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li'OMEN DnIViiiS 

Ponsld G. wendozs 
September 4, 194^ 


The subject "Women Drivers" has been knocked about by many many men. 
Almost anything that can be said about women drivers is opinion. This theses 
expresses my opinion of women drivers. 

The first species of women driver is the "If there's anything around 
I'll hit it" menace. This species should never be allowed near b car for when 
she gets behind the wheel neither life nor limb nor property, in feet, nothing 
is safe. TThile this specimen is driving, her car seems to be drawn magnetically 
to aijy destructible object within miles. 

The second is the "I bet you can't out guess me" species. Any 
statonary object is fairly safe, but anything that moves on the same street 
with this specimen does so at great risk. Type two moves along the avenues 
and boulevards without appearent rhyme or reason. This creature does not 
believe in hand signals and is apt to make any maneuver without v.srning. Fhe 
has an unquenchable desire to defy one-way streets and to turn left at inter- 
sections which are marked "No Left Turns." It is a miracle that the species 
is not wiped outj Undoubtedly each member of thiE group has a guardian angel 
which keeps en unrelenting vigil. 

The third cen be called the "Minor Nuisance" species. This type 
annoys other drivers in many small ways. Phe is seldom dangerious but often 
costly. If a man parks his car ¬Ľnd comes back lster to find a fender smashed 
in, a member of this group is probably responsible. When this specimen 
decides to do something, she usually gives some kind of a hand Bignal, Often 
the signal is vague, unintellegible, or misleading, but at least it is a 
warning that she is about to do something. 

Fourth is the extra careful or timid species. Fhe seldom causes 


eny demfsge, but she can be quite irritating at times, A member of this group 
is the driver of that car that never moves faster than twenty miles per hour 
in the fastest of highway traffic. She is the one who hold? up traffic at 
busy intersections while she gathers enough courage to cross. 

Type five belongs to the royalty of the highways. She is en excel- 
lent driver who can be compared with the best of male drivers. Her outstanding 
record is often purposely ignored by men who hate to think of being equaled, 
let alone bettered, by a female. 

Members of group one are quickly discouraged and as a result not 
many are to be found. Fveiy once in a while a specimen of group one gets 
loose and spreads destruction up and down the highways. A member of group 
two doesn't last long unless she marries a millionaire. The cost of keeping 
her on the road is prohibitive and does soon bankrupt an ordinary man. 
Types three and four are the ones which give women drivers their reputation. 
They nre seldom dengerious but always a nuisance. There are really more 
members of "type five than many men realize, and a close check will show that 
a great many of today's womem drivers belong to the royalty of the highways.