostitute even at the age of ninety.) David 
(a murderer many times över, committed adultery with Uriah's wife and had Uriah 
treacherously murdered). Solomon (owned the world' s biggest whorehouse) Judah 
(fornicated with his daughter-in-law.) 

13. Do you deem it proper to glorify these repugnant scoundrels and hold them up as examples to 
your children in Sunday School? (Remember they were God's favorites.) 

14. Would you be proud to have such people as your father, or brother, or ancestors? 

15. What is supposed to happen to all the billions of people, good, bad and indifferent, who lived 
before the year 1 A.D. and therefore never heard of Christ? (According to the Bible, there is 
only heaven or hell in the hereafter, and only those who believe in Christ can be saved from 

16. What about the billions of people — blacks, Chinese, Hindus, Polynesians, etc, who live and 
die in the present age and never heard of Christ? 

17. Can you think of a more sadistic, horrible, monstrous, diabolical idea than creating a huge, 
fiery lake, or pit of molten sulphur, and then torturing people in all eternity in such 
excruciating pain without the mercy of allowing death to end it all? 

18. Could you Love a monster who would create such a horrible place of torture and create 
billions of creatures to put into it? 

19. Couldn't God foresee what he was doing? 

20. Couldn't he have done it different? 

21. Couldn't he stop it all even today and release all his victims? 

22. Why doesn't he do it? 

23. Isn't the very idea of "man" having a "free will" in direct conflict with the idea that God 
planned it all, knows everything forwards and backwards and controls it all? Either our 
actions, our "free will" is out of God's control or it isn't free. If it is in God's control, then it 
isn't free and we can't be held responsible. If God isn't in control, then the Bible is lying 
when it claims "not a hair falls from our head, or a sparrow from the roof, but he wills it." 
You can' t have it both ways. How do you explain this? 

24. If Christians really believe that getting to heaven is so wonderful, why do they so desperately 
cling to life and utilize every means of medical and scientific assistance (for which they 
profess such contempt and disdain) to prolong life to the bitter end? 

25. Do you really believe such tall tales as (a) the Israelites walked through the dry bottom of 
the Red Sea? (b) Jonah lived in the belly of a whale for three whole days (all that acid and 
no air) and was spewed up unharmed? (c) Joshua could make the "sun stånd still" for a day 
so he could kill more enemies? (d) and a höst of others? 

26. Would you believe your own father if he told you such wild tales happening to him? 

27. If the Great Flood is supposed to have happened in the year 2348 B. C. or thereabouts, how 
do you explain Egyptian (and other) history extending back to at least 6,000 years in a 
continuous chain with no dampening or interruption at the supposed time of the Great Flood? 

28. Could it be the "written word" is lying to us? 

29. If God (and Christ) are so anxious to save (from hell) all the billions of people he himself 
created, why doesn't he make a personal appearance to this world, say every decade or so? 
This would certainly be more convincing than a lot of contradictory claims on the printed 
page. If he could hop back and forth between heaven and earth at the time of the Israelites 
and had time for such nonsense as wrestling with Jacob all night, why can' t he, and why 
doesn't he, make a personal appearance to the much more numerous world of today? 

30. Despite its claims to the contrary, Christians and the Bible are in direct conflict with science, 
especially geology, which tells us the world has been around for several billion years, with 
astronomy, with biology, geography, the study of fossils, authentic history as derived from 

other books and sources. Which do you prefer to believe — frivolous and unsubstantiated 
claims, or massive and detailed evidence accumulated by science över many centuries? 

31. Unless the White Man changes his thinking soon, America (and the world) is going to 
degenerate to a mäss of criminal black savages. Are you indifferent about your children and 
grandchildren being engulfed and swallowed up into such a hopeless and depraved world? 

32. Does Christianity have any solution for this coming catastrophe? 

33. Do you believe in ghosts, gremlins, spirits and spooks? Is there any evidence for such? 

34. Are you superstitious and gullible? 

35. Is there any more merit for believing in your set of spooks, (ängels, witches, devils, holy 
ghost, etc.) than the Hindu believing cows are holy, or the savages of Africa believing in 
witch doctors, evil spirits, etc? 

36. Have you ever seen any of the spooks in the sky you profess to believe in? 

37. Just what sky do they reside in — över Australia, Africa, Boston or where? How many 
million miles away are they? 

38. If you have never seen them and you don't know where they are, how do you know they 

Creative Credo #57 

W hy We Indict Christianity So Strongly 

Multitude of Reasons. We have used up many pages of this book exposing and debunking 
Christianity for the fraud that it is. Since so many of our good White Racial Comrades are more 
or less infected with this fungus on the brain, I have been asked by some of our supporters why I 
take such a hostile position towards Christianity, which after all has been the principal religion of 
the White Race for nearly 2,000 years. Not only that, but some of our most patriotic citizens, 
some of our best people, are Christians. Why not just live and let live, and leave the religious 
issue alone? These are good questions and I am eager to answer them. 

1. In the first place, this whole "spooks in the sky" story is a swindle, a lie, as I have exposed 
page after page. It is based on an emotional and psychological con-game, and in the thousands 
of years that ghosts, demons, gods and spooks have been used to frighten gullible people into 
submission, to exploit them and enslave them, not one single shred of meaningful evidence has 
been produced to substantiate the claim that such supernatural spooks exist. We indict 
Christianity of promoting this swindle on the White Race. 

2. To those people who argue that we can't prove they don't exist, we remind them of a 
fundamental principle of law and evidence, namely, if they make the claim (that spooks exist) 
the burden of proof is on them, not us. 

3. Any time you base any movement, or program, or creed, on a lie, you are headed for disaster. 
Until such lie or error is corrected, progress is impossible, and disaster is inevitable. To 
quote a few examples: If we allow that "all men are created equal" to stånd, this lie then spawns 

a whole network of new lies, all of which seem rational, provided we believe the basic lie. If you 
believe the basic lie of all men being equal, then you should have no objection to your daughter 
marrying a nigger, letting all the scum, all the niggers from Haiti and elsewhere come into the 
United States, etc. It is similar to the situation if say, in elementary school when your teacher 
taught you the times table and he injected just one error into it, that two times two was seventeen. 
If you believed that then two times four could rationally be thirty four, etc, etc. Until you had 
this obvious error in your mind corrected you could expect nothing but miscalculations and 
errors in your mathematics for the rest of your life. It is the same with this spooks in the sky 
fraud, a basic lie, that has haunted and plagued the White Race for thousands of years. Until this 
fraud is corrected no healthy, constructive philosophy can be built. 

4. Christianity is obviously a Jewish concoction. It is a fact of history that the Jews 
worshipped their Books of Moses long before Christianity ever appeared on the scene and before 
Christianity was sold to the unsuspecting Romans. It is a fact anybody can check for themselves 
that the Old Testament (which comprises three-quarters of the Christian bible) is all about Jews, 
Jews, Jews. Regarding the New Testament, nobody really knows who wrote Matthew, Mark, 
Luke or John, or who these characters were, but it is common agreement among both Christians 
and Jews that Saul of Tarsus who became the St. Paul of the Christian movement, was a 
renegade Jew. He wrote almost half of the New Testament, the basis of the Christian creed. It is 
therefore a fair conclusion that Christianity as espoused by St. Paul (Saul of Tarsus) is in 
essence Jewish. 

5. Christ, the proclaimed hero and founder of Christianity is repeatedly represented as Jewish. 
His parents, Joseph and Mary, are represented as Jewish, with the ancestry of Joseph being 
traced back to "the seed of David." In Luke 2:21 it tells of Christ being circumcised on the 
eighth day, as was the custom of the Jews. 

6. There is no contemporary historical evidence that Christ ever existed, the above 
Christian claims notwithstanding. It is my conclusion that no such figure ever existed but was 
reconstructed from myths, allegories and fantasies arising out of earlier religions, especially the 
Essenes, whose connection with Christianity I have already chronicled in Nature's Etern al 
Religion in the chapter "Christ' s Existence not substantiated by Historical Evidence." To me 
this further indicates strongly that the whole swindle is based on a lie. To those who would 

pro ve otherwise, I repeat, the burden of proof is on the party claiming. As an interesting side 
note, the "crucified savior" story had been used in seventeen other religions before the Christians 
picked it up and replayed it for their con-games. 

7. Since Christianity is overwhelmingly of Jewish origin, its teachings per se are alien to the 
heroic spirit of the White Race. As the Jew Marcus Eli Ravage has noted so succinctly — it has 
stuck in our craw — "an alien faith which you cannot swallow or digest, which is at cross 
purposes with your native spirit, which keeps you everelastingly ill-at-ease, and which you lack 
the spirit to either reject or accept in full." Exactly. But we Creators now do have the spirit to 
reject it in total, and relegate it to the scrap heap of history. 

8. We indiet Christianity as causing the collapse of the great Roman civilization, first, by 
aiding the mongrelization of the Romans, and secondly, indoctrinating the mongrelized slave 
population with a servile, irresponsible philosophy of escapism, self-pity, and self-destruction. 

9. We indiet Christianity of making the White Race guilt-ridden when they should be 
supremely proud of their illustrious accomplishments. 

10. We indiet Christianity for shackling the mind and the intellect of the White Man for at 
least 1,300 years, of being the prime cause of the Dark Ages and setting back civilization and 
progress during its entire spän, including the present 20th century. 

11. We indiet Christianity in the present day of swindling the White Race of at least 20 billion 
dollars a year in its churches alone to keep perpetuating this gigantic "spooks in the sky" 
supers tition. 

12. We indiet Christianity of inflicting untold mental anguish on not only millions but billions of 
victims by spreading its horrible concept of a fiery hell and eternal torture. 

13. We indiet Christianity of laying the philosophical groundwork for communism. The 
similarity of the two Jewish philosophies is chronicled in more detail in Nature's Eternal 
Religion in the chapter on "Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins." 

14. We indiet Christianity of softening up the White Race for accepting the idea of race-mixing. 
By such suicidal teachings as "we are all equal in the eyes of the Lord," and "we are all God's 
children," the entering wedge was hammered into the body of the White Race to accept the 
inferior niggers and mud races as their equal. 

15. We indiet Christianity for its teaching that the Jews are "God's Chosen" people, for being the 
cause of the White Race tolerating and venerating the Jews in their heinous program of 
mongrelizing, enslaving and destroying us. 

16. We indiet Christianity and its teachings of "sell all thou hast and give it to the poor" of being 
a basic cause for the White Race tolerating the outrage of being robbed, fleeced and plundered, 

by such give-away programs as foreign aid, and a passel of "relief programs, foreign and 

17. We indiet Christianity as being the most dishonest and hypocritical of all religions. It bilis 
itself as a religion of love and compassion when in actuality it has repeatedly used the most 
brutal means of both mental and physical torture against its opponents, probably more 
viciously so than any movement in history. For further details about the brutality of Christianity 
see the chapter on "Thumbscrew and Räck" in this book. 

18. We indiet Christianity as being the cause of numerous fratricidal wars between segments 

of the White Race and the decimation and slaying of millions of our White Racial Comrades. 
To name only one out of hundreds, the Thirty Years' War (1618-48) which decimated millions 
of the finest of our White Racial Brothers in the heart of Europé and set Germany back 300 

19. We indiet Christianity of condueting any number of mäss murders, usually with the 
approval of, or at the specific direction of, the highest authorities. One such bloodthirsty 
example was the St. Bartholomew Massacre, which began in Paris on St. Bartholomew's Day, 
August 24, 1572. Över 50,000 Huguenots (French Protestants) were murdered, to the delight of 
royalty in Madrid and the Pope in Rome. 

20. We indiet Christianity of flying in the face of Nature, being contrary to the sacred laws of 
Nature and being anti-Nature in the very essence of its distorted supernatural teachings. 

21. Lastly, we indiet Christianity of confusing and undermining the White Man's survival 
instincts and having for all these centuries stood there as an impervious roadblock to 
formulating a racial religion for our own survival, expansion and advancement. 

The great German philosopher, Friedrick Nietzsche (1844-1900) strongly denounces 
Christianity as the worst of all evils. In his final work TheAntichrist he roundly condemns 
Christianity for destroying everything that is best in this world. In his conclusion he observes 
among other remarks, the following: 

"I condemn Christianity; ... It is to me the greatest of all imaginable corruptions; it seeks to 
work the ultimate corruption, the worst possible corruption. The Christian Church has left 
nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth 
into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul... it lives by distress; it creates distress to 
make itself immortal... 

"I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct 
for revenge... I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race..." 

Creative Credo #58 

our frame of reference in the universe 

Hebrews Extremely Ignorant. When the Semitic Hebrews wrote the Old Testament some 
twenty-five hundred years ago these primitive desert tribesmen were so ignorant they did not 
even know the earth was round. They were only aware of their own small area in the vicinity of 
Palestine. Their conceptions of the stars, the earth and the universe as a whole were extremely 
crude and limited. The earth supposedly was "created" only a short thirty-five hundred years 
earlier and was the center of the universe, with the sun, moon and stars existing primarily to 
serve the creatures of the earth. More to the point, all was for the benefit of "God's Chosen 
People," the Jews, who wrote this fairy tale for their own particular self-aggrandizement. 

A Fresh Outlook for the White Race. Let us now leave the Jewish concocted Old 
Testament and the Jewish concocted New Testament that has sent White Christian minds reeling 
off into orbit to a world of fantasy and madness. Let us leave it before we ourselves get infected 
with this virus. Instead let us take a fresh, sober look at reality and the universe in which we 
live. In particular we Creators are more interested in this unique Planet Earth, our home and 
the only home we will ever have. Let us particularly concentrate on how we can make it a better 
world to live in, and particularly for the White Race. 

So let us stånd back a distance and take a fresh clean look at this väst and limitless universe 
and then set a course for the White Race to follow for the next million years. 

Telescope Widened our Perspective. With the invention of the telescope by Galileo in 
1609, a väst new universe in the skies opened up. It served to confirm the earlier intelligent 
observation of Copernicus and Kepler that the earth was not the center of the universe, but that 
the earth and other planets revolved around the sun. Mankind' s thinking thereby slowly shifted 
from the geocentric idea (with the earth as the center of the universe) to the heliocentric idea 
(that the earth and the planets revolved around the sun). 

The invention of the telescope did much more than that. As telescopes became bigger and 
better to the 500-ton steel and glass marvels we have today, modern scientists opened up a new 
universe so väst and exciting it staggers the imagination. 

Fantastic Universe Opened Up. They discovered that those little lights whose sole function 
had been thought to adorn our night skies for the Jews were really huge suns in themselves. 
They discovered a universe of galaxies, of super stars, of red giants, of white dwarfs, of quasars, 
of pulsars, of neutron stars, of "black holes" and many other phenomena so fascinating and so 
väst that we cannot begin to cope with it here. The point I wish to make here is that we live in a 
universe so väst, so complex that our finite little mind can only grasp a small segment of that 
vastness and only solve a small portion of the myriad mysteries of the universe. 

Our Planet Earth Our Only Home, Now and Forever. But let us try to establish our own 
place in Nature's scheme of things. Our Planet Earth, our only home now and forever, is about 
7918 miles in diameter. This is huge, but at least our mind can roughly grasp this dimension. 
Our sun, which is approximately 93 million miles away, is approximately 865,370 miles in 
diameter and has a volume of more than a million times that of our earth. Light traveling at 
186,282 miles a second takes less than a second and a half to travel between the moon and the 
earth, but it takes 8.3 minutes to travel from the sun to the earth. The astronomical unit for the 

measurement of distance is the light year, the distance light travels in a year, about six trillion 

Space Travel Idiotic Distraction. Having established a few of these rudimentary basics, let 
us try to faintly grasp the vastness of the universe by crude comparisons. If the sun were reduced 
to the size of a pinhead, the nearest står would be 26 miles away, although measured by light 
years it is only 4.3 light years away. Our sun is only one står in our own galaxy called the Milky 
Way. Although on a bright night the best we might do is see about 2,000 stars with the naked 
eye, actually there are 200 billion more stars in our own galaxy. Some of these (like Antares) are 
so huge that they would take in a ball of reference larger than the orbit of Mars about the sun. 

Ten Billion Other Galaxies. A galaxy is a grouping of stars, often spiral shaped and 
somewhat flattened like a saucer. Our own galaxy of some 200 billion stars is approximately 
100 thousand light years in diameter. It is believed that out there in space there are probably 
another 10 billion galaxies of various shapes and sizes, some smaller, some larger than our own. 
The light from some of these galaxies that is visible through our most powerful telescopes left 
some eight billion years ago. At 182,282 miles per second, would you like to calculate the 
distance in miles? 

Let us Concentrate on Reality: our Planet Earth. Having vaguely tried to chart the 
immensity of the cosmos, we now come back to that tiny speck in the universe we call our planet 
Earth. Since this book is written from the point of view of the White Race, let us get back to 
earth and acknowledge one tremendously important fact: to us this tiny Planet Earth with its 
accompanying source of energy, the sun, is a million times more important than all the other 
stars and galaxies combined. Just as the White Race is unique and wonderful in Nature's scheme 
of living creatures, so this planet Earth is uniquely and wonderfully designed for the habitation of 
the White Race and other competing creatures. We will not find another friendly and hospitable 
planet in our own solar system. In fact at this point in history we have no evidence whatsoever 
that life exists on any other planet. The most likely prospect was Mars, but a space ship 
successfully landed there in 1976 showed no evidence of any kind of life, intelligent or 
otherwise. If we traveled at rocket speed to the nearest står 4.3 light years away, it would take at 
least three hundred thousand years. Before embarking on such a long Odyssey we wouldn't even 
know if that particular står had any planets, hospitable or otherwise. Chances are a billion to one 
it would not have a habitable planet. 

Space Travel Completely Idiotic. So let' s face it, neither we or our descendants will likely 
ever migrate to another "friendly" planet. Nor, despite all the science fiction stories to the 
contrary are we likely to be visited by "little green men" from outer space. This small floating 
space ship flying through the cosmos is our one and only home. It is the only friendly and 
benevolent environment for us in this whole wide universe, the vastness of which we have vainly 
tried to sketch. Whether there is "intelligent life" on some distant planet, revolving around some 
distant sun in some distant galaxy is only of academic interest to us. Neither we nor our 
descendants will ever reach it. Any way you look at it, for better or for worse, we can consider 
ourselves stuck with our dear and beautiful Planet Earth. It is the only home we will ever have 
and we had better make the most of it. Before we go dashing off to find some new planet from 
which neither we nor our descendants could possibly return for the next 600,000 years, let us, the 
White Race, be more practical. Let us make more secure the tenuous toehold we now have on 
this Planet Earth. In this last quarter of the twentieth century that tenuous toehold is rapidly 

slipping and in serious jeopardy. We are seriously threatened with survival by a parasitic species 
of "mankind" called Jew. While the genius and ingenuity of the White Race is looking far out 
into the skies of the universe, few either seem to understand, or are willing to learn, of our 
treacherous enemies, the Jews and the other mud races that are bent on the destruction of a 
rapidly shrinking White Race right here on our one and only Planet Earth. 

Expand our Race on Earth. The lesson to be learned? It is extremely simple. 

Before we, the White Race, waste a tremendous amount of time, money and energy 
"exploring outer space," let us keep a sense of proportion, let us keep our feet on the ground, let 
us face reality. Rather than be wasting our energies in space (like the obsession with spooks in 
the sky during the Dark Ages) let us spend that same energy making sure that first of all the 
survival of the White Race is secured. Then let us expend our tremendous energy in 
expanding the White Race on the remaining hospitable land areas left right here on our dear old 
Planet Earth. For instance, it would be a lot easier, more practical and profitable to move the 
useless niggers off the beautiful Caribbean Islands and settle this paradise with our own White 
Racial Comrades, than strike out into void space hoping to find "friendly" territory on some 
planet of some står that it would take us a million years to reach, if such even exists. 

I repeat, let's be realistic. Rather than look towards empty space for expansion, let us first of 
all take advantage of the benign and benevolent areas right here at home, on our one and only 
beautiful floating space ship, our own dear Planet Earth. 

Fifty Billion Better Spent Shipping Niggers Back to Africa. The White Race of America 
spent some 50 billion dollars (or more) on "putting a man on the moon" and bringing back a few 
useless moon rocks. If America would have spent that same 50 billion dollars instead in 
promoting its own best interests in moving niggers to Africa and colonizing the vacated real 
estate, we would have been a thousand times better off. It would have been a thousand times 
more productive in the interests of the White Race, the only interest we are concerned with. Let 
us therefore forge ahead, build our own creed and program and shape our own destiny, right here 
on earth, the one and only environment for which the White Race was designed. It is ours. Let 
us make the most of it. 

Creative Credo #59 

Life, Death and Immortality 

Need to be Rational. Since the White Race harbors so many misconceptions about the 
above subjects, and since our thinking has been so confused by means of the alien religions 
foisted on our race, it is essential that we of the Church Of The Creator clarify our position on 
these basic subjects of eschatology, as listed in the title above. 

Positive Approach. It is not our purpose to dwell on the morbid. On the contrary, it is our 
purpose to look at life and death in a rational, fearless manner and thereby clarify our thinking. 
It is our intention once and for all to clear the cobwebs from our minds and to lay to rest all the 
morbid fears, superstitions and myths that surround death and the so-called "hereafter." In so 
doing we will then be more capable of concentrating on the positive aspects of living the good 

Live the Good Life. Let us briefly re-state our position on attitudes about life and then leave 
the subject in this chapter, since our whole book concerns the subject of how to live a better and 
more creative life. Therefore let us repeat: We are only interested in the White Race living the 
good life, the quality life, the fullest life, here on this Planet Earth, the only place we have ever 
Ii ved or ever will live. We want members of our noble race to enjoy life, to live in such a way 
that they contribute to the survival, expansion and advancement of our race. We don't want 
them unnecessarily worrying about non-existent spooks, demons, fiery pits, torture chambers in 
the hereafter, or any other hocus-pocus that so much garbage has been expostulated about. We 
of the Church Of The Creator don' t believe in all this hocus-pocus about the next world, and 
rightfully so, because in at least 5,000 years of recorded history that these crazy ideas have 
prevailed, not a single shred of worthwhile evidence has emerged to substantiate such lunacy. 

Forget about Space. So let us start with broad fundamentals — the immense universe we 
live in, in which life such as on this earth is an extremely rare phenomenon and is perhaps unique 
to this earth alone. In any case, as I have stated in the previous chapter, it is so rare that it would 
take us at least 300,000 years to get to the next possible area that might harbor life, namely the 
nearest står, four light years away. That it might have planets that had a friendly environment 
similar to earth is so extremely unlikely we might say it is less than a billion to one. For us to 
then wander off looking for other stars etc. is so far-fetched that we might as well forget about 

Planet Earth Unique. So let us nail down a reality. This floating space ship called earth is 
a rare and unique phenomenon and the only home we will ever have. It took 3.7 billion years for 
life to evolve to the stage it is now at, and it is only the last small fraction of that time that the 
White Race has emerged. It was only due to an extremely unique set of circumstance that life 
evolved at all, and an extremely unusually stable set of circumstances that allowed life to survive 
this long after it did get started. Had the orbit of the earth been more elliptical, had the 
temperature of the sun varied more than a few percentage points during all that time, had we not 
had such immense bodies of water to moderate our climate, such a benign and voluminous 
atmosphere, and just the right combination of a million other variables, there would not have 
been any life at all. Remember, it is now pretty conclusive that there is no life on the moon, or 
Mars, or Venus or Jupiter or any of the other planets in our solar system. 

Concentrate on This World. This earth is perhaps one in a billion billion and perhaps the 
only place in the whole universe that harbors any life at all. In any case if there are any other 
forms they are millions of years out of our reach and neither we nor our progeny will ever 
migrate to these "other worlds," I assure you. Similarly I feel certain that no advanced creatures 
from outer space have ever reached us, nor will they do so in the future. The immensity of the 
space in the universe overwhelmingly precludes any such possibility. 

So let us forget all that nonsense about "outer space," and concentrate on living in the only 
world we will ever have — our dear old planet earth. 

No Spook World. So far we have been talking about other worlds in the real universe, 
namely some distant planet circling some distant står, and even perhaps in some other distant 
galaxy. Let us now turn to that other fantasy about which mankind has been so fascinated for 
ages — that "other world" consisting of demons and gods, spirits and ghosts, ängels and lucifers 
and all those other imaginary spooks too numerous to mention. 

Mental Plague. For reasons härd to conceive, our ancestors have been unduly frightened, 
cowed and fascinated by the world of spirits and spooks for thousands of years. The Egyptians 
as far back as 5,000 years ago were largely guided and dominated in their actions, morals, 
customs and laws by their belief in the supernatural. Undoubtedly they were by no means the 
first, but since they created the first major White civilization their belief s and superstitions in the 
netherworld strongly influenced succeeding civilizations and generations to this very day. 
Especially influenced were the Jews, who even then were a parasite on the backs of the earliest 
great White civilization. 

Based on Ignorance and Superstition. It was namely from the Egyptians that the Jews 
conceived the ideas of immortality of the "soul," life in the after- world, the "one-god" idea from 
Akhenaten, (Egyptian Pharaoh circa 1350 B. C.) and a höst of other ideas that they used so 
effectively to mold their Hebrew religion. In turn these ideas were then foisted with a vengeance 
on the White Man when the Jews perpetrated Christianity on the Roman civilization they 
fanatically wanted to destroy. 

We repudiate such nonsense. We have been hung up on these non-existent spooks to this 
very day. The Church Of The Creator strongly repudiates all this superstitious Jewish 
nonsense. We have no belief in, nor do we put any credibility whatsoever in any supernatural 
phenomena, or in any spooks, or life in the hereafter, or any other such hocus-pocus on which 
Christianity was founded and has flourished. 

Fear of Death exploited by Religious Charlatans. So much for the non-existent 
supernatural world. We now come to the subject of death, which is very real, but about which, 
too, our people harbor so many illusions, mainly because of the many religious misconceptions 
foisted on us from the hangovers of our barbaric ancestors. As a result, death is a subject that is 
irrationally treated with fear and ignorance. That fear is further exploited by the religious 
charlatans to gain wealth and control över their victims. 

Let us therefore go back to the Laws of Nature so that we can put this whole subject in its 
proper perspective. Nature tells us that all living things die and that death is a part of living. 
People, like all other creatures are born, live their life, and die. It is the normal course of things. 
Since it is inevitable, there is no point in worrying about, nor letting its inevitability mar the joy 

and creativity of living. And since we Creators do not believe in heaven and hell, immortality 
or life after death, we are freed of worrying about the imaginary "hereafter." We are relieved of 
that nagging hang-up, as Shakespeare puts it, "Perchance to dream. Ah there's the rub, for what 
dreams may come thereafter must give us pause." No, we have dispensed with that nonsense and 
can better concentrate our thoughts and our energy on living in the here and now, the only life 
we will ever experience. We do not need to waste our efforts on speculating about immortality 
or eternity. 

Nothing is Forever. Eternity. That is a mind-boggling word that is as väst as the universe 
itself or the idea of unlimited space in the universe. We Creators have little concern for it. As 
far as our interests are concerned, we are more modest in our ambitions. We realize that nothing 
is forever. We may blueprint a plan or a religion that our race can live by for the next million 
years, perhaps even ten million years. But forever? No. Even our prime source of light and 
energy, the sun, in the next five billion years will run down, and eventually turn into an ice-ball. 
But long before that our species will most certainly be extinct, as probably will all other life on 

Concerned about Real Problems. But that is so far in the future, we need not concern 
ourselves about such vagaries. Whereas the Christians keep babbling about eternity, (about 
which they know nothing) they undermine and neglect the far more important issues of the real 
world in the present day. We Creators take a much more modest approach. Whereas we have 
no concern whatsoever for the time in which our sun might become an ice ball, we are very 
much concerned about the survival of our race, especially in the present generation, probably the 
most critical period in the history of the White Race in the last 100,000 years. We are acutely 
aware that in order to survive we must first overcome our deadly enemies, of which the tribe of 
Judah is No. 1. Creativity plans to prepare and organize for this battle, as we have set forth in 
most of the pages of this book. But we go further than that. We also set forth a plan and a 
program for the up-breeding and constant improvement of our race, a program and a creed the 
White Race can live by for the next million years. 

But eternity and immortality? No. We leave such pointless pursuits to the babblings of the 
stupid Christians. 

Only When and How. So much for the idea of "forever." We realize that Nature has 
decreed that death is inevitable for all living creatures and as we have stated before, it is part of 
living. We Creators accept it as such and have no quarrel with Nature. 

There are only two aspects of dying to rationally consider, namely when, and how. 

Life Oriented. First of all let us consider the When. Our philosophy, as we have stated 
before, is life-oriented. We are interested in having the best life possible — productive, 
interesting and useful. We also want to pursue happiness, but it is my observation that when 
happiness is deliberately pursued for its own sake, it is most elusive, and those people lead the 
most rewarding lives who do not deliberately pursue happiness for its own ends, but rather those 
who have useful and meaningful goals in life and energetically and intelligently pursue and try to 
fulfill those goals. 

Pursue Goals. We come back to the question — when is the best time to die? Ideally it 
would be when we have accomplished our life's goals, when our bodies are physically worn out, 
and we have löst interest in living. In practicality, however, those three conditions hardly ever 

come at the same time. Usually our goals are never completed, but our bodies do run down, 
sooner or låter. And anyway, usually death comes at a time not of our own choosing. But in 
many lives death could be terminated at the will of the person himself, or herself, should the 
conditions so warrant. We will have more to say about this subject låter. 

A Time to Die. Suffice it to say that there are certain conditions under which we Creators 
would prefer being dead över extending a miserable situation until Nature took its merciful 
course. I personally would not prefer to drag on an existence in which I was hopelessly and 
terminally ill, in which suffering was the regimen of the day. I would prefer to end it voluntarily 
and quickly. I would not prefer to live on, growing old, feeble and senile, spending months, even 
years vegetating uselessly in a nursing home, being cared for like a mewling infant. No, I would 
never let it come to that. I would end it quickly and cleanly long before that. 

Euthanasia Preferable. One of the most senseless tragedies of modern day civilization is 
the ever increasing numbers of our aged whose life is artificially extended by life sustaining 
machinery long beyond their normal years, vegetating away like a rotting vegetable in some 
nursing home. I believe this is utterly cruel to the aged themselves and even more so to their 
surviving relatives. Euthanasia would be a far more merciful and humane solution than to 
subject such people to such a humiliating end, an end that is sometimes years in coming. No, I 
will not suffer such indignity before I die. I would much rather die sooner, at a time when I still 
possessed my faculties and the ability of making my own decision as to when to end it all, in 
dignity and at my own proper time. 

Prolonging Misery Pointless and Cruel. There are conditions other than ill health and 
senility that would induce me to prefer death över continuation of life under intolerable 

I would rather be dead than be locked up in prison for a life term, or even a long term. I 
prefer death to being a slave. I would prefer death to living under humiliating and disgraceful 
conditions. I would even prefer death to being a cripple, or being severely handicapped, such as 
being blind or lying in an iron lung. 

Present Philosophy Cruel. When Julius Caesar was asked how he preferred to die, he 
answered "Quickly." The worst possible way to die is a slow painfully agonizing death, such as 
terminal cancer. There are many other slow and painful ways of dying, and millions of people 
suffer agonizingly to the bitter end, not only until they die a "natural" death, but in thousands of 
cases the agony is deliberately prolonged unnaturally by their doctors and their families by 
means of "life supporting mechanisms," by means of drugs, or other artificial means. 

Ethics at Fault. Why is such an insane course pursued? Basically it goes back to our 
Christian ethics, to our outmoded legal structures and to the Hippocratic oath of our medical 
profession. All of these combine to say in essence — we must prolong life, any life, no matter 
how miserable or useless, as long as possible, by whatever means, at any expense. How stupid! 
How cruel! 

To Die in Peace and Dignity. Recently I read about an old man in his late seventies, who 
was paralyzed, who was in dire agony, who desperately wanted to die, but was kept alive by a 
life support machine. Although he could hardly speak he implored his attorneys to go to court to 
have the court order the machine to be unplugged, so that he could die in peace. It took several 
months. It was only after delayed verdicts of yes and no, after thousands of dollars of medical 

bilis, after thousands of dollars of legal fees, before he could finally get that damned machine 
turned off . If the poor old man had not been completely paralyzed he would have done the job 
himself in a minute. 

But such are the idiotic contradictions of our befuddled and confused present-day society. 
Euthanasia is considered a terrible word. No person has the light to take another' s life, in fact 
not even his own, we are told. Both the courts and our ethics say so. Yet our government thinks 
nothing of sending hundreds of thousands of our finest young men in their prime — in their late 
teens or early twenties — half way around the world to a stinking jungle like Viet Nam where 
they know tens of thousands will be brutally killed. In actuality 60 thousand were killed, for 
absolutely nothing, and 300,000 were wounded, maimed or crippled, and similar numbers came 
back addicted to drugs or emotionally crippled. That the treacherous government can do 
legally and morally, and have no compunction about it. No, great moral outcry is raised 
about such atrocities. But when it comes to those areas where the old, the senile, or terminally 
ill, who would be glad to have a dignified end to their misery, then all hell breaks loose. All the 
bleeding hearts come forth and cry about the dignity of human life, the inviolability of life, quote 
the Christian bible and find a hundred other reasons why such things as euthanasia are 

Suicide Not Dishonorable. We Creators take a different view of life and death. Like the 
ancient Romans we believe that under certain circumstances suicide is an honorable way to die, 
rather than live on in shame, humiliation, or captivity. We go further than that. We believe it is 
an honorable and dignified way to die for any other of a number of reasons, such as having come 
to the decision that life is no longer worthwhile. After all, we had no hand in deciding when and 
if we were to be born. Surely we have every right to decide when and if we should die, and who 
is better qualified to make that decision than every person for himself. 

Death can be a Blessing. We Creators believe that death is man's greatest blessing when 
it cancels a life wracked with suffering and stripped of its meaning, and that useless prolongation 
of such suffering is not a compassionate act. Nature has a solution for everything and there 
comes a time in every man's life when death is the final, the ultimate, and the only solution. 

Euthanasia Not New. The Greeks had a word for everything. Euthanasia derives from the 
Greek eu meaning "good," and thanatos meaning death, literally meaning a "good death." In the 
modern sense, it means mercy killing. 

During the Golden Era of ancient Greek civilization, the Greeks realizing the realities of 
living, suffering and dying, already practiced mercy killings. History tells us that in the Greek 
islands the aged and incapacitated, having no purpose in life, would attend an annual festival to 
drink a pleasant tasting wine, containing a lethal poison, which would induce a merciful death. 
Participants had to be approved by the Senate. 

No Stigma. We of the Church Of The Creator do not recommend this method. There are 
many easier and less dramatic ways today of inducing a merciful death. The point we want to 
emphasize about the Greek approach is there was no stigma attached to mercy killing, but rather 
it was regarded as the sane, merciful thing to do, which it was. 

Confused by Christianity. Since then, especially with the advent of Jewish Christianity our 
social thinking has not progressed — it has regressed. Like in all other areas, Christianity upset 

the rational thinking of its victims, confused them inextricably with their spooks in the skies 
obsession and blocked the way to every sensible solution. 

Inevitable in All Times, All Ages. People throughout the ages have died from a höst of 
other causes than old age. They have died in battle, they have been murdered, they have been 
executed, they have died in plane crashes, in automobile accidents, and a thousand other ways, 
many long before their life spän had run its normal course, if there is a "normal" course. 

What are the better ways to die? And what are the poorer ways to die? 

Heroic Death. As we have stated in Nature's Etern al Religion in the chapter on Horatius 
at the Bridge — "How can a man, die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers 
and the temple of his gods?" This is the glorious death, the heroic death, and we believe that 
there is none better. I believe it is much better fighting and dying for a noble cause in the face 
of your enemies (and taking some of them with you) than dying a pointless death, no purpose, no 
reason, aiding no cause. I believe one of the worst ways of dying is at the cruel hands of your 
enemies without even having a chance to fight back and inflict retribution. Even such, if it is a 
martyr' s death that inspires vengeance and retribution on the enemy (such as the stånd at the 
Alamo) it can be considered a hero's death and win the acclaim and adulation of our peers. 

In any event, dying a lonely obscure death, without point or without purpose is not one of the 
better ways to die. If such end was preceded by prolonged pain and suffering, it has all the 
essentials of a real tragedy. Better by far it would have been to end it all long before such dire 
straits ensued. 

Morality of Killing. This brings us to the morality of killing itself. As soon as we bring up 
this subject the average yokel will immediately quote the Christian bible — "Thou shalt not kill" 
as one of God's commandments. This, of course, originates from the much-touted "Ten 
Commandments" of the Jews, which a mythical Moses supposedly brought down from the 
mountain from the Jewish Jahweh himself. 

Hypocrisy of the Jewish Religion. The facts of history are that man has been killing his 
fellowmen since long before the dawn of civilization, and the Jews themselves have probably 
been the most vicious killers of all time. No sooner had the mythical Moses read the Ten 
Commandments to his followers than he got up on the stump and exhorted and incited his 
bloodthirsty tribe of scavengers to go after the land and property of the Canaanites, to kill, slay, 
put to the sword every living thing that breathed. Jehovah himself had so commanded. 

So much for the high tone of the ethics of the Jews, the Jewish Old Testament, the Ten 
Commandments and the whole god-damned Jewish-Christian bible. 

Now let's get back to reality, the history of mankind, and the Laws of Nature. 

Nature Condones Killing. Starting with the latter first — Nature condones killing as the 
natural course of survival of most species. If we look at the chain of life in the sea, we find it 
starts with the microscopic diatom. But from there on out it is eat or be eaten. The smallest fish 
are eaten by the bigger fish who in turn are eaten by their superiors and so on up the line. In 
order to stay alive and multiply, practically all fish, mollusks, snails, or what have you, eat 
some other live creature, and in order to do so they kill daily, the sum total running into billions 
of creatures killed and eaten each day. In the animal world the story is the same — coyotes 

kill and eat rabbits and varmints, lions kill and eat zebra, etc. Even birds kill and eat worms, 
mosquitoes and an infinite variety of other insects. Some birds such as eagles, hawks and owls 
also include other smaller birds, and rodents on their menu. 

Integral Part of Life. Without pursuing these examples ad infinitum, we can clearly 
conclude: Nature overwhelmingly condones the killing of other live creatures. In fact it is such 
an essential part of the life system that if all creatures suddenly adopted the stupid moral of "thou 
shalt not kill" practically 99% of all species would shortly starve to death and become extinct. 

Story of Mankind. Now let us get back to "mankind." Has mankind in any age, in any 
civilization, under any religion, ever seriously believed in not killing (his) fellowman? 

The Answer, taken from the pages of history is overwhelmingly, no, it has not. 

Old Testament A Bloodthirsty Document. Certainly the Jews who claim to be "God's 
Chosen," have not. If you read the Old Testament, no sooner had Adam and Eve been created, 
but their son Cain slew his brother Abel. Going from there on down through Exodus, Leviticus, 
Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, and on and on, we find "God's Chosen" killing, killing, killing, 
not only their enemies by the thousands, but the much touted patriarchs like Solomon killing his 
own brother, David killing his son Absolom, and the "Lord" standing by choosing them as his 
special pets. In fact, in most of the battles the Lord was egging them on, ordering them to kill, 
steal and plunder, with his explicit blessing. 

Jewish God Drowned Mankind. Going back to the pre-Israel love affair the Lord had for 
the Jews, we find the great wise and loving God himself drowning every one (that he himself had 
created) in the Great Flood, except Noah (the drunk) and his family. 

So we can hardly say that the Jewish Christian bible does not condone killing. It is so full of 
crimes and killing and is one of the most bloodthirsty books ever written. 

The Romans. Moving on into history, the Romans dealt harshly with their enemies, as in 
the case of Carthage, where they leveled the great city to the ground, slew all the male 
inhabitants and sold the women and children into slavery. 

Eternal Warfare with Advent of Christianity. The Christian era that followed was not any 
better. It was worse. During the Roman era we had, starting with the reign of Emperor 
Augustus, two hundred years of relative peace and prosperity — the longest the world has ever 
known. It was called Pax Romana. But when Christianity destroyed that magnificent Roman 
Empire, we have had nothing but wars, upheavals and killings ever since. 

Bringing this down to the 20th century we have had the biggest upheavals and mäss killings 
of all times. We have had World War I, in which millions were killed; we have had the Russian 
Revolution in which the Jews murdered at least 30 million White Russians. In China, the 
Chinese communists murdered a reputed 60 million of their own. We have had World War II in 
which more millions were killed, and we have had wars ever since. All this was done by 
Christian nations, or communist nations who were supposedly advanced and civilized, if those 
terms have any meaning. 

Civilized or not, Killing Prevailed. We could belabor this point further, but it would be 
redundant. The facts of life clearly show that Nature itself condones killing, and bases its main 
life system and food chain on the larger fish eating the smaller fish, larger animals eating smaller 
creatures of all kinds, etc. Uncivilized peoples such as the Indians, were constantly warring and 
killing each other; the biblical Jews made killing and pillage the basis of their religion. The 
Christians continued and enlarged upon this procedure and even went so far as to burn their own 

members if their beliefs did not quite coincide with the power structure of the church. And so on 
to the major wars and mäss killings of modern times as we have cited above. 

No, without a doubt Nature and mankind have always practiced killing their own kind or 
other creatures, despite the fact the hypocritical Jews and Christians claim that it is against their 

We are Realists, Not Hypocrites. We of the Church Of The Creator are not hypocrites. 
We openly state that some people need killing, that killing has always been with us and will 
always be with us. 

White Race has been Killing the Wrong People. Now, unlike the Jews, we Creators are 
neither bloodthirsty, nor do we like killing. We would like to see a lot less of it going on. What 
sets us apart from the Jews and Christians is that we are not hypocrites. We flatly state that 
killing per se is not a sin but a necessary action of any race or society that has the will to survive. 
The important distinction we want to make is this: The White Race in the past has either 
condoned, or allowed, or participated in killing the wrong people. It has participated in 
having our best people killed (such as our best young men at the prime of their life) and been 
frantically paranoid about "saving" (really, merely prolonging) the lives of those who are a 
menace to our White society, or are a burden, not only to our social structure but also to 
themselves. In both instances, they thereby are not only pulling down the foundations of our 
society, but also injuring the quality of our gene pool. 

Must be More Selective. The thing that we emphasize is that we must be extremely 

selective about whom we kill. For instance, executing a criminal that has committed wanton 
murder is a good act, (not a sin, as Christians would inf er). It cleans up our society and purges 
the dregs from its body. Let us remember this: any organism that fails to excrete its refuse, 
soon dies. 

Killing our enemies, too, is under certain circumstances a necessary measure for the survival 
of our own race. Therefore we condone it, and it, too, is no sin in our religion. (Remember the 
Jew's Jehovah advocated the same idea and prodded the Jews like crazy to kill everything that 

Back to Basics. The key to all the above again goes back to the core of our religion 
Creativity, namely: What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the 
White Race is the ultimate sin. 

This is the final yardstick of the discretion we must keep in mind in all these matters, and it 
and it alone is our moral guide. 

Laying It On The Line. There is one other aspect of life and death that is of special 
significance to us Creators, and that is the matter of risking death, deliberately laying your life 
on the line, when necessary, if the cause is important enough. It has been said that a coward dies 
many deaths, a brave man dies but once. 

Resolve Weakened. We Creators take the position that in order to protect what is yours, it 
is necessary to be willing to fight for it, and if necessary, to die for it. There is, of course, 
nothing new about that idea, people have been fighting and dying for hearth and home, or for an 
idea for thousands of years to various degrees. It is the degree to which this idea is being 
weakened in today's White society that is cause for concern. In today's materialist Jewish world 
the White Man's ideals are being blurred and confused. Such ideas as sacrifice, honor, courage, 

appear less meaningful than they were even a generation ago, especially weak when we compare 
the present drug-popping generation with our robust ancestors that fought Indians and pushed the 
frontier ever westward. 

All Life is a Risk. Therefore let me remind my White Racial Comrades of these realities: In 
order to live at all it is necessary to risk death every day, no matter how safe you would like to 
play it. In order to accomplish anything, in order to enjoy life, it is necessary to risk dying. 
When you step into an airplane you have decided to take a calculated risk that you might get 
killed in a crash. When you get in a car and drive down the freeway, you have decided to take a 
certain risk. When you decide to go skiing, you have decided to take a calculated risk of 
breaking some bones, perhaps even your neck. You have accepted that and go ahead and enjoy 
the skiing. If you were unwilling to take such risks you would automatically eliminate yourself 
from many accomplishments and many pleasures. In fact it would be impossible to live and 
enjoy a full life without risking that same life repeatedly. 

Stränge Ambiguity. Evidently most of our White Racial Comrades are willing to take a 
number of these risks that are inherent in the hazards of modern living without giving it much 
thought. It is when it comes to standing up and fighting for our natural rights of survival as a 
race, even talking about it, that most White people strangely enough, turn into jellyfish and 
cowards. I find this especially stränge when some men I have talked to that were death-defying 
fighters in World War II and repeatedly risked their necks on numerous missions, yet when it 
comes to confronting the Jewish peril they become whimpering cowards. 

Cowards Lose All. At this juncture let me state an historic age-old axiom: He that would 
save his life must be willing to risk it. He who would defend his freedom, must be willing to risk 
his life to defend his freedom. He that would protect his race, his heritage, his family, must be 
willing to lay down his life if necessary to do so. If he is not willing to do so, he will lose all, 
including his life. 

The Ultimate Stake. The process is similar to that in a poker game. The man who is ready 
to raise the stakes to incredible heights will be able to outbluff the timid soul with a low limit and 
the former will walk off with the pot. It is similar in life, and especially in the matter of our race. 
If we are going to protect our interests, our right to territory, our right to survive, we are going to 
have to fight. In order to fight and win, it means laying your life on the line. Any race that is not 
willing to do so is going to be outbluffed and pushed around by those who have the superior will 
and courage. 

Regardless of Risks. This fact of life is as old as history and as basic as life itself . When I 
was writing Nature's Etern al Religion I was admonished not to do so — the Jews would get 
me. I replied, maybe so, but I' 11 damn well write it anyway. I was willing to take that calculated 
risk and put my life on the line. I am willing to do so again (and even more so) in writing this, in 
order to build this movement The White Man 's Bible. In order to build this movement there is 
going to be blood shed and some of it will be ours. It is inevitable. That is a price we must pay, 
and pay it willingly. 

The Best Way to Go. But then let's look at it rationally and philosophically. In the first 
place, we all know we have to die sometime anyway, one way or another. How much better to 
risk our life fighting for our great cause and triumph över our enemies than appease the 
miserable Jews and in the end ignominiously die a sniveling coward at the mercy of the 
treacherous Jew. That is by far the worst way to die. In concluding this thought let me quote a 
little jingle who se origin I have forgotten: 

"No man prevails when freedom fails. 
The best men rot in filthy jails, 
And those who cried 'Appease! Appease!' 
Are hanged by those they tried to please." 

We Shall Overcome. So let us learn this lesson and learn it well: you cannot run away from 
life and play it safe. Only by facing up to life's problems and meeting them head on can you 
prevail, overcome those problems, and live the full life. 

Philosophical View. In conclusion, we Creators take a realistic and philosophical view of 
death. We regard it as natural and as a part of living. We neither fear it nor brood about it. 
Instead we concentrate on the business of living, taking death into our calculations only in our 
planning as to how we can best utilize our allotted time. We want to enjoy life, without being 
hedonistic. More importantly, we want to live a productive life, an interesting life, a meaningful 
life in the fabric of our race. 

No Regrets. When our time is up, we accept that fact also without any regrets, having 
played our part, for better or for worse, we are confident we will be able to negotiate the 
blending back into the environment just as successfully as all our previous ancestors have done. 
We have no fear of a horrible and tortured "hereafter," but regard it as a peaceful void, no pain, 
no stress, no strain, exactly the same as the millions of years we were not around before being 

No Desire for Eternal Life. Whereas the Christians eulogize about the rhapsodies of 
"eternal" life (about which they know nothing) we have no desire for such nonsense, since such 
could become a horrible and unbearable bore after a few thousand years (or maybe a week) even 
under the best of imagined of promised circumstances. What could be worse than agonizing 
boredom without end! The only immortality we possess is that which Nature allows us in 
renewing life through our children, on into countless future generations. But as I have stated 
before, nothing in life is forever, and we accept that. In fact, we much prefer it that way. 

Philosophy of the Noble Romans. My own philosophy largely parallels that of the Ancient 
Romans, whose way of life was noble and heroic. In this respect I think it is only fitting to close 
with a quotation from Marcus Tullius Cicero, who wrote in his charming essay "Concerning Old 
Age" the following: "Just as äpples when they are green are with difficulty plucked from the 
tree, but when ripe and mellow fall of themselves, so with the young, death comes as a result of 
force, while with the old it is the result of ripeness. To me, indeed, the thought of this 'ripeness' 
for death is so pleasant, that the nearer I approach death the more I feel like one who is in sight 
of land at last and is about to anchor in his home port after a long voyage." 

Creative Credo #60 

Q uo Vadis? Racial Loyalty vs. Racial Treason 

We Never Had It. Recently the spook-loving Christian churches ran a promotion campaign 
utilizing bumper stickers declaring "I found it!" The idea behind it was that you were supposed 
to ask what it was they found, and then they would have their opening to tell you about their 
mythical circumcised Jew who supposedly died on the cross and so on, ad nauseam. Soon a rash 
of comedians got into the act running bumper stickers saying "I löst it!" Then the Jews, always 
alert to opportunity, put in their bid with a bumper sticker saying "We never löst it!" followed by 
their står of David. 

We Lacked Identity. This little incident tells a lot about the Jews and their opposites, the 
White Christians. Whereas the Whites confusedly banter back and forth, never really knowing 
what they have löst or found, the Jews know who they are, know their identity, are aware of their 
deadly mission and have pursued it for the last several thousand years. They "never löst it" in 
the first place. 

Racially Confused. If you ask the average White Man, woman, or child what they are, they 
will be confused and perplexed by the very question. Whereas the Jew is very much aware of his 
Jewishness, and fiercely loyal to his race, the average White Man is in a complete vacuum. Even 
the dumb niggers are very much racially aware and dedicated to their own kind. Whether nigger, 
Jew or Chinaman, each is highly aware of their racial identity and their every act is influenced 
towards benefiting their own kind. Of all the races of mankind, in none does that loyalty towards 
race burn more fiercely than in the Jew. 

Most to Lose. Of all the races of mankind, none is less racially aware, less racially oriented, 
more stupid and naive about race and religion than is the great White Race, the race which has 
the most to be proud of and the most to lose. 

Effects of a Bad Religion. Why this is so, is härd to understand, but undoubtedly the long 
years of Jewish mind manipulation and the effects of Jewish Christianity över the last seventeen 
hundred years have had their crushing effects. The average White yokel doesn't know who he is, 
what his identity is, where we are heading, or what major group he identifies with. He is 
rootless, without aim and purpose, drifting aimlessly like flotsam and jetsam in a sea of Jewish 

Identity: Where Do You Belong? 

Great Need. Everyone needs a sense of identity, who they are, and where they belong. 

Most people belonging to the White Race have been robbed of this precious heritage. They 
have been robbed of their heritage by a flood of Jewish propaganda, starting with Jewish 

Roots and Heritage Give Meaning. The feeling of having a personal identity, of having a 
particular niche in an established society, of having roots in the past, of having a great heritage of 
long standing and an important stake in the future, is a cherished consummation greatly to be 
desired. This is what gives meaning and purpose to life. It is something of great value that every 

White man, woman or child must realize early in life. That identity is the exciting realization of 
belonging to the great White Race, the epitome of Nature's wonderful creation. 

Pride is important. Everyone needs a niche in this world, to have a place in the intricate 
framework of the universe, to know who they are, where they came from, and to be proud of 
their own unique heritage, in short "to belong." 

Misplaced Loyalty. When pressed further about what he is or where his loyalty lies the 
average White American will say he is a Catholic, or a Presbyterian or an American or his 
parents were Scotch. When referring to loyalties he might answer to his country, or to the 
constitution, or to the American flag. Ne ver does it occur to him that his greatest heritage, his 
basic identity, is the fact that he is a member of the great White Race, and that he should be 
mighty proud of it. It is race that counts. That is the sacred aggregate of attributes that Nature 
has imbedded in our genes över the millions of years of evolution. All other attributes such as 
language, nationality, religion, etc, are artificial, are of comparatively recent vintage, and can be 
changed several times during a lifetime. However, what Nature has implanted into our genes is a 
most precious accumulation of building and selection that Nature has endowed in us exclusively, 
and no other. It is absolutely unique and irreplaceable. 

Divine Seed. It is a priceless treasure of which we the White Race are the divine bearers and 
only we hold in sacred trust. We alone are the bearers of the divine seed. 

Extremely Jealous of Their Breed. On the island of Jersey lying in the English Channel the 
natives have evolved the world famous breed of milk cows named after the island. So jealous 
are they of protecting the purity of the breed that no cattle of any breed may exist or be imported 
to the island. Not even other Jersey cows may return from other parts of the world in order that 
their own breed will not be infected with disease, or possibly contaminate the purity of the native 
breed. On the neighboring island of Guernsey where the famous Guernsey cattle are bred, the 
same set of laws apply for their breed. 

Blind to Their Own. It seems stränge indeed that the White Race, which is most cognizant 
of the laws of good breeding and will staunchly guard, promote, improve and foster the breeds of 
cattle, horses, dögs and cats is so criminally blind about protecting its own great racial heritage, 
Nature' s Finest. 

Loyalty: A Key Issue. The question as to where our first loyalty lies is a key question for 
the survival of the White Race. Each species of Nature is loyal to its own herd, its own flock, its 
own pack. The musk-ox is loyal to its own herd against the attack of wolves. The wolf is loyal 
to its own pack. The Canada goose is loyal to its flock and usually posts guard sentries when the 
flock is feeding. The Jew is fiercely loyal to his race. He cares absolutely nothing whether he is 
a citizen of England, France, Germany, or the United States. He is frantically, eternally, loyal to 
the Jewish race and since 1948 to "Israel," although he may never even have set foot there. It is 
this fierce loyalty to his race that has enabled the deceitful and parasitic Jew to survive for the 
last five thousand years, longer than any other race extant. 

Vital Lesson. Why can' t the White Race learn this one crucial lesson? Why can' t it learn its 
racial identity and practice racial loyalty to its own? Surely, with the great priceless gifts that 
Nature has bestowed upon the White Race and the White Race alone, surely, with the 
outstanding intelligence it possesses as a monopoly, surely, it would recognize its unique 

position in Nature's scheme of things and fanatically fight to preserve and protect its great and 
glorious heritage, a wonderful heritage that is imbedded in its very genes. Even the dumb goose 
is smart enough to protect its flock. 

Race and Religion The Key. You would think the White Race would be the most fervent 
about protecting its own kind because it obviously has the most to protect, and the most to lose if 
it does not. But, strangely, when it comes to the area of race and religion the White Race, as we 
have stated so many times before, is the dumbest creature on the face of the earth. 

Victim of Subversion. Why is this so? Does the White Race not have any herd instincts or 
racial instincts? Yes it does, but they have been treacherously suppressed and subverted by 
Jewish propaganda över the last two thousand years, and the most powerful tool the Jew has 
been able to wield is his skillful use of the Christian religion he first foisted on the Romans. 

Deluded Fools. Of great help to the Jew have been not only the Christians, but their close 
cousins, the Kosher Konservatives, most of whom are well meaning but completely deluded 
fools. Like in all his other endeavors, the Jew, in his pursuit of the destruction of the White 
Race, could not do it alone without the help of White racial traitors. 

Misplaced Loyalties. According to the Kosher Konservatives our first loyalty lies to (a) the 
(Jewish) God, (b) to our country, (c) to our flag and/or (d) our great, wonderful constitution. 

We of the Church Of The Creator reject all these artificial loyalties that the Kosher 
Konservatives, perfidiously aided and abetted by the Jews, have set forth for us to pledge our 
loyalty. We reject them in toto and declare loud and clear: Our Loyalty belongs to Our Race, 
the Great White Race. 

We will explore and analyze why the goals of the Kosher Konservatives have been false and 
why they have always failed us in the past. 

1. The Idea of: Fear God, Love God, Trust God, Loyalty to God. As stated repeatedly in 
this book, the whole spooks-in-the-sky idea is a terrible fraud. It is a cruel hoax that the con- 
artists have utilized for thousands of years to manipulate and fleece their superstitious and 
gullible victims. We Creators repudiate this silly nonsense and do not believe in the existence 
of any supernatural beings, ghosts or spooks. We do not believe it because in all these thousands 
of years not a shred of evidence has turned up to support it. For us to pledge our loyalty, our 
trust or our allegiance to a non-existent phantom, is a hoax conjured by the Jews. We further are 
convinced that this whole spooks-in-the-sky business was invented by our mortal enemies, the 
Jews, as a tool with which to destroy us. The success with which they used it to destroy the great 
Roman race and their empire should be a bitter, but meaningful lesson to us. 

2. Loyalty to "Our" Country. This too is a treacherous fallacy, unfortunately indulged in by 
some of our finest White Racial Comrades. In the first place, a "country" is a matter of changing 
geographical lines, occupied by people who also are continuously changing in racial makeup, as 
well as changing political control. Loyalty to "country" basically would mean a simultaneous 
loyalty to the people who inhabit it, the real estate encompassed by its boundaries, and above all 
its government, no matter how treacherous the latter might be. (For instance, should the 
Russians be "loyal" to their treacherous communist government?) Furthermore, a "country," any 
country, is a temporary, artificial entity, continuously changing, and whose governments, in the 
past have treacherously betrayed the best interests of the majority of those people it has elected 

itself to govern. There are few exceptions to the latter, and the only one that we care to name as 
an exception is Hitler' s National Socialist government of 1933 to 1945. 

No Loyalty to a combination of Enemies. The question we, the White Race, must ask 
ourselves, is this: can we be loyal to "our" country despite the fact that it is being over-run with 
niggers, Jews and other mud races whose main objective is the destruction of the White Race? 
Can we feel loyalty to a government that is hostile to us, is predominantly Jew controlled and is 
conniving and conspiring with our enemies to rob, fleece and finally exterminate us and our 
White Racial brothers? Only an idiot or a traitor amongst us could feign any loyalty to such a 
treacherous gäng of scoundrels as now govern '"our" country known as the United States of 
America. No! We owe no allegiance or loyalty to any such vicious combination whose first and 
foremost program is the mongrelization and final liquidation of the White Race. 

3. Loyalty to the Flag. Here again we are being trapped into deceptive thinking. A flag is only 
a symbol. That symbol is only as good, or as honorable, or dishonorable, as the idea it 
symbolizes. Many countries have changed their flags as the conceptions of what it originally 
represented changed. When the Jew-controlled communists took över Russia in 1917 they 
changed the flag to red with their hammer and sickle on it. When Hitler finally cleansed 
Germany of Jewish control and influence and gave the German people a sound, healthy racial 
philosophy, they adopted the Swastika as the symbol of their national flag to proclaim the 
change. Even Canada changed their flag recently without any major pangs. 

Does it Represent the White Race? How honorable is the Stars and Stripes? 

Ever since its inception, över two hundred years ago, the Stars and Stripes has fluttered över 
our White Racial Comrades when they were fighting either a useless war, destructive to 
themselves, or were completely on the wrong side. The only two exceptions are (a) when the 
U.S. cavalry was fighting the savage Indians and (b) when it drove the mongrelized Mexicans 
south and took över such territories as California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. 

Most U.S. Wars Destructive to White Race. Other than that, the Stars and Stripes flew 
över multiple idiotic, ignoble, Jew-instigated wars. One horrible, shameful example of such was 
the senseless slaughter called the Civil War, in which the Union Army flew the Stars and Stripes. 
This war, purely instigated by Jewish propaganda and money, pitted one group of Whites labeled 
"the South" against another group of Whites labeled "the North" in one of the most cruel and 
senseless slaughters in history. The löser was the White Race and the benefactors were the Jews 
and the niggers. 

Mostly Jew-instigated Wars. No, we owe no particular loyalty to such a flag that during 
most of its crucial history has symbolized Jewish wars, Jewish control and by and large, treason 
to the White Race in times of major conflagration. When we, the White Race, again regain 
control of our destiny we will want to inaugurate a new flag to symbolize and commemorate that 
great event. 

4. United States Constitution Not Holy. Now we come to that much-vaunted and over-rated 

American constitution. How good is it, and what has it done, not for the Jews and niggers, but 
for the White Race? Whom is it helping more, the White Race, or the Jews, niggers and the 
multitudes of the mud race that are invading and flocking in by the millions to destroy this once 
great land built by the White Man? 

The Kosher Konservatives, the Right Wingers, even the Jews, will remind us of our "great" 
Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and proclaim that it alone is responsible for the greatness 
America has achieved. They tell us that it is because of our unique and wonderful Constitution 

that we in America have a standard of living higher than that of any other country in the world. 
It is because of our Constitution — the "greatest freedom document conceived by the mind of 
man" — they tell us, that we enjoy our many "freedoms." 

False Security Tied to a Delusion. This is a major fallacy — a false sense of security the 
White Race has been deluded into that does not mesh with the realities of history. In my 
previous book Nature's Etern al Religion I have already treated in detail how the Constitution 
has not saved us from Jewish takeover and never will. It would be constructive to read the 
chapter Your Loyalty — A Sacred Trust again since I cannot overemphasize how extremely 
important it is to have our sense of loyalty to the White Race as our number one priority. 

Flaws in the Constitution. Since I have already thoroughly reviewed the flaws of 
depending on "Our Constitution" to do the job in the chapter mentioned, I believe it is cogent to 
summarize those reasons here. 

(a) It did not recognize the importance of the Leadership Principle, but instead incorporated the 
"republican" idea of divided powers. 

(b) It did not polarize around the most important issue of all, race. In fact it doesn't even 
mention it. 

(c) It let stånd the fraudulent swindle loudly proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence 
that "All Men Are Created Equal." This was, of course, sheer hypocrisy, since the Founding 
Fathers themselves did not believe it, and most of them owned slaves. 

(d) The Constitution incorporated the idea of separation of church and state as if the Church 
members were a different set of people who Ii ved in a different world not subject to earthly laws. 
This is as stupid as the "spooks in the sky" swindle itself with which unfortunately too many of 
the Founding Fathers themselves were imbued. 

(e) The Constitution unfortunately did not heed Benjamin Franklin' s sage advice to keep the 
Jews out of this fledgling republic that the White Man was building from auspicious beginnings. 
Franklin made a moving speech on this subject which I have set forth in Nature's Eternal 
Religion. It would be well to read it again. Had the Founding Fathers only heeded this one 
sagacious piece of racial advice — to keep the Jews out of America — it would have done more 
good than all the other artides put together. 

Basic Reality, Basic Loyalty. So let me reiterate: neither the spooks in the sky swindle, nor 
"country" oriented thinking, nor the flag, nor the Constitution is going to save the White Race 
from the Jewish program of mongrelization and enslavement. Let us not kid ourselves. As I 
have stated in an early chapter, the biggest fool is the fool who fools himself. We are only 
fooling ourselves if we think along the lines of these artificial substitutes. We must remember 
that the United States has been around for only a little över two hundred years, Germany for a 
little över a hundred years, but the roots of the great White Race as a growing, viable organism 
go back to more than a million years. That is where our loyalty really lies. 

Racial Awareness. In order to survive and prosper the White Race must completely change 
the orientation in its thinking. We must stop thinking in terms of artificial props. We must think 
in terms of Race. We must become race-conscious, racially aware. We must stop thinking in 
terms of divided loyalties and limited territories. We must think in terms of the total planet 
earth, and that the great White Race is destined to become its lord and master and sole human 
inhabitant. While the stupid Christian Bible tells us the meek shall inherit the earth, Nature tells 

us just the opposite — the strong, the quick, the intelligent, in short, the great White Race shall 
inherit the earth. 

Learn from Nature. We of the Church Of The Creator are in harmony with Nature. We 
believe in natural law. We believe that in our genes lies the greatest potential Nature has 
created and Nature tells us to survive, advance and expand to the limit of our abilities. 

This Natural Right and Obligation transcends all others. 

We Creators mean to develop that potential. In so doing we stress racial loyalty — loyalty 
to the White Race — as the key to that program. 

To impress this point further on our White Racial Comrades we give notice that we will draw 
a sharp line of demarcation between those who are