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Why Every Worker Should Be 




By C. E. Ruthenberg 

Executive Secretary, Workers Party 

iii£^^ -i^- 

"Will he throw him off his back , or go over the brink with him?' 
1 Cent 


In the United States .today we have the land and raw mater- 
ials, the machinery of production and distribution, and willing- 
labor of tens of millions of industrial workers and farmers 
through which every need of the people can be supplied. 

We can supply not only good food; good clothing and' good 
homes to live in but we can produce wealth enough to give 
every man, woman and child the opportunity for a good educa- 
tion, for healthy recreation, for enjoyment of all that is part 
of a high standard of life. U X r£'*k 

In place of this we Ha ve: , k 

1,200,000 farmers driven from the land and into bankruptcy in the 
single year 1922 through bitter exploitation by the eapitaKsts. 

12,361,643 industrial workers forced to engage in 14,451 strikes 
for better wages and decent working conditions during the six years 
^from 1916 to 1922. 

We have 5,000,000 workers without jobs and denied the oppor- 
tunity to earn a living in the year 1921. 

We have hundreds of thousands of children in our factories and 
millions of workers living in iwverty and squalor with just enough 
food to if e<~p them alive, 

We take from the tens of millions of industrial workers and 
farmers more than half of the wealth they produce and heap it into 
the laps of a few hundred thousand capitalists who live in luxury and 

In the years from 1914 to 1918 we created 30,000 new millionaires 
in the United States. 

We have built fortunes of tens of millions, scores of fortunes of 
hundreds of million and one or two of a BILLION DOLLARS for the 
favored few. 

Is this the best we can do? 

The capitalists and their supporters say "Yes"! 

The Communists say "No"! ^^ 

The Workers Party of America says "No"! 

The Workers Party is organizing those workers who are ready 
the struggle for a revolutionary change in our system of production 
distribution which will give the industrial workers and farmers the opj 
tunity to enjoy what they produce and the chance to live happy, heal 


^y^w^&s*. ^^ a ooo of weal ; is 


^^^L^^^^^p^^ farmers 

produce and the worker, can C b ^k n?, ^ g °° is wW <* the workers 
do not receive enoug-h in wTges to Durrh, 7 T*x° f the ^ goods. S 
The capitalists and the parasifes f thJ > •♦ r the S oods -&ey produce 
the goods the workers cannot b U y Hence'Sf ^T ra «S^ 
seek foreign markets. > «ence. the capitalists are obliged to 

"-fi^i^^^.S^J-^'^tei and farmers the 
able investment for it. . fflK^ 1 ^ They «tist find profi ! 
m e un°/ "T S ^ Dt at h0me tte^^ifcee^ ^ ^ SUCh oppoVtuS- 
countrl J^ Ped f ° rei ^ n ^tries. Tki W opportunities 
.count es they create markets for theProS £ f Plta ln developed 

' All highly developed capitalist S ,° f , hp ? e lnd "stry. P 

vestment opportunities in nldeveloned c™T -^ £ reign mari «*s and in- 
between capitalist countries overToIo^" 68 * ^ resuIt Js * •taJrie 
fluence etc. It was such an Imperialist V* peo ^ or ^^ ^heres of £ 
S« n ^.r ranC !' Russia > A «Wa a™d Sf w& gIe £»*?* E^and, GerV 

•n, w ,, ThC CapitaIist S y ste ™ « Decay 

fhas ^SerSo^^SI^ ft«* ° f «* war Europe 

financial system of Europe has blenlnk^Tfi SyStem there - The 

• is in decay. Germany is totterin? ™f£T ? i". the P rod «ctive system 

-France is not far .-behind The colf n ^ / bn - nk of financial collapse and 

3 The capitalist system destroys itself n '■ ' 

.own structure; the misery 'and Yufferint .J*?*" forces break down its 

3 m Shali a l{: ay - ^ is &*** cuS^£t lt it hna8, " , V» the workers and 
Shall the mdustrial workers an jf . 

jtem brings utter destruction^p^tLm^lLul ^ ^ e "#&* V 

^system of production breaks down and' k • th - ey wait Unt H the whole 

^S^tt**""** ° f o-^viSlionv gS —**■*•» offering td 

tern 5pa,S n r gan,2e " OW ^ « ^eir power to build a new sys 

fe nS|weSenr a Tie StH^^f - * a Workers and 
their political power and establish a X^t A mers mu st organize 

Iff— « *9Tw«*sfi^8£STS«S^ , M: tiS 

-bUs„ e n,te 





fr^Z €Tyn ? n or Woman who works 

The capitalist employers trv & 

Pay as httle as pos S fble y for £ la 
bor power of the worker, r 
wages and long- hours m« ° W 

profits for the S^ -T eater 

The c^t^eSSS ST"- 
mess for profit a K. m bus " 

are^pefevT^r' 11 -^^' 
struggled hS^Sl 6 ! 683 ^" to 

Who Gets the Rest? 

% 'city workers 8 pay fog S # 
acts and citv «,«,£ »'m~prod-. 

struggle for hiShe neCeSS1 ' ties to - J 


-t-u* " "*"«« centre in this 

Ffs^rsr fe?«^Sr*. SSsis- : ^ »>™ ^ 

. The government today ^Te «l ? t T^" ,-P°" the miners?un,W Me ° f tr °°PS 
existing sovetnm,,, „« »?' * tne str 'ke-breaker fin.* rt. " cr ? union. 

capitalist^Ioye;" 4 Til ° "f^ Stat -- » - ?&tit. ? »**? ■•*-*-«»«». The 

them^to heafthTworker, tntc ^t I**"— »• tE*£S £Al 1"*'"' ° f *= 

, The workers cannot W *" bm . , "-°»- P ' ""* d ---»'°™hi P give s J 

and farmers for the rufe «f 4, ' ° ntl . 1 ^ ha ^e substituted & ? y em ° f ex P'oit- 5 
The Worker, Par U y °J f ^W«-- * ,%e Uahed'sU* "^ ° f the ^kek 

fce^f ^11^^^ **^tf fc*'" an- fanner to wrest 
interest of Iabf" " G °™>™<»* which W-STtfTE™ anJ . 4 ° -««-**? 

» governmental power in the 

capitalist employers and the workers! 


J^S*" "* -P'-ted b y the capita]ists ^.^ ^ .^ 

'^^^SS^^^S^^ ^ ™* -rketin- 
i^J alue of their Product Thrash l^ the farmers the greater part 

i'S th / ?° rt ^ es °» the farmers EVth? C ° n . tr , 01 ° f the banks wS 
product of the producers on Sd n capitalists take more of 1$ 

isrentedio tenant farmers the caK,J£ r ° Ug ^ vnershi P ° f land wh ch 
ng profits out of the work of Z ftme^ ^ aS ° ther mean * * »S\ 

The industrial worker nf ft;* -* 
*s ahd tenant fan ^ £ ° «£, «ty an d the working formers, farm labor 
poitation. They must unite thdrstr^l S r? e ca Pitalist syiteHof ex 
capitahsts at Washington Ir ^ place of £ h P ? ltl ? [* to end the ru?e of the 

The Trade Unions and the Workers Party 

consScti^^atrSS^ ^-7* the only 
ganizations. ^ maiung.tiie umons more effective fighting or- 

dustrial machine. «™SSi« the whole weight of their great in- 

grown weapons. To carry on a staink f -.1 » \? *' T 1 "* are out- 
industry rehires an^ZtSS fSSSJ^"' 

.^■^^t^^'^^S^^-^^ « will g ive 
They will no longeT fight °t Si sec tioT, .,,? ■» £ meet the ^pitalists. 
intone field agfinst fhe .^SS e ^ %£? ' W 
ing a^Sril^a^^^.^^^tion which Is ma k - 
the trade unions. lfflp7rt?Se T?aS T^ *&* the amal ^mation of 
fight for more militant ^^£1^^ Educatlonal L ^ue in its 

w^Ste^^^^^^^"^^ "it urges the 
tant industrial unions g " S and t0 tran sform these into mili- 

E very trade unionist who is for a Kotf<» • j 

For a Labor Party 

a faiSr party^^ - the struggle to build 

ganizations , and* ^^^S^&SlSSiSSS' ^ f"^ ~ 

mdtts s ^ the 

Party. WM^iltSlg^Tnt^t ^ ^^ Fa ™-Labor 
to carry on a campaign of educat on TZ nr *" ?-? amz ? tlon ^d its right 
supports the Federated ILSer Sor^-^ ^^* atl ^. for ^mmunism, it 
the campaign for a JmS^S' ^ W * 1 stru ^s and 
workers and farmers~ e UnTteTsfatTs delude- all' the industrial 


The Workers Party of America declares boldly that it is a communist 
(party and that* it accepts the leadership of the Communist International in 
the world-wide class struggle. 

The Workers Party invites into its ranks those workers who accept 
the principles of Communism. It requires of its members active support 
of the party program. It is a disciplined organization and its members are 

bound by all decisions of the party. 
-. • ■ ' 

It is only such a disciplined organization made up of those workers 
who are ready to carry on an active struggle against capitalism that can 
lead the working class to victory. 

The Workers Party believes that there are thousands of workers in 
the United States who have learned through the bitter experience of op- 
pression and exploitation by the capitalists that it is only through such a 
party as the Workers' Party that the struggle against capitalism can be. 

These workers the Workers Party invites to join its ranks. It urges 
hem to unite their strength with the twenty thousand men and women 
s .*& are now members of the Workers Party and thus to build up a more 
powerful communist organization in the United States. 

The Workers Party has already achieved victories for the communist 
cause in the United States. It is going forward to greater victories until 
the final victory against capitalism is won. Their is no greater cause than 
that which it is fighting — the emancipation of the industrial workers 
and farmers from the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist class. 

To all militant workers — Communists — the Workers Party calls: 
Join the Workers Party and give your strength to the fight against the 
capitalist system. 

The Goal of the Struggle 

The Workers' Party of America is organized to: 

1. Enter into the immediate struggles of the workers for better 
wages and working conditions and to give its aid to the winning of 
these struggles. 

2. To carry on a campaign for more effective organization of 
the worker through industrial unions and a farmer-labor party. 

3. To build up the mass power of the workers to wrest from 
the capitalists control of the governmental power and to establish a 
Workers and Farmers Republic based upon the Soviet Form of Gov- 
ernment. ~ 

4. To use the power of the Soviet Government to take from the 
capitalists the ownership and control of industry establishing in its 
place social ownership and democratic management of all the means 
of production and distribution. 

5. Thus to transform the existing capitalist system into a Com- 
munist Society in which all forms of exploitation and oppression will 
be abolished. 


The undersigned declares his adherence to the principles and tactics . 
of the Workers Party of America as expressed in its program and consti- ; 
tution, and agrees' to submit to the discipline of the party and engage 
actively in its work. 

Signature of applicant _ — r - — — 

Street address _- ; 

Proposed by (1) — — 

State 1 

Note: Initiation fee of 50c. and one month's dues, 50c, must accom- 
pany application for membership. 

Take this application to the meeting place rf the local ^J^°F 
of the Workers Party or mail to the National Office, Room 214 100? ^ 
State St, Chicago, 111. ' - - ___ 

Read These Periodicals for the Facts About the MiHtant Workers Move- 
ment in the United States 

Workers Party of America 
Room 214—1009 N. State St. 
Chicago/ 111. 

Inclosed find remittance of $_.___.-—--.-. for which please enter 
my subscription for the periodical checked below : 
Check here ^ 

. "The Worker" (weekly). Official organ of 

the Wo7klr7 "Party of America; $2.00 per year, $1.00 for six^ 

months. . 

"The Voice of Labor" (twice a month) A - 
fighting little agitation paper; one year 50c, six months 25c. $- - - 

"The Liberator" (monthly). A magazine of 

informative articles and the best of revolutionary literature ; 
$2.00 per year, six months $1.00. 

_>The Labor Herald" (monthly). Official or- 
gan oTthe'Tr ad e Union Educational League; one year $1.50^ _ ^ 
six months 75c. 

Total $...- 


Address ... —