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11 Hi 

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r^y. « ' 

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•» ±. ■ . *" 

issue two 

- K 





#..• > 


"So, what role 


sometimes i think it all just % 

comes down to instinct, to a 
biologically based decision that Yi 
is made in a matter of seconds. V 



think you will 


£. play in the 

• *• 

• • 


it comes when life gets as close to black and white < 
as it will ever get, when your options are as cut and 
dry as they'll ever be. it's fight or flight, the ability to 
stand and deal with all the consequences, or the chance 
to turn and run. and i'll be honest, i find myself running all ;'? 
the time, i'm too careful in choosing my battles, i tend know 
what i believe, but turning those beliefs into any kind of action 
proves to be the real problem, i guess when the time comes to 
take a stand, i choose to take a seat, i don't 
know, maybe it's just self-preservation, you 
could probably call it a "weakness", i think 
> that's fair, it's easy to choose up sides and 
• .-. your enemy, but then what? what's the 
' " :*, next step? is there one at all? do i need 
v, t0 fight anymore? is there anything 




• v left dying for? i doubt it. its' fight 
or flight, it's the chance to be 
a hero and a savior, and i 
hate it, because i always 
run, it's just too easy 
to quit, shit 




"I don't N V 
a target, I 
guess. 1 
— -D.M. 




4, V 

P.O. Box 950271 
iV- Mission Hills, CA 
* 91395-0271 

* L-i » 

■ ■ , ■■ 




m 11 

.• r •«■• , *** 



"Say we're bored and disaffected, well I wonder how we got that way..." —Down By Law 

since this issue does not technically 
exist as i am writing this, i will not 
tell you to be sure to read this or that 
or whatever, at this point issue two exists 
only in my head, and there might be* a good 
chance that it should have stayed there , 
but it didn't, cuz in the end it's all 
about self gratification, i did it for me. 

i know some fairly decent people, and 
i know some incredible people, and it's 
starting to seem like the people that leave 
such an indelible impression are not 
convenient to me, geographically speaking. 
i can't help but feel really stifled at 
the moment, which is why a move of some 
sort seems rather imminent, and also seems 
like a very good idea, and, as it has been 
pointed out to me, moving to new jersey 
to go to school would increase my "incredible 
friend ratio" from one to, uhhh.. like two 
or three, maybe four, that is a massive 
improvement, numerically speaking, but 
in the meantime, you have this issue to 
keep you occupied, as with any efforts 
in my life, i'm kinda indifferent to it 
at the moment, it's ok, but there is always 
some room for improvement and growth, i'm 
sure hindsight will reveal some dreadful 
mistakes, bat i do know that i- honestly 
tried to keep this as varied and multi- 
dimensional as possible, i have seen too 
many people become trapped into living 
up to standards that they do not necessarily 
agree with or value, but do so because 
there really is nothing else for them to 
do. i don't want that to ever happen to 
me. i think it's imperative to always leave 
yourself some room to change, grow, and 
ultimately carve a new niche for yourself. 

i made a short trip to ny/nj for a week 
this spring, and while i probably did not 
accomplish anything that could be deemed 
"earth shattering", i met some great people 
and truly valued the whole time. this issue 
is dedicated to mike ob and the rest of 
his "household", the rest of the manor 
farm family, mat gard for letting me 
see/smell/hear a radio riot first hand, 
and to daisy and mari for their babysitting 
duties whilst in n.y. you were all very 
good to me without really having to do so, 
thank you for everything. 

oh, zine stuff, an interview with farside 
finally happened, so if you're interested 
it appears here, there are basically just 
a lot of other pages of crap that i felt 
were worth typing out. that's it. i have 
no ad policy yet, ads appear only when i 
support that which is being advertised and 
i think the ad is funny, cool, or inspiring, 
that is the criteria, as far as reviews 
go, i try to do everything i can to do as 
much as i can. i appreciate all the input 
i received from issue one, in a sense it 
was pretty overwhelming, thanks to everyone 
who took the time to write, you have no 
idea what your words meant, i guess maybe 
that's what this comes down to, what meaning 
i give to all of this, this issue was not 
as "urgent" as the last one, just because 
there are a hell of alot of things going 
on in my life, for the first time, it seems 
that i really don't know where i'll be in 
three months, i just know who will be there 
for me, whether they are physically close 
to me or not. i know that much, otherwise, 
it's all up in the air. and honestly, i 
wouldn't have it any other way. change is 
good, frightening, and unavoidable, in other 
words, learn to live with it. 

• ~L • 

zine is $l.bu or 
else, distro^ rates are 


everywhere else 

00 and two stamps?: in n. 

60 cents per zine in n, 

america, or $2.50 anywhere'; 


~~ ^ . 

america, '/.-and $1.00 per zine-' 







** ^ 
* *. • 


-* ' 

*. ->. 

everything in here is done by me, and 
possession of obnoxious kid, inc. thank you. 

is the sole 


■* » 

'J, *iJ«/'- 


. » . 1 • ■ 


ok so this is all boring and general information that will continually 
be given on a strictly need to know basis, locally there is not a 
whole hell of alot going on. avail blazed in and out of town rather 
quickly in January, playing one show in santa barbara. they are 
without a doubt one of the best live bands i have ever seen (twice 
now) and if you have missed them due to your own lack of interest 
you should be shot, enough said, igby, who did some tape comps a 
while back, will be back with a so cal compilation that is being 
tentatively called "bringing it back" and is set to feature a whole 
lot of s.e. /metal/hardcore bands in the area, including remain, newer 
bands that i've never seen or heard like resist, bands offering their 
hail marys to the "big dude upstairs" like focused, and all stars 
like strife, by the way, focused are one of these funny new "god 
core" bands that are turning cali into cheese, the best part was 
their announcement of a pro-life benefit: "we're not really sure 
about where to stand on this issue, but we will be playing this 
pro-life benefit...", yeah, i'm not sure where i stand on this whole 
racism thing but in the meantime i'll be marching in the "free torn 
metzger" benefit for the white arayan resistance, duuuuuuuuhhh. 
anyway, look out for that comp soon, igby will also be doing a remain 
7". and speaking of strife, their plans for a full summer tour are 
fairly definite i guess, they will be doing a big tour with the earth 
christians, function broke up, and i think it is for good despite 
rumors to the contrary, their last show was apparently marred by 
some various violence/skinhead problems, they were arguably the most 
popular band in O.C. and i didn't really get it, but that's my fault. 
pawn is a good newer band with a slowed down emo-type sound, and 
a demo out as well, although i haven't heard it yet. spencer from 
mission impossible has a new band as well, called ellis. everyone 
is "working on" a zine. yeah, and i'm working on a tan. indecision 
records (or whatever it will be called) will be doing an e.p. with 
dighdown, a Seattle all star band with mark and ryan from undertow, 
dave excursion, and ron brotherhood/resolution, they will blow your 
pathetic excuse for a life into little bits, and along with chain 
to thread will entertain all the discriminating music conossieurs 
out there, wes biffar's fanzine, withdrawal, will have a second issue 
out sometime soon, another newer zine is Xbreaking freeX out of San 
Diego, check out the review section for more info, and the staple 

of the o.c. scene, david sine, should have a new tidbit out "? w * 

on a personal note, i spent the entire winter vacation working 75-80 
hours a week, and it is not something i recommend, i did, however, 
master the art of masturbating without taking your pants off. be 
careful, the zipper is sharp , a new downcast band has apparently 
started up called jara. some ex-struggle people are also doing a 
new band called swing kids, ice was always the best live band when 
they got around to playing, but apparently they have called it quits, 
fuck turning point, i'd pay 1600 bucks to get ice back together, 
another "new" band is ignite, with joe foster from unity, they have 
been without a vocalist for a while, as joe from triggerman and randy 
(ex pushed aside) have both left the band after short stints on 
the mic. another-thing-i-need-to-get-off-my-chest dept.: excuse me, 
when you rail against large corporations and offer vegan revolutions 
to topple the corporate structure, don't follow that up with man, 
the new morrissey is god." music is far more exploitable and corrupt 
than taco bell, if you wanna be "militant", prepare to go all or 
none, that's the way it works, straight edge needs to get ugly again, 
i «ean that very seriously, you will not understand separatism until 
you understand privilge. people do not make such bold statements 
of separation because they feel secure about their validity. 
alienation is not pretty, think, think, think, is it so hard? i don t 
want "equality" because i don't know what it means, i want people 
to realize their potential and find a shred of self worth in a world 
where they are never taught how to think or evaluate their own 
situation! i want people to rise up and get off the couch and shout 
and scream and write and make music and love as freely and as often 
as they wish, this has nothing to do with freedom, it Is illM 
humanity and intelligence and self reliance and Mitttfltninf """*; 
and i can't think of anything -ore unrealistic at the »o»ent. i find 
more and more inspiring zines and less inspiring music nowadays and 
it really doesn't bother me all that much, oh, and one more thing 
about this whole no for an answer reunion: dan o mahony, please 
tell me what your words taste like? you have eaten a mouthful , this 
was supposed to be a- "what's goin on in L.A. column, notice that 
about one fifth of it related to that, go figure. 

i bu:. 

wvr f 

££L d in thi 

case perhaps, 

-•■•• . . 

■ *r V 

* V 

what's no£ 


** .• 

going on 

-a .* 

* . y 

' '' 













■ H 

2iL ts Pofren 


I was looking at this page thinking, " Yeah, I guess this is just another filler page snuck in 
before the real content begins. Then I had to force myself into figuring out where the 
"real content" of the zine actually begins, and that was rather depressing. .. 

Top 5 Hardcore Spelling Mistakes 





5) (go vegan, it's easy to spell) 

Top 5 "bad things" about e-mail 

1) the "straight edge" e-mail list 

(Amish kids from Pennsyltucky can now discuss 
the revolution in seconds) 

2) Rush Limbaugh found his wife on e-mail. I have 
a problem with this... 

3) Now, information can be sent in seconds. And, 
as you already may know, incorrect information 
can be sent faster than ever. 

4) Government (THE MAN) can keep tabs on you 
without any effort on their part. 

5) Dude, computers are nerdy. 

Top 5 Movies 

1) On the Waterfront 

("I coulda been a contender...") 

2) Raising Arizona 

3) Citizen Kane 

4) Manhattan 

5) The Muppet Movie 

Bottom 5- The Deaths Of... 

1) Radio Riot 

2) Fuck You Fanzine 

3) "mosh core" 
4) John Candy 
5) my car 

My thanks must go out to all the following.... 
Dave Mandel, Popeye and Kevin, Dave Sine, Daisy 
Rooks, Vique Simba, Justin Moulder, Kim Nolan, 
Andrew Kline, Jake Hockel, everyone that hangs 
out, Butch and everyone in Remain, Mike OB, Iza, 
Al Barkley, Ronny Little, Brett Beach and Dave K, 
Mike Hartsfield, Evan for being at ringside, every- 
one that helped distribute issue one, John Dudeck, 
and my dog. Too many things feel like they're 
ending right now but i can think of quite a few that 
are just beginning... damn that was corny. 


ok, i wanna talk about something (that means a fucking lot 
to me), t.v. in general is awful, repulsive, and moronic, there 
are, of course, some exceptions, the Simpsons is the best example i can come up with, 
the Simpsons is an amazing show, it is an animated cartoon that is more "real" than 
any television program that features three dimensional, real (almost) human beings, 
they exemplify everyting that is sickening and crass about popular culture and middle 
class american life, but at the same time they mock the lifestyle, and even the very 
popularity of their show, every american vice, inadequacy, and ritual is put on display, 
quietly reminding the viewer just how pathetic we are. the Simpsons stare pop culture 
in the face and spit in its' eye. they mock themselves, professional sports, maturity, 
gender roles, and the good ol' american dream, they are a kick in the ass to family 
life, religous purity, and family values, tune in. 


i think "happiness" is an awful goal, it is impossible to relate 
happiness to other people in an intelligent manner, i think, 
beyond all the politics and infighting when i go to shows, i'd just like to have a 
nice time, that's all. that could probably be applied to life in general as well, it's 
all about fun, but doesn't that sound shallow? doesn't that come off sounding so 
juvenille and contrived? and maybe, well maybe it is. maybe wanting one place in the 
world where i can be happy is silly, then i guess that's me... silly. 


i had this dream the other night, the "revolution" finally 
happened, it was a burst of energy and action, the likes of 
which this country has never seen, all the carnivores were slaughtered or converted, 
those who were killed suffered terribly, in the aftermath, a small group of people 
just wanted their individuality back, they wanted their lives to return to some sort 
of familiarity, they valued their right to choose for themselves, they marched and 
held signs and soon became "counter-revolutionaries", they yelled and screamed for 
their right to eat flesh, and if i remember correctly, i was marching with them, not 
because it was something i wished to do, either, you can never get too righteous, 
kiddies . 


due to the new "get tough on crime" fever that is sweeping 
national politics, one certain orange county city councilman 
decided to push for a law that would punish local taggers with a good old fashioned 
paddling , two days after making the announcement, spray painted across his office door 
in huge letters was "SPANK ME", i hate tagging but i'll be damned if that wasn't genius. 


i did my first zine in 1988. it was half sized, 
about twenty pages long maybe, and we gave them away for 
free, i've always been moved by the power that words and pictures have, people can 
be genuinely affected by them, the zine was all about the bmx/freestyle scene that 
was around at the time, it was about riding bikes, ok? sounds a tad simplistic but 
that's the truth, even soul farmer vie dicara (108) did a zine about bikes, his zine 
had nothing to do with "the karma of riding bicycles" though, cops, this is a bit of 
a tangent, what's the point? i dunno, i guess things change, this zine looks (a bit) 
slicker and even costs money, but my motivation is really pretty much the same, i like 
words and pictures, and i like what they can do. that's it. 

i was reading an interview with one of the women from L7, 
and they asked her about drugs, her answer was interesting, 
that since she was pro-choice concerning abortion and a 
woman's right to control her own body, how could you dictate 
what substances a person puts in their own body? an 
interesting extension of the "pro choice" stance, if 
anyone can think of an argument to refute this, let me know. 


vol - 

'/iv^ 1 :. 

1 1^ -—-■*- - 


.£ artBJ 

v *** 










»•»'.-.' J* 

"This is not a battle between right and wrong, it is between those J 
who love Jesus Christ and those who ftafe him. " J 

— Televangelist and media tycoon Pat 
If you think this is funny, remember that this man has mounted 

some rather successful presidential campaigns, and is 
buying cable television channels. He also 
credited the L.A. earthquake to our permissive 
i acceptance of homosexuality. Scared yet? 













.- 1 






* > ' 



i ( 




i; : 


& S» 





• '" *9f h 





p P'oof 





u» f 


• or 


do h, 


r ci, 

"""9 w, 


* h 


"The problem with AIDS is: you got it, 

you die. So why are we spending money 

on the issue?" 

—Montana Lt. Gov. Dennis Rehberg 

( a stroke of genius, wouldn't ya say?) 




■ Jt 

- #* 



'. r ; ; 



.* 9 





I * 

r» - 

* > . gg 


■ . ■ 







- ' _ V.T 

■ ■-.;■ 


y ; IE 


. - - . 

' . ... - ". . 

.,-•» -•: 








■ . - • 




' ' ' . 


* * 



For one reason or another, Farside has 
quietly become one of my favorite bands , and 
most definitely one of the few local bands 
I look forward to seeing. This interview was 
•+\i done with guitarist/vocalist virtuosos Kevin 
Murphy and Popeye in Holywood at a pizza place 
that was trying its best to close up for the 
night. Also present were myself (duh), Dave 

Mandel, and Dave's sister Sharon. Read the 
damn thing. 

ME: I figure we'll skip the band history since 
that might take a while, so.. I guess we can 
talk about the new record that just came out. 
What makes it different from the last couplke 
of records? 

P: I think it can all be attributed to a new 
line-up. I don't mean to make it sound like 
I'm trashing Rob, but Rob wrote almost 
everything up until his leaving the band, 
and when he left the band we got Kevin, and 
then Kevin and I split everything down the 
^ middle. 

.£ K: I think the band just got a new songwriter. 
if P: Yeah, we got two new new songwriters, and 
f the old songwriter is gone. So, it's really 4M 
> just alot different. From the last record f$j 
J> to this record there really isn't much of 
• a transition or a segue of any type, it's 
$ just... I dunno, I guess a new guy and a new 
jfl attitude. 

K: It's a little aggressive, it's a little 
a louder. i 


* I m 


ME: Is it really more "punk", or is that just * 

a good way to sell more records? ':. 

P: I would say it's alot more punk, but... $ 

K: Farside' s alot more punk in attitude than % 

we are musically. *■ 

ME: What about lyrics? 

P: Ahhhh. . .same crap, y 'know ( laughter) . 

ME: "Get girl type stuff"? (quoting ah old 
ad for their 7") 

P: Oh yeah, retard type stuff. Well, for me 
the best topics I can write about is stuff 
that deals with myself. And I don't mean that 
in an egocentric way, it's just that I write 
alot of the time to get something off my chest 
or as a form of escape. They're usually of 
a very personal content, and I don't really 
try to use the band as any type of political 
forum for myself, or for anyone else in the 
band for that matter. Alot of the topics are 
similar to the ones I put on the last record, 
and some of them are a little bit different, 
like just feeling like a retard, ummm... 
feeling like you don't deserve the friends 
you have, just stuff that I think about on 
a daily basis. Whenever we come up with a 
new song, whatever I'm thinking about at that 
time, that's how I decide what I'm going to 
write about. I don't really choose the topics, 
so I can do three songs in a row that are 
about the same topic, just by luck. i 

t*te r fc .**. m 

J^ ME: (to Kevin) So do you write any lyrics 
jfc now, for the songs you sing? 

[ftj K: For the songs that I sing I write the 
rrl lyrics. As far as lyrics with me go, I could 
j care less what I'm singing. Lyrics for other 
1 bands are the most important thing to me, 
\ because I really like hearing and reading 
lyrics that move me and, y'know, mean alot 
to me. I am not able to write things like 
that. I can't write something and think, "Wow, 
that's great", so... lyrics don't mean shit 
to me as far as what I'm writing. 

ME: So neither of you is going to get fairly 
political in the near future? 

BOTH: No. 

K: Not with this band. 

&*£*£ K: Umm...yeah. I don't know about angry, but 
cynical I think is pretty good. 
P: Frustrated. ( laughter) 
K: Yeah. 

P: I think Kevin and I rubbed off on each 
other after going on tour a couple times, 
because now I'm alot more jaded about things 
than I used to be, and Kevin seems to be alot 
nicer about things than he used to be. 
K: Yeah, my attitude has gotten better. 

P: We're a very modest band. 

ME: seems like alot of the songs 
are about growing up and growing on, do you 
think you have a different perspective on 
that since you're a little bit older? 

P: Well, it just kinda represents the period 
of my life at the time that I wrote that song. 
I mean, yeah it is a reflection of me getting 
a little bit older and going through some 
different things as I get older, but that 
wasn't intentional. Each song is just a little 
slice out of my life. 

K: It's kinda funny, since I'm fairly new 
to the band, or I guess I still feel fairly 
new, I kinda have an outside view. I can look 
back at when I wasn*t in the band, like looking |C 


wasn t in 
at the demo and some of the lyrics that Popeye 

• -_ ai LJlfcJ UUIIIU dliU BUllltS 111 CMC xyxxwo liibl rwpcj 

Jj|) wrote, like to the song "Farside", where it's 
™ like (in a dorky voice) "Yaaa, we're the new 
* kids in the neighborhood...". And now we have 
©this new song called "Knocks" (sp.?), where 
iv, the lyrics are just nothing but self 

deprecating, "I suck, I suck, I suck". It's 
\ just really funny to get perspective on that, 
to see that the older we get, it seems like 
the more cynical we get. Farside started out 
as kinda happy, (snapping in time) "Alright, 
I'm gonna go see Farside, YEAHl" And alot 
of people don't know, but for us it's "Oh, 
we've got a show, and we've got to go up there 
and sing about how we hate ourselves", and 
then play "Keep My Soul Awake". 

DAVE: Axe you more hesitant to play the older 


K: Oh, I am...'cuz I didn't write them, 
(laughter) I'm just kinda going through the 
motions when I play them. 
P: We never bothered to try and teach them 

to him. 


^<jiJT^Viiirwi H.OiTirVi". n*"irr w m *f • a, i^ 
: What about playing in California? Tomorrow 

you're playing with Chorus, and tonight is 

totally different show. Do you ever 


ME: So you play air guitar? 

K: They unplug me and I just 
Stigma, (laughter) 

do a Vinnie 

ME: Speaking of getting cynical and things 
like that, I think for alot of people, for 
probably the first year you were in the band, 
you were kinda seen as the angry one... 

K: Kinda like how Paul was the monster and 
Gene was the lover, (laughter. . .it's a KISS 
j oke , man ) 

ME: I just remember one show where some kid 
JEjf did a flip off the stage, and you stopped 
ȣ*'* playing to say something to him. What do you 
: "think of that image of yourself, do you think 
: \ that that's fairly accurate- the jaded, cynical 

just < 

feel like the "sore thumb", especially in 

the hardcore scene? Does it really matter? 

K: I wonder how we get on those bills, not 
that I think we're above these bands or that 
we don't fit, but I wonder how... you know 
"I'm gonna go see Farside and Strife", it 
doesn't seem like it fits, and yet people 
seem to like both bands. That always seems 
kinda strange to me. 

P: I always think of ourselves as the "sore 
thumb" all the time, because we just stick 
out. A typical show is two or three hardcore 
bands and (in a high voice): "Farside I " 
K: Wheeeel 

P: "Farside, the lovers I " (laughter) And I 
enjoy it, because most of those people are 
our friends. We don't know any other "scene" 
than the one we're in right now. I figure | 
since this is the scene we started playing 
shows in when we first became a band, that's 
the one that adopted us. I think in every 
little "sect" of every scene of a particular 
type of music, there's always one band that 
tyf doesn't really fit in but everyone loves them 
' " and they play with all the other bands anyway. 
So we're that band, and I kinda dig it. 




"Don't let the world around you, control the world inside of you 

♦ K: I think musically 
now where if we were 



a music "career", we 

we've got to the point 
interested in having 
should be playing 
alternative shows or college rock shows, and 
those shows and that whole scene is just so 
lame. Even though we might not fit with 
hardcore bands, we feel alot more at home. 
We're alot older than everybody, but it's 
not like we dropped out or anything. It's 
still what I call my thing, my scene. 
P: (yells) "Cuz we're punkers man!" 

ME: Speaking of lame scenes, someone told 
me or I heard somewhere that you got an offer 
from a major label or someone expressed 
interest (both Kevin and Popeye shake their 
heads, indicating that they've never received 
any such offer), do you have any kind of 
uniform philosophy on that throughout the 
whole band ? 

P: Uniform? Absolutely not. (laughs) Everyone 
has a different opinion about major labels, 
and the possibilities. There's a chance that 
that could happen, it could happen to anybody. 

ME: Look at the Offspring... 

K: That's strange, isn't it? (talk turns to 
memories of Offspring) 

P: Yeah, I thought they were destined to open 
up for Bad Religion and NOFX. We had a show 
with them once and they were super, super 
nice guys. 

ME: Do you ever feel compelled to keep it 
"underground 11 or to keep it "punk"? 

K: Yeah, Popeye and I do. For Popeye, the 
band is just sort of another facet to his 
life. There's his job, his friends, and the 
band. The band is really important to me, 
but it's not important enough to where I'd 
want to sell it. It'd be really nice to be 
able to make a living off of it, and tour 
when we want to, and make records and play 
shows, and get paid for it. But I'm not 
personally interested in signing my life away 
£ to some corporation. 







ME: So Revelation is just fine with you? 

BOTH: Revelation is just... the best. 

P: I'm perfectly happy with where we are right 

now. This is success to me. 


ME: Is there a leader in the band, is there 
someone that's the executive, or is it all 
kind of a "huddle up" and do it together 

P: I think sometimes I am, but I'm usually 
the guy that gets picked on the most too. 
(laughter) So it kind of balances out. I think 
in every band there's one guy that takes care 
of most of the affairs. Kevin does alot of 
stuff, I think Kevin and I do most of the 
stuff. Usually when people call for shows 
they call me. . . 

K: ...that's because I'm the mean one. 
(laughter) "Don't call that dick." 
P: We don't have a manager, we have someone 
that books our tours for us. 

K: Not this summer. 

P: And Revelation takes care of any type of 

P.R. stuff, and getting the record out and 


K: I think it kinda bums Jordan out, because 

we take all that P.R. stuff as such a joke. 

"You guys have to make a bio." "Errr, OK, 

put that we're from hell." (laughs aplenty) 

ME Did you have to take a picture? Y'know, 
one of those black and white ones? 

K: Dave Sine took some pictures of us at 
practice that are just dopey. 

P: All of our pictures have been silly in 
some way, I mean everything we do is. Our 
video is too. We all just feel so stupid and 
embarassed about trying to strike a serious 
pose, (laughter) 

ME: What song was that for, on the video? 

P: The video was for "Worlds", (talk goes 
on about a new video) 

ME: What about stuff outside of Farside? 

P: We all go to school, we've all got our 
part time jobs, I am currently in a new project 
band called Collateral Damage with Evan from 
Ice and Chris from Blackspot. We've really 
been enjoying it. That's about all I've got 
time for, really. Drinking alot of coffee 
and getting high blood pressure, smoking 
cigarettes. . .that 's a day in the life of the 

ME: (to Kevin) Are you still going to do the 
project band with Dan O'Mahony? 

K: Ya know (laughs) ... I recorded that stuff 
before we recorded our album. I recorded six 
songs for that, about a year and a half ago. 
And I've talked Dan once since then, and that 
was before the No For An Answer tour. The 
reason he went on the NFAA tour was because 
all the money that Cargo gave him to do the 
record, he spent. So he went on tour with 
NFAA to get this money back, and I still 
haven't heard from him. However, I haven't 
called him, because I'm really not in a big 
hurry to talk with him. So, I really don't 
know. I'd like for the stuff to come out 
because it's all recorded and everything. 

ME: (to Popeye) What about Ice? 

P: Oh, Ice is gone. It's kinda sad. 

K: It's very sad. 

% You've got to shut out all those voices that you're hearing. 

i t fct, sr-v— ■■- <*2* 


r n < X| ?s 

3, (V 

^\5 »7pn^?i 


5* *i&\ 

P: We didn't leave 
our second 7" out, 
we had a chance to 
it was a good time 
continues and a re 
know, I don't thin 
serious enough to 
we were playing a 
that, (laughter) 
K: Maybe opening f 

«MI . f II- 

any loose ends. We got 
and then we quit before 
write any new songs. So, 
to break up. (Ice talk 
union is discussed) I don 
k it would be anything 
require a reunion unless 
circus or something like 

as to 



. jfiksiBtir Jma ^o&afcfcito 

ME: So do you think there are any bands worth 
seeing now that Ice is gone? Any reason to 
go to shows or continue living? 

P: Yeah, I think there's still alot of great 
local bands. Game Face has got alot of new 
stuff and I think they're hopefully planning 
on recording soon, Triggerman is looking around 
to record a 12", Enswell is just... a joy to 
watch. Outspoken is still one of my favorite 
bands. I'm trying to think of who else is 
around now. . . 

K: My friend Mario has a band called Ashes/Dust 
who nobody seems to really like, but I think 
they're just fucking the best. 



g j this summer? Any rea 
K£ P: Yeah, it's me, I 1 

What about the fact that there's no tour 

reason for that? 

m the reason. I went 
through a real difficult winter. Nothing 
specific happened. . • 

K: It was the winter of your discontent, 

rV P: It was. (long pause) I just suddenly had 
£ { a hard time living with myself, like I said 
for no specific reason. I just suddenly 
remembered that I'm Popeye and there's not 
damn thing I can do about it, and I just wasn't 
happy about it. So I just decided that I wanted 
to stay home this summer and get some things 
done that I've been meaning to do and have 
been putting off, like with school, and holding 
a job for more than six months, moving into 
a new apartment and just getting some of my 
shit together. So I felt bad about having 
to do that, but I just had to tell them that 
I wasn't going to go. I knew that if I'd go, 
I wouldn't have as great a time as I should, 
just wanted tq_ have a fu ll year of stability 



i ii% 


for a change. We may go on tour next summer, 
it's hard to say because Brian's gonna be 
moving to San Francisco at the end of this 
summer to go to school ... 
K: That'll make things easy. 
P: Yeah. When that happens, the statuB of 
the band is mostly likely gonna go to a part 
time status, if that. 

ME: Kinda like an Outspoken thing, where John 
comes down for the shows? 

P: Well, it'll be alot less than that, because 
Outspoken can still practice and send John 
a tape. Since Brian plays an instrument, it's 
a little bit difficult because we write all 
our songs just by jamming for a little while 
and making up stuff. When that happens, we'll 
probably practicing every couple of months 
and playing an occasional show. So who knows, 
when that happens I'm planning on starting 
a new band then. Farside's never really been 
the type of band that makes any long term 
plans, we make plans maybe a few months in 
advance and that's about it. I have no idea 
what we're going to be doing a year from now. 

ME: So you really have no plans beyond this 
record here? 

P: No, not at all. 

K:I think the longest .. .the far-est. 

most far ahead? (a discussion ensues 

how to properly phrase this) 

P: "Farther" would measure distance, 

is a point in time* 

K: Yeah. The next thin g that we want to do 

is just record these five or six new songs. 

The original idea was to do a double album, 

but now that Brian' s going away for awhile, 

we want to just get these songs recorded and 

maybe do an e.p. 

ME: What's the best thing about being in 
Far side, right now? 

*P: (in an "odd" voice) "THE CHICKS, MAN!" 
(fits of laughter) 


ME: I vas just waiting for you to say that. 

P: That's why I said it, because. .. 
K: I was just waiting for the word "chick" 
to come up. (laughter) 

P: That's what everyone thinks, so many people 
have this impression. . • 

K: "I saw Farside and all these girls were 
there." Really? I wasn't there. j 

P: Honestly, I remember once speaking to a 
couple of young women after a show for about 
a minute, it was at our second show. And that 
was it. And once in a while I hear this, "Hey, 
my friend saw your band, and she thinks you're 
cute. 91 (laughs) Wow, OK. (more laughs) I mean 
I would never date anybody that's five years 
younger than I am and really into my band, 
and is in love with me because of my band. 

ME: There's gotta be an upside to that 1 
though. . . ( laughter) 1 

P: If you're real horny and have no morals, 
yeah there is an upside to it. (laughter) I 
One of those two things is true with me. 1 
K: You figure it out. 1 

P:OK, enough of that tangent. Best thing about 
being in Farside, I really... 

jK: THE MONEY, (laughter) How quickly our albums 
come out. 

P: I really like how talented everyone in j 
the band is. Everyone plays their instruments 

4 4M2NK 

Don't let the world inside you, control the world inside of you... ta» 

-t j> 

vr • : •"./ 


(really well, and it's cool. It's not difficult 
working with each other, and I think alot 
of that comes with time, after working together 
for several years. 
:jK: (laughing) Several years. "Oh, the six 
u.or seven years we've been together." (laughter 
continues as a new debate begins concerning 
whether or not Farside has been around for 
a "few" years, "a couple" years, or "a number 
of" years. The 'World's Most Well Behaved 
Band' is also obsessed with grammar?) 
P: So what the hell was I talking about? 

ME: What about a cover song, if you could 
cover any song just out of the blue? 

K: "Divide and Conquer" by Husker Du. 
P: There's alot of songs that I'd like to 
cover, but we'd never do 'em. I could think 
lof at least ten songs that I would love to 
cover, from various musicians. Y'know, stuff 
that has absolutely nothing to do with punk 
rock, that I'd like to make into punk rock 
K: Oh, I hate that. "Here's a Bob Marley song, 

urrrrrrggghhhhh ..." 

P: No, like an Elvis Costello song with a 
little bit of crunch. There's this Belinda 
Carlisle song that I wanted to cover. ( lookB 
over at Kevin) See, I knew you were gonna 
make that face... 

the lyrics. So he's playing guitar and he's 
talking about, "I've never seen such idiots, 
in my life." (laughter) 

ME: So, does anyone have anything to wrap 
this up? 

P: (quietly) No. 
K: Uhhh 

ME: A long pause maybe? 

P: A dramatic pause. I'd like to think of 
myself as a punk rock version of Frasier Crane 
and Jerry Lewis, kinda mixed together. That's 
me. (laughter) I'm no longer a nice guy, I'm 
a class act. (talk strays to Lollapalooza 
rumors and Kevin's work) 

K: I work at Subway with a guy named Victor 
from Mexico City who plays in a band called 
METAL FATIGUE, (big laughs) 

ME: (to Popeye) Hey, has anyone ever told 

you that you sing like the guy, I was thinking £Vi 

of this the other day... what's his name... from 

the Doobie Brothers.. 

P: MICHAEL MCDONALD! (everyone cracks up as 

Kevin coaxes Popeye into doing his "Michael 

McDonald voice". This must be heard to 

believed. Any sense of order is lost at this 

point.) Yes I have been told that by a few 


K: Now I'm embarassed. 

ME: Which song was it anyway? 

P: "Circle in the Sand". 

DAVE: (laughing) I knew you were gonna say 
that. . • 

K: That song sucks. 

P: Nah, pump it up a little bit, throw in a 
1-2 beat and a mosh break. We had an idea 
that everyone was gonna pick a song to cover, 
and we were gonna learn them and put it on 
a 7", but that never happened. 

ME: Then Enpoint did it. 

K: Yeah, I thought that was a cool idea, (long 
pause) Best thing about being in Farside, 
are we still there? 

ME: You're still there. 

K: I'm still there, (long pause) 

ME: I was just wondering... (the tape ends 
., here, truly a sign from God) 

, 3 3 3 

a worst thing? 

There's "things", I get 

ME: Is there 

K: Uhhh. . .no 

frustrated sometimes, there's times that I'd 

like to make the band alot more punk than 

it is. Some people don't like that sometimes. 

(talk goes on about a real fast "punk" song 

they played once and what happened at one 

charming show in San Diego) We played a show 

at the Che Cafe, and somebody was dancing 

or something, and they hit the mic, and it 

hit me in the head and cut my head open. 

I didn't know it at the time, but it really 

hurt. So, I'm singing the song, "la dah dah", 

and we get to the chorus, and I'm like "YEAH, 


I don't think anybody got it, but I thought 

it was pretty funny. 

P: It's funny to listen to the tape, because 

he hurt himself... 

K: (laughs) Hurt "himself"? 

P: He got hurt in the middle of the song, 

so he was singing the song all normal, and 

then he gets hit and he immediately changes 


It's your life to live." --'Worlds 1 




4;i*^?«MllliN££t£ I Wv^\ 

iw; iXJ&f,& 

smart edge is 



self reliance 


a sense of humor 




did i mention sparkmarker? 

can't forgive 

free zines 

self edge 



two friends 


fuck you fanzine ( r . i . p . ) 

listening to avail (don't ask me why) 


1st ressurection 7" 

kirn nolan's article in n.e. 4.5 

taking a dumb joke and running with it 

■ ' - 

* 1 1 







■ ' . 






• ; 

. i 

1 V . 

1 , - 





■ * 



■ , 

1 • 

i . •. - • 

* * i * 




• X\ l )r i 


» . ' 

i * 



i :•• \v\ • ! 

■'< .}■■ 


M i ; i vi..: 

I.: ' 

*. I 

v VI 







j ~ 







,__ ■ 





u e 


8t ^i ?* ft? ° f 















st io k ;^ 

C£« ^ e Pen^ r JJo 




! WW 



*■» ■ 

.;, * ''' e & 



■ ■- , 







•# «.' 


you really want to place 

ame . . 








| j if you're looking to point fingers... 


mirrors are always lovely targets. 








7T M 


* >, 




. ,'ji.i 







1 v, 

• .'i\ ' 








| sb 





> . 

it's always easier, and perhaps even healthier, 
to hurl accusations at yourself, the sooner you 
come to grips with your faults, imperfections, 
and misgivings, the easier life will become, 
you cannot live your life as a missionary, you 
can't wrap yourself up in a cause or a one 
step solution to a complex problem, all the 
inconsistencies and hypocrisy i see in you are 
nothing, because i see them all in myself, the 
difference is that i have accepted this condition, 
while you have not. give it up already. 

BR I guess, when it comes down to it, 
^1l really only have a half hearted 
^•^^faith in myself. Is that all that 
fe»SS®i frightening? I don't think so. Putting 

my faith in anything imaginary would 
be alot more distressing. 

Pumpkin Eater is a SMALL zine I do 
when I feel the need to. After seeing 
S108, I think ti's time to do anotner. 




- • *• •.-• • . .A 

I never said I knew you, I never said I wanted to, 

I never- said I would. 

Everyone has a story I guess, 

oh.. .ok man, show me the scars, show me where the 
world has hurt you THIS TIME, turn around, let me 
see your back, yeah right there where your "friends" 
plunged the knife and stabbed you (in the back), you kopw 
pain, but guess what? 

i still probably won't care, i won't care about your poetry 
and your newest, catchiest slogan, you know why? cuz it's 
always everyone else, it's always someone else's fault, you give 
your all but no one understands, right? it's never you. you're the 
whipping boy, the the punching bag, the wounded bird, and I'm 
sorry, but until you get some perspective and make it real, i just 
don'tcare. finding imperfection and doubt in yourself is never 
easy, but it's necessary. 

friday april 15 








. - 



— • 






so today's the big day. skipping school makes me feel like 
such a bad kid. dave ' s supposed to be here at 10:00, which 
gives me enough time to jump around my room playing air 
guitar and such (sure, you just act like you don t do it), 
dave arrives shortly thereafter but does not catch me in 
mid-song holding a pencil to my lips and screaming the 
words, he brought the video camera, which means all of 
the pointless details will be captured for posterity, y ' know 
what they say, if you can't laugh at yourself.... 

after hitting the gas station and the atm 
(money=freedom?) , we're off to berkeley. about ten minutes 
into this it hits me: driving sucks, period, driving for 
six hours sucks, driving past cows and fields for six hours 
sucks, ask how the drive was and you'll get a fat lip. 
i am not cut out for touring, i guess, we killed an 
incredible number of bugs on the way, who had decided to 
do the kamikaze thing into the windshield, yelling at people 
at rest stops also proves to be rather enjoyable, but can 
be hard on the throat. 

amazingly, we arive in berkeley rather early, after 
going to chuck e. cheese's ( one video game is not an 
"arcade", that's a 7-11) we searched in vain for some 
record store, ultimately we ended up in round table pizza, 
where i ordered some garlic bread while dave slept on the 
table, i got a few dirty looks from people who assumed 
that he was my "drunk and passed out" friend, someone left 
money in the juke box, so needless to say "mamma says knock 
you out" by 1.1. cool j. is the logical choice, i also 
paid homage to the recently departed kurt cobain by playing 
nirvana, and it only took 35 minutes to get my garlic bread, 
geez i know how tough it can be to toast bread, we drove 
back to gilman (should be called "blink and you'll miss 
it") and slept in the truck for a few minutes, we're 
supposed to meet matt here, and it rather suddenly occurs 
to me that i don't remember what he looks like, except 
i'm quite positive that he has short, brown hair, not 
exactly a distinguishable characteristic, he recoginized 
dave's truck so all was well, i guess the first band is 
getting ready to play, we see dennis from outspoken, and 
soon enough all the undertow guys emerge, it's good to 
see them, dave excursion is with them, and so is ron 
overkill and a girl named jex (i think?), xseattle all 
starsx. the socialing ends up moving inside, where the 
first band is about to start playing, i had to buy a p 
membership card (stupid) and then spent a good five minutes w 
soaking up the atmosphere and reading the walls, the first 
band is portraits of passion (i think) and are fairly good, 
that merel/struggle /iconoclast wild and crazy thing. 
whatever, not as bad as it as some, the next band is torn, 
who are a earth crisis-y metal band, the singer's pants 
started at his knees, i kept thinking they were gonna fall 

down, he did alot of contortion manuevers and what not. 
i yelled "firestorm" when they played, which is actually 
fun to do when anyone is playing. second coming is next, 
they're alot better than i had imagined, they do the full 
n.y. mosh core thing, but that's cool just because no one 
plays that anymore, matt dares me to start the pit, which 
is something you never, never, ever do to someone with 
no pride, matt takes his shirt off and swings it in circles 
over his head, we had a good time, but apparently some 
people took it way too seriously though, too bad. i realize 
i'm not up on show etiquette, especially after being in 
a car for the better part of the day. 

undertow played next and were the real reason for 
driving six hours, the first two songs sounded ok, but 
they pulled it together and got a little tighter after 
that, me and dave started a bit of a dog pile on the stage 

'as funny cuz i 
s gilman street 
so it seemed necessary, there were some stern warnings 
about violent dancing and some threats pertaining to 
revoking the mebership privileges of certain audience 
members, but nothing happened, undertow's set ended with 
lots of noise and feedback and i was reminded why i liked 
going to hardcore shows, best hardcore band right now? 
i dunno, maybe. 

j% tnac. me ana aave started a D1X or a aog 
§ and we actually got to do dives, which w 
f: don't normally do that but jesus, this i 

^AN\WI A I tU S*r*tmtt fW, 

£ A 





spoke ra 
of them 
but i've 
the best 

of other 
which is 


ore outspoken played two people from vegan action 

ther incoherently about their policies, etc. neither 

seemed rather comfortable in that situation. 

n played last and half the crowd left rather 

. i found out later that the last train home was 

right when they started their set. they were ok 

seen them play better, "play survival!". uh...ok. 

part was "this song is about .. .straight edge." 

headed to matt's house with francisco and a bunch 
people, matt lives in a "co-op" house i guess, 
kinda cool, we slept on the floor in his room. 




we re supposed to meet outspoken at alcatraz today, 
we kinda hurry (not really), ate breakfast at this weird 

more food than i had ever seen 



diner where they gave me more food than i had 
on one plate at one time, we get tc the pier late and can 
seem to find anyone, walk around filming shit until we 
decided to go to haight street, seems like a seedier version 
of melrose but just as fashion conscious and gross, i don't 
feel like much of a berkeley/s. f . "fan" right now, and 
i don't know why. i think it's just my stomach, we meet 
brian there, he sang for unbroken a long time ago and is 
a dead ringer for rob point, a very nice guy indeed, i 
heard that dances real crazy and does all those karate 
moves but i can't imagine it. he's there with all the 
undertow people, so we decide to go to epicenter, it's 

a nice place with a reading room and soft couches, all 
the Seattle people decided to go off to some old army 
bunkers or something, we realize it's like 8:00 so we 
decided to go back to matt's house, dave is a walking zombie 
at this point and considers driving home tonight, we all 
hung out with matt's roommates, who are all real good 
people, they all seem very easy going and what not. i have 
trouble keeping names straight, especially with people 
i have just met. everyone here is really cool, goodfellas 
comes on t.v. so i'm not going anywhere, deniro, man. we 
sit in matt's room and read some real bad zines, most of 
which are from Chicago and have like 4 x's in the title, 
there like twenty seven straight edge zines from that area, 
so i guess there are bound to be some lunkhead rush limbaugh 
ones, dairy reich is awesome though, i sleep again, this 
time balling up my t-shirt and using it as a pillow, funny, 
i can never figure out what that cramp in my neck is from. 

we wake up way too early, and dave is whispering sweet 
nothings in my ear. god, this better be a dream, it's like 
7:00 or something, we get our shit together and wave goodbye 
to matt and francisco, who manage to open their eyes 
(barely) and say goodbye, we all promise to make future 
visits, the car is intact but someone (not me) left the 
window open, yikes. the drive home seems short, and many 
relevant topics are discussed, including nipples, smelly 
feet, and the opposite sex. "fun fun fun" by the big boys 
is officially the best song ever written at this point, 
our non-existent band will most definitely cover it. why? 
because it's all about something, while at the same time 
really being about nothing, kinda like this story. 






'^This card is propf of membership ty 924 GJlfltan Stfwt.^embcr^hip 1£ 
jjps required for admission to jUl event£MJ™ fe 

•roles of the club including: JNq drifting, &^ in'** 

^Karoun^ the 'felubV ta^ violent^ 

; * dancingduring the show. Membership it y feajl/and nontransferable. $ 
#924 Oilman Street is based on the fact that bands, audience and staff y 


" ■;• Your Signature rSLS^agl^l v-;)'y^^..N. - -,-- ■■••»»>= mw« rpqrjii 


Avail "Live..." 10" (Old Glory Records) 

Any Avail records get automatic bonus points, but 
I'm having a hard time with this one. This captures a 
bit of what they're all about live, but the visual aspect 
of their live set is just as important arxi is (obviously) 
not captured here. Includes a Violent Fernnes cover and 
a new song as well. For the fans, I think. Has nore 
than a few parts where band members are responding to 
crowd violence, which is really unfortunate. This is 
just not a tough guy mosh band, is that so hard to 
understand? Still one of the best bands in the world 
right now, so... ($5 to P.O. Box 1814. Brattleboro, VT 


Engine #2 

Matt Average's second attenpt is a good one, featuring 
pieces on Fred Hammer (It's Alive), Dan O'Mahony, and 
Lance Hahn. The Dan 0. interview, just like the one I 
did in my last issue, made me a bit sick, because it 
is tough to agree with saneone who would so easily 
surrender his ideals to make a buck in Europe. Othervise, 
the zine is pretty good, there are too many ads but the 
thing on anarchy is hilarious. (3 stamps to: P.O. Box 
640298, SF, CA 94164-0928) 

Balance #4 

Color copy cover of Turning Point that I thought was 
(honestly) Pearl Jam. Thin half size zine with a good 
news" type section and interviews with Laurel, Franklin, 
and Stormstrike (joke?). Nice, but a little thin. ($1 
to P.O. Box 3775, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034) 

Breaking Free #2 

Nicely laid out zine with interviews with Farside, 
Shelter, 108, Sick of It All, and Endpoint. The interview 
with 108 and Shelter are funny, I can't imagine 
interviewing these bozos and not even attempting to 
challenge them. The Endpoint int. seems like Rob is just 
rambling, al though he does say something to the effect 
of "abortion is wrong". Uh, ok. Has a Sparkmarker picture 
though, YEAH. Check it out, I guess. The picture of 
Rob Fish with his fly open is particularly appealing. 
($2 to Edwin Ward, 943 Mission Ave., Chula Vista, CA 


Endpoint "After Taste" LP (Doghouse) 

I was scared to hear this, certain people told me 
how bad it'd be. First off, it isn't all that bad, it's 
basically a continuation of their last LP, only a bit 
more rock-oriented, meaning not as many fast rashy parts. 
The first song is the best, but it starts out like Worlds 
Colliders "Any Worse". All in all, it's pretty solid, 
and Rob's lyrics are personal and expressive. Not bad, 
nothing incredible though. 


Dead and Gone 7" (Vinyl Oamtunications ) 

Good punk rock with "positive" lyrics about 
independence, etc. It's good to hear bands like this 
are still around, this is really cool in 1994. ($3.50 
to P.O. Box 8623, Qiula Vista, CA 91912) 


Doc Hopper "Aloha" 7" (Reservoir/ Ringing Ear Records) 
Hot diggity dog, if you're gonna cover the GoGo's 
I m gonna love you. This is a cool, poppy punk band that 
is getting more and more popular, so jump on the bandwagon 
early. This is a great record, very bubbly. Fun. 


Fabric "Saturnalin/Without" 7" (Doghouse) 

froTS^ 9 ° 0d °? band ' ifc "^"ded me of the singer 
ttCR . Shadowman singing along to House of Suffering. Big, 
heavy rock sounding guitars and clear, "high" voclis *' 
nake this somewhat catchy, kinda like Sparkmarker but 
not nearly as good. Nice, original sound with odd, science 
fiction-y lyrics on the first song. science 

• ?.• 

Farside "Rigged" LP (Revelation) 

Alright! If you're already a fan of this band this 
won t change anything, it's good continuation of the 
last LP both lyrically and musically. "New" member Kevin 
Murphy sings a couple songs, and in general this is slower 
melodic stuff, much like the last record. Great stuff 
More hooks than a hat rack, my friend. 

Four Walls Falling "Punish the Machine" 7" (Understand 
Records -Europe ) 

Four Walls are obviously battling to set a record 
for the ugliest cover art, and this release may have 
put them over the top. Once again, ignore the cover and 
move on to the music. A bit more powerful than their 
last 7 , and the lyrics are the quality /content expected 
from this band. No real surprises here, I like the 
pro-choice song alot. Emo-rock stuff. Nice. 

Econochrist "Skewed" 7" (Ebulittion) 

Another "final release"? Damn. Econochrist played 
pretty ordinary, fast punk rock which actually 
distinguished them a bit. Political/social lyrics, as 
expected. I dunno. If you like them, you'll like this. 
I do. It makes me think of a circle pit, sorry. 

#• ? 

Element #11 

A new issue of this ccmes out like every month. Big 
1 /2 sized zine loaded with pictures and interviews with 
Unbroken, Policy of Three, Dnpathy, arxi a re-printed 
NFAA interview. Good use of red and blue toner. Lots 
of animal rights stuff as well. Good job, 
($2 to 23144 Cleveland St., Dearborn, MI 48124) 


Spring 1994 Issue U 
Another issue 1 Shit, these boys are veritable zine 
machines, thiaj one has interviews with lots of N.J. bands, 
including Deadguy, Chain to Inroad, Holeshot, and Three 

SX^SSJ ' f ?? n M "* Dark Side of Straight Edge, 
which left me feeling queasy. This is becoming my favorite 

zine. No more collector's corner though. Just do yourself 
N ^036) 9St <$1 to 35 W ' ***« s t- Apt. 3E, Linden 


Ioe "L'Chaim" 7" (Ringside Records) 

Ahhh, the farewell, ice never worked as well 
as they did live, but this ocmes close. Evan's 
"distinctive" vocals shine through on these fairly melo 
hardcore songs. Includes "Hang Out Times", possibly the 

party anthem of the 1990's. Don't miss the boat, ($3 

to the address on the ad) 

• ■ 

Ignite "where They Talk" 7" (Ringside Records) 

Ignite started out as a "bring it back for the kids" 
thing, tut this record has little to do with that. This 
is more of a Quicksand-y sound, except they play it a 
little faster than Quicksand ever would. Randy's vocals 
are actually "sung" for the most part, ix> more barking. 
Pretty good altogether, the last song is the best. ($3 
to the Ringside address) 

Infest "Not Over Yet" 7" 

Ooops, I smell bootleg. Poor sound quality on this, 

I guess it's just a few demo songs. Sure to sell nicely, 

they should re-form and tour Europe, there's a thought. 

It's Alive #11 

It's a well known fact that Fred Hammer started cbir*g 
this zine when I learned how to ride a bike. This thing 
is awesome and very free as well. Interviews with Dave 
Smalley and Brian Baker, which was pretty funny. Fred 
has his head in the right place, and cbes a zine that 
expresses that. Hell yeah. It's good to see that "new 
school" kids in this area are doing zines finally, (sere 
stamps to 900 Azalea St. Oxnard, CA 93030) 

Sensefield "Killed For Less" (Revelation) 

Yawn. I only made it through one song. Alternative 
rock stuff, Split Lip fans might want to check this out. 
Oops, I think I just dug myself another grave. This record 
lacks that all important street cred. Nothing spectacular 

r * 

Junction Mouth As A Gun" 7" (Art Monk Constuction) 

l*. i?T" f*** f ° r 0ne nore released song this is 
fEiJ'Sff J ^ ion ' it,s *» »«J» this is Musically 
• BttdidESnnt than their other stuff, I guess it's 

■5°?^ .° r f?^ ing - It>s definitely a good release, 
SS. Ut^S ba l thls ^ b ™ te "P "hen they were getting 

want 2°i SfiJS ** *° tat knoW ' **** is «**: Ashes 
wit to sound like. 

!$3 to p -° Box 1105, State College, PA 16804-1105) 

Like Dust I'll Rise Issue #5 

This is a nice, well laid out zine that includes a 
slew of pictures, opinions, and a Chain to Thread 
interview. The opinions are CK but at times are poorly 
stated, as well as poorly spelled. A nice effort, it's 
worth checking out. 
($1 to 68 Gates Mill Ct., Trenton NJ 08690) 

Manor Farm #3 

This tag team zine features three editors presenting 
three entirely different poionts of view. The layout 
is a bit rough, fcwt the content makes up for it. Plenty 
of personal stories, a piece on Earth Crisis, seme various 
music stuff, etc. This has everything. ($2 to 711 Raritan 
Ave. Suite #18, Highland Park, NJ 08904) 


Naneleftstanding "Laura" 7" (Rhetoric Records) 

I had such high hopes for this and I'm not sure why. 
Musically it's similar to John Henry West or maybe Fuel, 
but the intensity and chaos of those barxis made them 
good, and that is what's missing here. The lyrics are 
OK, although the references to material illusion artf 
"I am not this body" sound too Shelter-y. I'll probably 
never listen to this. Oh well. I understand they are 
much better live, though. ($3 to P.O. Box 82, Madiscon 
WI, 53701) 

■ *K 

Outspoken "The Current" 7" (New Age) 

Very easily this band's most mature, best sounding 
release to date. The music and vocals beoome a bit more 
"emo" but still maintain enough power to separate than 
frcm the schlock bands that attempt to do the same. A 
great record on all fronts, even the lyrics cure fairly 
well stated- who wrote them? Go buy this. Good to see 
the return of "Y'all ready for this." 

*• t 

Pressure Point #1 

Steadfast side project, this guy seems intent on being 
hated, even though no one seems to give a damn about 
what he says. This zine is huge, full of pictures and 
sane articles that range fran funny to pointless and 
ridiculous. I could go on and on, but I won't. "I defy 
your vaginas"-what the fuck? Whatever. 
Good to see pictures of Chorus though, esp. with the 
drawn on X's. (?? to 342 Forest Dr., Neptune, tU 07753) 


Simba/KiU The Robot/GirlficmJ issue *666 

A "menage a trois" of sorts here, the sixth issue 
of each of these zines canbined into one large issue. 
The quality and layout here is pretty amazing, and it 
was printed for real- no Kinko's job. The Girlfierrl 
section seems to be the least interesting to me, but 
they are all definitely above average, with Vique's piece 
on mob mentality and Jason's writing (which is much more 
focused in this issue) being the highlights for me. Buyer 
beware, there are no band interviews and very few 
pictures. An inspiring effort on all fronts. ($2.50 to: 
P.O. Box 296, Yellow Springs, OH 453870296) 

Slate §1 

I honestly don't understand how Vique does these so 
quickly, but this is yet another chapter in the saga 
that is Simba. If you have a voyeuristic side that enjoys 
peering into peoples' lives, this is probably for you. 
The personal "essays" are all done with a refrshing candor 
and honesty, and there is also a rather long piece on 
veganism. You probably know if you'll like this or rot. 
I do. (Try ordering in U.S. for $2 through Mean Kids 
at: P.O. Box 18119, Wash., D.C. 20036-8119) 

Strain Driven" (Heart First Records-Germany) 

Good, heavy sounding hardcore done by seme Canucks. 
I hate to say it, but I have a feeling their similarity 
to Undertow is more than coincidental. Still good though, 
I saw them live, and they were quite powerful. A 7" is 
also out on Overkill. 

Tidbit §5 

Another issue!! What a surpise. This is a smaller, 
more personal issue that peeks in on the life of Sine. 
Lots of pictures and an interview with Sensefield round 
it out. If this is your cup of tea you'll most likely 
get one soon enough. Pretty good. It's good to see Dave 
caning clean about his hockey obsession, JOCK! ($2 to 
Tidbit Fallout Shelter, P.O. Box 5846, Huntington Beach, 
CA 92615-5846) 

Ttotal Qiaos "Pledge of Defiance" 12" (Epitaph) 

Everyone needs to see this. My god, just try and get 
a hold of the lyric sheet. Is this a joke? Hilarious, 
the drumner (I think) is named Ronald Mctturder. HA' 

Unbroken/Groundwork 7" (Bloodlink Records) 

Well, another rather dull record, both these bands 
play sane dull metal core type stuff. I only listened 
to it twice, that was enough. Both these bands are better 
than this, in my opinion. ($3 to P.O. Box 252, New Gretna, 


Wanna Oamunicate? #3 

This zine has character. I don't know what that's 
supposed to mean, but I just typed it. Interviews with 
Junction, Left Insane, Drive Like Jehu, Jawbreaker, 
Chisel, and seme more stuff. The mini "i hate straight 
edge" oanes with it. Overall this zine is good, I like 
it. ($2 to Mike Siinonetti, 16 Willow St. Bayonne NJ, 

Withdrawal Issue #1 

fr^ e S^f ai S t T f °^ Ward "S* 2ine ' ^terviews with Andrew 
RE i * ^ Ioe *«W where the average response is 

»T? Z«TX' ^ pi ^ ures came out too dark but who 

S ^S^K^" 6 lts — «» — i- ««*, 

($2 to 3101 Charlotte St., Newbury Park, CA 91320) 

show reviews 



ok, it was a santa barbara show so i knew it f d 
be... well, like every show in santa barbara. in other 
words, not much sweaty guy dancing, no singing along, 
and lots of quiet people wearing dark socks and 
dressing like nerds they laughed at in high school. 
we tried to get there late, but that didn't work, 
me and jake made hot cocoa in the back of the room, 
which i found out was not a very vegan thing to do. 
i'm pretty sure we were single handedly supporting 
some awful exploitative corporation as well, some 
band started playing, i think it was floodgate, and 
their first song was "2+3+4+3+ 2+7«5" or somethig like 
that, i hate bands that can't fucking add. i'm sure 
there was a point to it but i didn't stick around'" 
to find out. they're pretty good, but i wasn't in 
the mood, so me, tony "tatoo" , Justin, and some girl 
went to eat. the girl kept talking about sex and i 
got scared cuz i kept trying to imagine her having 
sex (which is a fun thing to do to all your friends, 
they'll never seem as cool anymore) and it scared 
me. so we went back, and manumission was setting up. 
oh joy. this was their last show, so there was a big 
circle pit and... well no, but most of the crowd (40 
people) seemed into it. some horrid drum machine 
keyboard band played too. yeah i loved it. avail 
started to get ready and i remembered why i sat in 
the back of a car for an hour to get here, this band 
is so good it hurts, at one point almost everyone 
there was grooving and jumping up and down and what 
not. they broke the santa barbara rule and let us 
sing along to "connection", i vaguely remember what 
sex is like but this band is much better, they can 
do no wrong . 


after being in new brunswick for ten minutes, i 
went with mike ob (manor farm zine) to this show. 
we walked there, which was a bit of culture shock 
for my west coast blood, it was a basement show, and 
there were like 20 people there, the first band i 
saw was ritual, a moody, slower hardcore band, they 
would have sounded better if the guitar was, oh maybe 
PLUGGED IN. they were ok. next was doc hopper, who 
proceeded to do quite a bit of rockin' in a 
descendents-like manner, good stuff, shades apart 
was last, i can't believe they still play, they even 
did a song or two from their wishingwell 12". the 
singer's guitar kept falling off, and that provided 
some much needed comic relief, slower, rock sounding 
tuff is what they do. good to tap your foot to. 


the next day was another matinee, this time at a 
real life club, the first band was spirit assembly, 
a punchy emo outfit from PA. i liked 'em alot, 
apparently alot more than anyone else, some other 
band played next, i don't remember their name and 
it's not important, holeshot played next and were 
pretty cool, they had a rock type sound that would 
just break into speedy bad religion/no fx style fast 
parts, good to see someone still plays the fast parts, 
policy of three were next, they're good when they're 
playing actual songs but this set seemed like alot 
of meandering noise and facial expressions, you could 
tell they used to be straight edge, these two guys 


action, after 

t » 


used to be. they played a more wicked metal style, 
which everyone loved, the stage was mobbed at the 
end of their set. once again strife was playing last 
at the macondo. fortunately they played rather early, 
so people stuck around to see them play the best set 
they've done in months, mostly new stuff, they seemed 
really relieved to play their new songs, not too tight 
but hey what did you expect, plenty of energy, sold 
alot of zines, so it was cool i guess- 


i remember remain played first, i don't think anyone 
will ever like this band, and i don't get it because 
they aren't half bad. next up was ignite, with joe 
foster from unity, randy from pushed aside on vocals, 
and casey jones from justice league on drums, they're 
a unity sounding "old style" band that no one seemed 
too excited about, for the kids? focused played next, 
and the place went nuts, integrity-styled music with 
the whole jesus trip going down, yipee. they sucked, 
i had fun throwing shit and making devil signs in 
da pit. the best part was the hip hop break in one 
of the songs where they rattle off some saints' names. 
i wish i was making this up. strife played last, and 
it was like 1:00 a.m. so they got jacked (again), 
another ok set, it just seemed too late, not a good 
way to return from tour, i guess. 


this was a real life concert in the heart of 
hollywood. apparently rancid are now the most popular 
punk band in the universe, cuz the club was easily 
sold out before the show even started, unwritten law 
played first, they were a no fx/pennywise sounding 
band that just sounded like they wanted to be on 
epitaph, ok. i spent my time tripping people in the 
mosh and watching people throw gang signs, something 
i hadn't seen in like three years, farside were next, 
and the crowd just didn't "connect" with them, there 
were toughies in the pit sitting down in disgust, 
they were pretty good, the pro sound quality helped 
them out a bit. rancid played last and the place went 
nuts when they walked on stage, i have honestly never 
heard back ups like that in my entire life, people 
love this band, they were pretty good, but this was 
a bad place to see them, the singer was wearing a 
leather jacket with no shirt on- man, i didn't know 
anyone could get away with that except for sid viciousl 
had to leave early, which wasn't so bad. 



this was a good old "hall" show in a rather seedy 
part of long beach, i got there when unashamed was 
doing their thing, luckily they finished up quickly. 
god core, strife played minus andrew this time and 
sounded ok, but i stayed in the back most of the 
evening so i missed the "action", during mean season 
i got into a rather lengthy debate with some christian 
kids that lasted through their entire set. it all 
started when i wrote "jesus kicks ass i the pit" on 
an index card in front of the crap i was selling, 
i was stubborn on this one, because he was in fact 
in the pit and doing quite well for himself if i may 
say so. outspoken was last so we cut the "god debate" 
short and watched them, they're so good now. no 
"survival" thqugh. their new stuff is incredible. 

started kickboxing half way thru the set-YEE 
i was hoping to see this karate thing in actx ;; 
some pushing and shoving and a wicked left jab was 
thrown, they all left, muttering something about a 
us "pussies", ok. policy of three finally stopped 



-y stopped 
playing the dreamy noise stuff (someone mentioned 
something about the "grateful dead of hardcore") and 
good song at the end. some guy got up and made 

what not and 

did a good song at the 

a speech about the violence and "feeling scared" 
about how he just doesn't feel safe and what not , 
it was really pretentious and simplistic, well, turned 
out the guy stayed on stage cuz he was the singer 
for iconclast. oops, when is this "lay down on the 
stage and scream really loud and annoying" thing gonna 

copy of ten other bands i 
sat there hoping they would 
eventually, one more song 

die? they were a 
have heard/seen, 
wrap it up. they 
and i would have 

i just 
did so 

and i would have started that karate thing myself, 
it's not that they're that bad, they're just...typ 


i guess 


F i got here in time to hear entity finishing up, 
they've played quite a few shows but i have yet to 
see them, oh well, remain played their usual later 
turning point style stuff, but this time a big pit 
broke out. huh. a good set for them nonetheless, mean 
season played next, they've gone through some sound 
chanqes and are really not the "hardcore" band they 


this show was at a hell hole in huntington beach 
where they will unfortunately be having many shows 
this summer, too bad. on the way to the show, a flock 
of helicopters made an appearance above the freeway. 
it looked like something out of "apocalypse now", 
people started pulling over and getting out of their 
cars, and it was at this point that me and dave 
realized that superstar fugitive o.j. Simpson was on 
his way up the freeway, sure enough his car blazed 
by shortly thereafter, followed by about 15,000 cops. 
YEAH i show? oh yeah... chorus played real loud and 
hard and i saw about five people get kicked out during 
their set, usually by burly men holding them in some 
sort of neanderthal chokehold thing, this place had 
more bouncers than any club i've ever been to. i heard 
chorus do an agnostic front cover from outside, ouch, 
state of the nation was next, they are a slow, crunchy 
band that has this weird trance like quality going 
for them, they focus almost exclusively on native 
american issues as well, rob had a cheesy stage 
presence but so does everyone, i guess, someone 
mentioned they sounded like jones very, if that gives 
you any point of reference, good stuff, not too 
exciting but engaging nonetheless, farside played 
last and were real good, despite the crappy sound, 
eight bucks is way too much, though, someone blow 
this place up. 






-' J 

5s , 




Re volutio n 



• - • 

100 + 



Ve gan 

i;7 ■ . 



5fi£_ chart 


sehold hints 




available early 1994 
po box 477469 
Chicago il 60647 

* * •— 

help\ us distribute ! 


Over the years, many things have 
come and gone. It's nice to have 
a label that never went anywhere. 

Ringside Records 

RSR 01 ICE "Making Up For Lost Time" 7" OUT OF PRINT 
RSR 02 ICE "L'CHAIM" 7" 



RSR 05 IGNITE "Where They Talk" 7" 


All 7" Records $3 Each Postpaid 

17860 Newhope St., Ste. A-171 
Fountain Valley, CA 92708 

Ringside Records 




1 <fc> ':■ 


■« V 








<%/ "V 

•j('« j\'! 

.» - M 

/.'-■. . « * 

• •-■.••>. ... 

■■; it& ? ■•;•;. 

>-.-»'. *■»,'■■. 

1 v 

'V^J\ v. * 

* iBv f* ■"• «^ 



v rip . 


I guess somewhere along the line you decided that being 
a fucking cartoon character would suit you just fine. You'd 
be a "knight for the edge" or whatever you want to call 
it. To be honest, your popularity scares me, because what 
you represent is so ridiculous and ignorant. And ot 
goes without questioning, for the most part. 

Drug abuse and drug violence are not that simple, and your 
half assed solution is (I hope) a joke. Any intelligent 
person would see the need for abuse counseling, economic 
opportunities in the ghettos you claim to know so much 
about, etc. But nooo, what's the solution? Firestorms. 
Burn down the neighborhoods where all the "demons crazed 

, That'll clean up the "moral 
a fucking clue about. The sad 
crack house to the ground will 
because that is not where the 
problem lies. You deny to see the rest of the crisis. But 
that's irrelevant I suppose, it's more important to scream 
about "fuck their addiction" than anything else, right? 
When you fail to see the realities of cyclical 1 poverty, 
genetically determined addiction; 1 alienation on a racial 
and educaitonal level, and the depressed economic 
conditions in most major cities, you come ' off looking like 

foulest of moods I imagine you in two years 
the bong in your dorm room, but that's beside 
just wish someone could open your eyes, to 
show you how to look beyond your noses (or, in some cases, 
your lips) and see the big picture. At this point, your 
solution is fascist, ridiculous, and (dare I say) racist. 
The all knowing white boys riding into town to "rise to 
thier call", right? I think not. Let's grab reality with 
both hands this time, shall we? Thank you. 

by greed" deal their filth 
degradation" you don't have 
truth is that burning every 
make no difference at all, 

fools, in the 
passing around 
the point. I 

Straight edge is just not about fascism, fetuses, 
firestorms. Is it that simple? Yeah, I think so. 



«v*. *••*;." 

unborn ch ildren ^g^LJ^ri ^ ^l iSBMMH H 

sake of some fuckers selfishness 

* ■■■■•*■ 


.'<■■«. >3 

J ■ •/+■■* a 

r',2-2 1 '-'. »*■•"*■ 



The Straight Edge Guide to 


Straight edge and the legalization of drugs have honestly very little to do with 
each other. With any luck, hopefully I can make some sort of vague connection between 
these two things, or at the very least waste some time and effort in doing so. 

The "drug war" that has been waged in the name of Nancy Reagan, William Bennett, 
and various other crusaders has been a failure. America's inner cities are just as 
depressed and crime-ridden as they ever were, and drug use shows no measurable signs 
of decline. In real blunt terms, if this is really a war, we are having our asses 
handed to us. In any other situation, it would be a good time to wave the white flag 
and surrender. 

But why is this so? Are we really just more "evil" now than we were forty years 
ago? I doubt it. The real problem lies in our national policy, and it is becoming 
clear the only solution or theory left is drug "peace". 

Let's set the stage: it's the evening news, and you're watching the DEA show off 
their latest bust. Boy, it's a doozie. The cops are standing proud in front of a pile 
of cocaine. They even spout off some impressive statistics, claiming that they have 
cleaned up the streets by keeping 10 MILLION DOLLARS of illegal substances off the 
streets. You, like every other viewer (except for possibly the junkie next door) 
applaud their effort, figuring, "Hey, less drugs means less drug abuse, fewer gang 
problems, and decreasing street violence." Right? Wrong. The illegal drug market 
operates on the same economic principles as any other "business venture". Supply and 
demand is the name of the game, and the two are always intertwined. In the case of 
drugs, your demand is relatively stable (even increasing in some cases), while your 
supply is constantly attacked by the drug warriors, for reasons that even they cannot 
logically defend. Does this sound unfamiliar? OK, let's put this in its proper context. 
Let's say, for example, a certain California record label guru decides to sell all 
of his Wide Awake 7"s, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 or so. (Keep in mind that 
this is a hypothetical situation, far removed from reality) He invites all the kids 
over to his house and says, "We'll work out the prices when you guys come over." The 
night before the big sale, some unscrupulous kids decided to steal all of 
Mike's...errr, I mean the label guy's records. So, he's in quite a jam, since there 
are 30 angry teenagers in his front yard wanting their records. The price was probably 
going to be about $15 for each 7", but now the record "supply" is sever ly diminished. 
Our hero is pressed for rent money, so he opens the sale up to bidding, letting the 
"market" decide how much the records will sell for. In the end, the records go for 
$30 each, since there was such an incredible demand for a record so short in supply. 

Now, while this example may be rather obscure (and totally unrealistic), it 
illustrates the fact that supply and demand play a part in everything. And as far 
as drug sales go, the profits that motivate drug dealers are a direct result of our 
national policy. As law enforcement focuses on the "supply side" of the drug problem, 
the demand for drugs reamins untouched, and prices skyrocket. As Doniphan Blair 
explained in Drug War Delusions , "American policy directly inspires drug use and the 
narcotics industry." Need any more proof? Pure pharmaceutical cocaine costs roughly 
$3 per gram, while a 50% mixture sells on the street for about $80 per gram. That 
is price gouging in effect. Thank the government. 

Most people point to the problems associated with the drug world: the violence, 
crime, and gang problems that are by-products of the drug trade and are also directly 
connected to drug prices. The violence of the drug "business" is pure desperation, 
an attempt to cut out market competition and increase personal profits. Once again, 
the profit margin is to blame. As drugs are legalized and drug prices come under 

control, the market for illegal drugs shrinks incredibly, and therefore the profit 
is gone. There is simply no reason to sell drugs anymore. The black market now reaps 
a profit of at least $100 billion a year, and law enforcement spends $10 bilion a 
year. Both these enormous costs will virtually evaporate, or be transformed into 
treatment costs, or will be invested in prgrams to control underage drug abuse. Also, 
on a fairly humorous note, most of the law enforcement costs that we rack up each 
year are spent on the marijuana business. Yes, pot. Is that silly or what? The fact 
of the matter is that drug profits are what stimulates the business of selling drugs. 
Legalization would not be good excuse for the government to reap some great profits 
off of peoples' addictions, it would be a reaction to the real problems of the drug 
trade. It would make drugs, quite simpy, not worth selling. 

"When will you realize, do you need help? 
Straight edge is something you live for youself." 


Self Edge" 

Firestorms and other worthless garbage 

™J*T :iC i hSa al f y ^ had a stran 9 e ' Paradoxical "national morality" that seems to 
pop up when one deals with certain specific issues. Straight edge has alwaysTfor 
one reason or another, fancied this American value, and has allays had a rather 
ridiculous view of drug abuse, probably due to the 'time frame invXaTwe arTtne 
products of the Just Say No era, of the tidal wave of morality that rode in So our 

S^ Ut con^vat?ve y id!' eri " 9 "* ^ 1 solutions *> the drug problems. TheL samf hSf 
baked conservative ideas are especially prevalent in the straight edge scene, where 
drugs are "evil" "demons" sell drugs, and firestorms will purify the ghettos Sure 

offJL^i^*^ *" £* f' ^^ •*" "" ^ attracted tSe S 
li„T^ I / T 6 thlng to "** *> dr ^ s ' bu t it is another to treat drug 

£? is W i S% Same **?£ cn ? adln 9 "orality, the "you drink, you suck" mentality 
« «U *V? ° f *? e ^^^^9 i^ues behind drug addiction. This is no way 
^nvt^ T^ ,? ,,^5 abuse, but a solution to the problems of drug abuse. If 

Sward^Vc V ^^° Pe H that eff ° rtS f UCh " th±S TOuld brin * atout a ™ cession 
towards drug addicts and recovery systems, instead of viewing them as pathetic losers 
unworthy of life itself. Begin to care? Maybe someday. Pauietic losers, 

^JJ™; n fact . is ' tj is if not as "air brained as it seems. Although this article in 

S^ ^ ■ S^ flimSy ' " is merely ^ overview ° f s^ of the • augments 
SEES deClded against going into various theories about implemeting drug^eace 
CS'tnL h eare qui te a few . For ejgB ^ ^ ^^ £ £~ 
ae facto control, where the laws are stay the same but are merely not enforced 
tcThec" SdT^te literature on this subject, so if anything maybe'you mi^t Snt 
drug kL^ f« 1 youself. It is an ever-nearing possibilty, given the fact that 
drug abuse is not going away anytime soon. The political reality of it is just as 
compelling seeing that a few Congressmen have gone on record as supporting a "drug 

sorrv) tes^;^ ' ^T^ SUrge ° n Ge " eral (her "^ esca ^ s ™ at ** moment? 

sorry) has taken some heat from certain conservative counterparts for her blatant 

^ a ? d . lntere ^ in , «*"? legalization as a national health issue. Whatever your 
opinion, this may be a legitimate issue in the next twenty years, if not sooner. Read 


.\4i- *i 




life- - 









I i 

.- . 











* * ■ 

* * 

'■ : 













7, ;•;• > 

.»v -v ; ; 

- > • • 



'"&■. •* 







anill S a ee ^ s 4 . tha J : barcodes on records and CD's have been demanding 
quite a bit of attention lately, especially with the decision 
of Heart Attack zine to not review anything with a bar code 
on it. As the argument goes now, certain individuals see the 
presence of barcodes as a sign of commercialization, of a buying 
out process going on in the hardcore scene. It is, in effect 
a corporate "seal of approval" of sorts. And while I can 
sympathize with the argument and understand where it's coming 
from I can honestly say that I don't care what kinds of thin 
black lines appear on record sleeves, whether they are vertical, 
horizontal, or zig zag. There is never a single, common reason 
that they are used, and that is what makes the argument a little 
weak Some labels go through Dutch East for distribution, in 
which case the codes are used in order to keep track of their 

m?2E! I Ji N ° W 'u if that SOunds crass and business 
minded... hell, maybe it is. So what. Other labels deal with 

so many different "mom and pop" stores and sell so many records 
that bar codes are necessary to prevent the headaches that could 
result from trying to keep track of 10,000 LP's on a sheet of 
notebook paper. In either case, I think it's a matter of 
? r S 1Za f tlon ' You simply cannot logically compare distributing 
1,000 of your friend's- bands' 7" with doing 5,000 LP's and just 
as many CD s at one. time. The underground scene, very simply, 
works on different levels. ■ *±™P±Y, 

ut. I 9Ue ?? tl lt ° ther P ,? int is this: What are we hissing here? 
What really threatens "hardcore" music? I can think of other, 

"non^ni" r^f 8 " Ultra slick Packaging that neglects 
content re-hashed sounds and lyrics, mediocre half assed 
metal, and the acceptance (and in some cases, the welcoming) 
of views and values that can be considered nothing short of 
right wing young republican bullshit are much more glaring, 
pressing issues. When hardcore becomes nothing more than a 
microcosm of American society, when what it shares with the 
rest of the world is more significant than what it offers as 
an alternative", it is finished. But as far as barcodes go, 
their importance and relevance : is overshadowed by the 
commercialization and fragmenatation of hardcore music 
absence of anything exciting, emotional, stimulating, 


inspiring is what will kill hardcore. But bar codes? Please. 





This is my old school ID. It has a barcode on 
the front. When I go to register, they can 
scan this into the computer and process my 
schedule faster. I don't feel like it "com- 
promises my identity", I think it makes registration) 
that much more efficient. Good 


a funny thing happened to me one day at 
school, then it happened the next day... and 
the next day... and the next day... 

you see, for one reason or another i was 
never particularly sociable at my community 
college, probably because i saw it as an 
unholy extension of high school, when people 
would ask if i went to school, would tell 


i'm in 14th grade at the 


them, "yeah, 
moment ..." 

anyway, my demeanor was always a 
moody (at best), and as a result i 
usually walking by myself, shuffling 
to my next class in a rather business-like 
manner, the thing is, i started to notice 
a frightening trend developing. the first 
day it was an innocent, acne prone boy that 
approached me and asked if i'd like to "stop 
by the bible study group". i laughed it 
off and made sure he watched me throw away 
his flyer, the next day it was a different 
kid, only with the same message (and a 
clearer complexion). it became a bit of 
a routine, various members of the Christ 
crew . approaching me at school asking if 
i'd like to come and join them, it honestly 
started to irk me, until i watched them 
operate from afar one day. they seemed to 
approach a specific kind of person: quiet, 
single students who don't appear too 
enthused, it all became clearer as i listened 
to what they had to say. they were not really 
interested in sharing salvation, they offered 
friendship, a place to belong. i noticed 
this trend in my neighborhood as well, there 
is a pretty large Spanish speaking 
population, and the door to door Jehovah's 
witnesses have begun to specifically seek 
out this "group" and offer them this same 
kind of comfort. it was pretty funny, on 
my way home from work one night they 
approached a "target" individual and started 
speaking Spanish to him. he brushed them 
off, and they continued after him. again 
he didn't respond, but they pressed on. 
finally, disgusted with their insistence, 
he wheeled around and said "why don't you 
try speaking to me in english?" i've never 
seen anyone that shocked in my life. 

i have a problem with these kinds of 
offers, this kind of "friendship baggage" 
that comes along with religous teachings, 
it compels people to join for the sake of 
comfort, for the companionship that is 
offered. that compromises all of the 
spiritual purity people claim to be looking 
for. i guess "lie" is a tad strong, so how 
about. . .deception? 




@$ wis? wmm mmm 

. @®OJUia[l/®SK§SR MOWS 7 


College Celebration 

Crazy gomes, singing & fellowship. 

Bible Talk 

fin informol Bible discussion. 

Special Events 

• Beach trips, retreats & sport nights. 

Sunday School 

Sing, share & study God's word. 

(sitting on the grass one day) 

HER: Don't you believe in God? 
around you. 

ME: This is all God? 

HER: Yes. 

ME: That's not God f that's grass. 


t ■ 

suffering, sorry. 




mm : 


■---I ■■■■ '■- 




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■-••'■■•<v ■' .v $3fii 

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fcV "fib ■ '"-W 


k ,i §9 1 

r"WJj^^;'' y^.';i 

iii 1* 

!?•:■:*<* •--, 

v : *w % 


: .&*1 


there are just certain times when the craving for 
ice cream does not obey normal time costraints 
god bless the 24 hour supermarket, the only real 
distinguishable sound in the whole market is the 
snoring of the unarmed security guard, a woman was 
raped in the parking lot about a month ago, i'm 
sure this man must've been working that night 

so i'm line (10 items or less) behind a man in 
a shut up bitch" tank top and in front of a guy 
who decided that a shirt and pair of shoes wuold 
just be too much trouble, it seemed to suit him 
fine, he had more hair on his back than i had on 
my head, i enjoy the whole situation until i realize 

Zu n7i not exactl y come "dressed to kill", and 
the i ve fallen and i can't reach my beer" slogan 
that is emblazoned across my chest must make me 
look like quite the white trash posterboy. so the 
guy in front of me is taking quite a bit of time 
deciding whether he wants 2 bags of chips and one 
six pack or one bag of chips and two six packs 
i quietly vote for the extra six pack, god knows 
we all need something to take the edge off the day 
It struck me that this place must be a magnet for 
the lonely. A casual look around reveals that 
everyone is buying the same things- alcohol, pork 
rinds, ice cream or any other kind of borderline 
nourishment that serves as nothing more than a source 
of relief, we're here because junk f ood=happiness, 
it provides some kind of basic physical pleasure, 
places like this remind me that i honestly don't 
know shit, that "we" don't have shit to think about, 
these people are the alienated, the products of 
substandard education and a steady diet of numb 
television, life has decided to pass them all by, 
or is in the process of doing so. i don't think 
there is anything sadder than meeting a person who 
knows their life is zero, that they have affected 
nothing, accomplished nothing, and done nothing, 
i realize that the worst "we" ever feel is mild 
anxiety, or maybe some kind of mild depression 
outside it's no different, a mini truck drives by 
and all the guys yell "HOOCHIES" at the girls in 
the parking lot. it amazes me to what extent we'll 
go to in order to feel like we matter, like we're 
not alone, the girls smile back, content in knowing 
that they were noticed, that someone gave a shit, 
cuz they know this is the only time they'll feel 
like this, and that is a fucking tragedy, and i 
can't believe how silly we get, all the "hate" and 

venom exppressed by upper middle class white people 
is so phony, we worry about things that really don't 
mean shit, i plead guilty. 

A Mm 




^^w^ Vm£% «« 


E ■■'.•••.•.•.• 

■ • ■ «v« 

v.-N v 


m i 



m--~ »■ 


. 4F •:■:• v-vW...---T« 




■: : ^Wft^>:i 


: ":« : 







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i rf 


■ co' 




: >:;•:•*» 

i listen to talk radio alot (too much), and this charming man came on one 

night. . . I 


" what happened was we kicked fag butt from one end of that bay area 

to the other end. and our message was spread all across the united states, 
i haven't had as much fun since June 26th, when we picketed the big fag 
parade i new york city, we were preaching to the fags, don't you understand 
what a great thing it is for all the fags in the world to come to one place 
to hear my preaching? the idea is not to convert 'em, it is to warn them 
to flee the wrath that will come, and to remind them that they're going 
straight to hell, and to remind this country that if we don't stop letting 
these fags have their way, this country's going to be destroyed, just like 
ancient sodom was destroyed, our purpose is not to change the minds the 
minds of these fags, but to preach god's truth to them." 

on his recent negative media coverage: "the fags control the media, that 
is why we have to take to the strets with signs, i represent the lord god 
almighty, and that is always in the minority." 

(answering a caller) "you are a dribbler, you've been tasking it up the 
rump so long that the cells in your brain have dribbled down to your rectum. 
have you never heard of the dribblers? they tear their sphincter myscles 
from all that anal copulating that god never intended mankind to do. 

"bill Clinton is the antichrist, that wicked antichrist in the white 
house has done more to promote sodomy in. one year than all 
presidents before him. they .want us to stand up and applaud 

anally copulate. 

"the word has gone has gone out: every time some famous 
they don't hide him (cuz these fool fags hide them), we're 

picketing his funeral..." 

The Most Reverend Frederick Phelps, 7/12/94 

3701 West 12th St., Topeka, KS 666 04 


the other 
them when they 

fag dies, and 
gonna be there 




Always be wary of those wielding 
the truth. It is not a truth they wish 
to share with you, it is a truth they 
will beat you with, and a truth they 
just might kill you with. Never 
believe a fucking word of it, I 
swear to God it does you no good. 



like th 
hot a. 

girl in t 

n away. If a w 
They'd rathe 
, the eye. And 
ige and and the| 
• the bitch. ~" 
ed by them 
'shooting has en 
L *nr! is relaxi 





C 0) -U 

C -h 

o u 


U -P 

O Q) «J (0 
M £ J3 -H 

if you happened to get a copy of issue one, i 
included a thing called "bar wars", i read the article 
four or five times to get a really good feel for it 
and i decided to print it in an as open-ended manner 
as possible, i simply did not feel like it was necessary 
to write about the evils of an oppressive, male dominated 
society where entertainment comes at such a high price, 
anyone can write about the sexism of the article and 
the sickness of the actions that were described (in 
brief, it is a strip bar where they fire uzi style water 
guns at the dancers, aiming for... well, just use your 
imagination), i figured that so many people just ooze 
compassion, it would not be necessary to include anything 
about sexism, or to reprint downcast lyrics, or anything 
of that nature, i simply decided to play with the idea 
of letting people decide for themselves, huh. 

i got a rather intelligent, well stated letter about 
it, questioning why i did not preface the article with 
some sort of statement of my own, and basically 
mentioned that i should have included some sort of strong 
messgae to go along with the article, i agree in a sense, 
but that's just a bit too simplistic, i had more fun 
gauging peoples' reactions to it, which ranged from 
nothing at all, to intelligent commentary like "dude, 
that's gnarly." whatever, that's everyone's prerogative, 
take things as you like, for myself, the article was 
rather straight forward, it was not about "woman equals 
object", it was "woman equals target", it was about 
Vietnam vets being urged to shoot guns at women to make 
up for insecurities they have about their battle field 
heroics, it was about working out your aggression on 
a fairly neutral "target", it was a commentary on the 
sometimes blurred lines between sexuality and violence, 
whether or not this is initiated by society's programming 
is unclear, i have seen some rather brutal animal 
behavior that has suggested to me that there may 
unfortuantely be a violent, domineering aspect of our 
nature, i am not in any way excusing such behavior, 
nor am i urging all males to find a water gun and aim 
for the nearest woman, this was a specific case 
rather sick behavior that made some readers 
and made others physically ill. but to make a 
statement about "men" or anything else would be 
too far ahead to a conclusion, just for the 
making a point, and yes, this kind of entertainment 
points to the same gender problems that we should always 
consider, but did someone have to point that out to 
you? who had to figure it out for you? i would hope 
you did that on your own, which is what i was leaving 
people to do. and, from the responses i got, most people 
really didn't care much, go figure, i guess my point 
is this: sexual violence must (obviously) end, but i 
just don't know if pornography or strip bars, or anything 
else for that matter, is "to blame". 











of some 
sake of 



a back office 
j ^ ^^^q Thev 







■ ■: 









9 I ; I 













t '->. 








I ~ 





...i've never been big on blind 
faith and now i (think i) know why. 
cuz in the end i keep wanting to believe 
\n some sort of silly retribution, where 
the "bad" people will finally get what's 
coming to them, what goes around 
comes around? when? i keep waiting 
and watching and i know that all those 
people get exactly what they want in 
life, i wait for things to "come around" 
and it's just not gonna happen, have 
faith in the fact that your "enemies", that 
represent all you supposedly despise, 
will most likely succeed in life, their 
evil and wicked ways will go largely 
unpunished, there will be no time for 
them to suffer, what comes around goes 
around? no v/ay. i get off watching you 
try to rationalize the situation and put 
some faith in things that will never 
happen, the meek shall inherit zero. 

karma is a lie. see you next time. 

Wrong Fanzine 
Fellowship of Non-Believers 


* I I ^1 




■ ill 


1 ¥•'<: '""im 







. • ■,-" 








( ' : 

:• & 


t* :.. 



^ *. 





Bte&- ••••